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All India Hails Release
Of Gandhi, but Illness
Causes Apprehension
By the Associated Press.
NEW DELHI. India, May 6.—
Widespread satisfaction greeted the,
release today of Mohandas K.
Gandhi, Indian Nationalist leader
detained for 21 months as a political
prisoner in the AGA Khan’s summer
palace in Poona, but intimates
feared it marked a new crisis in
the illness of the frail disciple of
India’s masses.
The press of all shades of opinion,
Nationalist as well as English-owned,
welcomed tire freeing of Gandhi.
The government released the 74
year-old leader unconditionally, cit
Jng failing health, after having con-;
"fined him in August, 1942, for politi-i
cal activity w’hieh it regarded as[
hampering India's resistance to
His intimates here said Gandhi is j
suffering from both high blood pres
sure and a kidney ailment and will
depend for recovery on a spiritual
source of strength “beyond the con
ceptions the Western World.” His
son. Devadas Gandhi, expressing the
opinion that his father was seri
ously ill, said Gandhi would scorn
most medical ministrations.
Released with Gandi were Dr.
M. D. D. Gilder, who attended him
in detention; Miss Madeline Slade,
daughter of an English admiral and
supporter of the Indian National
Congress for many years, Dr.
Sushila Nayad and Pyare Lai Nay
yar. a private secretary.
Gandhi’srelease came without un
toward demonstration by his fol
lowers, but many of them, acting on
an earlier announcement that he
would be freed, gathered at the
gates of the palace to greet him.
He looked cheerful but tired wnd
was taken immediately to “Parna
kuti,” palatial residence of Lady
Vitall das Thackersey. She is the
widow of a Bombay merchant and
an old friend of Gandhi. It was
understood Gandhi would be taken
to Bombay Monday.
Gandhi and those released with
him were enjoined against making
any public statements or giving

Massing of Colors
To Be Held May 21
The 17th annual “massing of the
colors service,” under joint auspices
<of the Military Order of the World
Wars and Washington Cathedral
authorities, will take place in the
open-air amphitheater in Cathedral
Close at 4 p.m. Sunday, May 21, it!
was announced last night.
Joining in the colorful cere
monies will be more than 250 mili
tary, veteran, patriotic and civic
organizations. They will form a
procession with about 500 flags.!
drum corps and bands.
The United States Marine Band
will present a concert for half an
hour preceding the procession. At
3:45 p.m. the four main divisions
of color guards will begin their
march from their assembly areas in
a grove on the Wisconsin avenue
side of the grounds. The line will
pass along Memorial drive, down
the Pilgrim steps, near the Cathe
dral, and through the assemblage
to places on either side of an im
mense poppy cross.
Maj. Ennalls Waggaman, chair
man of the Committee in Charge,
announced that invitations have
been sent to patriotic veteran and
civic organizations from last year’s
list. But any others desiring to
participate in the ceremony may
notify headquarters of the Military
Order of the World Wars, 1700 I
street N.W. Other members of the
committee include: Brig. Gen. Al
bert L. Cox, Canon Charles W. F.
Smith. Canon W. Curtis Draper,
Maj. Gen. Walter C. Baker, Capt!
Stanton w. Salisbury, USN, and
Lt. Col. Edwin S. Bettelheim, jr.
35 District Men Enter
Active Duty in Forces
Thirty-five District men were in
ducted into the armed forces yes
terday. Included in the group were
15 for the Army, 18 for the Navy
and 2 for the Marine Corps. The
list follows.
Clarke. Andrew J. Childers, Roddie W.
McGuire, William F. Covington. Jack
Wallen, Robert J. Davis, Eddie
McCall, Ronald J. Hall, Willie
Mize®, Robert F. Key, Albert P.
Whedon. Paul Maddox, Joseph H.
Woodcock, D. E Prather. Ernest J.
Glover, William C.
McGraw, Andrew N. Gaskins. Marion R.
Mullander, W. C. Clemmons, J B. it.
Livesay, J. A., jr. Skinner. J. W'.
Matheny, James C. Slye. Freeman D.
