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U. 5., Britain Unify
Policy on Exiled Poles;
Split With Reds Seen
The United States and Great Brit
ain have agreed on a policy of con
tinuing diplomatic relations with the
Polish government-in-exile in Lon
don despite claims of the Polish
Committee of National Liberation
in Lublin to be the "provisional gov
ernment" of Poland, it was learned
authoritatively today.
Inasmuch as Moscow is expected
to recognize the Lublin group, which
it has sponsored, a split among the
“big three” powers on the policy is
The Earl of Halifax, the British
Ambassador, called on Secretary of
State Stettinius shortly before noon
today and later told newspapermen
they had discussed Poland and
Greece, among other problems. He
added, "that no new ground was
broken.” It is understood that the
Anglo-American agreement on Po
lish policy was reached several days
Secretary Stettinius had declared
yesterday that the United States is
continuing to maintain relations
with the Polish government-in-exile.
Lord Halifax said one of the
problems that he discussed with Mr.
Stettinius was that of increasing the
flow of infoimation on current prob
lems between the United States,
Great Britain and Russia.
Asked if the advisory commission
in London might function as a clear
ing house for information, the Am
bassador admitted the possibility but
said there were no concrete plans
toward that end.
Asked if he had anv late infor
mation on the projected meeting
of Foreign Secretaries Anthony
Eden, Stettinius and Molotov, the
Ambassador said he was not aware
of any official plans. Mr. Eden said
in Commons recently that he was
hopeful such a meeting could be
held and added that he thought
conferences \bf this kind would be
useful frequently.
At his press conference today. Mr.
Stettinius was questioned regarding
a New York Times newspaper re
port from Cairo saying that the
American Government had drafted
plans providing for a postwar Aus
tria with vastly enlarged territory-,
including the Bolzano area which
was awarded to Italys after the
World War.
The Secretary answered that the
State Department had been making1
certain territorial studies which
were being revised from time to
time, and that they should not be
considered by any means as final.
Ecuador Imports Hides
Duty-free importation of a limited
number of raw cowhides by seven
tanneries has been authorized by the
government of Ecuador in order to
meet diminishing production.
BILLFOLD, initials ERF. containing money, ,
operator * permit and other cards: reward.
TR *274.1._3*_ ;
BILLFOLD, black leather. Sunday night
on Navy Yard car. lUth and Pa.: contained;
5iO. cards Reward. RE. 7500. Ext. 613*7
BRACELETTcoin keepsake, handmade. Jan
1. while riding with two gentlemen, from
Slaters lane to 14th and C sis., or on street j
In District. Call Republic 414*’. Branch
5163. or Temple 6900, Branch 11. after t
6 30 p m _ ___
BRACELET, white igold link, with 2 sap
phires and 1 diamond * Reward. Call
MRS KOEHLER. SH. :!»46._
BULLDOG, male, white with bnndle spots:
rhild's pet reward. Decatur 5363 or Re
public 2£19._ __ j
CAPE, small, black, knitted. L-2 bus or
Potomac Park streetcar. Reward. NO1
2445 after «_o m___ I
CAT. tortoise shell, wearing tan collar and
small bell, in vie of 32nd and Rittenhouse
s is n.w. EM. 2658. Rew ard.
COCKER SPANIEL, black, female, lost in
viemitv of Indian Spring Country Club.
Reward SH. 3149.____
COCKER SPANIEL, black, male. R months
old: Chevy Chase Circle neiahborhooc.:
liberal rew ard. Phone WI. 2597._
DOG. small brown male, very short tail,
vie. 1 Rth and P sts. n.w.: wearing dark
blue and red blanket and harness: reward.
Call MI. 2005._
EARRING, sold, shaped like a wedding
band. 14-karat gold, sentimental value.
