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'» .I ■«■■■■■• I *■■ ■■ I
Points for Parents
The ability to do something comes long before the capacity to
take the responsibility for doing it.
Son: “I saw this sign pinned upi
by the dining room door and I knew j
you meant it to tell me to go and i
wash my hands, so I did.”
| Not This
Mother: "You’re old enough to
wash your own hands. I don't see
why you have to be told to do It
every meal.’’
—By Lt. Dave Breger
I A ^^Copr W< K.n« Fmurn Syfidign, lnt. World rifhn fwrTvcd$|>^ WjffflMUH
J *-g
“Said something about working on a secret weapon . .
—By Don Flowers
"Hold It, Charley—love letters!"
Mature s Children
About 40 years ago the spitz was
a great favorite in the United
Staes. He was a large, handsome
dog, devoted to his master, but not
a good mixer. The wolfspitz, known
as the direct ancestor, a highly
intelligent dog and much appre
ciated in Europe, was bred with
many popular types and Is the fore
bear of many of our most inter
esting dogs today. The form was
hardly changed at all. The de
sired size has been accomplished.
The spitz Is employed as a sheep
dog in its own country. Here it is
preferred wearing a royal robe of
black. On the Continent and in
England it is usually clothed in a
handsome coat of pure white.
A well-bred white spitz always
has a black-tipped nose. The ears
are perfectly erect without any
inclination to droop at the tips.
The heavily furred, curly tail is car
ried proudly toward the left side
of the body. The fur on the throat
forms a thick ruff or frill. There
is an abundance of long hair oh
the forelegs. The beautiful face
has a smooth covering of short hair.
As one can see, the spitz is com
pact, showing strength and co
ordination. The face and head are
foxlike. The eyes express great in
telligence. The spitz is eager to
show his activity and buoyancy
at the slightest provocation. The
feet are small and compact; the
hindquarters are like those of the
collie and should be covered with
long hair, or "feathering,” from the
top of the rump to the hocks.
The spitz, though once a dog
confined strictly to white or black,
may now be of the following
colors under the Pomeranian stand
ard: Chocolate, red, orange, cream,
orange-sable, wolf-sable, beaver,
blue, white and black. The blacks,
browns, sables and blues must be
free of any other color.
More and more, this dog Is be
coming a favorite as a house pet.
He makes an excellent watchdog
and soon learns to know strangers
from casual friends. He under
stands Instantly if you like or do
not like dogs and treats you with
a great show of friendliness or
The puppies are lovable and easily
trained. They are playful and enjoy
being petted.
Take My Word for 11
Readers' Corner.
J. H. G., Oakland: I hate to dis
agree with one who is doing so sin
cere a job of informing people abou
their language, but you are deai
wrong in stating that "kuh-RIB
ee-un (for Caribbean) is a corrup
tion of relatively recent origin,” an<
"I recommend as correst KAR-i
BEEun.” As a matter of fact, th
opposite is true—no one ever hear
"KAR-i-BEE un” until the last fei
Answer—Sorry, but all the evl
denoe points the other way. M;
old Lippincott's Gazetteer, date
1880, shows KAR-i-BEE un only. A
I stated in my recent article, Mer
riam-Webster’s lists kuh-RIB-ee-ui
as second choice, but that pronunci
atlon does not appear at all in Fun:
& Wagnalls.’ Macmillan's, Win
ston’s. Century, etc. The function o
the dictionaries (and this columr
human frailty permitting > is to re
port good usage accurately, and no
dictate what shall be said.
B. D. T„ Ann Arbor: Heh, heh
heh! Stalin can run the Nazis ou
nf Russia, but Colby can't drive thi
commentators’ ‘'cow” out of Moscow
Answer—But I do have a certah
nuisance value.
C. C. S., Rockville: Please set mi
right. Here is a clipping that state:
that ‘‘Robertson is a bigamist witl
three wives.” Why not “trigamist'
nr “polygamist,” neither of which :
(lnd in the dictionary?
Answer—You’ll find polygamist li
most good dictionaries: “One havini
more than one spouse at a time.'
While bigamy does mean literals
having two wives or husbands," i
is used in the general sense of thi
word polygamy. “Trigamy” has m
sanction, to my knowledge,
Last cw 11 for my WORD QUIZ game.
Send a stamped (3-cent), self-ad
dressed envelope to Prank Colby, in
care of The Evening Star.
_(Released by the Bell Syndicate. »ne.)
MOPSY —By Gladys Parkei
i i i i 11 i i i
—By Gluyas Williams
*5? fi£ffiH6 The celery our of
Ji custard sauce,
-44 vRuifet
I Radio Program
Last-minute changes tn
radio programs some- -
timet reach Trie Star too late for correction ma* flay.
-p.n. — wnu, %sn-wn, ?ra-woi, ura.-win, 1,34*.-wwn, mh*.-wrap, 1 ,»•*.—
3:00 Metropolitan Open All-Amor. Scoreboard Russ Hedges News—Wakeman 1450 Club Victory F. 0. B.
