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3941 DIAMOND T; 2-tone, dual wheel,
stake body truck: excellent condition: $5<KI
or best offer. EX. 4400, Ext. .'110. —27
CHEVROLET 1942 'i-ton panel very low
mileage, runs and looks like new: to reallv
appreciate this truck, you must see and
drive it: sacrifice. $095. LP. U14H. —27
1941 Mack, model EMUT, tractor;
excellent cond. $995
1946 Reo. l.w.b., with open top;
cargo bodv . 3-600
Half st. s e . LI. 7402._—26
vans, stakes. Danels and pickups for hire
by day. week or month. PUBLIC SERVICE
MOVING-HAULING, day night or by the
hour. contract; white help new closed
vans, l',2 and 1 ton. Call Hillside 6701.
VAN TRUCK; large or small jobs: prompt
service; reas. prices; local or long distance.
TA. 2937: after 7 p m . GE 1416. 27*
FORD 1948 2-ton stake; any hour, day or
night, hauling anything. Call NO. 6183.
and general hauling, exper. white help.
reasonable rates. NO. <)814._—1
£900 Vs Dalcarlia ol. n.w. Ask for J RYE
All advertisements offering auto
mobiles for sale must include
actual selling price of car.
AUSTIN, new. 1948; prompt delivery and
a choice of colors. 35 miles per gallon;
larger, roomier, safety steel bodies with a
continental design; hydraulic brakes;
leather upholstery. Dorset sedan, fully
equipped, inch healer and defrosters, only
$1,595 delivered: terms and trade. MAN
of 7th at R st. nw. Phone NO. 7 55'
AUSTIN. $1,595. equipped; also M. G
Rolls Royce. Bentley. Jaguar and Stand
ard Triumph JACK PRY. 16th and Pa
• ve s e . ur HENRY MILLER MOTORS.
1133 J8th st. nw Phone RE. 5252.
BUCK 1911 Special sedanette: good con
dition. 5 new tires, radio and heater;
price. $1,195. NO. 3259.
BUCK 1946 Super 4-dr.: $2,195. STAN
I EY H HORNER. INC. Hth and F!a. ave.
n e . AT 6464. Open Sat. —31
BUCK 1936 Spec cpe. h. new paint
and front, end. $180 improvements, good
uphol . tires. $395. EM. 8897. —27
BUCK 1947 Super convertible. 6.009 mi :
jet black, tan nylon top. This car cannot
be told tram new; new-car warranty;
$3,095 cash, trade or terms. BELL
MOTORS. 5010 Wis. ave. n.w., WO. 8jo»U.
BUCK 1940 Super sedan: new tires; ex
ceh mech cond.. heater, radio, seat
rovers, good cond.; $860 or best offer
Under Dl 8608 after 7 pm. —29
BUIC K 1941 ‘ Specah* sedanette. beautiful
condition: $1245. give terms and trade.
' ROPER ' 1730 R I ave. n.e. 26*
BUCK 194 1 sedanette: r. and under
wear heater. 2-tone green; $1,250 cash
or best offer under. OL. 9431. Kensing
T.nn PKwy —-•
FLTCK 1946 Roadmaster 4-door; radio
arid heater, appearance and general con
dition shows this car has had excellent
care throughout; a bargain for only
$2,395. CHERNER MOTOR CO. (Ford
Dealer), 1781 Fla. ave. n.w., HO. MK)0.
BL'ICK 1947 Super; radio, heater, seatcov.:
4.000 mi ; only owner driven; $2,595 Call
$ 30 to 5:30, ST. 3100. Ext. 425. 27*
FLICK 1940 Super sedan; r . h. black
finish, low mileage; $2,395. perfectly clean.
Sec today. 8CHLEGEL Ar GOLDEN. Kaiser
Frazer dealers. 263 Carroll at., Takoma
Par*. D. C . GE. 3302. —28
FLICK 1947 Roadmaster conv. tpe., r
and h ; less than 8.000 miles; blark and
lap. top. $3,095. Caii MR. THERRELL
ME 5919 2 6 *
FLTCK 1940 4-dr Century; radio, heater:
re-built motor; blue finish, good cond.
throughout, guaranteed. $1,065; terms and
trade. FRANK SMALL. Jr.. 1301 Good
Hope rd .*; e. . LI 207 6
FLICK 1946 sedan; dusty gray; r. and h :
16.noo actual miles, not a mar or blemish;
owner driver A beautiful car in excel
lent rendition; $2,395. EM. 8151. —28
Bl ICK 194b Roadmaster l-ar . $2,315
Fla ?\e ne. AT. 6464 Open Sat. —31
Bl IC K 1947 Roadmaster 4-door; 2-tone,
white-uall Airririe tires, radio and heater.
► rat rovers, new-ear condition; $2,895.
sin ave WO. 9351 —27
Bl ICK 1942 4-door Super; radio, heater;
grav pain:, in uonri condition, excel, mech ;
guaranteed: $1,595. terms and trade,
FRANK SMALL. Jr.. 13ol Good Hope rd.
s e . LI. 2076.
FCICK 1946 Super 4-door: green, white
wall i ires, radio and heater, spotlight,
new-ear rendition; $2,395 SATCHER
MOTORS INC , 5100 Wisconsin ave. WO.
FCICK 1948 Roadmaster sedanette; black,
radio and heater, plastic seat covers, grill
guard, spotlight, backing light; 63 miles;
$3,195. SA'I CHER MOTORS. INC-. 5100
Wisconsin a\e. WO. 9351. —27
Bl ICK 194 8 Super 4-dr.; maroon, all ac
re* ones. $3,200; beautiful machine. Call
NA 7 115. —28
FCICK 1942 sedanette; 2-tone green, t.
and h . exceptionally clean; $1,459; 30
da v guarantee. 78 cars indoors, one loca
tion HILL A TIBBITTS. 1114 Vermont
ave. n.w, Wash.'s oldest Ford dealer.
NA. 9850. —27
FCICK 1947 convertible coupe; maroon.1
white-wall tires, radio and heater, new-,
car < ondition, $3,095. SATCHER MO
TORS. INC. 5100 Wisconsin ave. WO.
9351. —27
FCICK 1948 Super convertible coupe;
maroon, light top. white-wall Airride tires,
radio and heater, spotlight, driving light
• and backing light; 500 miles. $3,695.
sin ave. WO. 9351. —27
FLTCK 194 7 Super sedanette; radio and
heater, seat, covers; new-car condition;
$2,795. SATCHER MOTORS. INC . 5100
Wisconsin ave. WO. 9351. —27
FCICK 1 940 4-door sedan, blark. equipped
with heater, radio- custom seat covers.
*ood motor, good tires: which makes it
a good buy at $975. KING-RAY MOTORS.
1019 9th at n.w EX 3082 Open eves.