GE 027 L_
EARRING, two-tone gold, wing shape: at
Apex Theater or on bus Monday night
Reward NA. S2R8.__
EARRING, small amethyst gold setting,
in cab from New Hampshire ave. to 2701
Conn, ave . Wed . Dec. 27. Generous
reward. Call CO. 9575. _
EARRING, gold, with Pink enameled flow
ers and green stones, Dec 28- in or near
Westchester Apt. Reward._WO.JlOOS._
EARRING, black, diamond pendant, be
tween Chevy Chase Club and Chevy Chase
Circle, night of Jan. 31. Reward. North
ENGLISH SETTER, black and white. biacx
face: answers to "Rip": vicinity Wesley
Heights: e wa nL_Call_WO. 7010._
EVENING BAG. white and gold beaded
lost at Arlington Army Navy Country Club
New Year Eve: contents of sentimental
value to owner. Call TA. 7794 after 0
p w Reward._ _
FRATERNITY KEY. American College of
Physicians, engraved "J. A. M . 1934.
Phone RA. 498o alter 0:30._
GLASSES, one pair, horn-rim. bi-focals.
Dec. 31. 10th st. n e. between Kearney and
Lawrence. Call DU. 1070.___
GOLD-PIN. with white stones, lost be
ween 4 and 6 Sat.: sentimental value,
liberal reward. Call MI. 1 058.
GOLD PIN. initialed on back A. A. B":
lost between lflih and Euclid and Sheridan
n.w._ Reward. Call RA. ROOK._
HANDBAG, leather. Navy. Friday, Dec 22.
between 11 and 11:30 P m . on 14th and
Decatur streets car. For reward. RE.
3174 or NA. 7000._ 4*
HOUSE SLIPPER, brown, on C-4 bus Salur
riay. LI. 7380.____j
NECKPIECE, kolinsky 0 skins. December
73, 1044. vicinity 12th and F sis. n.w.:
reward._ Box_47-Yj_Star^_•_ :
PIN. sterling sliver. Conn, ave . Saturday
evening, Dec. 30. Reward. Call CO. 5605
PIPE. ‘•Weber." in taxicab en route to
Commerce Bldg.. Tuesday. Reward Please
call M. R. PETERSON. EX. 3340. Ext.
770. daytime^__._
Fl'KSt, Drown sueae. coni, money, ration
hooks, crystal rosary, gift o( serviceman:
vie. Soring Gardens Apts., Sil. Spring or
inn block S. Fairfax st.. Alex. Va.: lib
eral reward. Return to MRS. MARY
BAKER IV, S Fairfax. Alex.. Va.. or
MRS. E. SIEBER. 8009 Eastern ave.. Apt.
•:0V Sll. Spring. Md. No phone._*
SUIT CASE, left in Diamond cab. from
Union Station to 1669 Col. rd. n.w., Dec.
31 si. about 6:30 p.m. Reward. CO. 8642.]
SUITCASETostTcorner 14th and Columbia
rd Sunday 9 P.m.: reward. Return to
14 01 Columbia rd. NO, 7910. DE. 6399
UMBRELLA, blue, folding, silk; left in
taxi between 13th and H n.w. and Raleigh
Hotel. Reward. DI. 3879._
WALLET, black, containing small sum of
money, gas ration coupon "A" and a pay
check; reward. NO. 1324.
WALLET black, contains So and sailor's
picture, Sun., vie. Lafayette Sq. or on Lin
coln Park car; reward. DI. 8069.
WALLET, black, containing identification.
S. S. working permit, driver's permit. Re
ward. TA. 6544._
name ol George, white with little brown,
in vicinity of N st. n.w. AD. 4822. Reward.
WRIST WATCH, yellow gold, 4 diamonds.
Gotham, on Fri.. Dec. 29. reward M. Mc
ARTIS. 1209 T st. n.w., MI. 4516,
WRIST WATCH, man’s Bulova. leather
strap, lost in vicinity of Hyattsville Hot
Shoppe: reward. WA. 7117.
WRIST WATCH, lady’s, white gold, small
Hamilton. 14 small diamonds Reward.