3:15 "Tonnhouser" " " " Tony Wakeman " " ", "
3:30 " " Scouts (end lolly " " Nows—Wakeman Nows—1450 Club Philadelphia Orchostn
3:45 " " " " " - Tony Wikomio 1450 Club “ "
“4:00 " - All-Amor. Scoroboord " " Nou^TWokomo.- : " " ;
4:15 " " _Now Orleans Rico Tony Wikomin_
4:30 " " Doctors at War Hialoak Rico Nows—Wokomon Nows—1450 Club Nows—The Colonol
4:45 " " " " Russ Hodges Tony Wokomon 1450 Club The Colonol
5:00 " " Your America Navy Bulletin Board News-Music Timo Band at Day Corliss Archer
5:15_Music Timo 1450 Club " "
5:30 UWI« show_Fiesta Eagles in Britain " Nows—1450 Club Mother and Dad
I 5:45 Hollo Sweetheart Curt Massey A Co. ’’ "_""_ 1450 Club_"_"_
4:00 Sen. Ralph Brewster Nows—Leif Eid Sports Resume Sports Today Dance Music Ed Folliard—Nows
6:15 News and Sports Musicade Nows, WaMor Compton Dinner Music Walter Rood Boys People's Platform
6:30 Popular Music Music—D. Borgman Treasury Star Parado Weather—Music Nows and Musk
. 6:45 Leon Henderson Radio Reporter Syncopation_Dinner Musk_Popular Music_World Today—Nows
7:00 what's Now American Story Detective Nick Cotter Nows and Music Bible Quit Man Behind Oun
7:15 «• <• jM
7:30 " “ Ellery Queen Confidentially Yours Popular Music Nows—Time's Fullness Thanks to Yanks
_7:45 " " " "_Service Unlimited ..Fullness of Time " "_
0:00 Early American Music Abie’s Irish Rose Servicemen’s Campaign Nows and Music lot's Dance ~ Groucho Marx
8:15 News. Wilfrid -Floishor " Treasury Star Parade " " " "
8=30 Boston Symphony Truth or Consequence Soldiers With Wings Nows and Music News—Lot's Danco Inner Sanctum
8:45 " ” "_'' _Popular Music_Lot's Dance Inner Sanctum—Ne»s
♦tOO ” ” , National Barn Danco Chicago Theater Nows—Symphony Hr. Hit Parado
9:15 _ " " " " Symphony Hour _ " "
9:30 Spotlight Band Can You Top This? " " " Nows—Lot's Danco " "
9:45 " "_"_"_" "__Lot's Danco Saturday Serenade
10:00 Nows, J. Vandercook Million Dollar Band News, R. A. Gunnison Nows—USO Dance ” " ** _
10:15 Army Service Forces " Saturday Bondwagon USO Danco " _Correction Please
10:30 Grand Old Opry " Traffic Court Nows—Lot's Danco " "
10:45 Popular Music_" _Loo Chorno_" _Lot's Danco Rep. Joseph A. Wright
11:00 Nows, Cliff Allen Nows and Musk Nows and Musk News—Danco Party Back Homo Hour News and Commentary
11:15 Hour of Dreams Religion in Nows California Melodies Danco Party " " McDonald's Meondial
11:30 " ” I Sustain Wings Tommy Tucker's Or. Weather—Party Nows—Hits " "
11:45 " "_"__ Unity Viewpoint _ Danco Party_Continental Hits Flashgun Casey
12:00 Nows—Ors.—News War Bond Parado Ors.—Dawn Patrol Midnight Nowsrool Dancing PartyCasey—Ors.—Nows
WTOP, 3:30—Saul Ciston conducts Brihms'
Symphony No. 4, Hinders "Witer Music" Suite.
WMAl, 6:00—The Miino Somlor en the
soldier vote.
WRC, 7:00—Premiere; written by Libnrim
of Congress Micleish to trice the development
of literature of tha Americas; first pragma,
"The Discovery."
WMAL, 7:00—Eleanor Stabor md stars tram
"Duka iR Darknass," including Philip Merivala.
WTOP, 8:00—Gana Tiaroay makas first of
two guasf appearances.
WMAL, 8:30—Koussavitiky conducts Over
ture to "Leonora (Ne. 3)" and Brahms' Sym
phony No. 3.
WTOP, 8:30—Laird Croger returns for
"Dealer in Deeth."
WRC, 10:00—Sonny Dunhim returns.
WOl, 10:15—Ruth Chetterton end Helen
Jepson in e musical shew.
WT0R, 10:45—The Pennsylvania Repre
sentative: "Subsidies md the High Cost of
88 District Selectees
To Report on Monday
A total of 88 District men will
report Monday for active duty in
the armed forces.
The selectees, now on their post
induction furlough, Include 57 re
porting to the Army. 29 to the Navy
and 2 to the Marine Corps. The
list of names follows:
Stuart. George K. Black. Thomas B.