FITCK 1947 Super convertible low mile
age. fully equipped; delivery price. $2,573;
original owner will trade for Bulck sedan
or sedanette in comparable condition,
for delivery price difference or sell for
$2,850 Call UN. 0049. —26
FCICK 1946 and 1947 eonvs: blue, yel
low and green colors to choose from; low
mileage and all very clean cars See and
drive to appreciate. $2,695 to $2,995. We
will aliow- full value on your car and
1717 R I. ave. n.e . DU 8575. DU 8188.
FLTCK 1941 4-door sedan; radio, heater
and seat, covers, motor, tires and finish
excel $1,325. original owner. EM. 5HH
FITCK 1947 4-dr. Roadmaster. 9.000
miles, owner forced to sell, $2,695 or best
offer under. CH. 304'- —1
FITCK 1949 Super club coupe, with 1947
engine, excel, paint; r. and h ; defroster;
$995 Phone OL. 7759 before 5 P m. —28
FITCK 1941 Super convertible all possible
accessories. exrel cond . best looking '41
in city, pvt owner. $1,400. LU. 8988.
BtrlClv 194. Roadmajster conv. coupe;
dark green; tan top. w -w. tires, r. and h.;
b>w mileage: $3,175. OW 9197. 30*
DODGE 1936 sedan. 1946 motor. $350.
2806 R. T ave ne NO. 1316. 27*
CADILLAC 1947 62" 4-dr. sedan: Hyd.
r and h . w.w. tires. 2.300 actual miles:
*4.095 Call MR THERRELL. ME. 5919.
CADILLAC 194 1 “63” sedan: r. and h.;
Plastic sear covers, black finish: A-l cond.;
guaranteed. $1,650. TRIANGLE MOTORS.
1333 R I. ave n e . CO <1882. —26
CADILLAC 1938 “T5” town sedan; excel-'
lenr condition: $950. See KING, main!
garage. Westchester Apartments. —30
CADILLAC 1941 deluxe sport sedan: model
62 Beautiful ear BeT of rare. $1,695:
terms. • ROPER.” 1730 R. I. ave^n.e.
CHEVROLET 1916 2-dr sedan: "fully1
equipped This car hasn’t got a scratch,
can't be told from brand-new fully'
guaranteed A Bell special at $1,695.
• ash. trade or terms BELL MOTORS,
5919 Wts ave n.w , WO 8999. —27
CHEVROLET 194$ Fleetmaster 4-dr se-1
dan. brand-new. 13 mi completely equip
ped A Bell special. $2,395. cash, trade
or terms BELL MOTORS. 50J0 Wis
a vp. n w WO 8909 —27
rHFVROI FT 194 1 4-dr sedan, special de
luxe, ip good cond . price. $1,059: cash
er -erms GE 9425 —27
cHIVRoLF.T 1941 town sedan; heater;
light blue finish; good-looking, flne-run
n:uc 1-owner car $1,095. with guar
and terms. TRIANGLE MOTORS. 133.3
R I ave n.p . CO <»882. —26
CHEVROLET 1917 Fleetline 4-door sedan
with radio and heater. Genera! white-wall
tires, immacualte inside and on*, with very
•'•*w mileage- only *.’ 295. CHERNER MO
TOR CO (Ford Dea.rr>. 178L Fla ave.
HO 5000 33
CHEVROLET 1946 Fleetmaster 4-door se
dan with radio and heairi. white-wall;
tires immacualte inside and out This
rar is ready to roll: *1 795 CHERNER
MOTOR CO (Ford Dealer). 17 81 Fla.
a ve n w . HO 5000 —31
CHEVROLET 1947 Fleetmaster convertible;
r and h . low mileage, a beautiful car and
spotless in rverv respect $2,295. guaran
3901 Minn a\e. n r We Buy. We Sell,
Used Cars.” LI 4199. —28
CHEVROLET 1937 2-dr sedan.; good run
ning cond $375 TR 7556. -—27
C HEVROLET 1949 town sedan: black fin
ish. r h . car like new Don't miss this
me $1,795. trade, terms SCHLEGEL
A- GOLDEN. Kalser-Frazer dealers. 263
Carroll st., Takoma Park D C . GE. 3302.
CHEVROLET 1948 sedan; r h . blue fin
ish. clean. A-l . $! 895 See this car to
appreciate SCHLEGE1 & GOLDEN. Kaiser
Fra/er dealers. 263 Carroll st.. Takoma
rark. P C GE 5392._—28
i CHEVROLET 1939; with 194fi motor; S500
or best offer under. Can be seen alter
] 5:3d p m. at 524 22nd st. n.w., RE. 270,
CHEVROLET 1938 to-wn sedan: new paint.
I new tires, interior like new; $095. terms
dealers. 263 Carroll st., Takoma Park,
! D C.. GE 3302. —28
CHEVROLET 1942 Aero sedan; 2-tone
i green, r. h. white wall tires; clean; $1.
495: trade, terms SCHLEGEL &, GOLDEN.
Kaiser-Frazer dealers. 203 Carroll st.. Ta
' koma Park, D C . GE 3302. w—28
CHEVROLET 1940 4-door sedan; beautiful
black finish, compares with a new car; also
drives like a new car; equipped w’ith radio,
heater, new seat covers; low mileageA
tar you'll be proud to own. Only
'j down. 24 months to pay. COAST-IN
PONTIAC. 407 Florida ave. n.e., AT. <200.
CHEVROLET I93fi 2-door: good running
: condition: S27S. Can see car at CHANEYS
GARAGE. College Park, Md„ 8 a m. to «
jpm —2n
| CHEVROLET 1940 2-dr. Special de luxe
sedan; radio, heater, seat covers and
white wheel rims. This car*is mechanically
perf. in every way, and will provide good
I economical transp. lor many trouble-tree
miles. D. C. inspec. guar. Price. $895:
I 1 » down, up to 15 months to pav. COAST
! IN PONTIAC, 407 Florida ave. n.e.,
'AT 7200. —26
CHEVROLET 1947 2-door; black, white
wall tires, radio and heater, seat covers,
spotlight. new-car condition; $2,095.
| SATCHER MOTORS, INC., 5100 Wisconsin
lave. WO 9361. —27
CHEVROLET 1941 4-dr. sedan; r. and h..
maroon; excellent mechanical condition;
$1,195: 30-day guarantee. HILL & TIB
I BITS 1114 Vermont ave. n.w. Wash.'s
Oldest Ford Dealer, NA. 9850. —27
CHEVROLET 1947 convertible: $2,495.
STANLEY H. HORNER, INC., 0th and Fla.
ave. n.e AT. *54 64. —27
CHEVROLET 1941 Special de luxe 5-pas
I senger club coupe; new motor; also new
front and rear springs and shock absorbers;
mechanically perfect: new Goodyear tires
with Lifeguard innertubes; equipped with
radio, heater and all other access.; $1,195
or best offer. OR. 4275. —26
CHEVROLET 1940 Fleetmaster 4-door
sedan: r. and h.; two-toned green: low
mileage: one owner; this is truly a beauti
ful car for only $1,795: terms. STAND
ARD MOTORS SALES. 6312 Georgia ave.
n.w . GE 1653 —20
C HEVROLET 1938 Master de luxe 2-dr ;
perfect running condition; $000. MRS.
CHEVROLET 1947 Stylemaster 2-dr.; shin
ing black Duco finish that polishes to a
beautiful luster: heater and wheel bands;
\ery little m’.leage and carries 30-day
owner-rated guarantee. You’ll love its
economical, snappy performance; $1,945.
