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'Kickback' to British
On Greek-Turkish Aid
Denied by Acheson
§y the Associated Frees
The State Department says
Great Britain may get some
American dollars out of the
$400,000,000 Greek-Turkish aid
program, but only by selling the
Greeks military equipment.
Undersecretary of State Acheson
denied flatly at a news conference
late yesterday that there will be
any “kickback" of funds to cover
British expenses in supporting the
Greek armed forces since March 31.
The British may obtain several
millions in badly needed dollar ex
change, he added, by delivering
munitions of a type which could not
be obtained elsewhere. This is be
cause the Greek Army now uses
British equipment.
Reporter Raises Question.
Similarly, Mr. Acheson said, Italy,
France and other countries which
need American dollars to buy goods
in this country may be able to
supply some of the things which
the United States will send into
The question was raised by a re
porter who told Mr. Acheson there
had been reports Britain would ask
a $20,000,000 reimbursement of
money spent since the March 31
date when the United States was
asked to take over the job of
bolstering Greece against Com
munist inroads.
Mr. Acheson replied that no such
issue has been raised.
Asked whether the United States
program is being delayed by fail
ure of President Truman to find
an administrator for the aid to
Greece, Mr. Acheson said he knew of
no delav vet. but that the man must
be named soon.
Experts to Submit Draft Soon.
He said the Americans who will
handle the aid should start for
Greece in the next week or so.
Mr. Acheson added that the draft
of an agreement with Greece for
carrying out the program will be
submitted soon to Secretary Mar
shall and President Truman by
State Department experts.
He said the civilian directors in
both Greece and Turkey will have
authority over the military ele
ments of their missions and that
the State Department does not in
tend to do any back-seat driving.
The directors will nave broad powers
to make decisions on the ground.
Secretary Marshall, Mr. Acheson
added, will have a co-ordinator and
expediter whose job will be to see
that the Greek and Turkish ad
ministrators get prompt action on
their recommendations to Washing
Mrs. Roosevelt Doubts
Woman Can Be President
By th» Associated Press
NEW YORK, May 24.—A woman
would have "no chance at all” to
be elected President, Mrs. Eleanor
Roosevelt says, "and what is more,
I wouldn't wish it on her.”
"If by some fluke a woman were
nominated and elected, she could
not hold her following,” Mrs. Roose
velt told the Foreign Press Associa
tion yesterday at a luncheon.
In this country, she said, the idea
of equalitv for women on all levels
has not been accepted yet, so the
mere presence of a woman in politi
cal office often causes resentment.
Army Seeks Hostesses
For Clubs in Germany
ly the Associated Press
The War Department wants some
hostesses for enlisted men's clubs in
The special services department
asked yesterday for applications;
from women 25 to 35 yer rs old, with
two years of college education or
an equivalent of recreational expe
rience and at least two years experi
ence as a supervisor of group *rec- j
reation. The pay is about $3,000 a
BEAGLE PUP, male. 7 moi. old, Vic. Glebe i
rd. and Lee hwy.. Arl.. Va.; color white,
brown and full black blanket, white feet;
and tip of tail: stands 11 inches high.
Reward. GL. 1521,_—25 j
BILLFOLD, lady's, red leather, contained
money, pictures and papers: Mt. PI. car
from 6th and E. Cap. to downtown Re
ward. LP. 114 0._—24
BRACELET, platinum, diamond and ruby;
lost In N.W. May 14 Liberal reward for
Its return. MRS WM. H. WATSON. AD.
0700. Apt. 806-E._—25
COCKTAIL RING, diamonds and rubies:
left In Statler Hotel ladies' room on May
22, aentimental value. Reward. LI. 2313.
COLLEGEPIN. XTB~degree, initial L. LT S ,
1045, Knoxville College. Knoxville, Tenn.
Finder please call TA. 4227._—25
EARRING, with 8 diamonds surrounding
lavender set. vie. Lee hwy. and Roosevelt
st,. Va.:_reward. WO. 5654. —24 j
ENGLISH SETTER, small male. In Arling
ton; wearing round leather colls-; answers
to name ol "Rags' . has pink mark on tip
of nose Phone OL. 1055. Reward. —24
EVENING BAG. black, containing keys,
compact, etc; vicinity Lyon Park. Reward
Call GL. 5340._—20 >
FOUNTAIN PEN, Lifetime Sheafler; vie.
