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fcABY CARRIAGES. 521 95: Thiyer's fa
mous make, featuring full spring son
•traction. chrome handle, self-oiling hubs,
t position back: a full line of nationally
advertised carriages from 524.95 to $38 95.
Also strollers from $13.95 to $22.95. BER
GERS 34 J 2 14th st. n.w. DU 3444
Open eves. Juvenile furniture exclusively.
BABY CARRIAGE and basket both In fair
condition with pads; both for 516. TW.
BARY CARRIAGE, Thayer, practically
new also children's metal gymnastic set.
Call TA. 2540. , —27
BABY CHESTS—5-drawer. 47 inches by
25 inches ’— 17 inches. $14.95. unfinished:
516 95. white * slight imperfections. LIT
TLE POLKS SHOP, 3551 Ga. ave. n.w.
GE. 3311. Open eves. —2 .
BABY CRIBS—Little Polks Shop offers
outstanding savings on baby cribs.fur
nilure. carriages and accessories. LITTLE
FOLKS SHOP. .3551 Georgia ave.. GE
331 I Open eves. _
POLKS SHOP 3551 Georgia ave. GE
3311 Open eves. —28
B.AXD SA11S. 14-in wood-cutting. Walker
Tuni*r, complete with motors. Call NO
LAND CO , National 0050. between 8:30
am. and 5 pm.. Monday through Sat
urday , ■—28
BATHTUBS. 5-ft., built-in, new and used:
basins, toilets, showers. stalls, pipe.
BLOCK'S 3056 M st. n.w . MI. 7141.
BATH TUBS, 5-ft. leg type. 519; also
gas stove. 513: and small kitchen buffet
cabinets. $9. 2603 O st. n.w. —27
conti. including dryers, booths tables,
vanity 'and chairs, etc.: practically new
permanent wave machine. 4215 Wilson
boulevard. " *-*•
going out cf business, sell separately or as
as entirely. 3009 14th st. n.w., daily
until 9 pm. , —~‘ . :
BED. maple: single: complete; very good.
LI “4 89 ‘-9*
BED. Hollywood type.^full size, clean, neat;
inexpensive. AD. 1471. *
BED LEGS—Make a modern Hollywood bed
from you: old springs; we install. SL.
437]. —1
BEDROOM—Going out of business, must
vacate Jan. 1st: $35,000 worth of smart,
brand-new furn., for every room: must be
sacrificed, below cost, immed.; all sales
lor cash only. UNITED FURN. CO , 1105
7t.h s» n.w.
BF.DRM., Duncan Phyfe dining rm : elec,
refrigerator; living rm. suite: porcelain
top breakfast set: Hollywood beds, vanity,
dresser. EDELMAN. 3303 Georgia ^ave.
BEDROOM SET. desk, wing and occasional
chairs. Biclow rue. metal cot. GL 9240.
BEDROOM SUITE. 5 pcs^ mahog . with
inner-spring mattress. $135: 5-pc. maple,
son 5-pc. maple with 2 Mr. and Mrs.
dressers. $100. LU. 4869. . .
BF.DRM. SUITES, one 3-pc. mahog. finish.
I enamel finish. liv. rm. sofa and chairs,
dining rm. suit?, solid oak. GE. 3oo2.
BEDRM. SUITE, twin beds, modern: good
cond OW. 5851. Sun. and mornings. —2,
BEDROOM SUITE. 7-ptece walnut, com
plete. modern. including double bed.
Simmons Whi'e Knight springs and mat
tress, vanity dresser, extra-large mirror,
good as new; highest cash offer SL.
T$1 1 —30
BEDS—Hollywood beds: twin size; felt
mattresses, both for $30. Alexandria.
OV 2587.
BEDSIT AD. 4 poster, mahog., coil springs,
double. Call WI. 2596. ”T'"A-o
BICYCLE, boy. for sale. Inquire at 60S
5th st. n e Price. $40. .
BOILER. Tj h p . with automatic control
system, like new. SL. 7463
BOFIF.R. 28-h P completely automatic,
high-pressure, steam generator: like new.
Arplv 4223 Fairfax dr.. Ar!.. Va. —o
BOOKS—Harvard Classics; complete set.
new; simulated leather bindings.
B*R1CK— Used hard brick from Washing
ton > largest suppliers of used brick; 1.000
to a million. Call on us for your brick
ARROW, lino So. Capitol. LI. 2602. —.
BRICK—Largest supply of used, c.ean
hrirk in this city We will deliver. PrIced
ING MATERIAL CO., 4002 Minn, ave^n.e.,
black coat, fox collar. $20: 3 suits $30, all
size 14. EM. ROSS.
all size used lumber, free of nails; doors,
windows, cast-iron pipe and fittings, space
heaters, in perfect condition: radiators,
bathroom fixtures. Free dfhveiT; 2pe.n
all dav Saturday. ACE WRECKING &.
-vp n e « LI TO’*2. *
dismantling of WAVES Barracks D. Mass,
and Nebr aves. n.w. We still have available
limited quantities of fine well-seasoned
lumber at low prices, also heavy timber,
romplete windows, $5 each: sash: window
screens. 75c each: 2-paneied doors. - •> x
»>■«", $« each, plaster board. $25 per M:
asbestos cement boards. 4c sq ft.: gypsum
fireproof sheathing. $25 per M: wash ba
sins $0.50 each: l1.2-in. fire hose, all at
tachments and rack. $12 per 50-ft. length.
National Imperial sectional boilers. S-144 .
rapacity, yooo ft. of steam or 0.400 it.
hot water, complete with all attachments
and including S5o-gal. hot-water tank.
*-,30 each- 850-gal. tanks, including coils
a nr: contro’ valves. $'00 each: 500-gar
tanks. $0o each: small 3-drawer chest*. $ -
and $3 each: fence pickets, 5,4-in. boards;
rt-in. channel iron: fire escape platforms,
pipe railing, toilet partitions, electric fix
tures and globes. 25c to $1 : large coffee
urns, slop sinks, laundry tubs, complete
with stands and spigots, $10 each: centri
fugal pumps and sumn pumps. comPle.e
with motors, brass valves, vitrified tiled
blocks. H HERFURTH. Jr.. INC.. Mass.
and Nebr aves. n.w., OP 41ol. —-J
Co —Wood shingles, wood lath, metal
lath, oak flooring, plywood. Kimsul insu
lation. shectrock. knotty Pine paneling,
blinds, cedar lining storm doors, garage
doors, masonite. Celorex. siding. . Pickets,
shelving:. roofin'1, mouldings, special nuii
work Rucker’s. 1320 Wilson blvd., CH.
ortoo. r •
B( ILDING MATERIALS, lee quantities
4 by 8 vapor seal sheathing. $05 m.; Ceio
brick sidtne. red or buff. $12.50 sq.: Sejp
siding. 7*-2 by 8 t. and g. He ffi
sq ft. Also 5a-4 by 8 sq. edge. 11^
per so. ft. Gypsum sheathing. 7«-2 by «
t. ano g, 5c per sq. ft. W A R RE NT ON
PLANING MILL. Warrenton. Va . phone
BUILDING MATERIALS of all kinds, new
and used HECHINGER CCX. 4 stores, open
daily and Sat 8 to 5:30 Phone AT. 1400.
CABINET SINKS and wall cabinets. Kitch
en Maid style, miscellaneous sizes. 2n- to
to'- reduction: these cabinets are slightly
frfim f»l. f di.SDlftV. MODERN
HOME CO . 1 'flfi Conn. ave. NA. h . 1". — i
CALCULATOR. Monroe, electric, mode!
MA5; recently overhauled bv factory: prl
vate owner; S‘250, SH. UU44.
CAMERAS, enlarser,; and equipment sole
CHANGE. 1410 N Y. ave. nw
CAMERAS and equipment repaired: .4
hour service. SOMMER'S CAMERA EX
CHANGE. 1410 New York ave. n.w
CAMERA. Bolex HS, Ft!.*, 13 mm.: alsc
super speed German FI 3 lens coated tc
K1.1 . reasonable. Box *280-L. Star. 33
CAMERAS—Ar.sco and Eastman color n!rr
CHANGE. 141“ New York ave. n.w..
CAMERAS AND EQUIP.. 815.10th st. n.w
Movie and still repairs; projector rentals
CAMERA—Don’t sell your camera before
you gei our free appraisal. SOMMER
CAMERA EXCHANGE. 1410 N Y ave. n.w
CAMERA. Areoflcx model F. twin lens
reflex camera. f4.5 anastigmat lens
carrying case tripod; $55. CH. 3o,3. .3
CAMERA—Direct from Germany, newest
auto Rollciflex, like new. 1*20 roll n!m
Tes^ar f3.5. 1 1/500-second, ready cose
and accessories; $300. Call SH. -flat
before ’ p.m. —
CAMERAS, daikroom developing, printing
enlareme equipment; time payments ar
1410 New York ave. n.w. , . .
fore buying: photo or movie equip. BREN
NER. 933 Pa ave. n w Call RE. *2434
CAMERA. Super Ikonta. B ever-read?
ci«n pew. TE. 4H1 1.
CAMERAS — Leica. Contax. Rolleiflex
Speed Graphics for sale, lime payments ar
1410 New York ave. n.w
CAMERAS—•:,4-x3,4 Speed Graphic, r. f
and flash Carl Zeiss Movikon 10-mm
f, J 4 and another lens, shutter speeds t<
1 i .ono sec., ease, filters, etc.; Contax III
f 1.5. case, filters, etc.: 3,«x4t4 Graflej
with automatic diaphragm control on f
ft Vi-inch lens flash, etc .: 5x« revolvUi*
back Graflex with 12-in. lens. AD. 14; L
CAMERA FANS—Charlie Adams offers the
following choice guaranteed used cameras
8-mm. Bell & Howell. F3 n lens. $n0
Kodak 35. with -range finder and case
Korelle reflex, model II, with F'-.M
Uns, $110. Auto Rolliflex. with case
and proxars and filter. $305. Exakta Jr.,
chrome, with F3 5. $110. 8 *<2-in Zeiss
flash solenoid on graphic board. $1L5
4x5 graphic outfit. $*25<>. THE PARKER
WHELEN CO, 8!27 24th st. n.w. RE
5C21. -—‘.X
CAMERA FANS—Here Is the new camera
you want Kodak. Medalist 11 $:26f2.50;
]«-mm magazine Kodak. $175: Arguf
C-3. complete with flash gun and case
$74 71: Arzus A-‘.\ $‘29.85: Kodak 35.
Ft 5. with case. $63.‘2*2. Plus a Wide
variety of graphic movie cameras and
projectors. Time payments available.
&•'<' Charlie Adams at the PARKER
WHELEN CO.. 8-:: 14th st. n.w., RE
.V2f21 —-s
CAMERA FANS—We have the new camera
vn;i want. most all models of Kodaks in
stock plus many fine used cameras: t me
pavments available. For the friendliest
serv.re in town Dlus a square deal always,
r„„ Charlie Adams at the PARKER-WHEL
AN CO. INC., 827 14th st. n.w.. RE_52!2
CARRYING CASES. new brass trim
lrrth-r handles. $2 ea : also w®tcrproo_
mrial utility boxes, new. $1 ea. GRUVEP
MFG CC 8001 Conn. ave.. Chevy Chase
Md . daflv and Sunday to 9 p m., OL. 552a
CASH REGISTERS, one with 4 totals,
one. with 2 totals. $99.99 ringup, detai'
tape: never used: a real system for any
business: no dealers. Phone NA. 0600.
CASH REGISTER, brand-new. never usee
NCR: ideal for grocery check outs
detail tape and totalers, name Platt
insert: 8925 cash only or best oner. Applj
VILLAGE MARKET, Lee hwy. and Kirk
wood rdT, Arl. Va —29
CASH REGIS.. National, hand, electric ( !)
to(als. detail strip, receipt; like new. barg.
also late model small regls., ring up ti
S9 99; to first comer. $90. Today, CO
1625: week. DT. 7372. 1112 14th n.w —21
CASH REGISTER. National, receipt printer
CHAIR AND SOFA, modern, gray leather
upholstered in blue. Call MI. ,908 befori
3 and after 6 p.m. Sunday —28
Coat and legging sets. 3-piece, virgii
wool, were $19.95, now $9.95: other:
vprr $24 95. now $13.50: Eton suits
were $5.95. now $3.98: slacks, wen
83 95 to $4.25. now $1.98: Tweedero:
suits, were $7.95 now *:i!)8. girls blaze
sets.- were $10.95. now $5.50. knit pa
jamas, were $1.95. now 9.8c; boys shirts
were $2.89. now $1.49: skirts, wen
$2 7h to $2.95. now $1.49: blouses, wen
$2.89 now $1.49: snow suits, girls dress
es. pinafores, sweaters and other Items
similarly reduced. STORKTOWN. oil*
Oeontia ave, GE. 6800. —~7
CHINA, Rosenthal. Sans Souci. compleb
fervice for 13; 18 dinner plates, perf^
;onaition, never used; $350. Phone^CH
/•HINESE CHOW BENCH, teakwood an
tique. beautiful and well presented, alsi
teakwood chair; lovely pieces. HO.JSft^,
CLARINET, metal, used rery little, jus
overhauled. FrenOi make, turdng barre,
homemadt case; $50. OV. 1431 *ftr£,1
• m.
t * '
CLOTHING—Outgrown teen-age. 12; coats,
suits, dresses, skirts, sweaters; excellent
condition: misses' size 17 coats, suits and
dresses; size in black coat. Persian trim,
and dresses. Call WO. 911/. 12-3. ^6-8.