Liberal trade, cash or 24 mo. LOGAN
* Ford i 1111 18th st. n.w. (18th and L).
DI. 5803.
CHEVROLET 1941 Special de luxe 4-dr.;
.pecial price of $995 for this clean me
chanically excellent car; forest green fin
ish. nice interior with radio and seat
covers. Only $335 down with terms. You
will have to be an early bird for this one.
LOGAN (Ford'. 1111 18th st. n.w. (18th
and L» DI. 5803.
CHEVROLET 1946 Fleetmaster 4-dr.: for
the low price of $1,675. and it's in tip-top
condition: beautiful maroon finish; very low
mileage with 30-day owner-rated guaran
tee You will find this a real buy. Terms,
cash or trade LOGAN (Ford'. 1111 18th
st. n.w. (18th and L>. DJ. 5803.
('nfcVKOLM Aero seaan: practical
ly new. 1.239 actual miles: gleaming black
finish, just off showroom floor; will accept
trade; $2,495; guar, and terms. NORTH
EAST MOTOR CO (Ford Dealer). 920
; Bladensburg rd. n e "We buy, we sell
used cars ” AT 0200. —28
CHEVROLET 1946 4-dr. Stylemaster:
! radio, heater, blue paint, “the tops in
i Chevrolet’ : guaranteed: $1 865. terms and
trade. FRANK SMALL. Jr., 1301 Good
Hodp rd. s.e., LI. 2076.
CHEVROLET 1937 business coupe. This
car out of service for several years. Com
pletely rewired, repainted; low mileage
An exceptional value. $495; terms and
trade. FRANK SMALL, Jr, 1301 Good
Hope rd. s.e., LI. 2076.
CHEVROLET L940 2-door: black paint;
snappy looking car; 'guaranteed. $1,045;
terms and trade. FRANK SMALL, Jr.,
13(>1 Good Hope rd s.e . LI. 2076.
CHEVROLET 1948 Fleetmastar 4-dr. sed ;
4o miles: radio, hrater, seat covers, other
extras. $2,386. Sligo 2100 eves.
CHEVROLET 1942 4-door: radio and heat
er and seat covers, exceptiorially clean car:
original paint. $1,185; terms and trade.
Dealer RE 7805. —28
CHEVROLET 1948 >a-ton sedan delivery;
5o miles, blk fin.: h and few other ex
tras. sell or trade, terms: $1,895. BRENT
avp np DU. 8575. DU. 8188 —29
CHEVROLET 1946 Fleetmaster sedan;
radio, heater: original mileage; one owner;
black; upholstery like new; $1,645 or
terms. HO. 9565. *
CHE V. 1937 coach; radio and heater, good
running condition; $350. After 6 pm.,
1418 n st. s.e. •
CHEVROLET 1940 4-dr. sedan; r. and h..
orig. paint, new' tires. D. C. inspection:
guarameed; It's a honey: $845 cash, terms
ANCE CO.. 8th and O sts. n.w., DE. 4700.
CHEVROLET 1940 conv. coupe: radio and
heater. Rood tires: privately owned. $800.
3912 Bruce st.. Alexandria, after 5:30 pm.,
or phone OV. 0729. —28
CHRYSLER 1942 4-dr. sedan: its a
beauty thoroughly recond , D C. Inspec
tion guar. Only $1 445: r and h. Cash,
terms or trade. HERSONS AUTO
APPLIANCE CO., 8th and O sts. n.w.,
DE. 4100. —28
CHRYSLER 1937 Imperial 8 coupe; with
rumble seat: 37.000 miles on engine;
new' transmission, rear springs and shocks.
Oiakcs overhauled good clutch, white-wall
tires; $550 or best offer. GE. 6628 after
5:30. ask for JIM. —27
CHRYSLER 1047 New Yorker “8”: less
than 3.500 miles, like new, fully equipped:
$2.195. MR. THERRELL. ME 5919. 26*
CHRYSLER 1947 convertible; new-car
condition; private owner; $2,930. CH.
2000. Exr' 990. —27
CHRYSLER 1938 de luxe convertible
coupe; very best condition: $595: con
sider terms. ' ROPER,” 1730 R. I. ave.
ne 26*
CHRYSLER 1936 2-door: heater: seat cov
ers. tires, finish and mechanical condi
tion pond: $495. Call WA. 0815. —26
CHRYSLER Royal 4-dr : beautiful inside,
outside; new brakes, seat covers, paint,
tires, etc ; must be seen, driven; must sell
today; D. C. inspected; sacrifice, $245 or
best offer. NA. 8250. Ext. 957. 4 till 9
pm •
CHRYSLER 1948 Windsor 4-door; $2,975.
TW. 0253 after 5 p m
CHRYSLER 1936 4-door: A-l condition;
radio, heater; trade or terms, dealer; $386.
RE. 7805. —28
CROSLEY 1947 convertible sedan; low
mileage, perfect condition, same as new:
only ^795. cash, trade or terms. EDGE
MOOR MOTOR CO.. 8301 Wisconsin ave..
Bethesda. Md WI 1270 —26
CROSLEY" 1947 sedan; Philco radio, seat
covers low mileage, pvt. owner. $726.
DE 1627 after 5:45 p.m —27
CROSLEY' 1947 conv.; fully equipped:
radio, heater, turn signal- etc.; $650 or
best offer under. SH. .020. —27
CROSLEY' 1948 station wagon: like new:
1.400 mi ; $896. Owner going across.
MID. CLAITOR. Annapolis 2611. 26*
DE SOTO 1941 convertible Custom d 1.:
radio, heater, o k condition throughout:
rash price. $1,095: or $250 down, bal.
terms. HO. 9565. •
lit: SOTO I5*ii ae luxe - - a r.; neater.
This car is in excellent running condi
tion. needs a little body work: will sacri
fice for $845. will finance. BELL MOTORS,
50JO Wte. ave. n.w., WO. 8900. —27
I)E SOTO 1946 conv. sedan: r. and h.,
fluid drive. J 2.000 mi : perfect cond : $2,
495. 2543 J4th st. n.w. DE. 5438.
DE SOTO 194? Custom convertible; radio,
heater, plastic seat covers: Jade green.
This car must be seen to be appreciated.
A Bell special. $2,845. cash, trade or
terms. BELL MOTORS. 5010 Wis. ave.
n.w.. WO. 8900. —27
DE SOTO 1940 conv : good cond . new top.
good tires; $945 or best offer under. NA.
7823. Can be seen after Mon. 10 p m.,
1260 22nd st. n.w. —26
DE SOTO 1940 coupe. First here gets it
for only $795. very clean blue finish; ex
cellent mechanical condition: ready to go.
We will finance or take cash. Dealers in
vited at this price. LOGAN (Ford). 1111
18th st n.w. (18th and L). DI. 5803.
DE SOTO 1941 2-dr. custom; new seat
covers, good motor, tires, upholstery, r.
p^d h . orig blue finish: going for $975.
Call Slieo 6781. —28
DE SOTO 1940 5-pass, convertible; r.
and h 330 17 th nl. n e , after 6 n m.
