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Paper and paint new
Batter prices—Better mechanics
available at this season
Solldlng e Remodeling e Decorating
Foreign and Domestic
Transfer & Storage
920 E N.W. NA. 6900
this vitamin candy way
Hare a more slender, graceful fig
ure. No exercising. No laxatives.
No drugs. With toe simple AYDS
Vitamin Candy Reducing Plan
you don't cut out any meals,
starches, potatoes, meats or butter,
you simply cut them down. It’s
easier when you enjoy delirious
vitamin fortified) AYDS candy
>efore meals Absolutely harmless.
1b ehaiea) testa conducted by medi
cal doctor*, more than 100 psrsens
lost 14 to IS lbs. a versos In a
few weeks with AYDS Vitamin
Candy Reducing Plan,
BO-day supply of AYDS only 12.26. If not dettjrbted !
with result*. MONEY BACK on very first bo* Phone |
Albany Pharmacy. Inc.. 17th A H St. N.W.:
Southern Drug Co., 15th St H Sts. N.W. j
National Prea* Pharmacy, 1310 F 8t. N.W.
Immediate Delivery!
81/axll, WHITE ONLY!
1 to 4 Reams @ $1.50
5 to 9 Reams @ 1.40
10 to 25 Reams @ 1.35
50 Reams @ 1.30
100 Reams @ 1.25
| Six* 4x6—SO Sheet* to Pad jj
100 Pads.$4.25
500 Pads.18.75
1000 Pads.34.75
j 2000 Pads. 58.50 j
; j -all ME. 4224 — ME. 6133
Kem nil Kermimiig
Across-Board Raise
Favored by Wherry
ly the Associated Prtsi
Senator Wherry, Republican of
Nebraska, said today he is "inclined
to go along” with Congress members
who favor a general rent increase.
Senator Wherry, the Republican
whip, told a reporter he is "not
sold” on a Senate Banking Com
mittee bill which would continue
rent controls through next February
without a blanket increase in
The Nebraskan said he favors a
general increase “in principle,” but
that he has not decided whether to
support a bill Senator Hawkes. Re
publican of New Jersey, plans to
introduce. It would maintain con
trols through April, 1948, permit a
10 per cent rent raise generally and
authorize a 15 per cent increase
under leases guaranteeing no further
increase through 1948.
Senator Hawkes intends to oner
his bill as a substitute for the
Banking Comittee’s measure. Un
der the committee bill, recommen
dations of local advisory boards for
increases or removal of rent ceil
ings on an area basis would go into
effect automatically unless over
ruled within 30 days by Housing Ex*
pediter Frank R. Creedon, who
would take over the program from
The House Banking Committee
has given tentative approval to a
bill providing for a general 10 per
cent increase. A final vote by that
committee is scheduled April 16.
The Senate bill may come up for
floor debate about that time.
“I am inclined to go along with
those who believe an across-the
board increase is both justified and
the best way to handle the situa
tion,” Senator Wherry said.
“I don’t know whether it should
be 5 per cent of 10 per cent or what,
but I am about convinced you can’t
do the job on any kind of an area
or hardship basis.”
The present OPA program pro
vides for increases svhen individual
landlords can show' financial hard
ship from current ceilings.
Girl, 5, Falls From Window
Opened to Cool Off Home
A 5-year-old girl suffered head in
juries when she fell from a second
story window at her parents’ Mary
and Park home last night while
frying “to cool off from the heat,”
ier mother told police.
The child, Elizabeth Jenkins, suf
fered a concussion and was taken
o Casualty Hospital. Her condition
:oday was reported as not serious.
Mrs. Grady F. Jenkins, 6404 E
street, Maryland Park, sent her three
:hildren upstairs to bed about 7:30
ast night. The oldest daughter. Fae.
1. decided to open a window for some
:ool air, Mrs. Grady said.
Elizabeth fell about 12 feet to a
jravel drive, according to police.
Mr. and Mrs. Grady who were down
stairs said they heard their daughter
scream and heard her body hit the
irive. They carried her to the hos
Mr. Jenkins is a mechanic for the
Capital Transit Co. The third Jen
cins child is Robert. 6.
