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aP E A R S
MS 1
L L 0 W I
606. &
Truman Held Unlikely
To Bypass Congress
On Palestine Troops
By Associated Press
The administration officials pre
dicted today that President Truman
will ask Congress to aprove any use
of American troops to police Pales
tine. N
This apparently does not role out
the chance that the President might j
in an extreme emergency, order lim-1
ited forces into the Holy Land to
protect American lives and property.
Marines might be used in that
event, although there is no clear
indication that this will happen.
Officials are deeply concerned,
however, lest Arab-Jewish fighting
flare on an even larger scale next
month when the British start with
drawing their troops.
Two Candidates Listed.
Warren R. Austin, American dele
gate, told the United Nations spe
cial Assembly session on Palestine
Tuesday that the United States is
prepared to send troops to the Holy
Land to support a trusteeship gov
ernment on two conditions:
First, other nations must also pro
vide forces; second, Arabs and Jews
must agree to a truce.
In Washington this promptly
raised a question as to the Presi
| dent's authority to use American
I armed forces. Mr. Austin’s state
ment was criticized in the House
yesterday as making a commitment
I in violation of the law giving this
Government the right to member
ship in the United Nations.
This law authorized the President
to negotiate agreements with other
U. N. members for an international
police force. These agreements
would then be subject to congres
sional approval. But the agree
ments never have been made be
cause of the split between Russia
;and the western powers.
Legal Authorities Back Rights.
Administration legal authorities
are understood to have advised the
White House that nothing in the
law prevents the President from
using his constitutional powers as
director of American foreign policy
and commander in chief of the
armed forces.
Undersecretary of State Lovett
told a news conference yesterday
that when Mr. Austin made his
statement to the U. N. he was, in
effect, recognizing obligations which
this country already has under the
As a political matter, however,
administration policy makers ap
parently have decided that the best
course to follow, if troop* are re
quested by the U. N. is to place the
issue before Congress with an ap
peal for prompt approval.
Actually, diplomatic authorities
say, the most critical immediate
question is not how Congress would
react. Rather they consider it to
be whether the necessary interna
tional agreements can be reached in
time to take any effective action
before the British yield their au
thority over Palestine on May 15.
Mrs. Edwards Will Head
Democratic Women's Unit
ly tht Aitociottd Pratt
The Democratic National Com
mittee has announced the appoint
ment of Mrs. India Edwards as
executive director of its women’s
division. - .
Mrs. Edwards has been with the
committee since 1944 and has been
associate director of the women’s
division since February, 1947.
She succeeds Mrs. Chase Going
Woodhouse, who resigned to become
“visiting expert” for the Army in
Germany. Mrs. Woodhouse will
organize German women in the
American occupied zone into dem
ocratic groups.
Mrs. Edwards is a former Chicago
Wallace Party Backs<
$35 Minimum Weekly
Social Security Plan
(y Anoc'otad Pr»»«
ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., April 22.
—Henry Wallace says his new party
believes a sound social security sys
tem should give every one over 65
years of age a minimum of (35 a
"Our new party is dedicated to
fighting for adequate benefits, bene
fits sufficient to insure a decent
American standard of living,” Mr.
Wallace said in an address here
"Upon the basis of a minimum |
wage of a dollar an hour, a sound
benefit structure for the social se*j
curity system would not be less than I
$35 a week,” he said.
Mr. Wallace spoke at a session of
the Joint Committee of Trade
Unions in Social Work. The com
mittee is comprised of social serv
ice locals of two CIO unions—the
United Office and Professional
Workers and the United Public
Workers. About 1,500 persons
heard the address.
Mr. Wallace said his party pro
posed a national health insurance
program that would provide cash
sickness benefits, family allowances
for every child under 18 years of
age and maternity benefits.
Later at a dinner meeting of a
newly formed South Jersey Wal
lace-for-President Club, he said he |
would make no deal with the Re- j
publican Party to defeat the Demo- 1
crats in November.
"We wouldn't take Republican
money under any circumstances,”
Mr. Wallace said.
Some 300 diners, who paid $4 a
plate, contributed $1,518 in cash and
pledges for Mr. Wallace’s campaign.
Stronger Air Arm
Proposed in Sweden
ly th« AuociatwJ Prut
STOCKHOLM. April 22—Pro
posals to give 8weden a stronger
air arm and more mobile army units
against airborne attacks were pre
sented to Parliament yesterday.
Minister of Defense Allan Vought
i said preparedness should be in
creased in the light of current con
I dltions.
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Du Mont Laboratories
Announce Pay Increase
By the Associated Press
NEW YORK, April 22—Dr. Allen
B. Du Mont, president of Allen B.
Du Mont Laboratories, Inc., an
nounced today a general wage in
crease for production and clerical
Company spokesmen declined to
state the amount of the increase or
the number of workers affected.
Du Mont Laboratories has plants in
Passaic and Clifton, N. J-, and oper- j
ates television stations in New York
and Washington. Another station
is being built at Pittsburgh. j
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Veaf 'Balls
CoNitr^*- '
<**£ BEEF ***
| /**
3/A Vb

lj ^/couCzr ' j
Nellie Procter Hewitt, the
baking champ from Silver
Spring—baker to the na
__ j || ■ tion’a great—is the mother
MaHA IlnnAr Of 9 children; member of
ITiaUC UI,UCI the orchid Society, doe«
The Supervision of CroM and F.t Salvage work.
The First Baker To
The Nation's Great—
“Mrs. Maryland/’
Baking Champ from
Silver Spring
For Prize-Winning Freshness and Flavor
Get County Fair Bread Today!
Why County Fair Bread is Different
and Better
In Washington, County Fair Bread is first for freshness. First
for flavor. First for downright goodness.
Because County Fair Bread is made the way a woman who
really knows how to bake bread says to bake it. That s Nellie
Procter Hewitt—the baking champ from Silver Spring.
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baking on the farm. And County Fair Bread is enriched with
Vitamins and Minerals for better health.
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today. It's fresh as a daisy. Continental Baking Co., Inc.
Miss Helm A. Miller,
1922 Biltmore Street, Wash
ington, D. C., in charge of
Teen Canteen of Young
Women’s Christian Associa
tion, says: “County Fair
Bread is really grand, but
that’s only natural—for with
a woman like Mrs. Nellie
Procter Hewitt behind
County Fair Bread, it would
have to be something special 1’

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