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United Service Marks
Start on Yule Services
At Leesburg Today
Spado! Dlipotch to Tha Star
LEESBURG, Va„ Dec. 20.—The
Christmas message in song and
story will be heard in Loudoun
County churches tomorrow, Wed
nesday and Thursday, Christmas
Choirs of the Baptist, Episcopal
and Methodist churches, under the
direction of Mrs. Arthur S. Jenkins,
will sing for united services to be
held at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow in the
Leesburg Methodist Church. There
will be congregational preaching.
A children’s service will be held at
4 p.m. Wednesday, Christmas eve,
at St. James Episcopal Church.
Afterwards the children will parti
cipate in a Christmas tree program
in the parish hall. Parishioners of
St. James will celebrate holy com
munion at 11 a m. Christmas Day,
when the rector, the Rev. J. Maniy
Cobb, will preach.
At St. John’s Catholic Church,
high mass will be celebrated at mid
night on Christmas eve, followed
by benediction of the most sacred
aixiciiL. ivxH&feea on unristxnab
Day will be at 9 a.m. and 10 am.
Confessions will be heard by the
Rev. Michael F. Igoe, pastor, on
Christmas eve from 8 p.m. to 9
p.m. The church music will be
directed by Mrs. Thomas Spates.
In Madison parish, services will
be held at Mount Calvary, Round
Hill, beginning at 11:30 p.m. Decem
ber 24. The Christmas service at
St. Paul's. Hamilton, will be at 11:30
am. Thursday. Holy communion
will be celebrated at each of these
places. Rev. P. E. Shultz is the
Three Christmas services will
mark the holy season at the Pur
celleville Baptist Church. A chil
dren's party in the church at 5 p.m.
tomorrow will be sponsored by the
Sunshine Class of the Bible School.
The Young People's choir will pre
sent a program at services at 8 p.m.
tomorrow. Soloists will be Miss Mary
Kathryn Yakey and Buddy New- j
kirk. A Christmas eve service wlli'
be held at 11 p.m.
Two services will be held in the'
Hamilton Baptist Church tomorrow.'
One at 11 a.m. and a candle-light1
service at 7 p.m., sponsored by the
Baptist Training Union.
There will be a Christmas service j
at Bethany Methodist Church at 8
p.m. Friday. The services at Har
mony Methodist Church will be at
8 p.m. Thursday.
Services at the Church of Our
Saviour, Oatlands, at 9:30 a.m. to
morrow will be conducted by the
Rev. J. Manly Cobb. Christmas
~^1 ..ill
be held at 7:30 p.m.
Potts Elected Director.
Jennings F. Potts of Lincolp has
been elected a director of the Mary
land-Virginia Milk Producers’ As
sociation, representing upper Lou
doun County. He fills the unexpired
term of Horace L. Gregg, who re
signed. Fred Tavenner of Sterling
was re-elected a director from lower'
Loudoun County.
Leesburg Pupil Wjns Contest.
James Goss, a student at Lees
burg High School, has been de
clared the winner of a safety slogan
contest conducted by the Business!
and Professional Women's Club.
His slogan, “Stop, Listen and Live.'11
will be put on safety buttons to be!
presented teen-agers with perfect!
driving records for a year.
Choral Group to Sing Carols. j
Starting at the Loudoun Hospital j
at 5 p.m. on Christmas eve, the
Loudoun Choral Club will sing
carols in various sections of the
county. Under the direction of Mrs.
Everett Remsburg, the group will
sing in Leesburg after their appear
ance at the hospital. They will go
through the towns of Hamilton, Pur- j
celleviUe and Round Hill.
Friendship Freighter Sails
For Genoa With Food Gifts
By the Associated Pre**
NEW YORK, Dec. 20.—The
freighter Alawai today was renamed
Friendship Train for its trip to
Genoa with 18.000.000 pounds of
food contributed by the American
people to the Italians.
Senator Ives, Republican. New
York said at the ceremony that the
interim aid bill for immediate aid
to European countries passed by
Congress was "not as large as de
sired by many—including myself.”
But. Senator Ives added, “if it is
necessary to have more, more will
be provided in the coming winter
The ship was the fourth to be
%<ent abroad with cargo collected in
the cross-country trip of the
Friendship Trains, and the third of
these ships destined for Italy. The
Alawai is scheduled to sail tonight.
