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ADAM A. WESCHLER A SON. auctioneers
•—Household furniture, upright pianos,
sewing and washing machines, vacuum
cleaner, books, alcoholic beverages, etc.
By order Needham C. Turnage, executor,
estate Julia W, Webb: Leonard A. Block
and Nick J. Papanlcolas. trustees; William
C De Lacy, administrator, estate Francis
Glennan: War Activity Organization and
a others. By austion at Weschler’s, 905 E
st. n.w„ tomorrow, commencing 9:30 a.m.
Groups ana odd pieces of furniture for
every room m the home, refrigerators,
secretaries, metal wardrobe and utility
cabinets, bookcases, cedar chest: new sofas,
studio couches, baby cribs, carriages and
strollers, new mahogany dinette group,
drop-leaf and onyx tables, time clock,
lamps and other personal effects: also
whisky, rum. gin, brandy, wine. etc,, by
order trustees at 3 p.m._—28
ADAM A. WESCHLER A SON, auctioneers
•—Trustee's sale of alcoholic beverages and
mixers by auction at Weschler's, 605 E
st. n.w„ Friday. August 29, 1947, at 8
o’clock p.m.—Forty-five 1/5 gallons whis
ky. 14 brandy, 10 gin. 9 rum. 2 sloe gin,
7 liaueur, 53 wine, 6 mixers, 1 bittern,
in re chattel deed of trust recorded In
Liber 8226. folio 189 land records District
of Columbia. Note: Only holders of Class
•A" and Class "C” alcohol beverage
licenses permitted to purchase. Terms:
Cash. NICK J. PAPANICOLAS (formerly
Nick J. Johnson) & LEONARD A. BLOCK,
THOS. J. OWEN A SON, auctioneers. 436
Southern Building.—Trustees’ of val
uable 3-story semidetached brick dwelling,
known as premises No. 1318 12th st. n.w.
By virtue of a certain deed of trust duly
recorded, in Liber No. 8350, Folio 507 et
seq.. of the land records of the District
of Columbia, and at the request of the
party secured thereby, the undersigned
trustees will sell, at public auction In front
of the premises, on Friday, the 29th day
of August, A.D. 1947, at 3 p.m , the fol
lowmg-aesci luru iiuu
ate in the District of Columbia, and desig
nated as and being part of original Lot
numbered Sixteen (16) to Square num
bered Two Hundred and Eighty (280), be
ginning for the same at the southeast
corner of said lot. and running thence
north along the west line of 12th st.. 21
feet to the center of dividing wall between
1318 and 1320 12th st. n.w.: thence west
through the center of said wall and con
tinuation thereof, 100.75 feet; thence
south 21 feet to the south line of said
lot; thence east along said south line of
said lot, 100.75 feet to the beginning;
designated for purposes of assessment and
taxation as Lot 836 in Square 280. Terms:
Sold subject to a prior building associa
tion deed of trust for $8,635.89. further
particulars of which will be announced at
time of sale; the purchase price above
said trust to be paid in wash. A deposit
of $500 required. Conveyancing, record
ing. etc., -at purchaser’s cost. Terms to
be complied with within 30 days, otherwise
deposit forfeited and the property may be
advertised and resold at the discretion of
the trustees. JOHN M. SWAGART, IRVIN
C. BRENNEMAN, trustees,
ADAM A. WESCHLER A SON. auctioneers
—United States Marshal's sale of restau
rant and bar furnishings and equipment,
cash register. Thermotainer. supplies, etc.,
contained in Thomas Circle Cafe, No.
1133 14th st. n.w.: also Class "C” alcohol
beverage license. By virtue of a writ of
fieri facias issued out of the clerk's office
of the Municipal Court of the District of
Columbia, and to me directed, I will sell
by public auction for cash at the above
mentioned premises on Friday. August 29.
1947, at 10 o’clock a m., booths, bentwood
chairs, tables. National, style 1943 (5-1),
1C cash register, tobacco display case,
Underwood typewriter, duplicator, venti
lating and exhaust fans. Neon signs, re
frigerating case, cabinets, beer dispenser.
Ice chest, coffee urns and stand, GE clock,
chinv glass, plated ware, water cooler.