* 27*
DE SOTO 1940 4-door sedan; large trunk
space, radio and heater: 5 good tires; fine
mechanical condition; clean interior and
body, will finance if necessary for only1
$275 down, total price, $750. RE. 5867.
801 H st. n.w. •
DODGE 1941 sedan: tires, upholstery, mo
tor gocxi: bargain $1,195. See this car:
today Trade, terms. SCHLEGEL A: j
GOLDEN Kaiser-Frazer dealers. 263 Car-!
roll st.. Takoma Park. D. C., GE 3302.
DODGE 1941 Custom 4-dr. sedan; radio,
heater and. fluid drive; orig. black finish.1
A -1 cond. and guaran'teed; special today.
$1,095. $365 down. TRIANGLE MOTORS.
1333 Rhode Island ave. n.e., CO (*882.
DODGE 1937; orig black naint. in fine
running cond . an old car but a good one;
$495 ROYAL MOTORS. Packard dealer.
15 Kennedy, call RA. 77*20. —*27
DODGE 1948 coupe, new; color patrol blue,
heater, defrosters, etc.; lots of room for
traveling: $2,350 TA. 6814. —29
DODGE late J940 Special de luxe sport
sedan r. and h . low mileage: exception
ally well kept: orig. owner. $1,050. TA.
IU0 —28
DODGE 1947 custom town sedan; 1 owner:
all extras possible; in excellent condition.]
See this car. Price. $2 285. Call GE. i
4925 —26
DODGE 1937 4-door: must be seen to be
appreciated, cash or terms; $450; dealer.
RE 7805. —28
DODGE 194 7 4-door Custom: all extras;
terms or trade $2,195. dealer. RE. 7805.
DODGE 1940 coupe: good condition and
paint, black. $800. Call Rockville 3706;
after 6 p m —26
DODGE 1841 Cuatom 2-dr.; tbli U a one
owner car in excellent condition; nai
received the best of care; aunmetal finish
with not a dent on it; radio and heater:
sweet running motor; 30-day owner-rated
guarantee; terms or cash. LOGAN (Ford),
1111 18th at. n.w. (18th and L), DI. 6803.
DODGE 1946 Custom 2-dr. Sparkling with
newness; emerald green finish, heater and
seat covers; looks and runs like a million,
but costs you only $1,9 76. A real value
with 30-day owner-rated guarantee Terms,
trade or cash. LOGAN (Ford >. 1111 18th
st. n.w. (18th and L). DI. 5803.
DODGE 1946 4-dr. sedan; beautiful black
finish; low mileage: price. $1.995; 30-day
guarantee. HILL & TIBBITTS. 1114 Ver
mont ave. n.w. Wash. s Oldest Ford Dealer,
NA. 9850 , .
DODGE 1946 custom 4-dr.: black finish,
white sidewalls, complete with radio, heater
and slip covers: perfect cond . orig. owner
$1,875 cash. Telephone NA. 8971. —28
DODGE 1935 4-door sedan. Sold for cost
ot repairs, $395 cash. RELIABLE SUPER
SERVICE, 2200 11th St. n.w., NO. 9802.
DODGE 1941 Custom 2-dr. sedan: r.'and
h.; very clean and in excellent condition;
$1,095: 1:» down, balance 12 to 18
months. COLIE MOTOR CO., 8232 Ga.
ave., SL. 8200. , —30
DODGE J946 4-dr. sedan; gray; clean and
in perl. cond. throughout; $1,995. Call
EM. 3379. 4 to 8 p.m. on weekdays. —38
DODGE 1947 Custom 4-dr. sedan: low
mileage; pvt. parly; $2,395. Call Adams
1849 —27
ENGLISH SINGER 1948 4-passenger sports
convertible; black fin., luggage leather up
holstery, finest British workmanship: this
car has distinction; 3,009 miles; $1,995.
Call DU. 8885, —38
KORI> 19.15 de luxe sedan: very good con
dition; $375. terms. $100 cash. $37
month. 'ROPER.' 1730 R. I. ave n.e.
FORD 1941 Fordor sed.: radio and heater:
Va. inspected; $945; private owner. No
dealers. See MR. KROWE, 1919 No.
Capitol. 38*
FORD 1941 Tudor: black finish: another
fine used car of Schlegel A: Golden: $1,
Frazer Dealers. 263 Carroll it.. Takoma
Park. D. C.. GE. 3302. —28
FORD 1948 Super de luxe Tudor: r and
h. defroster, spotlight: 3.000 miles: same |
as new; only *1.949. cash, trade or.
terms EDGEMOOR MOTOR CO, 8301;
Wisconsin ave.. Bethesda. Md., WI. 1270 '
FORD 1947 Super de luxe conv.: r and h :
.white sidewalls, many other extras, low
1 mileaRe. perfect cond. throughout, guaran
Heed and terms; $2,295. NORTHEAST MO-1
I TOR CO.. 920 Bladensburg rd. n.e. “We
!bu.v. We Sell Used Cars." AT. 0200. —28 |
FORD 1946 Super de luxe Tudor V-8; r...
h.; top condition ail around: a carefully,
‘kept car: guarantee and terms. $1,745..
NORTHEAST MOTOR CO. (used-car lot), i
3801 Minn. ave. n.e. “We Buy. We Sel)1
Used Cars.” LI. 4100. —28
FORD 1947 Super de luxe sedan coupe
V-8; r.. h. white sidewalls and other ex
tras: black finish, low mileage, perfect;
condition throughout; guarantee anu
terms; $2,145. NORTHEAST MOTOR CO.'
(Ford dealer). 82(1 Bladensburg rd n.e ;
• We Buy, We Sell Used Cars.” AT. 0200. |
FORD 1940 Tudor; low mileage; $1,050.
Call MR THERRELL. ME. 5919. 26<
FORD 1941 Tudor; very carefully driven;
virtually new tires; $990. Call GE. 7454.
iuki> 3937 ruaor. ■ 80 ' series; neaier;
$295. OR. 4 37 5 after 6 p.m. —28
FORD 3 946 Super de luxe Tudor, in won
derful condition; perfect island green
finish, radio and heater and seal covers;
it's a buy for only $1,646: if you have
a clean car in trade we can make a top
allowance: come in and see for yourself;
cash or terms. LOGAN (Ford). 1111 18th
st. n.w. (18th and L), DI. 5803.
FORD late 1946 Super de luxe Tudor 8:
maroon; r. and h.; low mileage; excellent
condition; $1,625. GE. 5896. —28
FORD 1941 5-pas8. coupe de luxe; an ex
cellent car. Drive it today. $1,045.
Guaranteed; terms and trade. FRANK
SMALL, Jr., 1301 Good Hope rd. s.e., LI.
