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Cotton Textile Dealings
Slacken at Year's Close
By the Associated Press
NEW YORK, Dec. 20.—Fair sales
of print cloths and pocketing were
reported in the cotton textile mar
ket during the early part of the
past week, but offerings were scarce
and business was dull with the ap
proach of the yearend.
The industry approached the
period for inventory checking, and
some mills were scheduled to shut
down for about a week during the
holiday period.
Most buyer interest was centered
on nearby goods for fill-in purposes.
In the second-hand market some
print cloths were sold slightly be
low going market levels.
The wool manufacturing trade
raised prices on spring lines to re
flect higher costs of materials and
labor. Worsted goods going into
men’s suits for spring were raised
about 7 per cent for regular weight
worsteds, and gabardines were
marked up 10 per cent. Tropical
worsted cloths were up about 23
cents from a year ago.
There was strong demand for
rayon goods with offerings insuf
ficient to meet the demand. Two
additional producers raised prices
on yarns about in line with the lead
taken by du Pont last week.
Cotton Ginnings Larger
The Census Bureau reported that
cotton ginnings of the 1947 crop
prior to December 13 totalled 10,
596,350 bales. The figure was 7.782,
862 on the same date in 1946.
Phillips Petroleum Co. purchased
the Brownell Co. of Sioux Falls,
S Dak., largest independent gasoline
distributor in the State.
Life Insurance Institute re-elected
Holgar J. Johnson president at its
ninth annual meeting.
Produce Markets
The Star has enlarged its coverage
of fruit and vegetable prices on the
Baltimore market as a substitute for
similar Washington quotation* re
cently discontinued by the Agricul
ture Department. The department
reports the Baltimore quotations
supplied below determine prices paid
on the Washington market.
Apples—Market dull; very few sales:
bushel baskets and Eastern crates. U. S.
No. 1 (unless otherwise stated) Maryland,
Pennsylvania. Virginia. West Virginia.
Delicious 2|/?-inch up. 3.00-25: Golden
Delicious 2 Va-inch up. 2.75-3.00, few
325: Jonathans 2 Vi-inch up 2.50-3.00:
Stavmans. 2Va-inch up. 3.00-25, few best
higher; Romes. 212-inch up. 2.50-75:
Yorks 2 Vi-inch up. 2.25-50: various
varieties all districts, fair to ordinary
quality mostly no grade or size marks
1 .(Mi-2.25.
Potatoes—Market about steady; 100
pound sacks. U. S. No. 1 (unless otherwise
stated). Pennsylvania. Rose of Erin, used
sacks. 3.00: Katahdins new sacks. 3.25-40.
few higher; used and rebranded sacks.
3 I 5-25: 50-pound paper sacks Katahdins.
1.00-05: New York mixed varieties, U. S
commercial. 1.75-2.25.
Sweet potatoes—Market about steady.
Maryland and Virginia including Eastern
Shore, bushel baskets. Goldens. U. S No. 1.
unwashed. 2.50-05: White Yams fair to
generally good quality. 1.75-2.25. few 2.50;
Puerto Rican, fair to generally good
qualitv, 2.00-50. lew higher: Jerseys. U. S
No. l. fine quality, few 2.05-75: North
Carolina, bushel baskets. Puerto Rican.
No. 1. washed and waxed. 3.25: nearby
half bushel hampers. Goldens. 1.15.
Snap beans—Market weaker undertone.
frw sales: Florida hampers, stringless
Black Valentines: fair quality. 2.00-2.50:
few best. 2.75-3.25: very few higher:
Tender Greens. 2.00-2.50: Plentiful*, fair
quality- 1.00-2.00: Bountifuls and Plenti
ful*. some sales to canncrs low as 1.50
Beets—Nearby and Pennsylvania, topped,
per bushel. 1.75.
Cabbage—Market slightly stronger: old.
New York. 50-pound sacks. Danish, 2.25
2.50: some small, low as 00.
Cucumbers—Market about steady: Flor
3.00- 3.50; few. best, high as 4.50; fair
to ordinary quality. J .00-2.00.
Endive—Florida, 10-quart basket. 1.00
Escarole—Marke* slightly weaker; Flor
ida. 10-quart basket. 1.00-1.25.
Greens—Bushel basket. Maryland col
lards. fair quality. 4O; Virginia collards,
kale and Hanover salad. 90-1 00.
Mushrooms — Maryland. Pennsylvania.
3-pound baskets. 1.25-1.50; fair quality.
9o-3.00: Pints. 21-22.
Onions—Market about steady. 50-pound
sacks yellows, U. S. Is. medium New York,
Oyster plant—Nearby, per bunch, 7-8
Parsnip?—Nearby and Pennsylvania,
half bushel hampers, topped, washed.
J .on-] .25.
Radishes—Florida 16-quart basket, red.
24 bunches. 1.00-1.25.
Shallots—Louisiana per dozen bunches.
40-50 cents.
