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BCICK 1941 Roadmaster convertible; ra
plo. heater. Hollywood top: car In excel
lent condition: black finish: $1,395; pri
Ca!1 HO. 2914. —4
BC*CK 41 2-dr Special sedanette; r . h.;
55*9®- COL. PERRY, through oper
ator. Elmwood 555. —4
BUICK 1949 4-dr Special sedan: r. and
s^rvt^r*1-cond- 5°'000 nes'
BUICK 1938 4-dr. Special sedan: good
or boat offer under. Call
BUICK 1939 8peclal 4-dr. sedan: heater,
seat covers. $895: cash, trade or terms.
OP« .*,***• tin 9. BATCHER MOTORS.
' L.£™510n Wla. «vp - WO. 9351. —5
BCICK 1941 4-door sedan, black; seat
covers; $1,095 cash, trade or terms Open
*»«»: until 9 SATCHER MOTORS, INC.,
®l!>0J^ris„»ve. WO 9351. —5
BCICK 1938 Special 4-door; r. and h.,
apotllght. white-wall tires; very clean
Must sell by Mon Owned by mechanic:
$595. Can be seen Sat and Sun., be
tween 12 and 6. J. & L. AUTO SERVICE.
TE 0750 —4
BUICK 1941 Special 5 pass.; two-tone
gray; radio and heater; $1,150: $250 down
and take over payments. Call FR 3101
Worn and eve. —4
BCICK 1942 Super convertible: $1,395 or
best offer under; must sell. Call Otis 8728.
BCICK 1940 convert, epe ; radio, heater.
6 practically new tires, new top. original
paint, reconditoned motor; $1,195; terms.
HO 9565.
BCICK 1948 4-dr. Roadmaster; direct
from showroom floor; r and h., plastic
covers, chrome awnings, etc.; $3,375.
BROCHE MOTORS. 4432 Conn. ave. n.w.,
WO. 3249 till 8. —6
BUICK 1941 4-door; radio, heater, de
froster, spotlight, good tires and paint.
clean; pvt. party; Si.150 or best offer
under. Shepherd 1927. —4
BtTICK late 1946 Super: low mileage:
fully equip.; dark blue; for sale by owner;
$2,240. 717 Jackson ave., Falls Church,
Va FA. 0108. —4
BI1ICK 1940 convertible 4-door sedan, r.
and h.; good condition; stored during war;
new top; SI.075 or best offer under. GL.
4400, Ext. 586, or HO. 2024. 4*
BtTICK 1941 Super sedan, maroon; r. and
h ; covers; blowout-proof tubes, front;
ori*. owner; *1,276. VI. 7700, Ext. 1221.
BtTICK ’38; r., h. and seat covers• excep
tionally clean: can be seen at Cheverly
Sunoco Service 8ta ; *700 or best offer
under. Call WA 0588 4*
BtTICK '38, very good condition; motor
overhauled; original paint: *700 or best
offer TR. 3752. 122 F st. s.e. *
BtTICK 1946 Roadmaster 4-dr. sed.; fully
eouip. very low mileage; this ear has a
ehowrm. aDPearance. looks like new': $2.
396 CHERNER MOTOR CO. (Ford Deal
er'. 17 81 Florida ave. n.w. —6
BtTICK 1941 Roadmaster, body, motor,
running gear excellent; $1,450. GE. 5978.
CADILLAC 1847 4-door "82”; 6,500 miles;
$3,500. OR. 4834.
CADILLAC 1941 model 81 4-dr. sedan; r.
and h.: Hydra-Malic; 40.000 miles; one
owner; excel, cond.; $1,795. Call EM.
8653. —4
CADILLAC 1941 sedanette; r. and h.: light
tan: excel, condition throughout; 30-day
BUar.; *1,795. HILL & TIBBITTS. 1114
Vermont ave. n.w., Wash ’s oldest Ford
dealer. NA. 9850. —5
CADILLAC 1938 7-passenger Fleetwood
sedan; radio, heater; excellent condition;
•eat covers; $795 or best offer under.
1201 B st. n.e . TR. 2743. 4*
CADILLAC 1941 sedanette, 2-tone green,
r. and h„ hydra-matlc drive. In exceptional
cond. throughout. Price, $1,096. CH. 4379.
CADILLAC 1947 "61" 4-door sedan;
Hydra-Matic; Mohawk white sidewall tires:
radio, heater, windshield washer; driven
2.400 miles. $3,500; would like small car1
In trade. Call SH. 4303 alter 6 p m. or
any time Sunday. —4
CADILLAC 1942 model "61” 4-door sedan,
Hydra-Matic: fully equipped, radio and
heater; $2,250. Private owner. HI. 5632.
CADILLAC 1937 4-dr. aedan; excellent
condition; $450. Call GL. 4014. or CH.
7500. Ext. 251, —4
CADILLAC 1936 "60'' V-8 4-dr. gray
sedan $350. $100 down, $25 per month.
OX. 4588
CADILLAC 1941 model 61 4-door sedan.
Hilly equip, with Hydra-Matic; $1,636.
CHERNER MOTOR CO. (Ford Dealer).
1781 Florida ave. n.w. —5
CHEVROLET 1947 Fleetline 4-door; very
*°w mileage: many extras; private party.
Will take $1,995. Atlantic 2525. 4*
CHEVROLET 1934 4-dr.; $175; excellent
tranps., good motor and body, new seat
covers, clean. DE 1726, —4
CHEVROLET 1942 2-door Fleetline Tor
pedo; cream finish: Motorola radio, heater
and defroster, spotlight, fog light, nylon
*t»t„c?ver' side mirror; $1,195. Cal! CO.
6700 from 9 a m. to 1 pm. 3*
CHEVROLET 1948 Fleetmaster 4-dr.: radio,
black; white sidewall tires; 800 ml.: $2,196;
£a.!4!j.4^e Obfn eves till 9,
BATCHER MOTORS. INC., 6100 Wis. ave.,
WO. 9.351. _5
CHEVROLET ’35 cpe.: r and h : black.;
excel, transp.: $395. HILL & TIBBITTS.
1114 Vermont are n.w. Wash.a Oldest
Ford Dealer. NA 9860. —5
CHEVROLET ‘.39 6-pass, cpe.; r. and h.;
blk.; excel, rubber, clean throughout; 30
day guar.; $795. HILL & TIBBITTS. 1114
Vermont ave. n.w. Wash ’s Oldest Ford
Dealer. NA 9860. —5
CHEVROLET '42 2 dr.: r. and h.; blk ;
seat covers; excel, tires; a real buy; $995.
HILL & TIBBITTS, 1114 Vermont ave. n.w.
Wash's Oldest Ford Dealer. NA. W50. —5 I
CHEVROLET 1946 4-dr Fleetmaster sedan.
This car is a beautiful dark blue finish. (
low mileage and mech perfect; tires hardly
ahow wear $1,725. KING-RAY MOTORS,
1019 9th st. n.w. —4
CHEVROLET 1947 Fleetline 2-dr. sedan;
10.000 miles: driven by man 50 years
old; $1,895; terms. DUNCAN MOTOR CO.,
5806 Georgia ave . TA 0238. —3
CHEVROLET 1946 2-door Stylemaster se
dan; unmarked black, finish, excellent rub
ber and mech. A-l. This car has low
mileate and is a real value at $1,675.
KING-RAY MOTORS. 1019 9th St. n.w.
CHEVROLET 1940 (taxi) sedan; heater.
Sotor recently reconditioned: Ju«t passed [
. C. Inspection: *600. LI. 0804. —4
CHEVROLET 1946 convertible; bought In!
1947: blue; r. and h.; all accessories:’
*29100 or best offer under. PA. 3961. —4
CHEVROLET '41 club coupe; r., h.: new
motor job; guar. D. C. inspection: $795, i
lull price; terms. 1810 14th st. n.w. —3
CHEVROLET 1941 2-dr.; r. and h.; orlg.
blk. fin ; looks and runs like new: down
payment. *365. Total. *1.095. FRANK
SMALL, Jr.. 3200 Pa. ave. s.e., TW. 1320.
CHEVROLET 1947 beautiful 2-dr. sedan;
private owner, de luxe Fleetmaster; low
ml., seat covers, white disc, clock, excel
lent. condition, extra grill guard; *1,850
cash. Wl. 4545. —4
CHEVROLET '46 Fleetmaster 4-dr. sed :
T ■ h,. seat covers and other extras; low
mileage and has new-car appearance:
fully guaranteed: week-end special at
*1.675; cash, trade or low bank rates.
ave. n.w. (wis. and Quel, AD, 3128.
CHEVROLET 1936 4-dr. sedan; recently
overhauled, motor In good condition; *325.
RA 0787 after 5 p.m. —3
CHEVROLET 1946 4-dr. sedan: extras,
glossy bl. finish, new-car performance;
*1.895. trade and terms, TOWN Sr COUN
TRY MOTORS. 5336 Wis. ave. n.w.. OR.
Otoo. —8
CHEVROLET 1937 2-dr. master de luxe
sedan; r., h.. and seat covers; a good buy
at *395. terms. COOPER MOTOR CO..
5002 Wis. ave., EM 9850. —3
CHEVROLET 1942 Special 2-dr. de luxe
sedan: pleasing appearance, splendid con
dltion. line tires, radio, seat covers, etc.;
*1.335. Other good cars to select from. I
central MOTOR CO., Kaiser-Frazer
Bales and Service. 3200 Lee hwy., Arl.
CH. 7000. evenings and Sunday. —ft
CHEVROLET 1941 Special de luxe town
aedan: radio, heater, <*iginal black finish,
mechanically perfect; fully guaranteed.
Only $845. terms. COAST-IN PONTIAC
CO . 407 Florida ave. n e. AT. 7200.
Open evenings until 9. —5
CHEVROLET 1940 Master "85" 2-dr.;
pvt. owner forced to sell; 46.000 miles,
excellent condition; $925 or best offer
under. WI. 5276. —4
CHEVROLET 1941 4-door sedan: not used
2 years during war. $1,200; must se* to
appreciate. MI. 5294. 4*
CHEVROLET 1942 station wagon, in good
condition. $1,200 or best offer. OW. 0166.
CHEVROLET 1938 business coupe, radio,
heater: motor .iust overhauled, body *Tood
condition; $4 50. WO. 5971. —4
CHEVROLET 1936 2-door aedan. Call
HO. 7586. $250.
CHEVROLET 1934 2-door sedan: gas
heater: very clean; good cond.; $250 or
best offer under WA. 9318. —4
CHEVROLET 1940 coupe: good condition;
to close e.nate; $600. WO. 2483. —4
CHEVROLET 1941 4-dr. special de luxe:
r and h.. good cond.; $985. Call Kenmore
6138. —4
CHEVROLET 1937 coupe: good condition,
heater, sealed-beam lights, good rubber,
$365 UN 1910. —4
CHEVROLET 1946 Stvlemaster 2-door se
dan. heater and seat covers orig owner,
like new condition. $1,625. VI. 5162. —5
CHEVROLET 1947 Aero sedan; black fin
ish. white sidewall tires, r. and h . and
other extras; $1,950. Perfect condition.