Bradford. F. O. Bowles. Jeromr I.
White, John M. Blavatt, Samuel
Smith, Hoke Ferrara Alexander
Strittmatter. W J, Natalonl. F. L.
Boggs. William K. Snyder. Henry 8
; Wohlfarth. G. C. Johnson, Claude B.
i Gray. Walter L. Wtksell, Milton J
Colborn, Paul A. Dooms. Mathew A.
I Tangman. David S. B’an, James H.
Miller. Malcolm C. Young. Celess
Kerper. William W. Brinkley. H. L.
Cain, Frank O Curtis, Solomon I.
j Gordon. James K. Bailey, Spurgin
Abbott, Wallace P Duncan. Leon J
Wallace. Frank R. Brockman. Samuel
Minogue. Robert B. Mason. Edgar J.
Fitzhugh. Stuwrt A. Crosg, William R.
Allen. Norval E. Allen. William W
Lowther. Oren C. MeLoan. Ermon W.
Feinberg, Alex Howard. George L.
Randolph. Frank Thomaa. Kite
McKibbin. George M. Davis. Willie J
Furmage. William J. Stovall, Richard E.
Kearny. Richard A. Holmes. Franklin M.
Deane. Harry S. Perry. Seth T.
Davis. David Taylor. Charlie L.
Upright. Karl R. Batie. Willie
Mancinl, John D.
Hall. Malcolm Snepherd. James H.
1 Stinson. Johnnie R. Womack. Godfrey
Ivey. Roosevelt Tome. Leroy
Lyons, William H. Cox. Silas F.
I Dunn. Frank Hammomjs. J R.
; Young. Henry L. Hooks. Henry
Wade. Thurston Clemons. Jake
- Bethea. Charles Gibbons. Fnreiton
Jones. 8tanliy H. Rivers. Josh L.
’ Mobley. Charlie Williams. F. D.
t Mason. William L. W-stergren. Carl E.
. Strothers. Theodore Miller. Laurence C.
1 Daves. Albert E. Jenkins. James W.
. Miller, fheorllar Register. James E. |
Goode, Robert L.
Marine Carps.
1 Jolley, Edward M Smith. Terrence R. ,
; Births Reported
j'Norris and Dorothy Allen, boy.
John and Salome Bayly. boy.
> Earl and Mary Best, boy
Clifford and Mattie Branch, gtrl.
Richard and Mary Cadwallader. girl.
- Chandler and Mable Cameron, girl.
Alan and Naomi Campbell, boy.
' Alejandro and Virginia Carrasqual. boy.
] Ollen and Helen Cecil, boy.
Peter and Mane Chaconas, girl,
s Arthur and Dorothy Cokel, girl.
. Frank and Ellen Compton, girl.
Edward, Jr., and Audrla Conklin, boy.
1 Arthur and Julia Croft, twin boys.
William and Mary Flemlm. boy.
" Paul and Anna Fennell, girl.
C Patrick and Catherine Flynn, girl.
Henry and Beth Fry, boy,
■ John and Alice Gambs. boy.
f Donald and Lillian Gardner, boy.
Mervin and June Glover, girl.
, Dale and Helen Goubleman, girl.
James end Frances Grady, girl.
' Milton and Wtnilied Grant, boy.
t George and Evelyn Grantham, girl,
i William and Vilma Hakkannen. boy.
j Edward and Annie Holbrook, girl.
Jesse and Lily Jacobson, boy.
Marlin and Marguerite Joyce, girl.
Franklin, jr., and Mary Kidd, boy
I Charles and Ruth Lawrenson. girl.
Hubert and Dorotny Leaman. girl.
. Hall and Mildred Maxwell, girl.
Waller and Gladys Miller, girl.
1 Philip and Katherine Mitchell, girl.
Lawrence and Rose Mitchell, girl.
Robert and Diane Oliver, girl,
i William and Bessie Palmier!, girl.
. Henry, jr., and Elaine Parker, girl.
John and Evelyn Parton, girl,
i Charles and Elizabeth Petruzzi. gtrl.
. Leopoldo and Helen Plerri, girl.
Judson and Mary Pulliam, boy.
' Stephen and Willie Puryear. boy.
Stewart and Margaret Richardson, boy.
Clifford and Thelma Schnabel, boy.
. John and Dorothea Schultz, boy.
Burrell and Eva 8hippee, boy.
; William and Olive Sloan, girl.
. Earl and Qertrude Smith, girl.
Jozeph and Lucille Spate, boy.
■ William and Jeanne Stambaugh, boy.
. Wilmer and Nancy Stevens, girl.
' William and Margaret Strassberger, girl.
> John and Edna Thompson, girl.
3urle and Doris Thompson, boy.
I Earl and Bernadlne Watkins, girl.
Fred, Jr., and Gladys Watson, boy.
Oerald and Helen Wilkinson, girl.
