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Arabs Claim Capture
Of Kastel, but Jews
Say Town Is Theirs
1/ th« As»ociat«d Preu
JERUSALEM. April 12.—The
•ee-saw battle for Kastel reached
a verbal stand off today. Both
Jews and Arabs claimed the hill
top fortress which commands
part of the vital Jerusalem-Tel
Aviv highway.
British Army sources said last
night that counterattacking Arabs
had recaptured Kastel in an assault
against the Jewish garrison there.
The Arabs said today they were
holding the town, but a Hagana
source said Kastel still is firmly in
Jewish hands.
The stronghold has changed
hands almost daily for the last 10
days. Hagana, the Jewish militia,
had re-entered the town Saturday
Eventually the side which holds
he Jeresalem-Tel Aviv highway
robably will determine whether the
50,000 Jews in Jerusalem remain
iconquered. Food convoys to the
oly City pass over the highway
fore Kastel.
The Arabs deny claims broadcast
Hagana last night that the Arab
.llage of Kalonha in the same area
as destroyed after a sharp encoun
:r with an Arab band. Hagana
:<id the Arabs used Kalonia houses
» observation posts for attacks on
cwish traffic and positions in the
Pastel area.
Hagana said one British and one
Iraqi officer had been killed as well
.is most of the Arab fighters quar
tered in Kalonia.
After a sharp mortar and ma
chine gun duel with Arabs in
Kamatof south of Jerusalem at dawn
today, Hagana forces advanced and
occupied several houses used . by
Arabs, Jewish sources said.
Irgun Zvai Leumi and the Stern
Gang—Jewish extremist groups—
still hold the strategic village of
Deir Yassin, which they took Friday.
Deir Yassin is near Kastel.
“Horrible Massacre” Charged.
Both Arabs and Jews describe the|
extremist attack on the village as;
“a horrible massacre.”
A Red Cross investigation showed
many women and children were
among the 254 Arab dead there.
The Arab Higher Committee
asked Moslems and Christian every
where to “consider the facts of the
massacre of innocent people by Jews
at Deir Yassin and to decide the
world's reaction to it."
The committee's general secretary,
Dr. Hussein el Khalidi, said:
“Deir Yassin, where this outrage
occurred,' is practically the only
(Arab) village in the Jerusalem
area which had not yet appealed
to any Arab authority as being in
danger of Jews. • • * In the early
morning Friday they (the Jews)
swooped in and practically ex
terminated women, children and
old men. The only ones who man
aged to escape were the young
men. After that massacre in which
some 250 were killed by guns and
grenades the remaining 150 women
and children were dumped into
trucks, paraded through Jewish
areas, spat on and stoned.”
A Jewish Agency spokesman said
’Iagana members in Jerusalem res
ued a number of the Arab women
nd children and turned them over
co the British.
The spokesman said the Agency
had cabled Trans-Jordan’s King
Abdullah the text of its statement
repudiating the Irgun-Stern mas
sacre. He also released a statement
by the Chief Rabbinate, describing
the killings as a “foul crime.”
The statement called on Irgun
and the Stern Gang to "realize the
depth of the shame you have in
flicted on Jewry, to whom such acts
are utter abomination.”
In a government hospital here,
12-year-old Fahimeh Ali Moustafa
Zeidan, who suffered a grenade
wound in the Deir Yassan attack,
told her story of what happened
in the village. She lost her mother,
her grandmother, her grandfather,
two brothers and a baby sister,
3 months old.
Baby's Cry Betrayed Family.
“The whole village was asleep,”
she said. "About 500 Jews with
heavy guns and tanks started at
tacking. Our 30 or 40 guards tried
to stop them, but it was useless.”
The crying of her baby sister be
trayed the family after they hid,
she said, and then:
“The put us all in line, my old
grandmother included, and shouted
insults at us. They started firing
JWith Bren guns. Some of us ran
iaway and got back into the house
and hid. The Jews came in and
took our olives and lemons and
turned all the jars over. This was
Jdoout 9 o’clock in the morning.
• “They took us to the edge of the
pillage and made us stand there
tintil 5 o'clock in the afternoon and
just laughed when the older women
asked for food for the children.
"They searched the village for
men and shot them dead when they!
found them. Two trucks came for
us about 7 o’clock and we were
hauled through Givate Shaul <a
Jewish suburb), where the Jews
laughed at us and mocked us.
"Then they drove us into the
main road of town and made us
get out. They told us: 'Give us
everything you've got or we'll shoot
you.’ Then the men formed a
circle and the Jewish girls stripped
us naked and took our rings and
earrings. While we were naked they;
made pictures of us and then told
us to get dressed and walk to Jaffa
Gate (Jerusalem).”