Champion model 1-85 dishwuher, grease
trap, sinks, meat blocks, refrigerators,
compressors, Garland and Chinese gas
ranges, griddle, broiler. Toastmaster toast
er. Thermotainer, steam salad table, uten
sils, requisites, canned fruit, book matches,
cigars, soft drinks, etc.; also Class “C”
alcohol beverage license No. 634. seized
and levied upon as property of the de
fendant Thomas Circle Cafe, Incorporated,
a corporation, and sold to satisfy a Judg
ment at law No. L & T 175229 in favor
of Andrew Panagopoulos and James
Speros. plaintiffs. W. BRUCE MATTHEWS.
United States Marshal, in and for the Dis
trlct of Columbia.aul5.21,28.
ADAM A. WESCHLER A SON, auctioneers.
—Trustees sale of laundry and dry clean
chines, accounts receivable, supplies, etc,,
at No. 1701 North Capitol st., also
money due on Inventory. By virtue of s
chattel deed of trust recorded April 24.
1947, as Instrument No. 1546. among the
records of the Recorder of Deeds of the
District of Columbia, and at the request
of the parties secured thereby the under
signed trustees will sell by public auction
at the above mentioned premises on Thurs
day, August 28. 1947, at 11 o'clock a m.,
steam pressing machine, sewing machine,
accounts receivable, money due on in
ventory, all other fixtures, supplies, equip
ment. all asaets which are part of the
said business and which are the property
of the parties of the first part, or which
may become part of the said business at
any time prior to payment in full of the
note secured. Terms: Cash. MILTON M.
BURKE, Woodward Building: EDWARD J.
LYNCH, 1406 G st. n w., trustees.
CTTHE ABOVE SALE is postponed
until Tuesday. September 2, 1947. at the
same hour and place. By order of trus
tees. au28.sel
COMMISSION. Contract No. 390-W&S.
TION. Sealed proposals for constructing
In Argyle Club Estates, approximately 1,
280 feet cf 8 inch and 8 inch cast Iron
water mains and 2,225 feet of 8 inch and
8 Inch plain concrete pipe sewers and
sewer house connections, will be received
at the office of the Washington Suburban
Sanitary Commission, Hamilton st. Hyatts
ville. Md., until Friday, September 12,
1947, at 11:20 am.. Eastern Daylight
Savings Time, at which place and time
they will be publicly opened and read.
Plans and specifications may be obtained
from Harry R. Hall, Chief Engineer of the
Commission, Hyattsville, Md.. upon de
posit of $5.00. which deposit will be re
turned to bidders or to those returning
plans and specifications In good condition.
O. WORTHINGTON, Commissioners._
COMMISSION. Contract No. 389-W&S.
TION. Scaled proposals for constructing
In Cameron Heights, Montgomery County,
approximately 2,405 feet of 8 inch to 12
inch cast iron water mains and 2.450
feet of 8 inch to 10 inch plain concrete
pipe sewers, will be received at the of
fice of the Washington Suburban Sanitary
Commission. Hamilton st., Hyattsville.
Md.. until Friday. September 12. 1947.
at 11:10 a m.. Eastern Daylight Savings
Time, at which place and time they will
be publicly opened and read. Plans and
specifications may be obtained from
Harry R. Hall. Chief Engineer of the
Commission, Hyattsville. Md., upon de
posit of $5.00, which deposit will be re
turned to bidders or to those returning
plans and specifications in good condi
—.t "• ■ t ,irs
COLUMBIA, August 18. 1047—A public
hearing having been held by the Commis
sioners of the District of Columbia in the
matter of closing certain street area and
public alleys in the District of Columbia,
as hereinafter described, and, as the said
Commissioners are of the opinion that the
street area and alleys referred to should
be closed, notice is hereby given that under
date of August 7. 1947, they have*prepared
the following order: “Ordered: That pur
suant to the provisions of Public Act No.
.307, approved December 15. 1932, the
street and alley areas as shown in green
on plats filed in the office of the Surveyor
of the District of Columbia and numbered
e.s Maps 3318, 3319, 3320, are hereby
ordered closed: same to take effect on and
after September 15. 1947; the title to the
land comprised in said areas so closed to
revert to the abutting property cwners as
shown on said maps; the said closings to
take effect jointly or separately by sub
sequent order or orders on the effective
date aforesaid, according to Items 2, 3
and 4 described as follows: 2. Closing of
the public alleys in Square 4558 abutting
Lots 6 to 17, inclusive. 3. Closing public
alley in Square 1213 abutting Lots 62 to
59, inclusive, and Lot 806. 4. Closing part
of F st.. east of Texas eve., and part ef
public alleys In Square 6394 providing for
a dedication of street and alley area In
lieu thereof." Any and all parties inter
ested must file, in writing, with the Com
missioners. D. C., objections, if any, to
these closings, or as to any item providing
for the closing listed above, before Sep
tember 16. 1947; otherwise said closings
shall become effective on and after that
date, in accordance with the provisions of
Public Act No. 307. approved December 16.
sioners of the District of Columbia.