Ned and Louise Williams, girl.
Joseph and Mildred Windley. girl.
Francis and Helen Wilson, boy.
Milton and Charlotte Wulfe. boy.
Teamster and Anna Bhrber. boy.
Paul and Lucile Brown, boy.
- Fred and Juanita Dreher. boy.
Edward and Naomi Evans, girl.
, Frederick and Delia Fair. boy.
Edward and Alberta Fernandei, girl.
Edward and Marie Hurt. girl.
Charles and Edith Mtnnlck. boy
Cornell and Juanita Robinson, girl.
Freddie and Bertha Simms, boy.
Jacob and Laura Stevenson, girl.
George gnd Martha Tpvlor. girl.
Andrew and Louise Tillman, girl.
Charles gnd Christine Webb. boy.
Deaths Reported
Robert P. Mattingly, 01. Cottage City. Md.
Mary V. Kettler. 87. 133 11th st. n.e.
Sarah X. Evans. 87. Lutheran Home.
David O. Cheesman, 83, 1608 Madison at.
Cora I. Noyes. 81. 3834 Pulton st.
Moses Lewis. 76. 1421 Madison st.
Charles C. Sanedrson, 73, 1127 Potomac
ave. s.e.
Bias V. Zoby. 70. 816 18th st. n.w.
John P. Wahler. 65. 2904 13th st. n.w.
Roy Clarice. 56. 525 M st. s.w.
Annie I. Columbia. 54, 1204 Longfellow st.
Claude P. Garrett, 46. Lebanon. Va.
Thomas B. Ross, 46, 212 5th st. n.a.
Charles B. Hale, 45. Riverdale. Md.
Marvin L. Beauchamp, 37, Los Angeles.
Jere Johnston, 79, 1237 22nd st. n.w.
Pranlc Alston. 75. 2529 Georgia ave.
William Dunlop. 66. 3219 Cherry Hill N.W.
Rufus B. Nelson. 57. St. Elizabeths Hos
Sarah Contee. 56, 1311 6th st. n.w.
Rosa Johnson. 56. 1236 10th st. n.w.
Charles E. Maxwell, 54, St. Elizabeth's
Chester Chichester, 42. 1454 Church st
Dalas C. Jackson, 33, Arlington. Va.
I’m tryin to nggerhow i got
signed up on that school garden.
Spring will come, which I alers ’joys
so much. What’ll I be doin’?
Hosin' Z guess I
Marriage License
Under D. C. law, couplet mutt
apply /or a marriage license on
one day, wait three full days and
receive their license on the fifth
day. Sundayt and holidays are
counted the tame as other dayt.
Douglas Willis, 25.. 134 Adams st. n.w.,
and Bernice Prror. 22. 938 I at. «.w.
Charles Robinson, 29. 2308 Nicholson st.
s.e.. and Erma Gibbs. 23. 327 9th st.
Bamuel Reece. 21. 214 Parker st. n.e , and
Eliiabeth Ridley, 1». 218 Parker st. n.e.
Clifford Test. 35. and Marian Beet, 31,
both of 18*2 J6th st. n.w.
Loyde Clements, 37. Urbana. 111., and Julia
Lancaater. 41, Champagne, 111.
Leater Gilbert, 36 810 K st. s.e., and
Geneva Tillett, 29, 213 C at. n.w.
William Bender. 21. Catholic University,
and Janet Jones. 20. CHlttanooga. Tenn.
Burt Nichols. 02. Brooklyn. N Y . and
Mary McRlll. 43. New York. N. Y
Leon James. 28. 1310 8th st. n.w,. and
Bailie Garris. 20. 1310 »th st. n.w.
Ralph Lee, 31, 2011 Virsinta ave. n.w., and
. Oeoraia Washinston. 29. 2831 I at. n.w.
James Wealey, 30. Toledo. Ohio, and Oma
Metcalfe. 28, 748 Harvard at. n.w.
Robert Seegmlller, 23. 4811 North Capitol
at., and Emma Tubbs. 19, 139-A Bates
st. n.w.
John Gardner. 23, Oreenaboro. N C . and
Marie Lochner, 21. Milwaukee. Wis.
William Borland. 29. and Julia Horan, 28,
b*«h of Philadelphia, Pa.
Arthur Leonard. 34. Naval Air Station.
Anacoatla, and Lola Seldeman. 36. New
York. N. Y.
Louie Paeittl. Jr.. 25. Navy Yard, and
Eunice Bloom, 18. 202 5th st. s.e.
Tor 8tokk*. 30. 2702 Wisconsin ave. n.w..
and Marjorie Woodruff. 25. 2601 16th
st. n.w.
Jori Glass. 31. 1431 Somerset pi. n.w.,
and Carol Neuwahl, 27. 6601 14th st
Nell Carton. 23. 3810 Reno rd. n.w., and
Muriel Lambert. 22, San Francisco.