Can be seen at 3336 D at. s.e. Phone
VI. 4359. —4
CHEVROLET 1941 Special de luxe 2-dr
sedan; with radio and heater, in excellent
condition; $895. THE COLIE MOTOR &
TRAILER CO.. 8232 Ga ave. SL. 8200.
CHEVROLET 1047 Fleetmaster 4-dr. se
dan. with radio and heater, lots of other
extras; very low mileage; one owner; 51.
CO. 8232 Ga. ave. SL. 8200 —4
CHEVROLET 1937 2-dr. sedan; heater. 4
new tires, new transmission; good mech.
cond.: $400 or best offer under. 4330
Hailey ter s.e . TW. 0035. —4
CHEVROLET 1941 Spec, de luxe 4-dr.
touring sed.; 4 new Silvertown tires: orig. !
2-tone green: $995 or best offer under, no
dealers. Kenmore 5427. —4
CHEVROLET 1940 4-door Special de luxe
sedan: radio, heater; very clean interior,
and body; good mechanical condition; good
tires; will finance if necessary for only |
5225 down; total amount, $745. RE.
5807. 801 H st. n.w. •
CHEVROLET 1940 4-dr. sedan: very good
cond. . 5550. 725 Silver Spring ave , Sil
ver Spring. Md . SL. 1970. Ex-taxi 1—4
CHEVROLET 1942; radio, heater, seat i
covers, good cond ; priced for quick sale1
t? $1.045. 13 S st. n c.. DE. 4572. —53
CHEVROLET 1940 2-door sedan; radio,
neater, 4 new tires: sood mechanical con
dition: clean interior and body; will fin
ance if necessary for only $290 down: total
price. $750 ME. 9182. 801 H st. n w •
CHEVROLET 1937 4-door sedan, heater;
good mechanical condition and tires: can
finance for only $145 down: total price,
1*295. ME. 0182. SOI H st. n.w. •
I CHEVROLET parts and accessories. We
have a very large stock of Chevrolet parts
for old model Chevrolet cars and trucks.
Call us for your needs. CHEVY CHASE
MOTOR CO . 7725 Wis. ave. OL- 8100.
CHEVROLET 1948 Fleetmaster 2-door:
beautiful condition throughout. The motor
has been checked by our shop and pro
nounced fit and ready: good tires, radio
and heater; low mileage. We don't think
you can duplicate this car at the special
price of $1,895. Pull Cipco warranty.
Free D C. inspection. COAST-IN PON
TIAC CO . 17th at Good Hope rd. s.e. LI.
0879. Open evenings until 9. —3
CHEVROLET 1948 Speedmaster 4-dr : 2
tone gray, heater, seat covers, white
sidewails. low mileage; $2,150 or best offer
under. 8H. 4305. —4
CHEVROLET 1942 8peclal de luxe 2-door:
original dark-green finish, radio and
heater, spotlight and other extras: checked
: by our shop and pronounced ready for i
i real trouble-free service. This is our No.'
II week-end special at *1,045. only $349
down COA8T-IN PONTIAC CO . 17th at
Good Hope rd. s.e. LI. 0879. Open eve
! nlngs until 9. _3
CHEVROLET 1946 Fleetline Aero sedan:
beautiful blue finish, radio, heater, spot
lights, fog lights, seat covers and other
extras; perfect motor. 5 new tires. Full
Cipco warranty, plus free D. C. Inspection.
This popular car is a bargain at $1,725;
low down payment, up to 24 mos. on bal
COAST-IN PONTIAC CO., 17th at Good
Hope rd. s.e. LI. 0679. Open eves, ’til 9.
_ —3
iMfcVKULXT 1040 2-dr. Master sedan; at
tractively refinlshed. equip, with new mo
tor. splendid tires, seat covers, r. and h ;
S8£V_ Other good cars to select lrom.
Sales and Service. 3200 Lee hwy,. Arl.
CH. 7000. evenings and Sunday. —5
CHEVROLET 1947 Pleetllne Aero sedan;
beautiful 2-tone green finish, equip, with
radio, heater, chrome wheels, tog lights,
trouble light and many other features.
This car has very low mileages looks and
drives Just like a new one. Bee It at
once Will not last long at the low price
of $1,896, terms. COAST-IN PONTIAC
CO. 407 Florida ave. n.e. AT. 7200.
Open evenings until 9, _5
CHEV. 1941 club coupe. 5-pass.; good
cond : motor Just overhauled, good paint.
.-> good tires: price $1,050. or $400 down
and take over paymts. Call Hillside 0959.
CHRYSLER 1947 Town and Country
model 4-door sedan; only 7,800 miles
new condition. $3,000 or best offer under
! for quick sale. Sterling 7960. 7*
CHRYSLER 1940 Traveler sedan:' clean,
good rubber; $1,096. R. D. LINDSEY,
Silver Spring 0398. —4
CHRYSLER 1941—Sealed proposals will
be received at the Department of Agri
culture. Division of Purchase, Sales and
Traffic, until 2 o'clock p.m. on the 15th
day of April. 1948. and then publicly
opened for the sale of one 3 941 Chrysler
Crown Imperial sedan, In accordance with
description In Invitation to bid tJSDA
804-48. Copies of Invitation may be ob
tained at Room 118. Administration Build
ing, Agriculture Department. —4
CHRYSLER '42 New Yorker 4-dr. eedan:
r., h., defroster, seat cover* and other
j extra*. A car you will be proud to own.
: Fully guaranteed, at only $1,205: week
i end special. Cash, trade or low bank
1860 Wls. ave. n.w. (Wls. and Out),
1 AD. 3128 _3
CHRYSLER 1941 town and country 6-cyl.
station wagon: guaranteed D. C. Inspec
tion: trade and terms: only $995 MAN
1 HATTAN AUTO A RADIO CO., both sides
; 7th at R st. n w. Phone NO. 7557. —4
CHRYSLER ROYAL 1939: excellent me
| chemical condition; new tires: $500. SP.
CHRYSLER 1937 Royal 2-dr : r : original
,blk. finish, one owner, perfect condition:
18696. HILL & TIBBITTS. 1114 Vermont
ave. n.w. Wash.’* Oldest Ford Dealer. NA.
9850. _5
CHRYSLER 1947 New Yorker convertible;
In excellent condition, one owner, like new.
r. and h.. windshield washer, etc.. $3,250
or best offer under. Call EM. 3025. —8
CHRYSLER 1941 Royai club coupe; un
usually good condition throughout; a spe
cial today. $895: terms. DUNCAN MOTOR
CO . 5806 Georgia ave.. TA. 0238. —3
CHRYSLER 1940 4-door New Yorker:
equipped with radio, heater and seat
covers; original gray finish. This is
strictly a l-owner car. in A-l condition;
had the best of care by previous owner.
If you are looking for a perfect car, don't
miss this, one. Fully guaranteed. Only
$905. >3 down COAST-IN PONTIAC CO.
407 Florida ave. n.e. AT. 7200. Open
evenings until 8. .—5
CHRYSLER 1946 Royal 4-dr: eQuipped:
this car has showroom appearance: $2,050,
ave. n.e., MI. 0050. —3
CHRYSLER New Yorker late 1946 4-dr,:
r. and h.: owner; perfect cond.; $2,150 or
best offer. VI. 8260. ext. 724. —4
CHRYSLER convertible Windsor. 1 mo.
before 1947; light blue seats, r.. all de
luxe equip.; $2,495 or best offer under.
Has_ to be seen to be appreciated. GL.
CHRYSLER 1941 New Yorker 4-door se
; dan: twin air conditioning heater, radio,
i fluid drive: maroon body and upholstery:
45.000 miles, excel, cond.; always kept in
i garage: privately owned. Cash. $1,450.
A D 71 6H. —4
CHRYSLER 1941 Windsor 4-door; original
maroon finish, perfect, top mechanical
condition, new General tires, puncture
proof tubes, radio, heater; 1-owner car,
low mileage: $1,195. SPURRIER MOTORS.
INC., 1311 Wilson'blvd.. Arlington Packard
dealer. GL. 4110. —4
CHRYSLER 1941 Royal 4-door: r. and
h.; good condition: beautiful gray finish,
2 new tires; $1,060, or best offer under.
Call Hobart 6315. —4
CHRYSLER 3 946 Windsor 4-dr. sed.; fully
equip, and as pretty as any to be aeen
anywhere. guaranteed. Week end
special, $1,995. cash, trade or low bank
Wls. ave. n.w. (Wis. and Que), AD. 3128.
CHRYSLER Town and Country conv.; r.
and h.: has run 7.500 miles; D«rf. cond.;
a bargain at $2,500. See at 615 Maine
CROSLEY 1947 sedan. 6.500 mile#: heater;
$750. SL. 5090. —5
CROSLEY 1947 sedan: 6.000 miles by lady
owner; beautiful car. not a scratch,
equipped with every accessory; $895 cash.
ALex. 4288. 4*
CROSLEYS from $988 delivered: sedans
and convertibles, station wagons, comm,
trucks. Why buy an old car? HENRY
MILLER MOTORS, 1183 18th st. n.w.
CROSLEY 1946 sedan; 8.700 miles, $695:
guaranteed. JACK PRY, 16th and Pa. ave.
s.e. —8
DE SOTO 1940 club conv.; automatic top:
guaranteed D. C. inspection: trade and
terms; only $896. MANHATTAN AUTO &
RADIO CO., both aides 7th at R st. n.w.
Phone NO. 7557. —4
DE SOTO 1935 coupe with rumble seat:
Just passed Virginia inspection; good con
dition; $250. Call FA. 1252. —4
DE SOTO 1946 4-door; leaving country;
less than 10.000 mi.: bought late in ’46;
radio and heater; excellent finish; me
chanically sound; $2,000 or best offer
under: no dealers. Call EM. 5624. 4*
DE SOTO 1940 4-dr.; new tires, radio;
motor just completely overhauled; not a
better buy in Washington; must sell: will
finance; $900 or best offer under. GE. 7906.
DE SOTO 1937 4-door touring sedan:
radio, heater, seat covers, new tires, good
paint, good mechanical condition; $650.
CH. 6117 Saturday and Sunday. —4
DE SOTO 1946 Custom 4-dr. sed.; r., h .
del. and otner extras; this one is gorgeous
inside and out; looks like a *48 and is
fully guaranteed. Week end special. $1,945,
cash, trade or low bank rates. GEORGE
TOWN AUTO SALES, 1600 Wis. ave. n.w.
(Wis. and Que). AD. 3128. —3
DODGE 1937 business coupe, $225; in good
condition. Call North 3542. —4
DODGE 3-pass, coupe, new in Jan.. 1948;
1.800 miles; all extras; $1,950 or best
ofT.*r under; must sell. Temple 4940. 4*
DODGE 1942 sedan: radio and heater,
ex-taxi, diamond colors, excellent condi
tion; $900 or best offer under. GE. 3735.
DODGE 1939 club coupe, excellent cond.
rpbio and heater; must sell; $750 or
best offer under. HY, 0192 —4
DODGE 1939 4-dr.: cash sale price, only
both aides 7th at R st. n.w. Phone NO.
7557. —4
DODGE 1939 coupe: r.. h . very clean, new
transmissirn. excel, motor. guarantee:
Dealer), 920 Bladensburg rd. n e . AT.
