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r Information About I I
I ^^edTctioning^ ^ ; ^ 1 j
1 S^tSSSSSSsf.’sa
1 ***«»—-sST*
1 "zr/Z
1 B-k n? * A8 - B8 -C8
1 "swr-**
l m”prUsed fooossnMpS
1 aREEH STRUM “„“Vr D8-E8
I K - i- OB<* Worth '0 Point. Both
I Worth Foe. Voluo Expire Moy 2gl—^
I Expire Morch_g2Dl^
unm fin hvvm m mil ■ i*i%h# I
'--1 , » >. •,”7 ^
The key to real savings on food is to save on many items every day, not just a few “special’* items. That’s
why Safeway offers you an opportunity to save consistently and to save more because Safeway’s prices
are low on every item every day. In the first place, Safeway’s prices are always established at the lowest ' jjg|
possible point consistent with good business'and then if any competitor establishes a lower price Safe-|||||I||||||||jH
way’s price is adjusted to meet it. So confident are we that you will find Safeway’s prices low that ™
we have listed below over 500 items and we invite your comparison of these prices with what you have
r been paying, if you shop elsewhere. When you’ve compared, we’re sure you will agree that at Safeway
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White Bread Sr,.....,Lf' 8c
White Bread J«*mbo ^ 7c
White Bread j™*-'-.’£;b- 10c
100% Whole Wheat Bread”'. ..il*' 9c
Vienna Bread 9c
Pan Rolls__doz. 10c
By® Bread.9c
Cracked Wheat Bread ^ 9c
Dinner Rolls_v^doz. 6c
'1] Gerber’s Strained v^L3can‘ 19c
’1] Gerber’s Chopped 3»"‘ 19c
0] Pablum Baby Cereal *8 oz pkg. 17c
0] Pablum Baby Cereal * 8 oz. pkg. 34c
0] Pabena Baby Cereal *8 oz pkg. 7c
0] Gerber’s Baby Cereal 2 8P°', 23c
0] Clapp’s Cereal _2 8 oz. pkgs. 23c
0] Clapp’s Oatmeal —2 8 oz. pkgs. 23c
Gold Medal Enriched_2 lb. sack 14c
Gold Medal Enriched 10 lb. sack 59c
Kitchen Craft Enriched_2 l|p. sack 13c
Kitchen Craft Enriched_10 lb. sack 55c
Washington _ 2 »«k 14c
Washington s^Ri^_10 lb ‘«k 53c
Washington Enpr'°hned i°'b 54c
Pillsbury Enriched_•_5 lb. sack 30c
Pillsbury Enriched_10 lb. sack 57c
Harvest Blossom_ioib..ock43c
Cake Flour Softosilk_pkg. 25c
Cake Flour Swansdown _pkg. 25c
[2] Tomato Juieo hbbys ,4c»7e
[ 3] Tomato Juice SDUANWNY 18a°;~ 10c
[14] Tomato Juice S “r 42c
[3] Tomato Juice fame toe
[ 6 ] Tomato Juice blue top 24c
[ 5 ] College Inn ItT 18c
[ 2 ] Vegetable Juice *-• ’c80°l- 14c
[0] Apple Juice *oirs ”£*• 19c
[ 0] Apple Juice 320°l- 20c
[0] Apple Juice ’L"' 8c
[ 0 ] Grapefruit Juice s,^*r ^ 29c