Meanwhile, the 10.400-ton former
Hoosier State of the States Marine
Line, the second food cargo ship
bearing gifts to Italy, sailed late
today, a spokesman for the line;
Thp vessel, laden with a cargo of
B,000.000 pounds of food staples,
destined for Genoa, was re
christened Friendship Cargo in a
ceremony yesterday.
Bermuda Queen
Rescue Hero, on
Leave, Collapses
By the Associated Press
MOBILE, Ala.. Dec. 20.—Ralph, J.
Keller, Fairhope, Ala., Coast
Guardsman, who w'as singled out asj
the "outstanding hero" of the j
Bermuda Sky Queen rescue in thej
North Atlantic 10 weeks ago, was
a patient tonight in Marine Hospital
Mrs. Helen M. Keller, .mother
of the Coast Guardsman said at her
home in Fairhope, across Mobile
Bay from her. that her son collapsed
while at home.
The mother said Mr. Keller had
written her complaining of feel
ing below par since he plunged into
icy waters to save a woman who had
been washed from a rescue boat.
The 29-year-old boatswain's mate
from the cutter Bibb arrived in
Fairhope last week for a 20-day
leave, his first since the Bibb res
cued 69 passenger from the trans
Atlantic amphibian which crash
landed at sea. Physician reported
that Mr. Keller has a "respiratory
infection" and said he probably will
remain “for a few days."
Mr. Keller received a citation from
the Secretary of the Treasury for
his individual beavery in the rescue.
Great irrigation works were built
In India, Chaldea and Egypt at
least 4,000 years before the Chris
tian era.
These three merchant seamen. Leonard Metts, John Island,
S. C.; Horace Crosby, Charleston, S. C„ and William Hopkjns of
Washington, adrift 18 days in the South Pacific, returned to the
United States declaring:: “From now on, we're strictly land
based sailors,” They were crew members on a tug towing three
minesweepers to Manila. When the tug ran low on fuel the
captain left the. three aboard the minsweepers and went in to
Palmyra Island to refuel. Then he couldn’t find the small craft, j
The seamen were rescued by a Navy patrol boat. Hopkins lives j
at 218 Eleventh street S.W. —AP Wirephoto. ;
Lane Asks Governors
To Back U.S. law on
Community Property
By the A*soeiat«d Press
ANNAPOLIS. Md., Dec. 20—Gov.
Lane urged members of the South
ern Governors Conference today to
support Federal action that would
permit husbands and wives to di
vide their income in figuring out
their Federal income tax.
In letters addressed to the Gov
ernors,-Mr. Lane said he opposed the
suggestion that Maryland become
one of the so-called community
property States where such a di
vision is permitted.
He said it would be unwise for
the State "to scrap its well-estab
lished concepts of property law to
gain what may well prove a transi
tory economic advantage for one
group of its citizens.”
“The community property benefits
under the Federal income tax law,”
he wrote, are not a panacea for
needed readjustment of taxation
fields at the National. State and
local level.
Federal Action Urged.
"Inequities existing in the imposi
tion of the Federal tax as between
community - property and noncom
munity-property States should be
corrected at the Federal rather than
the State level.”
In analyzing the effect of State
community property legislation he
pointed out that all earnings or
property of a couple become an
'equal" interest of each spouse w’hile
the management “is entrusted to the
exclusive control of the husband."
When one spouse dies, or the
pair is divorced or separated, the
other receives in full possession half
of the total community assets. The
heirs or designees of a dead spouse
receive the other half “to the abso
lute exclusion of the living spouse,"
Mr. Lane declared.
Would Prevent Transfers.
He said further that no transfer
of property to lessen estate taxes
could be effected under community
property laws, as now is possible in
“Although the community prop
erty system affords relief in the
payment of Federal income taxes,
it is not a saving that accrues
equally to all. For instance, the
saving in community property States
is $38 or 4.8 per cent where net
income before exemption is $5,000.
Where the net income before exemp
tion is $25,000, the savings amount
to 28.9 per cent or $2,622," he wrote.
As chairman of the conference,
he urged the Governors to aid in
assuring the question is presented
for consideration at the next session
of the Congress.
Baltimore Welfare Board
Asks Business Manager
•y th« Aiieeiatcd Pr*i>
BALTIMORE, Dec. 20.—The Wel
I fare Department's advisory board,
in the first official reply to a
; critical survey of the agency, an
nounced today it will request au
thority to hire a "business man
Francis A. Davis, head of the I
board, said the State Welfare De
partment and the city Board of
Estimates will be asked to create a
post of assistant director to be In
charge of business activities.