0200 —4
DODGE 1935 sedan: *r. and h., npw pis
tons. rings, valves, tires, rear and front
ends, battery, seat covers; $295. SL. 6165
DODGE 1937 .sedan; good cond : $300
May be seen after 1pm Sat. Rnd Sun.
Phone WA. 4419. —4
DODGE 1939 2-dr.: r. snd h.: must sell
at once, will sacrifice for $600 cash or
best offer under. RA. 7329. —4
DODGE 1934 4-dr. sedan; $250: t and h .
very clean interior and body, motor over
hauled last year, new battery; passed Va
inspection GL. 5518. —4
DODGE 1939 de luxe model: orig. owner;
r ann n seat, covers; very good cond.;
pvt. narty. QL. 0176. —4
DODGE 1947 owner driven only. 4-dr
Custom town sedan: radio. Comfort mas
ter heater, directional indicator, seat
covers, n new General tires; $2,290. Call
during day. NA. 9083; eves, after 6 p.m.,
TA. 9197. • __4
DODGE 1941 4-dr. Luxury Liner; fluid
drive: motor just overhauled: orig. blue fin.,
with very clean upholstery, good tires: 30
dav written guarantee; $1,095. CH. 4300,
blvd. <at Clarendon Circlet, Arlington. —5
DODGE 1939 4-dr. sedan; new paint, new
seat covers, good ttres. motor recently
overhauled: radio and heater; $775.
Phone ALex 4S59. _4
DODGE 19.36 2-dr.: good running cond.:
passed Va. inspection; $225. Inquire Me
Bashford lane. Alex. OV. 2072 —4
DODGE ]!'4o 4-dr. sedan: excellent con
dition. mileage. 43.000; original owner;
4900 or best offer under. WI. 9027. 4»
DODGE 1947 4-dr. Custom sedan; radio.
Comfort-Master heater, defroster, fictory
lnrtalled seat covers; $2,245. VI. 4488.
DODGE 1939 de luxe 4-door sedan; good
condition; radio and heater; $875. Call
SL 6436. 209 Spring ave., Takoma Pk„
Md. —4
DODGE 1947 black Custom sedan, with
heater and seat covers: very low mileage
and in new-car condition. Priced $2,195,
or best offer under. Victor 2863. —4
DODGE 1948 gray Custom sedan, with
heater. This car is in excellent condition.
First $1,849 takes car. Call Victor 2863.
DODGE 1937 4-door sedan; seat covers,
heater: *450 cash or best offer under.
EM. 3723.
DODGE Custom town sedan: maroon:
driven 2.000 miles locally; delivered lust
before Christmas; radio, air cond. and
heater. Special General 8-ply Souegee
rayon 100% pure rubber tires; tailored seat
covers: tum signals.' extra bumperettes,
etc. Any demonstration; $2,350. Otis 8079.
DODGE 1942 de luxe 2-dr. maroon sedan;
good paint; radio, heater, spotlight: perf.
cond. mechanically; $1,000. Phone SH.
5835 after 10 a.m. —4
FORD Super de luxe Tudor: V-8, r..h.;
a clean and well-kept car. in top condition;
guarantee and terms: $1,645. NORTH
EAST MOTOR CO. (Ford Dealer), 920
Bladensburg rd. n.e., AT. 0200. —4
FORD 1937 4-door sedan: heater, good
motor and tires: price, $300. Phone
NA. 4091. 3*
FORD 1941 Super de luxe coupe: r. and
h., new tires: body perfect with beautiful
green fin.: motor like new Dealers can t
match this offer: $935. WI. 3753. —4
FORD 1947 station wagon: radio, heater,
spotlight: $2,000. Call NA. 6880; nights,
WI. 7038. —1
FORD 1937 86-h.p. coupe: new tires; body
feir. as is: $195 or best ofTer under
1329 You it. s.e., AT. 7171 after 3 p m.
FORD 1942 4-dr.: h.: beautiful maroon
FORD 1935—$100 overhaul just com
pleted: $350. Room 205 VB-8, Univ. of
Md., College Park. 4*
FORD 1939 de luxe Tudor: new tires,
heater; excellent shape; $650. 8P. 0333.
FORD 1948 sedan coupe, Super de luxe
"8"; gray; completely equipped; at $1,850.
Chestnut 1219 alter 6:30 p.m. 4*
FORD late 1947 convertible; 6.100 miles;
radio, heater and all extras; price, $2,096.
Call TA 6337 A
FORD 1948 Super de luxe Tudor; gray:
r. and h.. seat covers: J.uOO mi.: $2,095;
cash, trade or terms Open eves, till 9.
3ATCHER MOTORS, INC., 6100 Wis. ave..
WO. 9351. —5
FORD 1948 Super de luxe; this car Is in
new-car cond. inside and out, with very
low mileage; 30-dav written guarantee;
$1,685. CH. 4300, EDMONDS MOTORS.
INC.. 3200 Wash, blvd. (at Clarendon
Circle), Arlington. —5
FORD 1947 Fordor Super de luxe; beauti
ful gray fln.: upholstery spotless: very low
mileage; 30-day written guarantee: $1,885.
CH. 4300. EDMONDS MOTORS. INC., 3200
Wash, blvd (at Clarendon Circle), Arl. —5
FORD 1935 convertible; ’37 motor. In good
running cond.; $260 cash. Call LI. 7406
after 6 p.m. —4
FORD 1946 Super de luxe Tudor aport
sedan. This car Is a beautiful dark
maroon, low mileage: equipped with r. and
h.. seat covers, spotlight and white rims;
$1,695. KINO-RAY MOTORS, 1019 9th
St. n.w. —4
FORD 1947 Mack Super de luxe Fordor
aedan: radio, heater, aun vigor, seat cov
ers. undercoated and windshield washer:
5 months old; A-l condition; price, $2,000.
Inspect 8618 Quesada at. n.w., Sunday.
FORD 1937 Tudor: radio and heater; In
good condition: 1396 or best offer under.
Phone PR. 6479. \
FORD 1947 4-dr. de luxe sedan, r. and h :
used only 4 mos.; $1,800 or best offer
under. WI. 0886; If no answer, WO. 5322.
FORD 1942 super de luxe sedgn-coupe.
radio and heater; engine overhauled a year
ago; tires in good condition; 5950. Call
ME. 0795. —4
FORD 41 V-8 coupe: heater, excellent
transportation at a special price, guaran
tee and terms; $780. NORTHEAST MO
TOR CO. (Ford Dealers), 920 Bladensburg
rd. n.e. AT. 0200. —5
FORD 1941 panel station wagon: clean,
excel, cond.. new rubber May be seen
1130 19th st. n.w. COOPER TRENT.
FORD 1937 6-pass, coupe: r. and h., good
mech. cond., new tires, seat covers; $275.
EM. 3573. —5
FORD 1942 converted taxi: r. and h.;
new motor; seat covers; paint job; $995
cash. See at 2118 K,st. n.w . ME. 8350. 4*
FORD 1938 6-passenger coupe; A-l con
dition; clean: $596. DI. 2559. —4
Ford 194H Super de luxe Tudor; r. and1
h.: new-car condition throughout: a bar
gain at $1,495. low down payment. BELL
MOTORS, 5010 Wis. ave. n.w , WO. 8900.
FORD 1948 conv.: r. and h , other extras:
$2,450, cash, trade or terms. BELL
MOTORS. 5010 Wis. ave. n.w., WO. 8900.
FORD 1941 Fordor sedan: new upholstery,
good cond.; $895. Call OWNER. GL. 3899.
FORD 1940 de luxe Fordor; In good cord.;
r.. h.. new seat covers, good tires: outside
appearance like new; private owner; $865
cash. UN. 9898. —4
FORD 1948 Suner de luxe Fordor: with
radio and heater, seat covers, white side
wall tires, lots of other extras: $2,195.
8232 Ga ave. SL. 8200. —4
FORD 1947 Supen de luxe Fordor
with radio and heater, lots of other ex
tras: $1,845. THE COLIE MOTOR &
TRAILER OO., 8232 Ga. ave. SL. 8200.
FORD 1948 Super de luxe station wagon:
brand-new. $23196. THE OOLIE MOTOR
& TRAILER CO., 8232 Ga. ave. SL. 8200.
FORD 1938 de luxe Tudor model 86: good
motor and running condition: a real buy,
$276; must sell today; $100 cash, bal.
notes. TEXACO STATION, 1801 14th
st. n.w. •
FORD 1934 coupe: sealed beams, new bat
tery. '37 motor, new seat covers, recently
painted: $200. WA. 1083. —4
FORD 19.30 Tudor standard: good eond.;
$586. SL. 6021. —4
FORD 3 948 8-cyl. Tudor sedan; eauipped.
89 miles, not. a scratch; $1,995. BROCHE
MOTORS. 4432 Conn. ave. n.w.. WO.
3249 till 8. —5
FORD late 1946 Super de luxe cab; will
make a fins private car; $1,105. Call
UN. 7978. —4
FORD 37 coupe; motor In good condi
tion: $185. UN. 0505. —8
FORD 1946 Tudor: h.: beautiful green
fin.; new-car appearance. Don't miss this
one. Down payment. $635. Total. $1,696.
FRANK SMALL, Jr., 3200 Fa. ave. s.e.,
TW. 1320. —4
FORD 1947 Tudor; r. and h . low mileage;
must see to appreciate; $1,795. trade and
6330 TO. ave. n w., OR. 0100. —8
FORD 1947 Super de luxe Fordor; extras,
new-car condition; $1,796. terms and
5336 Wls. ave. n.w., OR. 0100. —8
FORD late 1947 Super de luxe Tudor ‘'6";
blue gray, some extras, low mileage; one
owner. $1,595 cash. TA. 5751. —4
FORD 1941 de luxe station wagon; new
motor, new battery, new top. leather up
holstery. just painted and reflnished. $1,
200. OL. 8185. —4
FORD STATION WAGON—Att'n, nurseries,
contractors, clubs 16 passenger, special
body, 1 ton springs, new paint; runs fine;
$800. I.U. 2437. 4*
FRANKLIN 1929 4-dr.; perfect running
condition, motor just overhauled, new
tires: $235 or best offer under. TA. 3520.
FRAZER 1947 model K-100: air-condi
tioner. heater, seat covers; excel, condi
tion; 18.000 miles; orig. owner; $1,750 or
best, offer under. Call DU. 9703. 4*
FRAZER 1947: new In October; low mile
age; overdrive, heater, white-wall tires;
$1,000 TW. 2100. —4
HUDSON 1941 Super Six club coupe; excel
lent condition: new paint: leather uphol
stery: $1,050. Call TE. 8705. *
HUDSON 1939 convertible coupe: unusually
good conditon: best buy in town A spe
cial today. $095; terms. DUNCAN MOTOR
CO.. TA. 0238. —.3
HUDSON 1940 sedan: one owner: $1,500.
See at Oil-Rite Oarage, rear 1701 16th st.
n.w. HO. 9403.
HUDSON '41 4-door “6": beautiful original
2-tone finish, interior perfect, eoulp. with
radio and heater; this is a real buy. see It
today: only $795, Vj down, 15 mos to nay.
