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Flyer Who Thwarted
Jews' London 'Raid'
Is Hidden in England
ly the Associated Press
PARIS, Sept. 9—A young Amer
ican flyer credited with having
saved London from being “bombed”
by 10,000 Jewish propaganda pamph
lets was hidden away today some
where in England, where he was
flown by the RAF, presumably for
his own protection.
He is Reginald Gilbert, 24-year
old Birmingham, Ala., native, who
was said by French police to have
joined the Jewish “Fighters for the
Freedom of Israel”—the so-called
Stern gang—to foil plans to wage
a w'ar of nerves against Britain, in
cluding a pamphlet bombing of the
British capital.
Flown to Hendon Airport.
The British Air Ministry dis
closed tnat* Mr. Gilbert had been
flown from Paris to the Hendon
Airport, on the outskirts of London,
yesterday afternoon in an RAF
plane. Mystery surrounded his exact
An Air Ministry spokesman said
he understood Mr. Gilbert had been
turned over to a special branch of
Scotland Yard. A Scotland Yard
official said: “We do not deny any
statement the Air Ministry makes,
but we cannot at the moment con
firm that we have Gilbert in cus
Friends of the pilot in Paris said
he had been placed under the pro
tection of Scotland Yard until he
could be returned to America.
French police said they feared for
the flyer's, life if the Stern Gang
ever caught up with him.
Nine Persons in Custody.
Nine persons are in the custody of
French police as a result of Mr.
Gilbert’s alleged espionage, includ
ing Rabbi Baruch Korff, 33, reported
leader of the “bomb” plot, who
was on a self-described hunger
strike until "I have been freed” by
French police. Rabbi Korff was
charged under a 1939 decree forbid
ding the possession of “pamphlets
of foreign origin of a nature to
undermine the defense of the
Conviction on this charge carries
a sentence of one to five years.
Mr. Gilbert told friends he strung
along with the plotters for 10 days
with full knowledge of Scotland
Yard and French police. The latter
closed in on the group Saturday
iust before the takeoff for the
The flyer also told friends the plot
included the dropping of explosive
bombs made with Are extinguishers,
but French officials said they had
found no sign of such explosives.
Police issued a communique as-1
serting that one of their own men
also had managed to gain the plot
ters’ confidence.
Nine Appear in Court.
Rabbi Korff and the eight other
suspects appeared before Judge
Fernand Golleti yesterday. Upon
leaving .the courtroom Rabbi Korff
raised his hand in the "V” sign and
shouted “pictures, pictures,” at the
Mr. Gilbert’s friends said the fly
er told them he went directly to the
British Embassy to report after a
meeting with Rabbi Korff at which
he was asked to pilot the rabbi’s
The "raid” on London was to have
been timed to coincide with the de
barkation of the Exodus 1947 Jews
at Hamburg.
Friends said that as a United
States Army pilot during the war
Mr. Gilbert flew 136 missions over
Europe and shot down nine Ger
man planes.
French police officials were
chagrined at the revelation of Mr.
Gilbert’s part in foiling the plot.
"We wanted to get him out of
France before that fact was known,”
an officer of the Surete Nationale
headquarters said.
No Responsible Group
Backed Plan, Silver Soys
NEW YORK, Sept. 9 OP).—Dr.
Abba Hillel Silver of Cleveland,
rhairmon nf Amorinan 7.irvri<ef
emergency council, declared today
that “no responsible Jewish body”
was behind the alleged plot to
“bomb” London with 10,000 leaflets
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night in Diamond cab. Reward. Call GL.
Clarendon, Va., Sat.; child's pet; reward.
CH. 1386.—10
13984; lost Sun. between Lorton and Fair
fax, Va.; semi-invalid pet. Reward. NA.
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Friday afternoon, n.e. section. Reward.
LI. 1492.__—10
COCKER SPANIEL, black; about 2 yrs.
old; answers to the name “Pepper;” near
Four Corners; dog was gift from boy's
father who since nas passed on; reward.
CIO Timberwood ave . Silver Spring. Md.
SL. 6126.—10
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paws: in Bethesda: child ill over loss. Ex
cellent reward. OL. 7689._
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and white with black on tail, no collar;
Vicinity Pierce Mill. Reward SL. 6726.
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keys, money; lost in lady's room Flagship
Restaurant. Maine ave. Please return kit
and keys. BRUNNER. RE. 6700. Ext
■n sad —m
n.w. home: black with tan markings, crop
ped ears and tail: reward. CO. 4025, *
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day morning._Reward. TR. 241.3._j
PEKINGESE, fawn color, male: strayed
from 413 Green st., Alexandria, Friday;:
reward. OV- 0936._—9
PIN, diamond, oval; 2 sapphires in center.;
Finder will be amply rewarded. GE. 2642. |
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10, on Congress Heights. Pa. aye. or
Chevy Chase lines: contains return fare to
school for vet. and wife; reward. LI. 7690.
POCKET WATCH! Waltham gurT-metal
case, gold St. Christopher fob: Friday eve
ning: reward. Phone DE. 3831._—9
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and Military rd. n.w . Saturday. Reward.
