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Wovued about
I any member of your family is one of those unfortunates whom alcohol
is depriving of health and opportunity, remember this: Drunkenness is
a disease and as such is subject to control. The McTaggart System functions
on this basis. Its pure vegetable liquids destroy totally the taste or craving
for alcohol and free a person from all need or desire for this stimulant.
In fact they create an antipathy to it. The nervous, digestive and circu
latory systems are naturally benefited. No hospitalization of any kind is
needed. This is strictly a
It does not interfere in any way with daily business or social routine. Effects are
noticeable within a few days. While it is eliminating the alcohol from the svstem
it is supplying a substitute which is temporarily needed, but this substitute is a purely
vegetable tincture and is non-narcotic. Therefore stimulants are discontinued without
■nv inconvenience. With the craving for alcohol gone, no will power is required for
continuous abstinence from drink. The cost is very moderate and is covered many
times over by the financial savings effected. Write "for literature.
IMPORTANT—Dr. McTaggart's
System has a 40-year record of
accomplishment. It is sold with
the distinct understanding that if
at the end of the prescribed
period results are not entirely
satisfactory its purchase price
will be promptly refunded.
McTAGGART SUPPLY CO.f 1011 Woodword Avt.
Without obligation. send me your booklet on
the McTaggart System in a plain envelope.
Chest Illustrated
Those wonderful, tested aroma-tight Red
Cedar Chests by LANE, with patented
automatic tray. Beautifully designed and
perfect protection for your fine things.
Also other fine chests in Maple, Mahogany and Walnut.
Use Our Convenient Budget Plan
STORE HOl'RS: Mon. and Sat., 9..TO to 9; Tuos. throurh Frt., 9:30 to 6.
FREE PARKING; At rear of Store on Potomac St.
COM? 7252
#. Sd,. «’*•> ^
3.0* & ,,
BRl ■
sr X
Of *
Yes, it's yours for the asking . . . this hand
some plastic-bound book that outlines wed
ding etiquette and procedure . . . sound
budgeting advice . . . suggestions for your
personal and household trousseaux.
Bridal Bureau, Third Floor, The Hecht Co.
Papertroopers Ready
To Resume Collecting
For Hospital Fund
Washington’s Papertroopers, re
turning to school tomorrow, will
make plans to pick up some unfin
ished work left over from last school
year, including the completion of
funds for the "adopted” European
war orphans and for the establish
ment of a Papertroopers' Ward in
the protected addition to Children's
Nearly 40 schools “adopted" war
orphans, and many of the schools
still have some part of the $180
which each pledged to raise. About
$1,500 is still needed to complete
the fund for the Children's Hos
pital W’ard.
High Tribute Paid.
A high tribute was paid to the
Papertroopers by Robert Yaller, di
rector of the Foster Parents’ Plan
for War Children, through which the
Papertroopers "adopted'’ the or
phans. In a letter to The Star, Mr.
Yaller declared:
"The school children of Washing
ton. by their unselfish efforts and
by their diligent collection of waste
paper. have earned for themselves
the gratitude of the innocent chil
dren overseas. The Papertroopers
are waging war against hunger by
bringing in 14 tons of wastepaper.
As a result of their efforts a child
receives food, clothing and shelter,
but more than that our Paper
troopers are forging a bond be
tween themselves and the future
citizens of Europe.
“The children of Europe have had
an opportunity to meet and love the
American servicemen and 'women
;Now they are meeting, through the
Foster Parents' Plan for War Chil
dren and the Papertroopers of Wash
ington, the younger brothers and
j sisters of the American armed
| forces, and they are learning to love
land respect them as well. The
letters, drawings and compositions
sent from the children overseas, and
the similar items from the American
children, have forged a bond that
nothing can ever destroy.”
Have Added Incentive.
With greater supplies of radios,
radio-phonographs and other equip
ment needed in the schools now- on
the market, the Papertroopers will
have added incentive to collect this
year. Individually, the Papertroop
ers will start where they left off
in acquiring merit ribbons, their
rank being cumulative. However,
all schools will start from zero in
running up this year's records.
Collections will not begin until
next week, and as rapidly as schools
|notify The Star of their intention
| to resume, they will be added to
the schedules. Many have already
enlisted for another year.
As the schools start, they have
to their credit a total of more than
25.000,000 pounds for which the
PTA and Home and School Asso
ciations have recieved well over
French Tax Loss in Millions
As Strike Opens Borders
By the Associated Press
PARIS, Sept. 21.—A strike of more
than 100,000 customs officials and
employes of the Ministry of Finance
for higher pay has left the French
borders virtually open to imports
without payment of duty for the
past 24 hours.