Hulbert, James H. Goldsborough, Harry :
Anzelmo. A. E. Murphy, John R.
Gibson, Furman N. Nichols. Leslie Z.
Carter, John C. Fhity, Howard G.
Hughe®, George G. Rooney, James F.
Marine Corpn.
Ford. Clifton W'. La Barge, Alfred F.
New Sulfa Drug
Compounds for Sinus,
Skin, Scalp Troubles
Three new sulfa drug compounds
that bring hope of relief from con
ditions due to sinus infections not I
requiring surgery, skin diseases such j
as eczema, psoriasis and athlete's i
foot, and dandrufTy scalp infections,
recently have been developed.
These three products, Sulfa-Sino
for sinus trouble, Sulfa-Zema for 1
skin disease and Sulfa-Rub for the
scalp, all contain a sulfa drug de
rived from powerful, germ killing 1
sulfanilamide. All three are harm
less, safe, easy to use, and the pur
chase price will be refunded without I
question if any product does not give j
A full sized, complete treatment
of any one compound costs only j
$2.50. Just send name and address,
clearly written; Inclose check or j
money order and name the product
you want. Address Sulfa-Septic
Products, 3103 Holmes, Dept. NE-2,
Kansas City 3, Mo.
Misery of
Piles Fought
in Few Minutes
within a few minutes of the very first
application, the doctor's prescription Chine
Hold usually starts fighting the agony o<
Fllee In 3 ways: 1. Soothes and eases pain
and Itching, 3. Helps shrink sore, swollen
tissues. 3. Promotes healing by easing Irri
tated membranes and alleviates nervousness
due to Pile*. Has helped thousands white
worked and enjoyed Ilfs In greater
comfort. Oet Chino-Hold from your druggist
*®?*2 Positive guarantee of complete
satisfaction or money back. Don't walt Flgm
As comfortable home life has become a part of
the American standard, so outstanding values
^ in furnishings for the home have become an
important part of the Goldenberg helpful ~
service for Washington homemakers. Visit
our three great homefurnishing floors.
? rlUl'
I biih»s
| VI ^
Tailored Curtains-3 Lengths!
) ,
What a collection! Washable rayon marquisette that looks so positively
luxurious, and a soft eggshell color that flatters ’most every kind of room.
Such well tailored details, too—one-inch hems at the sides, and generous
three-inch hems at the bottom. Every pair 84 inches wide.
Goldenberff’s, Third Floor
'* I 4' S M "l j #
« * •' • ■*■+ 5P & •' >. i. t .. A-., \
% ■■ -mt
*?■:* : ■ ■ V
*i 4 A1
At Goldenberg9s
Thrift Price!
Mills lengths—which means
the 59c price is much less than
their true worth! 36-inch ray
on repp, in large floral patterns
that will do so much to bring
bright Summer color to the
home. Useful lengths, suitable
for draperies, slip covers,
spreads, dressing table skirts,
and a host of other decorative
Goldenberg’s, Third Floor
Values for All Thrifty Homemahers
r --r , ?— -* ,— ., ---
Cannon Hock Towels
Hemmed; white jacquard
desifn; J6x33.
r— *
Stevens and Fruit
Printed Tea Towels
Floral and fruit patternsi
Feather Bed Pillows
Crushed chicken feathers,
.. —.
"Krasoid" Nort
Allergie Pillow Covers
Sanitary; stainproof.
"Hope" Bleached
22c* y°rd
34>" wide; for slips, pil
lowcases, etc.
Mattress Covers
Vnblest-hed muslin; twin
or double bed size.
t---rrr— -■*
Boot Mills Absorbent
White; soft and smooth;
Stortex Kitchen
19c* *ard
Part linen and cotton; 17
Bed Billows
Well filled with rruahed
duck feathers; 21x27.
8-Ounce Pillow
44c yd.
Fcatherproofj blur-and
90-inch Bleached
68c- yard
Heavy, serviceable anal
Printed Tablecloths
Floral or fruit designs!
fast colors; .VJx.VJ.
Goldrnberg's, Main Floor.