Richard Wherity. 35. Boston. Mas* , and
Marguerite Manley, 38. Watertown.
Helae Sjolund. 28. Brooklyn. N Y. and
Lillian Rosebergh. 27, Jersey Citv, v J
Jack God bold. 20. 5181 Pulton st. n.w.
and Irene Hupp, 20. til 46th st. li e.
Fred McFaul. 32. Fort Meade. Md.. and
Dorothy Kell. 25. 3937 8 st. s.e
John Bednarek. 28, Detroit, Mich , and
_ Lotus* Brown. 25. 180* K st. n.w.
John Wilkins. 10. 1011 20th st. a.. Arling
ton. Va.. and Dorothy Balcom. 19, 2230
Massachusetts ave. n.w
Sidney Van Luvender. 35 Moosic. Pa . and
Lillian Dwyer. 27, 2164 Florida ave. n.w.
T°un«. J»1 Denver. Colo., and Ruth
B^rohl. 20. 3,25 6th rd. n., Arlington,
Ch8rl«* Coffey, 21, Navy Yard, and 8u
lette Vernier, 21. Archbold. Ohio.
Erwin Milstrey. Jr.. 21. Schenectady. N. Y..
end Helen Bagdaaien. 20. 1406 Harvard
at. n.w.
Jacob White. 33. Richmond, Va.. and Anna
Tovsky. 24. 2801 15th st. n.w.
Charles Barnes. 25, 310 D st. a.w . and
Minnie Evans, 22. 1214 9th st. n.w.
Moses JS»ndens. 32. and Louise McDowell.
23. both of 1908 West Virginis ave n.w.
John Brown jr.. 28. 1512 Corcoran st
n.w.. and Eleanor Crowner. 1518 King
don st. n.w.
William Ware. 20. and Levonia Peake, 24.
both of 6208 15th st s e
Meriell Ford. 21. 238 L st. s.w.. and Ernes
tin- Greene, 18. 622 M st. s.e.
Joseph Harris. 46. 505 42nd si. n.e. and
Nelli* Dillard. 33. 918 Howard rd. s.e
John Keehan. 59. 806 Rowen rd.. Silver
Spring Md . and Emma Hanks. 46. 710
Randolph st. n.w.
Fred Woodcock. 20. 231 Massachusetts ave
nv„ and Louise Babin. 22. Johnstown.
Michael' Bkevofelix. 25. Flushing. N. Y.
»?d ?.kJ*akl- 18- *th st. n.w.
2.;i .nu^tnk N T - »nd Helen
Barnes. 19, 2131 O st. n.w.
Roger Cummings. 21 Nashville. Tenn, and
w.£.*n2e!L.Aloib32' 222 Concord ave. n.w
Richard Edwards, 24. Columbus. Ohio, and
Mary McCombs. 21. Roosevelt Hotel
Louis Lieb 25. 216 10th st. and
Pauline Nealon. 20. 126 R at. n •
H'/i/k Nall HI. 29. Memphis. Tenn. and
Lt. Margaret Weaver. 28, Belvoir. Va.
Issued ut Alexandria.
Jo*}d 25. and Eva Lee Swinson,
23. both of Waahington.
Anthony F La Barbara. 21. New Milford.
Held Park.If ”jM' 8ehweltI"- 22- *ld««
Alf,r'd »•-»■««. <«■ »nd Helen W. Robin
ion. 44. both of Alexandria.
Hugh Daley, 24, Easton, Pa., and Pearl
Barna. 21. Phlllip.bura, N. J.
Thurman Smith. 29. New York, and Cath
... 8tamford, 24. Washington.
Chwl.h J Alexander, 23. Puyallup.
Seat tie. Wash1'1'0 Ix,Ul5e Morrl<°"' »•
Washington, and Battle
wiu?f*» philljP*. 19 Alexandria.
j3. and Iberia J. Go
g>rl2rt^' ~1- ^?th of Alexandria.
F hSth tnd op*1 ° Han, 32.
both of Alexandria.
Isaued at Ruekvllle.
Lawrence c. Patterson, 27. Camp Van
Dorn. Mias., and Mabel Budd, 22. Wash
Price Lewis. Jr., 24. New York, and Mary
L>u Cornell. 27. Erin. N. Y.
B. Eugene Gingell. 42. Betheada. Md . and
Gertrude Milagrosv Rebholtz, 35. Wash
Anthony Patrick Petrucel. 26. Long Island,
N. Y., and Alyee Rapaci, 22. Chicago.
ch*r'e» ej Frangwick. 34, Hunt*-. Field,
Oa.^and Laura Leyck, 38, Staten Island,
WWi!!“.L**„R1^k*tt,• 18' Rockville, and
_„*”**,L*f Burke. 15. Kensington. Md.
° hfthJAf1orf5r,£f,i,ind Louise Butler, 29,
both of Bandy Spring. Md.
aV^ 2I> c*mp Ritchie. Md.,
and Muriel P Bordon. 19. Chicago.
