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Fuanished or unfurnished apartment in
Northwest Call DE. 1846. 7*
12-year-old daughter desire ant,; will
share Apt. or house. HO. 4773. 7*
VETERAN, wife and Infant, need 1 or 2
bedroom unfurnished apartment. Cal! DE.
1800. Ext. 505. 7*
EMPLOYED COUPLE, both ex-Navy offi
cers. desire efficiency or bedroom furn.
apartment. Call DE. 1600. Ext. 506. 8*
WASHINGTON, D. C„ or vicinity—Fur
nished apt or house with 2 or 3 bedrooms;
from Sept. 15, for 9 months. Write Box
374-B. Star. 8*
GENTLEMAN and grown daughter desire
furnished apartment or small house: two
bedrooms; n.w. D. C., highest references.
Box 375-B. Star 7*
VETERAN and expectant wife desperately
need an unfurnished apartment. Call
AT. 6690. 8*
DOCTOR and family desire unfurnished
2 or 3 bedroom house; permanent: local
hospital staff surgeon. DE. 1416. 8*
VETERAN, wife, 2 children; need 2-bed
room apartment: will pay 6 mos. in ad
vance. Please help us. SL. 1484. —7
VETERAN, wife, expecting child, need 1
or 2 bedroom apartment, furn. or unfurn.,
permanent. PL. 0742. —8
student and employed wife, desire a furn.
or unfurn. apt. in n.w. or suburban Wash
ington. MI. 2698. —7
BY COUPLE with 10 and 6-year-old
children, desperately, apt. or house to
share; limit. $70. WO. 9274. *
No pets, no children. WO. 4565 *
BUSINESS WOMAN wants small apart
ment downtown. Best refs. TR. 7717. *
EMPLOYED COUPLE with school boy in
urgent need of apartment in good neigh
borhood. Box 428-B. Star. *
VETERAN AND WIFE want two rooms,
kitchen and private bath. Both employed:
perm, residents: non drinkers. UN. 0790. *
WORKING MOTHER with child in nursery
school desires apt in Va POLLARD. Rfi.
4142. Ext. 3125. weekdays. *
VETERAN to be married Oct. 1 urgently
needs furnished apt.: 2 rooms, kitchen and
bath; n.w. D. C. Both employed. GE. 4892.
NAVY VETERAN, just returned from
China, urgently needs 1-bedroom furnished
apt, preferably in apt. bldg. Quiet, re
fined couple. Price not over $65 mo. Call
Shepherd 7483 bet. 4-8 p.m. 7*
PERM. GOVT. LADY employe desires un
furnished efficiency apt, in Northwest
section.'. Box 24P-B. Star. 7*
ONE-BEDROOM furnished or unfurnished
apartment for veteran and wife. Not over
$65. Temple 3495. 7*
gress, perm, desires small furn. or unfurn.
apt. in Mt. Pleasant, Kalorama or Cleve
land pk. area. NO. 8621 eve. or Sun.
p.m, or NA. 2722, Ext. 414 weekdays. 8*
GOVT. EMPLOYE desires 2 or 3 bedroom
apartment or house. Two adults snd child
of 7. Box 336-B. Star. 8*
EX-NAVAL LT. and expectant wife desire
furn. or unfurn. apartment up to $90.
Please call OV. 2305 after 5 p.m. 8*
2-BEDROOM FURN. APT, n.w. section:
4 refined girls. References furnished. EM.
4101 after 6 weekdays 8*
APARTMENT. 2 BEDROOMS or house, un
furn, up to $100. Permanent Worla
Bank economist, wife, baby. Substantial
rent in advance TA. 9540. 7*
2-BEDROOM APARTMENT. 3 adults: n w
pref.; vie. Scott and Thomas circles.
NO 3739. 7*
APARTMENT. 1 or 2 rms, with kit. or
kit. privils.; young couple. GE. 6992. —8
VETERAN and bride-to-be in desperate
need of an unfurnished apt, preferably in
n.w. section; both employed. If you have
a bedrm, living rm, dinette, kitchen and
bath, please be kind enough to call TA.
8940. evenings after 7, and Sunday, 1-6.
TWO YOUNG LADIES, registered nurses,
nermanent, desire three rooms, modern,
good neighborhood, furnished or unfur
nished; .prefer n.w. Owens 7053 after 1
P m. SaC and all day Sunday. 7*
FURNISHED 3-RM. APT., modern: 2
adults; no children or pets; best of refer
ences. Phone DE. 2296 7*
UNFURN. 2-BEDROOM APT., centrally lo
cated; max.. $125 per month: occupancy
immediate or soon; Govt, official (perm,
civil service, highest grade), wife and col
lege son. WI 4954. 7*
APT., FURNISHED or unfurnished* D. C
or nearby Md„ no children or pets, ref
erences furnished. Phone CH. 8093. —7
GEORGETOWN or vicinity. Govt, employed
couple desire bedroom apt., up to $80.
Call QUINN, RE. 5600, Ext. 2338 or
CO. 0288. *
FRENCH OFFICIAL, with wife, two chil
dren, 1 ar.d 4 years, needs two bed
rooms or house: furnished or unfurnished;
preferably n.w. location. Call CO 9445
YOUNG COUPLE, recently married, des
perately needs unfurn. apartment: 2 rooms.
Kit and bath, fairly modern; up to $70;
finest references. RA. 5727
PERM. GOVT. EMP.. wife, son (21. need
3 or 4 room apt. pvt bath. $85. furn. $75
unfurn. AUEERT. AD. 9446. 13*
PLEASE—I am a veteran, recently married,
desperately need unfurn. 1 to 3 rm. apt.,
up to $60. Call WO. 6121. 8*
ONE BEDROOM, liv. rm., kitchen and pvt.
bath apt. in clean condition, desired by
trefined lsdy. No basement. Do not drink
or smoke. HO. 2745. *
I TW'O-BEDKOOM unfurnished apt.. 3 em
yplcyed. refined adults; no pets. Box 421-B,
{Star. 8*
AREFINED COUPLE desires furn. or unfurn
> apt., with private bath, s.e. or n.e. At
1 Untie 0674. 8*
t VET, WIFE AND CHILD need small furn
' apt . up to $60 monthly, immediately. Call
* RE 0265. Apt. 110. 8*
' APARTMENT or 3-bedroom house, unfur
! nlShed; Regular Army colonel, iust re
turned from overseas, wife. 2 older children
and Invalid mother. In God we trust.
EX. 7700. Ext. 2. *
9 OR 3 ROOM unfurn. apt., wanted by
Oct. 15, by 2 perm. empl. Govt, women.
NO. 3994 9*
quire 1 or 2 bedrm. apt., pvt. entrance,
n.w . furnished or unfurn.; no pets or chil
dren; year or longer WO. 6940. *
FBI EMPLOYE urgently needs small apt.,
furn. or unfurn.. or dble. room with pri
vate bath. TA. 2944 Sunday, after 6
p.m weekdays 9*
BEING EVICTED SEPT. 10. account sale of
UUUBC. UCB1IC I «. VCUIUVill oyni mituv
furnished or unfurnished, preferably South
east; will pay 6 months’ rent in advance;
best of references. Victor 0509. *
FURNISHED APT., two bedrooms, parlor
and kitchen, for 3 girls; private entrance;
In vicinity of Dupont Circle. Box 437-B.
Star. *
2 VETS and their baby want apt.. 8 rooms,
with private kit. and bath; Idry. facilities.
$80 max. GL. 0437. •
“NO CHILDREN” makes us wonder whether
people still have a heart! We have a 10
month-old son with whom we can't part!
Quiet couple will take excellent care of
your apartment; college graduate, sales
executive; excellent references. TROTT.
RA. 8472.
MARINE STAFF SERGT.. empl wife, des
perately need small furn. or unfurn. aDt.;
must vacate by next wk AT. 4810. —13
2-BEDROOM APARTMENT, unfurnished,
n.w sec., desired by permanent lawyer
veteran. wife and mother; no children;
rent range. $100 to'$150 per month. Call
DE 3485 Sundays or after 6 p.m. week
days. —9
MIDDLE-AGED COUPLE wants 2 or 3 rm.
unfurn. apt., city or suburban. Phone
PI. 6946. —9
THREE ADULTS (family) want apt., with
or with our furn. Call RA. 5051.
EMLOTED COUPLE desires furn. or up
turn. apt., conv. to Bureau of Standards.
RA 8304 after 11 a.m. Sun., any time
EmVlOtId' Cot^PLly and son. 13. want
unfurnished 2-bedroom apartment, small
house6 or duplex; vicinity of Brtghtwood
EMPLOYED MOTHER. 4-vear-old son. in
day nursery, want small furn, ant., n.w
preferred. MRS. ROCKWELL. FR 5917
MATURE VETERAN, G.W. graduate stu
dent. wishes furnished apartment, bath
private entrance, in n.w. Box 5607. Wash
ington 16. D. C ' ■
WANT 2 R.. K.. B. APT. for married
couple. Call EX. 0867 after 7 p.m. 9*
PERMANENTLY employed couple need one
or two bedroom unfurnished apt., living
room, dinette and kitchenette, in desirable
northwest neighborhood. No children or
pets. Call Michigan 8625 Sunday 9-2.
evenings after 6. 8*
A SMALL APT. or large double room on or
near Wis ave. for 2 young men; private
bath, cooking and laundry iacillties essen
tial if room. Will pay well for right place.
MR BROWNE, DU. 1431 after 10 a m *
IMMEDIATELY—Apt. or l.h.k. rooms for
overseas veteran, wife and 7-month-old
hahv furnished or unfurnished. Box
485-B. 8t»r.
WANT APARTMENT for veteran and wife,
gentile home; preferable in n.w. Call TA
7581. *
CHRISTIAN COUPLE, no children, no
smoking or drinking, need apt. or house.
Excellent care. Prefer Va. D%. 1231 *
NAVY DEPT, employe and mother desire
1-room unfurnished apt with k and b.:
n w, preferred. RF-- 7400. Ext, 62406.
8;30 to 4:30. „ _ _ **
COUPLE needs furnished one-bedroom apt :
prefer Va. Call EX. 4700. Ext. 426. week
end and evenings. Weekdays. Republic
67 00. Ext. 3523, MAJ. MEYER !>*
URGENT—Need 2-bedroom apartment:
good care guaranteed; no small children.
Chestnut 2550. . *
WANTED—Apt. or small house, furnished
or unfurnished, near transit to Pentagon,
for 2 adults, one a professional Govt, em
ploye. Call Sunday. Atlantic 1210, BROWN
employed girls desire 1 or 2 bedroom fur
nished apt.; can furnish reliable references.
ME. 5322, Ext. 500. *
want n.w. apartment; pref. vie Munitions
Bldg : UP to $55. Michigan 9111. 9*
AIR FORCE OFFICER, wife and Infant
daughter, .awaiting assignment abroad, de
sire to rent or sublet furnished apartment
or house untii Oct. 1.; references. Hlll
BROTHER and SISTER, quiet, young and
financially secure, need turn, apartment
in residential n.w. neighborhood; rent.
S80-S100. Please phone TA. 2465. *
Jj » STUDENT (vet.) and wife (expect
S'a) urgently need 3-rm. turn, apt., private
bath refa MRS JENTILE. AD. 9641. 13*
MIDDLE-AGED COUPLE urgently need 3
unfurnished apartment; nearby
Jg?yland preferred. Call Warfield 8798
hv Army ofl and wife, stationed at An
Skw^Fld , « *• section. Call collect
wSrTER^wlf*2' adult daughter, movini
SJfff research in Congressional Library
SSd modest furn. apartment or house ir
«w country; references. NA. Q03*.
UNFURNISHED. 2 or 3 bedroonr
apartment or house- Northwest preferred
^?BbR1BAaBELO» APT. In Wish . D
veterans; $70 mo. m»x. _ MR
SJntVy^mo^er daughter; furmshec
3.;K?“««M*NENTLY employed girls de
«"°1 hashed apartment vl
unit, 16th n.w. or upper N. H. DE. 8909
'Eterav and wife-to-be deaire furmshet
« efficiency OL.?ned, dar?2?
4th. Columbia 49-4
I HAVE FURNITURE for 1 room and willing
to share ant with another girl, 36 years
i old. DI. 8709. * j
ployed wife (husband in Army), desires i
i three-room furnished apartment, private j
bath, in Hyattsville, Maryland, or vicinity j
or vicinity of Walter Reed General Hos-!
pita!. Call WA. 8078 between 10 a m.1
and 6 p.m. Sat. or Sun. 7* |
and baby need apartment, preferably g.e.
location. LI. 6339 8*
UNFURNISHED HOUSE or apt . in Mont
gomery County, for veteran and family.