FORD 1948 Super de luxe Tudor; V-8;
white sidewalls; 360 actual miles; shoal
green: as perlect as a new car can be:
will accept trade: $2,245: guarantee and
Dealer), 920 Bladensburg rd. n.e. “We
buy. we sell used cars." AT. 0200. —28
FORD 1946 Super de luxe Tudor 8; radio
and heater, had excellent care, sale by
private owner; $1,695. Can be seen at
1824 L st. n.w. —28
FORD 19.36 sport coupe: black, good paint,
tires, body and motor, radio, heater, other
extras: $385 or best cash offer. Phone
CH. 3950 after fi p.m. •—28
FORD 1941 Super d. 1. Tudor: nice condi
tion and appearance: cash. $845; or $250
down. bal. terms. HO. 9565. •
FORD 1941 conv. coupe: r. and h. This
car is extra nice and mech. perf.: drives
like a new one. Come out and be con
vinced $1 295 BRENTWOOD MOTCR
CO , INC , 1717 R. I. ave. n.e., DU. 8575,
DU 8188. —29
FORD 1937 Tudor: good tires; new paint:
$250 for quick sale. 4500 Arkansas ave.
n.w . RA. 9870. —28
FORD 1936 convertible club coupe; new
ton. new motor; heater and radio; good
cond: $600. WI. 1419. —28
FORD 1948 4-door Super deluxe 8; beau
tiful black: radio, heater, slip covers;
front-door-open-before-rear childrens’ safe
ty device optional; practically brand-new;
1.600 mi.; $2,100 or beBt offer. Temple
FORD 1941 sta. wagon: grey finish: 30
day guarantee; price. $1,295. HILL &
TIBBITTS. 1114 Vermont ave n.w. Wash.'s
Oldest Ford Dealer. NA. 9850. —27
FORD 1941 Tudor sedan: gray finish; 30
day guarantee; priced right: $995. HILL
& TIBBITTS. 1114 Vermont ave. n.w\
Wash.'s Oldest Ford Dealer. NA. 9850. —27
FORD 1937 Tudor; 85 h.p . very good en
gine, body, excel, orig. black paint job;
new battery. 5 new fires in good cond..
Southwind gasoline heater. Flawless radio;
one of the finest '37s in the city: $596.
SH. 9173. —27
FORD 1937 convertible 5-passenger. $495:
also 1936 Dodge sedan, $350. Can be seen
at 3000 M at. n.w., Sinclair Station.
Accept trade.
FRAZER 1947: $1,800: radio and heater;
8,000 miles. WO. 8740. —28
HUDSON 1942: excel, cond.; new paint
job: motor just overhauled: leather up
holstered: price, $1,150. HI. 3290 or
TW. 8300. Ext. 752. —27
HUDSON 1939 conv.; recently overhauled;
excel, mech. cond.; $576. Eves., MI.
5429 —28
HUDSON 1938 2-dr. sedan: new tires. If
you want cheap transportation, here it is.
$395 cash, terms or trade. HERSON’S
AUTO APPLIANCE CO., 8th and O sts.
n.w.. DE. 4700. —28
HUDSON 1936 Terraplane; radio, heater:
excellent condition; $275. UN. 2372. —28
HUDSON Terraplane; excellent motor and
rubber, dependable transportation; $486.
Call FA. J 439 or 9815. 27*
HUDSON 1940 4-door sedan: tires, motor,
upholstery, paint good; see this car to ap
preciate it: $695: terms or trade SCHLE
GEL <fc GOLDEN. Kaiser-Frazer Dealers.
268 Carroll st., Takoma Park, D. C . GE.
3902. —28
LA SALLE 1940 4-door: $700. Call MRS
FOLEY. RE. 5711, Ext 478. 28*
LA SALLE 19.39; r. and h.. good condition:
$800. Call DU 0686. —26
LA SALLE 1937; r. and h : good cond.:
$475. Call RA. 2231 bet. 8:30 a.m. and
4:30 p.m. —1
LINCOLN 1947 4-door. $2,645. STANLEY
H. HORNER. INC., 6th and Fla. ave. n.e.
Open Sat. AT. 6464. —27
LINCOLN 1947 Continental conv. coupe;
beaut. Manhattan green; low mileage: r.
and h . overdrive; one of the smartest
convs. in America today: fully guaranteed
at $3,895 JACK PRY, downtown branch.
1133 18th st. n.w. —28
late jh*o coupe; gray; cnauneur
kept; excel, cond.; low mileage; r. and h.;
air cond.; covers. 2 fogllghts, 2 spotlights,
etc.; $2,100. DE. 8400, Ext. 35, 10 to
12 noon. -—1 |
LINCOLN 1941 Continental conv. cpe ; ;
black; r. and h.; exceptionally clean; me
chanically perfect; $2,195; 3o-day guaran
tee. HILL & TIBBITTS. 1114 Vermont
ave. n.w. Wash ’s Oldest Ford Dealer,
NA. 9850. —27
LINCOLN-ZEPHYR 1939 4-door sedan; 2
new tires; excel, motor; sacrifice, $545 or
best offer. Randolph 3618.
LINCOLN-ZEPHYR 1940 4-door sedan:
smooth riding; excellent tires, heater and,
defroster, new seat covers; $825 or best |
offer under. TE. 1942. —28
MERCURY J947 conv. coupe: black, white
walled tires, only 7712 miles; fully equip-;
ped with accessories; bargain at $2.4951
and guaranteed. JACK PRY. downtown
branch. 1133 18th st. n.w. —28
MERCURY 1947 4-door; radio and heater:
beautiful original flnsn: spoltess interior,
immaculate inside and out; $2,195.
CHERNER MOTOR CO. (Ford Dealer).
1781 Fla. ave. n.w. HO. 5000 —31
MERCURY 194 8 club coupe; driven only
4.000 miles and it's perfect: all possible!
equipment such as radio, heater, foglights. I
spotlight, grill guard, etc. Priced under j
present Mercury list price. Full price only j
$2,295 cash or 24 mo. terms. Liberal
trade made on a clean ’40 or ’41. LOGAN I
(Ford). 1111 18th st. n.w. (18th and L>.
DI. 5803
MERCURY 1946 2-door coach: radio and
heater: immaculate throughout, excellent
transp for only $1,895. CHERNER MO- l
TOR CO (Ford Dealer), 1781 Fla. ave.)
n.w . HO 5000 . —31 j
MERCURY 1941 club coupe; good mech. i
cond.: orig. owner; $950 or best offer.'
DU 1601. —26 !
NASH 1940; $650 or best offer. Call BOB
HO 1414. —27
NASH late 1946 Ambassador 4-dr. sedan:
like new; r. and h., seat covers, auto
matic overdrive; $1,875. or best offer.
FR. 2191 Sun., after 5.30 weekdays. 26*
NASH 1941 Ambassador "8" de luxe
sedan; splendid condition throughout: $1,
165. 1810 14th st. n.w.
NASH 1942 model 600 4-door sedan; needs;
a little paint work; runs good; $650.
2nd st. n w. (2nd at Const, ave.) —28
OLDS 1937 sedan 6 cylinder; excellent
condition: *495. Call CH. 9552. —28
OLDSMOBILE 1946 “8” Hydra-Matic. 2
tone black and gray sedanette; radio,
heater, spotlights, foglights and fender
skirts; excel, cond.; $800 cash and take
over my payments. Vienna 125-J-ll after
6 P.m. —28
OLDSMOBILE 1941 4-dr: heater; excel,
cond.; $1,095. Call UN. 7079 after 6 p.m.