Clarendon. Thurs. eve.. May 22; senti-;
mental value. GL. 1363._—29
FURS, mink, 4 skins; Thurs. night, Ma
drillon or taxi. Large reward. HO
3566. Ext. 302.__—20 |
GLASSES, m Mt Rainier or Cottage City,
brown cake with Castleberg's cleaning
cloth; plaatlc rim._Call WA. 6848. —25 j
GLASSES, boy's, fie* shell frame, leather;
case. Teunls, No. B51056. Reward. WA
GLOVES, long, white kid; Tuesday night.i
Reward. Telephone MISSION. EM. 6819,
HANDBAG, blue leather. United Airlines,
stewardess, in cab. Reward. RE. 2217
daytime.__—25 ,
LADY’S UMBRELLA, never used, left in
cab last Sunday morning, between N and
14th sis. n.w. to Church of Covenant, 18th
and N sts. n.w. Reward. Call D. H..
Worth 3500._25* I
papers and leixers. last Sat. or Sun. Re
420 Peabody st. n.w. RA. 0228. —24
Metropolitan police badge, no
931. May 20th. between Wash, and North
Beach. Reward: RA. 5634 or No. 2:
Precinct._ 25* i
PEKINESE, male, brown; D. C. tag. Re
ward. Call M. H. DUNN, EX. 4160, i
Branch 2471._ 25*
PIN. set with diamonds and sapphires;
costume jewelry. Reward. After 6 p.m., i
EM. 4783 ____—25 i
POCKETBOOK. lady's. Tuesday; contain
Ing glasses, compact, etc. WI. 3302. —24
PUPPY, black and white, female, unde
Tic. Ga. ave., Sligo ave.. Silver Spring
Reward. Please call SH. 4174, or return
to 919 Sligo ave.. Silver Spring, —28
RABBIT, large, white, child's Pet; lrom
vicinity 90y Allison st. n.w., Friday. Re
ward. RA, 2040._—25
8COTTIE. black, untrimmed, male; strayed
from 4900 block North 15th, Arlington.
Thurs.; Childs pet. Reward. OW 1104.
SORORITY PIN, Delta Zeta, shaped like
gold teapot. 4 small oearls. 1 diamond
chip; M. Fishes engraved on back; lost
downtowm. QL, 0474.—24
I'MBRELLA with green leather handle
and case, at Woodward & Lothrop's Tues
day. Reward. Box 40-H. Stat___—25
WATCS. lady's Hamilton, on black cord
bracelet, in vicinity of Butternut st. n.w.
Reward. Phone GE. Ht>75._24*
WATCH, lady's pink gold Bulova. link
bracelet; vicinity 14th and F sts. n.w.
Reward. EX ;1:140. Eat. 731. —24
WRIST WATCH, man's, Bulova; bet. Clar
endon and Wash, and Lee High School.
Reward. CH. 7007._—25
ISO REWARD for return of cold ear
ring. containing center diamond, surround
ed by 7 rubbies; lost in downtown area on
or about April 28. Finder please call
MR GREEN. 730 Investment Bldg NA
3575, —25
COCKER SPANIEL, brown, with harness.
Nicinity of 14th and Emerson «s. n.w.
OE. 6184._ ;
NIGHTGOWN, new. found near Woodward
JbjLothrop. Fri. am. WO. 1493.
—. —.
founder of the famed Boys’ Town, Nebr., shown as he talked with Japanese children at the
Church of Ouraen, Nagasaki, after mass conducted for troops of the Nagasaki military govern
ment team. Father Flanagan is touring Japan to study conditions.
—AP Wirephoto from Signal Corps.
$91,000 Added to Fund
In Jewish Appeal Drive
Subscriptions totaling approxi
mately $91,000 in the United Jewish
Appeal's drive for funds to aid refu
gees and for overseas relief have
been reported at two campaign
About $20,000 was reported at a
dinner of approximately 110 Gov
emment employes at the Mayflower
Hotel Thursday night, Mrs. Meyer
R. Bernstein, executive secretary
of the organization, said. Robert
Nathan, economist, spoke. Leon
Keyserling of the Economic Advisory
Committee is chairman of the Gov
ernment division.
At a joint meeting at the Statler
Hotel of the women’s and men’s ap
parel divisions of the campaign ap
proximately $71,000 was subscribed,
Mrs. Bernstein said. Arthur Gaeth,
foreign correspondent, talked of the
Jews in Europe and America’s re
sponsibility to help reconstruction
there. The women's apparel industry
drive is headed by Jules Winkelman,
Jules Rendelman and Herbert J.
Rich. The men’s apparel drive is
headed by Edward I. Cowen and
Oscar I. Dodek.
The campaign goal here Is $2,000,
000, of which about $1,150,000 has
been subscribed, she said. The na
tional goal is $170,000,000.
10th 11th F and G Street*
Zone 13 Phone District 5300
Stock Market Uneven
In Quiet Dealings
At Week's Close
By Victor Eubank
Auociatcd Prtii Financial Writar
NEW YORK, May 24.—Stocks
edged forward selectively In today’s
market but many losers persisted
and dealings were among the slowest
of the past three years.