Kingman Island Urged
As Light-Plane Reid
By D. C. Aviation Unit
Development at Kingman Island
In the Anacoetla River aa a landtag
field for light airplane* waa urged
last night by speakers for the Wash
ington Aviation Planning Council, a
group formed here to plan aviation
improvements. ’
Rufus C. Phillip*, Jr, airport con
sultant for the council, declared the
Kingman Island site near Beaming
road Is the only one available which
fulfills requirements.
The talks were made over Station
WGAY on the subject of “what will
pilots on Skyway No. 1 use for an
airport here?”
Meanwhile, the Washington Board
of Trade announced that John
Reilly, president, and two other of
ficers will participate in survey
flights preparatory to the marking
of “Skyway No. 1” for private
pilots between Washington and Los
Angeles. The Chamber of Com
merce there Is co-operating with the
Washington board sponsoring the
2,000-Foot Runway Feasible.
Mr. Phillips said the Civil Aero
nautics Board, the council and
others interested have agreed that
a 2,000-foot runway with suitable
approaches can be built on Kingman
Island at reasonable co6t. The Island,
which belongs to the Government,
now Is used as a dump area for the
Army Engineers. It Is 4 miles
from downtown Washington.
Taking part in the radio interview
were orant aieuer, vice cnairman
of the council, and Jean Rom How
ard, staff assistant to the personal
aircraft council, Aircraft Industries
Association. The speakers pointed
out that the District has been al
located 1132,964 by the Government
for airport improvements, but is re
quired to match the sum before it
can be used.
Others to accompany Board of
Trade's survey trip to begin Sep
tember 8 Will be P. Y. K. Howat,
first vice president, and W. L. Jack
Nelson, chairman of the board’s avi
ation committee.
Second Flight September 15.
Mr. Howat will go to Los Angeles
to accompany the initial flight leav
ing there September 8, and Mr. Reilly
will meet the party at St. Louis on
the northern leg and acompany It
to Washington.
Mr. Nelson will represent the local
trade group on a second flight leav
ing here September 15 by way of
Richmond, Atlanta and Montgomery,
Ala., to Abilene, Tex., to survey the
southern leg of the route.
The route forks at Abilene, with
the northern leg passing through
Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Indianap
olis and Pittsburgh. Edwin N. Lewis,
director of public relations for the
Board of Trade, and Bruce Bryan
of the board’s staff, will accompany
Mr. Nelson on the second flight.
At request of tile trade groups, the
route has been officially designated
“Airway No. 1” by the Civil Aero
nautics Administration and will be
marked by local civic, aviation and
veterans’ organizations for the guid
nnrA nf lijrht. nlnnp nilotn
Empire Parley Favors
Jap Demilitarization
By th« Associated Press
CANBERRA, Australia, Aug. 28
Delegates of the eight British Com
monwealth countries to the empire
conference on the Japanese treaty
favor total disarmament and de
militarization of Japan, a conference
report said today.
“The discussion of disarmament
and demilitarization of Japan was
completed at the morning session of
the Canberra conference,” the re
port stated. “The delegates ex
pressed the view that Japan should
remain completely disarmed and de
militarized; that all armament
manufacture should- be forbidden
and that internal order should be
maintained by a non-military police
“The conference examined in de
tail measures that might be neces
sary to ensure that the Japanese
should not be permitted at present
to conduct research in the field
of atomic energy or to develop or
use atomic energy.”
The report also said the delegates
suggested Japan “should renounce
all rights and interests, both public
and private, located outside Japan.”
Four-Masted Schooners
Built in U. S. Destroyed
By the Associated Press
PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 28.—Three
of the last four-masted schooners
built in the United States went up
in smoke yesterday.