[0] Grapefruit Juice ^ 2”°ns225c
[ 0] Grapefruit Juice F£;jdda ”°n212c
[ 0 ] Grapefruit Juice 2 ”°n,2 25c
[28] Pineapple Juice dole *«• 33c
[12] Pineapple Juice dole 2 ^°n2 29c
[ 3 ] Prune Juice lake shore 32 «• 23c
[3] Prune Juice sunsweet 320°l 28c
[ 0 ] Orange Juice G°lden 45c
[ 0 ] Blended Jucie ££ 39c
[4] Large Prunes °*ls£H,or 16c
[8] Medium Purnes Dt“r ^ 30c
[4] Seeded Raisins uoi.pko.i5e
[4] Seedless Raisins «o«.Pkg. 13c
[0] Cooking Figs_ _12 oz. pkg. 33c
Majestic Pickles Sour_qt. jar 23c
Majestic Veg. Relish_^ 18c
Majestic Pickles Sweet Mixed 16 oz. jar 21c
Majestic Pickles Swc.°.Sd 16 01 iar 27c
Majestic Cand£kkrisp> ’6 •*•* 22c
Hunt’s Supreme '»«• 28c
Queen OSives_ _3 oz. bot. 14c
Stuffed Olives Grandee_3 oz. bot. 20c
Queen Olives Mammoth_1234 oz. bot. 36c
Pancake Flour Pillsbury_20 oz. pkg. 11c
Pancake Flour £"7ma 2oOI Pk9.12c
Buckwheat Fleur 2°o*.pk8.16c
Pillsbury Gold#nMi^k* 20 OJ. PkS. 13c
Duffs Waffle Mix_i4v2oz.Pk9. 20c
Biscuit Mix Simple SimonC_11 oz. pkg. 12c
Muffin Mix Simple Simon_10 oz. pkg. 12c
Pancake Flour Va. SwMt_20 oz. pkg. 6c
Buckwheat Flour Va. SwMt 20 oz. pkg. 7c
Pancake Flour Suzanna___20 oz. pkg. 7c
Bisquick_ _20 oz. pkg. 16c
Bisquick_ _40 oz. pkg. 29c
Royal _ __6 oz. can 25c
Royal_12 oz. can 49c
Rumford_ __4 oz. can 9c
Rumford_32 oz. can 48C
Davis O.K._i2oz.ca„ 13c
Calumet_ __8 oz. can 9C
Calumet_oz. can 17C
Clabber Girl_ _10 oz. can 9C
Clabber Girl_ _26 oz. can 19c
Health Club_io»z8c
Cream of Wheat_ 26 oz. pkg. 22c
Grape Nuts _ __12 oz. pkg. 13c
Grape Nuts Flakes_ _7 oz. pkg. 9e
Post Toasties_ __6 oz. pkg.
Post Bran Flakes_ 8 oz. pkg. 9c
Grape*Nuts Wheat Meal 16 oz. pkg. 12c
Post Bran Flakes_ _14 oz. pkg. 13c
Grape*Nuts Flakes_ _12 oz. pkg. 13c
Post Toasties_ 18 oz. pkg. 12c
Kellogg’s Corn Flakes—iBoz.Pkg. t2e
Kellogg’s Bran_ 16 oz. pkg. 18c
Kellogg’s Corn Flakes_ 6 oz. pkg. Sc
Kellogg’s Pep_ 8 oz. pkg. 9c
Kellogg’s Rice Krispies 5V2 oz. pkg. 11c
Kellogg’s Shredded Wheat 12 oz. pkg. 10c
Wheatena_ 22 oz. pkg. 21c
Whole Wheat Bereal Ralston "£*• 20c
Shredded Ralston_ 12 oz. pkg. 11c
Quaker Puffed Rice_2 pkg». 21c
Quaker Puffed Wheat_ _pRfl. 9c
Quaker Oats_ 20 oz. pkg. 10c
Quaker Oats_ 48 oz. pkg. 21c
Morning Glory Oats_ 20 oz. pkg. 8c
Morning Glory Oats ___ 48 oz. pkg. 18c
Wheaties_ 8 oz. pkg. 10c
Quaker Scotch Barley_ 16 oz. pkg. 8c
Quaker Farina_ 14 oz. pkg. 8c
Quaker Hominy Grits_ 24 oz. pkg. 9c
Kix Cereal _ 7 oz. pkg. 11c