MOSS. NO. 3823.___4•_
WRIST WATCH, lady's Longine. vie. Palace
Theater or 11th and G sts. n.w. Monday
afternoon: reward. CH, 1997,_
WRIST WATCH, lady's Belmar. set with
diamonds: lost between 10th and 6th sts.
on or near D st. n.w. Reward. Oliver
3292. 2*
WRIST WATCH7 lady’s-14-k. white gold
Concord, with 2 c,iemonds: case No. 7324,
Galt's number No 2531. Finder call DU.
8384 eves, or DI. 5700. Ext. 632. days.
WRIST WATCH, waterproof, lady’s, lost
Thursday evening, probably in Mayflower
Hotel. Reward. Phone NO. 1707.
lost ration coupon^
MITCHELL. Silver Spring. Md . Route 2.
INNIS. 3124 Georgia ave. 3«
NAVY YARD PASS. “A” and "C” gas r«^
tion stamps In container, vicinity 8th and
M sts s.e. WA 7538, 4005 Rittenhouse
it.. Rlverdale. Md.
With and Catherine A. Smith. 1822 T at.
•.w., Apt. 6. Return to address. ft*
VICTORY HAS ITS PRICE—Vehicles of the 4th Armored Division move forward past bodies
of Americans on the road near Chaumont, Luxembourg. These men fell in the effort to relieve
German pressure on Bastogne. Note wrecked jeep and clothing in tree.—Signal Corps Radiophoto.
Nazis' Newest Trick,
'Fire Balls,' Follow
Or Precede Planes
By the Associated Pres*.
FIGHTER BASE, Fiance. Jan. 2 —
American fighter pilots engaged in
flying night intruder missions over
Germany report the Nazis have
come up with a new "secret weapon”'■
—mysterious "balls of fire" which
race along beside their planes for
miles like will-o’-the-wisps.
Yank pilots have dubbed them
"foo fighters,’’ and at first thought
they might explode, but so far there
is no indication that any planes
have been damaged by them.
Some pilots have expressed belief
that the "foo fighter" was designed
strictly as a psychological weapon.
Intelligence reports seem to indicate
it is radio-controlled from the
ground and can keep pace with
planes flying 300 miles per hour.
Lt. Donald Meiers, Chicago, said
there are three types of "foo
fighters"—red balls of fire that fly
along at wing tip; a vertical row
of three balls of fire which fly in
front of the planes, and a group of
about 15 lights which follow the
plane at a distance, flickering on
and off.
"A ’foo-fighter’ picked me up re
cently at 700 feet and chased me
20 miles down the Rhine Valley," j
Lt. Meiers said. "I turned to star
board and two balls of fire turned
with me. I turned to the port side
and they turned with me. We were
going 260 miles an hour and the
balls were keeping right up with us.
"On another occasion w'hen a foo
fighter’ picked us up. I dove at 360
miles per hour. It kept right off
oqr wing tips for awhile and then,
zoomed up into the sky.
"When I first saw the things off
my wing tips I had the horrible
thought that a German on the!
ground was ready to press a button
and explode them. But they don’t
explode or attack us. They just
seem to follow us like will-o’-the
Western Front
(Continued From First Page.!
west bank of the Saar between
Saarbrucken and Sarreguemines.
Some 3d Army defense outposts
were pushed back around Saar
i The German communique said
more than 1,000 tanks had been
deslioyed or captured in the
bulge during the Nazi offensive,
48 of them yesterday. The 3d
Army was declared attacking in
great strength north of Bastogne
toward the road center of Houf
falize. sustaining heavy losses
without achieving a break
through. Further German gains
were claimed along the Saar and
the northeast border of Lor
I wo i ounierauacKS nepuisea.
Supreme headquarters said today
that two German counterattacks
were repulsed in the area of Champs.
3 miles northwest of Bastogne. and
near Viller-la-Bonne-Eua, 5 miles
The Germans still were throwing
most of their strength into the Bel
gian bulge. They were bracing the
hard defensive line St. Hubert-Wiltz
and persisting in counterattacks
around Bastogne.
