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Trailer Headquarter·
VIUT A iww nrallff, Do jtmt
nin 1 own taaullnt.—Boat trailer»
' eartly attached te tout cu Factory
trained «preventative· at rour lifT
.Um » A.M. to · Ρ M Trailer paru
and aeceetorlta. Boule fa* ttoru
* paru.
i4H> wu» Av«. a"w, wo, mt
4 Mainliners
doily to
Including DC-6 Mainliner300
non-stop flight
Staff·? Hotel or 808 - 13th St. N. W.
Republic 5656
of on authorized travel açent
Tired Kidneys
Often Bring
Sleepless Nights
Doctor* say your kidney* eon tain 15 mile·
of tiny tubes or filter· which help to purify ft·
blood and keep you healthy. When they get
tired and don't work right In the daytime,
many people hare to cet up nights. Don't
neglect this condition and lose valuable, rest
ful sleep.
When disorder of kidney function permits
poisonous matter to remain ia your blood, it
may also cause nagging backache, rheumatic
pains, leg pains, loss of pep and energy,
swelling, puffiness under the eyes, headache*
and dicxiness.
Don't wait I Ask your druggist for Doan'a
Pill·, a stimulant diuretic, used successfully
by million* for over SO years. Doan's give
happy relief and wiH help the II mile* of
kidney tube* flush out poisonous waste from
Xrmr blood. Cet Doan's Fills.
Allen Urges Improved
Aids for Handicapped
Robert S. Allen, newspaperman
who lost his right arm when he
was a member of Oen. George S.
Patton's staff In Europe, made an
Impassioned plea for improvement
of aids to the physically handicapped
yesterday at the opening meeting of
National Employ the Physically
Handicapped Week at the Mayflower
"An inexplicable mystery of his
tory," Mr. Allen said, "is that so
little has been done about the physi
cally impaired.
"Although many of the greatest
geniuses have been physically im
paired. the general viewpoint still
prevails that there is something
shameful about a physical handicap.
Only in the last few years ha* a
dent been made in this brutal psy
chological front.
"The prosthetics of today are as
ineffectual and obsolete as oxcarts."
A Unirai Ross T. Mclntire, retired,
former Surgeon General of the Navy
and President Roosevelt's personal
physician, who ha* been named by
Labor Secretary Schwellenbaoh as
national chairman, promised his
committee soon would come up with
an effective plan for year-round
effort for employment, of the handi
Merle Frampton, principal of the
New York Institute for the Educa
tion of the Blind, who will head the
committee's drafting of the plan, was
Other speaker· were Senator
Flanders, Republican, of Vermont;
Dorothy Stratton, wartime head of
the Coast Guard's SPARS and now
acting personnel director of the
World Monetary Fund, and Paul A.
Strachan, former labor publicist,
who has devoted himself entirely to
the cause of the handicapped since
he loet his hearing.
Births Reported
(JTom th* Ο. C. Bureau of Vital Statistic·.)
George and Marian Adams, girl.
Vernon and Catherine Allstock, girl.
Vernon and Anne Alexander, boy.
Russell and Dorothy Anderson, bor.
Horace and Gordana Ashton. boy.
William and Lois Bacltner, boy.
Albert and Harrlette Baker, girl.
Glenn and Christine Baldwin, girl.
Charles and Virginia Beard, boy.
David and Patricia Bell. girl.
Herbert and Eienore Bird. girl.
Dominic and Yetta Booccabella, boy.
Harry and Jeanne Boertzel, boy.
Bernard and Alma Boteler. boy.
Victor and Mary Brame, girl.
Nathan and Margaret Brodsky. boy
Irving and Shieley Brussell. girl.
Malcolm and Ida Buchanan, girl,
John and Aileen Burchard. boy,
John and Agnes Cave, boy.
George and Mary Christy, boy.·
Stanley and Blanche Cleveland, girl.
George and Geraldin· Couch, bor
Clyde and Dorothy Crosswhlte, boy.
Oscar and Dorothy Davis, girl
Elmer and Judith Douglas, boy.
Albert and Amelia Fleisher. girl.
Francis and Eleanor Francella, boy.
James and Mary Frye, boy.
Harvey and Catherine Gladmon. boy.
Joseph and Sylvia Googh. boy.
Seymour and Jeanne Gordon, boy.
Bertrand and Jean Gray, boy.
William and Alta Gray, jlrl.
Bud and Rosalie Greenlun, boy.
Raymond and Alice Handy, boy.
Willie and Sadie Harp, boy
George and Eleanor Harrison, boy.
John and Betty Harvlll, girl.
Russell and Mary Hess, boy,
Charles and Margie Hines. boy.
Waynes and Florence Holcombe. boy.