The ships, moored along a row
of pilings at the foot of a Delaware
River wharf for nearly 20 years and
reduced to empty hulks, were or
dered destroyed by the bureau of
navigation of the State Department
of Forests and Waters as a navi
gation menace.
The three vessels—the Francis J.
McDonald, the Marie F. Cummins
and the Albert D. Cummins—were
built in Beaumont, Tex., during
World War I demand for ships.
Workmen sprayed the 189-foot
hulks with kerosene for the past
two weeks and the decaying wood
was ignited today. >
Colorado Centennial State
Colorado Is known as the Cen
tennial State because it was ad
mitted to the Union In 1876, Just
100 years after the United States
Declaration of Independence.
i\\m Not only will the appearance mil
A\\M (and convenience) of your m l
A\\\M home be improved, but the ac- B !
•fjnjm tual value will be increased Bill
'l/l/B . . . when you modernize by
7//# taking advantage of a Home Muu
I B Improvement Loan at Colum- M\\\
B bia Federal. Amounts up to Mu'
B $2,500 are loaned for periods Mu
B up to three years ... repayable M\
B in equal monthly installments. Ml
716 11th St. N.W. RE. 7111 ^R\\'
Open Until 3:30 Friday—Closed Saturday
Limited Quantities. No Mail, Phone or C.O.D.' Orders
Were 17.50
Now j
Only 10 to sell!
Floor Samples
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Assorted styles to choose
from. I
Wrought Iron
In Royal blue. Rust resis
tant. Covered in sail cloth. 1
Was 79.00
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MiL.m ihiua.i u.Mim &•
Choice of maple or walnut
Only 10 to sell! _ 1
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I Choirs have upholstered 1
- seats.
Only 8 to sell!
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Complete with mattresses. I
Only 21 to sell!
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I * wmmmmam
Heavy braided quality in
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Only H to sell!
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. '__
Assorted colon.
Only 10 to sell!
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12 Maple-Finished
With drawers.
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l®'«- ' --* ■.
With guard rail and ladd«r.
Only 8 to s«ll!
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Tapestry covering.
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2-pc. LIVING
Tapestry cove*ng.
Only 3 to sell!
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t ■
Regular Price $219
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mahogany Chippendale frame. One-piece sagless
construction. Heavy grade tapestry covering.
2 Chippendale Sofas, mahogany frames- 219 °® 98-®®
4 Kroehler Sectional Sofas, tapestry-covered- 279*®® 189*0®
4 Occasional Chairs, leatherette covering- 19*95 • 9*®'
2 Lounge Chairs, maple arm, tapestry- 74 °® 34-65
2 Streit Slumber Chairs, Ottoman..- 89 ®® 59*95
1 3-pc. Maple Sunroom Suite, tapestry- 169 ®® 98*®®
6 Skirts for Vanity Tables, assorted colors- 6-^5 2*®$
2 3-pc. Wrought Iron Sunroom Suites-.195*00 1 98*0®
2 3-pc. Maple Bedroom Suites-- 169 00 119*0®
2 3-pc. Bedroom Suites, mahogany finish- 179-00 12450
1 5-pc. Walnut Bedroom Suite-1—1- 339-00 249*0®
1 2-pc. Living Room Suite, period styling- 269-00 169*®®
1 3-pc. Living Room Suite, tapestry- 349 00 229-0®
1 2-pc. Living Room Suite, rose tapestry- 459 00 219-00
1 Walnut Cellarette, with glasses- 134-00 79-00
2 Studio pouches, tapestry covering- 89-00 59*00
1 5-pc. Modern Waterfall Bedroom Suite- 398 °0 279*00
2 Love Seats, rose or blue covering-- 169-00 79*00
1 Barrel Chair, beige covering- 89 00 57*5®
4 Modern Lounge Chairs, blue tapestry--— 89-00 49*00
1 Wing Chair, beige tapestry-_s--- 129 00 74*50
18 Prs. Cotton Marquisette Curtains, 76" long- 2-9^ 1*^0
4 Chintz Covered, Solid Color Trim Comforters..- 11-50 4*05
5 All-Wool, Solid Color Blankets_ 10 95 6*00
8 Prs. Ruffled Bedroom Rayon Drapes- -12 95 5*05
Use the Convenient “JL” Budget Plan
STORE HOURS, 9:30 A.M. to 6 P.M.
■ n ns BURGH
L Company

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