COAL-WOOD HEATERS, ranges, new and
used. ACME STOVE CO, 1011 7th st.
n.w. NA. 8952
COAT—Boys covert cloth season skipper
overcoat, from Best & Co.; also tan check
sports jacket, size 18-20. OL. 3119. —-28
COAT, lady's Chesterfield, short stout. 44-,
46: all-wool, off black: wool plaid lining,
velvet collar: $35. BR. 0518. -—2, |
COAT, black, mink collar and cuffs, size.
10: $40. Call NO. 8197. —2/
COATS, sizes 12 or 14. 1 black fitted. $15;
1 tweed box. $15; muskrat fur, $4o. DU.
4514. Ext. 217. eves.
very good condition: reasonable for quick
sale. Call Decatur 9465. eveningor;
Sunday. . _—2/ j
CRYSTAL CHANDELIER, all very fine cut
crystal with prisms; must sell; will sacri- ■
firp for $125 GE. 7430. —2,
cond.; $lo5. Call WI. 7435 after 6 p.m.
DELTA MACHINE, full equipment including
motor, jointer, band saw. lathes, circle
saw. scroll saw, shaper, drill press. WI.
1394 , , —2*
DIAMONDS that are real bargains; \ery
tine color. American cut, lu carat lor
$145: brilliant diamond, American cut.;
weighing carat. $375; excellent color
American cut. weighing 1 carat. >575:
blue diamond, slightly less than 1 *4
carats, best cut. $990; sunburst antique
diamond pin containing 7 American cut
diamonds of the finest quality, total
weight approx 1 carat, $200; all prices
include tax. See MR. OPPENHEIMER,
917 P st n.w.
DIAMOND BARGAINS—Lady's sol. ct..
$175: lady’s ;,4 ct.. $185: lady's plat, din
ner ring. 9 diamonds. 1*4 cts . $150: lady's
imperfect. 1 1 j cts . $250; lady's nice sol .
plat . 1 ct.. $300: lad> s sol., la4 cts., $450; j
lady’s fine color sol., 1*2 ct.. perfect., $575;
lad.v ^ plat . sol., 2 ct.. good color. $575:
lady's perfect. 4 ct.. $1,175. LIVINGSTON
cV CO . 1473. H st. n.w. ME. 3440. —1 !
DIAMOND BARGAINS — 3-karat perfect
diamond. 7 bag.. $7,000: 3-stone dinner
ring. $1,700; platinum bracelet. 93 dia
monds. $900. In safe deposit. For appoint-!
men? at bank call SH 1700 —78 i
DINING ROOM SUITE (junior)—7-piece
walnut: table with extra automatic leaf:
4 chairs, buffet, china closet: $170 cash.:
Call GL. 7 7 30
DINING RM. SUITE, very good cond.. very
reasonable, must be sold 14oo Decatur
st.. Apt. I. 7nd floor. TA. 1892. —29
DOORS. 3x0.8 inches by 1 •*« inches
thick. 6-panel; 1 ‘s in. thick. 3-panel:
1inches 2-panel: metal covered doors,
stell bucks and hardware: metal louvres. >
window frames and sash. COLUMBIA
; n.w.. AD. 8300. —27
DOORS, kiln dried, white pine. 7 ft. by
o in., and 2 ft. by 6 in., all by 6 ft. 8 in.,
7 uanel interior. TR. 8367. —77
DRAPES, good cond.; dishes, curtains, in
good cond. Call from 10 a m. to 5 p.m.
RA. 9163. ,—27
DRESS RACKS, in good condition, just re
moved from local dept, store. Call Mr.
Jones. HECHINGER CO.. AT. 1400. —2
DRESSER AND BED. Chinese Chippendale,
finest pieces in guest bedroom of Spring
Valley home, now being converted to up-1
| stairs living room: delicate carvings, ma
hogany; sacrifice for quick sale at approx. ,
I cost of recent reflnishing by Biggs. No
Dealers. For inspection, call WO. 6271
after 5 p.m. Monday.
and floor models. Walker-Turner, complete .
with motors. Call NOLAND CO., National
<1050. between 8:30 a m. and 5 p.m.. Mon
; day through Saturday. —28
ELECTRIC SWEEPER with attachments;
; ppoit condition. *.'!0. Call VT. *1075. —*2 < •
' ELECTRIC TRAINS (2), Gilbert's Amer
ican Flyer: *'S" gauge, A" scale; ext ra
track, extra buildings. etc.:^_new concit
tion. in original cartons: $175 worth for
Si 100. Box IO-R. Star. , 27*
ELECTRIC TRAINS <2). Lionel Build-a
Lo'-c. standard gauge tracks, complete with
automatic switches, street lighting, model
houses* cathedral, etc. Can see, 3j>Oo
Warren st. n.w.. or call OR. 0*281. —
ELECTROLUX water cooler, large sjze,
*>ood cond OR. 0800. —2« j
ENTIRE FURNITURE of 5-rm. apt.—Liv.
rm . din. rm . ‘2 bedrms . kit. and bath,
reasonable; owner leaving city. Apt. avail.
VI. 34*27.
FILING CABINETS. Vgal. letter, steel,
wood: 1. ‘2. 3. 4 drawers*, new. used. Sun
day, CO. 4625; week. DI. 737*2. 1 1 1*2 14th..
.waterproof mattress. $15: smail-size maple
1 paby bed with spring and mattress. $8.
i l *243 10th st. n.w.
FREEZERS—The new International. 4
cubic foot and 11 cubic foot on display;
also the Victor. I8*i cubic foot, frerz-r. .
formerly $5*21. now $475 Installed. MA
LONEYS. INC., 81:26 Georgia ave.. SH.
3330. —27 )
FREEZERS—GE. Philco. Rotpoint. Kel.,
etc.: for immediate delivery. Some floor
models at special prices Terms. ELEC
TRICAL CENTER. 514 10th st. n.w.. NA.
FROZEN CUSTARD store equipment: all
equmment. fixtures and accessories to
establish a frozen custard business: in
cludes ice cream machine. 4-compartment
cabinet to dispense custard, large walk-in
icebox. 14-fr. counter, cash register and
*2 large neon signs: also accessory equip
ment: used only 5 mos. Phone MR. KING.
NA. ‘2701 or RF. 8860. Equipment can^be
insnec’pri at 221st and K st.*. n.w. —27
FROZEN FOOD CASE, little used, sell
half price: also stainless steel ice chest,
anr* steel tra^h box. CH. 3476. —27
FURS—Luxurious soft skunk coat bought
new in August, paid $300 and tax. will sell
**»nf». -ize 1 4-1 h: also mu-krat coa* out of
storage. 14. $75: 4 skins ranch mink
scarf, new*. $75. Going South. DU. 1*280
— 28 :
FURS—Pair silver fox. new: can be seen
•at BENNY'S BARBER SHOP. Beltsville.
FUR COAT—Natural Argentine nutria
coat, new condition, size 14-16. AD.
4350, Ext 403. —*27 I
FI R COAT. SI.800 sheared beaver, size 12
' 14: latest style, like new: owner moving to
'Florida; will sacrifice for $750. Cali after
2 pm. phone CH. 8280. —20
H R (’OAT. black sea! coney, new. 38 or
4 0; sacrifice. $50. Phone. AT. 0007. •
CRIB-MATTRESS. $5. Phone. AT. 0007. •
H R COAT. Hudson Seal: perfect cond :
size 16 to 18. Tel. PL. 0777. •
FI R COAT, northern-back muskrat, size
10. $75. Call OR. 0867 after 6. 28* i
FUR JACKET, genuine blue fox. perfect
condition. $75; Baum-Martin dyed skunk
jacket, perfect condition. $50. EM. 6953.
FURNACE, hot-air, gun-type oil burner,
complete. without due' work, suitable 5
rm. house: Mercoid controlled: 275-gal.
cank. FA. 2402. —1
FURNACE, coal, hot air. complete with
1 controls, fan and motor; some ducts. UN.
. i»030. —28
FURNACE. Thatcher: coal, het air: used
• mo?.: will accept reasonable offer
TW 0404. —*27
old. Spencer C-3 boiler with hot-water
coil, model “L S-K oil burner; $350.
GL. 6318 after 7 p.m. —27
FURN.—0-pc. man Duncan Phyfe din. rm.
I suite with breakfront and credenza: twin
mah bedrm. suite: mah. Duncan Phyfe
1 tables, sec.: Gov Winthrop desks knee
ho'e desks bookcases: mah dressers: lamp
and coffee tables; love seat, occ. chairs;
dinette chairs: wardrobes: dinette sets:
i complete line of bedding: elec, washer.
Pa. ave n.w. “Use our credit plan.”
FURNITURE—Save ud to 60r> on ail new
furniture. Specials on «ofa bed', studio
couches, bedroom living room and dinette
suites See us before buving Easy term**
tof r*r*o^TTN ro 827-820 7t.h st n w
FURNITURE—Going out of business, must
vacate Jan 1: $35,000 worth of smart,
brand-new furn for every room: must be
sacrificed below cost, immeri.: all sales
for cash only. ITXITED FURN. CO.. 1105
7th st. n.w. , , .
FURNITURE, kitchen tabl“. maple bed
room set. coffee table, teriar chest. Sim
mons dpy bed. vacuum cleaner. Oriental
rug. washer, bar. lawn mower. WI. 1205.
FURNITURE—Liv. rm . dinette and bedrm..
nrsc kit utensils, lamps rues, etc : rea
sonable. OW. 5851, Sun. and mornings.
FURNITURE—Walnit twin beds, complete.
$25 each: maple kneehole desk and chair.
$25: 0x12 blue Axminster rug. $25: chests,
drawers. $8 to $17; misc. cut glass
LU. ‘860.
FURNITURE—Maple sgle. bed. vanity, dble.
mattress and other misc. houshold items.
6622 13th pl. n.w. —29
used household and office furniture, small
safe, files, radios, pianos, washing ma
chine. Canton and Limoges china, crystal,
ornaments, new 17xlS rug. etc. By order
Leighton C Taylor, executor estate Joseph
iH Bishop; War Activity Organization:
Richard L. Tedrow. Trustee in Bank
ruptcy and other consignors. At WESCH
LER'S AUCTION. 905 E st. n.w.. tomor
row commencing 9:30 a m. and continuing
until late afternoon. New furnishings in
clude: Commodes: lounge, occasional and
side chairs: bookcases, table and floor
lamps, mirrors: end. occasional, lamo and
j cocktail tables: breakfast and dinette
groups, unusually fine odd sofas, etc.: also
substantial used groups for dining, dinette,
living and bedrooms: secretary, kneehole
land fall-front desks, baby carriages, hieh
chairs. gas and electric ranges, books,
metal wardrobes, utility and kitchen cabi
nets, new gas space heater, odd beds, bo';
■ and coil springs, felt and inner-spring mat
tresses. dressers, chests of drawers, iani
: ties, tables, chairs and other personal
i FURNITURE—Used bathtubs, folding beds,
and othbr furniture priced for quick sale.
Ideal for rooming house. 1 to 5 weekdays.
1734 New Hampshire ave. n.w. —~9
FURNITURE SALE—Some from storage,
some unclaimed new furn. for bedrm., din.
rm . dinette, liv. rm.: at area* savings.
ave. n.w., 10-0; Sat. until 4. RE. 4310.
FURNITURE—Single bed. $15; 4 metal
folding chairs. $3: misr. dishes. RE. 4142,
Ext. 44(17. 9 to 5:30; NO. 4891 after
6:30 —29
FURNITURE—Your old living room fur
niture made like new: 35 years’ experi
ence; including material, sofa and chair.
$55: workmanship guaranteed. LA
st. n.w. Columbia 2381.
FURNITURE—Wine divan, all-spring con
, struction. $50 Governor Winthrop secre
tary. $35: both excellent condition. Du
pont 7191. 2300 Monroe st. n.e. 28*
FURNITURE—Double bed. Biggs Colonial
4-poster, solid mahog.. springs and inner
spring mattress. $85: baby stroller, sturdy
wicker and steel. $12: all excellent con
dition. GL. 4400, Ext. 79. 1205 S.