Campbell, 46, and Carrie B. Pisher,
42. both of Washington.
12 Awarded Diplomas
At Chamberlain School
Twelve students were graduated
in the February class at Chamber
lain Vocational School last night, in
studies ranging from advertising art
to baking, cosmetology and refriger
ation. They were congratulated by
A. W. Helnmiller. school budget
Those awarded diplomas were:
rankersley, F. K. Oroleau. Lois D.
lennerwein. John T. Van Devier. Rosalie
[nsweraon. Gene A. Glover. Clifford W.
Spicer. Doris J. Seymour. Jack M.
£»rrell. Helen Thorpe, Frances B.
Rhodes, Betty Oraves, William T.
64 Are Given Diplomas
At Armstrong High
Col. Campbell Johnson of Selec
tive Service headquarters addressed
64 mid-year graduates of Arm
strong High School last night as
they were awarded diplomas In
ceremonies at the school. John H.
Wilson, Board of Education mem
ber. presided.
Those graduated were:
Bailey, Harold A. Rice. Ulysses 8.
Bunch. Vincent A. Ross, Joseph B.
Butts, Lonnie Simmons, W A.
Ford. Leonard G. Smoot. Adolphe B.
Greene. Jsmes L Staples, Keith P
Hansborourh. Philip Walker. James A
Hardison. Lionel M Williams. George 8.
Humphrey. John H. Wills. Otho
Jackson Joseph A. Wilson, Joseph
Jones. Alvin D. Queen. James C.
Kelly. Francis D Lewis, Dorothy L.
Adtms. Juanita V. Lewis. Mary V.
Bell. Thelma I. McLain Myrtle G.
Bell, Vivian L. McMahon. Valerie I.
Burrows. Amelia C. McMillan. D M
Carpenter, Nettie Redfem. Rillie M.
Chisholm. Arline Riggs. Geraline T.
Crowe, Anita V. Robertson, M. E
David, Eleanor V. Robinson. Julia B.
Diggs. Gladys V. Scott. Madeline D.
Dowling. Jennie L. Scott. Muriel M.
Frye, Bettye L. 8mith. Elisabeth
Gilling. Marion Suggs, Mattie L.
Grayson, Janie Swan. Eunice K.
Grimes. O. B. Thompson. D. M.
Harrison. Thelma Weaver. Helen G.
Hart. Verna Webb. Alice A.
Hector. Artme T. Williams. Erline E.
Jackson. Jean Wise. Rosemary T.
Kenerson. M. J. Wormley Jewel M.
Lee, Rivels P. Belcher. Harold P.
Luca*, Elroy A Fenwick. Mary M.
Class of 52 Graduated
At Cardozo High
Mrs. Velma G. Williams, member
of the Board of Education, addressed
52 February graduates at Cardozo
High School graduation ceremonies
last night. Dr. Booker T. McGraw,
principal housing analyist of Na
tional Housing Agency, also spoke
Gregory, Russell Jackson. Geraldine C.
Hawkins. J. E.. jr. Jones. Lorraine E
Hughea. Reginald B. Lawson. Susie A.
Henry. Hallman L- Lewis. Carmlila
McArtli, Walter Lewis. Dorothy P
MeArtls. Wilbert Lewis. Elizabeth V.
McCoy. Frederick M. Manning. Ethel P.
Pierce. Tousaalnt P. McCall. Vera B
Rice. George A , Jr. McDowell. Catherine
Shaw, FrankR Merritt. Era A.
Smith. Clarence Milner. Frances E.
Thompson, Harry K. Moore. Isabelle L
Adams. Mary E. Morgan. Flossie V.
Blalock, Flossie A. Penn. Dolly M
Bowman. Catherine Peyton. Desarie A
Brown. Annuel E Phillips. Rhoda E.
Brown. Mozelle M. Potter. Lillian B
Davis. Marion E. Reynolds, Sarah P.
Dorsey. Ethel E Robinson Elsie M
Ferris. Virginia A Rhodes, Susan S.
Freeman Helen M Rollins. Theresa E.
Goodall. Margaret D. Rush. Mary E
Hawkins. Nannie M. Simons. Bonnie O.
Hayes. Blanche E. Walker. Mildred
Hudson. Dorothy L. Williams. Annie M
Jac>son. Delores F. Williams Geraldine J
"He always agrees with the men
in my squad!"
Washington Loan A Trnst Rida. (4).
_ United States for the District of
Columbia. Holding a Probate Court.—In
Re: Estate of NANNIE E. PEARSON.