Cheerioats_ 7 oz. pkg. 11c
[0] Citrus Marmalade _2 £ 29c
[6] Schimmel's Jelly RaiAppplr*y 2iolb-29c
[6] Schimmel’s Jeily &£ Vb 29c
[8] Apple Butter. 3faror- 23c
[5] Apple Butter 14c
[4] C&E Pure Grape Jelly lbr01- 19c
[8] S’ Preserves ^ 1fc,rox- 24c
0] Pea Soup Mix t p on , pk.9nV|p,3 27c
0] Noodle Soup Mix Lipw. pk9v^4323c
0] Soup Mix Mrs. Grass' 2Va oz. pkg. 8c
0] Soup Mix Betty Crocker 3 23/4t oz. pkgs. 25c
4] Tomato Soup compbeii s 10^«- gc
4] Chicken Noodle Co3opubpell.t 14c
4] Vegetable Soup comPb.n . ^ 12c
4] Black Bean Soup Coj; '°^n01- 11c
4] Vegetable Soup Hur«, 2 19c
4] Tomato Soup 2 1°^soz- 15c
4] Veg.'Beef Soup Ph ilip. 2Van.l 25c
4] Tomato Soup Heinz 11 oz. can 10c
4] Pea Soup Heinz_J 11 oz. cans 25c
4] Vegetarian Soup Heinz 11 oz. can 13c
Canterbury Tea V4ib.Pka. 19c
Canterbury Tea_ 1% oi. pkg. 8c
Canterbury Tea Bags_ _pkg. of 16 10c
Wilkins Tea _v4ib.Pkg.25c
Wilkins Tea Bags_ pkg. of 16 17c
Lipton’s Tea Bags_ pkg. of 16 18c
Salada Tea Bags_ pkg. of 16 15c
McCormick Tea % ib. Pkg. 25c
Brer Rabbit Molasses ^ 17c
Brer Rabbit Molasses 16.“* 22c
Karo Syrup BL'X, ._2 '£*• 27c
King Syrup_2ib. jar 15c
New England Syrup ___ _pint bot. 18c
Sleepy Hollow Syrup __16 oz. bot. 19c
King Pot-T-Rik Molasses 2ib.canl8c
Dry Mustard Coleman's V/a oz. can 9e
Black Pepper McCormick_V/l oz. pkg. 4c
Red Pepner __ 1 Va oz. can 7c
Ground Cloves_ _IVfe oi. can 7c
Ground Ginger_ ___1 oz. can 7c
Ground Paprika_iv ® 11c
Cream of Tartar_ V/i oi. con 15c
Imitation Gr. Cinnamon.. _\Va oz. can 9e
Ground Nutmeg_ _1% oz. can 8e
Rubbed Sage_%o**on 14c
Curry Powder_ _114 oi. can 7e
Chili Powder_ _1 oz. can 9C
Poultry Seasoning McCormick 7/b oz. pkg. 9c
Parsley Flakes McCormick Vi oz. can 9c
Whole Thyme_ _3/4 oi. can 6e
Celery Seed _ivi oi. pkg. 15c
Pickling Spice 1 Vi ez. pkg. 9c
Mustard Seed_2%oi.PkB. 8c
,Bay Leaves _ _V* oi. can 9C
Jell Weil Gelatines_5c
Knox Gelatine_ __1 oi. pkg. 17e
Pyeo Pie Filler_*o..PkB. 14C
Junket Powders_1*9-80
Junket Tablets__—1*9.1 to
[27] Black Cherries £& 35c
[27] Cherries 38c
[14] Tropic Treat Figs 15c
[36] Fruit Cocktail SuH;;:: 33c
[15] Apple Slices comstock 2° «- 22e
[16] Apple Sauce motts 14c
[20] Apple Sauce white house 2°«- 13c
[36] Sliced Pineapple dole 27c
[36] Pineapple Gems dole 3°«- 26c
[30] Crushed Pineapple dole 2°«- 20c
[36] Crushed Pineapple dole 26c
[30] Sliced Pineapple pTlANNTA 20c
r15] Red Raspberries hunt s N°an2 41c