COAST-IN PONTIAC CO.. 407 Fla. ave.
N.E.. AT. 7200. Open eves, till 9. —5
HUDSON 1947 conv. brougham "6”: r. j
and h.: 8.000 actual mileage; white side
walls; $2,100. UN. 9898.- —4
HUDSON 1041 coupe; r. and h ; beautiful;
orig. blue fin.: looks and runs like new. I
See it today. Down payment, $335. Total. |
$995. FRANK SMALL, Jr., 3200 Pa ate.,
s c phone TW. 1320. —4
HUDSON 1040 4-dr. sed.; r., h , excel,
cond : forced to sell; $000. GL. 2314. ■—41
HUDSON 1038 de luxe business coupe: 8
cylinder engine, body, finish and tires in
capital cond.. r. and h.: $603.50. P.
WARDEN. 3212 Wellington rd„ Alex. —4
HUDSON 1041 4-door sedan pvt. owner.
*700 or best offer under. 1620 Mass. ave.
s.e. LU. 0184 —5
HUDSON 1046 Super six 2-door sedan;
heater; all excellent condition: $1,500.
Phone WO. 3053 . 4*
HUDSON 1947 late 6-pass, club coupe;
vac motor drive, master heater, excel,
cond, low mileage; $1,875. OV. 2599.
HUDSON 1937 Terraplane 2 dr. sed.. htr.,
very good cond. and appearance; $295.
FA. 7758 for demonstration. 4*
HUDSON 1941 black 4-dr. sedan: radio,
heater, seat covers, back-up light: very
good condition; $875. ALex. 5154. »
HUDSON 1046 club coupe; 2-tone green;
r. and h : a real steal. $1,395. BRENT
WOOD MOTOR CO., INC., 1717 Rhode
Island ave. n.e.. DU. 8188. —4
JEEP 1945; European-built passenger type,
convert, body: $850, by pvt. owner. See
at Wlllys of Wash., 1824 L st. n.w. 4*
JEEP 1948 Wlllys: side white-wall, and
heater: through finance, terms: $1,421.
ME. 0179 from 3 p.m. to till 6 p m —5
LA SALLE ’39 convertible; good cond. and i
recent endne overhaul; can be seen
Coulsby’s Esso Station. 5618 Lee hwy. i
Private owner: $825 or best offer under. —4 1
LA SALLE 1940 club coupe; r. and h..
white sidewall tires: $1,095: cash, trade
or terms. Open eves till 9, SATCHER
MOTORS. INC., 5100 Wis. ave., WO. 9351.
LINCOLN 1947 4-door sedan: fully eouip :
very low mileage; immaculate cond. Inside
and out. $2,595. CHERNER MOTOR CO
(Ford Dealer), 1781 Florida ave: n.w. —6
LINCOLN 1937 4-dr. sedan; r. and h.;
new motor and tires. A steal lor *395.
FRANK SMALL. Jr.. 215 Pa. ave. s.e.,
phone TR. 8247. —4
LINCOLN 1940 4-door; 2 heaters, radio,
2 new tires; good condition; *700. Phone
OX. 0295. —4
LINCOLN 1940 4-dr.; excel, eond.. all
extras, sparkling dark green finish: no
dealers: *2,200 or best offer under. Call
after 3 p.m.. WO. 0308. —4
LINCOLN ZEPHYR 1937 4-dr. sedan, r.
and h.: Mercury V-8 engine, good cond.;
*550 or best offer. Call LI. 0321. —4
LINCOLN - /, EPHY R 1941 sedan: r. and h.;
car has been chauffeured. owned by Em
bassy official; a real buy at *1,100. low
down payment. BELL MOTORS, 5010
Wls. ave. n.w . WO. 8900. —4
LINCOLN-ZEPHYR. 1940 club coupe; gun
metal gray- new tires and safety tubea:
radio and heater: excellent condition In
side and out. *1.050. LI. 2017. —4
LINCOLN-ZEPHYR 1941 sedan; r. and h .
def., o.d. push button doors, etc.; sacri
fice. *775. TA. 2639, 8un. —4
LINCOLN-ZEPHYR 1941, custom built: r.
and h.; very good cond., excellent tires;
*985. Apply 2645 No. Pershing dr.. Ar
lington. any time 3*
LINCOLN-ZEPHYR *39 sed.: excel, cond.:
passed D. C. inspection; V-8 engine; *405.
501 Fern pi. n.w., OE. 1826. —6
MERCURY 1948 conv.; 10 miles; r. and h..
other extras: *2.595. cash, trade or terms
BELL MOTORS, 5010 Wis. ave. n.w.,
WO. 8900. -4
MERCURY 1948 tan club coupe: r. and h.;
*2.225. NA. 9974 after 6 p.m , please.
(Private party.) 4»
MERCURY 1947 convertible coupe: radio,
i heater, spotlight, white sidewalls; 3,800
j miles; a real buy, *2,395; accept trade:
terms to responsible party. MR. CALLAN,
GL. 7588. —4
MERCURY 1948 club coupe: brand-new.
radio and heater, white sidewall tires and
lots of other extras; *2.395. COLIE MO
TOR & TRAILER CO., 8232 Ga. ave.
SL. 8200. —4
MERCURY 1948 club coupe: maximum ac
cess.; 1.500 mi.; leaving country; *2,300.
GL 9080
MERCURY late ’40 4-dr. aedan; r. and h.;
for sale by original owner; low mileage;
excel, mech. cond.: *1.745 or best offer.
Call MR. RIDGELY, AD. 8103. —4
MERCURY 1941 4-dr.; h., orlg. light green
flrish; very well kept car: motor In top
coi.d.; guarantee and terms; *1,145.
920 Bladensburg rd. n.e., AT. 0200. —4
MERCURY 1941 4-dr. sedan; fully equip.
Tnis car must be seen to be appreciated.
(Ford Dealer). 1781 Florida ave. n.w. —5
MERCURY 1040 4-door sedan: radio and
heater; good mechanically; excellent tires;
*700r NA. 7186 until 5 p.m.; eves . ST.
8725. —3
[MERCURY 1941 station wagon: heater,
I orig. gray like new. excel, body, perfect
, red leather seats, low mileage: 90-day
1 guar.: *1,295. HILL A TIBBITTS. 1114
[ Vermont ave. n.w., Wash 's oldest Ford
: r*eaier. NA. 9850. —5
HtKCUKf jsh] 4-door sedan; new motor,
king pins, brake linings, r., h.; excel,
cond. throughout; $895. Bee at MAC'S
ESSO STATION, 3150 Mt. Pleasant n w.
MERCURY 1948 convertible: 10 mllea.
loaded with equipment: $2,695 cash, trade
or terms. BELL MOTORS. 6010 Wisconsin
n w . WO. 8900. —2
MERCURY late 1946 5-paw. ooupe; 8,800
mi.: like new; all accessories; *1,800:
Private, party, wi. 4880. —4
MERCURY 1947 4-door sedan; this ear la
like brand new. r. and h.: Il,900. GRADY
MOTORS. INC., 4830 Hampden lane,
Bethesda, Maryland. Oliver 7400 (Lin
coln, Mercury dealer). —11
MERCURY late 1947 4-door Mdan; 6.000
mllea: fully equipped; original owner;
$1,995. EM. 1994. —4
NASH 1939 business ooupe; r. end b., good
tires; $560 or best offer. EX. 3042, 5:30
to 7:30 p.m. 3*
NASH 1939 4-door; heater; good tlrea; In
good condition all around; $700. By
OWNER. AT. 8919. —4
NASH 1934 sedan: $100 or beet offer
under. 2012 S. 6th at., Arl., Va.. OW.
NASH 1940 de luxe 6-cyl. sedan: good run
ning condition; clean body and fenders;
selling for finance co : $75 cash, balance
$525 and drive It away. TEXACO STA
TION. 1801 14th st, n.w. •
NASH 1941 4-dr.; r. and h.: $895; cash,
i trade or terms. Open eves, till 9.
SATCHER MOTORS, INC., 5100 Wis. eve.,
WO. 9351. —5
NASH 1948 Ambassador club coupe; 1,600
miles; radio, heater; excellent mech. cond ;
Srlvate owner $2,400. TE. 2327, SGT
NASH '39 4-dr : radio, weather eye heater,
hill holder, clean throughout. 4 new tires,
recent engine overhaul, pvt. owner; *750.
FA. 8151. _4
NASH 1948, new, deep blue, streamline
4-dr. de luxe 600; air conditioner, clock,
tools, etc . foam rubber cushions and mo
hair upholstery, convert Into bed; coll
suspension. 25 miles per gal.. No dealers;
*1895. OWNER, 4213 12th st. n.e., HO.
NASH 1939 4-dr. sedan: very good cond.:
*560. 4300 S. Dakota ave. n.e., DE. 7944.
NASH 1 94K "600" black club coupe, pri
vate owner; 15,000 miles, like new; leav
tng country; $1,600. OW. 4816. 3*
NASH 1046 "600" 4-door gray sedan;
weather eye, air eond.; $1,575; prlvats
owner. EM. 2190. 6
OLDS 1928 2-dr.; mechanically perfect;
new, f’res; passed D. C. Inspection last
Mt- Pleasant st. n w.—4
OLDSMOBILE 1946 "76” 4-door sedan
Hydra-Matic; fully equip.; immaculate
£?nA-inslde and out; very low mileage:
$1,995. CHERNER MOTOR CO. iFord
Dealer). 1781 Florida ave. n.w. —5
OLDSMOBILE 1940 "90" black sedan:
radio, heater, slip covers, chains, good
tires, nice clean condition, private owner,
$945. DU. 8123. 4
OLDSMOBILE 1946 "78" 4-door aedan.
Hydra-Matic; fully equip. This car is In
Immaculate eond. Inside and out; very low
mileage: only $1,995. CHERNER MOTOR
CO. (Ford Dealer), 1781 Florida ave. n.w.
OLDSMOBILE 1940 98 4-door sedanf T.
and h.. spotlights, other equipment; perf.
eond. Inside and out; a real buy at $P50.
low down payment. BELL MOTORS. 5010
Wls. ave. n.w.. WO. 8900. —4
^LDSMOBIIJC^M)38 4-dr.; r.; good eond.;
OLDSMOBILE 1937 2-dr.; *395; ~7ash,
trade_or terms Open *ve». till 9,
BATCHER MOTORS. INC., 5100 Wls. ava.,
WO. 9361. _5
OLDSMOBILE 1942 2-door sedan: 80.000
miles; like new; no dealers; $1,600. Bldg,
garage, ii18 L *t. n.w. Bat.-Sun. 4*
OLDSMOBILE 1940 4-door sedan; r. and
h . good tires, motor and body perfect;
Call HO. 9867. —4
OLDSMOBILE 1941; clean, no dents; radio
»nd heater; A-l condition; $985. Call
GL. oOl ]. _3
OLDSMOBILE 1941 2-dr. sedan: heater,
new seat covera: good eond : original owner.
$1,050 or best offer under. OX. 3995.