Thomas st.. Apt 17 Arl. —27
FURXITURF—Solid maple bed with box
spring and inner-spring mattress, 3 mos.
old; 1 chest drawers, solid maple, 3 mos.
old GL. 1353. —30
FURNITURE—Entire house furn.. sacrifice
by owner: liv. rm . bedrm., hospital bed.
radios, tables, dinette set, etc. WO.
8894 or TE. 3915. —27
FURNITURE—Maple dinette heavy: 5
pieces: studio couch, platform rocker
and birch toffee table. GL. 3668. —30
FURNITURE, good condition: davenport,
folding cot and mattreSs. several small
tables and straight chairs, one 9x12 rug
903 Selim rd., Silver Spring, SL. 2777. 28*
FURNITURE SALE—Some from storage,
some unclaimed new furn.. for bedrm.. din.
rm.. dinette, liv. rm.: at great savings.
ave. n.w . 10-6: Sat. until 4. RE. 4310.
. GALVANIZED SINKS, many other uses;
, big bargain. $1.50. Good. used. 16x24-ln.;
no back. HECHINGER CO., 4 stores,
t GARAGE DOORS, overhead, complete with
. hardware: 8x8 ft.: in excellent condition;
) $49.50. Call Mr. Jones, HECHINGER CO.,
AT. 1400. —2
GARDEN TRACTORS* nationally advertised
nake, in stock for Immediate delivery.
3uy now and prepare for spring planting,
f. R. PENDLITTON Si SON, 11770 Ga. ave.
16th st. n.w
Jar.itrol. used: reasonable. BLOCK'S.
NC., 3056 M st. n.w. MI. 7141. —27
GAS FURNACES, new, direct from fac
ory. various sizes. BLOCK S, INC.. 3056
st. n.w., MI. 7141. —27
Wood and other used a.-c. furnaces;
125 to 250 thousand B.t.u.: fullv guar
inteed: installation if desired: also new
jas and oil units for immediate installa
ion Since 1875. A. S. JOHNSON CO
RE. 1687.
GAS HEATERS, 1-7 rooms: fans, controls.
KCME STOVE CO., 1011 7th st. n.w. NA
<952. i
GAS RANGES, new. used, all sizes: $14.50
jp: trade-ins accepted. PEERLESS SALES
CO.. 2737 Georgia ave. n.w.. DE. 5671*.
GAS RANGES, apt. and other sizes: new.
jsed: city or bottled gas. ACME STOVE I
CO.. 1011 7th st. n.w . NA. 8952.
GAS RANGE. Rop^r. 4-burner, perfect!
:ondition. Will deliver and install; pri- ;
ate owner 222 13th st. n.e. —2. :
GAS WATER HEATERS, all sizes of auto- j
natic gas water heaters in stock for ini- :
neoiate installation: cash or terms. J
?HAPIRO reu. plumber. NO. 8000. ;
GENERATORS, new, gasoline and Diesel-;
jowered units, a.c. and d.c. NA. 1*708.
t'erv reasonable —28 J
GENERATORS. STARTERS. $7.50 up; lgst. j
issort : install immed.: small charge, elec. ,
epairs: 33rd year. CARTY. 1608 14th. 1
■xcellent condition. At 1733 L st. n w .
RE. 2107. —78
condition: must sell, lease expires. Call
WO. 1)725. —2 I
Jessie Crawford: has revolving cylinders
in top and bottom: in very good condition;
mak* offer. Tel. Marlboro 3553. —77
HEARING AID. reputable make: can be
serviced by local representatives: 7 yrs
jld, bone or air conduction: excel. condG
:ost *70**: sell for $50. WI. 2571). —77
HEATERS, new and used (oil pot tyre):
coal. gas. wood, electric: large stock and
variety ACME STOVE CO., 1011 7th st.
n.w- NA. 8952. tt . i
HEATERS, new and used; all sizes: coal,
gas. kerosene. Coal cook stoves. PEER
LESS SALES CO- 2237 Georgia ave.
by piece; reasonable. See at 4662 Homer
ave. s.e.. Apt. A. —78
ICEBOXES, new and used. ACME STOVE
CO.. 101 L 7th st. n.w . NA. 8957
IRONER. large, electrically driven, gas
heated, in good running condition: $15.
WI. 4816.
IRONERS. Bendix Conlon. GE and Apex,
for immediate delivery: some used floor
models at special prices; terms. ELEC
TRICAL CENTER. 514 10th st. n.w. NA.
KITCHEN CABINETS, linoleum sinks, work
tops GRUVER MPG. CO- 8001 Conn, ave ,
Chew Cbas,j. Md OL. 5525
KITCHEN SINK. 47-in- complete with steel
base cabinet, $60: also H-cu.-ft. electric*
refrigerator, $75. Phone GE. 9630. —28
LATHES, wood-working. Walker- Turner '
38 in. between centers, swing and bed. 12 j
m. over gap *5 in- complete w’ith motors.;
Call NOLAND CO- National 0050, between
8:30 a m. and 5 p.m., Monday through
Saturday. , —78
LIVING RM. SET. 7 pieces: also regular
sized crib and a bassinet crib; very cheap.
LIVING "RM. SUITE. $50: full bedrm. suite.
$100; and misc. Taylor 5716. B. FINE
MAN. —|
LOVE SEAT, also settee, of fine wicker:
both pieces were originally on a costly
yacht. AD. 1471. , - o « o
LUMBER, truck load lots: 2x4-6-81x6-8:
sheeting in pine: 2x10-12 sum and oak:
all S4S. $74 M. Delivered. GEO. W. ROB
Wis. ave., Beth- Md. WI. 8267. 2<
» ■ ? m.x «■ *» Dinn rliriw't ml 11 QhlntHPlllS.
truck load lots, immediate delivery; also
have some hardwood flooring, steel win
dows and other millwork. CATLIN LUM
BER CO., GL. 8888. —8 j
LUMBER—Builders' attention: 300.1100
board feet, dressed, seasoned fir, framing. |
structural, siding, paneling, etc.: *90 to
*110 per 1.000. Box 498-K. Star. -—U< ]
LUMBER OE ALL KINDS, plywood, now
enamel paints: 1 coat covers, no brush
marks, closing out: removal sales now in
process. 15V off lumber and paint during
the month of October. Open Sundays. NA.
:S5d9. 835 9th st. n.w. . —38 l
UMBER BARGAIN—White it lasts, all
seasoned, dressed, new. flr. beveled edge
siding. 13c board ft.: framing. JOc: panel-;
ina 13c. pickets. 10c and 13c each. Ph.
CO 3675 weekdays, 8-4:30; Sat.. 8-11-.]
. —31 |
LUMBER BARGAIN, while it lasts—Sea
soned flr framing, all sizes and lengths,
bevel-edge siding, ship lap and molding.;
pickets, sheathing and shelving; low <
prices. Drive out Leesburg pike. Route;
7 5 •> 10 mi past Tysons Corner to W. B.
KERN FARM, on right at old mill. Open
daily, s to fi p.m. ,
LUMBER—Builders, attention: 300.000
board feet, dressed seasoned flr. framing,
structural, siding, paneling, etc.: *90 to
si in np- i ‘Hid Box 408-K. Star.
LUMBER—Knotty-pine panelling, select.;
18c bd ft.: cedar closet lining. 33c sq. ft.,
GRUVER MFG. CO., 8001 Conn avc..
Chevy Chase, Md. Daily and Sunday to
9 p.m. OL. 5535.
MATTRESSES «T). twin-size inner-spr.:
7 heavv duty coil spr.. 3 roil-away beds.
3 bedrm. suites, chairs, rugs, chests of
drawers, etc. AD. 3130 after 9 a.m. ^
ly new. *18; moving to apartment. Phone
OR. 3068. —3,'.
OFFICE EQUIPMENT—Desks, chairs, filing
cabinets, safe, conference tables, e_tc. :
CIRCLE, 1113 14th st. n.w. DI.J73,3. j
desks, chairs, filing cabinets, tables, etc.
439 9th st. s.w. , , i
OIL BURNERS—Petro: all sizes', also boiler
burner units for immediate delivery: serv
iced and installed by factory distributor;
PHA terms, no down payment. 3 years to
pay: free surveys and estimates by ;
competent engineers; 34 years in D. C.;
AMBASSADOR CO.. 1773 Columbia rd.
, TVS’ -3
OIL BURNERS, Petro; boilers, radiators
and eas ooiler units. Install now. MAY
Complete heating installation; 3 years to,
Georgia ave.. GE. 5259. GE. 606.». ;
OIL BURNERS, standard, gun-type with
3 M-H controls, wholesale and retail: $1 ‘No;
SERVICE CO., 3320 M st. n.w.
OIL HEATER. Florence. 2 burner, almost i
new. small chest, corner cupboard, studio
couch, small Brass russ. and 2-burner elec. |
grill; all very reasonable. Call CH. 5024.
OIL HEATERS. 1 to 6 rooms: oil ranges
ACME STOVE CO.. 1011 7th st. n.w. NA.
PAKOMATTE DRYER, electric operated
and heated, complete with 40 feet BX
cable for installation: only 8 mos. old:
good bargain. To see. call 264, Conn.
PIANO. Acrosonic ; pinet and console
models, built by Baldwin: embodies fea
tures of small grands and upright; full
resonant tone, responsive action, dur
ability and eye appealing case designs
in mahogany, walnut, ebony. light oak
and prima vera finish. Exclusive at HUGO
WORCH. 925 G n.w. _
PIANO—Kimball baby grand, light mahog
anv. about, in years old. excellent condi
tion; $600. Call OL. 2876, if no answer,
WO 4 11'. 31*
PIANO, upright, excellent condition: $200.
.3500 14th st. n.w., Apt. 114. —29
PIANO, upright. $80: Oriental rug. Afghan.:
7 ft 4 in by 8 ft. 8 in.. $.5: Turkish
shawl. 11 ft. 4 in. by 4 ft. JO in.. $60.
CO. 7800. Ext. 114. kiT'Soio
PIANOS—Phone Mr. Sycle at Republic 6.1 j
if you arc interested ity a slightly used
spinet or console of good make. KITT S,
1330 G st. n.w „ "—HI
PIANOS—Kimball apt. uprt.: small Chick
ering uprt.: several other uprts.. various
sizes: Steinway. Knabc. StiefT and others
from $75 up. LAWSON <*: GOLIBART. in
American Storage Bldg.. 2801 Georgia ave..
AD. 5928 day: RA. 0491 night: evenings
bv appointment only. 31
PIANO—Foster A: Co upright piano and
stool. $200. Call WO. 1603. —
I’lANO, Hardman make 2039 N H.
ave. n.w. AD. 3589 J
PIANO. Steinway grand, style M. perfect
condition, mahogany case, original own
er. $1,150. 3641 Kanawha st. n.w.
OR 0681 *— - 8
PIANO, upright, medium size, mahogany
case, excel, cond. 842 Madison st. n.w.
GE 9431 —
PIANOS FOR RENT—At Jordan's, 1015
7th st. n.w,. you can rent a latest model
spinet or console model piano, and. 11
you decide to buy it later the money paid
r.n'.i Tiiu onniv on the Durchase price.
1016 7th st. n.w. (just above the library).
PIANOS—Slightly used and rebuilt spinets,
grands, apt. size and medium size up
right pianos; new piano guarantee with
each instrument all reasonably priced.
n.w. NA. 4870. . —■1 „
PIANO, mah. Wurlitzer baby grand, ex
cellent condition, $050. Call eves., oRA.
PIANO. Knabe. excel, cond. apt. size,
walnut case; $950. EM. 2086.
PIANOS—Why pay high prices for used
pianos when you can buy a new spinet or
tonsole for usually only a very little more?
We arc dealers for such makes as Knabe.
Wurlitzer. Fischer. Ivers & Pond, Poole,
Estey. Starr, Weber. Jannsen. etc. Terms
and an allowance for your piano. Phone
Republic 8212. KITT S, 1330 G st. n.w
(Middle of the block.) —31
PIANOS—See the new Lester spinet and
console models at Jordan s. 1015 <th at.
n w.; vou can buy a new Lester for only
SHI down, the balance payable on tong,
easv terms. Phone NA. 3223. JORDAN
PIANO CO . 1015 7th st. n.w. (just above
the library). —;u
PIANOS—The Jordan Piano Co. Js he
only local agent for new Mason & Hamlin.
Chlckering. Lester. Story & Clot1;- Mu
sette. Winter & Co., Marshall & Wendell.
George Steck. Huntington and H. M.
Cable pianos;' visit our store and save
on your piano purchase. Phone NA. 3223.
JORDAN PIANO CO.. 1015 7th st. n.w.
(just above the library). —31
PIANOS—If vou are looking for a real
value in a slightly used spinet or console
piano of a good make, phone NA. 3223.