Cali WI. 7466 —8
EMPL. GOVT. LADT and son. perm. int.
in D. C„ desire 1 or 2 bedrm. unfurn.
apt ; up to $'0; no pets, no children,
best, references. TA. 8603. —8
REGULAR ARMY MAJOR and wife desire
apt. or small house, vicinity Washington,
on or before Oct. 1. no children or pets;
wiil take excellent care of property. GL.
0253. —8
VETERAN AND BRIDE desire unfurnished
apt by Oct. 1. in n.w. section; no pets,
no children. W’A. 8770. or AT. 1111. —7
VETERAN. WIFE and child desire 2-bed
room unfurnished apt., in Md. suburban
area. WI. 5492. —8
bedroom housekeeping apt , Northwest
Washington or Va. RE. 7400, Ext. 2091
days; NO. 0114 nights. —I 2
FOR THEIR HEALTH and happiness, 2
girls need a light housekeeping apt of
1 bedroom, sitting room, kitchenette and
bath, in Dupont Circle area. Call AD.
0014. —8
EVICTED AFTER 10 YEARS, need 2-bed
room apt or 6-room house. HO, 3476 or ,
Box 326-B, Star. 7*
ARMY MAJOR AND WIFE, no children,
pets, desire to sublease for 4 or 6 months
furnished cr unfurnished Georgetown or
Northwest Washington WA. 2237. —14 ;
UNFURNISHED or furnished apt., in s.e..'
by veteran, and nurse, by Sept 15. Call
VI. 4548. ** —7
bedrooms, living room, bath and kitchen.
DU 7566. —7
room, kitchen and bath unfurnished aoart
ment Cali North 4288. 7*
COLORED VET. and wife desperately need
2-rm. apartment: references: employed.
Call DU. 8626 Sunday.
COLORED—l-ROOM kitchenette apt. in
Christian home, empleyed couple preferred.
’$47.50. LI. 8011. 1233 G st. n.e.
desires 2-room apt., furnished or unfur
nlshed. CO. 9059. •
$100 TO $12.5—1 bedroom. 1 living room,
kitchen, hall and private bath, nice closets,
large yard; all day Sunday. Daleyitw
V. OF MD. student and wife desire fur
nished apt. near College Park; no smoking,
drinking, children or pets, Warfield f»436.(
I VA., CLOSE IN; will exchange beautiful
! 1-bedrm. garden apt. for small downtown
1 apt. TE 2267. 9*
EXCHANGE—One-bedroom apt., se.. for
| on»-room, Murphy-bed efficiency apt. in
I n.w. apt. house. Box 308-B. Star. *
including kit., bath, terrace, in exchange
for 1 or 2 bedrm. apt. Cali CO. 7744.
Ext 206-East. —9
; MODERN UNFURN. 2-bedroom apart
ment. Suitland. Md.. for similar in
Washington, preferably n.w. Box 272-B.
Star, or RA. 2239. 7*
WILL EXCHANGE 2-rm. kit,, dinette and
bath apt. at 8uitland Manor. Md., for
12-bedrm.. kit. and bath in n.e. or s.e.
Washington. HI. 4413. —7
exchange unfurnished 1-bedrm. apt. in
n.w. for one or two bedrm. in L. A. Box
i 162-B. Star.
EXCHANGE NEW YORK aoartmsnt in
Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn for
apartment or house in Washington or
suburbs. Call Adams 3277 from 9 am.'
to 8 p.m.: after 8 p.m., call Trinidad
5309 or Randolph 6817. 7* i
WILL EXCHANGE lge. rm. with cooking
facilities and bath. Beacon Hill. Boston,
for a small apt., n.w. section. WO. 7657
between 12 and 2. —7 I
NEW YORK FOR WASH.—Two-room apt.. 1
bath, kitchenette, completely furn.. 58th
st. and Sutton pi.. New York, for similar,
apt, in Washington. Call BONDI. ME.'
i 1533 after 4 p.m. weekdays. 7*
ly large 1-bedroom modern apt. for any
size apt. in Chicago. CO. 8358. •
| N. Y. FOR WASH.: 1-bedroom unfurn.
apt., reasonable rent for 1-2 bedroom apt. ;
District or vicinity. Call Mon.. SH. 2195. • I
WILL EXCHANGE 3V2-room unfurn. apt, 1
in n.w. Washington. D. C. for apt. in
Chicago: prefer 2 or 3 bedroom apt., but i
will consider 1 bedroom. Call GE. 7910. ]
NEW 5-RM. APT., Bethesda. for same n.w.
! OL. 1 889. •
VETERAN. WIFE and child, will exchange
1-bedrm. unfurn. apt,, convenient n.w.
section, rent $55 mo., for 2-bedrm. apt.
or house in n.w., nearby Va.. or Md .
must be near transp. and shopping: will
pay up to $75 mo. RE. 0536.
MODERN DOWNTOWN efficiency apart
ment exchange for 1-bedroom apartment.
RE. 2081. Ext. 619. 8
i EXCHANGE 1 -bedroom modern apt., n.e..
for 1 or 2 bedroom apt . Petworth. Bright
I wood or Silver Spring. FR. 0965. *
lovely garden-type 4l/a-rm. apt., moderate
IN. Y. commuting »rea; if you can fulfill
| our needs you'll be delighted with this
apt. VI. 8087.
I room apt., furn., for same. Box 48-1-B,
i Star. •
WILL EXCHANGE furnished apartment
near Capitol for District apartment in
vicinity of Chevy Chase. Box 475-B. Star. "
I MOD. UNFURN. 1 -BEDRM. APT., Bolling
Field area, in exchange for similar rr
small apt, centrally located. TW, 1289. ♦
I TWO APT. BLIXJ8.. zoned commercial;
next to streetcar line and business center
of Berwyn; present income from apts..
I $119; ideal for use as store and living
Suarters for a family; $11,500. UN. 0493.
CONGRESS HEIGHTS. R.E., nr 5th and
Trenton—Consists of 8 apts. with 3 and
4 ims. each; fine location overlooking city:
handsome income: corner property; sub
stantial cash req.: owner eager to sell.
To inspect, call TA. 2895. eves, and Sun-,
days: DI. 7083. week days.
$16.500—2415 2nd st. n.e.. between
Bryant and Channey at . near C. U.; re-‘
stricted neighborhood, conv. transp.: each
apt. has living room. 2 bedrooms, tile
bath, dinette, kitchen, hall, front and rear
porches: yards, basement, gas heat, laun
dry trays: perfect, cond. Apply to OWNER i
at 2413 2nd st. n.e. • |
I AM SACRIFICING a modern 4-unit bldg .
4 yrs. old: 20 min. from downtown; oil
heat: gross income. $2,760 per yr. full
price, only $17,500: about $6,700 cash 1
needed. If you occupy one apt., income
more than covers pour annual rent. Phone
OWNER at OW 7173.
VACANT—3 beautiful apts., completely'
remodeled, good investment for owner
occupant; 1st apt. has access to garden,
with income from other apts. Priced right.
Call HENRY V. SEAY. 1916 Eye st. n.w.,
EX 1077. —8
32-UNIT APT., fireproof brick building,
in excellent downtown location, in beauti
i ful condition. This fine property is defi
nitely to be sold and affords real invest
ment opportunity. Call Mr. Thornton. WA.
$625. with FRANK S. PHILLIPS, DI. 1411.
N.W.—First commercial: consists of 6
apts.. compl. furn. bldg, may easily be
converted to modern office bldg. Shown
by appt. only To inspect call TA. 2895
i eves, and Sun. DI. 7083 wk. days.
! APARTMENT houses wanted.
RESIDENT OWNERS—Will buy 2 to 6
unit apartment. Y. D. SANDERS. ] .231)
A st. J.e 8*
WANTED TO BUY. direct from owner—
14 to 12 unit apartment house. W. H.
WISE. 5005 Evelyn Byrd rd„ Richmond
! 24 Va Q• (
GEORGETOWN — An excellent location;
consists of living room, dining roqm.
kitchen. 2 bedrooms and bath; 512,600;
i good, clean building. Box 38-C. Star. —7!
WHAT DO YOU NEED? Here are apts
ranging from 1-bedrm. types to 3-bedrms..
2-bath types; located in bldgs, classified
from modest to de luxe, and priced ac
cordingly: we have choices in the Rutland
Court, the Hampshire Gardens, the Lam
bert. the Northumberland. 1881 Crescent
pi. n.w. and 2640 Mass. ave. n.w.; call this
office, generally considered the clearing
house for Wash, co-operatives, for an ap
pointment to inspect any of the above.
Exclusive agent. EDMUND J. FLYNN (au
thority on co-operative plan since 1920—
responsible for most of Wash.’s more than
60 co-operative bldgs.'. Note new address.
Wash. Bldj . RE. 1218 or RE. 1749.
R—One room, foyer, kitchen, bath, un
furnished; modern restricted building, ele
vator and switchboard; price, 57.600; small
cash payment, balance monthly. State
amounts you can pay. Box 493-Z. Star.
NEAR 16th and north of U st. n.w.—2
bedroom apartment with living room, din
ing room and kitchen, with elevator serv
ice. To settle estate. Price. 514.000. LOUIS
P SHOEMAKER. 1719 K st. n.w., NA.
1 168.
with beautiful modern furnishings. GE.
'choice 1-ACRE APT SITE, exceptionally
high, level, wooded: utilities in: above
! Cberrydale. 50c Der ,a. ft. BUCKLEY &
I BUCKLEY. CH. 4112; eves.. GL. 6951.
listed in the downtown area, adjoining
Geo. Washington Univ. and Government
depts. Priced from $3 to ST per sq. ft.
WOODWARD & NORRIS, T23 20th st.
inw. RE. 6585.
adjacent to n.e. Govt, park 50c sq. ft.
Call F. E. MIDDLETON. RE. 1181.
center-hali Colonial brick. 6 bednns., 4
bathi. large liv. rm.. din. rm • all-electric
kit., breakfast rm.. powder rm.. recreation
rm. laundry rm. with Bendix. 2-car at
tached Sf large wooded lot. outside
igrill: $350 per mo. furn. . 8IMPSON &
1 MAYS. 3200 W’ilson blvd.. CH. 7 <_< <.
OX 11 86. — <
WILL SHARE LARGE, beaut, furn home
with adult family or 3 or 4 girls; 2 bed
rms.. pvt. bath, modern kit., lovely din.
rm. and liv. rm..: garage: privacy: $160
per mo. 4T05 Blajden ter. n.w., RA.^,81.
SHARE BUNGALOW, in Arlington—Girl
will share with 1 other girl: $25 mo. and
share expenses. 1711 North Randolph ^st..
Arlington. OW. 6059 after 7 p.m. —.
FOR RENT—Rockville. Md. Oct 1 to
June 1. furn. det. brick home. * bear ms..
2 baths, oil heat, heated gar., lse. lawn:
adults. Call Rockville 3713. —■
DUMBARTON, near Georgetown—3-bed
room. 2tv-bath comm brick home, over
looking city: ninety famished: .£^ $400
per mo. Call Cmbong Kolb. J. 1*0 KOUB
Pleasant—6 bedrms., bsmt. apt.: 2 liv.
rms.: kit.: tar.: oil heat; income from
bsmt. and 5 bedrms. now $213: roomers
remain if desired: ftnt. $225: 3 mo. in
advance. AD. 2662, GREGORIO. Box
235-C. Star. —8
rm. bungalow: $60 Der mo. 3718 31st
hi., n.e. Call NA. 5534. —8
CHEVY CHASE. MD.—Delightful detached
home: 7 rooms. 2 V* baths, porch. 2-car
garage: attractively furnished: only $225
per mo. WALTER A. BROWN. 1415 Eye
st. n.w.. NA. 1652. WI. 5134. —7
5000 ALLANDALE RD.—Beautiful furn.
stone house off River rd.. in Md.. 1 mile
beyond District line; avail, within wk.: 4
bedrms.. 2V» baths, all modern conven..
large ground; $30o mo. Call EM. 3032.
GEORGETOWN HOUSE. 3 bpdrms : avail
able 'til January 1; rent, $200 per mo.
Call Sun., NG. 0513. 3031 O st. n.w
3-RM. COTTAGE, furn., a.m.i.: couple:
$57.50 per mo.. 6 mo. rent in advan.
CaU BRANNON. WA. 8036. Finns lane.
Lanham. Md
WANTED—Mother and daughter to share
Arlington bungalow, give details. Box
391-B. Star. •
LEASE UP TO 18 M.: adult family: rent.
$175; furn. H-rm. bungalow, piano; ga
rage. acre lot for garden lovers. SH.
9220. •
ATTRACTIVE, aetachcd: 17 rooms, near
16th ana Harvard sts. n.w.: for adults
only, who can pay $300 to $500 for
house and furniture rent. Box 423-B.
Star. •
FURNISHED—8 rooms. 4 baths, gas heat;
central Noithwest location, near Dupont
Circle; year s lease, at $350 per month.