OLDSMOBILE 1938 2-door sedan; r. and
h.: $660, or beat offer under. 103 Missouri
ave. n.w.. RA. 8861. _4
OLDSMOBILE '38 4-dr.: original gray
nnlsh; excel tires: exceptionally nice; 30
day guar.; $660. HILL & TIBBITTS, 1114
Vermont ave n w. Wash.'s Oldest Ford
Dealer, NA. 9850. _5
OLDSMOBILE 1941 eonv: r. and h ;
2^rAv,cCOn,d 115lde and out; a bargain at
£k£l2.5' Jow down payment. BELL MO
TORS. 5010 Wls. ave. n.w., WO. 8900.
OLDS5IOBILE '41 "68" 4-dr. sedan; r.,
h , seat covers. A steal on today's market
at only $/95: cash, trade or low bank
AD°031"85 aV*' nW' <Wl!' and Q“eJ'
OLDSMOBILE 1947 4-dr. "06": Hydra
Matic; X- and h.; whitewall tires; black
finish; 6.000 miles, like new. $2,150. FR
J.iJl. 3*
OLDSMOBILE 1939 "70" 2-dr 6; good
eond , excel, appear , dependable transp.;
*715. RE. 1901, Ext. 610. —4
OLDSMOBILE 1946 model "98" 4-dr.:
completely equipped; like new throughout:
see to appreciate; $2,295. KENNY
MOTOR SALES, 15th and R. I. ave. n.e ,
MI. 0050. -_
PACKARD 1942 custom “120" convertible
coupe; radio and heater, low mileage, new
tires; $1,695. THE COLIE MOTOR &
TRAILER CO., 8232 Ga. ave. SL. 8200.
PACKARD 1946 Super Clipper 4-door; ex
cellent condition: original coral blue;
smooth; pvt. owner; $3,000. EX. 0671.
PACKARD '39 4-dr. sed.: r.. new seat cov
ers; $500 or best offer under. AT. 7407.
PACKARD 1941 "6" 2-dr.: r and h.;
$795: cash, trade or terms. Open eves. I
till 9. SATCHER MOTORS. INC., 5100
Wis. ave.. WO. 9351. —5
PACKARD 1939 7-passenger limousine:
excellent appearance, tires, mechanical
condition, original owner, price. $l.oooi
or best offer under. To inspect, call MR. ,
PACKARD 1940 4-door 6-cylinder sedan:
one-owner car; passed D. C inspection:
large trunk space, clean interior and body;
tine mechanicil condition: good tir^s will
finance for only $225 down: total price.
$695. RE. 5$67, 801 H fit n w. *
PACKARD 1969 4-door sedan: original
black finish; private owner must disDOse 1
of this out of the ordinary car as have:
new Packard: equipped with radio and
j heater, white sidewall tires, spotlight; i
mechanically perfect. Sacrifice for $7501
or best offer under. ALex. 8017. —4 I
PACKARD ’4 1 conver.: r. and h.: new top
new w.w. tires: low mile., ex. cond.: $1.
695: owner. EX. 6578 or NO. 2842. —4
PACKARD 1965: cheap, dependable transo ;
good rubber, body and motor; $280. GL.
2508. —4 I
PACKARD 1942 convertible; r. and h.,!
overdrive, elec, clutch. $1,295 or best offer*
under. OR. 1694 or RE. 7400, Ext. 62464.
5* I
PACKARD 1940 4-dr. sed : one owner, one
1 driver: radio, heater, seat covers, $1,095.
WO 5284 after 5:60 p.m. 6*
PACKARD 1938 8-cyl. 4-dr. sedan: orig.
paint: my car is in excel, shape; forced to
sell. $650. Phone NO. 4095. , —6
PACKARD 1942 Clipper 4-door sedan;
excellent appearance, splendid condition,
fine tires. Special value at $1,295. Other
good cars to select from. CENTRAL MO
TOR CO . Kaiser-Fraxer Sales and Service.
6200 Lee hwy., Arl. CH. 7000, evenings
and Sunday. —5
PACKARD 1940 ‘T20" de luxe 4-door
sedr.n: radio and heater, new tires, fine
mechanical condition; price. $950. Call
WA. 1562. —4
PACKARD 1941 “120’4 4-dr touring se
dan: radio and heater, car in excellent
condition: $1,095. THE COLIE MOTOR
& TRAILER CO., 8232 Ga. ave. JBL. 8200.
PACKARD 1939 6-passenger convertible,
excellent condition; radio, beater, 6 tirea.
Trippe lights, spotlight; $995. 4707 Hunt
ave., Chevy chase (west of Wisconsin),
Saturday and Sunday. —4
PACKARD 1936 CT20" convert, coupe;
good condition: good tires, new battery,
sealed-beam lights; $350 cash. 809 So.
Pitt st.. Apt. 102. Alex.. Va. T*. 6117.
PACKARD 1940 “120" convertible coupe;
beautiful maroon finish, new black top.
fully equip., mechanically perfect. Has a
30-day warranty. Only $795, terms.
CO AST-IN PONTIAC CO. 407 Florida ave.
n.e. AT. 7200. Open eves, until 9. —5
PLYMOUTH 1946 Special de luxe club
coupe: radio, heater, seat covers, spotlight;
all good tires; $1,850: will accept ’38 to
'38 Chevy, Dodge, etc., car as part pay
ment. PR. 7263. —4
PLYMOUTH 1940 *-dr.: gray; r. and h.;
excellent condition throughout; quick
sale, $895. WATSON. RB. 8840. 6*
PLYMOUTH 1935 4-dr* heater, seat
C^AVrIbNVerSE‘°Sl4(fr*n!POrUUOn’ IT
PLYMOUTH 1937 coupe: equipped with
heavy wood bumper backed with steel piste;
has spotlight, heavy-duty transmission and
clutch, large trunk space: being used for
service car st garage; $350. Owens 7711.
PLYMOUTH 1941 station wagon: heater:
varnished wood A-l cond : $900. 7830 Old
Grgtwn. rd., Beth. EM. 5388 or WI. 9805,
PLYMOUTH convertible. 1948; all acces
sories: $2,236; trade only for '48 Chev
or Plymouth closed model. HO. 2024. 4*
PLYMOUTH 1937 4-door de luxe; a very
economical car to run: car is In good con
dition; private owner; price, $395 cash.
Call Owens 6073. 6*
PLYMOUTH 1948 4-dr. de luxe sedan;
$1,300 or best offer under. Csll LU. 0441.
Can be seen bet. 3-9 p.m. Sat. and Sun.
! —4
PLYMOUTH 1940 4-dr. sedan; orlg. owner;
$875 cash. Call UN. 0846. —4
PLYMOUTH 1939 de luxe sedan; 2 new
tires, good motor; clean inside and out;
$446 cash or $150 down. bal. terms.
TEXACO STATION. 1801 14th st. n.w. •
PLYMOUTH 1941 de luxe 5-pass, coupe;
excellent motor and general appearance;
radio, hsater; $776 or $200 cash. bal.
terms. HO. 9565. •
PLYMOUTH 1947 4-dr. special de luxe
sedan; radio, heater, seat covers: less than
6,000 miles; $2,000 or best offer under.
TA. 5883. —4
PLYMOUTH de luxe 1939 4-dr.; new but
tery, seal beam lights; recently overhauled,
new tires and tubes. Must sell lmmed.
$600. SL. 4646. —4
PLYMOUTH 1936, $235. Phone RA. 2814
or SH. 3008. —5
PLYMOUTH 1936 4-door sedan: 5 good
tires, heater; good shape all around; $325.
GL 0311 —4
PLYMOUTH 1947 4-dr. Spec de luxe: low
mileage. excellent condition; $1,850. i
CO. 0847. —5
PLYMOUTH 1940 4-dr. sedan; good cond ;
good tires and heater: $525 cash. ALex.
1 337. —4
PLYMOUTH ’39 coupe: car completely
j overhauled and brand-new motor Installed
0 mos. ago: excel, cond.; *590. CH. 2000,
Apt. 230-A. —4
' PLYMOUTH 1937 4-dr.; *446; cash, trade
or terms. Open eves, till 9. 3ATCHER
MOTORS, INC., 6100 Wls. ave., WO. 9361.
PLYMOUTH 1940 4-dr. sedan; radio and
heater, good new tires, teat covert; price,
*876. Hyattsvills 5392. —4
PLYMOUTH 1942 blue 2-dr.: has prac
tically new brake lining, clutch, hand
brake; have bought newer car- will sell
for *800 or any reasonable offer under.
MR. KITCHENS, err. 7888. —4
PLYMOUTH 1937 coupe; r. and h.: excel,
condition Inside and out. This Is a real
buy at $446. low down payment. BKLL
MOTORS. 6010 Wls. ave. n.w., WO. 8900.
PLYMOUTH 1946 station wagon: r. and
h.; new-car condition: *1.950. low down
payment. BELL MOTORS, 5010 Wls. ave.
n.w WO. 8900 —4
PLYMOUTH 1941 Spec, de luxe 4-dr.: new
paint, r.. h. very good mech.. clean
ihterior. excel, appearance: guarantee and
terms; *1.095. NORTHEAST MOTOR CO
(Ford Dealer). 920 B'.adensburg rd. n.e.,
AT 0200. —4
[PLYMOUTH 1940 2-dr.: h. a very clean
'car, in exceptional mech. cond.: guarantee
and terms; *845. NORTHEAST MOTOR
CO. (Ford Dealer). 920 Bladensburg rd.
n.e.. AT. 0200. —4
PLYMOUTH 1940 Special de luxe sedan—
This Is good economical transp. in a light
car. Eaulpped with radio and heater, seat
covers, excel, motor. 6 very good tires:
original black finish We have priced
this car way below the market at *795.
only *265 down. COAST-IN PCWTIAC
CO. 17th at Good Hope rd. s.e. LI.
0670 Open eves, until 9. —3
PLYMOUTH 1946 4-dr. sedan: r. and h :l
beautiful blue finish just Ilka a new car.!
See this one today. Down payment. $595; i
total. $1,795: terms and guarantee.
FRANK SMALL. Jr., 3200 Pa. ave. s.e.,
phone TW. 1320 —4
PLYMOUTH 1940 coupe: r. and h.; good
rubber, new paint, seat covers; $795.
LU. 8686 ✓ 4*.
PLYMOUTH 1936 2-dr : looks rough but
runs good: good tires; good transp : $195.
FRANK SMALL, Jr., 3200 Pa. ave. s.e.,
TW. 1320. —4
PLYMOUTH 1941 2-door: heater, 2-tone
brown and tan. excel, rubber: 30-day
guar.: $995. HILL ft TIBBITTS. 1114
Vermont ave. n.w., Wash.'* oldest Ford
dealer. NA. 9860. —6
PLYMOUTH late 1940 Special de luxe club
coupe: privately owned with best care
and In excellent condition: recent black
enamel finish, radio and heater, seat
covers. 5 good tires with white metal side
walls. A good buy at $1,095. Phone Falls
Church 0085. 4*
PLYMOUTH 1P37 coupe: heater, new bat
tery. $295. 1345 Kenyon st. n.w., Apt 1.
PLYMOUTH 1948 4-door sedan: private
owner: all extras: A-l condition: $1,645.
Call DU. 2818, ask for CASEY. 3*
PLYMOUTH 1935 4-door sedan; good run
ning order: cash sale price, only $145.
sidea 7th at R st. n.w. Phone NO. 7557.