Streptomycin Use Urged
For Needy in Maryland
• y tht Associated Press
BALTIMORE. April 12.—Gov.
Lane, State health officials and
Mayor d’Alesandro of Baltimore had
letters today from Dr. Hugh J.
Welch urging that stretptomycin be
made part of the “routine hospital
and sanatoria care” in State in
The Baltimore physician who sent
the letters is vice president of the
Streptomycin Gift Bank. He is
working to have the drug made
available to needy State institution
patients free of charge.
Unless such institutions as the
gift bank furnish the drug, its use
would involve expenditure of State
A committee of prominent
physicians to determine the use
fulness of the drug in tuberculosis
treatment and whether it should be
furnished by the State for indigent
patients was recently appointed by
Dr. Robert H. Riley, director of the
State Health Department.
- 'Dr. Welch said that the drug else
frtiere is already recognized as an
Sportant factor in tuberculosis
;atment and while it was of
IDnited benefit in some cases, it was
"indispensable in others."
ROOSEVELT MEMORIAL UNVEILED IN LONDON—Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt (right foreground,
back to camera) shown as she unveiled Britain’s memorial to the late President Roosevelt in
London today on the third anniversary of his death. Standing with Mrs. Roosevelt is King
George VI. Lined up behind the statue are British Royal Marines. As thousands watched, Mrs.
Roosevelt unveiled the 10-foot statue of the late President standing bareheaded with his cloak
thrown back. Beneath it is the simple inscription: “Franklin Delano Roosevelt.” The crowd
stood in silence as the King moved past honor guards of American and Royal Marines and
placed a wreath at the statue’s base. Then Mrs. Roosevelt and other officials placed wreaths
beside the King’s offering. —AP Wirephoto via radio from London.
Wallace Party Plans
July 24 Convention;
Sees More Violence
By tht Associated Press
CHICAGO. April 12—Henry A.
Wallace says he expects “more rough
stuff from the opposition” during his
third party campaign for President.
But he wants no physical “counter
Mr. Wallace and his vice presi
dential running mate, Senator Tay
lor, Democrat, of Idaho are to be
nominated formally in Philadelphia
July 24-25. The convention call was
issued yesterday at a national Wal
lace-Taylor conference here.
The former Democratic Vice
President told delegates* from 45
States that his “peace and pros
perity" drive for the White House is
making "tremendous progress.”
Support Welcomed.
The delegates welcomed support
from Townsend plan leaders and
indorsed Dr. Francis E. Townsend's
plea for Federal “cradle-to-the
grp.ve” insurance. They resolved to
back his drive for a $100 monthly
pension from the Government for
persons past 60.
They also adopted resolutions
against “Jim Crowism” and other
racial discrimination; against “war
histeria foreign policy," and against
"the efforts of our Government to
dictate” to Italian voters in their
election next Sunday.
Mr. Wallace advised his cam
paigners to use “a little bigger
picket line—friendly pickets” to
prevent any violence like that which
grew out of anti-Wallace picketing
at some of his recent rallies.
Common Sense Urged.
"Wp don’t want to get beaten up,"
he said. "But use no rough stuff.'
Let’s be on the side of the local 'po
lice. Don’t use hate. Use common
sense, not guns or counter-slug-j
Wallace supporters from Missouri
—President Truman's home State— j
met yesterday in Jefferson City and
formed the Progressive Party of
Missouri. The 483 delegates in
dorsed Mr. Wallace for President
and Senator Taylor for Vice Presi
They also elected party officers
and committeemen and adopted a
set of policies—including public
ownership of basic industries.
President Truman's policies were
criticized, both in resolutions and by;
the keynote speaker, Leo Krvzcki of j
Milwaukee, former vice president of|
the CIO Amalgamated Clothing
Workers’ Union.
Mr. Wallace left for Des Moines,
Iowa, after the conference yester
day. to visit his mother. A member
of his family who accompanied him
by automobile told a reporter that
Mr. Wallace’s mother was ill.
Robert Wilson, Ex Slave,
Dies in Illinois at 112
By th* Associated Press
ELGIN, 111., April 12.—Robert
Wilson, oldest patient of the Elgin
State Hospital, died yesterday. Con
federate Army records established
his age as 112.
Mr. Wilson, a Negro, was bom
in slavery January 12, 1836, at
Richmond, Va„ hospital files indi
cate. He was credited with service
in the Confederate Army.