To responsible adults with references. Call
E. S. MAURY 1495 Newton st. n.w.
AD. 8926 or DI. 3346. —9
WILL LEASE for 9 mos., 6-rm. house on
3 Vi a. of ground, $200 month rent. AL.
WIDOW, gentile, will share Arlington
home with refined, settled couple; no chil
dren; references exchanged. JA. 1953-W.
COUNTRY HOME, comfortably furnished:
bedrm. and bath on 1st floor. 3 bedrms.
and bath on 2nd floor. Located on State
rd. near B. & O.: 25-min. drive from
Rockville: $100 per mo. MRS. DE BECK.
WI. 4122. —9
3-RM. FURNISHED HOUSE to rent for 4
mos. only, include bath and oil heat; $65
per mo. SL. 6478, SH. 9603,
NEW. MODERN, furnished 3-bedroom
home: gas heated; available very rea
sonably if owner and young daughter
retain one bedroom. Ordway 3480, Ext. 10

“THE BIG HOUSE” on the Wilson
Compton 1.30O-acre stock farm in Vir
ginia. 20 miles from White House: 6
bedrooms. 3*2 baths, living room, library,
den. winter dining room, summer dining
room, kitchen, garden and lawn, stable,
authentic Pennsylvania-Dutch furnishings,
Beauiiful and complete; oil heat, electric
stove and refrigerator. Filled with at
mosphere and comfort. Year's lease at
$150 per month to appreciative people
who can establish responsibility; 2 miles
of river frontage, Va mile from the hous.\
Qnv ‘l’ .r fit or
tiful 4-bedrm. Colonial house (partly
furnivShed»; large living rm. with fire
place, screen porch, lovely landscape gar
dens: owner will lease for 1 yr. with
option: rent. $250 mo. MYRTLE A. WEA
DON CO.. DI. 4854. HO. 7910. •
OPPORTUNITY for 2 young men, pro
fessional or officers, to share furn house
in Chevy Chase with 3 others. Prefer
applicants already known to each other.
Car essential; share expense; average
approx. $60 a mo. each, including maid
service. WO. 63J 7 noon to 5 p.m. Sun.
6131 Utah ave. n.w. ;
with empl. Protestant couple; no drink
ing; $60 per mo._SH. 4536._
World War 2. to rent desirable, spacious
residence, containing living room, dining
room combination library and bedroom
with adjoining bath, kitchen. 4 bedrooms
and 2 baths; Northwest community; $250
a month. Box 281-X. Star. —7
FOR RENT, new. never occupied. 6-room,
1 la baths, detached painted white brick:
large ict fenced for safety of children;
located on Jones Bridge rd.. next to Conn,
ave.. Chevy Chase, Md.. 5-yr. lease, $250
mo. or would sell. $5,000 cash and $150
mo. Representative on property daily
1 to 9 p m. FULTON R. GORDON. 1427
Eye st. n.w. DI. 5230. Brokers attention.
ARLINGTON. VA.—2-bedrm. basement:
lge. lot. near Pentagon; 1-yr. lease; owner
on premises. Sat. and Sun., 1-6 p.m. 5212
S. 11th st. s.. Arlington. —7
2022 16th ST. N.W.—Consisting of 16
rooms. 2 baths; suitable for doctor's or
dentist’s suites; $300 per montti. B. F
SAUL CO- NA. 2100.—7
EXCHANGE Philadelphia-Washington. rent
of beautifully furnished, modern 3-bed
room house near Germantown, for com
parable unfurnished house or apartment
*n n.w. Washington or suburbs. Box 7-B,
Star. 7*
WILL EXCHANGE 3 bedrm., 2 bath, de
tached brick house: 6 yrs. old: conven
ient to bus: rent $100 for 1-bedrm. apt
.n upper n.w. No private home apts. SL.
1708. —7
WILL EXCHANGE beautiful 3-room un
furn. apt., n.w . for house in Silver Spring.
Georgetown or n.w section. WO. 3801.—7
NAVY CPO will exchange beautiful San
Diego, 2-bedrm. home, completely furn., for
2-bedrm. home or apt. In or near D. C.;
for the next 6 mos. TR. 6022. —8
change rental: 6-room new’ly furnished
modern brick house, quiet n.w. section; for
similar house or apt. in New York, pref
erably Long Island. Phone EM 5923. —7
ivini. tJiBssiit, 4-Dedrm nouse. in nice
section of Arlington County, for similar
house In or near Silver Spring; would like
garden space; my property valued about
$16,000. Phone FA. 2387-W. —7
WILL EXCHANGE 6-room modern house
and garage, very reasonable rent. In sub
urban Phila., for 2-bedroom apartment in
Washington. D. C. or vicinity: furnish
complete details. Bo* 368-B. Star. 9*
Will exchange 3 bedroom house for similar
hi New York City or vicinity. LI. 0513.
WASH. FOR NEW YORK—Rental of 3
bedroom house in n e. Wash., rent. $116
mo., for unfurn. house in N. Y. suburbs.
KARP. 706 Jackson st. n.e. MI. 4874.
WASH.-NEW YORK, or close-ln vie.; 3-bed
room. unfurn. house, n.w. sec.: desire simi
lar 3-bedroom house or apt. HO. 2780.
WILL EXCHANGE 3-bedroom furn. house
in Georgetown for 2-bedroom, preferably
unfurn. house or apt., in Georgetown vi
cinity or close-in. Box 455-C, Star. —P
residents, year-to-year exchange for D. C.
det., 4 bedrooms. 2 baths, furnished, brick
MR. CURTIS. VI. 0529.
Falls Church; beautiful, new 6-room, white
stucco, in exclusive Edgewood sec., unfurn .
$15,000 bracket or $125 mo. rent; avatl
able in 2 weeks. CH, 1473._—»
SALE OR EXCHANGE modern 3-bedroom
brick home in vicinity of Philadelphia for
one in vicinity of Washington, either Va.
or Md.. NA. 6888. MR. YOST. P»
approx. 5-room unfurnished house: maxi
mum. $100. Phone Alexandria 8621. 12*
move September 16. require two or three
bedroom house, preferably In N. Arlington
or n.w. Chestnut 4428. *
REG. NAVY OFFICER urgently needs 4
bedroom house or apartment before school
opens; prefer Wilson High School district.
Northwest Washington: family consists of
3 adults, boy 15 and girl 10. Phone
Warfield 1133 with details. 7*
URGENTLY NEED 6 or 6 room house or
apt.; refined family: best care guaranteed;
references. DU. 5902. —12
NAVY COMMANDER with adult family,
desires furn, or unfurn. house; $150 mo.
EM. 9007. —8
TAX ATTORNEY, wife. 6 yr. old daugh
ter. need unfurn. 2 or 3 bedrm. house oi
apt.: n.w. or nearby Va.; best references
Lease. ME. 3017. 7*
COUPLE, no children, desire house or apt.,
furnished; up to $120 monthly. TE. 6177
WE HAVE CASH BUYERS for homeland
investment properties. What have you to
offer? THOS. E JARRELL CO.. Realtor?
festab. 1915). 721 10th st. n.w. NA. 0765.
CLIENTS waiting to rent good properties,
gnywhere in D. C. or vicinity. Top prices
paid, and we relieve you of all the details
incident to such a transaction. Por im
mediate results, call MI. 4311.
NAVY CAPTAIN desires 3 or 4 bedroom
furnished house by Oct. 1. in Washington
suburbs. Arlington or vicinity preferred.
DU. 6226.
ADULTS want unfurn. 3-bedrm. house, fine
liriSill/UlUUUU UGH I t^lRICHUUU. Wttli
nut 1863 evenings.
VETERAN AND WIFE and 3 children de
sire a home with acre or *2 of land, pref
erably in Maryland, suburban within 20
miles D. C. 768 1 1th st. s.e. J. C.
furn. in Chevy chase. D. C.. on long
term basis; $150 per mo. maximum, excel,
refs. EM. 3190. —9
sire sm. furn. house: Georgetown pref.,
3 to 6 mo., no child. Call EX. 2020.
Ext. 197. weekdays.
ARMY COLONEL, WIFE. R-yr.-old son re
turned from overseas: perm, duty here,
need louse or apt . furn. or unfuan.; conv.
trar.sp., schoo : oil heat preferred. NA.
6264. Ext. 319. ' 9*
HAMPSHIRE KNOLLS or vie.—Bungalow
unfurn. by responsible couple; mav buy
later on. MARTIN ARTSIS. 5447 Park
Heights ave.. Baltimore 15. Md.
RENT OR SUBLEASE, 2 or 3 bedrm. house
or apt. RE. 6700, Ext. 71,832 or DI.
5952. 9»
URGENT—2 or 3 bedroom house or apart
ment: furnished or unfurnished; family 4
adults. Sligo 3879. •
MTDDLE - AGED, perm. empl. couple ur
gently need 2-bedrm. unfurn. house or
apt. RA. 8445. all day Sun. and evenings,
adult family requires 3 bedroom un.
furnished house in n.w. district. Sligc
9030. •
SENSIBLE. MATURE and substantial fam
ily of 3 adults (no petsi. Army officer, per
manent duty Pentagon: wife and her moth
er looking for 2 or 3 bedroom house oi
apt., unfurn. preferred. Temple 8134. LT
Standards executive needs 3-bedroom un
furnished apartment or house. GL. 4322
REFINED FAMILY. 2 children, house oi
apt . unfurnished. $100 Washington area
urgent. Weekdays. NA. 2778. 9-5. —8
ferred to Wash., desires 3-bedroom unfur
nished home. Will sign 2-year lease ai
substantial rental, occupancy Oct. 1. '47
Box 223-B. Star. •
BRITISH GOVERNMENT official, wife and
two well-behaved school children reauir,
3-bedroom unfunished house by 8eptembet
15. in Chevy Chase. Bethesda or vicinity
Excellent care guaranteed. Phone (week
days), EX. 2020. Ext. 990. or Box 365-B
Star 11*
I WANT TO RENT a home on long-term
lease, within reasonable distance to trans
portation. Condition of house does noi
matter Phone or write L. D. HONIG
4301 Bunker Hill rd,. Cottage City. Md
WA 2134. _ „ _ 8*
ARMY DR- Wife and two daughter* neec
two or thm bedroom unfurnished bouse
Tel. WI. 5820. 8*
EXECUTIVE, permanent position interna
tional organization, mature couple, cul- •
tured, quiet, accustomed fine surroundings,
(need three-bedroom house, good neighbor
hood. n.w. section or Arlington. Call IX.
6360, Ext. 3101. Monday through Friday.
! HOUSE OR APARTMENT. *75 to *100
I rental: family of 4: Arlington. Alexandria
or Fairfax County. WALLING KEITH,
The News. Birmingham. Ala 13*
ENTIRE HOUSE for office and residential
! use in Northwest section. TA. 3332
after 4 p.m. Sunday: thereafter daily.
CO 2574. to 6 p.m. •
adult family, desires five-room bungalow
lor apartment. Northeast section preferred,
DU. 7335 evenings. 9”
MAJOR REPAIRS MADE at our expense:
family needs 3 or 4 bedrm. house. D C.
or Arl. Box 2S4. Rosslyn. Va. •
ADULT FAMILY. Washingtonians, need fi
rm. house, unfurnished: under *100 per
mo. Will give long lease. References.
MI. 0803.
UP TO SIX MONTHS RENT In advance for
I desirable 3 or 4 bedroom unfurnished
house. AX. 4133. 14*
BELGIAN OFFICIAL desires furnished
house. 3 bedrooms; n.w, section preferred
Please call day time. DU. 1300, Ext. 34: ,
eves.. Owens 8395. —7
DOCTOR WANTS det. 2 or 3 bedrm
(house. Bethesda. Chevy Chase, area for j
around *150. Contact T. A. GUENTHER.
OR. 4000. Ext. 513. —7
i Standards executive needs 3-bedroom un
furnished apartment or house. GL. 4322.
STATE DEPT. OFFICIAL, wife. 2 daugh
l ters under 2 years, need unfurn. 2 or 3
I bedroom house or apt. by Nov. 1; to *125,
(WI. 0446. —9
or 2 bedroom house, furn. cr unfurn.,
nearby Va.: permanent: best refs.: max.
*100. 8L. 8205. —9
DISTRICT representative large corporation
needs 3 or 4 bedroom house unfurnished.
3 school-age children; to *135. Shep
herd 4863. , 7*
NAVAL OFFICER, wife, baby, dermanert,
urgently need unfurn. house up to *100
month: Virginia preferred. AT. 3193. 16*
i URGENT—Vet. wife, baby: evicted by sale
I of home; need 2-bedrm. unfurn. house or
apt.: to *100. MI. 4996. 7*
! PERMANENT CIVILIAN engineer, wife, in
fant. wants 5-6-rm house; furn. or unfurn.:
driving distance of D C. GL. 7921. —7
trained cocker spaniel urgently need un
furn. 1 or 2 bedrm. house or apt.; have
refs. OL. 1383. —7
residents, infant son, wish to lease 3 or
1 4 bedroom house, unfurnished or partially
furnished. preferably Northwest resi
dential, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, or North
Arlington area. Call Republic 6226,
I Ext. 800. 7*
i VETERAN (perm. Govt, employe) and
I family now living In Arlington apt. desire:
to lease unfurn. house of 2 or more bed-1
rms. in Virginia. MR. WEASE. Temple
3722, or write to 4306 So. 34th st.