The next moves in the gigantic
test of men, strategy and machines
were not yet apparent. It was plain,1
however, that Von Rundstedt has
been badly hurt by sustained and
heavy Allied air attacks which went
into their 11th day today.
The whole front from Linnich to
Stavelot at the north-central part J
of the bulge saw little activity yes- !
terday. American flak guns de
stroyed 17 strafing planes in the
Allied artillery beat off German
self-propelled guns which the enemy
ferried across the Maas in darkness
north of Kapelle in Northwest Hol
Canadians Repulse Patrols.
Canadian guns threw back two
German patrols which also slipped
across the river. Elsewhere the
British and Canadian sectors were
quiet, just as for the last six weeks.
East of Bastogne, there was heavy
infantry fighting for a chain of hills
along the south bank of the Wiltz
River. Third Army gains were meas
ured in hundreds of yards.
Gen. Eisenhower's communique
said the Americans “made small
gains in the Saarlautern bridge
head.” This was the first account
of any attacks initiated along the
Saar by the Americans since Von
Rundstedt s December offensive
broke up the Allied drive for the
It did not appear that this signaled
a renewal of the offensive, however.
The best information indicated that
any advances were intended merely
to secure more favorable positions in
minor adjustments of the line.
Questioned about a German asser
tion that the 106th Infantry Division
had been wiped out in the Belgian
bulge battle, suprgne headquarters
made no comment. '
cate American attempts to break up the German salient in
Belgium and Luxembourg on basis of today's reports. The 3d
Army widened its spearhead north of Bastogne and made gains
between Bastogne and Moircy. Approximately 13 miles now
separate the 3d Army from 1st Army forces, which have cap
tured Grandmenil on the north side of the salient. Shaded
area is German held. —AP Wirephoto.
McAuliffe Was Asleep
When Patton Arrived
To Present Him DSC
Special to The Star and the Chicafo
. Daily News.
DIVISION, Belgium. Jan. 1 i De
layed i.—Brig. Gen. Anthony C. Mc
Auliffe of Washington. D. C., the
commander who gave the reply of
"Nuts” to a German demand to
surrender at Bastogne, received the
Distinguished Service Cross yester
day from Lt. Gen. George S. Patton,
jr., 3d Army commander, in brief
battlefield ceremonies.
Gen. McAuliffe,. who was acting
commander of the 101st Air-borne
Division when he gave the succinct
answer to the Germans, was asleep
when Gen. Patton and his party
drove up in jeeps. Gen. Patton
stepped out, asking for Gen. Mc
Auliffe and Lt. Col. Steve Chappuis,
the skipper of the 502d Paratroop
Regiment, which threw back Jerry's
mightiest counterattack on Christ
mas Day.
As the two stood In battle dress.
FANS! ffj
%JUcltuf4 (tohmt)
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If tho now fponforl
Wl( •* tho guoft tfor!
ly 9:00 WTOP
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start Jan. 8 & 15 • Class
or private lessons • Native
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153* Cona. At*. Mich. J»3T
Gen. Patton pinned the Dis
tinguished Service Crass on their
jackets. There was no formality,
no written record of their feats.
Said Gen. Patton: "No citation is
necessary; your deeds speak for
We still hold Bastogne. but the
fighting has been heavy and des
perate, especially southeast of the
city, ever since the 4th Armored
Division pushed through to con
tact the encircled 101st Division.
Bastogne's now famous 101st
didn't pull out following its rescue.
It asked to star, and it has smacked
the Germans back.
Gen. McAuliffe. born and brought
up in Washington, has a home at
4519 Yuma street N.W. He was
Second Lt. Fred Matzenbacher of Elizabeth, N. J., platoon
leader in an American battalion which was surrounded by Ger
man troops, gulps rations upon return to his own lines in Bel
gium. Men of the battalion blackened their faces and destroyed
all their equipment before filtering through German lines under
cover of darkness. —AP Photo from Signal Corps.
acting commander of the 101st in
the absence of Maj. Gen. Maxwell
D. Taylor, 2320 North Columbia
street, Arlington, who was in Wash
ington, but who left Christmas eve
to fly back to his division.
