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Lupe Velez Ends Life;
Leaves Note Blaming
Unrequited Love
Br the Associated Press.
BEVERLY HILLS. Calif., Dec. 15
—The lively Lupe Velez, one of fllm
dom's most colorful figures, haf
passed from the Hollywood scene.
Her suicide was as spectacular
as her meteoric rise from a 15-year
old shopgirl in Mexico to a full
blown movie actress.
The 34-year-old actress was found
dead in her lavlishly furnished
home yesterday. An overdose of a
hypnotic drug was ascribed as the
probable cause of death.
Tucked into the satin pillow case
of Lupe's silk-sheeted bed were two
notes, in her angular handwriting,
that indicated premeditation.
Note Addressed to Actor.
One, addressed only to Harald
but which police said was for
Harald Ramond-Maresch, French
actor known in Hollywood as Harold
Ramond. said:
"May God forgive you and forgive
me, too, but I prefer to take my own
life away and our baby’s before I
bring him with shame, or killing
(sic) him. How could you, Harald,
fake such great love for me and our
baby when all the time you didn’t
want us? I see no other way out
for file, so good-by and good luck to
you. Love, Lupe.”
To Capt. W. W. White of the Bev
erly Hills police, Ramond said:
"I told Lupe I would marry her if
she was expecting an infant. I told
her of my great love for her and
begged her to marry me. She
laughed and said she wasnt expect
ing a baby at all, that the whole
thing was only a joke. * • * A ter
rible, awful joke.”
It was only a short time ago that
Lupe gayly told newsmen that she
was going to marry Ramond, for
merly in the French Army, because,
when she became obstreperous, ‘‘he
tell me where to go; he’s the only
man who knows how to handle
Quarreled Over Politics.
Then Lupe and Harald quarreled
over politics. She announced they
were through and brusquely added
that she preferred her dogs, chips
and chops, anyway, and was going
on to New York and forget about
Yesterday morning servants found
her snuggled in her bed, her long
black haii- in disarray across her
pillow. Sleeping pills were spilled
on the silk coverlet; there were
others on the night stand. Lupe
had been dead about two hours. An
inhalator was of no avail.
An autopsy showed Lupe would
have become a mother in five
months. Dr. Victor Cefalu, the au
topsy surgeon, said he found no
natural cause of death. He will
make a chemical analysis of the
stomach content.
To Lupe's secretary, Mrs. Beulah
Kinder, whom she addressed as
“My dear friend,” she left a note
saying: "You and only you know
the facts for the reason I am taking
my life. May God forgive me and
don't think bad of me. Take care
of your mother, so good-by and try
to forgive me. Say good-by to all
my friends and the American press
that were always so nice to me.”
Decided to Quit Fighting.
Lupe. who only Wednesday had
told Estelle Taylor, actress and for
mer wife of Jack Dempsey, ‘T've
never known a man with whom I
didn't have to fight to exist,” had
decided to quit fighting.
The former sweetheart of many
of filmdoms great, including the
late John Gilbert, Arturo De Cor
doba. Producer Winfield Sheehan
and Gary Cooper, was tired of
everything. Her only marriage, to
Johnny (Tarzam Weismuller, one
time Olympic swimming star, ended
with divorce.
Lupe, who was christened Guada
lue Villalobos Velez in San Luis
Potosi, Mexico, was under a $4,000
a-week personal appearance con
tract and had another for radio
The last bizarre touch to the
whole proceedings was given last
night by Ramond, who was bom
Peter Maresch in Vienna, June 9.
1917. He dqpided to tell his story
at a press conference in his apart
ment. The sum and substance of
this public gesture was this:
"I loved Lupe—I knew about the
child—but I didn’t know what to
Became Engaged Last July.
Ramond said that when Lupe’s
doctor told him she was going to
have a baby ‘‘I called her up and
asked her to marry me.”
"I insisted on a wedding event,”
the actor added, "but she laughed
at me and said: ‘I’m only kidding.
I’m not expecting a baby at all.’”
The actor said he had known
Muss Velez for about a year and
that they became engaged last
July. ‘‘I was very much in love
with her, wanted to marry her.”
said Ramond. ‘‘Our plans were
made to that end.