Arlington. Va. ~* I
NAVAL LT. COMDR.. family desire mod- j
ern house. 3 or 4 bedrooms: lease for 1 j
year or more, furn. or unfurn.: must be
available around Oct. 1. LJ. 2179. 7*
PHARMACIST, experienced: best of refer
ences registered in Virginia and Wash.
D. C.: must have two-bedroom apt. or
five-room house, unfurnished. Box 6-B.
Star. 7* i
OR PURCHASE on rental basis by former ,
merchant Marine officer, suburban home ;
within commuting distance: prefer Prince ,
Georges County, not over $75 per mo. ,
(Box 274-B. Star. 7* j
WILL PAT TOP RENT for large house. .
zoned for rooming, preferably n.w. MR. ,
B. SINGER, 1300 17th st. n.w., HO. 9441. j,
old son, and mother. Methodist, stationed ' (
at Pentagon for extended period; would |.
'appreciate assistance in securing living;'
i accommodations nearby Va. area: prefer
unfurn. house or apt.; will consider furn.,
FA. 1901-M 1* |,
ARMY OFFICER, wife and two children. .
oldest 4 years, want to rent 2 or 3
bedroom house or apt., furn. or unfurn..'
within 20 miles Pentagon Bldg. Phone
Ordway 4339 between fl and < P.m.. or
Box 295-B. Star . '*
ARE YOU INTERESTED in renting to re
sponsible person who will look after your
interest, Lt. Col., R. A., needs house or
apt furn or unfurn. Rental arrange
! ments up to two years. EM. 6338. 7*
BRITISH OFFICER requires immediately.
3-bedroom furnished house, n.w. section
j preferred. Five in family including 2
children. Excellent care assured. Up to
$175 mo for suitable accommodation,
i EX. 1940. Ext. 91 before 5:30 p.m. 9*
C. FRED KELLEY has several clients in
' terested in purchasing property in Pet
worth and Brightwood section, n.w. Wash
ington. WI. 8646, —<
TABLER. INC.—A friendly organization
which gives real service. We need houses
now to sell. If you want action, call Mr.
Fisher or MR. TABLER for an immediate
appraisal of your property. 9 to 5. RE.
15020. —•
WILL PURCHASE fairly priced D C prop
erty at once for cash. Call MR. TABLER,
RE 6023 *—7
(daughter (12) and white nursemaid, to rent
I or lease 4-bedrm. home. furn.. good loc..
' pref. n w.: best ref, full responsibility:
will pay up to $220. Please call DU.
9013. MRS. BARTHOF. 8*
NAVAL OFFICER, wife and lo-month-old
(child desire two-bedroom furnished house,
i or apartment, within commuting distance, j
| to $150. LT. COMDR. R J SLAGLE.
U. S. N„ Rm. 916. Hotel Willard. If no;
( answer, please leave phone number. 8*
(5 OR 6 ROOM HOUSE, oil heat. n.e. or
(s e. location; present home sold; limit,
; $60. LI. 5471 after 6:30 p.m. 7*
GEORGETOWN—Small furnished house or
apartment, two bedrooms: best references.
AD. 7426; weekdays. EX. 6101, Ext. 632.
SUBLEASE WANTED—Furnished house or
apartment. 6 to 8 weeks: Government
economist. Woodley 9114. 7*
REFINED COUPLE and daughter (13)
wants to rent apartment or house, fur
nished. for one or two months, start Sep
tember 15: best references: will pay up to
$200 monthly. Please call COL. CANT
ALICE. DU. 9014 or DE. 9436. 8*
FRENCH OFFICIAL, wife, babies 3 mos
and 2 yrs, and nurse, want furn. house,
n.w, 3 or 4 bedrms, 2 baths. EM. 0481.
COLORED COUPLE wish to rent 6-room
Viniisp; n w nw.. RA. 9070.
MRS. "PENNY" suggests you take a look
at 7336 14th st. n.w Open dally. 2 to
f> n.m. till sold; home Is really a beauty.;
call RE 5224 or RA. 3790 exclusively,
CO for information. ,—*
*11,850 — BETHESDAt fr. bungalow. 3
bedrms.. liv. rm.. fireplace, tile bath, refg.
and stove; rear screened porch, basement.;
h.-w. coal heat, garage, lot 60x130; Priced
for auick sale: $5,850 cash payment. $48
mo. CHAS. B. ILER. WI. 5333. — -
ROW BRICK, near Sheridan Circle on
22nd st.; in excellent condition: 8 rooms,
.3 baths, gas furnace; Georgetown atmos-,
phere; $25,000. For details call Mrs.
Finn DU. 1234. SANDOZ. INC. —i
WOODRIDGE—Well situated 2-story home.
7 large rooms, in immaculate cond.: 2 com
plete baths, lifetime slate roof, full base
ment with oil a.-c. heat, landscaped corner
lot with det. garage. Prioed low at $13.
950: $4,000 cash. WALCROPT A PARKS.
3302 Perry st.. Mt. Rainier. Md. UN.
3400 until 9 p.m. _ _•—<
WOODRIDGE, near 12th and R. I. ave.
n.w.—-5-room bungalow. 1018 Douglas st
all modern, oil heat, nice lot. Bargain,
$12,900. HO. 2387. MI. 1448. —7
A CO-OPERATIVE; 4 family: 3 rooms, din
ette. kitchen and bath: excellent condition:
West Chevy Chase location: only $9,600:
$3,400 cash needed; low monthly pay
ments: bargain; act auick. C. J. HOLT,
agent. EM 1084. —<
HAWTHORNE—Finest D. C. residential
section: magnificent new home with a
background of forest oaks, every modern
i feature in this 7-rm.. 2-bath, brick-and
stone residence, including fireplaces in
I living rm.. den. recreation rm. Purchase
l before completion to insure your choice of;
decoration. Inspect by appointment only. ;
: with Mr. Engle. TABLER. INC,. RE. 5020:
; evenings. GE. 5883. —-J
GEORGETOWN. 1660 34th st—3 bed
| rooms. 3 baths. 7 rooms altogether; priced
right. See owner. , . 7*
CHEVY CHASE—Three-bedroom, one-bath
shingle house and grounds: excel, cond.:
! fenced-in back yard: ideal for children.
'fTwo blocks off Wisconsin at 4714 Chevy
i Chase blvd Call WO. 7201 before 8:30
a.m. or alter e o.m. jmo.duu. —**
over *25-ft. frontage: six rooms with closed
in porch, hot-water heat. Price. $12,500.
A home with a future business aite.
THOS. E. JARRELL CO.. Realtors. ,21
10th st. n.w.. National 0765; evenings,
GE 4‘155
NORTHWEST SECTION—Corner lot 55 ft.
by 100 It. Center-hell: very large; two liv
ing rooms (one with fireplace): dining
room with fireplace: lavatory and shower.
Second floor, five bedrooms and two baths.
Third floor, one bedroom and two flnlshed
storage rooms Two-car garage, oil heat.
Built by a builder for his own home;
extraordinary beautiful woodwork. THOS.
E. JARRELL CO.. Realtors. 721 10th at.
n w . National 0765: eveninga. GE. 435.->.
i VACANT—Newly decorated, lovely home
near 13th and Taylor, consisting of •
j large rooms, attic room and 2 inclosed
porches. J'j baths, full basement, oil heat.
| back yard and garage. Price. SI ,.250.
Substantial cash. IhAMPTON REALTY
1 CO.. EX. 5656: eves.. GE. 4884.
BRIGHTWOOD—3-room brick and 2 baths,
oil h.-w.h.: lot 25x125: conv. terms. Call
Mr Holloman. RE. 7104; eve.. VI. 3264.
with ALLEN L. KAY. Broker, 704 Albee
ChIvT CHASE. D. C., near circle—Center
hall brick on a beautifully landscaped lot
in a large group of well-built and well
kept homes; close to Lafayette School and
Chevy Chase Circle; exceptionally well
built home, ft years old: has been well
(taken ca- of; center hall runs full depth
Rf house to large screened porch; spacious :
v. rm. with fireplace and door to porch.
; roomy din. rm.. bright modern kitchen; <
! 2nd floor has larae master bedrm. with
bath and 2 closets. 2 other bedrms. and
i bath: flnlshed 3rd fl., heated; recreation
| rm. in bsmt.; built-in gar.: oil a.-c. heat:
(priced at 827 500; the property represents :
i one of the best values to be had. To
Inspect, call JAMES E. SCHWAB. Realtor.
; OR. 5800: after 6 p.m. call WO. 1408.
' MT. PLEASANT—Possession; 6 rooms. 244
baths, oil h.-w.h.; conv. terms can be ar
ranged. Call Mr. Holloman. RE. 7104; eve..
: VI. 3264. ALLEN L. KAY. Broker
CHEVY CHASE, D. C.—Vacant and en
tlrely new-home cond. This charming
3-bed rm.. 2-bath home also has good size
liv. rm . din. rm., kit. and breakfast rm.
or den. screened side porch. Most conv.
1 to schools, both public and parochial, shop
ping and buses. If you are looking for a
I eenuine bargain, call us today for aopt
; to inspect. Don’t wait. JAMES C. TIP
TON. WO 3211. OR. 1607. —5
! TPPER BRIGHTWOOD—Det. brick. 6 rrs.
o!d; h bath on 1st floor: 3 bedrms. and
bath 2nd fl.; price less than 818.00(4_Pot
| information. WILLIAM J. ROSENTHAL.
EM 6027. AD. 6144. _ *
8 yrs. old: 7 rooms and den. 2 baths 2nd
i floor, rec. rm.. gas heat; priced to sell. De
6027. AD. 6144. . *
PETWORTH. 6000 6th at.—Conv. to ahops.
schools, churches: excellent trans. Eight
rms.. oil h.-w.h : 2-ear brick garage. Pine
corner. Priced to sell. Open Sunday.
NEAR RANDOLPH RT. ON 13th—fl rooms.
2 inclosed porches: hardwood floors; de
tailed 1-car garage,_Down only 83.500.
balance like rent. EX. 3655, YOUNG &
letached, 3-bedroom brick home. In this
besirable section; excellent condition
throughout; property has living room with
fireplace, concrete front porch and 2
icreened rear porches, splendid kitchen,
ill burner to be installed. Call DI. 1015
till 9 p m., WM. H. SAUNDERS CO.. INC.
STONE AND BRICK BLDG.. Mass. ave. nr.
Dupont Circle, for sale by owner; suitable
ind loned for doctor's offices, rooming
louse or nonprofit institution; Ifi rooms.
S’4 baths: potential rooming house in
tome over $900 per mo.: immediate oc
:upancy. Phone DI. 6379 days cr OR.
2909 eves. —7
HOME OF DISTINCTION, situated In the
loumry club area of restricted Chevy
Chase. Circumstances necessitate an im
mediate sale. Priced accordingly. Center
ball plan. Gracious large living room
vhich opens onto porch leading to
roaeious terrace and garden. Library,
powder room, dining room and sun deck,
second floor 3 large bedrooms, 2 baths.
Third floor. 1 large room, completely fin
shed. Attractive recreation room, ad
loining den. 2-car garege For further
nformation call Mr. Chambliss. MI. 4311
TAMES L. DIXON & CO.. 17.30 Conn. ave.
1630 33rd ST. N.W.—Row brick. 20-ft.
roniage. Llv. rm.-din. rm. combination,
tit. with breakfast rm. Second floor. 2
ledrooms. sleeping porch and one bath
(bill basement,, lav. and shower, h.-w.h.:
10-ft. yard In rear with 4-car brick gar.
lipen Sun., 2-6 p.m. VICTOR CAHILL,
114 Southern Blag.. NA. 0313. or Mr.
Smith. WO. 4740. —7 i
IOO block DECATUR ST. N.W.—Row
irick arranged as 2 apts; 2 fully equipped
iitchans: 2 baths. Priced to sell. M. B.
VEAVEK. WO. 4944. DI. 3830.
2600 BLOCK L ST. N.W.—Row brick. 6
ms. end 1 bath, h.-w.h., gas and elec
rlcity. price, $8,500. Call Mr. Hackman
vith CONNER A RYON. INC., 927 18th
it. n.w. RE. 3216. WI. 2748.
«EAR 14th AND BUCHANAN sts. n.w —
lemldet. brick: 7 rooms, bath and lav. In
iasement, oil burner, hot-water heat, rec.