JORDAN PIANO CO.. 1015 7th st. n.w.
(just, above the library). —31
PIANOS—Ee sure and see our selection of
new pianos before you buy! Choice of such
maker as Knabe. Wurlitzer. Fischer. Estey.
Ivers & Pond, Poole. Starr. Weber. Jannsen.
etc. Terms and an alolwance lor your
piano Phone Republic 6212. KITTS.
1330 G st. n.w. ,—31
PIANOS—We have several completely te
conditioned fine grands on sale: choice
of such makes as Mason Jr Hainitn.
Chlckering Steinway. etc. Phone Mr.
Purcell. NA. 3223. JORDAN PIANO CO..
1015 7th st. n.w. (just above the public
library). . —31
PIPES, black or galvanised, new and used,
fittings, valves, etc. BLOCK'S, 3056 M
st nw ML 7'41
PROJECTOR, amurosound; 16 mm. YA
model, fl.65 2',i-inch lens. apeaker;
like new and new spare parts: beaded
screen with tripod, rewind and splicer,
spare reels. Also camera. Cline-kodak 16
mm motion picture, new. and 2 flood
lamps. No dealers. Call AT. 6665, between
5 and 8 P.m. only. —29
RADIO. Hallicrafters, for Immediate de
livery: S-42, 8-43. G-41: on monthly pay
906 King at., Alex.. Va. t —2*
RADIO, car, Chevrolet auperheterodyne.
5 tube, practically new, good buy; $25
cash. Call VA. 1618 before 8 p.m. *
RADIO—Beautiful 9-tube Philco radio.
loor model, excel, cond.. beautifully built;
550. Call LU. 8341. —28
RADIO. 1937, RCA, model 9 K. 9 tubes,
til waves. 12-in. speaker. WO. 0674. Sun
lay or after 5 wkdays. —28
RADIO. 1946 Venus portable, $45. See at
1539 18th st. n.w. —29
RADIO-PHONOGRAPH. Magnavox, with
:hanger; console mahogany; $140. SL.;
1416. —27 i
RADIO - PHONOGRAPH, Philco. with
■hanger, recorder, microphone; beautiful
on.sole; $'35. SL. 2416. —27 i
>rices deep on a few floor sample and
lightly used combinations Standard makes.
3hone Republic 6212. KtTT’S, 1330 G st.
i.w. (Middle of the block.) —31 j
RADIO - PHONOGRAPH combination,
fmerscn. excellent tone and in good con
dition. $35. Call LU. 02(5 from noon ’til,
ft n Pi 29
RADIO PHONOGRAPH combination, like,
lew; $J5o includes records. GL. 8163.
reasonable. TO. 5111. —27 1
1oor model, push button, beautiful deep
Lone, walnut finish, flat wood inlay, per
fect condition: $125. AD. 7787. —30
mu'tor, Westing house*. for immediate de- ■
ivery: terms. ELECTRICAL CENTER,!
>14 10th st. n.w.. NA. 8872. i
RECORDER, Presto, dual soeed. turntable,
ruruer mike: excellent condition; $200. or.
jest offer. SH. 2013. —28
REFRIGERATOR. 5 cubic ft., completely
reconditioned, guaranteed 90 days: private
Dwner. TR. 7033. 2 22 13th st. n.e. —27
REFRIGERATOR. 5'.» ft.. Universal, in ex
cellent running condition. $75. RA. 5631.,
REFRIGERATOR, electric Shelvador, fine
working cond . sacrifice, leaving city. 320
Aspen ,-t. n.w . GE 4696.
REFRIGERATOR. Servel 6-ft. Standard,
new. used 2 mos , $175. No dealers. 1204
Hamilton st. n.w. TA. 4940. —27
REFRIGERATOR, Westinghou.se. approxi- j
mately 6 cubic feet, good condition. EM.
0181 27*
REFRIGERATOR. Leonard: 4 cu. ft., good
[•ond.. $50; also lge. mahog.my bookcase.
I A. 0611.
Rl’G, Oriental Karastun. 9x12. laid only
four months, with Ozite pad. Box 26-R.
Star 27*
RUG, American Oriental. Hxl O1^. good
cond.: $20: red. tan and blue. AD. 9159.
FUR JACKET, brown fox, size 12; $50. or
will trade. HI. 4018. —29
RUGS, semiantique. Orientals at half ap
praisal: fine Sarouk. over 4x7 ft.. $150:
lovely Shiraz, nearly 5x9 ft.. $125; Tree of
Life. Kerminshaw, about 5x7, $125; all;
with rubber pads. WI. 4623.
RUGS—1 Chinese, blue and rose, 9x12.!
$225: Persian scatter rug. $125; good
londition. GL. 3257. —27
Rt'G, green Broadloom. 9x12. practically
new: price, $80. Twining 8557. —28
RUGS, Oriental and Chinese, large and
small; reduced prices. 2427 18th st. n.w..
RUGS—Two Chinese,. 9x1 2. $150 and $250
each; Persian no*. 9x12. $250; new broad
loom rugs at 2.V, savings. SANITARY
RUG CLEANING CO.. DI. 0356. —28
RUGS, Oriental, finest quality: Kerman.
8x10, red background: sacrifice. $475:
oIca PhinacA rno rtvli- cioriftna «1 T X nV
7430. —27
RUG, 9 by 12, in very good cond.: Axmin
ster; runner. Call 10 a.ni. to 5 p.m.. TA.
0635. —27
RUGS, antique. Oriental, room size and
scatter. No dealers. HO. 4134. Apt. 656
SAFES and money chests: large stock used
and shop-worn safes and chests, priced
low for clearance: wall safes, $10 up:
good del. new safes and chests, all sizes:
prices include nominal delivery. THE
SAFEMASTER CO., 2304 Pa. ave. n.w.
RE. 6011. —4
SAM'S—Radial. lVa-h.p.. 2-h.p and 3-h.p..
Walker-Turner. Call NOLAND CO.. Na
tional 0050. between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m .
Mondav through Saturday. —28
SAWS. TILTING ARBOR, 10-in., Walker
Turner. complete with motor, circuit
breaker and extension tables. Call NO
LAND CO.. National 0050. between 8:30
a.m and 5 p.m., Monday through Sat
urday. —28
SEWING MACHINES, consoles and port
ables. Singers and other makes, electrical
appliances; buy on the budget plan, as low
as $5 per mo. AMERICAN SEWING MA
CHINE STORES, 8624 Ga. ave., SL. 2345:
7836 Wis. a\c.. WI. 7533; Rhode Island
ave. and Eastern n.e., WA. 8588; 506 11th
st. s.e., LI. 3833. —31
SEWING MACHINES—Singers, elec, port
ables and consoles; also 31-15 power ma
chine; immed. delivery: terms low as $5
a mo., 5-year guarantee on all machines.
Open eves, till 8, NO. 2100. 2414 14th st.
SEWING MACHINES, elec. port.. $.15:
tailor elec . mfu.: shoe patch. $15; rentals:
repairs, $1.50 up. 3299 M n.w. DE. 7457.
SEWING MACHINES—Call CO. .1245 for
immediate delivery. Singers and other
makes: rent or sell. SEWING MACHINE
EXCHANGE. 2412 18th st. n.w.
SEWING MACHINES—Outstanding value,
immediate delivery: Singer desk models,
consoles and portables, electric portables,
$49.50 up: have your old sewing machine
converted to electric, $34.50; renting and
repairing, all makes. CONN. AVE. SEW
n.w., EM. 4556. Open Wednesday eves.
SHIRTS, gray uniform, finest quality heavy
poplin, sizes 13Va to 18; for P. B. A. guards,
police and streetcar operators: $6.50 value,
special for $2.95: did you se^ our larg*'
ad on page 3. EMONOMY SHOP, 802 F
st. n.w.
SINKS, new and used, all sizes: faucets.
Pipe, fittings, showers, etc. BLOCK S.
3056 M st. n.w.. Ml. 7141.
SODA FOUNTAIN. Bastian Blessing. 20-ft.
with 10 stools, back bar. sandwich unit,
2 compressors and carbonator; excel,
cond. la<e model. MATTHEW'S PHAR
MACY. LI 1065. —27
SOFA BED, Simmons. Lawson style, and
fnlrlinff hoH f^all TTninn 1 27*
SOLO VOX. model K. like new. used very
little, cost $375, sell $*275. OR. 3960 or
DI 1*200. —'27
STEEL BEAMS, large amount of 8 and 10
in. steel beams, long lengths. ACE WRECK
Minn. ave. n.e.. LI. 70:22. —31
STENOTYPE—Save $50 on stenotype and
instruction books, used 1 month. Wiscon
sin 3314 —27
STENOTYPE, used, $*25. Call AD. 2‘36
evenings. ^ .
STENOTYPE. good condition, fine for stu
dent use or as extra machine, $*25. UN.
7*299. „ —•-«
STOKER, used, suitable for 6 or * rm.
house; in good condition; $o0. UN. lnstfL
STOKER, home size. Iron Fireman, hard
coal bin feed: used and priced cheap. CO.
4*200: eves.. SH. 5619. —‘29
STOKER. Iron Fireman, feeds from coal
bin. auto, clock and controls, like new:
1st $5o lakes it. Sun., WI. 7987; Mon..
DI 4 799 —- '
STORE FIXTURES—Complete, self-service
«tore fixtures, meat cases, dairy boxes,
frosted loon cabinets, beverage coolers,
reach-in refrigerators, walk-in coolers,
scale, choppers and slicers. H. S. DUDLEi.
1767 Columbia rd,. CO. 0368.
STOVES—Oil pot type. coal, kerosene,
elec., gas. wood: large stock and variety
ACME STOVE CO.. 1011 7th st. n.w..
NA. 895:2 , „ . . .
STROLLER, special built twin^ 2 high
chairs* excc1 condition. LI. 37<6. 78
STUDIO COUCH, A-1. immed. poss.. cash:
makes good bed. Call OV. 3811 or Temple
Trailer Village, Alexandria, Va., Lot 700,
after 6 p.m. TT-**
SUIT, black, pin stripe, cost $40. sell $20.
size 37; also green cloth coat, fox collar.
S*25; also hat and dress, size 38. All day
Sunday or after 5, MI 0569. 2-'
SURFACERS, Walker-Turner, combination
b°lt and disc, complete with motor and
switch. Call NOLAND CO.. National OOoO.
between 8:30 am. and 5 p.m., Monday
through Saturday. * —28
TABLES-—Drum, walnut, center drawer.
SI*2 50; kitchen table porcelain, stainless,
heat-resistant top. center drawer. $70: 22
wheel me;al grocery cart. $2.50. LI. 40.->6
after 6 p.m. „ .. , „ .
TABLECLOTH, rare Venetian lace and
linen, 4 yards long. 1:2 napkins: cost $1,
500. sell $500. OR. 3843. 30
THOR GLADIRONS, with cabinet cover:
perfect conaition: $50. CH. 30'* 8.
TIRES. 500. Government used, various
sizes, take your pick at 50c per Passenger
and $*2 50 for truck sizes. NATIONAL
•JUNK CO. ‘2058 Sth st. n.w. —*2.
TIRES AND TUBES, slightly used. *2 tires
660X16. $3 and $4: *2 tubes, $2 each. Call
RA. 7860 'after 5 pm.
TRASH BOX. ali steel, cost $85. sell $o0
also frozen food case and stainless steel
ire chest. CH. .3476. -• . _
Tl'XEDO. single-oreastea: coat sue n»
long, trousers 38-in. waist: worn twice,
half price at $30. OR. 3428/ M
16th st. n.w.. GE. 1883 Und 3 mos in
adv . $7.50. ti. $13 50- no del.. So ad deo
TYPEWRITERS. Royals, latest models;
immed. delivery: trade-ins accepted, lib
ADDING MACHINE CO.. 2010 14th st.
n.w. MI. 4400. ~"s,
TYPEWRITERS — Royals, latest models,
immed. delivery: trade-ins accepted: lib
ADDING MACHINE CO.. 2010 J4th st.
n.w.. MI. 4400. —*
TYPEWRITERS, all makes and models, for
student or professional, AMERICAN TYPE
WRITER CO., 1431 East Capitol st Cur
37th vr 8:30 to 6 p.m. daily, incl. Sa..
TYPEWRITER. Roy-1 portable, quiet de
luxe, $70: also kiddie station wagon and
hobby horse. CO. 3000.
TYPEWRITER, bargain: sold on time pay
ments. Underwood. $35: L. C. Smith.
$30.50; Royals, portables. See at 1431
Eye *t n w. — 31
TYPEWRITER. Underwood. Standard. 11
in keyboard, new. never used, perfect
condition. $115: typewriter table, $o.
Call NO. 8fi'.’<i evenings —- <
VACUUM CLEANERS—Electrolux. Hoover.