PLYMOUTH 1947 Special de luxe "taxi;
excel, cond.. low mileage; r. and h.. me
chanically perfect, new tires; owner driven:
real buy for $1,600. Call TA. 3875. —4
PLYMOUTH 1941 convertible. Super de
luxe: -radio and heater, excellent tires,
good motor and black finish: $1,050 or
est offer under. Call DE. 6438 or TR.
1285. Ask for MR. EVANS. —4
PLYMOUTH 1937 de luxe 2-door sedan;
good operating condition: $395. CH, 0624.
PLYMOUTH ’40 cpe.: r. and h: blk.t excel,
rubber, good engine: 30-day guar.; *850.
HILL ft TIBBITTS. 1114 Vermont ave. n.w.
Wash ’s Oldest Ford Dealer. NA. 9860. —5
PLYMOUTH 1942 4-dr. Special de luxe;
r. and h : excel, tires, exceptionally clean,
mechanically perfect: 30-day written guar
antee: $1,195. CH. 4300. EDMOND6
MOTORS. INC. 3200 Wash. blvd. (at
Clarendon Circle). Arlington. —5
PLYMOUTH 1938 4-dr. sedan; r. and h •
passed D. C. Inspection: seat covers. 6
good tires: $595. TR. 3799 —4
PLYMOUTH 1939 convertible: r., h., spot
light; *700 or best offer under. PL. 0496.
Can be seen by appointment. —4
PLYMOUTH 1941 4-dr.; radio and heater:
good condition: $925. VI. 3509, 1001
Savannah st. s.e. —4
PLYMOUTH 1947 convertible: r. and h.,
other extras. 4,000 original miles: $2 -
295. trade and terms. TOWN * COUNTRY
MOTORS, 5336 Wls. ave. n.w., OR. 0100.
PLYMOUTH 1939 2-door: r. and h.7~seat
covers; $625 or best offer under. 1329
You st. s.e.. AT. 7171 after 3 p.m. —4
PONTIAC 1946 "8" Streamliner 4-dr.
sedfully equip : very low mileage; im
maculate cond : $1,096'. CHERNER MO
TOR CO. (Ford Dealer). 1781 Florida
ave. n.w. —5
PONTIAC 1937 “6” 2-door: heater; good
motor: needs a little fender work; $225.
TR. 1953 daytime. —4
PONTIAC 1947 "8” de luxe 2-door; r. and
h.. white sidewall^: 9.00(1 miles, private
owner: $2,150. Call HI. 6924. —4
PONTIAC late ’46 convertible club coupe:
yellow; 12.000 mi : $2,200. OL. 7272.
PONTIAC 1946 4-dr. sedan: r and h.:
10.000 miles: one-owner car. like new
throughout; $1,700 for quick sale. SP.
0339-W. 4*
PONTIAC '36; '37 motor, excel paint, job.
good shape, clean; heater, spot light:
2-dr.: $385. Call SERGT. MELLEFIUP.
GL, 9350. 6 p m. to 8 p.m —5
PONTIAC 1947 "6” 4-dr. sedan: all ex
tras: most carefully chauffeur cared for.
Body and engine in immaculate condition.
$2,175. Apply MAJ. GEN. GASCOIGNE
EM. ':(I(I3.
PONTIAC 1940 6-cyl. 4-dr: new eng Oct..
'46: overhauled and painted last fall, excel,
cond.: $795. FA., 7758. . 4*
PONTIAC; owner must sacrifice. Late!
1947, *‘8 ' cylinder; r. and h.; perf. cond.; ,
!«.15«. EM. 8»;n. —» i
PONTIAC 1940 4-door sedan: heater, seat ;
j covers. 4 new tires; excellent condition;
throughout; $875 or best offer under. GE.
8751. —r |
PONTIAC 1947 convertible coupe: r. and
h., white nde walls: a real buy for some
!on°; $2,595: accept, tradp; 24 mos. to
pay MR. CALLAN. CH. 3900. —5
PONTIAC 1940 4-dr; r. and h., seat,]
! covers: $995 cash, trade or terms Open
: eves, until 9. SATCHER MOTORS. INC.,
•5J00 Wis. ave. WO. 9351. —5 |
PONTIAC 1937 2-dr. sedan: good running1
I condition. Must be sold this week: $365
i cash, or best offer under. Taylor 5725.
PONTIAC 1937 4-door, in very good con
dition; r. and h.; $545. Hillside 3221. —4
PONTIAC 1941 de luxe Torpedo “8” 4
door sedan, black; r , h.: excellent me
chanical condition: $1,100. or best offer
i under. Terms can be arranged. Call
UN. 1223 after 7 p.m. —4
PONTIAC 1937 3-passenger club coupe;
heater; can be converted into a 6-passen
ger <;lub coupe: good mechanical condition;
passed D. C. inspection; finance for $225,
down; total price, $376. ME. 9182, 801
H st. n.w. •
PONTIAC j 947 Streamliner 8-cyl. sedan:
r. and h.: just like new and fully guaran
teed: $2,295. low-down payment. BELL
MOTORS, 5010 Wis. ave. n.w., WO. 8900.
PONTIAC 1940 de luxe 4-door sedan: a
one-owner car; in perfect condition1
throughout; a bargain at $895. low down!
payment. BELL MOTORS, 5010 Wis. i
ave. n.w., WO. 8900. —4
PONTIAC late 1947 Streamliner 2-dr.
8-cyl. sedan coupe: dark blue, w.-w. tires,
r. and h.. other access.: 3 months old;
2.100 miles; $2,250. Will consider trade.
ALex. 0941. —4
PONTIAC 1940 4-dr. sedan; r. and h.,
tires like new. orig. black finish, $795,
$145 down COOPER MOTOR CO., 5002
Wis. ave , EM. 9850. —3
PONTIAC ’37 2 dr.; blk.: h.: excel, condi
tion: new engine lust Installed: 30-day
guar.: *795. HILL 4: T7BBITTS, 1114
Vermont ave. n.w. Wash.'s Oldest Ford
Dealer. NA. 9S50. —5
PONTIAC 1946 Streamliner ’’6"—We have
2 of these popular cars (1 blue. 1 (ray).
Both equipped with radio and heater, seat
covers and other extras. Both in tiptop
shape throughout. Tour, choice at *1.995.
Full Cipco warranty. Free D. C. inspec
tion Low down payment. 24 mos. on bal
COAST-IN PONTIAC CO., 17th at Good
Hope rd. i t. LI. 0679. Open eves, 'til 9.
PONTIAC 1946 R-cyl. 2-door: r. and h'.
looks like a new car. See it today. Down
PONTIAC 1941 6-cylinder ’’Silver Streak’’
torpedo sedanette: r. and h.. original paint,
good tires: price *1,090. 1607 North Dan
r.. h . seat covers and other extras. Has
new-car appearance. Over-all cond. im
maculate: one owner: fully guaranteed:
PONTIAC 1946 Streamliner "6" ' 2-dr.
sedan; r. and h.. covers, showroom cond.;
SI .895. BROCHE MOTORS. 4432 Conn,
ave. n.w.. WO. 3249 tlU 8. —5
PONTIAC 1941 club coupe 6-cylinder; ra
dio, heater and air conditioner; good me
chanical condition; 4 new tires; clean in
terior and body; can finance if necessary
for only $270 down; total price, $950.
RE. 5867, 801 H st. n.w. •
PONTIAC 1937 4-dr.; motor recently over
hauled; $600 or best oiler under. Can
be seen any time at No. 7 65th st., Mary
land Park. Md., Hickory 9393. —4
PONTIAC 1947 station wagon, fully equip.;
black, like new; 30-day guar. Special.
$2,395. HILL * TIBBITTS. 1114 Ver
mont are. n.w., Wash.’a oldest Ford dealer.
NA. 9850. —5
PONTIAC 1935 4-dr.; clean, dependable
transp.: $185. 8ee at Esso. 12th and
Franklin. RA. 9003. —4
REO 1936 4-dr. trunk; good condition:
$175 cash. HI. 3221. —5
STCDEBAKER 1947 Champion 2-dr.: like
new: beaut, maroon color; custom rsdlo,
elimatizer; best value In town; $1,875.
SH. 1196. —4
STCDEBAKER 1941 5-pass, coupe: r. and
h.. new tires; new-car cond. throughout;
private owner; $1,026. WA. 2027. —4
STCDEBAKEr 1939 2-dr Champion: r.
and h.. new tires, interior like new. orig.
paint; $435. DE. 1726 —4
STCDEBAKER 1938 4-dr sedan: appealing
finish, dependable condition, splendid tires,
radio, heater, seat covers; $650. Other
good cars to select from. CENTRAL MO
TOR CO., Kalser-Frazer Sales and Service,
3200 Lee hwy., Arl. CH. 7000, evenings
and Sunday. .—6
STCDEBAKER 1939 2-door: excel, condi
tion: r. and 4i. new battery, good tires;
private owner: $750. OL. 3967. —4
STCDEBAKER 1947 Champion Regal de
luxe 2-dr. sedan: excellent condition, ra
dio, cllmatlxer, oil filter, fog lamps, seat
covers; ¥1.850 or best offer under: cash
only. Call OR. 3204. —5
STCDEBAKER8, 4-dr.. 2-dr., club coupe;
heater, seat covers, excel, cond., low mile
age. $1,996. Immediate delivery on all
1948 models, TR. 9474. METROPOLI
TAN MOTORS. New York ave. and Blad
ensburg rd. n.e. —5
STCDEBAKER 1938 Commander 4-dr.: r.
andTi. new paint, extremely clean, mech.
OK; price $550 or best offer under. Call
DE. 2865. —4
STCDEBAKER 1947 Champion; light gray;
9.000 miles; heater: owner leaving coun
try; first $1,860 gets It. 8H. 1195. —4
TERRAPLANE 1936: $175: mechanics de
light. dependable, good motor. Call TW.
8300. Ext. 427 after 7 p.m. —4
TERRAPLANE 1935: new dutch, trans
mission. brakes: very good condition: $275.
Call TW. 1770. —3
WILLY8 1946 ataCon wagon, radio, heat
er. extra seats; $1,595. OE. 3311. TA.
5794 —4 I
SCHOOL BUS. Dodge. 3? passenger: new1
paint, tires, motor brakes, transmission. I
all new wiring, running lights: has passed :
inspection, ready to go: lust the bus for ;
school or club: *950. MR. RACINE. OW.
9170. —5
SEDAN DELIVERY 1947 Chev.; 2.1 BO mi.
only: undsrseat heater and defrosters,
spotlight and backdrop: *1.650. SL. 1552.
AUTO AUCTION—Bell or buy a ear this
modern way; aell only if bid la aattsfac
tory: total fee. *5. You won't go wrong
buying or selling a ear here. Big auction
sale eyery Tues. ere.. 7 p.m.. 1113 Va.
aVe. j.e.. or 1100 11th et. i.e.. TR. 7118.
(Auction sales, rain or shine.)
tration fee. Sales every Friday at 8 p.m..
rain or shine. List your ear surly Sales
8511 ColesTtlle rd.. Silver Spring. Md.
BH. 4400. Open dally. 9 to 0.