■oom. Venetian blinds, elec, refgr; good
ocation. Mr. Orem. GE. 4639. MARSHALL
T. WAPLE CO., 1224 14th st. n.w. DI.
HOUSE FOR SALE? I have clients with
ash for moderate-priced homes. List your
property for quick action with W. H.
SIMONS. 1823 M st. n.w.. EX. 6181.
KII.BOWNF PL. N.W., 1700 block—II
rooms. 2V2 baths, brick, newly redecorated.
Vacant, except 3rd floor, which is rented
for $70 a month. If hard to please, be
sure and see this place. Price. $21,000.
Terms. EDWIN L. ELLIS. Realtc*. 1010
Vermont ave., Rm. 217. RE. 5140.
BRICK, furnished as per inventory. 8
rooms. 2 baths: oil heat. 100 block of
13th st. s.e.. close to Lincoln Park and E.
Capitol st. Price, $16,000, Terms. EDWIN
1. ELLIS. Realtor, 1010 Vermont ave., Rm.
217 RE. 5140.
BET. BRICK. 5101 Mass. ave. n.w—3
ledrooms. garage, large rooms, sun parlor
Meed less than construction cost todav
3y appointment only. Mr. McDonnell, HI.
162(1. with C. D. MURPHY. Realtor.
>ne who possesses taste and can use their
magination and put their personality irtto
his delightful, solidly constructed, early
American pink brick heme, completely de
ached. with interior ready for immediate
emodellng according to your taste. Lovely
:arden. Asking price $14,500. For further
nformation please call Mr. Smith or Mrs
riw2« ?' tJCJav 4311 ■ Exclusive with
(AMES L. DIXON & CO., 1739 Conn, ave
THEVY CHASE. D. C.—Here's a chance to
DCatA. in thp Hist in£yil<cVb*rl U/alroAoU
me block off Conn, ave., at a price $10
100 below prevailing homes This charming
icarly new brick home has .3 large bedrms.,
. baths, attached garage, and screened
mrch overlooking large, beautifully land
caped garden: vacant, immediate posses
ion; open for inspection Sun . 1 till 6pm
Sol 2 Albemarle st. n.w. WO. 8884
IPEN SUNDAY, 1 TO 7, House of Slant
lurposes in Mt. Pleasant. Vacant. Excel
ent for a comfortable heme, rooming, or
ipts. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, basement rec
.eation room and lavatory. 3 oorches.
« ASS.4, Eee l,o3 Lanier pi, n.w.. north
if 18th and Col. rd. Mr Fischer with
7REYFUS8 BROS., NA, 0582 ; ev es , WO
JPEN TODAY. 2-0—6412 Elliott place.
?„R,'A’lshJr'L Knolls, Maryland. Beautiful
etached brick bungalow has living room,
lining room. kit. with stove and refgr , °
led rooms, tiled modern bath, full base
nenr. oil heat, attic, excellent condition
Mirrored fireplace with wall-to-wall car
otins- storm windows and screens to re
nam with property. Immediate possession,
rerms To reach: Out N. H. ave. >4 mile
,C Hne ,0 Hay rd- right on Ray rd
S„“r*‘ intersection, right 2 blocks to
!eft to sign on house. ENTER
l.w. EX. .3400; eves., GE. 5711
>PFN TODAY. 2-6—7211 Central Ave,
jligo Park terrace. Takoma Park. Md At
,r8rtJye detached brick, center-hall plan.
rn rooms living room with picture
vindow and fireplace, fully equipped kitch
en- Venetian blinds, side open porch with
iun deck, excellent condition: apartment
n basement with bathroom and stall
;hower. private entrance. Priced to sell,
immediate possession. To reach- Out
iney Branch rd. to Flower ave., left on
Carroll ave., left on Carroll
»ve. Ja block to Central ave. then 2 blocks
-OMPANV hf.V.fY enterprise realty
>£?£PANY- i?24 Eye street n.w. EX
1400; eves.. GE. 5711.
4UNGALOW. new but built with good
irick and dry lumber. Large living room,
rood-size dining room: beautiful kitchen,
lish washer and garbage disposal, fan. fine
efrigerator and stove: bedroom 11x1.3,
tied bath and large closets on 1st floor
fwo good bedrooms and tiled bath on "nd
loor. Plenty of storage space which could
>e made into third room. Large lot. located
lear Silver Spring stores, schools and bus
Af) S!,26, MARSHALL J.
VAPLE CO., Dl. 3.346.
IHEPHERD PARK—Vacant. Excellent. lo
:atlon: det. brick Dutch Colonial; 4 bed
•ms , 2 baths, det. 2,-car garage: level
rard: lovely landscape: 30-ft. living room
nth fireplace, porch: oil heal. Immediate
lossession. Priced under $25,000 with good
lnancing. Ray Morse. SH 4f)77 nnnvra
tEALTY CORP.. Realtors. Du. 8558.
3ETHESDA AREA, lust off Old Georgetown
d.—Prewar built, all-brick house, with 8
Ielightful rms. (.3 bedrms. and bath on
Ind floor); screened side porch and att.
rarage: large wootjed. gently sloping lot.
Hose to schools and.transp. Sound value
it *17.500. To inspect, cal] J. NOBLE
30AZ, Realtor. 7424 Wis. ave.. WI 7500.
! NEW DETACHED BRICK Colonial homes
tearing completion in D. C,. just west of
Deorgetown If you select one now you
may have your own choice of wallpaper,
elec, fixtures, color combinations for
woodwork, etc. This is a real opportunity
tor you to have part in the finishing of
rour own home. Each house contains liv.
-m.. dining room, large complete kitchen
with breakfast room. 3 bedrooms. 2 tiled
taths. porch: full basement, air-cond gas
teat; copper gutters, slate roof. Price.
322.500 each. Agent on premises Sundav
12 to 5 p m. Drive out to 4966 MacArthur
tlvd. (corner Nebr. ave.), or phone AD.
1542 or WO. 1739 foT appt. to inspect.
BURR & YOUNG. Realtors. DI. 2328.
Or. basement apt., excellent cond.: auto
matic heat; possession. RELIANCE REALTY
CO. 1830 11th st. n.w , DU. 0928; Sun.
call TR. 8782. GE. 3612.
HARRISON. NEAR 44th N.W.—Polks, here
is a completely redecorated 6-room, semi
jet. brick, that should sell quickly: *5.000
cash down. J. P. ROGERS, our new tele
phone number. TR. 6620. ■—9
in Laurel st. n.w.; oil h.-w.h.: gar. NEL
SON REALTY. NA. 7180, Sunday after 6;
daily. CO. 8037.
HOUSE ON L ST., between No. Capitol
ind 1st st.—6 rms. and bath, hot-water
beat: cash needed. *1.000. NELSON REAL
rY CO . NA. 7180; Sunday and after 5.
CXI. 8037.
tedrms.. detached, oil heat. 2-car garage;
price. *15,500. good terms. Call Mr. Bolich.
MI. 8082 or NA. 2690, with R. 8. BLACKI
3TONE. Realtor.
1400 BLK. QUINCY ST. N.W—Wide, row
irick. 6 rms . 2 Ige. Inclosed rear porches:
:ompletely renovated: built-in garage; oil
teat; owner leaving city and will sell
•easonable on terms. Call Mr. Bolich. MI
1082 or NA. 2690, with R. S. BLACKI
3TONE. Realtor.
1400 BLK. 17th ST. N.W.—Large, detached ;
tome on beautiful wooded Iot. near Rock
Dreefc Park; 8 bedrms.. 3H baths, oil heat: I
trice. *21.500. on excel, terms. Call Mr.!
Bolich. MI. 8082 or NA. 2690. with R. S.
1368 TAYLOR ST. N.W.—Open 1 to 5.
Sunday—Vacant: newly decorated, lovely
tome consisting of 7 large rooms, attic
•oom. and 2 inclosed porches. l*/2 baths,
'ull basement, oil heat, back yard, and
CO. EX. 5656; eves.. GE. 4884.
CLEVELAND AVE. — Street of beautiful
louses; a bargain in a brick French pro
'incial type, semidetached residence: 10
ms.. 3 baths, maid's rm. and bath. Owner
iccupied. For appointment to see. rail
drs. Clegg. OW. 5655. JOHN R. DE
1IBOTTR A CO. 17 Dupont Circle, MI
oom house with bath and screened porch.
Mastered walls, hardwood floors, coal h.-w
leat. In good condition. Priced for 1m
nediate sale at $7,670: $1,000 down;
lalance monthly. Overlooking C. A O
lans.l in Brookmont. V4 mi from D. C.
4RS. BURGESS. Realtor. 6100 Broad st.
VI. 4250.
4ETHE8DA. MD.—Two-story brick home;
lving room with fireplace, dining room,
arge fully equipped kitchen, porch. 1st
loor lavatory; 2nd floor, three large bed
ooms. bath with =hower; attached garage:
>11 heat: immediate possession L. G
VHITE, 7715 Wis. ave.. WI. 7600, WI
ipa.'l, *
JPEN TODAY. 2 TO 6 P.M-1656 Irving
it. n.w.—Beautiful 6-rm. home, lovely
rards, double garage, row brick vacant:
inly $2,500 cash required. DUPONT
1EALTY CO.. 3118 Mt. Pleasant st. n.w.
3U 5630
IMERICAN UNIV. PARK—Open today. 12
o 6 p.m.—4315 Chesapeake st. n.w.:
117.950: within walking distance of
(verything, this det. home is ideal for
:onv. and comfortable living: 6 rms. and
>ath. full basement, with toilet: oil h.-w.h.:
ot 50x150, with det. garage: furniture
ncluded in price. C. ALLEN SHERWIN.
TIC.. 4241 Wis. ave. EM. 4450.
HEAR 13th AND HARVARD—6 bedrooms.
! baths, oil heat, lngulated and weather
itripped: possession with deed: price.
116.950. Call Joseph S. Rutley H O.
SMITHY CO.. 811 15th st. n.w. NA. 5903:
ives.. EM. 6270. —9
PETWORTH—Nr. 9th and Delafleld: a
splendid value in a 4-bedrm. row brick
Some with range and refrigerator: det.
garage: in excellent condition: owner will
sell furniture if desired: priced for a
luick sale. Call ME. U*3 until 6 p.m..
5PEN SUN. 2 TILL DARK—Brick bungs -
ow. $11,750. In populai Hampshire
Knolls. Foyer entrance, beautiful liv. rm..
rery lge. kit. with dinette apace. 2 lovely
redrms tiled-flocr bath on first floor:
tteirwar to floored attic for future rooms
'ull basement, oil a.-c. heat, outside en
rance: nice lot. 75x125. Directions:
Dut New Hampshire ave. mile past
District line to Ray rd turn right 3
jlks. to Medwfck drive, right to Flanders
irive. right to our open sign at 6501.
VOOD-CONLEY CC., Pershing drive,
3L. 5700.
SHEPHERD PARK—Lovely detached brick
>f 4 bedrooms. 2Va baths, den. oil h -w.h.:
leautifully landscaped level lot: detached
garage. Priced under $30,000: first time
>tiered. Inspection by appointment. ED
VARD F. SIPPLE, exclusive agent. ME.
1249, VI 4090
BEIGHTWOOD — 6-rm brick, excellent
rendition; h.-w.h.. built-in garace; near
shopping center, theater and transp.; terms.
Call J®. 1900. OB. 5838.
GLOVES PARK, near Wisconsin ave. and
Calvert st. n.w.: a novelty In this very
popular section, a 10-room. 2-bath, semi
detached brick house, occupied by owner
and in excellent condition: available about
the 28th: hot-water gas lurnace. built-in
garage, recreation room: on busline and
near shops, school and theater; built by
Cooley, means well built, we 1 planned:
practically Georgetown territory, this loca
tion has advantages, higher elevation, con
venience to the diplomatic district, more
livable conditions: price. ¥23,500. LOUIS
P. SHOEMAKER, 1718 K st. n.w. NA. 1166
1430 N—Vacant: 8 rooms. 3 baths: near
Thomas Circle: ideal for physicians, den
tists. etc. Inspect today with JAMES CAR
ROLL. TR. 2864.
OPEN TODAY 2 TO A:30. 612 Gallatin st
n.w.—Owner transferred South; arranged
2 families: 1st floor Contains 3 rooms,
kitchen and entrance hall; 2nd-floor apt
has 3 rooms, kitchen, bath, rented at ¥15:
property has full basement, oil heat. 2
car brick garage; condition throughout is
excellent: sale price, ¥16.800. about
83.000 cash: 1st trust about ¥1.400. pay
„at 5''- Cali COLONY
REALTY CO.. GE. 01 <8. RA. 0516, for
further details. Exclusive agents.
34 4.-, OHD4VAY ST. N.W., corner 35th.