Eureka and many others New and re
built like new. At cut-rate prices BEST
BRANDS CC . 805 11th st. n.w . NA. <(.3
VENETIAN BLINDS wasned. repain tea. re
taneC recorded PARK AVE VENETIAN
BUND CO. UN 1345
VIOLIN, bass, practically new: 4 strings,
with cover and bow; owner gone hi to
service. LU 2452.
VIOLIN, bass: new string: K-maestro.
reas. offer. AD. 8570 4007 12th sUe
WASHERS—Bendix. Thor. Maytag. GE,
etc ; some for immediate delivery; easy
terms. ELECTRICAL CENTER. 514 10th
st. n.w. NA. 8872. ..
WASHER. Westinghouse motor. Lovell
wringer, oump; $55. Shepherd 4803. ~<
in good cond.. S115. AD. 4818. —- <
standard make wringer washers with
nump for immediate delivery: also Bendix
Phone Mr. Seltzer, NA. 3113. JORDAN
PIANO CO.. 1015 7th st. n w. 31
WASHING MACHINE, de Juxe Bendix. 1
yr. old: excel, cond.; S17n. Phone WA.
,*»7o —-8
WATER HEATERS—Bottle gas Rudd. 40
gal.. $119.50: Briggs, 39-gai., *S«: im
mediate delivery AMERICAN TRAILER
CO.. INC.. 4039 Wisconsin are. n.w., WO.
3231. ,,
WATER HEATERS, gas. electric, all sizes.
Water Heater Specialists for 30 Years.
Expert Installation. JOHN G. WEBSIER
017 P st nw EX 4015. WO •-V.0
WATER HEATERS. 41-gal twin element,
nationally famous water heaters. $99.50
also for Immediate delivery. 39. 51 and
88 gal. GE. Westinghouse and Hotpomt
water heaters. Easy terms. ELECTRICAL
CENTER 614 19th st n.w. NA. 88,2
WELDING MACHINE, electric, new. port
able, mounted on wheels, $800. Call NA.
9708 —28
WOOD AND METAL LATHE, wood shingles,
building items, at RUCKER LUMBER CO.
—Oak flooring, olywood, Kimsul insulation,
sheetroek. knotty pine naneling. blinds,
cedar lining, storm doors, garage doors,
masonite, Ceiotex. siding. Pickets, shelving,
roofing. moulding, specisl miliwork.
RUCKERS, 1320 WiHon blvd., CH. 0860.
WHEEL CHAIR, foldini. metal and wood ‘
with rubber tires, good as new. CH. 4082.'
.Vi BY 4'« SPEED GRAPHIC with~13sl
mm., f4.7 lens. Graphax shutter. Graphax |
ash gun, film pack adapter, tripod. 6
filters, Weston light meter, lens shade.
4 cut-film holders; $285. HO. 8274.
Call after 8 p.m. —27
DARK RED SOFA, good condition: reason
able. Phone Woodley 8467. —27
AT A SACRIFICE, new silverplated teapot
and tray, never used; $15. Cali RE. 8495
BULLDOZER with operator for hire: exca
vating. grading, road building, land clear
ing. PA. 126 i-J. 31 •
FOR RENT—Caterpillar, motor graders.
Diesel bulldozers, all sizes; Disel cranes,
shovel, backhoe. drag line, trenchers, ail
types; everything for the contractor. Call
GL. 2212 or GL. J>993._
ADDING MACHINES, typewriters, calcu
lators. office eQuip.. all kinds; top price!
paid. DI. 7372: eves.. Sun.. CO. 4625. —1 i
ADDING MACHINES, typewriters, calcula- !
tors, bought and sola and rented. RE 1177.
ANTIQUES—Furniture, bric-a-brac, china.
fJiSJware, rugs. silverware. paintings,
highest cash prices paid. Call MURRAY.
'I 3333
ANTIQUES—Furniture, china, glass, curios,
old guns, music bo:;es. We try to pay yor.r
price. CH. 8506. Eves.. CH. 9161. —31
BEDROOM. dining room, breakfast sets,
studio couches, and odd pieces; spot cash,
prompt removal. MR. JERRY. LU. 8422.
BEDROOM, dining room or contents of
noinc: will pay cash. We do moving, stor
age. TA. 2937: alter 7 p.m.. GE. 1416. 28*
Bl-.DROOM SUITES, dining room suites,
living room pieces, rugs, gas ranges and
porcii furniture in any amount wanted at
once; will pay highest possible prices. No
matter what you have to sell, please call
today. MR. GRADY. NA. 2620.
scriptions We need your books. Highest
possible cash prices paid. DISTRICT
BOOK STORE. 721 9th st n.w.. ME. 5995
CAMERAS, all types, movie equipment, all
accessories bought at highest prices.
BRENNER PHOTO CO.. 933 Pa. ave. n.w.,
opposite Dept, of Justice. RE 2434
CAMERAS and equip.—Get our free ap
praisal before you sell. SOMMER S CAM
ERA EXCHANGE. 1410 New York ave. n.w.
CAMERAS—German ca^r" ,rr'*'T
equipment wanted. SOMMEH S CAMERA
EXCHANGE. 1416 New York ave. n.w
CLOTHING—Highest prices paid for men’s
used clothing BERMAN'S. 1122 7th st.
n.w. ME. 3767. Open eves. Will call.
DIAMONDS and oid void, diamond watches
and'discarded iewelry. Cash paid. ERNEST
BURK. INC., 614 13th st. n.w. DI. 2773.
DIAMONDS. OLD GOLD, diamond pocket
and wrist watches, initial, birthstones, dia
mond wedding rings: other jewelry pur
chased. highest prices paid. NEW YORK
JEWELRY CO.. 719 7th st. n.w.
FURNITURE—Highest cash prices for en
tire contents or fair-sized portions of
homes or apts. Call MR. DOUGLAS at
UN 1587. 31*
FURNITURE BOUGHT—Bedroom, dining
room, living room, electric refrigerators:
old glassware, bric-a-brac: stove, tools;
washing - r.nd sewing machines: pianos:
typewriters; stock of merchandise. RA
7922 day or night. —31
FURNITURE, household goods of all kinds.
price. RE. 7904 or DE. 2019. 1 •
FURNITURE—Want to buy some eood
used household Roods; also piano. RE
3672. call evening.". 31 •
FURNITURE and household effects of the
better kind wanted at once; will buy suites,
odd pieces or enrire home. Please call
today. MR. GRADY. NA. 2620.
FURN.—House, apts. or single pcs.: top
cash: prompt removal; (we do moving).
DU. 4429.
FURNITURE—Will buy entire contents or
odd pieces; best cash prices- buying and
selling for over 50 years. We do moving.
HOPWOODS. 8th and K sts. n.w . ME.
GOI.D-—Bring vour old gold, silver, platine.
teeth, discarded jewelry We pay cash.
A. KAHN. INC.. 55 years at 935 F st. n.w.
furniture, china, etc. Also antiques.
Bought for cash. EM. 4205.
PIANOS—Lawson & Golibart. will pay
cash for grands, uprights, spinets. AD.
5928. day; RA. 0491. night. 31*
PIANOS, grand, upright, spinet or apt.
size, any size, any condition; will pay
rash SL. 5264.
pays highest ca~h prices. Phone NA. 4870
for courteous appraisal.
SEWING MACHINE^ —We buy all types;
repair hemstitching. buttons covered,
pleating. 917 F st. . RE 1900 RE 2311
CO . 1011 7th st. n.w. NA. 8952.
WANTED—Better grade ot household fur
niture. antiques and office furniture. NA
5529* evenings. OF 6447.
WASHING MACHINES, any size, any
make, also washers for parts. AT. 7005.
AM INTERESTED in buying silverware,
in any condition. Jewelry, bric-a-brac,
chma. fancy cups and saucers. DORA
KPUPSAW MILESTONE. 1335 G st. n.w.,
ME. 6079 (near 14th).
WE PAY TOP PRICES for old gold, silver,
jewelry, diamonds, firearms, men’s cloth
ing. lucgagr pho:ographic equipment, mu
sical irstrulnents. engineering instruments
and what have you? Will call MAX
ZWEIG SONS. 937 D st. n.w. ME. 9113.
FIREWOOD scrap lumber, some good:
S3 a cord, you haul: also fireplace wood.
Pennsylvania Anthracite coal. Pocahontas
coal. COOPER SUPPLY CO.. 813 13th st.
n.e.. AT 6919: eves., FR. 5060.
FIREPLACE WOOD, seasoned: get orders
in e°rly for prompt delivery. CATLIN
LUMBER CO.. GL. 8888. —27
WOOD—Choice seasoned oak and hickory,
any length; prompt delivery. Temple
6996 or AX 4379. 27*
OAK WOOD—Dealers, attention. Grade
A. S5 oer cord, you haul. COOPER
CTTDDT V PA mi I'JtVi rf n n; AT I G
SEASONED OAK WOOD. $18 cord, deliv
ered anywhere. ROBERT S. BEAVERS,
Tower 64(32. —27
WOOD, seasoned oak. fireplace and stove
lengths. $21 a cord ALASKA COAL CO..
NA. 5885 or CH. 7700. —7
CORDWOOD. all oak, delivered. Call any
time. North 1930. 27*
FIREPLACE LOGS, OAK. seasoned cord or
half cord; immediate delivery. RE. 3931.
Call any time._
0089—Baby ch'cks, feed and poultry sup
buckskin filly. P. BOSWELL, Thorpland
Farm. Marlboro 3(578. —27
2 WELL-MANNERED saddle horses, with
saddles and bridles: priced reasonably.
Pony basket cart and harness, $85. Phone
OL. 4179._—1
teed hardy. 2-year-old field grown plants:
giant Oriental poppies, many colors. 55c
ea., 3 for $1.50: beautiful large chrysan
themums in bloom, imported hybrid rho
dodendrons. clematis, primroses and other
perennials. Holland tulips and bulbs. Afri
can violets. Ask for price list, BEHNKE
NURSERIES. Wash.-Balto. blvd. Beltsville,
Md. TO. 6284. Open Sundays. —2
TOP SOIL, fill dirt. sand, road gravel, cin
ders and bluestone foi sale by the load.
FR. 5578. —27
roads and drivewajs: de ivered and spread
bv trucks. Phone WA. 3217. 3*
FLAGSTONE WALKS, terraces, fireplaces
rock gardens, fish ponds, retaining walls.
F. MARCUCCIO. Rrute 4. Horner s lane.
Rockville. Md.. Rockville 3588. —30
LANDSCAPE SERVICE — Sodding, seeding,
grading and pruning, lawns renovated,
sod. topsoil and manure delivered. Ask
operator for Ashton 2182. -27
STRAWBERRY PLANTS, razzberry plants,
perennials, red flaming sword gladiola
bulblets. JOHN BURDOTT, Cclesville, Md.
Call Ashton <Md.) 3846. —2
TOP SOIL, good and rich, prompt de
liveries. Day and night, phone TE. 2937.
MANURE, well-rotted—$7.50 per 15 bu!:
$5 per 10 bu.; delivered. Top soil.
WA. 4593.__ —
GREAT DANE PlTpPIES. litter of out
standing pups from International blood
lines with several international cham
pions In last 4 generations. These dog?
will make excellent pet* and protectors
of children. The mother has a most
remarkable even disposition and instmc
nve proiec*.iveiie&!> uiuumi. *
immediate background of these pups con
tains such dogs as international cham
pion Kalandus von Drachenstein. cham
pions Linda Gruber. Gunar d. v. Rhon.
Lionnc v. Lohclanc'. Czardis v. Eppeteio
strung-Norris. Zcpa Von Loheland, Zorn
v. Birkenhof, Hora Doggensport. Major
Yeast Foam. Ingo Doggensport of Cani
dom. Fauna Mogontia of Brae Tarn,
Gustaveous of Brae Tarn. Gilbert's March
ing Peter and many others; priced at
$•>00 and may be seen by calling SH.
2025 or WI. 1100. —31
SIAMESE KITTENS, housebroken. beau
tiful. JO weeks old; $25. HI. 4424. ■—27
BOXER PUPPIES. 4 months old. AKC
registered, docked and cropped. Call
FA. 2842. —27
ELPAW KENNELS—Reg : invites you'
inspection: boarding, grooming and train
ing for your dog, under veterinary super
vision. ELPAW KENKELS. Reg. Alex
andria Va„ Duke st. ext.. :i miles out. adj.
Q. M. Depot. TE. 2430.
GREAT DANE PUP—5 mo. old. cropped
AKC registered from champion blood
lines. beautiful brindle female, also older
dogs .mal- and female (Dane stud service).
ELPAW KENNELS. Re!.. Duke st. ex
tended. Alexandria. Va.. TE. 2430.
2. 7 mos. old. pure-bred: hunters or pets.