Known in the institution as
Uncle Bob, he practiced evangelism
before entering seven years ago.
He had no living relatives. Hos
pital authorities said that plans are
being made for his funeral by the
Daughters of the Confederacy.
Bill Brundige to Direct
Cancer Drive Publicity
Bill Brundige. WOL sportscaster.
has been appointed to co-ordinate
and publicize the current fund-rais
ing campaign of the American
Cancer Society in radio and tele
Herbert McMurrav, chairman of
the publicity division of the cam
paign. said other committee mem
bers whose service will be avail
able to Mr. Brudige include:
Carter Barron. Arthur Bauer, Mrs.
Marian Cedarblade. Robert David
son, sr., William B. Decker, E. Cleve
land Giddings, Tom Griffin, R. E.
Hotze, Gene Juster, Henry J. Kauf
man, Robert M. McGready, Roy
Passman, John J. Payette, E. B.
Scholtes, Max Sherman, Marshall
Trippe and Miss Peggy J. Mans
Veterans in Rochester
Halt Communist Meeting
ROCHESTER, N. Y.. April 12.—
A Communist Party meeting ended
abruptly here yesterday after an
estimated 100 shouting ex-service
men marched into the meeting hall.
The veterans later burned Com
munist literature in front of the
Police Capt. Joseph Lang said
the veterans paraded about 90
minutes in a continuous picket
line in front of the hall before
entering the building. The meet
ing was sponsored by the Com
munist Party of Monroe County.
About 60 persons passed the
picket line, Capt. Lang said.
The booing, banner-carrying vet
erans marched down the center
aisle. Arnold Johnson of New York
City, national legislative represen
tative of the Communist Party,
was speaking at the time. He and
several others on the platform
were escorted from the building
•by police and the meeting was
called off.
The county commanders of the
Catholic War Veterans and the
Veterans of Foreign Wars led
groups of their organizations. Other
veterans said they were present as
Death of Doctor's Wife
In Tub Held Accidental
A certificate of accidental death
has been filed for Mrs. Ruth Kim
ball Christensen. 31, who was found
dead Saturday night in a bathtub at
her home, 6029 Baltimore avenue,
Riverdale, Md.
Dr. James I. Boyd, Prince Georges
County medical examiner, said in
vestigation indicated that Mrs.
Christensen came into contact with
an electric wire attached to a heater,
while in the water-filled tub.
Mrs. Christensen’s husband, Dr.
John E. Christensen, reported he
discovered the body about 11 p.m.
Surviving Mrs. Christensen are
her husband, a son, Eric Stephan,;
13 months old; her parents, Mr. and j
Mrs. Irving Sawyer, and a brother,'
Vernon Sawyer, of Westbrook, Me.
Funeral services will be conducted
in Westbrook tomorrow and burial
will be in Scarborough, Me.
Guerrilla Force Drives
Into Peloponnesus Town
By the Associated Press
ATHENS. April 12.—A sizable
force of guerrillas has driven into
Kalavryta, in the Peloponnesus, and
street fighting is under way, an offi
cial report said today.
Sketchy reports said two military
units sent to relieve the town, 25
miles southeast of Patrai (Patras),
had been ambushed, but that one
of them managed to get through to
join the defenders.
There were no accurate details as
to casualties, but dispatches said
the defense perimeter was lined
with guerrilla bodies.
The Germans killed more than
2,000 Greeks at Kalavryta during
the war.
Actors' Guild Breaks Off
Contract Negotiations
By the Associated Press
HOLLYWOOD, April 12.—The
Screen Actors Guild announced to
day it had broken off contract re
; newal negotiations with film pro
! ducers.
The guild said it had received a
. ‘‘flat no” from producers on seven
i of eight contract proposals.
In a report to its membership, the
guild said it ‘‘cannot strike until
expiration of our present interim
contract on August 1” and that
‘strike meetings so far in advance
would be premature.”
The report said, however, that
I ‘‘the present situation does not look
favorable for a new contract.”
French Summer School Set
A summer school conducted en
j tirely In French will be held at the
Maret School, 2118 Kalorama road
j N.W., from June 14 through August
6, Classes will be held for boys and
girls of 6 to 12 years of age and frr
high school girls. The progaa*
will be under the direction of MiK
Elisabeth Marechal.
Cab Driver Is Robbed
And Beaten by Two
In Marine Uniforms
Two men in Marine Corps dress
blue uniforms early yesterday beat
a cab driver about the face, drove
him several blocks, beat him again
and escaped with $10 and his wrist
Maurice Asquith, 29, of 7205 F
street. Seat pleasant, Md„ told po
lice he was attacked first in the
3900 block of Nebraska avenue N.W.
and robbed of $5. Then, he said,
his assailants forced him from the
driver’s seat and drove to the 4300
block of Massachusetts avenue N.W.