OLDS 1847 conr.. *2,586. STANLEY H.
*nd A- *V—-2? **
OLDS ’42 model “78" 4 dr.: Immaculate
cond.: the sweetest running Job we have
had for some time, original finish: radio
and heater; excellent tilts; traded in on ■
'48 model; 30-day owner-rated guarantee.
Term- or cash, *1,385. LOGAN (Ford),
1111 18th st, n.w. (18th andL). DI. 6803.
OLDS '40 mod. •06’’ club coupe; lor $2,
145 and it’s like new. not a blemish on tbe
tuscan tan finish. Interior perfect. Very
low mileage with practically no wear on
tires: 30-day owner-rated guarantee. We
will make you a nice trade on this. Also
terms or cash. LOGAN (Ford's 1111 18th
st. n.w. (18th and L>. DI. 6803.
OLDS '41 club conv.; Just the one you have
been looking for; original finish, new top.
rich leather upholstery perfect, motor has
been completely overhauled, has low mile
age: it’s the buy of the summer at $1,285.
LOGAN (Ford). 1111 18th st. n.w. U8th
and L) DI 5803.
OLDSMOBILE 1942 “76" sedanette: grey
finish; r. and h.. like new inside and out;
price. $1,495; 30-day guarantee. HILL &
TIBBITTS. 1114 Vermont ave. n.w. Wash 's
Oldest Ford Dealer. NA. 9850. —27
OLDSMOBILE 1942 sedanette (66): green
paint; excellent cond. throughout. Reduced
to $1,105: guaranteed: terms and trade.
FRANK SMALL, Jr„ 1301 Good Hope rd.
s.e., LI. 2076.
OLDSMOBILE 1941 2-dr.; yellow: r. and
h.: come and see It: price, $929. HILL &
TIBBITTS, 1114 Vermont ave. n.w. Wash.'s
Oldest Ford Dealer, NA. 9850. —27
OLDS 1948 de luxe 2-dr. sed.: hydra-mat.:
radio, seat cov.. loam rub. seats.: fender
panels; 70 series; 2,600 ml. $2,960. GE.
3587. —28
OLDSMOBILE 1936; good condition, new
battery, generator, starter, seal covers;
$325. TR. 1148 after 3:30. —27
OLDS 1947 convertible: Hydra-Matic
drive, radio, heater, other extras. This
car cannot be told from new: new-car
warranty. A Bell special at $2,695. BELL
MOTORS, 5010 Wis. ave. n.w.. WO. 8900.
OLDSMOBILE 1939. excellent condition.
$700. Call EM. 6008. —27
OLDSMOBILE 1940 sedan; blue flni'h,
upholstery, tires good: a real buy. $895,
trade, terms SCHLEGEL A GOLDEN.
Kaiser-Frazer Dealers. 203 Carroll st.,
Takoma Park, D C , GE. 3302. —28
OLDSMOBILE 1942 5-passenger cpe.; will
have to see this car to appreciate it;
$1,295. trade, terms. SCHLEGEL &
GOLDEN. Kaiser-Frazer Dealers. 263 Car
roll st.. Takoma Park, D. C., GE. 3302.
OLDSMOBILE 1947 conv. coupe: equipped
with Hydra-Matic drive, r. and h. This
beaut, light-blue car is a real buy at
$2,495. OLMSTEAD MOTOR CO. 2000
Wilson blvd., Arlington. OW. 8400. ■—27
OLDSMOBILE 1940 de luxe sedan, beau
tilul car; $895, give terms. “ROPER,"
1730 R I. ave. n.e. 26*
PACKARD 1941 “110" sedan: heater; 1
owner; low mileage: orig. 2-tone green
finish This one Is truly exceptional;
$1,250: guarantee and terms. TRIANGLE
MOTORS. 3010 R. I. ave. n.e., DE. 6303.
PACKARD 1941 “110" fi-pass. club coupe:
heater: jet black finish; ttp-top cond.:
guaran.: $1,105: terms. TRIANGLE
MOTORS. 1333 R. I. ave. n.e., CO. 0882.
PACKARD 194H itaxicaD): new motor, o
good tires, r.. heater, defroster and sun
shield: *1.500. Greenbelt 4100. —37
PACKARD new 1948 4-dr. de luxe sed.:
fully equipped; *2,896 or best offer. OW.
7255. —28
PACKARD 1940 4-dr 6-eyllnder "110":
r.. h., new maroon finish, new rubber, new
seat covers: a one-owner car: *1.045 with
a Royal Motors auarantee. ROYAL. MO
TORS, Packard Dealer, 15 Kennedy. Call
RA. 7720. —27
PACKARD 1947 Super Clipper 4-dr. tour
ing sedan: r.. h.; overdrive and other
extras; one owner; 15.000 miles; perfect
2-tone (blue and grayi finish; interior is
spotless. See this unusual car today;
*2.095. with guarantee and terms.
TRIANGLE MOTORS, 1333 Rhode Island
ave. n.e., CO. 0882. t28
PACKARD 1942 Custom ■•120" conv.
coupe: r.: h.; new tires: new top: low
mileage; one owner: *1,495: *400 down,
balance 18 months on approved credit.
COLIE MOTOR CO., 8232 Ga. ave.. SL.
8200 —30
PACKARD 1942 No. 120 convertible coupe:
*1.150 or best offer; leaving town and
must sell at once. DU. 1559. —28
PACKARD 1946 custom-built 4-dr. sedan:
special upholstery, electromatic clutch,
overdrive, radio, heater. 4 new tires, blow
out-proof tubes, very low mileage; *3.000.
WI 2597. —27
PACKARD 1946 8-cylinder. 2-door de luxe
Clipper; black finish, air-ride white-wall
tires, r.. h ; a car your friends will envy;
*2.195 with a Royal Motors t uarantee.
ROYAL MOTORS, Packard dealer. 15
Kennedy, call RA. 7720. —
PACKARD 1941 conv. club coupe. 6-cyl
"110': radio, heater, new top and tires,
blue finish; in excel, cond. and Just the
car for this convertible weather; *1.445.
with a Roval Motors guarantee. ROYAL
MOTORS. Packard dealer, J5 Kennedy,
call RA. 7720. , —27
PLYMOUTH 1946 Special de luxe station
wagon: verv low mileage: mechanically per
fect. well cared for: guarantee and terms:
car lot). 3901 Minn. ave. n.e. "We Buy.
We Sell Used Cars.” LI 4100 —28
PLYMOUTH 1947 Special de luxe club
coupe: r. and h.: a beautiful new car.
completely equipped, includmg white side
wall tires; low mileage: *2.145; guarantee
and terms. NORTHEAST MOTOR CO.. 920
Bladensburg rd n.e. "We Buy, We Sell
Useo Cars 1 AT. 0200. —28
PLYMOUTH de luxe coupe: aell for un
paid balance. *189 cash, full price.
■ ROPER.” 1730 R. I a.e. n.e. 26*
PLYMOUTH 1941 5-passenger coupe: beau
tiful blue finish: radio and heater, new
seat covers: mechanically perfect. A clean
car throughout. 5 good tires. Fully guar
anteed. A real buy at *945; 'n down.