971 Valley ave. s.e., off Wheeler rd. VI.
4930 21•
DACHSHUND PUPPIES, male, black, pedi
greed. $75. $100. For appt.. SH. 0144.
o-joi r.Mrrt* ave.. Sliver Sorin'. —28
ENGLISH SETTER, male; trained to hunt:
$75. WA. 0749. „ —28
DOGS AND CATS boarded, week ends or
longer, air-conditioned kennels, pickup
srrv’Ce: veterinarv supervision BIDE-A
WEE KENNELS 4215 Conn ave . WO 0224
ing and grooming; cocker spaniel puppies,
champion cockers at stud TO. 5139 .
GREAT DANE PUPPIES, fawn and brin
ule. R. D. LJNDSAY, Colesville. Md.
Silver Spring 039S.
boarding on 40 acres; heated individual
pens and outside runs; cockers at stud,
pups for sale Phone Fairfax, il-J-..
male and female; male, $<£>» female.
VI 6010. —
cocker' SPANIELS, ref. litter; heavy
feathered; trycobbs; 0 wks black beau
ties. $25 and. $35. Also older one; AKC
studs. 4858 Lacey ave. s.e. HI. 3829. —31
SIAMESE KITTENS, blue and seal Point,
pedigreed, papers furnished. $35. CTH. ^8322.
GOOD HOME wanted for beautiful black
and white male cat, altered, 8 mos. old.
Phone WI. 1295.
BEAGLE, male, 7 mo«„ ready to run, $25.
OX. 1181. —29
16-FT. INBOARD. 40-ta.p. engine, fine con
dition. Sacrifice for cash, *375. MI. 5540.!
WANT A BOAT for ne*t spring?—Let us
start looking for it now. Place your name |
on our prospective boat buyers list, at
absolutely no obligation to you. Describe
boat desired and approximate price range
Write Black As Shaver. 702 Sligo ave.. Sil
ver Spring. Md., or call Sliao 9237. 29*
RICHARDSON BOATS — 1947 Commuter,
display model: immediate delivery at a
special savings; orders now accepted for i
spring delivery on 34-foot Richardson Se- j
dans single or twin screw. THE JACK
SI’ONF. CO.. OL. 7200 —2
cond.; 34-ft.. twin motor. Chris Craft.
1941; very reasonably priced. Call ME.
5352 for inspection any time. —29 |
OUTBOARD MOTOR, 5 h p , all new parts.
*79. CH. 343S.
PENN YAN DINGHY, canvas covered. 9 ft.
by 50 in., takes large or small outboard.
*50. MR. SCHROEDER, 325 East Capi
tol st. •
MATTHEWS M93R) with 2 cabins, inc.o-ed
deck house gallev compartment. 2 heads;
sleeps 7; a flu? boat for immediate sale.
*5.5oo. SH. 5405.
15-FT. SCHOONER. »Va-ft. draft, suitable
for inland or off-shore cruising: new Gray
motor, radio-telephone; excellent condition;
<5.500 MF 3508.
SELF OR TRADE new' custom-built speed
ooat, aluminum covered bottom: trade for
14 or 15 ft. boat. MR. WEAVER. AD. 1723.
OUTBOORD MOTOR, 3 h p . run only few
hours. *70; also several guns, reasonable.
OR. 2985.
18-FT. AUX. SLOOP, built 194 3. perfect
condition. HUGH ALEXANDER. 015 Maine
ave. s.w.
MARINE SUPPLIES, paints, rone, fire ex
tinguishers. outboard motors. Scripps ma
rine engines. 50 to 300 h.p : fishing tackle
st. s.e LI 4493.
WE SERVICE all makes of outboard mo
tors: price is reasonable. 3. E. SALES
CO.. 737 llth st. s.e.
O'VENS for voltr cruise to Florida. Call
LARRY JERMAN. WA 7 000. or WO. 6823
GAR WOOD IH-ft. utility boa-. 92-h.p.
Chrysler marine engine: America's most
beautiful utility boat: *2.427. delivered:
guaranteed: easv terms. Call Mr Blank,
ARCADE PONTIAC CO.. 1437 Irving st.
n.w., AD 8500.
TROLLING FOR ROCK blues, trout. Ches
apeake Bay. Herring Bay. For reserva
4192. —28
engine, stainless steel galley; sleeps four;
full head room; a beautiful boa', in excel
lent condition. Call Overlook 1203. —20
MATTHEWS “3K“ inc.osed deck-house
cruiser, in excellent condition, with full
equipment: asking *7.000: will consider
small boat in trade and c»sh difference.
Call WA. 2292. —20
OUTBOARD MOTOR, used a short time
as a demonstrator: a Champion 4.2-h.p.;
*95. COLONY RADIO. 0119 Ga. ave.
OUTBOARD MOTORS. 4.2-h.p. Cham
pion de luxe motor. Pull-o-Matic starter,
full reverse; $139.50.
4.2-h.p Champion standard motor:
$127.50: Just the motor for trolling.
The rock fish are breaking. COLONY
RADIO. HI 19 Ga. ave. n.w., GE 2200.
Open from 9 a.m. to 9 jp.m._—26_
FALL BARGAINS—We have a number of
unusual values at end-of-season prices:
this is the time to buy a good used boat:
we list a few. but have others; let us have
your requirements.
43x1 o-ft. bay cabin fishing boat, new
Chrysler Crown, reduction gear, bottled
gas. aux. generator, etc.: a fin*, well
equipped boar, very special a* $2,700.
4o-ft. Hoooor Island, marine toilet, new
wheelhou.se canopy lust added: very at
tractive; will sacrifice for #1.600.
33-ft. bav boat, new Chrysler Crown: a
fine boat. chnap at. $2,200.
1938 32-ft Chris-Craft. sleeps H: di
nette. bottled gas. etc.; very nice; asking
38-ft. three-cabin Matthew's. Chrysler
Ro-’al. vevv nice; reduced to $8,800.
50-ft. Elco. flying bridge, a big. com
fortable boat in excellent condition, ready
to demonstrate; #9.500.
1942 Elco 3-cabin cruiser; very nice;
Many others. Including speedboats, sail
boats; get on our mailing list for detailed
description' of listings.
Marine railway; full line marine sup
plies and equipment: expert repairing,
inboard motor installations.
Packard marine engines. Wisconsin air
cooled engines and accessories for small
refinishing, remodeling; engine repairs and
overhauling: complete machine shop
NICE FURNISHED sleeping room for busi
ness couple or 1 or 2 single ladies in re
fined home, laund. privil. TA. 286 K
GAY’S GUESTHOUSE. 1720 R. I. ave. n.w
—Beautiful spacious rms., $2 each and up
daily; soecial wkly rates: transients only.
EX 014* —27
HOTEL EMERY. 1812 G St. n.w.. two Mks
west ol White House—Singles. $1.75-82.50
doubles. #2.50-$4: tile floor baths: eleva
tor: phones in all rooms RE. 18'2.
I S31 COLUMBIA RD. N.W.—Men. 2 sgles .
#5.50-S7; dble . #6.50 ea.: clean com
fortable. separate beds: c.h.-w., baths, and
snowers: on Mt. Pleasant canine, au.
T1IE ALTURAS HOTEL. ] 509 18th st
n.w—Single and double rooms: 51.50
night up; dining room in biwlding. NO.
HOTEL HAWTHORNE. 2134 G st. n.w.—
RE. 4027. Single rooms. $7.50 to $10.50
weekly; double. -$13 to $18 weekly; run
ning water in rooms, plenty of baths
and showers —30
PRINCE KARL HOTEL. 1901 K st. n.w.—
Double rooms with or without private
bath. 24-hour switchboard service. Call
I EX. 7725. —30
! n 18 LANIER PL. N.W.—Men only. $4
and $5 each Call CO. 1852. —27
1 CHEVY CHASE, near Conn ave. bus. 2C
i min. to downtown: $!4 a week; 1 gentle
; mail only. 3816 Military rd., EM. 2123.
1815 WYOMING AVE. N.W., on Mt. Pleas
ant car line—4 extra large single rms.,
dble. beds, conv. location; $9 each weekly.
MI. 9815. —28
WHITESTONE HOTEL, across from Stat
ler. cor. 16th and L n.w.—Weekly rates,
single. $14: dble., $21: children accepted:
rates for familv groups. RE. 0442. —28
HOTEL l 110 Rhode Island ave. n.w.—
Large. 2 dble. beds; will accommodate 3 or
4. Pvt. bath. $18 week. Stoker heat.^
SCOTT CIRCLE. 1819 and 1829 Mass, aye
n.w.—Desirable double rooms for gentle
men: triple for girls. . 31*
LARGE FRONT ROOM, next bath._ 1st
floor. $20. District S14S. 2<*
NICELY FURN. double room, suitable for
2: twin beds, kitchen privils.: near transp.;
unlim. phone; Jewish home. RA. 50r»l.
1233 MADISON ST. N.W.—Good single
rm.. $7 wk.: men only. RA. 2142. —28
CHEVY CHASE, 4o min. downtown by bus;
complete newly decorated, nicely furn. 3rd
fl able, rrr..; s*le. rm. and pvt. bath; use
of laundry and telephone, married couple
and crown child or 3 women preferred.
$75 p^r ir.o. WT. 7477. __ —-28
$.»(>; near Dupont Circle; inspection by
appt. onlv. CO. 0815. —
nished room, near hath: $25 month. Call
ME 9590 or Box 144-M. Star. —28
1109 38th ST. N.W.—Room for refined em
ployed lady, to stay nights with another
cinity. near 2 bus lines- 750 Rock Creek
Church rd.—Lge. twin-bed rm. with
screened porch, newly furn.. next to batn,
c h w.; $25 each month; $40 single. RA.
•> 11 ft. —,
j75, QUF. ST. N.W.—The Rennert. Lovely
well-heated, laree front, twin-bed rm. —
.Til* SHEPHERD ST. N.W.—Cheerful rm.,
next to bath, in quiet home: conveniently
located - - 9
lOflfi Kith ST. N.W.—Arross from Statler
Hotel: attr. furn. single rooms for young
• KM"8' iSf.Y ST. N.W.—Half bloelt from
Conn, ave.: attr. furn. single rooms for
young ladies: iront. S’Ul mo. '-S*
DUPONT CIRCLE. -JOIS O st. n.w.—Beau
tiful lse. bed-living rm.. Diano, nr. |bath.
sole beds: gentlemen: $(iO.
17,7 C1U KCH ST. N.W.—Laree double
! room, conv. transp.. unlim. phone: nr. Co
: |UU>|USBELMONT ST. N.W.—Private en
1 trance, close in, off 14fh st. carline: newly
decorated; sgle., $'-5; dble.. S40 per mo
AD 988*’ —•*]
I 1147 mass. AVE. N.W—Lge. first-floor
1 h k bedroom, running water, electric
i refer, hotplate: Si:)..5U a week for quiet
people only; no drinkers; references re
SGLE FRONT RM, lady; telephone and
la unary privils.; $25; Protestant home.
RA. 7.113 after H D.m.
Illft 8th ST. N.W.—2 single rooms, clean
and comfortable; conv. to downtown
end $30 mo. RA. 5800. ,,777*8 ♦
DUPONT CIRCLE AREA—1 <00 18th st.
n.w.—single and double room for gentie
men only. $25 per mo. up. HO.J^n.
I 150 GIRARD ST., “The Palmer House"—
Large, well-hc: ted 2nd-floor twin-bed rm.,
near bath; $2(» monthly each. —2<
GORDON HOTEL. 91.fi l«th st. n.w.
Pcim. rates on dble. rn»s., twin beds, *itn
running water. *21 per wk.: conv. location.
I dining rm. at moderate prices —-i*
(750 MASS. AVE. N.W .—Young girl to
■Share lge. airy rm. with another eirl: maid
[service and laundry orivil.; *24.50 mon.n.
I7.-,n MASS. AVE. N.W.—Young man to
: share lge. airy rm. with another man.
maid service and laundry orivil.; JM-jOU
i'.W»h'KAN8A* ave. N.W.—Single room,
next to bath, for young eirl: convenient
transportation; $30 per month. RA. 633i.
; 1709 N. H. AVE. N.W.—Dbl. rm . Slo'per
wk' "iple. *15 per wk. DE. 949n. —-9
HOTEL PARK HOUSE. 909 nth st n.w . -
blks. Greyhound.—Sgls. *10. dblk. Slfi
wk 1 trans. rms.. *1.50-*3 day. EX. 96f>0.
GAYTONIA, 151.3 16th at. n.w.—Clear,
and comfortable; *e. single. *3, double,
pei day; special weekly rates. l
HEDROOM. 4 windows. facing park.
Jewish girl, share apartment with an
other; *50 mo. DE. 9361.
FURNISHED ROOM. 1 or 2 girls: large
front room, nr bath; kitchen and phone
2-T105i9thAST01Nrw.—Several nicely furn.
rms.. from $25 a mo. up. Call NA. lioO
GL0VER0PPARK, 3761 W st. n.w—Twin
c r un r° peo p lfPa U ‘*5^5 ' mo b * ‘ Re fined
home D-2 bus WO. 2900. —2.