Cleveland Park, with 10.000 square fee’
of land, opposite one of the famous old
estates; the 3-story detached, center-hall
house, of masonry coated with white ce
ment. is spacious and in excellent condi
tion: there are 5 master bedrooms with 3
baths, maids room and bath, reception
room, living room with fireplace, large
dining room, kitchen and porches, built-in
garage, pantry; the oak flooring is espe
cially good: land practically level, well
developed. Open daily: hours. 11 to 5
Surdav. 2 to 5: other days, any time bv
orew'ar^^home^'in'*, he*5 Betlfe'sda^ area^at'
aJ?d terms. WI. 864fl _7
C. FRED KELLY for this 6-rm. bungalow
Prired'rhrh^nv,- Imma<iiat.e Possession
Priced right with cor.v. terms. Shown bv
appointment only. WI. 8646
WESLEY HEIGHTS, near Foxhall rd
conv. to stores, schools and transp. Three
bedroom. two-bath house, either turn or
t‘rI'eeUsrnand0nh1?,^ beautiful. level lot. with
Prtcerta?J? ^irub?- „H®usa >n excel, cond.
i,CaIl Mr Campbell. JOHN
Sun C° ’ M1‘ 6300' Sat a-nd
MscARTHL R BLVD. —. Two flne homes
nearing completion. Buy now and choose
your decorations. For inspection call
WO. 7817 ’til 8 p.m. _a
VPppR J,,th sT- AREA—An excellent 22
“• I°T brick■ vacant and in new-house
|S?duiV: «ear R°°?eveh High and Powell
n ®ch00ls' * bedrooms and inclosed
b°rAcb_ Reasonably priced. REALTY ASSO
n ' J”C., EX. 1622 or RA. 723a 'til
• ’ P. Hi. _q
SDf’, ^D;' near Naval Medical Ccn
lfniTfleaUiUful b°me, large living room
Jbb fireplace, dining room, fully equipped
nntrCchen3r,<a>Ifl "’ith lavatory, large inclosed
povch. -nd floor, three large bedrooms, two
complete baths: stairway to floored attic,
fully insulated: recreation room with fire
place and shower: gas a.-c. heat: beauti
Di1; Io,; mimed. poss. L. G. WHITE
«<lo Wis. ave. WT Tfion wt aha-i *
“UNUALOW, °»<m today, 1 to 5.
fiUri,Cah^Jh 12ne-,cor- Silver Spg. ave.
far^. shab^',0flt-^'
SON RA Mlfi8"18- ValU'‘- S' M' ORRI‘
6-RM. HOUSE, semidetached brick: db!
Price. $12,959; down $•> *>00
BETHESDA—Det. red brick on lot 75x150
y redecorated throughout: center en
JAviJlg ro,om with fireplace,
dining room, kitchen, 2 screened porches:
three bedrooms, dressing room, library, 2
baths on 2nd fl.: maid s room, cedar closet
?"d .bBth on 3rd fl, fully screened, oil
§*?*• d*’„ 8«tage. Eves, and Sun.. Mr.
Watts, GE. 9220. Inspection by appoint
914 KENNEDY ST. N.W.—8 rms.. bath:
r!nS1h'J nf y4y dec.^ immediate occupancy
«^nnde arranged: $3,000 down payment.
I1.00 Wt rno Today;, call Mr. Tfiomp'on.
s4'o3'62, th DIXIE REALTY CO., NA.
4711’ GEORGIA AVE. N.W.—Vacant: lm
med. poss ; , lge. rms.. bright, roomv
streamlined kit., screened porch, lge din
,4 bedurms ' full til'd bath
(tub and shower) with tiled walls; attic
storage space: full rec. bsmt. with toilet'
laundry rm. and lge. cedar-lined storage
tir Jard i1”1 earaEa: ldaal for home or
dontlst. etc.: rare opportunity
GAUSS OE 11?^” Sun' af,er 1 bm
OUT-°F-TOWN OWNER desires quick sa'e
0LthA°'r-.b row brk • remodeled in the
Frd-hSf0rrfe ?wn ifyle' loc- just oH of
FpxhBll rd Immediate poss. Priced. $12,
2®?- furnished MR. TAMMARO, NA
8069 or Rockville 3059
FOREST GLEN PARK—Open Sun.. 2 to fl.
or by appointment. Center-hall plan. Wil
liamsburg brick, featuring living rm. I4x2->
with flrepl and screen porch, full dining
rm., kit., breakfast rm, lavatory and gar
on Ist-floor level. 3 bedrms. and tile
bath on 2nd floor. Very attr. rec. rm
with ground-level entrance: flrepl, bar.
full bath and porch, oil h.-w.h. Early poss
To reach: Out Georgia ave. to 9500 blk .
turn left on Seminary rd, bear left on
Linden lane, through Forest Glen Hospital
grounds to Woodley rd, turn right to our
347, Georgia ave, SL. 3700; if no answer,
call SH. 1913 or 3407.
KILBOURXE PL. N.W, nr. Mt. Pleasant
St.—11 rms, 2'/g baths. 25-ft. row brick:
h.-w.h.! newly decorated; 2 apt?.: some
furniture; partly vacant. OWNER, DE
2080. •
BARNABY WOODS, new listings—Detached
brick, on a beautiful wooded lot. 200 ft
deep, in excellent condition; first floor has
living room, dining room with screened
living porch and de luxe kitchen; second
floor has 3 bedrooms. 2 baths: recreation
room, mairi's rnnm onH hath in haecmane
built-in garage. Gas heat. Priced rea
sonable. Exclusive agent. F. A. TWEED
CO.. 5504 Conn. ave. n.w. EM. 1290 until
OPEN 1 TO 6 P.M.—2434 20th st. n~w.—
Near Shoreham Hotel. 1 block east of Cal
vert Street Bridge. See this 6-room row
brick home with full basement, gas heat,
detached brick garage and 2 inclosed
porches. This homp is completely redeco
rated. You can move in immediately with
only $1,950 down. This house is so con
structed and so situated that it is ideal
for roomers. WILLIAM G. LIBBY CO..
RE. 8660
CHEVY CHASE. D. C.—6 rooms and bath,
row brick, new oil burner, sink, stove and
refrigerator. House redecorated snd ready
to move in with title. Only $10,750. with
easy terms. R. D. SIMPSON. Realtor. NA
1708 ALLISON ST. N.W.—Open 1-6 today.
Ideal for large family. Lovely detached
brick. 7 bedrooms. 4 baths, large recrea
tion rm.. maid's rm.: oil heat: 2-car det.
garage; large lot. Most desirable neigh
borhood. Possession. AUERBACH & CO..
DI. 3131 till 9 daily. —9
OW'NER MUST SELL—Open today from
2-5. Please see this house before you buy.
8 rooms. 2 baths, floored attic, pantry.
2-car building garage and many other fea
tures: excellent condition: nice size lot:
semidetached with front and side entrance
entering into reception hall. This home
is something unusual and must be seen to
realize value. The price has been dras-;
tically reduced. Located on Garfield st.!
just off Mass. ave. Act quick. Phone
C. J. HOLT, agent. EM. 1084.
CHEVY CHASE. D. C.. $22.500—Detached i
brick, just off Conn. ave.. close to all con
veniences; first floor has living room, din- j
ing room, kitchen: second floor. 3 bed-;
rooms. 2 baths and finished room in at-!
tic; garage is detached; on nice lot. Call
us for appointment to see. F. A. TWEED
CO . EM. 1290 until 9 p.m —9
brick, separate apts.. 3 rms.. kit. and
bath each; gas h.-w.h.: immediate occu
pancy; excel, income property. To inspect,
call ME. 1900. GE. 5838.
$9.500—'1816 41st ST. N.W—Down pay
ment, $1,200: semidetached. H-rm. brick,
full bsmt.. inclosed rear porch, coal h -a h.:
tenant-occupied, with monthly contract:
m\ stores, schools, transp. Call OWNER.
EM. '086. 4824 41st st. No brokers.
NEAR DUPONT CIRCLE—Corner brick of
14 rooms, including one with capacity of
150 persons for meetings or classes; sev
eral baths: should appeal particularly
school or association: owner anxious to
effect sale. Mr. Menish. office of ROBERT
V/. SAVAGE, 514 Union Trust Bldg. NA.
3630: eves. NO. 3254. —8
ROW BRICK. *9.950—Glover Park sec
tion : 5 rooms and bath, inclosed sleeping
oorch, hot-water heav. garage. Call Mr.
UrMmt.ra Ti n-ifV. Q ITrVUT T . TIT
bungalow, frame construction, in perfect
condition: living room, dining room, kitch
en. 2 bedrooms, bath on 1st floor: second
floor finished: weatherstrtpped and insu
lated. oil h.-w.h.: large, nicely landscaped
lot. Call Mr Northern, 81lgo 1689, with
ALL APTS.. 14 rms., 4 baths, oil heat,
small yard: *5.000 handles. OWENS
REALTY. ME 0486.
NEAR LINCOLN PARK, on North Carolina
ave.—Semidetached brick on large corner
lot; living room, dining room, kitchen.
I,i bath, 1 at floor; 3 large bedrooms,
modern tiled bath second floor; oil hot
water heat; excellent condition through
out: owner-occupied: possession with set
tlement: a real buy. Call Mr. Northern.
Sligo 1689. with BEITZELL. DI. 3190.
exclusive agents. _ ......
Pine stone home of supcrio/ construction
on lot costing *7.500. featuring unusu
ally spacious rooms. 4 bedrooms and l
baths on 2nd fl.: finished attic: 2-car ga
rage: exceptional value. REALTY ASSO
CIATES. INC., EX. 1522 or SH. 20,8
't.il 9 o.m. —9
rooms with lst-floor lavatory, modern gas
furnace, hot-water heat, electric refrig
erator, insulated roof, open fireplace, built
in garage: this attractive center-hall plan,
detached shingle residence presents an un
usual buy at such a low price in this pop
u ar location. Inspect it today. Phone
Mr. Clement. WO. 3514. with SHANNON k
LUCHS CO . 1506 H st. n.w . NA. 2346 —8
CHEVY CHASE—SI4.950: 6-room (3 bed
rooms) semidetached brick home with oil
burner, h.-w.h.; recently redecorated. In
a location that canno- be surpassed for
convenience, with stores, churches, schools
and transportation lust a short walk.
Phone Mr. Schwab. WO. 0684. with SHAN
NON k LUCH8 CO., 1505 H at. n.w.. NA.
downtown location, near Dupont Circle—
14 rms.. 3 full baths and extra lavatory;
h.-w.h. with gas furnace: electric refriger
ator: excellent condition throughout. Price.
*2.3,500 To inspect, phone Mr. Terns at
1505 H st. n.w . NA. 2345. —7
PETWORTH—Open Sat. and 8ur . 1 to 6
p.m . 329 Gallatin st. n.w.: semidet. brick.
6 lovely rooms, completely furnished: house
in immaculate condition: very large yard.
Priced reasonably. Owner leaving city. Ex
clusive with E. R. BOYNTON CO . OR.
0800. —7
Military rd.—Stucco. 6 rooms, bath:
screened porch, dry basement, gas steam
heat, built-in garage: owner transferred
Price reasonable and owner will take back
small 2nd trust. L H. Maury. AD 8926.
5 rooms, newly painted, completely in
sulated. excel, cond. inside: gas h.-w.h..
new gar., double lot: on 49th st.. near
Spring Valley shopping center; $17,7^50.
PETWORTH—Semidet . 2-family home,
excellent condition; oil h.-w.h. Mr. Vene
tian!. URCIOLO REALTY, ME. 1971; eves..
DI. 3654. —7
8 ROOMS. MODERN, automatic heat: excel,
n.w. section: possession with title Shown
by appointment. J. B. MALLOS. EX. 5218;
eves\ TA. 2999. —7 i
CHEVY CHASE, D. C., a few doors from
Connecticut ave., semidetached brick house
of 7 rooms, bath, gas hot-water heat, in
closed rear porches on 1st and 2nd floors,
both heated; new roof, new hot-water
storage tank, parquet flooring on 1st and
2nd. storm windows, copper gutters; occu
pied by owner and available in about 60
days. Price. $18,000. LOUIS P. SHOE
MAKER. 171P K st. n.w. NA. 1166.
CHEAT: CHASE. MD—Prewar brick; large
living room, center hall, modern kitchen,
dining room and ‘a bath on 1st floor; 2
large bedrooms with deep closets on 2nd
floor: insulated storage attic, gas hot-water
neat, built-in garage, maids room and
full bath; deep fenced rear yard. F. A.
TWEED CO.. EM. 12P0 until P o.m.
CHEVY CHASE. D. C., $23.500—Utah ave.
and Tennyson st. n.w—Lovely detached
brick on large lot. near transportation.
Larce living room, dining room and kitchen
on 1st floor. 3 large bedrooms and 2 baths
on 2nd floor: recreation room and garage.
