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“Anne and I used to see a lot of each other be
fore I came West. I’ve always hoped to meet
her husband.”
"Anne’s spoken of you. We’re on our way
back East — if the jalopy will make it.”
As by signal they all looked
out of the window at the unas
suming green coupe. It seemed
shabby against the crisp sophis
ticated architecture of the house.
“It'll make it.” exclaimed Bill
jovially. “Great little cars! Jean
and I used to have one. Remem
ber. Jean?”
His wife had been standing a
little apart, but at his question
she came closer and stood side by
side with Anne. “I certainly do.
They’re fine little cars, all right.”
Bill noticed with satisfaction
that she appeared younger than
Anne. Her coloring was better,
and her figure was easily the
trimmer of the two. Nothing in
volved or deep about Jean, that
was the main thing, no wild
dreaming. Life with Jean was
placid — secure.
Heartened by the comparison,
he turned to Paul. "Anne’s hus
band, eh? Now I wonder — doc
tor? No.” He inspected him with
mock judgment. “Lawyer? No.
Indian Chief?” His voice became
bantering and cruel. “Anne al
ways claimed she’d marry an
artist, you know. I’ll bet you’re
an artist.” 4
Paul grinned. “As a matter of
fact, I am. I paint.”
"How exciting!” exclaimed Jean. “Won’t
you sit down? We’ll have some tea.”
Anne exchanged a quick look with Paul.
“We can’t,” she said. “It’s already late and we
must be on the move.”
Bill was still smiling faintly. “Who'd have
thought fifteen years ago,” he said, “that we’d
all be here together in my brand-new house,
you two on your way back East, and Jean and I
stuck in this little shack of ours — at least until
the oranges are picked. What a strange world
it is.”
“I’ve wondered several times," said Anne
with mild interest. “You grow oranges now.
do you?”
“Billy’s groves are the best in this part of the
state,” announced Jean. “Year before last his
oranges won a prize at the — ”
“Please, honey!" Bill’s voice was rough with
anger. “Anne doesn’t care about oranges.”
“But I certainly do,” said Anne. "The whole
idea is fascinating.” She turned to Paul. “Isn’t
it. dear?”
"William of Orange,” said Paul, smiling.
His mind did not seem to be on the conversa
tion. When Anne spoke, he leaned slightly
towards her in a sort of obeisance. “Why yes,”
he said. “I envy you. It’s honest, and interest
ing, and evidently profitable. Not many pro
fessions combine all three.”
“It pays the rent,” said Bill brusquely. He
was annoyed because he found himself nodding
in agreement with Paul. He wondered what
kind of apartment they had in the East. Small,
cluttered with easels, and probably smelling
of turpentine, he guessed. Maybe a fireplace
and books on either side of it. That was another
thing Anne had always said she wanted. “I’ve
been awfully lucky, I guess,” he continued.
“Always wanted to travel and have a house
exactly like this to come back to. We’re think
ing of Alaska next year.”
“That would be nice,” said Anne. “I’ve
always heard it’s a lovely trip.”
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