Charles and Nettle Hovermale, boy.
Roger and Susan Hoy, girl.
Sumner and Dorothy Hushing. Ctrl.
Walter and Helen Hutchinson, boy.
Arthur and Frieda Jaffe, boy.
Fred and Vivian Jarrell. gril.
Robert and Ruth Johnson, girl.
James and Gall Jones, girl.
Julius and Marie Jones, girl.
John and Doris Kamrad, girl.
Moe and Ethel Kaplan, girl.
John and Helen Kenney. girl.
Oscar and Alice Ki^sling, boy.
Vincent and Minnie Klrchner. boy.
Albert and Dorothy Krause. boy
Kenneth and Emma Kuehn. girl.
Ralph and Dorothy Licker, soy.
Sterling and MarJorle Lindsey, boy.
Joseph and Anne Lucas, boy.
John and Emilie Lyddane, boy.
Edmund and Jane Lyons, boy.
Robert and Eloise Marshall, girl.
Felix and Angelina Masi, girl.
George and Frances Menefer, boy.
TTiomas and Minnie Merrell. girl.
Joseph and Hollls Meyers, boy.
Samuel and Louise Mitchell, boy.
Francis and Ann Morgan, glrh
Edwin and Margaret McManus. girl.
George and Kathleen McQutnn. girl.
John and lfargaret Normyle, boy.
ZlJdl Men Wrote to Thomas
Hill staik iiits ihti
fffy Vl^VIr VW¥V |"f
DURING one* month, 2531 Thomas cliente attested in
writing to the fact that they were pleased with Thomas
treatment. Although each person expressed his thoughts
in his own way, each in substance said, "Thanks to
Thomas, my scalp now feels fine."
Such warm words of praise have caused the Thomas
organization to expand into 45 offices during the past 24
years. More than a quarter •million persons have expressed
their confidence in Thomas technique by turning 'their
hair problems over to Thomas experts. Why don't you,
too, turn your hair worries over to a Thomas expert?
He'll show you exactly how Thomas treatment removes
dandruff scales and how it soothes itch caused by local
recrement. Come in today for FREE con*
sulfation and advice—in private.
Corner New York Avenue and 15th St. N.W.
(Separate Department· for Men and Women)
HOURS—9:3· A.M. to 7130 P.M. SAT. »:S· to 4 P.M.
' Arthur and Mary Ob» ni chain, rlrl.
Covey and Barbara Oliver, girl.
Adnan and Selwa Pachachl, girl.
William and Fernande Parka, bo τ.
Felipe and Sarah Paios. girl.
Lawrence and Helen Peter. girl.
Edwin and Gertrude Pewett, boy.
ElDorls and Llla Pickett, boy
Alexander and Sarah Poulot bor.
Richard and June Poupolo, flrl.
Logan and Mildred Purcell. girl.
Leonard and Dena Rancour, girl.
Aeel and Vivian Richardson, boy.
Norton and Sara Richardson, girl.
Robert and Sophie Rust, boy
G Howard and Nina Sears, boy.
John and Mary Stephens, girl.
Frederick and Carol Sievers. girl.
Jonas and Miriam Silver, girl.
Wesley and Edythc Simmons, boy.
Ned and Verona Simpson, boy.
Albert and Helen Sloane, boy.
James and Mary Smith, girl.
Sherman and Helen Smith, boy.
Edward and Innes 8mith. girl.
Clyde and Margie Snyder, girl.
Valentin and Alexandra Sorokln. boy.
Williams and Ardyce Stevens, girl.
Francis and Virginia Stewart, boy.
James and Pauline Styron. boy.
George and Mary Thompson, girl.
Mack and Marlon Tripp, boy.
Dale and Geraldlne Ude. boy.
Bernard and Muriel Dnderstein. girl.
Thomas and June Vaughan, boy.
Lewis and Shirley Via, boy.
Malcolm and Nell Voorhees. girl.
James and Margaret Wakelin, boy.
Richard and Eugenia Walsh, bo.v.
Raymond and Nadine Ward, girl.
Edward and Barbara Warner, boy
Jules and Dorothy Wayne, girl.
Lawrence and Lucille Weatherly, boy,
Carl and Doris Weber, girl.
Michael and Miriam Werthelmer. girl.
William and Katharine Wheaton. girl.
William and Marjorle Whiteside, girl.
Robert and Georgia Williams, tlrl.
Cecil and Helen Yate*. boy.
Frank and Trances Zelenka. girl.
Michael and Marie Zimmerman, boy.
Deaths Reported
; (From the*D. C. Bureau of Vital Statistics )
Alice W. Lester. 94, 223 Indiana ave. η ν
Wlllemlna F. Henning, 86. 1420 Morse st
John W. Bailey. 76, 2414 30th »t. n e.