Clopay Venetian Blinds
28, 29, 30, 31 inches wide_2.19
32, 33, 34, 36 inches wide_2.39
38 and 40 inches wide, 72 inches long, 3.39
42 and 44 inches wide, 72 inches long, 3.79
Washable fibre blinds—so practical! And with
the wide straps that make your windows and
rooms look so attractive. Every Mind a gen
erous 64 inches long.
Goldenberg’t, Third Floor
From British India—
- • - ■ ft •-•> "ft w « ft ' r- 9m L ■+
^ * ‘.A - - * H ft ."ft’ ft'
- ■« —,,-v4 ,4n*-~y ■ ■ ~ ,
Not* the ate—*•**'—the large ate that is so
hard to And at any price—here at Golden berg’s
for 7.98! Wide variety of colorful etnbroidered
oral and bird designs. Natural and white
I'x4'-4.98 2'x3'_2.98
Goldenberg’s, Third Floor
81x99 Sheets
All perfect, bleached snowv
white, and woven 128 threads
to square inch, which means
that repeated laundering will
not harm their wearing qual
ity. Guaranteed for a mini
mum of ft years' ordinary
household wear.
Utica 81x99
Famoua •Utica” make ao
well known for exceptional
Soft white muslin;
with wide hems.
Goldenberg’s, Main Floor
The bi*. soft. thir»tr kind—
the Imrxe 22x44-inch *iir,
with colored border*. With
climbing temperatures already
prompting more baths, this is
a “natural.”
Cannon Towels
A smaller size—20x40—hut
.»ust as soft, spongy and ab
Jgrbent as its big 59c brother.
White, with rose, blue, green
or gold borders.
12* IS Wash Cloths
to match, 12c.
Goldenberg’s, Main floor i
with BEDDING complete!
l *e Our
Truly a spectacular value! Rich, mellow, maple finish
woods. At this price, this 8-piece group is one of the
most outstanding values we have been able to offer in
Goldenberg’s, Fourth Floor.
• Chut of D rowan
• Drawer with Mir
• Bod (full tiso or
twin rise)
• Cricket Chair
• Matt raw
• Coil Sprint
• 2 Bod BiHowt
Famous Bigelow-Sanford
ss/stsk »5 — ■"—- —
«"“• -“aSSS?™ moor.
Unusual Selection off
NIGHT TABLES; kiln-dried knotty pine, with drawer
and shelf; 28 '/zx 1 5 Vix 1 3 Vi inches_3.95
3-PC. TABLE SETS; 25x40-inch kitchen table with
cultery drawer and two Windsor style chairs. . -8.45
UTILITY CHESTS;kiln-dried knotty pine; 28x163/*x.
s inches, with 3 drawers and shelf_6.95
RECORD CABINETS; has divided compartments for rec
ords, handy shelf for album and'drawer_3.95
BOOKCASES; extra large size; Credenza style; 3 shelves;
36 inches high, 914 deep, 47 long_10.95
CHAIRS; arrow-point backs, with large shaped seats
and heavy fluted legs; 4 to a customer. Each_1.48
FOLDING CHAIRS for home or office; 5-ply hardwood
with metal reinforcing; fold easily_2.99
HARDWOOD CHAIRS; combination bow-and-panel
backs; shaped seats; strongly constructed_ 1.95
KITCHEN STOOLS; strongly constructed of selected
lumber; 25-inches tall, 1.69; 29 inches tall_1.95
CORNER SHELVES; 3-corner style, 24 inches high;
well made of smooth, clear lumber_1.95
VANITY TABLES; kidney shape, with convenient cos
metic drawer; two side arms for supporting a skirt-.3.95
NOVELTY TABLES; end, night or utility tables; heavy
hardwood tops and veneered lower shelf_2.95
CHESTS OF DRAWERS; 5-drawer size, 9.95; 4-drawer
size, 7.95; 3-drawer size_5.95
BOOKCASES; knotty pine, with fibreboard backs; 42
) inches high, 7 V2 inches deep, 18 inches wide_4.95
24 inches wide_5.95
^ 30 inches wide _6.95
t Goldenberg’s, Down Stairs.
fir _

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