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j Villi Our Show Room at
S7X1 New Hampshire Are. N.W.
Excellent Opportunity
for young nun between ages
of 21 and 25 recently out of
business school or college.
The right young man will have
a real future in this business.
If more interested in imme
diate salary than future pos
sibilities do not apply. Ad
dress Box 249-R—Star Office.
Electric Fans
We have a limited amount of
A.C. Electric fans. Sizes 17"
and up. Be sure to get yours
before the hot spell arrives.
A deposit will hold your fan for
30 days.
All Fans at 0. P. A. Calling
Also kitchen exhaust fans and
large exhaust fans, blowers
and a few tall pedestal fans.
No C. O. D. or Deliveriei
Oven Daily mil Sunday
10 A.M. to 6 P.M.
4404 Ga. Ave. N.W. RA. 0792
One Goat Covers
Most Surfaces
The original oil emnliion wall
paint. Ideal for living rooms,
dining rooms, bedrooms — or
wherever a rich, suede-like fin.
ish is desired. One mat covers
most surfaces including wall,
paper. Easily cleaned. Durable.
Easily applied. Dries in 30
The Modern
Lumber Yard
Check of Fingerprints
By FBI Links Student
To Degnan Killing
By Ihe Associated Press
CHICAGO, June 29.—The Federal
Bureau of Investigation, State's At
torney William J. Tuohv said to
night, had found “identical” the
fingerprints of 17-year-old William
Heirens and a print found on the
Suzanne Degnan kidnap note.
Previous to the FBI report, con
firming conclusions reached by the
Chicago police bureau of identifi
cation, Mr. Tuohy had stated:
“At the present moment I am
satisfied that Heirens is the man,
but, as the matter stands now, I
have not yet deduced sufficient evi
dence to prove him guilty beyond
all reasonable doubt.”
Meanwhile the husky University
of Chicago student lay strapped in
his bed at Bridewell Prison hospital
in what officials termed a “shammed
delirium,” refusing to answer or
acknowledge questions put to him
by police or his parents.
Parents Get Counsel.
His mother, on advice of attor
neys she and the father had pro
cured, told him “refuse to answer
any questions,” but the youth
showed no emotion, or indicated
that he had heard her.
One of the youth’s attorneys,
John P. Coghlan, told reporters
that “our position is that there are
only suspicious circumstances”
against Heirens.
Mr. Tuohy said his investigation
had produced these findings:
1— 'That “points of similarity” had
been established between the print
of Heirens’ left little finger and a
fingerprint on the $20,000 Degan
ransom note and that veteran
fingerprint experts wei'e “convinced”
on this basis that the same man
made the two prints.
2— “That X-ray examinations
showed Heirens did not suffer a
skull fracture when a policeman
struck him on the head with a
flower pot when he resisted capture.
3. That police had established
Heirens’ fingerprints corresponded
with those found last October 5 in
the South Side apartment of Lt.
Evelyn Peterson, 26-year-old Army
nurse who was bound and assaulted
by an intruder, and that Heirens
has been “definitely linked” with
several Chicago burglaries, some in
the neighborhood of the Degnan
Medical Kit Discovered.
4. That a medical kit containing
surgical instruments, including a de
tachable surgical knife and detach
able surgical saw, were found in his
dormitory room and that a two
bladed fisherman's knife was found
between his mattress and the side
of the bed.
5. That among the stolen property
found in Heirens’ room were sou
venirs sent home by a serviceman
from Germany and burglarized from
an apartment which overlooks the
Degnan home on Kenmore avenue
several days before the kidnaping.
6. That University of Chicago rec
cords showed that Heirens was
marked absent from his 9 a.m. class
January 7. He had an 8 a.m. class
for which no attendance records
were kept and was marked present
at a 10 a.m. class.
Friends of Heirens said he was
on the university’s junior wrestling
team, had "dates” about twice a
week and had been taking dancing
AFTER 36 YEARS’ FIRE SERVICE—Capt. William Trent, cen
ter, got the bulb from one old friend and the lamp from an
other yesterday at a retirement party for him at No. 22 engine
house: Bearing gifts are Acting Chief L. E. Price of the Fourth
Battalion, right, with the bulb, and Capt. William C. Rees of
No. 22 Engine Co. with the lamp. Capt. Trent, retiring from No.
11 Truck Co., has been with the District Fire Department since
September, 1909. His home is at 1347 Park road N.W.
__ ___ —Star Staff Photo.
lessons recently. He read consid
erably, preferring the literary clas
sics and philosophy, and enjoyed
both popular and classical music.
The six-year-old Degnan girl was
lidnaped and killed January 7 in a
manner that shocked the Nation.
Residents throughout the city were
frightened and the Degnan neigh
oorhood was gripped by something
skin to sheer terror.
The kidnaper left a note demand
ing $20,000 ransom but police found
parts of the little girl’s dismem
bered body in neighborhood sewers
the same night.
Hidden Words Link Heiress
To Degnan Ransom Note
Special Dispatch to The Star
CHICAGO, June 29.—State’s at
torney William J. Tuohy said today
that there are startling connections
between William Heirens and the
hidden writing discovered on the
Degnan ransom note by the Chicago
Daily News.
“Among the tracings on the kid
nap note were the letters ‘eire,’ the
four middle letters of Heirens’
name,” Mr. Tuohy said.
"The name ‘Pera’ appears three
times. Heirens was caught burglar
izing the home of Leonard E. Pera.
