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1 Built To Save I
I Fuel Oil Money I
I Year After Year 1
B \ H
* A Petro oil burner is backed by more than 40 m
S years experience of the oldest and largest exclu- m
■ afve manufacturer of oil heating equipment in ■
M die country. It is built to save fuel oil money S
■ end it does. H
1 Petroleum Heat & Power Co. ■
M 2209 Chonning St. N.E. ■
■ Washington 18, D. C. ft
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According to Your Own Specifications
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Finett Deluxe of Steel or Wood
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AM sizes are available from 42 inch to 198 inch. Space does not per
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D.C. Legion Delegates
To Back Malloy for
National Commander
More than 3,000 District members
of the American Legion will attend
the 29th national convention of the
body at New York, August 28 to 31,
Owen C. Holleran, District Legion
department commander, announced
yesterday. New York headquarters
fon the Washington group will be
at the Hotel Commodore.
The 26 delegates and 26 alter
nates will gather in New York the
day before the convention officially
opens. The District group will sup
port Joseph J. Malloy of Washing
ton as the “favorite son” candidate
for national commander of the
American Legion.
Mr. Malloy has been national
executive committeenwm of the Dis
trict American Legion for the last
13 years. He will be the guest of
honor at a Legion dinner at 7 p.m.
Wednesday at the Mayflower Hotel.
Principal speaker will be Paul
Qrifflth, national commander of the
More than 2,500 Legion and Auxil
iary members will leave by special
train from here at 12:01 a.m., Au
gust ou, participate in, the conven
tion parade and return to Wash
ington' early the following day.
Fourteen convention-bound par
ties from Midwest, Western and
Southern States will stop over at
Washington on their way to tl>e
national meeting. A reception
booth, manned by District Legion
naires, teIII be set up in Union Sta
tion for them. Open house will be
held at the Legion clubhouse, 2437
Fifteenth street N.W.
Walter A. Madigan, convention
entertainment committee chair
man, announced in New York yes
terday that the entertainment pro
gram for visiting Legionnaires will
include a visit to Hyde Park, the
United Nations headquarters at Lake
Success, N. Y„ and West Point. A
39-round boxing show at Madison
1 Square Garden is also listed.
West Point Stable for Sale;
| Academy to Be Horseless
ly IH» Associated Press
WEST POINT, N. Y„ Aug. 16.—
The United States Military Acad
emy's stable of 66 horses will be
I auctioned by the War Assets Ad
| ministration August 25, leaving the
I Acaaeray wunoui war soeeos ior me
first time since it was opened in
The sale, with World War II
! veterans getting first bid, will in
clude 42 polo ponies and two prize
winning jumpers. Among the
animals are five caisson horses which
were used at the funeral of Presi
dent Roosevelt.
} An Army spokesman said that un
| til the beginning of this summer,
horses and animal management had
i been part of the Academy’s cur
riculum. Since that time, he said,
the steeds have been used for rec
| reational purposes only.
16 Hurt as Lightning
Strikes Tobacco Shed
By tK* Associated Press
; 16. (/P).—Sixteen tobacco workers
{were injured, nona aeriousfy when
lightning struck • tobacco shed or
the Consolidated Cigar Co. here to
day. Most of those involved were
women, among them several Florida
high school girls who were doing
vacation work on the plantation.
The injured were treated for
shock and slight leg bums in nearby
Springfield, Mass., and Stafford
Springs, Cbnn., hospitals. All were
discharged this afternoon. A score
of others were treated at the scene
, for hysteria.
, W EiBIfl
W fcMftg Ro6m Piw
Tfr m n. m i-^fcif> g8fc,a ^fi m* a
Wi Bining Room Meam
V Paries By-d*-¥wd
M Modem P&mitwt
♦ Hooked Rug* HI US1 0t
'— which yon seldom see!,.
Sloanes Budget Payment Plan is an
> attractive one. Ask for particulars.
Store Hours
Record Plane Shipment
Of Orchids Due at Miami
By the Associated Frets
MIAMI, Fla., Aug. 16.—Reportedly
the largest air shipment o£ orchid
plants on record—50^000 leaves or
bulbs packed in 100 cases—is sched
uled to arrive here tonight fey clipper
from Caracas, Venezuela.
Hie shipment, valued at $30,000,
will be split up among florists and
nurserymen in various parts of the
country after fumigation at the in
spection plant of the United States
Department of Agriculture here.
T7>e plants consist entirely of the
Cattleya genus of orchids, a variety
with multi-colored blooms. They
were gathered by Venezuelan natives
who scale the jungle's tallest trees
to obtain the plant.__
Everything tor Your PET
Wuh. Oldeet end Largest Pet She*
941 -*« Ey* St. N.W. MEt. 7113
Uruguayans to Get Planes
MIAMI, PTa., Aug. 18 (/Pi.—1Twen
ty-four officers and men of the
Uruguayan air force*, headed by Lt.
Col. Gualberto F. Trelles, are sched
uled to arrive here Monday by Clip
per en route to San Antonio, Tex.,
to pick up a number of United
States-made military aircraft re
cently purchased by the Uruguayan
Lilacs were first found growing
wild in the Balkan Mountains..
uiuiunnu imnui « «an
several days Is recaired to elimi
nate the craving and desire am.
else to create an aversive to
Jjeehel In aU Its ferae*,
ventrslled. Overate d aad Saver
vised bv Licensed Pbrsiclaas.
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Grtenhill Institute
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As though by magic the sensational new G-E
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The “natural color” tone of Musaphonic’s glori
ous FM radio affords flawless realism of tone,
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It’s no wonder we’re proud to offer this great
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New York ... 3.65 6.60 Winchester . 1.50 2.70
Virginia leach 4.20 7.60 Richmond_ 2.00 3.60
Atlantic City 3.25 5.85 St. Louis.... 13.35 21.80
Watertown .. 8.55 T5.40 Norfolk_ 3.70 6.70
Minneapolis.. 17.05 30.70 Chicago _ 12.35 22.25
Detroit_ 9.90 17.85 Pittsburgh .. 5.35 9.65
Asheville .... 7.25 13.05 Roonoke .... 3.45 6.25
Montreal ... 11.60 20.90 Bristol.. 6.20 11.20
Miami_ 14.75 26.55 Cincinnati .. 9.10 16.40
New Orleans. 14.20 25.60 Annapolis_ .85 1.55
Denver _ 26.90 48.45 Ocean City_ 4.95 8.95
Los Angeles. 43.10 77.60 Cumberland . 3.30 5.95
San Francisco 43.10 77.60 Hagerstown . 2.05 3.70
Seattle _ 44.30 79.75 Williamsburg. 3.00 5.40
Philadelphia _ 2.15 3.90 Newport News 3.50 6.30
rr p rr —— r» —
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clubs?' Greyhound offers frequent
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I cook Potatoes
and Onions
in the same pan
on my Electric Range!
And the.delicate potato doesn’t absorb either the flavor or the odor of its pan
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own individual deliciousness , . . saves cleaning a second pan, uses half the cur
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times as much electricity as they did 20 years ago. See these new ranges at the
Electric Institute Display in the Pepco Lobby—buy them at your favorite store.
Flameless Cooking Has “Pi.”
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i *
because ifs healthful, economical, safe,
clean, cool and fast.\
^ m _
% * •
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‘-’•• V , ^ r I • % j
1. •• ( r. ■ k »

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