(Copyright, 1945, Chicago Daily News.) j
• Continued From First Page.)
agencies that their reductions be re
stored in the Senate.
Senator Byrd probably will dis-1
cuss this new- proposal with the new
Maloney-Monroney Joint Commit
tee recently created by the House
and Senate to consider how the op
erating processes of Congress could
be modernized. Before this joint
committee gets down to details, its
authority will have to be renewed
by the Seventy-ninth Congress,
which assembles tomorrow.
This is only one of numerous sug
gestions that are expected to be
presented to the congressional
Proxy Votes in Committee.
Another concerns the practice of
allowing members to vote in com
mittee meetings by proxy.
Under the original Maloney-Mon
roney resolution, that group was
not authorized to recommend
Favorable Rates
Ao Indorsers
1102 New York Ave. N.W.
Greyhound Bus Terminal
RE. 1200
now to take your unusual
treasures like old gold, diamonds, precious
stones down to Shah & Shah. They will
give you a high cash price. Then
resolve to put that money into War Bonds!
Shall & Shah
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Reputable A ppraisers Jewelers and Silversmiths
! n „ 0^ 1// //j 1
= In 1920 Paige introduced a new model known as the f~.
EE 6-42, designed and developed in its own factory. It E
EE was /nounted on a 119-inch wheelbase chassis and in Je
= combination with the 6-55 of 1919 on a 127-inch ||§
— chassis made up the line for 1920. The new Paige was E
EE: a smaller six that embodied a new power plant and a ET
EES single straight-line propeller shaft insteod of the E
= two-piece unit with a universal joint. Twenty-five jE
= years ago, Paige 5-Passenger Touring Cars sold for $1,670 E
• • • 7-Passenger Touring, $2,195 ... at the factory. ?
EE One of the bottles on the homefront is to keep the Notion's
EE wheels turning. How's your car holding up? Arrange by phone EE
=3 with us for a protective checkup. =
} HALEY’S*, i
E 2020 41M" ’General Automotive Service* NAt’l 1900 =
changes in the parliamentary rules
of the House and Senate, but is
expected to delve carefully into thei
procedure of committee work.
Any economy moves considered in
the Seventy-ninth Congress are not
expected to touch items for the!
vigorous prosecution of the war. but
better procedures for handling the
budget in the postwar era are
destined for discussion.
Balloon Found in Oregon
Is Investigated by FBI
By the Associated Press.
PORTLAND, Oreg., Jan. 2—A
a balloon, believed of Japanese
and similar to one found near
■Calispell, Mont., is being investi
jated by FBI agents.
The balloon, lodged In a tree 70
feet above the base, was discovered
yesterday about 10 miles west of
Estacada, Oreg.
The FBI refused to say whether
the balloon was identical to the one
found in Montana, which was of
paper. 33 \2 feet in diameter, and
with a gas capacity of 18,000 cubic
feet. FBI agents said no explosives
were found with the balloon near
One Person in 20 in U. S.
On Governmental Pa>.oll
By the Associated Pres*.
Nearly one person in 20 is on a
governmental payroll in this coun
There are 155.116 separate, active
governmental units in the United
States, the Census Bureau reported
today, with 6.503,000 civilian em
ployes as of October 1.
The total includes 1.306,000 teach
ers. and other school employes.
Half of the total, or 3,335,000, are
on the Federal payroll.
The governmental units are di
vided as follows: Federal Govern
ment. 48 States. 3,050 counties, 18,
919 townships or towns, 16.220 mu
nicipalities, 108,579 school districts
and 8.299 special districts.
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7242 Wisconsin Avo.
Bethesdo, Md.

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