' Circumstances were such that we
had to postpone the date of our
marriage. She then made plans
to leave at once on a personal ap
pearance tour, and announced to the \
newspaper and our friends that
our engagement w'as off. If Lupe
w’as about to have a child. I cannot!
understand why she broke our en- :
WLB Orders Absenteeism
Penalties at Virginia Plant
By tt* Associated Preis.
ATLANTA, Dec. 15.—A contract
provision calling for loss of seniority;
and eventual discharge for repeated
absenteeism has been ordered by;
the Fourth Region War Labor
Board in a dispute case involving
Standard Lime & Stone Co., Stras
burg, Va„ and the United Cement,
Lime and Gypsum Workers Interna
tional Union ( AFL).
Chairman M. T. Van Hecke said
the RWLB ordered a contract clause
which provides for a warning to the
employe for the first two-day period
of unauthorized absenteeism; loss of
three months’ seniority for the sec
ond and discharge for the third such
absence during a contract year.
The company was ordered to cease
its former practice of considering an
employe as having quit for his first
unauthorized absence.
Actress Lupe Velez, who was found dead yesterday in her Bev
erly Hills home, is shown here with Harald Ramond in a Holly
wood night club. The photograph was made last August.
—A. P. Wirephoto.
Ball Fears Senate
Defeat of World Pact
By the Associated Pres*.
NEW YORK, Dec. 15—Senator
Ball, Republican, of Minnesota said
here last night that “there is np
assurance today, despite the election
results, that the new international
organization will not again be de
stroyed in the Senate.”
Senator Ball, in a speech at a
meeting of the Brooklyn Lawyers'
Division of the Federation of Jewish
Philanthropies, added that under
the Senate’s rules “there are almost
endless opportunities for a deter
mined and resourceful opposition to
delay a decision and distort and
confuse the issue.”
“The best chance of that not hap
pening will be a determination by
the American people to hold their
representatives strictly accountable
and to let them know they will do I
so,” Senator Ball said. ,,
Commenting on the Dumbarton
Oaks proposal, Senator Ball said:
"Granted that the proposal is not
perfect, that its success cannot be
guaranteed, it is this proposal or
chaos and almost inevitable wrar."
Senator Ball declared that the
"fight” in the Senate on our joining
a United Nations organization would
center about a commitment to use
force in repelling aggression.
OPA Price Specialists
Sought by Civil Service
The Civil Service Commission has
announced applications for, positions
as price specialists in the Office of
Price Administration are being re
The job6 pay from $2,433 to $6,228
a year. Applications should be
made to the Regional Director,
Fourth Civil Service Region, Nissen
Building, Winston-Salem 3, N. C. i
Grade Allen's
Well, the last-minute Christmas1
shopping rush is on. The stores are
as crowded as suburban trains out
of Tokyo, and the department stores!
are getting
clerks wherever
they can.
I was waited
on this morning
at the purse
counter by a
little boy who
came in to see
Santa Claus.
Santa promised
to bring him
what he wanted
for Christmas
and *5 a day
extra if he
would work in
the Store. Orttli Allen.
And that ex-prize fighter they
had behind the perfume counter
certainly looked strange demon
strating "Forever Thine" on the lobe
of his cauliflower ear.
But, honestly, some people will
buy anything. One department
store manager told me he put some
empty tin cans out on a counter,
as an experiment. Sure enough, he
sold one. With a couple of ribbons
and a flower it should make me a
nice party hat.
(Released by Consolidated News Features.)
Advancing Faster I
Than You? j
Career Clinic Indus
trial Psychologists are
at your service — for
your present advance
ment and your post
war career.
HOURS: 7-1# p.m,
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New York Fears
Robot Attacks,
Japs Declare
By the Associated Press.
Great fear of the “danger of Ger
man bombardment” by flying bombs
is causing New York citizens to
make “hasty preparations to evacu
ate” the city, the Tokyo radio said
The broadcast, in English and
beamed to the United States, was re
ported by OWI.
“Even though there is a report
that no German bombs have yet
landed in New York." Mayor Fiorello
La Guardia has said he is “afraid
of a possible panic” when the bombs
do come over, Tokyo said.
$60,000,000 Carrier Boxer
Launched at Newport News
By the Associated Press.