OFF TO NEW YORK CITY—Star carriers who obtained 15 or more subscriptions in March are
lined up in Union Station ready to board a New York-bound train. The excursion, an annual
affair at Eastertime, will consist of two days of sight-seeing. —Star Staff Photo.
187 Star Carriers Start
New York Easter Trip
One hundred eighty-seven Eve
ning Star carrier boys and 10 Star
distributors left Union Station this
morning for the annual Easter trip
to New York City.
The excursion, awarded to boys
who obtained 15 or more daily and
Sunday orders during March, is
under the direction of E. J. De Vore,
Star circulation manager. It will1
consist of two days of sight-seeing..
The youngsters will be divided;
into 10 groups, each supervised by;
a distributor who had a high sub
scription total in his area. They will
stay at the Victoria and Teresa
This afternoon the boys will go
on the air in an audience-parti
cipation program at Radio City
and tonight they will see the show
at the Music Hall.
The carriers serve the Metropoli
tan Area and places as far distant
as Winchester, Harrisonburg, Fred
ericksburg and Colonial Beach, Va.,
and Mount Airy and Frederick, Md.
Other outings offered Star car
riers include a trip to Atlantic City
and a night at Glen Echo, Md.,
during the summer:
Son Born to Jeanne Crain
boy, arriving with the Easter sun
rise, yas born to Jeanne Crain,
21-year-old film actress, at the
Queen of Angeles Hospital.
Miss Crain and her husband, Paul
Brinkman, Hollywood businessman,
had been expecting a girl so they
had no name ready for the 7-pound,
15-ounce son.
Canada is supplying equipment
for a penicillin plant in Kharkov.
People's Party Gains
Strength in Turk Vote
By th« Associated Press
ISTANBUL, April 7.—The dom
inant People’s Party* apparently
named nine new deputies to the
National Assembly yesterday in a
by-election which passed quietly
despite intense campaign bitterness
and hostility from the Democratic
Party, which refused to participate
in the balloting.
The only real issue was the extent
to which the Democrats were abl<
to keep the voters at home, a jot
they claimed to have done so suc
cessfully that only 12 per cent o!
the registered voters turned out
The People’s Party, headed by Presi
dent Ismet Inonu, asserted that
there was a 60 per cent turnout.
Takeoff Time Uncertain
For Reynolds Globe Flight
•y tha Aawciotad Pr«u
NEWARK, N. J, April 7;—Newark
Airport officials said today that tire
proposed around- the-world flight
by Milton Reynolds, Chicago pen
manuiacturer, would get off prob
ably tonight, but the plane’s radio
operator—faced with several short
circuits in the communications
equipment—estimated it would take
at least two days to correct the
electrical difficulties.
Mr. Reynolds himself said he
would make no further announce
ments until three hours before his
takeoff in the converted A-36 Doug
las bomber, flown here yesterday
from Roosevelt Field, Long Island.
Officials there had refused per
mission for the around-the-world
takeoff because of what they said
was an excessive gasoline load.
Mr. Reynolds, an experienced
pilot, will serve as navigator aboard
the plane, named the Reynolds
bombshell. It will be .piloted by
Capt. William P. Odom.
Mr. Reynolds is seeking an un
official 55-hour record for the world
circling flight. The present mark
is 91 hours, set by Howard Hughes.
I ' I
Pastor Too Late to Stop
$159 Theft at Rectory
The pastor of St. Francis De Sales
Catholic Church, 3031 Rhode Island
avenue NJC., arrived just too late
yesterday borning to catch an in
truder who entered the rectory and
stole $159.
The Rev. Walter L. Read told
police he had heard noises earlier
in the night and had seen a man
prowling around outside. When he
turned on'the light in the rectory
office he found that someone had
entered through an unlocked side
window and rifled a desk for the
cash boat. _
TWA Claims Flight Record
NEW YORK, April 7.—m—‘Tran*
World Airlines said yesterday a
CopstellHion carrying 42 passengers
made the 1,146-mile trip between
Kansas City and New York in S
hours, 6 minutes and 30 seconds, a
new record. The plane was under
command of Capt. C. O. Sillier,
Kansas City. Previous record, also
established by a Constellation, was
3 hours and 11 minutes, company
officials said.