After striking him again, he said,
the men took his change carrier
containing $5 and his wrist watch.
They fled on foot.
George F. Ashton, 45, of 1304
Fourth street S.W., reported he was
yoked and robbed of $40 last night
by a man he had met in a res
taurant. The two were on their way
to get something to eat, declared
Mr. Ashton, when he was attacked
in an alley near No. 13 Engine Com
pany, Tenth and G streets S.W.
The attacker then ran to a waiting
car and escaped, it was reported.
Joseph Norwalk, 59, of 1413 Rhode
Island avenue N.W., was robbed of
$60 and a wristwatch when, he told
police, he was knocked down by a
man from whom he had accepted a
drink. Mr. Norwood., who received
a fractured leg in the. fall, said.he
was smlciUwith the whisky bottle.
He was taken to Mount Alto Hos
pital. The attack occurred in an
alley near the 1200 block of Thirti
eth street N.W.
Unlndorsed checks worth $35,000
and $284 in cash were taken from a
safe in the office of the Hudson
Sales Corp., 1513 Fourteenth street
N.W. Entry was made by a dupli
cate key, police said, and the handle ,
was knocked from the safe door.
Dance Course Scheduled
Miss Evelyn Davis, director of
the Washington Dance Playhouse,
will conduct a course in the "Role
of Modern Dance in a Recreation
Program,” at 9 a.m. Wednesday,
Jewish Community Center, 1529
Sixteenth street N.W. It will be
part of the In-Service Training
Course sponsored monthly by the
Council of Social Agencies’ Recrea
tion Division.
Uruguay expects a bumper wheat
crop of 365,000 tons this season.
U. S. Atomic Experts
Say Iron Curtain Also
Drops on Science
By #>• Associated Press
PRINCETON, N. J„ April 13.—
The Nation’s top atomic scientist^
say they have been unsuccessful in
an attempt to pierce the Russian
iron curtain on a scientific level.
Dr. Thorfln R. Hogness of the
University of Chicago told a press
conference yesterday the Emer
gency Committee of Atomic Sci
entists had sent several letters to
Soviet scientists but had received
only one reply.
That one referred them to state
ments of the Soviet’s chief U. N.
delegate, Andrei Gromyko. “Com
rade Gromyko has expressed our
views,” Dr. Hogness quoted the
Russian letter as saying.
The United States scientists group,
headed by Dr. Albert Einstein, urged
immediate diplomatic negotiations
“at the highest governmental levels”
in order to avert the “total col
lapse of our traditional civilization.”
Pleas fer World Government.
The committee repeated its plea
for world government, Dr. Einstein
suggesting that “partial world gov
ernment — without Russia — might
convince the Soviet Union that she
cannot oppose it.”
The committee said it was plead
ing for immediate action on atomic
controls because scientists have “a
special position in the tragic situa
tion in which mankind exists today.”
“It is through the work of the
scientific community that this great
menace (the atomic bomb) has come
upon humanity and now threatens
to destroy civilization,” the commit
tee said in a statement.
The statement said world govern
ment would alleviate the dilemma
of either a "preventative war” or a
two-bloc world “with eventual ter
mination in war.”
Called “Fateful Event.”
The committee said the collapse
of the U. N. Atomic Energy Com
mission was “one of the most fate
ful events in history,” but said it
had "passed almost unnoticed.”
“This is the time for taking
stock of reality and facing up to
the facts,” the committee said.
Besides Dr. Einstein and Dr.
Hogness, others indorsing the state
ment were Dr. Harold C. Urey and
Dr. Harrison Brown, both of the
University of Chicago; Dr. H. J.
Muller of the University of Indiana
and Dr. Frederick Seitz of Car
negie Institute of Technology.
jCrash in Thunderstorm
I Kills Pilot of Jet Plane
ly *h» Allocated Pr«i
Owenton, Ky., April 12.^The pilot
of a P-80 jet plane was killed yes
terday when he crashed in a thun
derstorm as he winged homeward
from a week end with his parents.
The Air Forces at Selfridge Field,
Mich., identified him as Lt. Claude
M. Trawick, jr„ who recently won
his pilot's wings after service as a
navigator. His home was in Macon,
Another P-80 pilot flying with
him, Lt. Gordon P. Humphries was
forced down in the storm but landed
safely near Louisville, Ky.
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