OR. 6936 after 7 p.m._—9
UMBRELLA (blue with red handle) at
Star Garage. Reward. WO. 5639. —9
UMBRELLA CASE, red. patent leather, on
7th st. between Second National Bank ana
F: after 6 p.m.. NO. 2885. _
WALLET (red leather) lady's, lost Satur
dav afternoon on crosstown bus or Ga
ave. car; reward. RA. 7981._—10
WALLET, black leather, with valuaoles.
near Cheverly Drugstore. MRS. MARJORIE
WALLET, in Murphy’s 10c Store; money
urgently needed. Reward. MRS. EATON.:
RE. 4800 before 6 or Hillside 5062 after 5.
WRIST WATCH, lady's Longine. yellow!
gold: lost between Singers and Woodward &
Lothrop: reward. UN. 1705. —11 j
STRAYED, In Plnehurst, circle area, yel
low tabby cat with white tipped tall; I
reward. OR. 5064. _—10 ;
son portable radio at 81igo Park Cabins. I
Md : if found, please call NO. 2266, Ext.;
45 after 7 p.m. j
BOSTON TERRIER, female, blind in ooth
eyes and deaf; vicinity Eth and Jefferson
sts. n.w. RA. 8210.|
COCKER SPANIEL, male; found in lower 1
Montgomery County. WI. 3281._
DOG, fox terrier type, female; found in
s.e. vicinity. Phone FR, 5841 after 6 p.m
EYEGLASSES, shelfTrame; found near re
flecting pool, Thursday. RE. 7400. Ext.
EYE GLASSES, shell rim. on G st. between
7th and 6th, on Monday at 6 p.m. DE.
I JIUIIHIMM ■ IIIIW IMI—W■ iMh 1H I I I I II ■•'W.-.-.YCOOOW ■ ■■■ "■
Shouting “pictures, pictures,” to news photographers, Rabbi
Baruch Korff, 33-year-old co-chairihan of the American Po
litical Action Committee for Palestine, raised his hand in a
“victory” salute yesterday as he left a courtroom in Paris. He
was ordered held for further questioning, in a security police
investigation of an alleged plot to “bomb” London with leflets of
a Palestine underground group.
—AP Wirephoto via radio from Paris.
of the Stern gang, Palestine under
ground group.
Dr. Silver, who returned on the
British liner Queen Mary from a
World Zionist Organization confer
ence at Zurich, Switzerland, said
during a shipboard news conference
that “no organization or no re
sponsible Jewish body was back of
Rabbi (Baruch) KorfT.” American
rabi arrested by French police in
connection with the alleged plot.
V-2 Rocket Launched
From Vessel at Sea;
Test Hailed by Navy
fty th« Associated Press
Naval warfare entered an awe
some new phase with the first
shipboard firing of a 15-ton V-2
rocket in a secret week-end test
by the carrier Midway far out
in the Atlantic Ocean,
The Navy provided few details but
quoted its top expert in guided
missiles, Rear Admiral D. V. Gal
lery, as saying “this launching will
mark the beginning of a new era
in naval weapons.”
Although the test rocket exploded
after traveling only six miles, the
experiment indicated land targets
could be pounded with such projec
tiles from warships operating far
The Germans were firing the 46
fopt V-2s up to 200 miles near the
end of World War II, when they
concentrated the big weapons on
London and Antwerp.
Premature Explosion Indicated.
Last night's Navy announcement
did not say whether the early de
struction of the test rocket Satur
day was pre-arranged, but an of
ficer speaking privately indicated
the plan had been for a flight to
maximum range. The Germans had
frequent premature explosions with
the V-2, and this was one of the
captured missiles.
The firing from the 45,000-ton
Midway was witnessed by “leading
military and civilian personnel in
the guided missiles,” the Navy said.
It added that immediately after
the launching, the Midway’s aircraft
took off to complete the demonstra
tion of the feasibility of combining
rocket and aircraft warfare.
Changes In Ship Unknown.
The Navy gave no indication of
what modifications were required on
the Midway to launch the V-2. Here
are some considerations, however:
The Midway class carrier has a
deck of heavy armor plate, and thus
would be well equipped to hold the
weight of the missile and to with
stand the heat at launching.
The hot blast of the rocket obvi
ously would be a serious problem,
which the Navy may have solved by
locating the launcher near the deck
edge and sending the blast into
the sea.
Because of its mass the Midway
rides steadily, and when it does pitch
and roll the motion, is slow. It would
be possible to launch with reasonable
accuracy from the deck, as some offi
cers said privately they believed was
done. However, for wartime pur
poses, the launching platform could
be gyroscopically controlled as are
the carrier’s euns.
Childrens' Action Saves
B. & 0. Flyer From Crash
By the Anociated Pres»
CINCINNATI, Sept. 9.—Prompt
action of a band of youngsters
saved the Baltimore & Ohio Rail
road “Cincinnatian” from “almost
certain” derailment yesterday at
Cozaddale, in neighboring Warren
County, the engineer, Fred L. Dean
of Chillicothe, Ohio, said today.