Stc*i!*d—Administration No. 62812.—
having been made herein by the Odd
Fellows Home Association of the District
of Columbia for the issuance of litters
of Administration on the above entitled
estate, to some suitable person, it Is. bv
the Court, this 18th dav of Januarv,
CREED that the unknown heirs and next
of kin of Nannie E Pearson, deceased,
and all others concerned. aDpear in said
Court on Mondar. the 28th day of Feb
ruary. 1944. at ten o'clock A.M. to
show cause why such application should
n0' be granted. Let notice hereof be
published in the "Washington Law Re
porter and "The Evening Star” once in
each of 3 successive weeks before the
return day herein mentioned, the first
publication to be not less than thirty (30)
days before said return day. Witnasa. the
Honorable EDWARD C RICHER. Chief
Justice of said Court, this 18th day of
-AD 1B4<- (Seal.) Attest:
VICTOR S. MERSCH. Register of Wills
for the District of Columbia. Clerk of the
Probate Court._Ja22.29,feR
»J*ON «. C ARSO Attar nr t! ~
501 Tower Banding N.W. (5)
State, for the District of Columbia.
Holding Probate Court.—No. 02.930. Ad
i* to Give NotiS:
£)>* "udscriber, of the District of
^,-Eb, '.uh*V.obt?lned from the Probate
Cou/t of the District of Columbia. Letters
of Administration on the estate of Benja
EEv. wlin*s- ute °r ,he District of Co
. d*ceAsed. All persons having
claims against the deceased are hereby
*r*rn*d to exhibit, the same, with the
vouchers thereof, legally authenticated, to
i*?* Aub.*crlb*r. on or before the 28th
dV.°i J»nuarr, A.D. 1945: otharwiae they
Ew. b* excluded irom all benefit
^L’.o'd ostate. Given under my hand this
27til d*T of January. 1944. HELEN L.
435 Mew Jsraay Avenue EE.
★ WRC—10:30 P.M. ★
206 Southern Building (8).
States for the District of Columbia.
Holding a Probate Court.—Eatatg of
MARY E. ORAHAM. Deceased.—No. 62,
833. Administration Docket 133.—Appli
cation haring been made herein by James
M. Graham for Drobate of the lait will
and testament of said deceased, and for
letters of administration, c. t. a., on said
estate to Issue unto Joseph A. Rafferty, it
Is ordered this 19th day of January. A.D.
1944. that Sarah E. Graham McOrane.
Patrick McNally. Hugh McNally. John
McNally. Gerald McNally. Michael Mc
Nally. Mary McNally Redfern, nonresi
dents. and all others concerned, appear in
said Court on Monday, the 28th day of
February. A.D. 1944. at 10:09 o’clock
A M . to show cause why such applica
tion should not be granted. Let notiea
! hereof be published in the ’’Washington
Law Reporter” and “The Evening Star.”
i once in each of three successive weeks
before the return day herein mentioned,
the first publication to be not less than
thirty days before said return day Wit
ness. the Honorable EDWARD C RICHER,
Chief Justice of said Court, this 19th
day of January. AD 1944. (Beal.1
Attest: VICTOR 8 MER8CH. Register
of wills for the District of Columbia*
Clerk of the Probate Court. Ja22.29.fe5.
L. Q. C. LAMAR. Woodward Bldg.
Filed Jan. 20. 1944.
Charles E. Stewart, Clerk.
■, United States for the District of Co
, lumbla.—Ruth Waters Lewis, et al.. Plain
| tiffs, vs. John A. Waters, et al.. Defend
ants.—Civil Action File No 1224.—The
object of this suit is to obtain partition
by sale, and distribution of proceeds among
l1,^„partl*, *d'>tled. of lot 915 in souare
•>8H2. improved by premises 1032 Sumn-r ,
Road Southeast On motion of the plain
tiffs. it is by the Court this 20th day of
J.*2uaI.y’ ordered that the defendants.
■ John Earl Johnson. Ethel j. Davis. Thomas
White. Jame* Whit*. Mitchell S Swann.
Andrew Swann. Mitchell Swann. Jr.. John
Swann. Anthony Swann. Ethel Swann.
Frank Swann. Susie Swann Curtis. Sarah
Rsy Waters. Lawrence Water*. Archie
Johnson. Francis Waters and John Tay
lor. cause their appearances to be entered
here in or or before th- fortieth day. ex
clusive of Sundays and legal holidays,
occurring after the day of the first publi
cation of this order: otherwise this eaust
will be proceeded with as in the caee of
nok*„UJi ,is Iu,nh'r ordered that the
unknown heirs, alienees and deviaees of
s£.r»h Pay Wat*rs. Lawrence Waters. Ar
chie Johnson. Francis Waters, John Taylor
and Arch Waters cause their appearances
Riiu* S™erfd h,,rem on, or before the first
Sr *h.dfj ,0"ur’ln* *ltrT ttie expiration
of th* fortieth day. exclusive of Sundays
and legal holidays, after the day of the
first publication of this order1 otherwise
this cause will be proceeded with as in
c**e of default. Provided a copy of this
order be published once a week for tbr*e
successive weeks in the Washington Lew
SfF!,r and The Evening Star before said
day’ longer or other publication being
dL5p02.**d with for satisfactory cause shown
S0DJ Test: CHARU58 E.