Only 6 years old A real value. Call us
today. F. A. TWEED CO.. EM. 12P0
until p x> n\ _p
PETWORTH. near circle, home or invest
ment: 4018 7th st. n.w : corner brick. 22
ft- : lRP- rms., arranged 3 apts; 1
available: oil. gar. Appointment, GAUSS.
GE. 1122.
NEAR WALTER REED—Lovely detached
,9mP; consisting o( large living room.
It.x28: large dining room, large kitchen
with pantry. 4 bedrooms, all specious siz*.
weather stripped, screened-in storm win
dows. oil hot-water heat, splendid rear
yard with 2-car garage; rooms highly de
«r?.ble, *or renting: recently redecorated.
Call for inspection without obligation.
Excellent value. F. A. TWEED CO.. 5504
Conn. ave. EM. 1290 until 9 p.m. —P
blk. 7th st.; brick: 7 Ige. rms, semidet.:
double brick garage: now rented $125 per
mo^ price right, GE. 1171.
UPPER 16th ST WEST—Lovely center
hall brick Colonial, custom built for present
owner-occupant less than 8 years ago:
first floor has large living room with
beautiful fireplace, adjoining screened
porch: cheerful dining room, ultramodern
fully equipped kitchen, large paneled li
brary and powder room; second floor,
extra-large master bedroom with 2 closets
and Private bath. 2 other large bedrooms
and full bath; third floor is floored and
insulated and has stairway: basement con
tains large recreation room with fireplace,
workshop, laundry room, furnace room and
built-in garage: the entire property is in
perfect condition and in our opinion pre
sents an excellent value. Exclusive agents.
F. A. TWEED CO . 5504 Conn. ave. n.w ,
EM. 12PO until P D.m. —p
NEAR CONN. AV’E.—Several detached and
semidet. brick homes. One close to
'•chools and shopping. Priced from $20.
000 up. Call M~. Levin. OL. 1075 for
235 i.
CHEVY CHASE. D. C.—A detached brick
m excellent, condition near Utah ave. Six
rooms, lovely tiled baths, full basement
Witn recreation room, fireplace, ell heat;
garaee. For details rail Mr Levin. OL
PETWORTH—Nice home with income;
ft. brick. 7 rms.. tiled bath, oak floors,
stas heat: nice yard. RA. 1890.
CHEVY CHASE, nr. Conn. ave. and Ne
braska-Choice locale. Matchless value
for only $10,450. Compare handsome
semidet. brick, oil heat: 0 lovely rooms.
IVs baths, rec. rm.. Frigidaire and stove:
house good cond. Just about $3,000 down
Should sell today. PAUL J. MILLER. DU
2422 til 9 p.m.
GOOD N.W. BUY—1314 Buchanan st.: 6
lge. rms.: porches, gas heat. conv. section:
GAUSS. oT'l I22.:)'r50, ItlSPtCr- Ph0nf
VACANT—700 Randolph st,—-Oppn Sun..
10 a.m. until dark. Beautiful corner 11
story brick residence. Situated on well
landscaped lot. Home consists of 8 lovelv
tntf... baths, front and rear porches,
full bsmt.. oil h.-w.h.; large, detached
brick garage with driveway. Close to
all conveniences. Must be seen. Mr
1971: Sun., TA. 6253.
OPEN 1-6—4112 ILL. AVE. N W.. near
circle—Semidet. brick, lge. rms.. inclosed
porches, gas; additional lot; furn; poss.
GAUSS GE. 1122.
OPEN. 1 to R p.m.—R603 West Moreland
ave., Takoma Pk.. Md. This attractive
bungalow of 5 lovely rooms and bath is in
immaculate cond., has full basement, stor
lar?f beautiful lot: priced at
only $9,950 with $1 500 down, balance
like rent: possession with deposit. Direc
tions: Our Carroll st. past stop light, turn,
right on Elm ave. straight ahead to West1
Moreland ave and open sign. For fur
ther information call GE. 2270 or TA.
NEAR GRANT CIRCLE and Webster n.w.—
Det.. 8 lge. rms.. oil: fine cond.; poss ;
garages: terms. GE. 1171.
SIX-ROOM HOUSE, bath, all improved:
garbage disposal, special shower, newly
£Lci2£ai£r. To inquire, phone HO. 91«fi. j
ROW BRICK—8 rms.. 4 bedrms- 2 baths. •
011 heat, double garage: large lot: between
14th and 10th st. EM. 8500 before 2 p m.
A REAL BUY—Moving to Md.: 1230 Crit
tenden st.: 12 lge. rms., 3 baths. 1 apt
shower and built-in tub on 1st floor: det.
garages, gas heat: terms. Inspect, phone
CHEVY CHASE. D. C., just off Conn. ave.
on Chevy Chase Pkwy.. is this appealing.
3-bedroom. 2-bath, white-painted brick,
splendid living room with stone fireplace
arid dining room with adjoining porch.
The kicthen is modern and bright and
will please the most exacting housewife:
paneled recreation room, oil a -c heat, j
prewar construction, detached garage To !
msDeef. rail r»T HUS until On™ \tr
BUNGALOW, open Sunday. 1-7 pm.; mav
go GI. price only *10.5(10. terms. This
lovely 0-room home contains 3 bedrooms
on the 1st floor. Venetian blinds, oil heat:
and is located on a large lot at 208
Spring ave.. Takoma Park To reach
Out N. H. ave. to Poplar, left on Poplar
to Spring, left to open sign and house
RE 3316. —7 |
517 TAYLOR ST. N.W.—Vacant, posses
sion with *2.0(10 cash deposit, balance
easy terms Take look, and if interested,
cal’. RE. 3316. CHAPMAN REALTY CO ,
INC., Realtors. 7
PETWORTH: REAL BUY — Convenient,
semidet.; 712 Quincy st. n.w . arranged
2 apts., furn.; ige. rms.. gar; monthly
returns. *210; *13.000. Inspect, phone
SE. 1122.
OME WITH INCOME; 1 apt. now rented
for *160 per month: live in the other apt.;
this is a nice hon e, only *15.non, with
*3.000 cash. CHAPMAN REALTY CO..
INC.. Realtors. RE 3316. —7
BRIGHTWOOD—Semidetached. 8 rooms
with rec. room, oil iieat and lovelv fur
niture; very reasonaoly priced and cer
tainly worth your inspection. RE. 3316.
CHAPMAN REALTY. INC.. Realtors. —7
CLEVELAND PARK — Beautiful detached
brick home; containing powder room and
bath. 1st floor: 4 bedrooms. 2 baths. 2nd
floor: slate roof, copper plumbing, brick
garage; an excellent buy on today’s
market, RE 3316, CHAPMAN REALTY
CO.. INC.. Realtors. —7
SILVER SPRING. *14.650—Attract, det
6-rm. brick; nice lot. flrepl., side porch:
excel, cond. Owner must sell. S3.Son
SH 1103.
1218 BRANDYWINE ST. N.W.—Open 3 to
7 p m—Owner must sell. Charm. 6-yr -
old brick; 1st flr : liv. rm with mirrored
fireplace, ige. din. rm.. mod. kit., powder
rm.; 2nd flr.: 3 beaut, bedrms, Ige tiled
baih; gas heal: screened porch: immac
cond. A steal at *19.750. Excl. RAFFELL
OPEN TODAY. 1 TO «—1362 Sheridan st.
n.w.—Owner occupied. Desirable and con
venient residential section. Close to shop
ping. schools and transportation. Row
brick. Colonial front porch lovtly living
rm., dining rm.. modern kitchen, attrac
tive den. 3 large bedrms . 2 complete
baths, sun deck, recreation rm.. bar,
built-in garage, oil heat. In lovely con
dition. Out Georgia ave., left on Sheri -
dan st. to home. LEO M. BERNSTEIN &
CO.. J415 K st. n.w.. ME 540(1. "Wash
ington's Complete Real Estate Institution."
OPEN TODAY 1 TO 0—3125 Adams Mil!
rd. n.w.—Facing Rock Creek Park is this
greatly reduced row brick with 1st floor
consisting of large living rm.. dining im..
bedrm. and bath: 2nd floor arranged with
4 bedrooms, 2 baths; finished attic; recre
ation rm. with lav. and shower, stove,
refat. Venetian blinds, awnings, storm
windows and doors included in sale price.
Oil h.-w,h. Ideal 2-family house. Out
16th st.. left on Irving st. to Adams
Mill rd. to home. LEO M. BERNSTEIN
& CO.. 1415 K st. n.w . ME. 5400. "Wash
ington's Complete Real Estate Institution."
OPEN TODAY. 1 TO 6—Northampton—
Distinctive and individual homes now
under construction will be ready for occu
pancy soon. Also lots, adjacent to Rock
Creek Park, ranging in sire 6.000 to
14.000 so. ft. Select your future homesite
todav in this delightful and finer section
premise* today. Out Conn ave. right on
Nebraska ave to Oregon ave. and prop
erty LEO M. BERNSTEIN ft CO . 1415
K st. n.w.. ME. 540(1 ' Wasntngton s
Complete Real Estate Institution."
OPEN TODAY. I TO H—9201 Long Branch
parkway, liver Spring. Md.—A charming
home combining every desirable feature.
Ideal for small family. Lovely suburban
section. Beautifully landscaped on spacious
lot with shrubbery, fruit trees, etc. Liv
ing rm. with fireplace, dining rm . kitchen,
rein., stove. 2 large bedrms.. modern bath,
full bsmt Outdoor patio, fireplace, new
stone wall. Priced reasonably low at only
S12.60O. Out Colesville rd. right on
Franklin ave. to Wayne ave.. 4 blocks
to home. LEO M. BERNSTEIN ft CO .
1415 K st. n.w., ME. 5400. "Washington s
Complete Real Estate Institution.”
OPEN TODAY, I TO 6—2016 Dayton st..
Stiver Spring, Md.—New distinctive de
tached brick homes that deserve your first
inspection todav. See our furnished sam
ple home. Living rm., mirrored fireplace,
dining rm.. kitchen- Frigldalre. range,
many cabinets, elec, clock, large concrete
covered porch, 3 bedrms. colored tile bath
and shower, de luxe 5-tube radio in
kitchen, built-in garage, gas air-cond.
heat, full high bsmt. Priced at. only
*16.950. Terms. Out Georgia ave.. past
Colesville rd.. straight out Ga ave. to
Dayton st.. right 2 blocks to sample home.
LEO M. BERNSTEIN ft CO . 1415 K st
n.w.. ME. 5400. "Washington's Complete
Real Estate Institution." ,, ,,
OPEN TODAY, 1 TO 6—8605 Milford
ave . Rosemary Hills. Md.—New detached
brick homes, delightfully situated In a
highly desirable suburban area, with all
modern features. Consists of large lt'ing
rm„ fireplace, dining rm., lst-n. powder
rm.. modern kitchen, stove and refg . 3
bedrms,. tile bath and shower, full high
bsmt.. attached garage, gas air-cond. heat.
Excellent terms. A must see for today.
Out 16th st. extended past circle, left on
E.-W. highway to Rosemary Hills sign,
left to property. LEO M BERNSTETN ft
CO.. 1415 K st. n.w.. ME. 5400 Wash
ington's Complete Real Ej£*te Institution.
OPEN TODAY, 1 TO 6—r.608 5th st. n.w
—Attractive row brick, situated irr* more
desirable and better section of Bright
wood near shopping, schools and trar-sl'
lines. Nicely arranged with living rm..
dining rm.. bright kitchen, stove, refg.
cczv den. 4 good-sized bedrms. ra.h.
full' bsmt.. Venetian blind* carpe'mg
gas heat. Make this your first stop today
LEO M. BERNSTEIN * CO, .1415 K S’,
nw. ME 5400. “Washingtons Complete
Real Estate Institution " __ ,
OPEN TODAY. I TO 6—180.1 Ingleside
terrace n.w—Vacant Attractive corner
brick home, in excellent condition. Con
sists of lovely step-down living rm,. din
ing rm. large, airy and modern kitchen
dinette. 3 delightful , bedrms^ 2 baths,
recreation rm. with full bath, attached;
garage. Oa* h.-w.h. Barbecue pit in iear
Nice lot. Your inspection invited. Out
16th st.. left on Newton V_A°wIn£&w'
terrace, right to property LEO M. BISN
STEIN ft CO 1415 K »t. n.w . MI. 5400
Washington'* Complete Beal Estate In
/ ^
stone constr.; 5 rooms and bath. 1st floor;
large room. 18x37, finished, upstairs; stone
fireplace, h.-w. heat, brick garage. Price
includes stove, refrigerator and Ven. blinds.
A lovely home In anybody's language. R.
P RIPLEY. Realtor. SH 7539. (Sun. and
eves.. DU. 4700. Ext. 404. Mr. Bogardus.)
1 —9
BRIGHTWOOD—Vacant, oper. 1 to 5 p m.
Sun.: 5120 9th st. n.w.; 7-rm. brick, gas
.heat, in excel, condition: near schools,
stores and transp.; see this excellent buy
immediately: price. $14,750. on terms. Cal!