1946 chev. oab, low mlleaga.I—ll.tM
1941 Bulck 4-dr. limousine.- - 750
1939 Chrysler Royal 4-dr. sedan-- 795
1939 Dodge 2-door.-_ Bon
1935 Ford panel truck-. _ 375
Easy terms or cash. NATIONAL CITY
AUTO SALES SERVICE. 84 H at. n.e. —4
1947 BUICK Super convert .*2.695
1946 Hudson Com'dore 8 overdrive 1.695
1942 Packard "8'' club sedan_1.295
1942 Chevrolet Aero aedan_ 1.045
1941 Mercury club sedan_1.045
1941 Pontiac club coupe . 1.046
PRICE MOTOR CO.. 955 Pershing dr.,
Silver Spring (opposite Silver Spring
Bowling Alley). SH, 4912._—4
1946 Nash 600 sedan: weathereye *1.845
1940 Nash La Fayette 2-dr.; heater 845
1938 Nash La Fayette 2-dr._ 545
1942 Ford Tudor 995
1940 Chrysler Royal aedan; heater 895
1P37 Dodge coupe _ 445
1937 Bulck 2-dr.: radio, heater.. 495
1937 Chevrolet bust, coupe: radio 495
1941 Plymouth busl. coupe: heater 895
H st. n.e.. AT. 4600.—3
1947 Pontiac sedan, new_*2.375
1947 Buick Super sedan _ 2,595 !
1946 Cadillac sedan: 6.066 mlleel_ 3.0931
1941 Packard ‘'120" sedan .. _ 1.095
1940 La Salle sedan: extra clean 1.175 1
1940 Packard ••110” club coup*_ S05
1939 Chevrolet sedan _ 845
1939 Chevrolet 2-door_ 795
1937 Buick Club coupe.. . ... . 445;
COOK MOTOR CO . 22nd and L sts. I
n w., ST. 7788. Moat cars have radio;
and hetater. Open Sunday all day. —5 |
BUY NOW while prices are low. Don’t miss
this opportunity to buy a Butler-bonded
car at an economical price. These cars
clean, will pass D. C. Inspection.
Studebaker '41 Commander sed.;
h. and o. d. __ _ _* 995
Oldsmoblle ’41 sed : h. . _ _1,026
Studebaker ’42 Champ, sed.; h._ 995
Pontiac ’42 sedan _ _ . .. 1,195
Studebaker ’42 Pres, sed.; r., h„ o. d. 1,395
Crosley ’47 2-dr. sed. . . . _ 596
LEE D. BUTLER INC., 1121 21st it. n.w.,
1938 LINCOLN-ZEPHYB sedan_*195
1936 Oldsmoblle sedan__ 1751
1938 Ford aedan _150
1941 Chevrolet 2-dr. aedan___*50
1934 Terraplane sedan _ 90
1933 Ford 4-cylinder sedan-125
1941 Dodge 4-dr. sedan . . _595
1940 Oldsmoblle club coupe_790
1939 Ford panel truck _196
1940 Ford 114-ton stake__ . 250
Others at bargain prices. JOHN 8.
REECE. 1114 Halt st. s.w.5*_
STEUART MOTOR CO., Ford dealer. 8th
and New York ave. n.w. NA. S000.
’48 Ford Sup. de luxe Tudor.... *1.595
’41 Mercury station wagon_ 1,225
’41 Buick Spe. sedanette . _1.195
’41 Pontiac 4-dr. Torpedo: h_ 1.065
’41 Dodge 4-dr.; r. and h_1.065
’41 Mercury sedan-coupe_1.095
’41 Packard 110 4 dr. _1.145
’40 Buick Special 2-dr.: h_ 925
40 Plymouth 2-dr.: r. and h_ 850
’39 Chevrolet 2-dr.: r. and h_ 775
’39 Oldsmobile 2-dr. 6; r. h. _ 775
'39 Plymouth 2-dr.: r.‘ and h. . 795
Terms given on all of above cars. 30
day written guarantee. All In rut-class
CHERNER-BREWER’S Home of Select Cars.
’48 Studebaker 4-dr. sed.; fully
equipped__ *2.495
’47 Chrysler conv.. fully equip.:
green, black top: 1.600 ml 2.895
’47 Buick Roadmaster 4-dr. sedan;
fully equipped . 2.595
’47 Buick Super 4-dr. sed.; fully
„ equipped . _. . 2.496
46 Plymouth Spec, de luxe sed ;
, fully equipped 1.795
46 De Soto 2-dr.: fully equip. 1.995
’46 Pontiac Streamliner 4-dr.: r.
and h. _ ___ _ 1,995
’41 Olds conv. cpe : new ton; r. and
h.: Hydra-Matic _ 1.195’
’41 De Soto sed ; r. and h. _ 1.095
’41 Buick 4-dr. sed.: r. and h. _1.195
'40 Dodge sed.; r. and h. _ 865
Many others to select from, all cars
SALES. 5111 Wis. ave . WO. 1699. Open
daily till 9. Sundays till 6._—4
REINES (rhymes with* finest) MOTOR CO.
Both locanons open today until 9 p.m.
At 7601 Wis. ave. n.w.. OL. 1600.
•32 Chevrolet 4-dr.; very clean_ $195
’37 Packard 4-dr. 295
’.”,6 Chev. 3-dr. 395
’38 Olds 4-dr.; r. and h_ 695
■10 lord de luxe Fordor_ 795
’40 Chevrolet town sedan _ 845;
’40 Olds club cpc.; r. and h. _ 9451
'4U Dodge 4-dr.; r. and h.; an excep
tional car _ _ _ 995,
'40 Buick Special 4-dr.; r. and h. 9951
'41 Ford cl. coupe . ... . 995
’41 Ford de luxe Tudor; r. and h.;
perfect ,. .1,095
'41 Pontiac 4-dr ; r. and h. _1.095
'41 Plymouth Sp. de luxe 2-dr. 1.095
'41 Fora cpe : r and h : very clean 1.095
'41 De Soto 4-dr.; r.. h . fl. dr 1,095
'41 Chevrolet club cpe.; r. and h ;
spotless . __1,095
'40 La Salle cl. coupe, r. and h. 1,195
'41 Bu'ck Super sport sed ; r. and h. 1,195!
’41 Mercury 4-dr.; r. and h.; new fin
ish . .' _ 1,195
'40 Cadillac “62" 4-dr. sed.; r. and
h. . _ 1,295
'41 Buick Spec. 4-dr. (2> _ _1,395
”41 Chevrolet conv. cl. cpe.; r.. h. 1.295
’43 Buick Spec. 4-dr : r. and h. . 1.295;
'42 Packard Super “8" sedanette 1,495
'41 Cadillac “61" sedanette; r. and
h. _. .1.695!
'46 Dodge custom 4-dr.; r. and h. 1.995!
47 Chevrolet, sta. wag ; r. and h 2.l5n;
'47 Pontiac “8" sedanette: r and h. 2.295
At 2461 Wis. ave. n.w.. OR. 3400
■3R Dodge 4-dr_*295*
'39 Ford coupe _ 695
'39 Studebaker 4-dr_ 695
’42 Willys 4rdr. _ 796
'39 La Salle 4-dr_ 795
'39 Chrysler 4-dr_ 795
'39 Mercury 4-dr_ 795
'41 Dodge 2-dr_ 945
'41 Chevrolet cpe. __ 945
'39 Cadillac 4-dr; Fleetwood body _ 995
'40 Chrysler Royal club cpe_ 995
’41 Ford cpe _ 995
’41 Ford Tudor_1,045
'40 Buick 4-dr. 1.045
'41 Plymouth 2-dr_1.095
42 Plymouth cpe.. . _1,095
'41 Buick Special 4-dr. _1.195
'41 Buick Special sedanette_1.195
'42 Chevrolet 4-dr.. _1.195
’41 Chevrolet conv. clb. cpe _1.295
'41 Olds convertible Hydra-Matic_1,395*
'42 Pontiac 2-dr. ...1.3951
'41 Chrysler conv. clb. cpe_1,495
47 Plymouth 4-dr. _ __ 1.895
Down payments are small. You may!
pay the balance in 24 months. These cars!
are In wonderful condition. Most have
radio and heater. Come In and see for
yourself how clean they are.
7601 Wis. ave., OL. 1600.
2461 Wis. ave., OR 3400. —4
look these over quick:
1942 Stude. Ch. 2-dr.: clean „ *1,045
1941 Chevrolet Spec, de luxe 4-dr..
exceptional . -_ 1.095
1941 Ford Tudor: A-l_ 995
1941 Dodge 4-dr.; very nice_ 1.076
1940 Buick 4-dr. Super. . _ 1,095
1940 Dodge eonv. epe.; 1 owner,
5-pass _ ... __ 1.095
1940 Packard 6-cyL 4-dr; excel.
cond. _ _ 895
1939 Olds. 6-cyl. 2-dr. sed.: good. 695
1936 Olds 4-dr.: looks and runs
exceptional 295
Terms to suit. To location to serve you
14th st. n.w. and 4518 Arkansas ave. n.w.,
AD. 2270. —4
CONNECTICCT AVE. LOT will handle your
'46 to '48 car and net you high market
price. BROCHE MOTORS, 4432 Connecti
cut ave. n.w.. WO. .3249 till 8 —7
over and end your worries—*25 is the
only charge. See MR. REYNOLDS or MR.
CROSS. NA. 7349. Open Sundays. 10 to B .!
I AM ABLE TO PAY CASH for clean model
car. Call MR. KIRBY. CO 9.380. —18
to ’48; will pay your price for clean cars,
ftps.to or caU|rLnn%G8TOH MOTOR*.
1 Excommunica
4 French capital
9 Small violin j
12 Son-in-law
of Mohammed
13 Silly
14 Man's name
15 Standard
17 Stupefied
with drink
19 Vital part
20 Retinue
21 Cloth measure
23 Greek letter
24 Note of scale
26 To cut away
29 Vast age
31 Mistake
33 Man’s name
35 To haul
37 Link
38 Ultimate
40 Mental power
42 Encore!
43 Toward
44 Corder cloth
46 Snare
48 Wake
50 Citadel
54 Daughter of
56 To pass a
rope through
57 Artificial
58 Seat of the
League of
60 Inlet
61 Pronoun
62 Harangued
63 Shade tree
1 German
2 Wings
3 One of Colum
bus's ships
4 Upright pivot
5 Article.
6 Float of logs
7 To harden
, Answer to Yesterday's Pnszle. miscellany
38 Woodland
80 At once
32 To steal from
34 Mixture
36 To triumph
39 Commander
41 Set of four
45 Bird’s win*
47 Part of the
48 Note of scale
49 List of candl
-, dates (Scot)
-1 51 Used to bs
- 52 Wicked
8 Prim 22 Pate 53 Quantity at
9 Large oven 24 Norse deity paper
10 Wrath 25 War god 54 Upper ltmt>
11 Small child 26 Room over a 55 Pish eggs
16 Crude metal stable 59 Brother at
18 Journal 27 Literary ^ Odin
Points for Parents —By KDTTH THOMAS WALLA Cl
"Splitting ham" in order to treat ehMren exactly the tame
cause* more jealousy than does a casual, matter-of-fact treatment
of a sharing situation.