[14] Kadota Figs sundown 15c
[30] Peaches MODElTE h=.v„ 23 28c
[20] Peaches M°ENLTE 'far01 20c
[30] Peaches M°ENLTE *■*« 27c
[30] Sliced Peaches s“r N:o2Vj 25c
[20] Applesauce M0„.imo„. 2 i2e
; 5 Spaghetti Sauce $Z\, "'t? 19c
0] L & P Sauce_ _3 oz bot. 31c
’ 0 Tobasco Sauce Mdih.nny 2b” 35c
’ 0 Kitchen Bouquet _4 oz. bot. 41c
0] Worchestershire ^.u" , a“; 12c
18] Red Hill Catsup_uo. bo*.lie
18 Del Monte Catsup—u<» bot. 17c
18] Ritter Catsup Tobasco 12 oz. bot. 13c
18] Chili Sauce Moneta 12 Vi oz. bot. 18c
’ 0 French’s Mustard_* <*. & 11c
' 0 McCormick Mustard So
;0] Gravy Sauce Flavor Glow hot. 14c
6 ] Oyster Cocktail ,11OI bot- 20c
‘ 0 Durkee' Dressirij(—_i°«• bot. 27c
18] Heinz Ketchup_ _ _14 oz bot. 22c
18] Heinz Chili Sauce li’/z oz. bot. 28c
[ 6 ] Cranberry Sauce0™-™^ 18c
[6] Spaghetti Sauce v3 15c
[ 5 ] Tomato Sauce Hunt'i 8 oz. con 6c
Vanilla Extract_ _Vj oz. bot. 9c
Vanilla Extract_ 1 Vi oz. bot. 22c
Lemon Extract_ _Vi oz. bot. 9c
Lemon Extract_m ox. bot. 22c
Imitation Vanilla Cakex_6 oz. bot. 11c
Vanilla Extract Sauor't_1 oz. bot. 18c
Almond Extract Sauer's__1 oz. bot. 17c
Vanilla Extract McCormick_2 oz. bot. 31c
Vanilla Extract McCormick_1 bz. bot. 19c
Vanila Extract Burnett's_2 oz. bot. 31e
6 Margarine Sunnybank_lb. pkg. 7c
. 6 Margarine Dal.wood_lb. pkg. 22c
;0] Olive Oil Pompeian_Vi pt. 51c
0] Olive Oil Pompeian 3 oz. can 23e
5] Salad Oil Wesson pt. con 27c
15] Spry Shortening_3^^680
’15] Royal Satin Shorten ng 3 lb. jar 60c
5] Royal Satin Shortening 1 lb. pkg. 22c
15] Crisco Shortening_3 ib. ior 68c
[ 0 ] Delmonico Spaghetti 6c
[ 0 ] Delmonico Macaroni ®k°gz; 6c
[ 0 ] Delmonico Noodles '£ 5c
[ 0 ] Mueller’s Macaroni 3 ’k”; 25c
[ 0 ] Mueller’s Spaghetti 2 ^°gz 17c
[ 0 ] Mueller’s Noodles ‘koz 9c
[ 0 ] Okay Macaroni 6pk,z 4c
[0] Okay Spaghetti ...... 4c
rival Macaroni Dinner kraft PkB. g«
[ 6 ] SpaghettiDinn.rBov^FjM,7V20I.32c
[ 1 ] Chili Dinner 12c
Beverly___i it. i« 23c
Beverly____2 ib. .or 43e
Schindler’s_ 8 ox. iar 14c
Schindler’s_ _16 a*. jar 27c
Real Roast_iib. jar 19c
Peter Pan _ w ox. iar 23c
1] Cherub 'Evaporated 0 tall cant 52c
1 Borden’s Evaporated_tall can 10c
1] Eagle Brand Condensed 13 ox. can 18o
Blue Diamond Almonds_»>.55c
Diamond Walnuts_.__«»• 42e
Papor Shall Pooans._ib-45o
Salted Peanuts scwndier-i_ib.31o
on these items
[5] Broadcast Rodi-Meat 12a"- 29c
[5] Party Loaf H,3...... 'LT 29c
[3] Amber Deviled Ham 7 " 49c