It was the final Saturday session
unto next October and board rooms,
as well as the Stock Exchange floor,
were sparsely populated. The ticker
tape loafed from the start and
narrow irregularity ruled near the
close with numerous pivotals un
changed. Transfers dwindled to
around 250,000 shares for the two
A boosted quarterly payment put
Follansbee Steel common up better
than a point. Attracting support
were Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Budd
Co. common and preferred. Eastern
Stainless Steel, U. S. Steel, Betn
lehem, Glenn Martin, International
Nickel, Texas Co.. Koppers Co. and
Chesapeake <fc Ohio.
Occasional stumblers included
Chrysler, Firestone Tire, United
States Rubber, American Telephone,
Cerro de Pasco, Phillips Petroleum,
Schenley, Union Pacific, New York
central and Northern Pacific.
Timid short covering and invest
ment bidding, together with further
pleasing dividends and earnings
compilations, served as props for
individual favorites. The few pro
fessional and customers who showed
up in Wall Street, however, dis
played considerable caution be
cause of the fact the market had
enjoyed five successive recovery
days. The advance, some figured,
was a fair-sized, technical correc
tion and left the list in a position
where it would have to operate on
news developments. Uncertainties
surrounding the economic picture,
taxes and labor legislation continued
as a restrictive influence.
Bonds followed a slim course.
In the curb 8olar Manufacturing
slipped following an omitted divi
dend: Jeanette Glass and Singer
Manufacturing advanced. Electric
Bond it Share and Middle West
Corp. were hesitant.
2 Sentenced After Pleas
Of Driving While Drank
Two motorists involved in traffic
accidents during the last two
months pleaded guilty yesterday to
charges of driving while drunk.
Joseph S. Dorsey, 42, colored, of
the 400 block of K street S.W., was
sentenced to 30 days in jail and
fined $100. Police reported he
struck and slightly injured a pedes
trian on April 8 while crossing the
intersection of Twelfth and 1
streets N.W.
Eddie Bradsher, 38, of the 2100
block of First street N.W., a father
of three, was fined $100 and placed
on a year’s probation. Bradsher
failed to make a turn at Maine
avenue and M streets S.W. on May
7, and crashed into a parked car,
according to police.
Man Struck by Engine
Baron Richardson, 40, colored, of
the 1700 block of U street N.W., fore
man of a cleaning crew at Union
Station, suffered chest and abdomi
nal injuries last night when struck
by a Pennsylvania Railroad electric
engine in the terminal yards, police
reported. His condition today was
reported good in Emergency Hos
Tanganyika produced over 1,000
tons of ghm arabic in the last year.,
I To Match $4,95 I
£1 Odd Coots ® UP I
I EISEMAN’S—F at 7th 1
Stewart to Retire
As Court Clerk
Col. Charles E. Stewart, T7, will
retire as District Court clerk on
September 30, after more than 11
years' service, it was learned yes
c«i. stewart. was bom in Ala
bama. He attended the University
of Kentucky and also studied law in
an office at his home in Alabama.
He rame to Washington in 1912
The most entrancing mother and daughter teamwork seen in many a
summer; these cheerful, colorful cotton frocks—sharing in triplicate.
How they will brighten up Memorial Day week-end, the daily market
ing, trips to park, beach and town. Proud indeed the man of the fam
ily to see his "best girls" so delightfully dressed this summer and with
no major crisis in the family economy.
Sketched: left to right: Mother and daughters in Mope bkmman stripe
and plain chambray, ruffle neckline, full skirt and cool cap sleeves.
Brown, green and blue stripes. y
Mother's sizes, V to ID, >I0.V5. daughter, / to iz, uaugnrer,
3 to 6, $6.95.
The feminine angle in rainbow plaid Dan River cotton so interestingly
worked. Square neck, tiny puff sleeves, full skirt. Mother's sizes 9 to
15, $14.95. Daughter, 7 to 12, $4.95. Daughter, 3 to 6, $3.95.
W&L—Junior Misses Apparel, Fourth Flow.
W&L—Juvenile and Girls’ Apparel, Fourth Poor
-*-■ r - „ . •
as a correspondent of the Birming
ham Age Herald and the Mobile
Register. In 1914 he vent to the
Department of Justice as chief clerk
and administrative asistant. He
later became administrative assist
ant to the Attorney General. From
the Justice Department he vent to
District Court as clerk in 19*'.
Col. Stewart is a member of the
National Press Club. A widower, he
has a son, Col. J. A. Stewart, U. S.
A., retired,
It coats no more
to park at tho
Capital Garage
New York Avenue
between 13th end 14th
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