Mr. Spratt, CO. 9403. KAY REALTY CO.,
! RA. 2200. —7
1714 Harvard st.—(Open Sat. and. Sun
I i till dark, Mi.. Pleasant, overlooking
Rock Creek Park'. Practically new Eng
lish row brick home, only 3 years old; 5
bright rooms (modern kit.), a.-c. heat
English bsmt,. has private entrance and Is
separated from rest of house and so ar
ranged that you can finish additional Hv
Quarters and bath (plumbing already
roughed In'. This space will rent for
$600 a. year; price. $14,500; $4,500 cash
balance 1st trust, payable $63 ,5 monjh
27 already sold (1 available at $12,950.
also semidet. at $14,950', SHAPIRO. INC
ME. 1717' eves.. CO. 8414. TA. 7511. —7
CHEVY CHASE. MD.—Just off Conn, ave .
near Chew Chase Club—8 rms . English
type, center hall. Lge. living rm.. dining
rm.. breakfast rm. on 1st floor, with
solarium off living rm. 4 nice bedrms. and
2 baths on 2nd floor. Maids rm. with
bath in bsmt. Oil heat. lge.. beautifully
lanscaped lot. Located near schools and
transp. J. NOBLE BOAZ, Realtor. 7424
Wis. ave. WI. 7500. —8
PETWORTH. 6031 7th pi. n w—Desirable
6-room brick. 3 porches, detached garage;
h.-w.h : near shopping and transportation.
Priced only $12,750, with easy terms. Ray
Morse. SH. 4977 BROWN REALTY
CORP., Realtors. DU. 8558.
HOME WITH INCOME—Tor the economy
minded family. 8-rm. det. solid brick with
slate roof in Takoma Park Just over D. C.
line, only 10 yrs. old: 3 rms. and ktt- on
1st fir 3 bedrms . tile bath and 2-rm.
apt. on 2nd fir. Pull attic, one rm. and
bath apt. In bsmt ; oil heat, garage. A
value rarely offered. $16,850. You must
see It. Mr. Bartlett. TW. 8300. Ext. 115
LOVELY WOODSIDE. in Silver Spring:
nicely situated brick home of 6 rooms and
bath, fireplace: oil h.-w. heat; broad porch,
tail trees and nice lawn: very desirable
neighborhood; walking distance to stoses
and theater. Early possession as owner is
moving away shortly. R. p RIPLBY,
Realtor. SH. 7539, (Sun. and eves,. DU.
4200. Ext. 404. Mr. Bogardus.'
rHrvv rutcr n r> . si o nso t# m,,*
objective is value, with location and roomi
ness. this comfortable del custom-built
home warrants your immediate inspection.
Just a few blocks from Lafayette Schorl.
3 nice bedrms. and large sleeping porch.
Liv. rm.. 22x14. with fired .: large kit.,
pantry, breakfast rm. garage; niee yard;
auto. heat. Mr Bartlett. TW. 8.'*0. * Ext.
CLEVELAND PARK—8-room brick. Tudor
design. 4 lovely bedrms.. 2'a baths, large
yard and garage, finished attic. Immacu
late condition, making a perfect home for
the professional or businessman witfr a
lamilv. Exceedingly low in price in this
valuable location. Mr Bartlett. TW. 8300,
Realtors. DU. 8558.
CHEVY CHASE. D. C.. just off Conn. ave.—
Beautiful center-hall Colontal on nicely
shrubbed lot, has just been completely re
conditioned Entire 1st floor carpeted and
contains living room, with fireplace; din
ing room. kit. and den; 4 bedrooms and
2 baths on 2nd floor; 2 bedrooms and
bath on 3rd floor. Full basement, with
maid's room and bath; slate rood; fully
insulated and weatherstripped. Mr. Bram
ham DI. 4704 with BEITZELL. DI. 3100
NEAR J3th AND EMERSON sts. n.w . de
tached home, featuring bedroom and b£th.
1st floor. Spacious living room, dining room
and modern kitchen: 2nd floor. 3 bedrooms
and bath, recreation room with maids
quarters with bath in basement. Sunday
and eves, call EM. 3072. METZLER. Real
tor. 1106 Vermont ave. n.w , DI. 8600. -*-8
6815 LAUREL ST.. Takoma Park D C
facing park block from bus and business
center. First floor, liv. rm . oak fireplace,
.din. rm.. kit., pantry, front and fear
porches; 2nd fl., 4 bedrms.. inclosed sleep
ing porch, oil heat: vacant: immediate
possession; price. $13,750; open from 2 to
5 today. 8L. 7073.
BUY THIS BUNGALOW in central Silver
Spring; nice-looking frame home of 6
rooms and bath, also finished room In
basement: fireplace, oil heat, stove, re
frigerator: garage; desirable residential
neighborhood, handy to school. $12,500.
needs $3,000 cash. R. P RIPLEY. Realtor.
SH. 7530. (Sun. and eves . SH. 6016. Mr.
Romer.) —4)
A LOT OF HOUSE for a little money. Bed
room and bath with shower on 1st floor
Three bedrooms and bath 2nd fl : lge. liv
rm. with fireplace, lge. din. rm., modern
kit , oil h.-w.h., full basement, separate
furnace room: walking distance District
line and Silver Spring center. Unusual
value at $13,750. A. V. PISANI. Realtor,
OL. 7500.
JUST OFF CONN. AVE., near ‘Uptown'*
shopping area: 7 rms detached home, -on
deep lei. just a few doors from Conn, a
and convenient to everything. Out of
town owner, has priced the property b»»ow
» uio i M-i i w ruru Bair uua
end. Price. $16,950. Possession Immedi
ately. First fl. has liv. rm. with fireplace,
large din. rm.. bedrm.. or sun room,
kitchen, and pantry. ;t bedrooms, and bath
on 2nd floor. Oil heat. There are 4 tn
dividual one-car garages on rear of lot
which produce a steady income. Attrac
tive front porch and several fruit trees
in rear yard. For eppointmenf to inspect
Sunday or eves, call WO 1739. BURR &
YOUNG. Realtors. DI. 2328.
MacARTHUR BLVD , $8.950—6 rms. ard
bath, h.-w.h.. deep lot; closing estate.
Eves.. Mr. Thom. CO. 2438. J. LEO KOLB.
INC.. MI. 2100. —10
BETHFSDA—A beautiful bungalow. This
brick bungalow- on nice fenced-in corner
lot has 2 bedrooms, bath, living room,
dining room and an all-electric kitchen,
electric dishwasher and Bendix washing
machine included in the sale; nice base
ment and stairway to unfinished attic;
newly decorated. F. A. TWEED CO.. EM
1290 until 9 p.m.
OPEN I TO 5 P.M.—Chevy Chase. D C .
4816 Nebraska ave.—Semidetached 5
room frame. Newly redecorated, new- gas
unit. Painted walls. Under $10,000.
See this low--priced house In the finest of
locations. Can be purchased with small
down payment and reasonable monthly
terms. Mr. Ruark. VI. 6428. with
this modern brick suburban home. 3 more
bedrooms and another bath upstairs: fire
place. oil heat, screened porch, attached
garage; desirable residential neighborhood
in Mont. Co. Favorably prieed at $22,500
includes stove and refrigerator R. P
RIPLEY. Realtor. 8H. 7539. (Sun. and
eves.. SH. 6916. Mr. Romer.) —8
VACANT—Modern brick bungalow. 720.J
Prescott ave.. Md. Open 1 to 6. Well- lo
cated. one block off Sligo parkway com
pletely redecorated. Five rooms, full base
ment.. unfinished attic, oil h.-w.h.. with
concealed radiation. Fully equipped
kitchen. To reach; Out New Hamp. ave.
1 3-10 miles past D. C. line to Sligo park
way (at Gulf station*, left to first bridge,
turn right after crossing, then left at next
Intersection to open sign. Or call Md.
Clarke. Sligo 2830, with BEITZELL.
DI. 3100.
PARK RD., west of 16th st.—Large brick
home in good condition; licensed as room
ing house; listed income $325 per month
living room, fireplace, dining room, nice
kitchen, front and rear porches; 2nd and
3rd floors. 5 furnished bedrooms. 2 bath*;
full basement, child's playroom. M* bath;
oil hotiwater heat; can be handled with
$6,000 cash; nicely financed: restricted
Call Mr. Williams, MI. 9171, with BEIT
ZELL. DI. 3100. w , t
HERE IT 18—Brand-new- detached brick;
6 rooms, tile bath and half-bath on first
floor; choice nearby Md. location; only
$16,450: terms. For particulars, call
373« MILITARY RD. N.W.—Open 1 to 6
Chevy Chase. D C.. lust off Conn, ave
Beautiful center-hall Colonial on mcely
shrubbed lot, has lust been completely re
conditioned Enure 1st floor carpeted
and contains living room with fireplace,
dining room. kit. and den: 4 bedrooms and
2 baths on 2nd floor: 2 bedrooms and bath
on 3rd floor: full basement with maids
room and bath: state room; fully insulated
and weatherstripped. Mr, Bramham. DI.
4704. with BEITZELL. DI 3100
Luzon ave. n.w—Detached brick, fl rms
3 baths, recreation rm.. gas heat: only
$21.750: terms; open Sunday 1 till A
p.m. SHAPIRO. INC., ME. 1717; ^eves.,
OWNER SAYS, "reduce and sell’ this 8
room brick home with center hall, lge
liv rm and den or solarium, din rm. and
ultramodern kit.. 4 bedrms., 2 twin Bise
and 2 tiled baths on 2nd floor: finished
attic, full bsmt , maid's rm. and bath; all
recently decorated from top through bunt,
oil h-w.h.: deep, shaded lawn. 60x180:
excellent transp and schools. Open Sun
day. 1 to 6 6325 Meadow lane, Chevy
Chase. Md To reach: Out Conn ave.. 1
blk. beyond Bradley lane, left on Rose
mary, right on Meadow lane to our sign
Call Mrs Pearce. EM. 8884. with VICTOR
WICKERSHAM. OR 2100. . —*
CHEVY CHASE. MD.—Detached home. 0
rms bath. Conv. located. Price. $18,500
To inspect, call CHARLES H. OMO. 6L.
6179 till 9 p.m. _ „ . —< ,
CHEVY CHASE. D. C.. 4518 Harrison at
n w, $18.500—This unusually arranged
det lo-yr.-old brick is in perfect condi
tion and has a very neat lge. fenced
yard: attractive liv, rm. with open fire
place is entered through sma! bSfrr
with 2 nice closets: din rm. and lge.
kit 1st ft.: 2 master bedrms, with tiled
bath 2nd fl very lge basement rooms
with fireplace, complete tiled bath *rd
outside entrance /can be used as den nr
bcdrm.L small eauipp^d kitchen- also»
basement, basement rents ror $50 mo.,
other features, gas heat, storm windows,
det garage, open Saturday and Sunday.
*> to fl P m. J. NOBLE BOAZ. Realtor.
7424 Wisconsin ave.. Wl. 7500; era..
Helen Bakhtiar WO 8276. —7
maculate white brick Colonial of 6 Jottly
rooms, lge. beautifully landscapped fended
lot: most conv. to schools, stores and
transp ; price under $20,000. Call J.
NOBLE BOAZ- Realtor. 7424 Wl*. »▼*
Wl 7500; eves. Helen Bakhtiar, WO
8276 —7
CHEVT CHASE hamlet: a beautiful, large
home in this highly restricted area, perfect
for family life or ideal for a doctor. Thar
are many unusual features, such as a
paneled den with Vi bath, a gorgeous rec
reation rm. in knotty pine with big fire
place. screens storm windows, awning;.
Venetian blind* for every window, slate
roofs, inclosed porch (a real solarium I
°"xll ft and a sun deck with 22-ft. awn
ing: walled garden and profusion of fare
shrubbery: 3 lge. bdrms. and 2 tile baths
on 2nd fl.: finished attic with 2 additional
room- handsome big garage and breege
way to house. A modern home value b»rd
to duplicate. Tor information and inspec
tion. phone Mr. Kneessi. NA. 2557 dw’.y.
9 to 5 .JOHN H. MILLER, jr.. * BRO.,
Realtors. 1812 K st. n.w. _ —9
OPEN I TO « P M. TODAY — Bunga
low. $12,750. 4408 West Va. ave.,, 3e
thesda. Md.—A substantially built brick
bungalow, situated on * level landscaped
lot. Two bright, cheerful bedrms. with
colored tile bath. Liv rm . well-equipped
kit. Full basement with recreation room;
insulated and weather-stripned. Tliig
home is immaculate and worthy of youf
inspection To, reach: Out Wls «v«
beyond Bank of Bethesda to West va.
ave.. right to “Open" sign on house.
A, V, PIBANI. Realtor OL 7500.
(Continued on Next Papa.) 4

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