15 months to pay. COAST-IN PONTIAC,
407 Florida ave. n.e.. AT. 7200. —2ti
PLYMOUTH 1940 convertible: black, radio
and heater, new seat covers, excel, top
end engine: *895. OR. 3487. -—27
PLYMOUTH 1939 conv coupe; 2-tone
green, r. and h.; *869; 30-day guarantee.
HILL A- TIBBITTS 1114 Vermont ave.
n.w.. Wash.’s oldest Ford dealer. NA.
9850. —27
PLYMOUTH 1942 Special de luxe; radio
and heater, excellent condition; *1.195
cash Phone MI. 0977. —26
PLYMOUTH 1942 4-door aedan; black,
clean interior: 30-day guarantee; *1,295.
HILL & TIBBITTS. 1114 Vermont aye.
n.w. Wash 's oldest Ford dealer. NA.
9850. —27
PLYMOUTH 1938 4-dr. aedan: gray fin
ish: priced right. *495. HILL & TIB
BITTS. 1174 Vermont ave. n.w., Wash.’a
oldest Ford dealer. NA. 9850. —27
PLYMOUTH 1947 Special de luxe 4-dr.:
H's immaculate In gleaming black; heater;
not a scratch or blemish on It and she
runs like a charm: 30-day owner-rated
guarantee: 24-mo terms or cash: liberal
trade made: *2.045. LOGAN (Ford). 1111
18th st. n.w. (18th ana L). DI. 5803.
PLYMOUTH 1936 4-dr. sedan; green: good
transportation: priced for quick sale; *329.
HILL & TIBBITTS. 1114 Vermont ave n.w.
Wash 's Oldest Ford Dealer, NA. 98_50.
PLYMOUTH 1947 Special de luxe 4-door
sedan: radio and heater: beige color; like
new condition: *1.900. DU. 4259. —2,
PLYMOUTH 1941 4-door. A smart car
for a smart buyer.” Guaranteed; *1.095;
terms and trade. FRANK SMALL, Jr..
1301 Good Hope rd. s.e.. LI. 2076.
PLYMOUTH 1939 business coupe: radio
and heater; recent motor overhaul: excel
lent condition, *600. Rear 2630 12th st.
PLYMOUTH 1939 2-door: new motor run
less than 10 miles; good tires, body a
little rough: *576 WELLBORN MOTORS.
8000 Ga ave. SH. 4500. —:28
PLYMOUTH 1942 town sedan; new clutch,
new brakes, seat covers: car A-l; *1.195:
trade, terms. 8CHLEGEL A GOLDEN.
Kaiser-Frazer dealers. 263 Carroll st.. Ta
koma Park. D. C . GE. :t.t02. —28
PLYMOUTH 1997: *495: see It after 6
p.m. evenings at 174 Uhland terrace ne.;
from OWNER. , 28*
PLYMOUTH 1940 de luxe station wagon:
low mileage, excellent condition, original
owner: *1.175. Garage basement. Invest
ment Building, between 9:00 and 6:00. •
PLYMOUTH 1948 Special de luxe 4-dr.
sedan: radio, heater and defroster, plastic
seat covers. Fendix chrome rims, many
other extras: buy it today *2.495. Terms
or trade. LIVINGSTON MOTORS, 123 O
st. n.e.. EX. 5809. —29
PLYMOUTH 1942: brand-new motor, not
even a mile on it: new transmission and
paint. This car is equal to new. Only
*1.095: cash, terms or trade HERSON'S
AUTO & APPLIANCE CO.. 8th and O sts.
n.w., DE. 4700. —'28
PLYMOUTH 1939 coupe: motor recently
overhauled, radio, heater; has just 55.000
miles; an exceptional car in every way;
*850 with a Royal Motors guarantee.
ROYAL MOTORS. Packard dealer. 16
Kennedy, call RA. 7720. —27
PLYMOUTH 1939 convertible coupe: radio,
heater. An ideal car for this summer.
See and drive this outstanding value;
*845: terms and trade. FRANK SMALL.
Jr.. 1301 Good Hope rd. s.e.. LI. 20, 6
PLYMOUTH 1941 taxicab: good running
cond. with 1946 Plymouth motor; new
tires: *800 or best offer. Can be seen at
1104 21st st. n.w. —28
PLYMOUTH 1934 sedan; body In good
cond : motor fair; *200. SH. 9693. Ask
PLY'MOUTH 719 2-door sedan: recently
overhauled. One cond., new tires; *700.
LU. 0023. 7 to 8 p.m. —29
PLY’MOUTH 4-door sedan: In running
condition: must be sold: *160 cash. Can
be seen at 222 2nd st. n.w. —28
PLYMOUTH 1946 Special de luxe 4-door
sedan: heater and radio: in excel, mechani
cal condition and new-car appearance.
Priced to sell. *1.575 cash, trade or terms.
st. n.w . (2nd at Constitution ave ). EX.
4105. —28
PONTIAC 1947 "8” convertible club coupe:
r. and h : many more extras: almost a
new car; low mileage: terms and trade: a
leal buy for only *2.695. STANDARD
MOTORS SALES, 6.312 Georgia ave. n.w.,
GE. 1653. —26
PONTIAC 1946 4-dr. "8" sedan: tully
fquipped with radio, neater and otner ac
:essories: mechanically pert.; looks and
jrives like a new car. The buy of the
week. Only *1.895: *635 down: 24 months
.0 pay COAST-IN PONTLYC. 407 Florida
ave. n.e . AT. 7200.—26
PONTIAC 1941 convertible coup*; r.
and h . good clean ear; SI.250 or beat oi
ler: Phone LU. 5885. —27
PONTIAC 1940 tta. wagon; gagen finish:
30-day guarantee: 91.059. BILL A TIB
BITT8, 1114 Vermont ave. n.w.. Wash.'i
oldest Pord dealer. NA. 9850. —27
PONTIAC conv., 91,365: Pontiacs, 1941.
2-dr., *1,150: 1938 2-dr., *595; 1935 2
dr.. *375. 1810 14th st. n.w.
PONTIAC 1941 4-dr. sedan; green finish,
exceptionally clean Interior. Our soeclal
today. *1.069: 30-day guarantee. HILL A
T1BBITTS. 1114 Vermont ave. n w..
Wash.’s oldest Pord dealer. NA. 9860.
PONTIAC 1937 Club coupe: good condition:
*350. 3828 S. Capitol st., Apt. 207. LI.
5858. —28
PONTIAC 1941 town sedan: r.. h„ seat
covers, good tires, motor; *1.195; trade
terms. SCHLEGEL * GOLDEN. Kaiser
Frazer dealers. 263 Carroll it., Tikoma
Park. D. C . GE. 3302. —28
PONTIAC 1946 8-cyl. station wagon: low
mileage; 1 owner; fully equipped; radio,
heater: body in excellent condition; fully
guaranteed; only *2.150. BENDALL
PONTIAC, 1611 King st., Alex., Va.. OV.