NEWPORT NEWS, Va., Dec. 15.—
Miss Ruth D. Overton, daughter
of the Senator from Louisiana, yes
terday christened the Navy’s *60,
000,000 Boxer, the 17th Essex class
aircraft carrier built since Pearl
Miss Overton, was assisted by
Jane Brazelton, Kensington, Md.,
as maid of honor.
The Boxer is the fifth naval ship
to bear the name.
The ceremonies were held at the
Newport News Shipbuilding St Dry
dock plant where the Boxer was
the eighth carrier launched in three
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Defense Questions
Tentative Jury Picked
To Hear Chaplin Case
Bf tbe Associated Press.
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 15.—Joan
Berry’s lawyer has accepted a ten
tative jury and today Charles
Chaplin’s attorneys resumes inter
rogation of eight women and four
men seated to try her charge that
the comedian fathered her baby.
Some indication of the defense
case was given in questions asked
prospective jurors late yesterday by
Charles E. Millikan, the comedian's
attorney, in the process of qualifying
a jury.
Auburn-haired, 24-year-old Miss
Berry is seeking to establish her
former drama mentor as the father
of her 14-months-old Carol Ann and
demanding $2,500 monthly support
for the child.
The 55-year-old, silver-haired
actor made a brief witness-stand
appearance yesterday, calm, impec
cable in double-breasted blue, and
idly tugging at one ear lobe while
attorneys argued. He wore a pale
blue striped shirt and a blue polka
dot tie, the same tie, apparently—
again slightly askew—that he sport
ed so frequently during the Federal
court trial last spring in which he
was acquitted of a Mann Act charge
Involving Miss Berry.
Chaplin was called to testify In
support of his lawyer’s plea to quash
the case without trial. Mr. Millikan
argued that prosecution was barrel
by a stipulation entered into last
year by both sides whereby the suit
was to be dropped if blood tests in
dicated Chaplin was not the father.
Superior Judge Henry M. Mills
denied the lawyer’s plea, however,
holding that the stipulation had
delegated judicial authority to three
physicians who made the blood tests
and reported the conclusion that
Chaplin was not the parent.
Cjiaplln left the witness stand, in
response to objections by Joan's
attorney, after giving only his name.
Seven Army Flyers Safe
After Crash of Bomber
By the Associated Presi.
HENDERSON, N. C.. Dec. 15.—All
seven members of the crew of an
Army. Liberator bomber which
crashed near here Wednesday night
after bursting into flames over Hen
derson, have been reported safe.
Three members of the ftew, in
cluding the pilot, were accounted
for some hours.after the crash. The
others reported to the Henderson
police station yesterday and the
group left immediately for the Ra
leigh-Durham Army airbase for
transportation back to their Lang
ley Field (Va.) base.
Habeas Corpus Writ
Asked forWomanHeld
On Quarantine Charge
Charging she was
without her consent unaer quaran
tine for scarlet fever after her phy
sician had found her “perfectly
well,” Mrs. Lillian Cameron of 1350
Monroe street N.W., yesterday filed
a petition for a writ of habeas cor
pus in District Court through her
husband, Owen K. Cameron.
The case was set for hearing
Monday by Justice David A. Pine,
who signed the petition.
Held in Isolation Ward.
Mrs. Cameron was confined to the
isolation ward of Gallinger Hos
pital Saturday after Dr. George C.
Ruhland, District health officer, had
requested police assistance in en
forcing a scarlet fever quarantine
ordered December 1. Health De
partment officials charged that Mrs.
Cameron had failed to observe
quaratine regulations.
She was taken to Gallinger Hos
pital by her husband after police
had called at her mother’s home on
Monroe street Saturday and found
her out. At the time of her admit
tance to the hospital, Health De
partment authorities announced she
"definitely had scarlet fever."
In the habeas corpus petition,
filed by Attorney Jack Bonner, Mrs.
Cameron claims she was examined
by her own physician prior to going
to the hospital and found to bd "per
fectly well.”
Illegal Detention Charged.
The petition alleges that she is
“being held incommunicado and ef
forts to have her examined by a
private physician have been unsuc
cessful.” She charges that she is
being illegally detained and her con
finement was nbt ordered “by any
one legally competent to do so.”
Health Department authorities
have announced that Mrs. Cameron
will be prosecuted for quarantine
regulation violations following her
release from the hospital.
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