S05 MT VERNON PE. N.W.—Large front
room with twin beds; for gentlemen only.
GENTLEMAN—Master bedroom, single; ..
i large closets, cont. hot water, unlim. phone
outside door, bath with shower: mad
[service. Available Nov 1. DU. 3136 31
OLD FOLKS—Live in at Sunset Club, ex
I elusive lor the aged; every comfort for
[long life. 1525 16th st. n.w., RR_6104.
3820 MILITARY RD. N.W.—Single. for
•ady, I!i blk. Coun. ave.; *7.56 per wk.
Cal! EM. 2619. _ —29
.,7 17 COLORADO AVE. N.W.—Attractive
i Use front room, twin beds, next to shower;
laund. orivil.; pvt. home. TA. 5799. —2
1833 PARK RD.—Excellent location: im
maculate. large sunny rooms, for young
men, tiled shower: *26 mo. DU. 9974.—29
1717 K 8T. N.W.. downtown—Lge. nicely
fum. sgle. rm., well hearted. cross_ventila
tlon: *32 mo. Apply MISS JOHNSON.
1919 19th ST. N.W., Apt. 21—Nicely furn.
dean, comfortable, sgle. rm. for girl: *..0
mo. MI. 1449. _ —29
1327 17th ST. N.W.—Newly furn. and
newly decorated single rms.; lgdle« pref.;
coffee prlvili. CO. 2497. —29
ROOMS FURN.—Northwest. (Cont.)
4224 16th ST. N.W.—Pleasant, nicely furn. !
south room for ccntleman; well-apopinted
home: garage: $50. !
DUPONT AREA. 1747 18th st. n.w.—Well-’
furn. comfortable rm.. twin beds. kit.
privils.: sgle rm. also avail.; gentlemen or
eir.pl. cple. pref. DE 9658. —2 i
HOTEL 14.10 R. I. AVE. N.W.—Bsmt. rm
shower and bath; SX wk . twin beds. pvt. <
bath: $1X wk.; stoker heat. —29
1755 QUE ST. N.W.—Dble . newly papered,
inner-spg. mattress, lge. closet, next bath
and shower DU. 9854. —2
DUPONT CIRCLE. 2015 O st n.w.—Lge .
nicely furn. 1 hi. rm.. bsmt.: piano, refsr..
sink, gentlemen: $45 —29
1505 IRVING ST. N.W.—Rm for two.
twin beds, shower, excel, transo : enter
taining privils.. reasonable. AD'. 5197.
1157 CLIFTON ST. N.W.—Large double
room for couple, also single room; both
newlv decorated. DE. 9855. —29
CHEVY CHASE. D. C.—Law master bdrm .
pvt. bath. pvt. home: 4 windows. 5 closets,
maid service; 1 blk. to Ccnn. ave.; 1 per
son only. EM. 9551. —28
1511 KANSAS AVE. N.W.— Lge . sunny
front rm.. twin b°ds: nicely furn.: express
transn : pvt. home. laun. privils. Eves.
GE. 5750 —28
• 502 RANDOLPH—All new. very attrac..
front and rear rms.. twin beds, next baths:
refined people. After 4. GE 8186. —29
SPECIAL—-On lge. yacht with iron hull.,
145 by 20. docked com. to 14th s? : out
side staterm avail now to man of high
standards: $11 week: nice location; phone,
steam heat. RE 6’60. —28
housekeeping room. $50. 1568 Colum
bia rd. n.w. —28
2021 PIERCE MILL ED. N.W.—Lge. dble
rm. facing Rock Creek Park; transporta
tion at corner; $50. —27
DOWNTOWN, near Statler. 1104 Vermont
ave.—Large room, twin beds. pvt. bath.
89 '•ach weekly ME 5162. —'9
1521 OAK—Very large front room nicely
nun. so. expo . pleasant outlook; for r.cn
tieman: Protestant family. S50 51*
POTOMAC HOTEL. 800 18th st. n.w. NA
9216—Complete hotM scrview with cair
icna MS week double, with running
water; $24 week with private bath: also
large rooms, suitable for 5 or more. $2 7
oer week and up.
THE WILSON HOUSE. 1622 1 8th st. n.w -
Excellent double room. $55 mo each
single, $45; no drinking, refs. MI. 9296.
727 WEBSTER ST. N.W.—Lge. rm for
employed couple; grill privil.; $42.50.
RA 9705. —27
DOUBLE ROOM, all modern, many extras:
1 block car and buslines; nc*r Dupont
Circle: $40 mo 1811 19th sf. n.w. —27
LARGE DO I BLE ROOM for working
coimle or two mnn; ideal location. 5 115
1 4th sf n.w —27
I 156 TAYLOR ST. N.W. — Fron: double
room, nicely furn.; conv. transp.. pvt. home.
TA. 7158. . —27
1701 Kith ST.. Act. 801—Beautifully
furnished corner room, semipvt. bath,
hotel service; gentleman only. $60. NO.
2611. —27
r’tirw ru iwr O•>•»•> UArricnn cf n it
Large, delightful room. 3 windows, tele
phone privils.; gentleman only. WO.
7517. —27 i
1020 16th ST. N.W’.—Rooms for young
ladies, ideal downtown location, across
from Statler Hotel. 27*
GARFIELD ST.—Master bedrm . semipvt.
I bath, in quiet home; unusual opport. for
1 empl. lady; ref. EM. 3223. —27
1625 16th ST. N.W.—Connecting double
rooms, pvt. bath. $22.50 each. —28
CHEVY CHASE, D. C.— l lge and 1 small
i sleeping mi., gentlemen; vicinity Conn
( ave. end Nebraska ave.; in pvt. heme of 2
adults. OR 6533. —-27
OLD FOLKS—Live in at Sunset Club
; exclusive for the aaed; every comfort for
long life. 1525 16th st. n.w. RE. ' 1.
3811 KANSAS AVE. N.W.—Double room,
nicelv furn.. next bath with shower.
! $12.50 week. GE. 0132. —27
.3121 30th ST. N.W.—Large room, twin
i beds, porch attached, extra bath, con
venient transp. EM. 1153. call mornings.
1017 BII.TMORE ST. N.W.—Nice, large,
furn. bedrm.: 2 girls or married couple.
CO. 9868 after 8 o'clock and all day Sun.
2919 28th ST. N.W. <1 blk. west of Conn )
—Rm . semipvt. bath: gentile home, gen
tleman only. AD. 4129. —27
WEBSTER ST. X.W., 1127—Master bedrm .
pvt. bath; for gentleman; private, genjtile
home. RA. 4293. —‘-7
CHEVY’ CHASE. I). C.—Well-furn., comft.
rm. with semipvt. bath. pvt. home: Conn,
nr. Nebr.; no other roomers; 1 gentleman,
$10 a wk. EM. 3625. —27
LGE. RM.. newly decorated, for 2 young
girls, corn, location, excel trans,. tele
phone and laundry priv.; $25 per mo ea.
MI. 6293. —31
2900 CONN. AVE.. Apt. 432—Large, sunny,
comf. rm., twin beds, for 2 empl. ladies; ;
$30 each; gentile home —27
NICELY FURNISHED room for married
couple kitchen priv.; reasonable rent;
nr?r Walter Reed Hospital. GE. 41_24.
NEAR 16th AND DECATUR—Large single
room, semipvt. bath; gentleman; $40_mo..
$10 wk.. pvt. gentile home. GE. 7031.
71 GALLATIN ST. N.W’.—Large attractive
room, for 1 gentleman, in private home; j
semipvt. shower, bath; $35. GE. 85/3.,
st. n.w.—Double room. nvt. bath: no other
rqomers; gtntlemer.: $50. RA. 3076. —27
COLORED—1816 S ST. N.W.—Nicely furn
rm . for quiet, pmpl. married cple .^or
i 2 men; references. HO. i860. —27
ADt. 1—Nicely furn. rms. for empl. coudIp.
CaM before J i a m. or after 6 p.m., CO.
9553. —28
Room for rent for a man; home privUeses.
COLORED—2719 11th ST. N.W.—Double
or single rooms; prefer men. DU. 7026.
Suitable for one young man. —27
close to transp.; home privils.; $5 each.
CO. 9461. —28
COLORED—3303 GA. AYE. N.YV. — One
women: laund. privils and use of phone;
SH each week RA 6280 —27
COLORED—RM., COUPLE, some privil
eges. AD. 6754. _—27
ployed man: with some privils.; $8 week:
or employed Kiri. Call for sppt., AD.
.2040 —"8
COLORED—I HO I 1st ST. N.W.—Large
front rm.. nicely furn.. for employed mar
i ried couple or 2 Kiris: $10 per week.
COLORED—2015 Iftth ST.—Furn. room
for employed couple; no cookinR; call after
15 p m DU. 6627. —20
gentlemen onlv: conv. transp.; $.25 pet
month._HO. 2014.__ —29
125 QUINCY PL. N.E.—Lge. rm.. nicely
furn.: clean, comfortable; exc. transp.:
suitable for 2. MI 6070 -—*’8
nondrinking. workinK couple. Phone VI.
7 SO 2. *
ROOM for refined, sober man only. Call
after 4 p m.. AT. 048.2. Northeast section
1.22 C ST. N.E.—2 rooms. ! dble. 1 h k
and 1 ssle. sleeping rm.; conv. transp. and
shopping. LU. 61.2.2,
WOODRIDGE—Twin-bed rm . next to
bath: blk. to bus; some home privileges.
Dupont 452.2. .—
112 TENNESSEE AVE. N.E.—Comf , large
double rm . conv. transportation. FR.
'4041 —31
.217 7th ST. N.E.—Double room, next to
bath; for refined couple or two cirls;
j convenient transportation. Call after^ 6.
COLORED—625 7th ST. N.E.—Nice rooms
in the neighborhood of your choice, for
couples and single persons. FR. 8681
before 6 r>.m 27
COLORED—ONE SINGLE and onp double
i rm. for single men. Call after 10 am
Sundav. LU. 7 656. —~~8
COLORED—5205 BLAINE st. n.P.—Front
rm . home prh. TW. 1567. —27
COLORED—2012 12th ST. N.E.—Room:
rent to lady. $.20 mo. DU 5420 —2/
COLORED — 5120 BLAINE - ne—At
tractive room for single r.ir!; home priv
ileges. LU. Q14.2. _—27
Tmi A ST. S.E.—Lee. bedrm. for 1 or 2:
southern exposure: also sale. rm. LI. :IM6.
•2 RMS. for light housekeeping: sooer mar
ried cple. with no children, or 'l nice girls-,
excel, shopping and transp. LI. fi’.’TT. —'IU
CAPITOL LOCATION—Double room, twin
beds, nicely furn.. newly dee . next to
bath. conv. to downtown. Navy Yard: rent
reas. Call after 1 p.m. TR. 3001. — ~ *
FRONT ROOM, facing Capitol; S.10 a
month. RF 0183. *r'
Ifil KENTUCKY AVE. S.E.—1 blk from
Lincoln Park: newly decorated single room.
adjoining bath. LI. 6482. _ —
BEAUTFUL ROOM, newly furnished, twin
beds, in modern log cabin, oil heat, all
conveniences. UN. 7833. —>1
..*73(1 VO PERSHING OR . Arlington. Va
-Nice light housekeeping rm. for rent.
$3.7 ea for 2. men pref. Telephone CH.
1249 — V ,
TAKOMA PARK. MD.—Rooms (21 single
and double: pvt. entrance and^bath: 1 blk
from bus line; men.* SL. 3607. —27
SILVER SPRING. 9321 Oca.a at.—At
tractive, newly furn. rm.. next to bath:
garage; kit. privls. for breakfast. SH.
5980 —
furn and near bus transp . for $40 a
month: working person pref.: woman only;
meals notional. SL. 7141. -*
I bedrm. for girl. MRS. WITTY. WA. 7833.
1 1 1 till 7. —29
1500 38th ST NORTH. Arlington. Va.—
Large twin-bed room adjoining bath: $30
month *n employed couple. GL. 1581. '
BEVERLEY HILLS—Nice room, next to
bath, in private home: $10 week. Call
after 6 p.m.. TE. 6966. 28*
ARLINGTON—Double and single rooms:
direct bus t,o Pentagon. Navy, downtown
D. C.: laundry facilities; phone: girls
preferred; gentile home. GL. 71572
ALEX.. VA.—Furnished room with kitchen
privileges In private home. 706 Ramsey^st.
ARL.—TWIN BED RM., pleasant gentile
home, some prlv.: girls. CH. 0641. —28
LARGE ROOM—Private bath. Quiet home,
on bus line: $60. Falls Church 2541-R.