Deputy Clerk._Ja22.29.fefi
ARTHUR C. ELGIN, Attorney.
Hn?H?tes Jor. ,he District of Columbia —
Holding Probate Court.—No. 62.85’' Ad
Th2iSt^Llon 15 t0 Give Notlci:
rSinmhil hfubscr'bers, of the District of
Columbia have obtained from the Probate
Court of the District of Columbia Lesters
the estate of Nellie R
d?ee^f.ri 1 anf ,he Dlstrlc' of Columbia,
deceased. All Dersons having claim*
against the deceased are hereby warned
I 1? **1}lbjt the same with the vouchers
locally authenticated, to the sub
scribers. on or before the 11th day of
iV’fiV’k, A Di otherwise they may
1 b« occluded from all benefit of said
estate. Given under its hand this 14tb
&VL.RL January. 1844. THE LINCOLN
D_C„ bv: ARTHUR C. ELGIN. Asgt. Trust
G®cer (Seal ) Attest: VICTOR fl
MERSCTI. Registor of Wills for tha Dis
trict of Columbia, Clerk of tha Probata
CARET, Attorney., w£d "rd B.lld£?(*L
8tates for the District of Columbia.—
Holding Probate Court.—No. 62.788, Ad
ministration —This is to Give Notice:
JTiat the subscriber, of the State of
Maryland has obtained from the Probate
Court of the District of Columbia. Letters
of Administration on the estate of Edna
Brandenburg Russell, late of the District
of Columbia deceased. All persons hav
ing claims against the deceased are hereby
warned to exhibit the same, with the
vouchers thereof, legally authenticated, to
the subscriber, on or before the 11th day
of January. A.D. 1945. otherwise they
may by law be excluded from all benefit
of said estate. Given under mv hand this
12th day of January. 1944. BENJAMIN
H. RUSSELL. 5512 Randolph Street Villa
; Heights. Md. iSeal.l Attest: THOMAS
V SCALLEY. Deputy Register of Wills for
the District of Columbia. Clerk of the
Probate Court.ja22.29fe5
KIRKLAND. Attorney!,
1366 National Press Building.
States for the District of Columbia.—
Holding Probate Court.—No. 62,524, Ad
ministration—This is to Olva Notice:
That the subacriber. of the State of Penn
sylvania has obtained from the Probate
Court of the District of Columbia. Lattera
Testamentary on the estate of Ellen A.
Wood, sometimes known as Nellie A. Wood,
late of the District of Columbia, deceased.
All Dersons having claims against tha
deceased are hereby warned to exhibit
the same, with the voucher! thereof,
leially authenticated, to the subscriber,
ion or before the 11th day of January,
A.D 1945: otherwise they may by law
be excluded from all benefit of said estate,
Given under my hand this 12th day of
January. 1944. ELIZABETH j. ANDER
SON. 6452 Woodcrest Ave , Philadelphia.
(31) Pa (Seal.) Attest: THOMAS C.
SCALLEY. Deputy Register of Wills for
the District of Columbia. Clerk of tha
Probate Court.Ja22.2Pfe8
BEN G. WILKINSON. Jr.. Attorneys.
201 Woodward Bulldina tS>.
States tor the District of Columbia.
Holding Probate Court.—No. 62.908. Ad
ministration.—This is to Give Notice:
That the subscriber, of the State of Mary
land. has obtained from the Probate Court
of the District of Columbia. Letters of
Administration on the estate of Wtlhelmlna
Wunder, late of the District of Columbia,
deceased. All persons haring claims
against the deceased are hereby warned
to exhibit the aame with the vouchers
thereof, legally authenticated, to the sub
scriber, on or before the 27th day of
January, A.D. 1845. otherwlae they may
by law be excluded from all benefit of said
estate. Given under my hand thli 28th
day of January. ]P44. AMELIA SCHER
GER. 35 Carroll Avenue. Takome Park,
Maryland (12). (Seal.) Attest: VICTOR
8. MERSCH. Register of Wills for the Dis
trict of Columbia. Clerk of the Probata
Court fe5.12.1»
States for the District of Columbia.
Holdinc Probate Court.—No. 62,823, Ad
ministration—This Is to Give Notice:
That the subscriber, of the District of
Columbia, has obtained from the Probate
Court of the District of Columbia. Letter!
Testamentary on the estate of Marie C.
Carusl. late of the District of Columbia,
deceased. All persons having claima
against the deceased are hereby warned
to exnlblt the same, with the voucher*
thereof, leaally authenticated, to the sub
scriber. on or before the 10th day of
January. A.D. 1945: otherwise they may
by law be excluded from all benefit of said
*»t»t*. Given under my hand this 1st day
of February. 1944 HELEN CARU8I
LOMBARD. 3006 32nd Street N.W. (8).
(Sal.) Attest: VICTOR 8. MERSCH. Reg.
liter of Wills for the District of Columbia,
Cler| o| the Probate Court.

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