Spinach—Savoy, bushel baskets. Mary
land fair quality, 1.25-1.60; Virginia,
I. 75-2.00.
Squash—Market weak, supplies heavy
and not moving, very few sales. Florida,
bushel hampers flat white. 1.00-1.75; few
2.on. some lower; yellow crooks, 50-1.00;
few higher, some lower.
Tomatoes—Repacks, cartons 10 ap
proximately 1-pound ooxes. 4s. 1.50-2.00;
5s. J .25-1.50: some low as 1.00.
Turnips—Topped, washed, nearby and
Pennsylvania half bushel hampers. 50
65; bushel baskets. 1.25-1.50.
Poultry Quotations.
Poultry—Market dull; receipts moder
ate; demand slow, some carried: roasters
‘including pullets>. 4'2 pounds and up,
few best 38-40 cents; fryers. 38-40 cents,
mostly 38-39 cents; fowl, colored, mostly
28 cents, few high as 30 cents; few 23
cents, light weights (Leghorns). 19-2o
cents: ducks. Muscovies and Pekins. 25-28
cents, some best 3n cents: live turkeys,
market firm best hens, barely steady
others, receipts moderate, demand lair
mixed lots-hens. 12-16 pound average.
60-61 cents; straight hens. 62-63 cents,
lew higher; toms. 22 pounds and up.
48-50 cents, few higher; some straight
toms, 18 pounds and under. 52 cents.
Livestock Market.
Cattle—None. Compared with week
ago Trade again very spotted; slaughter
steers steady to strong, spots a shade
higher; medium and good beef cows steady
to 50 cents higher: canner. cutters and
common cows, 60-1.00 higher with most
advance on canners; bulls strong to 50
cents up: replacement cattle scarce,
strong; individual low choice 1,500-pound
iteer. 34.00: bulk average to high good
steers. 27.50-29.00, few loads 29.50-30.00
with latter price paid for around 1,000
pound yearlings with a choice top end;
few low medium steers. 18.00-21.00; odd
choice heifers. 32.00-33.00; average to
high good. 24.00-29.00; common and me
dium. 15.00-19.00: good beef cows. 18.00
21.50. including load around 1,175 pound
ers at the outside: common and medium.
15.00- 17.50; canners and cutters. 12.00
14.50. bulk 12.50 up late: shelly canners.
II. 50 down: good beef bulls. 19.50-22.00;
good sausage. 18.00-20.00: common and
medium. 15.00-17.50; cutters down to
13.00: scattered sales medium and go^d
stocker and feeder steers. 17.00-24.00. in
cluding a part of good and choice caiv*-s
a 1 23.00.
Calves—None Compared with week
ago All classes generally fully steady
but late demand on heavy slaughter calves
narrower; week's bulk good and choice
180-250 ounders. 24.00-28.00: week's and
14.00- 22.00: culls down to 10.00 and be
low most good weighty slaughter calves.
16.00- 21.00. but few lots closely sorted
offerings early, 22.0(1 and 23.00; common
and medium. 12.00-lft.00.
Hogs—None. Compared with week ago;
Barrows and gilts. 1.00 higher: sows, fto
to mostly 75 cents hither: Friday’s bulk
good and choice 180-250-pound barrows
and gilts. 27.25-25.75, top 27.76. similar
grade* 120-140 pounds. 25.00- 25: 140-160
pounds, 26 25- 50. 100-180 pounds. 27.25
.50: 250-350 pounds. 26.60-27.00; 300
350 pounds. 25.25-26.25; 350 pounds UD.
,T4 50-25.50: good and choice sows. 400
pounds down. 22.75-24.00: ‘heavier
weights, 22.00 down.
Sheep—None. Compared with week
ago: All classes steady; bulk good and
choice wooled slaughter lambs. 24.00
28.00: week’s and closing top. 28.00:
medium and good. 18.00-22.00: odd com
mon down to 15.00: good and choice
wooled slaughter ewes. 7.50-8.00; com
mon and medium. 4.50-7.50.
Grain Market.
Flour — Receipts. 23,308 100-pound
Wheat — Receipts. 120.219 bushels:,
shipments. 68,000 bushels: stocks. 5.793.-;
601 bushels. No 2 red winter garlicky,
spot domestic. 3.14; December, 3.14.
Corn—Receipts. 14.885 bushels; ship
ments. 9.600 bushels; stocks. 696.491
Oats—Receipts. 14.060 bushels; ship
ments. none: slocks. 285.396 bushels. No.
2 white oats. 1.43-1.47.
Barley — Receipts, none, shipments,
none: shipments, none; stocks. 23.212
Rye—Receipts, none: shipments. 3.963
bushels: stocks. 95.432 bushels.
Soybeans — Receipts. 1,171 bushels;
shipments, none; stocks. 29.848 bushela.
Millleed—Receipts. 282 tons.
Butter and Ecu.
Eggs—Market about steady; receipts
moderate: demand slow. Wholesale sell
ing prices at Baltimore: Orade A extra
large. 88-70 cents, few higher; grade A
large. 88-68 rents, few higher: grade A
mediums. 58-60 cents, few higher; grade
B large. 56-58 cents, few higher: pullets.