The strike was said to be cost
ing the French treasury millions of
I Reports from the Belgian, Swiss,
Italian and Spanish frontiers said
that endless columns of Frenchmen
were passing hurriedly into the
| neighboring countries to acquire
!food, tobacco, silk and other com
modities which in normal times are
!subject to heavy customs duties.
Imperia Jacobmi
Gees Bloemraad
(The Netherlands).
Marie Machiels
“ADOPTED" BY PAPERTROOPERS—Three of the European
orphans who have been “adopted" by the Papertroopers of
Washington’s schools. Gees was “adopted” by the Emery
Eckington School, Imperia by Park View and Marie by Benning.
Present Sugar Rations
To Continue Until 1947
By the Associated Press
The Agriculture Department said
yesterday present sugar rations will
continue at least through 1946 and
any significant increases are not
likely until next year's crops start
moving to market in volume.
The size of the increases in ra
tions then, if any, will depend on
the size of the new crops.
The department said it expects
production next year to increase.
But it added that sugar require
ments for consumption and for stock
replenishment are expected to ex
ceed available supplies.
This year's domestic shortage re
flects loss of normal sources of sup
ply, reduction in production in this
country and increased exports from
the Western Hemisphere during the
war. Long an important source of
supply for this country, Philippine
General Clerical Worker
High School Graduate—Single.
Knowledge of typing required.
Permanent Position.
Telephone ME. 5306.
Try Uw Fint
Priced from $6.75
Men’s Wear Stores
1435 H ST. N.W.
701 H ST. N.E.
N. E. Store Open Evenings Til •
Institutional treatment of only
several dav* is required to elimi
nate the rravinf and desire and
also to rreate an aversion to
Alcohol in all its forms.
Write nr call for free "booklet.
Controlled. Operated and Super
vised by Licensed Physicians.
Greenhill Institute
3145 16th St. N.W. W;0SH
Phone Doy or Night—CO. 4754
plantations were destroyed by the
Japanese during the war.
The department said recovery of
the sugar industry in the Philip
pines, Java and Formosa will be
small in 1947.
Since the war Cuba has become
an increasing important source of
supply for this country. Cuban sup
plies, however, are being shared with
shortage areas in Europe. With
some recovery expected in Euro
pean production next year, the
United States may be allocated a
larger portion of the Cuban crop.
Cuts Painting
Time i
Only Spred-Luster...the top quality enamel
| O that mixes with water. Cuts painting
I time in half... dries while you watch.
■ A QUART Choice ot beautiful, fresh new colors.
$3.9« a sol. # W her* a rich suede-like texture is
( qts.mix* desired, Spred-h'lat is the answer.
Dries in 30 minutes. Mixes with water. 98< a quart.
$2.98 a gallon (6 quarts mixed).
For nearest SPRED dealer see phene book classified
section under "Paint"—or look lor SPRED sign an store
i "
I y*"’'
®o,J|-,n ,„p,r j
nVw: °'ai ,ype d;.
Am,r “P'-^or with
‘ nico 5 Permanent
"•*nrt- Automatic
'0,D"" and tone
?n!ro1- Noi.e re!
l!,rinP amplify
''a/ nut raking
y ,h P'^or.ted
grilU* pane].
(H "fc 1947
Tjmenon Radio
Millions pf present owners—new' millions
of seekers of QUALITY—have made up
their minds, and the verdict is Emerson
Emerson 4-Point Quality — BETTER in
every respect in the four
basic essentials of fine ra
Every Emerson Radio model—Compact,
Portable, Phonoradio, Recorder, Record
Player or Pocket Receiver—is an eloquent
example of progressive design and engi*
neering. They have THREE TIMES THE
POWER of pre-war radio.
Go to your nearest Emer
dio — is the outstanding
achievement of the world’s
leading specialists in small
New 1947
Emerson Radio
son Radio dealer now.
Compare the features with
all others — and buy with
Models from
Emerson Phonoradin Model 506. Radio
and phonograph with automatic record
changer for continuous playing of 10-in. and
12-in. records. “Miracle Tone” achieved by
new circuit and speaker development*.
Handsome rare wood cabi- $^2320
Emerson Dealer
Emerson 3-Way Portable Model 523. AG
DC and hatterv operation with automatic
power shift and automatic volume control.
Exceptional range and “Miracle Tone*
through new Alniro 5 permanent magnet dy>
namic speaker. Deluxe luggage
type cabinet. Leas batteries. ,, a.
1209 13th STREET, N.W. WASHINGTON 5, D. C.

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