William B. Collins, 75. 1352 Ε st. s.e.
John H. Ray. 71. 5223 Reno rd. n.w.
Harry E. Williams. 67. 221 35th st. n.e
Mary M. Derubls. 65. 3700 Mass. ave. n.w
John M. Wright." 61. 2540 Mass. ave. n.w
William Oakley. 54. not known.
Walden H. Slsson. 40. Arlington, Va.
Jesse M. Wilt. 40. Camp ΗΠ1. Pa
Angie M. Cook. 45, 210 Rhode Island ave
Fleming 8 Sfevens, 45, 3074 Clinton »t
Edna Ε Schrelber. 44. 642" 9th it. n.w
Emma J Sparks. 39. 5305 19th pi. n.e.
Margaret B. Mackerley, 35, 1439 19th st
Patrick O'Nell. 81, 910 2nd St. i.e.
Robert Newell. 46. 602 W st. n.w.
James E. Averett, 46. 1000 New Jersej
ave. s.e.
Chatham M. Towers, 77, 1626 Montagui
st. n.w.
Marie L. Latlmer, 75, 1734 Lanier Bl. n.w
Mary M. Kooleny, 75, 3211 6th st. «.e.
Joseph CJ. Letta, 78. M2-0 Conn. are. n.w
Rebecca Posner. 72, 3801 14th at. n.w
Tilden C. Anderson. 71. 100Θ β. C. ave
• e.
Dora Taylor. 70. >20 H »t. n.e.
Rebecca Krlck. 88. 8117 Dix »t. n.e.
Harriet McCabe, 34. 748 Tunt st. i.e.
Stella Szellnskl. 24. Meadeville, Pa.
Infant Craves. Arlington. Va.
Infant Morgan. 1144 Owen pl. n.a.
Infant Bastron. no address given.
James V. McLeish, 85. 428 Kenyon at. η w
Robert a. Mason. 80. 2600 Nichols ave
Susan Woods. 54. 812 F st. a.w.
Maria M. Wright, 42, 2532 Sheridan rd
Willie Thornton, 40, 1β23 10th st. n.w.
McAtee, Wildlife Expert,
Retires After 43 Years
By (h· Associated Prêt»
The Fish and Wildlife Service
said today Waldo Lee McAtee, 64
nationally known wildlife scientist
has retired after 43 years in Gov
ernment service.
Mr. McAtee is a native of Jalapa,
Ind. He attended high school h
j Marion, Ind., and tu graduate*
from the University of Indians
Since 1945, he has had heed
quarters at the University of Chi
cago, where he Is compiling a die
tlonary of names of North Americai
obi· thirty-eight new completely
furnished 1-bedroom apartments on
Fort Pierce Beach, Florida. Seasonal
rentals $35 to $50 per week. Write
Fort Pierce Beach Development Com
pany, Box 716, Fort Pierce, Florida.
fa /uttlicu/aA
309 Unfftn·; st, a. w.
Mr. Lindgren adds,
"I ride street cars and bustes because I need
fast, dependable transportation around the
city, and Capital Transit's $1.50 weekly pass is
just about the best transit bargain I know of!"
"reach" . ..
selectivity . . .
realism ...
.Shortwave broadcasts from far corners of the globe
. . . precision selection and clear, unclouded reception
of every station on the standard broadcast dial . . .
the spectacular fidelity of FM . . . and your favorite
recordings reproduced as you've never heard them
before. These are yours when you own a Scott—the
name that means the finest of radio-phonograph all
over the world.
The Scott is exclusive in Washington at Jordan's.
Available on terms if desired. Allowance for your
old radio.
(Arthur Jordan Piano Co >
1015 Seventh St. N.W.
Phone NAtional 3223
W» have
the new
NOW-wake ada+e to OIL-PLATE !
Great to win, tough to lose!
With baseball, we're like anybody!
With cars, we change losers into
winners, quick! By changing played
out summer oil for fresh, clean,
winter-grade Conoco N/A!
\ . »
Conoco N/A Motor Oil (patented)
includes an added ingredient which
fastens extra lubricant so closely to
metal that cylinders are Oil-Plated!
This extra OIL-PLATING resists
gravity". . . stays up, won't all drain
down even overnight! So, you're
ex7ra-protected from metal-eating,
combustion acids ... from "dry-fric
tion" starts... from carbon and sludge
caused by wear!
For extra start-up, pick-up and
power ... for extra smooth, silent
miles ... make a date to Oil-Plate!
MIS MMArthuBBSr? M.W. "'"argsstf. vnoTm »». es iatî afvai ^8WJEEK£°*A^rr KM,

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