■■I J '■■■■■ 1
IN* TM lUfttUr
u4 THbum lyiiitHi A
Not This
Son—Sister had the first piece of
candy yesterday.
Mother—It really makes no dif
ference. We usually pass things
first to the person who happens to
be near us.
better your highest offer on your ’46-'48 i
car. BROCHE MOTORS, 4432 Conn. ave.
n.w.. WO. 324!) ti' 8. —S
CHRYSLER OWNERS—If lfs clean, yourl
price Is our price. CENTRAL MOTOR!
SALES, 4326 Conn, ave, WO. 9236, EM.
i 9754.
WOULD LIKE TO RENT auto for 8 days,
at a flat rate. Box 372-R. Star. 5* I
100 NEW 1048 CARS WANTED for our!
western and southern dealers. You make!
the profit, let us deliver the ears. Cash
waiting. COLIE MOTOR CO.. 8232 Oa.i
ave. SL. 2242 or SL 4871.
your price is our price CENTRAL MOTOR
SALES, 4326 Conn, ave., WO. 9236, EM.
ST^DEBAKERS, cash In 5 min., all-body
types urgently needed, 1947, 1948 models.
York ave. and Bladensburg rd. n.e. —5
URGENTLY NEEDED, clean automobiles,
new or used. Call us now or drive by—
cash waiting GENE CASTLEBERRY. 1840 1
Benifcg rd. n.e. FR. 6231.
INDIVIDUAL In Immediate need of 1948 j
car; cash transaction. Call DU. 3721. —5
LET ONE of Washington's largest used
car dealers sell your car; any make pr
model, and at your price; our fee when
your car is sold is only 825. DONALD
MOTORS. INC . 137 O it. n.e.. or 320 Fla.
ave. n.e. AT 9508. ME. 3033.
model cars. TOWN & COUNTRY MO
TORS. 5336 Wisconsin ave. n.w.. OR. 0100.
TRY TRIANGLE—Get top cash price for
your car. Phone DE 0303 for a buyer
to call, or drive to TRIANGLE MOTORS.
3010 R I. ave n.e.
FORD OWNERS—If It's clean, your price1
is our price. CENTRAL MOTOR SALES.
4326 Conn, ave, WO. 9236 EM. 9754
OL. 1000.
will buy your car immediately for top
cash price; or you can name the price you
want for your car on our sell-your-car
plan. Just bring your car and title, name
your price, we ll try to get It for you. If
we sell your car at your price, you pay us
j 10%. If we do not sell your car. there is!
no charge. CHERNER MOTOR CO., Ford
dealer. 1781 Florida ave. n.w.. HO. 6000.1
DODGE OWNERS-—If it’s clean, your price
is our price. CENTRAL MOTOR SALES,
4326 Conn, ave., WO 9236. EM. 9754.1
I NEED A GOOD USED and clean ’.'19 to
'42 model Ford. Chev. or Plymouth: all
cash tq pvt. party only. Call EM. 7256.
PONTIAC OWNERS—If it's clean, your
price Is our price. CENTRAL MOTOR
SALES, 4326 Conn, ave , WO. 9236, EM.
: prefer latest model; any make considered'
; if priced right. EX. 4248 days; GL. 6272
eve. —6 i
CHEVROLET OR FORD; Will pay cash for
i good used car price must be reasonable,
i Call EX. 3870. —3 !
BUICKS, Chevrolets. Fords. Pontiacs, or,
any make of cars that has good care. We,
need them and will pay the highest!
CO., 5013 Georgia ave. n.w., RA. 0400,
—6 |
CASH FOR 2 1918 CARS—Will pay top |
cash price, over list price; don’t delay, i
SH 1195 —6 j
CASH PROFIT for your 1948 car: if you
need cash to take delivery, I can advance
it. SH. 1J 95. —7 i
automobile; pay all cash. Call GE. 56601
anvtime. —6 1
TEXAS GENTLEMAN driving West, needs
1948 Buick. Chevroiet. Pontiac or Olds;
consider clean 1947: pay all cash. MR.
CALLAHAN. OX. 6344 —5
cars regardless of price. Don’t trade on
a new car or sell to any one until you give
us the opportunity to buy at your price.
We need 106 cars. 1935 to *1948. If your
car is paid for. will give you cash; if car,
is not paid for. will pay off balance and
pay cash difference. No price quotations
on phone. Washington’s oldest exclusive
used-car dealers. All cash or certified
checks. See Mr. Barnes or Mr. Sanders
Only one location. Drive in big open lot.
1300 14th »t. n.w. (corner of N n.w.).I
Open 8:30 to 5 30 p.m NO. 1111. No
price quotations on phone. BARNES
your price is our price. CENTRAL MOTOR
I 8ALES, 4326 Conn, ave , WO. 9236, EM.
wanted: drive In for a surprisingly high
offer, or call for our representative to
come to you. NORTHEAST MOTORS.
920 Bladensburg rd. n.e., AT 0200.
HIGHEST PRICES paid by Washington's
oldest Nash Dealer. See WILLIAMS &
BAKER. INC. for an appraisal. 2819 M at.'
n.w . HO. 8700.
PLYMOUTH OWNERS—If It's clean, your,
price Is our price. CENTRAL MOTOR
SALES, 4326 Conn, ave., WO. 9236, EM.
Dodges. Chevrolets. Fords and any other
make of clean car wanted. Top prices paid.
1150 17th at. n.w.. EX. 4800.
highest price. See us first. DONALD
MOTORS, INC., 137 O «t. n.e., 320 Fla.
ave. n.e.. ME. 3033. LI. 9575. —9
BUICK OWNERS—If it's clean, your price
is our price. CENTRAL MOTOR SALES,
4326 Conn. ave.. WO. 9236. EM. 9754.
SHORT ON CARS, long on cash. Here I
am going Into the spring season with the
lowest Inventory in my history We're all
lammed up with cash and will buy your
car, price no object. WILLIAM3 AUTO
SALES. 20th and Rhode Island ave. n.e.
IMMEDIATE CASH—Need 200 clean cars
for Southern trade, all makes and models:
pa» premium prices. If had right now.
Island ave. n e.. MT. 9771.
Mother—No, Mary—let Jim take
the first piece. You had the first
one yesterday. Ill give you the first
piece next time. You know mother
loves you both the same.
Nature's Children
By Lillian Cox Athey
Are you longing for a nutria coat?
Coypu all wear them, even In South
A closer and more understanding
acquaintance with &■ coypu would
erase all desire of possessing the
little coypu’s coat. These native
South Americana are smaller cou
sins of our sturdy beaver. Their
well-shaped head, closely cropped
ears, give them a more trim appear
ance. Slightly glazed dark eyes do
not convey the Impression of a
high grade Intelligence—which is
too bad for coypu, though queer,
are highly entertaining and re
If they tumble into water they
work furiously to reach the edge of
the pool, or where the water is
shallow. Then they give them
selves a rubdown; a fierce wiggle of
their chin spatters the drops of
water from stiff whiskers. A vio
lent shudder takes the remainder of
the water from tummy and back.
At this stage the thorough rubdown
takes place. Any evidence of din
ner will Interrupt the massage. You
may rub your hand over any part
of the fur and find it perfectly dry
and fluffy.
A friendship with a little coypu
. is never lightly entei^d into. Your
responsibility includes food offer
j ings of fruit and green vegetables.
You seek favorite foods, never meet
ing your friend without a generous
offering of his favorite fruit—juicy
pears. Your treat is accepted with
alacrity. Your friend buries his
face in the luscious fruit, watching
your hands with alert interest. The
glazed eyes now gleam and once the
pear is sampled to the core, the face
Is lifted slightly. You imagine a
coypu’s smife of appreciation. Usu
ally the coypu Is sitting bolt upright
against some obstacle, which is less
tiring for the hungry guest who
never wastes a crumb of food. Tha
repast completed, his small feet,
which he had tucked under him, are
pulled from their resting place, his
long tail stretches straight out be
hind and, if he has been fortunate
enough to have a sunbath all tha
while, he has been shaking himself
occasionally to let the violet rays
reach every inch of his fat little
WILL TRADE Globe Swift airplane, li
censed day and nirht till March, 1949:
Aero-Matlc prop. 2-way radio, etc.: for!
1846 or later Cadillac, or 1947 or ’48
Bulek convertible. WA. 913*. 3427!
Eastern ave.. Mt. Rainier. Md —4
mos. old, 1.300 miles, black 5-pass coupe
without hydraulic, fullv eouipped, for
your 194 H Ford V-8. low mlleaee and
$250. TA. 3596
“WIN WITH WINN"—Top prlco for your
car: never too new, never too old; will
come to your home or office; plenty parkins
space. Open eves.. 9 a.m, to 9 p.m. WINNS
MOTORS. 169 Florida ave. s i. EX 2698
of cars are assured at McKEE-PONTIAC.
1829 L at. n w MX 0400
cash price for your 1948 or 1947 ear and
older if clean. Drive in or call DU 2877 j
Island ave. n.e. Omr • ax to • pa
Word Game
Find 43 or more common English
words in
meaning, "a sacrifice." Average
mark is 40 words. Time limit, 35
Rules of the *am*—1 Words mutt be of
four or more letters. 2 Words which acquire
four letters by the addition of auch a*
' bats,'’ "cats." are not used 8. Only on*
form of a word It used. 4 Proper names
are not used. A list will be published
Answer to PRANDIAL,
paid raid aria land
pair rain arid lain
pall rail nail laid
panda rapid naiad lair
paladin radial darn lard
plaid rind dial liar
plain alar drain lira
plan anil drip
1839 to 1948 cars In good cond. You can
save yourself time and money by drlTlng
to COLUMBIA MOTORS big lot at corner
of I4th st. and Fla. ave. n.w. AD. 1672.
LATE-MODEL CARS. ’48. ’47 and '48,
urgently needed: top price, quick aaah.
COAST-IN PONTIAC CO., 17th at Good
Hope rd. s.e., LL 0879
wanted: drive in for a surprisingly high
offer, or csll for our representative to
come to you. NORTHEAST MOTORS.
920 Bladensbursrd. n.e., AT. 0200.
1948 CAR WANTED by businessman. Call
EM 9719 any time —8
1948 models Drive In or phone EX. 85*2.
WOLFE MOTORS 12th and K its. n.w.
clean used ears. Call us today or drlva to
STEUART MOTOR CO.. 6tb and N. T.
ave. n.w NA 3000..
ssy how much—20 cars Wanted, to sell
at your price. SI 6 total charge Cal!
or aee Jimmy. PLAZA AUTO SALES 43
Mass. aye. n.w.. RE. 8839 or EX. 984iC
door Dodge, Plymouth or Chevrolet (no
style master) with less than 1,000 miles:
Ineed *£.*•!?. 18 n,ov* out of town. MR.
CROSS NA. 7349. eves.. OL. 7579. —4
A PRIVATE PARTY wants late model 2
door sedan or coupe. Pay all eaah Call
Hobart 1383 before 2 or after 8 p.m. —4
NAVAL ENLISTED MAN will buy 1940
or 1941 light sedan. No dealers. 1228
^7th st.^n w. altar 8 p.m. or 9-8 im.

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