[0] Fig Juice D££; 212b";25c
[1] Hurffs v-;:rcb.- . 2 15c
[8] Hurffs vtSto _2 2L°n,- 29c
[8] Hurffs Tso0:r_2 2°" 25c
[3] Comstock ^ 2 Nt°on219c
[5] Diced Carrots c*°"y 2 Nc°an219c
[4] Fig Jam .*£ 39c
[2] Tomato Juice ^ni.p. 2 14o"- 13c
[ 0 ] Whole Wax Beans ’’Z 17c
[ 0 ] Standard Green Beans 3 £;.2 29c
[0] Cut Green Beans c“k "a215c
[ 0 ] Whole «•*«••• Beans Fom» N°on216c
[0] Green Beans Ho"F‘onSc7,nn* Nc°0217e
[ 0 ] Cut Green Beans N;o 214c
[10] Phillips Corn t»210c
[10] Corn cH:;r IV13c
[10] Corner «n214c
[10] Shoe Peg Corn <*>!"* Nc°on214c
[10] Corn HighwayWh^«^S'yJ*d ^lU
[ 8 ] Highway Corn Zrj n~ 12c
[ 8 ] Del Maiz Niblets «“■ 12c
[15] Asparagus S&Z+,, NZ234c
[ 15] Natural Asparagus & ^n2 34o
[15] Asparagus N«Z238c
[3] Diced Boots Gomstock Zn210«
£ 4 ] Quarturud Beets Coimtock 2 27Z 29c
[10] Standard Tomatoes 2 "J-J 19c
[12] Standard Tomatoes Nota2,/214c
[10] Tomatoes sJr„ 11c
[12] Tomatoes "«£ s^rdNoe2* 15c
[10] Sweet Peas Gs°r0d;Zd* "Z,2 12c
[10] Standard Peas _„.Nc;n212c
nnl Dnac INLAND Large, Sweet No. 2 14.
L,UJ real VAUEY Extra Standard can ,0C
[10] Sugar Belle Peas f*ncy ^.2 15c
[20] Lima Beans' ™i'ip* GX,.tN<an2 14«
[ 8 ] Baked Beans 7lT 14c
[ 6 ] Baked Beans 17»nOI‘ 13c
[ 6 ] Beans «.m* w.* T«^ 217^7 27c
[ 6 ] Baked Beans ;“hk 3,7^ 25c
[ 4 ] Turnip Greens khuan Nc°n2 9c
[ 8 ] Mixed Vegetables 14’10115c
[ 0 ] Green Soy Beans Nutruoy N»n2 18c
[6] Comstock REDB™Y 17OI'
Biseo-Bits_ _9 01. pkg. 11c
Educator Crax_ _76 ox. pkg. 17c
Melba Toast ** «• pk°- 14c
Cheese Snacks_ _2V2 ox. pkg. ^5
Graham Crackers Educator 76 ox. pkg. 16c
0] Green Split Peas_14c
o; Yellow Split Peas— _1 Ib. pkg. 13o
4' Navy Beans HHi 2 ib. PkB. 21c
1] Precooked Beans Cavm°pn, 10c
4] Lima Beans Seaside 2 Ib. pkg. 27c
4] Baby Lima Beans_2 ib. Pkg. 23c
01 Lentils bow_nb.Pkg. 12c
Soy Beans Red Bow__12 oz. pkg. 9c
Gro Pup Doc Food_ _25 oz. pkg. 21c
Hunt Club Doc Food_2v2ib.Pkg. 21c
Hunt Club Doc Food_sib.Pkg. 39c
D&G Doc Food,_3ib.Pkg. 23c
Friskies Doc Food_2 ib. Pkg. 22c
Friskios Doc Food_ib. Pkg. 45c
French’s Bird Gravel. _ 24 oz. Pkg. 8c
French’s Bird Seed_ _10 oz. pkg. 12c
Silver Cream Wright’«___8 oz. jar 17c
Silver Polish Gorham'o___8 oz. jar 23e
Metal Polish Solorine _8 oz. can 15c
Cleaner Club Aluminum___12 oz. jor 17c
Floor Wax All Nu No Rub_16 oz. jar 19c
Paste Wax Wilbert's_16 oz. jar 39c
No Rubbinc Wax Old English quart bot. 69c
Fla. Grapefruit_5-«»- 25c
Fresh Cccoanuts_»>. 10c