"This is sufficient to convince us
that every name on Frank San
Hamel’s hidden writing list has
some connection with Heiren’s rec
Frank San Hamel, a Chicago
Daily News artist, found the hid
den writing in a close examina
tion of the Degnan ransom note
and the newspaper turned his
findings over to investigating
"He will be questioned on all the
Sn a
I Choose your diamond here with
full faith in the quality we offer,
confident of utmost value.
Arthur Market
940 F St. N.W.
If You Do Yot See This Card In Your OffiV
DRY CLEAYER9S Window or On His Counters • • •
Phone Us for Information,
Prices3 Pick-up, Delivery
Apologies to Housewives
You may be one of many who have
received busy signals when trying to
contact our switchboard. If so, we are
sorry and ask your indulgence. Won’t
you call again?
Neighborhood Dry Cleaners
Logically .. . your neighborhood custom
ers should be served by you—not by us.
It is likewise logical that you should be
one of the agencies we are appointing
daily. A phone call will bring representa
tive, with full particulars.
# |
name* discovered by San Hamel,”
Mr. Tuohy said.
The hidden writing consists of
impressions on the kidnap note
that were made by a person writing
on a sheet or sheet* above the note
when it was part of a writing pad.
The impressions were brought out
after weeks of painstaking work by
Mr. San Hamel, working with the
police and other Daily News staff
(Copyright, 1946. Chicago Dally News)
600 Veterans Training
For Pilot Permits Here
Nearly 600 veterans of the Wash
ington area are training for civilian
pilot licenses under the GI Bill
of Rights, the regional office of the
Veterans’ Administration revealed
The aspiring pilots, about 90 per
cent of whom served in the air
arms of the services, have been
enrolled at VA-approved flight
training schools maintained by
Congressional Airport on the Rock
ville road in Montgomery County,
Md.; BrinkerhofT Flying Service,
College Park, Md.; Ashburn Flying
Service, Alexandria, Va., and Hyde
Field, Clinton, Md.
Among the trainees is an engineer
and research specialist in airport
lighting systems who wants a li
cense in order to fly his own test1
flights for his lighting devices.
Other veterans, former pilots In the
service, are trying to qualify as
pilots of a commercial airline.
Instructors assigned for the
Washington area are Miss Minnie
Chalfin, a former WAVE lieutenant,
and Charles H. Magee, ex-Army
pilot. Miss Chalfln holds a private
flying license.
Doctors Elect Gen. Marietta
MaJ. Gen. S. U. Marietta, former
commanding officer of Walter Reed
Hospital, last night was elected
president of the American College
of Chest Physicians, Murray Korn
feld, executive secretary of the
organization, reported from San
"K»mp Rollin’ with Nolan”
Favorable Rates
| No Indorsers
1102 Now York Avo. N.W.
Greyhound Bos Terminal
RE. 1200
_Open Till 0:30 P.M._
: Camara Clicks V|V |! I * m jH ■ I nul
Think of MnkgMHr-^
SB*. Hicks! IlMjMllyMfj
_ dealers J!
For Nearest Hicks Photo Finishers Dealer Phone. Michigan 2050
^20 V«MONT^|VE, ^ D^k*
300,000 Line Streets
For Funeral of Rios
By th« Associated Press
SANTIAGO, Chile, June 29.—Ap
proximately 300,000 persons lined
Santiago streets today as the body
of President Juan Antonio Rios was
borne to its resting place in a mili
tary pantheon.
Vice President Alfredo Duhalde
is expected to announce next week
a date for an election to name the
successor to Rios, who died Thurs
day after a long illness.
We Deliver Within the City Limiti
Three-Way Plan of Buying—
1. Pay .Cash 2. Lay-away 3. Budget Plan
These Custom Made Sheer
Rayon Marquisette Curtains
Solves your window problem
5 Different Lengths
S3.M $5.95 PoIr
These curtains are 86 inches wide to the pair. Have
1-inch side hems and 5-inch wide tailored bottom hem
in rich eggshell color. De Luxe quality rayon Marqui
sette, will give long wear after many tubbings. 54” 3.98
63” 4.49, 72” 4.95, 81 ” 5.49 and 90 inches long 5.95.
Made of good grade chenille in rich pastel shades, QE
full and twin bed sires_Special *0*'*
If you need a small building fast, that is low in cost and
has the permanence of steel construction, you will find
the “Quonset 20” perfect for almost any purpose.
Easily adapted to office, production, storage or other uses,
it has a clear-span interior that permit's any desired inte
rior arrangement. Interior walls and insulation are easily
accommodated, if needed.
Width is 20 feet; length as desired, in 12-foot extensions.
Stran-Steel framing goes up fast. Joists and studs have
a patented nailing groove; steel siding and covering
are nailed directly to the steel framework, and gripped
securely. All-steel construction is fire-safe, wind- and
weather-safe, and proof against sagging, warping, rotting,
and the destructive action of termites.
Let us give you complete information about prices, struc
tural details and possible uses.
"SMMt” Mttap an prtfwts « inat lakat Staal Ctrparitm, a aatt af Nattaaai StaaI Catparattaa
40 feet wide; length as desired, ia
20-foot extensions. 12-x-12-foot
roller doors, four windows and
ventilating louvers in end-section.
Supplied in any desired dimen*
sions, with extensions of 20 feet in
length and 20 feet 6 inches in width.
.Useful for any industrial purpose.
4 "QUONSET 24"
imsmin imuim sired, in extensions of 12 feet,
• DISTRICT 0787—-0788 • Quonset 20 and 24's
WASHINGTON, D. C. Immediately Available
h ! *

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