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No More Mosquitoes ...
Back in America, miraculous
DDT may do a home-front
job equal to its battle record
Spring and housecleaning time are coming.
The housewife is stirring. She’s getting
out the rug beater, readying the scrub pail
and thinking how to shove the piano over
where the sofa is now. But in 300,000 South
ern homes this year something new will be
added. It’s DDT. the miraculous insect poi
son which has been doing such a good battle
front job. Many homes in 11 Southern
states will be sprayed — a trial run
against malaria that may become annual
after the war.
Any morning, now, if a Georgia housewife
hears a knock on the door and sees men and
spraying equipment in the yard she probably
won’t be surprised. In fact, she’ll say, “Good
morning. You're the ones I’m expecting?”
“That’s right, ma’am. We’re here to spray
DDT. It’ll take only half an hour.”
Malaria Sarioua Problem
' 'Come right in, then — but don’t you spot
my furniture!” She needn’t worry.
In some 100 counties of the South, malaria
is a particularly serious problem. Authorities
are combatting any possibility that this
insect-borne disease will sweep that area.
The Public Health Service, Army, WPB and
other agencies have scraped up enough DDT,
although it’s not generally available to civil
Insect pests will get no quarter when this crew sprays homes
ians, tb protect every home. Spraying will be
done between March and June.
The initials DDT stand for a mouthful
of chemical terms: dichloro-diphenyl-trichlo
roethane. When used properly it kills many
of our enemy insects, household pests — es
pecially the mosquitoes and fleas which spread
malaria and typhus fever.
Here’s how the anti-mosquito campaign in
the South is organized. Already the necessary
100 tons of DDT powder have been gathered.
One thousand men have been trained as
spraying crews. They’ll soon be invading
that malarial zone in 400 mobile units —
including converted jeeps and gun carriers.
Crews will cover household goods with tar
paulins, stow away dishes and raw foods.
Walls and ceilings, kitchens and pantries
then can safely be sprayed with DDT. It
wipes off windows easily. It leaves no mark
on curtains, mattresses and other tex
tile furnishings. In fact, mattresses can
be left on the beds and sprayed to kill
any bothersome insects.
Sprayed under pressure 18 inches from the
wall surfaces, DDT penetrates the finest
crevices. There it dries and leaves, tiny crys
tals. When insects come in contact with these
crystals their nervous systems are destroyed
and they soon die.
An amazingly small amount of DDT goes
a long way. Furthermore, its toxic effects
last a long time. A good spraying in these
Southern homes now will last all summer and
far into next winter.
Already DDT has successfully waged bat
tle for our armed services against those two
wartime diseases: typhus fever and malaria.
It stopped a disastrous epidemic of typhus in
Italy, and now there is enough DDT louse
powder to prevent an epidemic among the
liberated peoples of Europe.
* In jungle areas, DDT is sprayed on tent
walls and used in an oil mixture to kill mos
quito larvae in water.
Many agricultural uses have been found for
DDT. It is effective against codling moths,
cabbage worms, Jap beetles, flies and ants.
Its chemical potentialities have only been
scratched. Much research must be done, how
ever, before DDT can be used extensively in
agriculture. Although it kills harmful insects,
it may also kill some beneficial ones, and upset
a natural balance.
Experts have found that, under proper
conditions, it is no more harmful to human
beings than other common insecticides. When
used as a louse-powder it can safely touch the
skin; when diluted properly as a spray it can
be inhaled without harmful effects.
Public health officials believe DDT will
become one of the foremost health aids to
human beings after the war. Housewives
probably will get DDT sprays for their own
use. DDT even may be mixed with wall
paints some day to provide a perpetual death
trap for insect house pests.
The TH^^Cladiron
irons shirts so amazingly because
~~ the patented roller was huilt for sleeves
Just slip the shirt sleeve right
over the Gladiron roll—and four min
utes later you’ve finished the shirt —
faster and easier than you ever
dreamed ironing could he.
Iron children’s clothes or slacks
just as simply—and iron flatwork as
fast as you can guide it through. You
can steam velvets—press trousers—
freshen ties—and iron delicate laces
and doilies-all without strain or effort.
The Thor Gladiron is the won
derful iron that stands while you sit
down. It takes the backache out of
ironing day. No hours of standing
when you have a Gladiron, no press
ing down, no heat in your face.
*Ask your Thor Dealer to let you
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Electric Household Utilities Corp.
54th Avenue and Cermak Koad, Chicago 50. III.
c om.
c. m. u. co«*.

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