York Apples_3 ib». 33c
Green Beans sRr;gu„_ * 17c
Fresh Beets Top* Clipped__lb. 6c
Fresh Broccoli_ib. 10c
New Cabbage_2 «>• 9c
Brussels Sprouts_»>■ 25c
Cauliflower_»>. 13c
White Celery_«>. 10c
Fresh Collards_2 »». 19c
Fresh Kale_2 »>.. 15c
Iceberg Lettuce_'b. 12c
Mushrooms _»>. 69c
Parsnips_2 >b*. 19c
Florida Oranges_5 »>* 29c
White Potatoes_10 35c
New Potatoes *£._5»». 39c
Idaho Potatoes:_5 »>«• 25c
Rhubarb_ 'b. 33c
Rutabagas_3 10c
Fresh Spinach_2 »»• 15c
White Squash_«». 9c
Red Sweets_2 «» 19c
Yellow Sweets_2 *•. 19c
Fresh Tomatoes_»>• 25c
Bulk Turnips_n» 5c
5 ] Tuna Fish White Meat 7 oz. can 38c
11] Avalon Sardines_i5«.<«n]lc
11] Avalon Mackerel Natural ’t5a” 14c
2 Domestic Sardines Main* can 7c
5 ] Bcatod Tana Fill »**2-«lr25e
12] Aed Salmon Monica m or. can 39c
\0] Shredded Codfish -g* 13c
;il] Sardines in7vr.^w. M«13e
0] Boned Chicken .«i 51c
1 ] James River ssm^d,ld 4V* <*• o'-19e
1] Deviled Ham Amber_3 oz. can 23c
1] Deviled Ham Swift's_3 oz. can 16c
1] Deviled Ham Puritan 2 3 oz. cans 25c
5] Prem Luncheon Meat_12 oz. gl. 36c
5] Snack Luncheon Meat_12 oz. can 38c
Palmolive Soap_3 cakes 20c
Ivory Soap_3 mod, cakes 17c
Ivory Soap_3 large cakes 29c
Sweetheart Soap_3 cakes 19c
Lifebuoy Soap_3 cakes 20c
Swan Soap_ _;_mod. cak* 6c
Swan Soap_3 lorge cakes 29c
Lux Toilet Soap_3 cakes 20c
Camay Soap_3 cak as 20c
Lava Soap _____3 cakes 17c
Woodbury Soap_3 cakes 23e
Cashmere Bouquet____3 cakes 25c
Old Mill Vinegar_9»b«*. 13c
Old Mill Vinegar_9°t. 45e
White House Vinegar.._ _Vj got. jug 25c
Heinz White Vinegar_ pint bet. 9c
Tastyeast _3 pkg*. 10c
Breading golden dip_io«. Pk9.17c
Breakfast Gem Eggs GLr°£*A_«*•«. 49c
Granulated Sugar_2 ib. *•„. 13c
Granulated Sugar _5 Ib. paper bag 30c
XXXX Sugar_1 »>. Pkg. 7c
Brown Sugar_1 ib. Pkg. 7c
Bread Crumbs_ _13 ex. pkg. 14c
Flaked Hominy Grits 3 Mm. ge
Hard Candy_ib. 29c
Salty Soy Beans_ __6 ex. pkg. 12c
Edwards 3 'b 26c
Nob Hill 2 lbs. 47c_lb. 24c
Airway 23!bb;:45;ec_'b 21c
Sanka Decaffeimz.d_Ib. 36c
Kaffee Hag Docaffeinixed _|b-34c
Maxwell House ___•»»- 33e
Instant Postum_* <«. «n 23c
Postum Cereal_ 18 ox. pkg. 19c
Duchess SALAD DRESSING_p*. jar 22C
DurkeeFamous dressing_100*. jor 27c
Each f
’8] Perk Chops ib 35c
, 4 Perk Chops Rib End Ib. 30o
2] Fresh Picnics *0hn°'*n . tb.29c
.5] Fresh Hams ^'rSkinn,d ib. 3ie
11' Fresh Spareribs_.jb. 23c
.2 Pork Liver_ib. 20c
’ 6 ’ Beef Liver_ib. 350
18 ’ Veal Liver_ib. 730