48-52 cents, few higher; current receipts.
ungraded. 50-57 cents.
Sponge Ashing is frequently men
tioned in ancient Greek literature.
Beisley Named to Post >
With Resources Board
The appointment of G. Lyle Beis
ley, a career Government employe,
as secretary of the National Se
curity Resources Board was an
nounced yesterday by Chairman
Arthur M. Hill. The board advises
the President on co-ordination of general manager of the Atomic
military, industrial and civilian mo- Energy Commission. He formerly
bilization. was assistant administrator of the
Mr. Belsley, wartime executive National Housing Agency. He lives
secretary of the War Production at 3227 Rlttenhouse street N.W.
Board, has been serving as assistant ,
a peachy Xmas present
for your pup
• Give your pet something pleas
ant to look forward tol A bath
without the bother of a tub I To
two tablespoons of Mogitex add
one cup of warm water. Whip up!
Rub on! Wipe off! No rinsing
needed. Cleons, deodorizes, kills BUBBLE SHAAAPOO
fleas on contact, relieves itching, y ,
keeps skin healthy, beautifies coat, ¥* fjj/G •
avoids colds. 8 oz. $1.00 Q
At Woodward & Lothrop Kennel Shop and better itores everywhere.
Floor Machines
Sanding Rented
Edging Repaired
Polishing Bought
Scrubbing Sold
I Wallboard, Masonite. Celotex. Sheetroclc |
| 1320 Wilson Bird. CH. 0060 |
Maple Kneehole Desk 54 in. Dropleaf Table
7-drawer kneehole desk Mahogany veneer and
finished in maple on hardwood. 54-inch top.
solid gumwood _ Brass claw feet
Mahogany Drum Table De Luxe Velocipedes
Mahogany top, carved S1A.95 Choice of many types, $10.95
pedestol bose, brass tip- * I M finished in bright I # «/>
ped feet__ BW enamel _i__
Wood Coaster Wagon Ball-bearing Scooter ^
Heavy wood body, steel $0.99 Boll-bearing wheels, big $0.98
disc wheels, heavy duty *ll rubber tires, and foot broke ^
tires-^ _ W -
Large Lounge Chair Platform Rocker
Grip-arm lounge chair tAA QC Balloon seat, coil spring $4495
t # with smart tapestry filled, wine tapestry. Very
cover. Spring construction comfortable -
.. v 111 ■ 1 11 ■ 1
Occasional Chair Maple Cricket Chair
Hi-back choir, carved Colonial chair with cretonne gA gjj
front stretcher. Wine or covered pads- Q
blue tapestry
_ .'X* - - _ ^
Colonial Rocker Tapestry Desk Chair
Rosebud carved frame, $AA,95 Ladder back chair with white $f*,88
wine or blue tapestry. leatherette covered seat in n • •
- Spring seat_ WW mahogany - finished gum
• wood_-_
"Bissel" Carpet Sweeper Cocktail Table
Streamlined to get under low Gloss top with gallery
furniture _ edge. Mahogany finish
Framed Mirror 42 Pc. Dinner Set
Seatiful console mirror with .95 s ervice for 8, decorated
carved frame _ in gold leaf
Lovely 3-Tier Table Cabinet for Records
Decorative and useful M A 00 Sections for records and $0-95
Xmas gift for the home * | jJ shelf under the top- Jj
_ >__ ___
• • "Sessions" Elect. Clock Chrome Waffle Iron
Famous moke, keeps perfect Bright chrome finish, olumi
time. Walnut cose _ num grids. .
Electric Iron Electric Grill
Dial heat for all fabrics. Grills 2 sandwiches at once.
Cool bokelite handle_ Chrome finish- -
Pottery Table Lamp Electric Toaster
Choice of beige, blue or Toosts both sides at the
maroon rayon shades _ same time. Chrome finish
Frame is beautifully carved, solid mahog- $100.95
any.' Lovely blue tapestry covering, |
sprina sect _
Modern design hope chest with noturol cedar Beds can be used os shown or as twin beds,
interior and rich walnut veneer exterior_ All metal with duroble walnut finish. Com
plete with springs
Base is a coil spring filled box spring! Thick
'mattress is coil spring filled-1
5^^ 5-Pc. Porcelain-Top Dinette Set
Toble has a stainless porcelain enamel top $CQ.95
4 • • with pull-out leaves, 4 sturdy chairs. Red or
• black seats and backs_
Modern 3-Pc. Sectional Sofa Convertible Modern Sofa Bed
Makes numerous attractive groupings as At night it makes up into a comfortable
well as a conventional style sofa, in smart double bed. Blue or wine tapestry
3*Pc. Poster Bed Outfit ! |§p
Coloniol poster bed in o choice of finishes. •
Metal spring and soft mattress. All sizes 4 * *
I * I I I I I I <^|
^rKHRHB^H III li^l I I I I I Pi
i 1 l 4 1 A.

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