ii . ' ..""I
Fire, Ambulance and Police
Emergency Telephone Calls
Due to the telephone strike, operators may not be available to assist on calls
for fire, ambulance and police. The public is requested to remember these
directions in event of emergency
To Report a Fire ...» DIAL HObart 1616^>
To Call the Police .... DIAL NAtional 3313
To Call the Park Police . . . DIAL District 1400
To Call an Ambulance . • • DIAL HObart 3322
. i
Bradley-Oliver-Wisconsin . . DIAL OLiver 3205
Hvattsville-Union-Warfield . . DIAL UNion 1122
Olympic-Pleasant .... DIAL PLeasant 1122
Tower.DIAL TOwer 5151
Shepherd-Sligo-Silver Spring . DIAL SHepherd 3200
Marlboro.DIAL MArlboro 3417
Rockville.DIAL ROckville 2345
Greenbelt.DIAL GReenbelt 2011
Flash Your Receiver Hook Up and Down Slowly and Report the Emergency.
The Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company
=3^ Hnar Lawns
3 For greener, ]r ■“""•I
3 healthier lawns, / _ E
3k feed LOMA- /BilttWaE
3 the scientific
=9 ally balanced / «n. p
=P plant food that / E
3 nourishesade- JE
3 q u a t e 1 y , HT*
3 throughout die KSAtoffaBH t
J growing season. |
a 411 W. T. Are. Njfc, 607 A St. N.W. £
BL FBanklin 4800 NAtional 0091 j£5
Sayt Ed Carl: 1
The miles go faster I
and are more m
pleasant with a fl
radio in your car. ■
See us today for -I
TO YOUR DRIVING! the finest Fire- £
* stone, Motorola; m
and Philco auto ■
radios. ■ >
t^CARL"' 11
District 2775 1
"Washington's Little Detroit" H
General Offices and Main Plant ■
V 614 H Street N.W. I
‘-“V 1818 L at. N.W. 5301 WIf. Art. 8
—lliWI-^) aasa aa. An aaai wi«. An., ■
I Caan. A Neb. 7701 WU. Are. 8
^Area. N.W. Betheada IR
Citv-Wii« Auto Servici 8
"Y)U wouldn’t knowingly put a friend on the spot; yet, when you name a
friend as your executor, you place upon him the gravest of responsibilitiea
and ask him to assume many complex tasks for which he is, probably,
totally unprepared.
Instead of burdening a single individual with this difficult but im
portant duty, name the Union Trust Company as your executor.
Then, for a fee no greater than an inexperienced executor would
be permitted to receive, your estate will be administered by a
group of trust specialists — free of family prejudices — who will
devote their full time and ability to seeing that your desires ara
carried out to the letter.
You, your attorney, and your life insurance counselor art
invited to come in and discuss your estate plans with our
trust officers. Naturally, there is no obligation.
15th & H Sts. N. W. — 14th & G Sts. N. W,
Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatina
• 1 v,
:%■ . i
, ' 1 ■
C. G. Sloan $ Co., Inc., Auctioneers
Coble Boby Grand Piano, DO Woll Upright Piano, Furniture of
every description, Lots of Domestic Rugs, Pictures, Mirrors,
China, Glassware, Bric-a-Brac, Linens, 4 Glass Floor Display
Cases, Woll Coses, Office Tables, Lamps, Radios, Pointings,
Antique High-Poster Bed, Wardrobe, fete.
At Public Auction
, 71513th St
April 9th
•tartin, at 10 A.M.
Now on View
Term, Cub C. G. Sloan Co», Inc., Aucta.
Established 1891
j^B^The Hair & Scalp Clinic
EXecut™e 3832
For Complete Hair and Scalp Analysis
If Your Case Is Accepted:
• No Down Payment
a No Greasy, Odorous Solves
a Treatment Is Pleasant
a Results Are Guaranteed
uuakan i EC. it your case is acceptea tor treatment, an
money you have paid will be cheerfully refunded if you ere
not satisfied with the results by the fourth treatment.
Come in TO DA Y for a Free, PRIVATE Examination
I Hair & Scalp Clinic, Inc.
Phone Executive 3833
SUITE 606-609 BOND BLDG., S. W. COR. 14TH ST. b N. Y. AVE. N.W.
HOURS, 9:30 A.M. TO 7:30 P.M. SATURDAYS, 9:30 A.M. TO 4 P.M.
.. . ...

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