0 Beef Kidneys_it. 20c
, 6 Spiced Chopped Ham_»>. 48c
3 Smoked Beef Tongues-__<b. 41c
4] Sliced Bacon Grade A Ib. 38c
9] Canadian Bacon |h"ePiet. ib. 55c
4 Link Sausage B;j9£‘rk * 41c
4] Sausage Meat ABl;i99trk_ ib. 35c
1] Dry Sait Backs_ib. 18c
12 Dry Salt Bellies_ib. 22c
[4] Frankfurters_ib. 35c
j 4 ] Bologna 2 Varieties__Ib. 33c
. 0 ] Bulk Scrapple_2 »>.. 29c
Rock Crook Ginger Ale 3 oz* ^0t#* 25C
Rock Creek Sparkling Water 3 ^ oz* ^ot8* 25C
Rock Creek aw_ 224„°n^-25c
Pepsi-Cola . 6 ””.£*250
Royal Crown Cola_625c
Tru Ade g 7«. bot». 25c
White Rock Sparkling Water 2 \SL 43c
Clicquot Club soda 2 ^ 19c
Clicquot Club cin9« ai. 2 2lZ.nT' 19®
Hire’s Root Beer.6 25c
Cigarettes*,^ ___ pk9. 13c
Pall Mali Cigarettes* 7>9. 13o
Wing Cigarettes 2 pkg*. 25c
Regent Cigarettes pk9.13c
Fleetwood Cigarettes* Pk9.13c
Sal Soda_»>• pk9. 6c
Hooker Lye_ 13 oi. eon 8C
Saniflush___22oi.con 18c
Boyer’s Liquid Blue_ „_6Vi oi. bot. 7c
Old Dutch Cleanser — _*__can 7c
Sunbrite Cleanser___2 «« 9c
Octagon Cleanser_ _3 cons 13c
Babo Cleanser__«n lOe
Spic and Span Cleanser__™°; pk* 17c
Fels Naphtha Soap_4 19c
Majestic Ammonia_ 32 oz. bot. 19c
Parson’s Ammonia_ _32 oz. bot. 19c
Magic Blue_ _0 for 5c
Bon Ami_«k. 9o
Bon Ami Powder_ _can 10c
Borax 20 Mulo Team__2 lb. pkg. 23c
Boraxo _ _ __can 12c
Mrs. Stewart’s Blueing_wbot. 10c
Vano Cleaning Fluid_ 32 oz. bot. 25c
Vanish Toilot Bowl Cloaner__can 21c
Drano _ _—_can 18c
33 Bleach _ 32 oz. bot. 10c
White Magic Bleach_ _Va 9ol. 15c
Renuzit Cleaning Fluid_e°<. 65c
Duckling Pot Cleaners_2 far 15c
Gold Fleece Pot Cleaners_2 far 15c
Dethol_ 32 oz. can 30c
Flit_ _16 oz. bot. 19c
O’Ceder Mops_ ___oach 89c
3'in-0ne Machine Oil _6 oz. bot. 19c
Satina Starch Tablets 2 okas. 9c
Brushes For Toilet Bowls each 25e
Soda Straws .. pkg.onoo 9c
Gloss Starch Staley's 12 oz. pkg. 16c
Gloss Starch Argo_16 oz. pkg. To
Sandwich Bags_Pkg.of4010c
Kitchen Bags_2 pkg«. 19c
Colored Candles is ^_2 15c
Small Candles .. _j_pkg. of A 5c
Gothes Pins >«*•»•_pkg. of m To
Clothes Line Sash Cord_50 ft. 25c
Windex Window Cltanor 6 oz. bot. 12c
Iron Glue McCormick__VA oz. bot. 8c
Light Bulbs 60-25 Watt_.ach 10c
Light Bulbs 100 Watt_oach 15c
White Vaseline_w^oz.iar ift
Jar Rubbers Mason 3 pkg»- of 12 Jdo.
Tooth Picks_pkg 5c
Waxed Paper wa*t« 125-ff/reii 15c
Waxed Paper h°"-d roP_ 2 125.ft.roHs 27c
Waxed Paper cut-wt. 125 ft. ran 15o

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