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Boy Meets Horse,
Name of ‘Smoky,* •
At the Capitol
By John W. Stepp '
■ SMOKY.” • 20th Century-Pox picture
with Pred MacMurray and Anne Baxter,
Ereduced by Robert Bassler. directed bv
oula King, acreenplay by Lillie Hayward.
Dwight Cuinmlngr and Dorothy Yo*t. baseo
en the novel by Will James. At the Capitol
The Cast.
CUpt Barkley- Pred MacMurray
Jail*-'_Anne Baxter
Bill - Burl Ivef
Prank---Bruce Cabot
Gram-Esther Dale
Jen_ — Roy Roberts
Jim_J. Farrell MacDonald
Bart -Max Wagnei
Sheriff- Guy Beach
a Nelson_Howard Negley
Peters_ Bud Oeary
Bud -.Harry Carter
Sorubby_:_ Bob Adier
Junk Man _ Victor Kllian
Livery Stable Proprietor -Herbert Heywood
“Smoky” is a horse, as the local
kiddies obviously divined well in
advance of the opening yesterday
of the film of that name at the
Capitol Theater. Moppetry turned
out in force for the morning show
ing, at any rate.’ They were de
lighted by the horse, and to all
appearances, by Fred MacMurray,
Anne Baxter and the Technicolor
as well.
From the purely technical stand
point of color values all principals
show up well against the backdrop
of Southern California sierras.
Prodding about the sagebrush in
search of acting accomplishments,
however, one cannot fail to conclude
that Smoky, the horse, not only
has the most strenuous assignment,
but, what’s more, brings it off with
He is a lovely thing to look at,
and an animal of keen intelligence.
When Smoky is not on the screen—
or Burl Ives is not engaged in
singing some of his priceless West
ern chanties—the spectator’s in
terest is likely to wander to the
day’s unfinished shopping.
A seal-brown stallion born of
wild but felicitous parents. Smoky,
so the story goes, possesses a pleas
ing disposition. His claverness and
love of freedom, it is true, make
him elusive quarry when the average
cow-puncher tries to punch him.
But you know he will remain free
only until the right man comes
along. Fred MacMurray, who else?
The love which blossoms between
man ana norse proves oi a sort
which not even a handsome girl in
dude costume can interrupt. Not
that Miss Baxter, an understanding
person, tries to interlope. She seems
willing to be patient until Mr. Mac
Murray’s eyes tire of doting on
horseflesh exclusively, and focus on
the girl who is more than mere
ranch owner.
Smoky meanwhile suffers 111.
MacMurray’s screen brother (Bruce
Cabot) intrudes at one point, and
he is a mean cuss given to lashing
spirited equines like Smoky. The
horse, however, eventually does a
hard shoe routine on Mr. Cabot, and
from there goes wild again, is cap
tured by other people to be worn to
the withers as a rodeo mount, and
finally winds up on a junk heap.
Mr. MacMurray searches dili
gently for his equine love, and at
length salvages Smoky from his
swaybacked fate. As the last
Technicolor pigment dissolves Cow
puncher MacMurray is leaning
against the old corral gate as Miss
Baxter sidles closer and Smoky
goes bridling off to pasture, every
one pleased as punchers.
* * * *
Johnny Desmond, who used to
sing with the late Glenn Miller’s
AAP Band in Europe, headlines a
competent but undistinguished
stage show. Mr. Desmond croons
gentle, morose ballads of the day.
The three Colstons—two men and a
Rirl—execute soft shoe acrobatic
numbers, and Tony Lavelli plays
popular tunes on an accordion.
Milton Douglas is master of cere
monies, and as such riffles through
a rather standard collection of OPA,
food shortage and living cost jokes.
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known as "The Billion Dollar Baby.”
$150,000 was paid for the play.
The Bob Hopes are adopting a
new little girl and are calling her
Norah Avis after Bob's grandmother
and Mrs. Hope's mother. ... Joe
Mankiewicz and his wife, Rose
Stradner, are off to New York and
Rose is shopping for a play to do
on Broadway. Joe's next assign
ment is directing "The Ghost and
Mrs. Muir” with Rex Harrison and
Gene Tierney. .. . Red Skelton, who
owns three apartment houses, is a
good landlord. He's repainting
them outside and redecorating them
inside at a cost of $40,000.
(Released by North American Newspaper
Melodramatic Film
At the Metropolitan
Bros. Picture with Helmut Dantine and
Andrea King, produced by William Jacobs,
directed by Joseph Santley. screen play
by Whitman Chambers and C. Graham
Baker Irom a novel by Virginia Perdue.
At the Metropolitan.
Dr Eric Ryder_Helmut Dantine
Brook _ Andrea King
David MacKellar_William Prince
Carl _ John Alvin
Genevieve Calvin_Becky Brown
Joe _ - Dick Erdman
Mrs. Louise Ryder_Peggy Knudsen
Johnnie _Don McGuire
Emma _ Lisa Golm
Philip Ryder _Larry Geiger
Dr Nelson Norris_Paul Stanton
Police Lieutenant_ . Monte Blue
Freeman _,_Jack Smart
Mrs Calvin _ Leah Baird
Sarah - Lottie Williams
There Is something the movie
makers ought to know. They ought
to, but apparently some of them
still do not know that it usually is
impossible to summon forth the
quality of suspense in a motion pic
ture when the flashback technique
is employed. When a girl sits down
to explain her husband’s death to a
detective in the opening sequences,
you never are overly concerned
throughout the following account of
her adventures with the fear any
harm will come to her, because she
quite obviously has come through it
all in one piece. Well, "Shadow of a
Woman,” the new film at the Metro
politan, gets underway with a dis
traught girl played by Andrea King
tellin ga detective chief the story of
her life with a late Dr. Eric Ryder,
who has just fallen or been pushed
from a balcony at his Nob Hill
home. No one, it develops, will miss
the doctor very much, inasmuch as
he has been a quack, healing by
hypnotism and carrot diets, and a
cad who was deliberately starving
his son to death while preventing
his first wife from taking the lad.
F- =
But. the detective had to jet nosy
and ask the second Mrs. Ryder for
her story, and it carhe out "Shadow
of a Woman."
The story is that that this girl
named Brook (Andrea King) met
the doctor while recovering from a
near-nervous breakdown, married
him within the week, had several
sinister experiences before she dis
covered that he was a phoney, a cad.
a murderer, then concluded that she
no longer cared for him wdth her
recent enthusiasm. If you sit there
throughout the telling, gnawing
your fingernails in fear that they'll
hang the rap on Brook, you will en
joy "Shadow of a Woman" very
much, because you could not feel
that way unless this was the first
movie you ever saw, and that ought
to fascinate you. The principal
players, in addition to Miss King,
who disturbingly resembles Evelyn
Knight, are Helmut Dantine, who
manages to make himself thorough
ly disliked, and William Prince, an
agreeable young man you should be
seeing more of in the future.—H.M.
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