The Commission on Governmental
Efficiency and Economy in a 25,000
word report on the welfare depart
ment recommended establishment
of a "bureau of business manage
ment" and criticized what it called
a lack of business direction.
Mr. Davis promised that "no stone
will be left unturned to improve its i
administration and to make it a
more effective agency.”
A !• r /-1
«nnapoii5 Janra \-iaus
In Need of Baby Sitter
ly the Associated Press
ANNAPOLIS, Dec. 20.—This com
munity’s “'Santa Claus" has a baby
sitter problem.
Wililam E. Masonic, 37. began
visiting neighborhood children on
Christmas eve four years ago. He
enjoyed the role so much he ex
tended the range of his visits each
year until now it includes a dozen
Anne Arundel County towns.
He needs Mrs. Masonic to help
with all the packages. But without
a baby sitter, she's needed at home.
They have two children of their
Fountain Pens
503 14th St. N.W.
AvvmH* WDUri ■•w
^ Buy Her ^
$ Christmas I
IS ” I
1 AM 7
rvDCkl TftMir_UT»
^ w ■ ill l ■ w |
n to 1 p.m.
I 11/
g 713 H St. N.E.
Tl Tlth and H Sts. N.E.
g / 8307 Ga. Ave.,
g Silver Spring
g 1221 G St. N.W.
S<or« Hours. 9 to 6
if -
Veterans to Campaign
For Fredericksburg
Recreation Centers
Special Dispatch to The Star
—Fredericksburg veterans prepared
this week to campaign for the City
Council's approval of two recreation
centers next year, at an initial cost
of $25,000.
The council rejected a proposed
appropriation for that amount from
the 1948 budget. Members held that
the six-year period over which the
centers would be constructed would
commit future councils to sponsor
ship and would make for “piece
meal” building.
The council also said that the
city is faced with the necessity of
a heavy new bond issue for schools
and municipal utilities and that "ser
ious thought” should be given before
undertaking projects not essential.
Robert C. Moore, chairman of the
veteran-sponsored War Memorial
Recreation Committee, said the
group “has just begun to fight” to
gain council approval.
The Salvation Army has twice as
many requests for Christmas relief
as in 1946 but has received only 55
per cent as much money, Capt.
Ralph Millsap, commanding officer
said this week, in a plea for addi
tional contributions.
The Salvation Army will distrib
ute toys, fruits and candy to ap
proximately 125 children at the an
nual Christmas party Christmas
mght, will give transients a turkey
dinner and will assist needy families.
The State Water Control Board
has announced plans to continue an
investigation into pollution of the
Rappahannock River at Fredericks
purg. The board recently listed the
»rea with 11 others in Virginia as
unsatisfactory with respect to pollu
Dairy Course Scheduled
BLACKSBURG, Va.. Dec. 20 —
^P)—A dairy herdmen's short course
;overing practical phases of herd
management will be conducted by
■he Virginia Tech dairy husbandry
iepartment February' 9 to 14, the |
rollege announced.
Kensington Man Held
In Beating, Robbery
Of Baltimore Grocer
Howard A. Fram, 31, Kensington,
Md.. was ordered held without bond
in a Baltimore court yesterday lor
a hearing January 19 on charges of
robbery and assault with intent to
Fram, a Jobless bakers helper,
pleaded guilty to attacking a 77
year-old grocer in Baltimore with
a hatchet Wednesday and robbing
him of |40 and a carton of cigar
He was arrested Friday night at
his home on Plyers Mill road, Ken
sington, on a warrant sworn out by
Baltimore police. He is married and
has two children.
The victim of the assault, George
Lehr, was reported near death last
night after a brain operation at
West Baltimore General Hospital.
He had operated the grocery in
Northwest Baltimore for 35 years.
Baltimore Police Sergt. James
Boyle told Magistrate Julius Ro
mano that Fram admitted in a
signed statement he dragged the
grocer behind a counter and covered
him with packing crates after the
When a customer came in to use
the pay telephone, Mr. Lehr groaned
and Fram hit him on the head again
with the hatchet, according to the
policeman. Later he waited on a
customer, police said. The grocer
was found about four hours after
the attack.
Police said Fram is a native of
Alexandria. They said he had lost
his job as a baker's helper and had
been living recently in a West Balti
more rooming house.
Junior College Plans Dance
Montgomery Junior College will
hold a Christmas dance at the Chevy
Chase Women’s Club from 9 p.m.
to midnight Tuesday.
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