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^ '/tjI
fate cream to it*e be-'
•ore the evening dance, lU ^. m y
Iter a wetl proomed and Mf.Tm■ •
jpleaeinp appearance.
Mi Md.
Bought, Sold, Exchanged
mod Repaired—24-Hr. Service
Sommer’s Camera Exch.
1410 New York Ave.
r mt*..\
Planned travel to or from all
parts of the World. Consult
American Express for Complete
Travel Service—Itineraries—and
accurate Visa and Passport facts.
Trawl Serclrm
1414 F Street N.W.
National 2822
Julius Garfmckel & Co.
Protect Your Trove/ Foods with
Factory Authorized
The world’s leading pen-makers
have made ns their authorited
service station. Genuine parts
and lactorv - trained ten lee on
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sharp and other leading makes.
t Cn. rknrn« !
I bn All Lifetime Pens
(Missing Ports Extra)
QtfitioaJ Cc.
1320 F St. N.W.
Serving Washington 47 Years
It’s Up To You
When there i* a chance of tell-tale
odors, promptly use Key's Powder
(hygienic)—two teaspoonfuls to two
Quarts of warm water. Don’t risk
the embarrassment of not being sure.
Folds of tender tissues are rinsed and
cleansed; away goes every sign of odor.
It Is soothing and refreshing; easy
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KEY’S S’OlftDER—to be sure!
rHUVtS ffunUcnfUL
to pronptiy relieve misery
awl kill caase* of
Zemo—a Doctor’s formula—is so
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ness between cracked peeling toes
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tact germs* that commonly cause
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K£U£S£'£ AAfrWtAN HiMft
i. \
Miss Florence E. Dolph, 100 years old yesterday, illustrates how
she has celebrated 79 of her birthday anniversaries. She has
been sliding down the banister rail of her home here every year
since she was 21. —AP Wirephoto.
Police Inspection With Powers
To Curb Barking Dogs Asked
The Lincoln pane citizens Associ
ation last night urged the appoint
ment of a police inspector, whose
duty it would be to check on all
complaints about vicious and bark
ing dogs.
The group asked for the change
because of the inconvenience of the
system now in use. At present, it is
necessary for the complainant to go
to the corporation counsel's office
and swear out a warrant for the
owners. If there were an inspector,
it was asserted, he could check on
these complaints, and make <the
owners remedy the situation.
The association also said dogs
which bark consistently should be
disposed of—even if it takes an act
of Congress to do it.
The construction of a new dog
pound also was urged. It was sug
gested that at least two more wagons
for the use of the pound be pur
The association supported a pro
posal that the Board of Public
Welfare be created as an inde
pendent board, except that the board
shall continue to prepare and sub
miv K> uie c/ciiiiuuaaiuncjo .ui wmuu
budget estimate.
Officers will be elected at the next
meeting on June 16.
The meeting last night, which was
conducted by Albert Calvert, pres
ident, was held in the Epworth
Methodist Church, Thirteenth street
and North Carolina avenue N.E.
Call Here Is Accepted
By Roanoke Pastor
The Rev. John T. Coburn, for 14
years pastor of the Jefferson Street
Baptist Church, Roanoke, Va., has
accepted a call to the pastorate of
the Fifth Baptist Church, 609 E
street S.W. He plans to assume his
duties here September 1.
Mr. Cobum succeeds the Rev. Dr.
J. Herrick Hall, who resigned last
N. C., is fun. Splendid bathing, fishing,
water sports. Ample accommodations,
rooms, apartments, hotels. Make reserva
tions now. Write, wire—Chamber of
Condemnation Suit
Asks Viaduct to Link
Airport, Route No. 1
Land condemnation proceedings
have been filed in the Federal Dis
trict Court in Alexandria to make
way for construction of a viaduct
connecting U. S. Route 1 with the
Washington National Arport.
The only connecting roadway from
Route 1 to the airport now is a nar
row road about a half a mile south
of the Highway Bridge. This road
passes under a one-way bridge and
comes out at the Air Transport 1
Command terminal of the Airport.
The proposed viaduct would be be
ween a point oh Route l near South
'wenty-flfth street, Arlington, and
rould enter into the airpprt after
Musing over or under the Mount
reroon Memorial Highway. It would
« necessary for the viaduct to cross
he Washington Brick and Terra
totta Co., and the passenger train
racks and the yards of the R. P. Sc
K Railroad at the northern end of
’otomac Yards.
Condemnation of the parcels of
and necessary for the new road
ray’s construction was asked in a
uit brought by Secretary of Com
oerce Barriman.
The Govenftnent estimated in its
uit that the land needed was
rorth $90,343. The property sought
s owned by William C. Gloth, jr.,
007 South Sixth street, Arlington;
lobert R. Dye, Centerville, Va., and
B. M. Smith, MOB Columbia pike,
Arlington, according to the suit.
The proposed viaduct would give
Arlington' County and Northern
Alexandria residents 'quick access to
the airport. It also would furnish
a shorter route to toe airport from
connecting roads to through Vir
ginia highways, such as the Shirley
Memorial highway and the Leesburg
Summer Day Camp
Kindergarten Through 6th Grade
_ A 4 A A_n__
JUNE 16th to AUGUST 15th
Offering Daily Transportation ,
From Home to Camp.
Swimming instructors will
teach your child the funda
mentals of good swimming.
The joy of painting, modeling
and making handwork will be
part of each child’s program
with trained craft teachers di
recting. Participation in com
petitive sports and many
other interesting activities.
From Alexandria Camp From Arlington Camp
500 W. Windsor Avenue 1401 12th Street N.
Overlook 4420 OXford 1222
Farm Activities, Aceotink, Va.
mm - H I
■H I
3four Ship
u)ill come in if you. -
- >1. -S'
The Second National Bank
Republic 1700
1333 6 St. N.W. 509 Seventh St. N.W.
Orcanieed 187 »
Member Federal Depoeit Inenrance Corporatloa
JB^'1 •; /'t- :/.,. -'■ '•*.,♦
'w*!'^BI^^^^^^B?^^Hbi. :•.*»:vHsjfiBH^B*‘J''■■v “ '£\t“t.\,?’ij-'!j'' J■.*- - ;
for every use
Industrialists, railroad men,
highway engineers, farmers—to
these and many other daily users
of salt, International has become
"Salt Headquarters". They all
recognize quality at its finest in
International’s SterUn%S*lt prod*
nets. Industrialists and engineers;
favor International particularly,
for its trained engineering coun
sel that’s always available . . .
and for its unique salt processes
''that save time, cut;costs .apdi
accelerate production*
* i v • a
Domestic Rags Cleaned,
Shampooed, Glue - sized
Per Square Feet 5c
Dirt and dust are completely
removed, leaving the colors
in your rugs as bright "as
new." For only $5.40, a
9x12 domestic rug can be
restored to its original
Your Domestic
Rags Stored
In fireproof steel
racks, fully insured,
for the very low
price of less than
1® a Day
BI Denied adequate salt, livestock sicken, grow weak
and listless. Their yield suffers—be it milk, meat,
wool, hides or offspring. That’s why farmers keep
Sterling Salt Blocks on pasture land .. . Sterling
Salt Bricks in barns ... so that all animals have
ready access to as much salt as appetites demand!
With proper salt in their diet, livestock utilize pro
teins and fats in their feed 100% ... in building up
sleek hides, strong tissue and bone. Result: Better
health—better yield—bigger profits!

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