FURNISHED ROOM for gentleman: near
Shirlington Phone Oxford 1576. 29*
HAVE SLEEPING RM. completely furn.
$35 a mo . for woman only; prefer work
ing person: nr. bus transp. Sligo 7M1.
2 GENTLEMEN; lge.. bright rm.. twin beds,
next to bath: conv. to bus. Call CH 6924
furn. and near bus transp.. for $10 a
month; working person pref.: woman only.
SL. 7141.
3 LGE. HEATED ROOMS; newly dec : no
children: reasonable. Call HAYDEN Asn
! ton 2681 after 5 p.m. _ —28
COLORED—1233 K ST. 8.E.—Double and
sintle rooms, come »nd rent. eaJ and list.
AT. 9209. —3*
CONGENIAL, elderly gentleman wishef
pleasant room, furnished or unfurnished,
n first floor, with private bath or lava*
nry; location. Northwest, preferably Con
lecticut ave vicinity; must be near trans
portation. Write particulars and phon§
lumber to Box 117-R. Star.
'OL'PLE. colored, with one child, fl years
•Id. wishes room with privileges. Call
LQ 3708._ * ^
JO 10 WYOMING AVE. N.W.—Room an!
noard; single room, young man or lady.
?55 month HO. P4*2. —27
>LD FOLKS—Live in at Sunset Club.
•xclusive for the axed; every comfort for
ona life, l.vy5 i«th «t. n.w . RE 5104
'ancles ;n this popular guesthouse, special
ism- n -ooh fora and service. 1712 New
Hampshire ave n.w.
BLOCK SENATE and Congressional Li
brary. comfort, rms. and good iood. In.
rm. privils.; doubles and triples. TR 9570.
Dl PONT ( IKCLE —Lovely room that will „ ~
accommodate enner 3 men or women; food
is excellent Call or visit 2013 Mass. «v«.
n.w.. DE. 9798. —Z9
1 iOl i Oth N.W.— Lgr dble 2nd-floor
from; girl to share dole with another ex
cellent food and service; switchboard girl.
— 1
1537 GALLATIN ST. N.W.—Young lady
fo share arse triple room with another
lady : meals and Sunday dinner; laundry
and home privileges; good transp ; unlim.
phono St? 50 n~r month GF 5978 —30
1738 M ST. N.W.—Vacancy in trin e, with
private bath, also large room for 4 stu
dents; maid serv . switchboard, excellent
food; *a block off Conn. ave. Call RE.
3104. —30
OI r> FOLKS—Live in at Sunset Club, ex
clusively for the aged every comfort for
long life. J 575 Ifith st. n.w . PE 5104.
HOME-COOKFI> MEALS in pleasant sur
roundings. able, rms.; ronv. transp. 10
mins, downtown, tel. and laundry privils.;
neaf Colonial Village. MRS. MOORE.
GL. 110S. — ?S
1311 El CUD ST. N.W.- -Southern cook
ing; available Monday, men or women.
3736 N. HAMPTON ST N.W.—2 nicely
furn. rooms for gentlem''n; nvt home;
breakfast, provided. Phone EM 13 77. —28
ROOM AND BOARD for mother and ?
year-old son. mother employed NA 1664,
Room 305. •
< Ol PLE. substantial, desires room with
board; pleasant surroundings, good food
and attractive twin bens with pvt bath a
requisite. PI. 3510. Ext. 511. _ —2ft
APARTMENT—Will share 3 ,rooms and
barn with another young woman; 835.
Box 2S-R. Star 27*
bedrooms. living room. dining room,
kitchen, hath; air-cooling unit, wood
burning fireplace; rent. 8200 month; im
mediate possession BOSS A* PHELPS. INC .
141' K M. n.w . NA 0300 —27
1 OR 2 GIRLS to share apt. with another
girl. 83.5 month each. 2605 30th st s e ,
Apt 4. VI. 5846. —27
3-ROOM, kit and bath ap* to share
with another lady. *30 a month 513 8th
st. s.e . 2nd floor front, after 4.30. 28*
112 M XRIETTA PI N.W.—Girl. 23-30. to
share 6-rm. house with 3 other girls. *40.
20 min downtown. GF 4062 —1
1631 EUCLID ST N.W.. Apt. 110—Pleas
ant, room, next bath, for professional
woman. 30 to 4'>. in 4-room apt . with 2
others: *45. includes kitchen facilities,
phone, linen Sunday ali day. 7 to 0 p m.
weekdays. HO 3710 28*
TAKOMA PARK, near Sanitarium—Shut-in
who likes write letters help oay sot. for
counlc. P. O Box 4200. Tak Pk D C 2*
2 ROOMS- kitchen and privar* bath en
tire 3rd floor, conv. n.w. location. 8100.
Box 355-M. St a- —- 8
COUPLE with lge . modern home. Silver
Spring, desires to share with one couple
in 20s with 1 child accepted. 885 monthly.
SF 2013. —28
N.E. SEC. —1 or 2 girls tn share room*
apt. wirh another girl: sgle beds, phone;
823 mo. RE 7500. Ext 2181. 0 to 5. TR
6001 eves., nr Box 160-M. Star.
324 17 th PL. N.E.—2-rm. housekeeping
apt. in pvt. home, for quiet, dav-empl.
roc pie: refs ren . *60 mo LU. 3.300
2-ROOM FURNISHED APT. with bath. *15
a week. 4 13 D st. n e LU. 6378
5-ROOM FURN. APT.: 872 50 inrl. uttl
it’es Shown between 5 and 6 p.m only.
04 T st. n.w.
1321 VERMONT AVE. N.W.—Completely
furn. apt. for 3 or 4. 880 mo.; maid serv
ice: good location CO 5004.
GIRL. 23-28. to share gentile 2'?-rm apt.
with 2 other girls; 827.50 mo. 2604 Conn,
ave.. NO 5255 after 7 p m
n.w.—Two. private, liv -berirm . share din .
kit . reception hall and bath: ?2o per mo
each person suitable for 4 men or «
couples. Box 27 8-M. S;nr.
N.W. SECTION—Children we’rome. \zr
rm . kitchenette; 840 mo. Call RE 2888
or DI. 4 160. Box 467-M. Star —20
TWO ROOMS, private bath, adults omy.
Hillside. Mri. Call HI. 3642
DOWNTOWN—Small housekeeping unit*.
reasonable. 1635 L st- n w. DI T8fl*
>09 H ST. N.W.—2 rms . kit and semipvt
hath, furnished; $50 a mo. Apply 30.1
H st. n w. ,,
!•;» KENYON ST. N.W.—Large apt will
accommodate 3 employed adult?: $100 in
cU-riing all utilities. Call TA. $300 —-3
FURN 4 RMS. and semipvt. bath. Capitol
Heights. Md. Call HI. 5392 -r'-JL,
15 BRYANT N.W.—Basement apt.. 3 rms.
and bath; $75 a month. —■-*
WANTED—Gentile girl to share modern
apt with another girl; twin beds; on car
line: $40 a mo. MI. 4321 after 6 p m.
1S35 3rd at. n.e. .. .
BEDROOM, kitchen, pvt bath, nawlv
decor ; everything furn : quiet neighbor
hood Jo min. downtown, empl eoupit
only; $30. FR. S92S. 423 fith st. jve .
—2-room ant.; 2 couples who wt.l fire
small furnace and give 1 hr. wlc in sett.
Ice: no objection to child; $4..nO mo
Dth 9350 . —-b ,
GIRL TO SHARE 5-room Bpt with 3
others. $35. 2440 Ifith at.. Apt. 214.
Call HO 4643. —
DOWNTOWN, llth and M n w —dSmall 1
rm apt for J. .sharp bath. $50. EX 4n44
or Box 154-M. Star ._4U .—
THE WILSON HOUSE. 1622 1 *’h st n.* —
Excellent two-room apt. suitabla for four
ladies; $39 each; no drinking, references.
MI 9**96 —31
COLORED—2 CURLS to share ant with
on<* other girl. $19 wk. 2193 Eve st n.e.
Apt. 9._ _—SBs*
will YOU RENT AN APT. with pvt. bath
and kitchen to young doctor and witp'
Perm, residents. Call MRS. WEBER. EX.
2469. Ext. 3693. after 6 P m.. WO 4U3.
PERMANENT COUPLE desire unfurnished
1 or 2 bedroom ant . in Maryland, excel
lent references. UN 9762
ried five months, still no home; will con
sider care of child in part-payment tor one
or two rooms with kitchen. Box 36-R.
Star 31*
VETERAN AND WIFE, both employed, na
children, no peUs. being evicted, need one
bedroom apt . unfurnished. Call North
26*23 after 4 p m. M "8*
for our dough Need small apt . furn or
not Have pity! What have you got?
Box 419-L. Star. ME 2775. afterJT30
LAW STUDENT and sister. District teach
er. desire 2-bedrm. apt : pref conv Line.
Park or Mt Pleas ear; $125 max VI.
1292. in p m ~' .
OFFICER. WIFE and 6-mos son need
furnished or unfurnished apt or house,
vicinity Andrews Field Victor 2^98.
MILITARY PERSONNEL, stationed Andrew*
Field, nerd furnished or unfurnished apts
nr bouses HI. 3299 Ex' 93. 6 to 5 —il
ployes of Capital Transit Co., who have
families. ne*d private apts. and houses.
If you have a, nouse or vri'nic
lent to a fateny. call MI. 6363. Ext. 8,-.
Monday through Friday. 0 a m. to Sen.
must have private kitchen and ba h ana
URGENTLY NEEDED, an'., furn. or utv
furn.. .'1 or 4 rooms; Navy cpo.. wtf;
and 14-mo.-old son Phone LU 1489. —~8
vear-olrl daughter want 2-bedroom unfur
nished apartment: willing to furnish stove,
refrigerator and help convert 4 or 8 room*
into apartment. Phone Chestnut 2000,
line Methodist Church. GE. 19.3. 30*
BUSINESS GIRL needs furn. apt.. 1-2 rm* .
kit' bath: n.w. or n.e. section: up $70;
references. UN. 0572 till 7 o.m, 30*
NEWLYWEDS desperately need one-bedrm.
unfurnished apartment: will pay UP to 865
per month. Phone Union 7152. 39*
GEORGETOWN atomic energy executive,
bachelor, needs furnished apt.. $90. EM.
9427 after ‘1:30 pm. —2
ARMY OFFICER and wife desire 2 or 3
room apt. with kitchenette. Nov. 1. Call
evenings, TA. 5278. 38*
COUPLE need apt , furn. or unfurn.; no
children; urgent. Cali RE 6700. Ext "928,
between 8:30 a m. and 4:30 P.m 2*
MIDDLE-AGED cmpl. woman desires 1
bedroom apt. where pets are allowed, rent
to $75. MRS. GEYER, RE 4142- Ext.
4721. Mon.-Fri. 29*
STUDIO APT. or bed-living room apt.
wanted by two girls, permanently em
ployed In D. C.i n.w. or n.e. section; $70
S75 Answer to Box 69-R. Star 29*
UNFURNISHED, by settled, professional
business woman: large living room, kitchen
and bath, or two rooms, kitchen and bath.
Box 1I4-R. Star, *
GRAD. NURSE and husband permanent,
desire furnished or unfurnished apt ; both
employed, no children. RA. 8201, 6-9 p m •
TWO EMPLOYED VETS, brothers, desire
i-bedroom apt ; up to $75. Box 122-R.
Star 29*
NAVY OFFICER, student G. W.. wile, year
old son: desires 2-bedrm apt. or house,
furn. or unfurn.. for about 2 yrs ; limit
$100- furn.: $75. unfurn. RA. 7358,
10 a m -6 p m *
2 OR 3 ROOM, furn or unfurn. apt de
sired bv Nov 15; best care guaranteed.
RE 7400. Ext. 3957. until 4:30; after 5.
EX 6585. Ext, 53 30*
VET. WIFE, no children, desire 1 or 2 rm.
furn. apt.; reas.; rood location, EX. 2040,
Ext. 3445. between 8 and 5 •
sire 2-3 rm. apt. before Jan. 1; no children;
ouiet. Christian. WO. 0360 after 7 p.m. *
employed wives desperately need modest,
clean apt.; local refs, supplied NO 2031.
YOUNG COUPLE urgently need 1-bedroom
apt WO. 3510. -20
ARMY DOCTOR and expectant wife ur
gently need furn apt In n.w. vie.
WALTER REED. SH 6258. —3(1
ARMY DOCTOR and expectant wife ur
gently need furn. apt. in n.w. vie. Walter
Reed SH. 6258 —30
son 6‘j yrs. desire 2-3 bedroom unfurn.
apt or house immediately, in Va„ up to
$90, WI 1551.
apt or house Price no objection. ALex.
0256 —1
WANTED furnished apartment for 3 adults,
preferably s.e. or n.e.: references furnished;
no pets: will pay $100 Call RA. 2692.-27
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