Mr. Dean told newsmen he slowed
the train down after George Myers,
fireman, also of Chillicothe, shouted
a warning. He said a band of chil
dren came running up the tracks,
waving their arms.
"I threw on the emergency brakes,”
he said, “and it was just in time.
The train rolled to a stop less than
50 feet from a big coal truck,
stalled on the tracks.
■.. ■ r - —" -• ■ ■—11
Reginald G. M. Gilbert, for
mer American flyer, who was
released from custody as court
orders holding Rabbi Korff and
8 others were issued.
—AP Wirephoto.
(Continued From First Page.!
way down the gangplank and were
dragged into the trains or vans.
1 “This is not the way we want
to go to Palestine," one Jew shouted
from the Crowd of refugees milling
in the train pen.
Two train loads of refugees from
the Empire Rival arrived at Lue
beck-Kuecknitz and moved into the
second of two camps set up for
Inside the Poppendorf camp,
where the passengers of the Ocean
Vigour had been taken, refugees
were heard singing in chorus and
shouting slogans.
Most of Wounds Minor.
A British medical officer said
most of the wounds suffered by the
Jews in the Runnymede Park oper
ation were minor.
Two correspondents representing
the combined Anglo-American press
reported from below decks that one
group of Jews and soldiers engaged
in a melee and that virtually all the
Jews In this group had to be dragged
out. They said some of the Jews
were clubbed.
The soldiers were met by a hail
of tin cans and bottles when they
went below, the correspondents re
ported, and small fights broke out
at a number of points. British sol
diers were ordered to seize the ring
leaders in each case.
On the other side of the dock
shed, wailing and shouted epithets
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7,300 Jewish DPs
Clash With Police
In Hamburg Square
By the Associated Press
HAMBURG, Germany, Sept.
9.—About 1,300 Jewish displaced
persons demonstrated in Ham
burg square today against the
landing of the Exodus 1947
refugees in Germany, but dis
persed after a clash with about
500 German police led by a
British colonel.
A witness said the police,
who were not armed, man
handled some Jews in their ef
forts to force the crowd to
move along. The throng broke
up in mid-morning and all but
a handful of the police were
The displaced persons dem
onstrted earlier at the Ham
burg quayside, were the Exodus
refugees were disembarked from
three transports.
— I
were heard as the waiting train
slowly was filled. One Jew was seen
to be struck twice on the head or
shoulders with a club while he was
being carried toward the train by
British soldiers.
In the train pen several hundred
shouting Jews tore down a heavy
burlap screen which hid them from
the view of correspondents. Seven
straggling Jewish girls were dragged
down the gangplank and into the
pen in quick order. A struggling
boy of about 10 punched at the face
of the Briton who carried him.
Refugees are Drenched.
One of two men dragged down
the gangplank with blood spurting
from headwounds was reported to
have been a veteran Zionist leader
who had urged the refugees to "fight
to the death.”
When he was dragged from the
ship, the number of Jews deciding
to leave peaceably increased notice
ably. Most of them were drenched
from streams of water played into
the holds.
Those who came quietly were
treated gently by the troops along
the gangplank. These refugees in
cluded women with babes in arms.
All carried meager belongings. One
British soldier came down the gang
plank with a Jewish baby in one
arm and a wooden truncheon hang
ing from the other.
But every so often soldiers
struggled down with kicking, squirm
ing men, who were quickly hustled
away by military police.
One gangplank was reserved for
those who decided to leave peace
ably from the Runnymede Park,
which the British had said brought
“the toughest of the lot” of 4,299
Exodus Jews back to Germany from
their long, futile roUnd-trip voyage
to Palestine. Another gangplank
was set aside for those who had
to be forcibly ejected as the dis
embarkation began shortly before
Two Trains Carry Jews.
The Runnymede Park docked
about 10 a.m. (4 a.m„ EDT), after
the last of the passengers of the
Empire Rival had moved out in
two trains for Poppendorf displaced
persons camp near Luebeck.
British officials said the Jews
aboard the Empire Rival left the
vessel quietly within an hour and a
quarter this morning. Some of the
Jews told reporters later, however,
that they had come ashore quickly
because of "instructions from Ha
gana”—Palentine Jewish resistance
force and sponsor of many refugee
voyages to the Holy Land such as
that of the Exodus 1947.
Clay Bars Exodus Jews
From U. S. Zone of Reich
STUTTGART, Germany, Sept. 9
OP).—None of the Exodus 1947 Jews
disembarked at Hamburg will be al
lowed in the American zone of Ger
many, Gen. Lucius D. Clay told a
presss conference here today.
On* Allied correspondent suggest
ed to the American military gover
nor that a number of the Exodus
Jews originally came from the
American zone of Germany. Gen.
Clay said that for him they do not
even exist, and would not be ac
cepted back.
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JEWISH REFUGEES FORCED TO LAND AT HAMBURG—Jewish refugees from the Exodus 1947
who were apprehended in the Mediterranean and returned to Germany aboard three transports
pictured as they were forced to disembark from the Ocean Vigour at Hamburg yesterday by Brit
ish troops. One of the refugees is being forcibly handled on the gangplank.
—AP Wirephoto via radio from London.
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