1600. —31
PONTIAC 1933 coupe: good cond.; *285
Call GL. 7102 or PA. 7446. —27
PONTIAC 1934 coupe: a one-owner car:
actual mileage. 60.000 mi.; needs very
little work; will sacrifice for *250. BELL
MOTORS. 6010 Wls. ave. n.w., WO. 8900.
PONTIAC 1947 convertible; low mileage,
like new. radio, heater, plastic seat cov
ers. white-wall tires, life-guard tubes. 2
spot lights, fog lights and many other
extras. Price $2,650. Can arrange terms
if substantial cash down payment. Call
AD. 1813 from 9-3 p.m —26
PONTIAC 1938 4-dr. *6”; $500. TW.
0253 after 5 p.m.
PONTIAC 1942 4-dr. sedan Torpedo “6”:
very fine cond. with heater, runs perf.;
$1,250. OWNER. CO. 4729. —28
PONTIAC *46 8-cyl. Streamliner sedan
ette for only $t.925. and it’s in marvelous
condition; will please you just as much
as a new car; maroon finish, radio, heater,
excellent tires, very low mileage. 30-day
owner-rated guarantee, terms, trade or
cash. LOGAN (Ford>. 1111 18th at. n.w.
(18th and L>. DI. 5803.
PONTIAC 1942 Toipedo sport coupe 8
cylinder; fine mech. cond.; good rubber,
orig. owner; $1,295 or best offer under.
Call Vienna. Va. 212. —28
PONTIAC 1941 sedan coupe. Torpedo: blue
paint; excel, cond.; guaranteed; $1,145;
terms and trade. FRANK SMALL, Jr.,
1301 Good Hope rd. s.e., LI. 2076.
PONTIAC 1947 6-cylinder. 2-door sedan;
this 5-month-old black, fully equip, auto
mobile has only 6.000 miles and one
owner; $2,460 with a Royal Motors guar
antee. ROYAL MOTORS. Packard dealer,
15 Kennedy, call RA. 7720. —27
STUDEBAKER 1948 Land Cruiser 4-dr.
sedan; 25d ml., de luxe equipment, gray;
$2,875; private party. Box 92-C, Star.
STUDEBAKER 1947 de luxe Champion 4
dr.; heater: practically a new car with
very low mileage and perfect all around;
$2,146. guarantee and terms. NORTH
EAST MOTOR CO., .3901 Minn. ave. n.e.
“We Buy, We Sell Used Cars.” LI. 4100.
STUDEBAKER 1939 de luxe club coupe;
fine condition; $695, consider terms.
•ROPER.’ 17 30 R. I. ave. n.e. 26*
STUDEBAKER 1947 Champion 2-door club
coupe, with radio and heater; sparkling
original finish; looks and runs like new;
$2,095. CHERNER MOTOR CO. <Ford
Dealer), 1781 Fla. ave. n.w„ HO. 6000.
situtDAivtn coupe, jcss min ,.«uu
miles: $2,200; 1941 Dodge business coupe:
like new; $1,060. Phone DE. 0899. —27
STi’DEBARERS 1947 3 dr. and 4 dr.;
$1,995: four 8-wlndow club coupes, r.
and h., overdrive: $2,195. Immediate de
jivery on all models. TR. 9474. METRO
POLITAN MOTORS, New York and Blad
ensburg rd —27
STUDEBAKER *47 Champ, club convert
ible: without a doubt the snazziest job we
have; practically no mileage; canary yel
low; electric top: hillholder. overdrive:
radio and climatizer: this beauty really set
off with white-wall tires: D. C. Inspection
guaranteed; at $2,895. Liberal traue, cash
or 24 mos. terms. LOGAN (Ford), 1111
18th st. n.w. (18th and L). DI. 6803.
STUDEBAKER *47 Champ. 4-dr.; look at
this wonderful buy and you will own it;
only $2,045. Priced to save you $200.
Has radio, climatizer, overdrive, fog lights,
seat covers; beautiful tan finish: 30-day
owner-rated guarantee. Liberal trade,
terms or cash. LOGAN »Ford), 1111 18th
st. n.w. (18th and L). DI. 6803.
STUDEBAKER 1947 Commander 4-dr.:
this is the tops in that new look; very
roomy and streamlined: perfect royal
blue finish: car is just like new; no need
to want when we have this for $2,345.
with 30-day owner-rated guarantee.
LOGAN < Ford). 1111 18th at. n.w. (18th
and L). DI. 5803.
STUDEBAKER 1939 Commander 4-door
sedan; new clutch, rubber, springs; motor
oveihauled last week; runs swell; $535.
AD 4320.
STUDEBAKER 1941 Champion 2-door
sedan; spotless inside and out; good tires;
$950. MR. HUNTER, TA. 0334. 5306
14th at. n.w., 6 p.m. to dark. —27
STUDEBAKER 1948 Commander Regal
de luxe club coupe; brand-new: 7 mi.;
jet black: w.w. tires, overdrive, radio,
heater, other extras: $2,795, cash, trade
or terms. BELL MOTORS. 5010 Wis.
ave. n.w. WO. 8900. —27
STUDEBAKER 1947 Regal de luxe club
epe ; r. and h.: the ultramodern car;
maroon finish; 30-day guarantee: price,
$2,495. HILL Sc TIBBITTS, 1 114 Vermont
ave. n.w. Wash.'s Oldest Ford Dealer.
NA. 9850. , ^-27
TERRAPLANE 1936: front end completely
overhauled, new brakes; good body; ex
cellent running condition; $390. TW.
8448. 28*
WILLY 194 8 Jeep: new. never driven;
$1,400 cash. Fairfax 144. •
WILLYS 1939 coupe; low mileage, ready
to go. cheap transportation: $350.
MITCHELL S MOTORS. INC . 222 2nd st.
n.w. (2nd at Constitution ave.), EX. 4105.
WILLYS civilian Jeep, 15.500 ml.: front
wheel drive, low and high ranges; care
fully maintained by original owner; $995.
Oliver 7292.
WILLYS 1941 “4" business coupe; per
fect condition, heater, good tires; $595.
1810 14th st. n.w.
fee Sales every day. 8511 Colesville rd..
Silver Spring. Md.. SH. 4400.
AUTO AUCTION—Sell or buy a car this
modern way; sell only if bid is satisfac
tory; total fee. $5. You won’t go wrong
buying or selling a car here. Big auction
sale every Tues. eve., 7 p.m., 1113 Va.
ave. s.e.. or 1100 11th st. s.e., TR. 7113.
(Auction sales, rain or shine.)
STATION WAGON 1946 Willys; all steel
body; heater; overdrive and white wall
super cushion tires: low mileage: $1,695.
n.w. (2nd at Constitution ave ). EX. 4106.
HEINES (rhymes'with finest) MOTOR CO.
Open today 9 p.m. At 1831-39 Wisconsin
ave. OL. 1600.
’37 Plymouth 2-dr._$ 200
’36 Chevrolet 2-dr. _ 250
36 Ford Tudor _ 250
’36 Olds 4-dr. _ 350
*37 Ford Fordor_ 450
’42 Hudson 4-dr. 795
’42 Ford Station Wagon_ 845
’39 Packard convertible_ 845
40 Chevrolet 2-dr. _895
’40 De Soto 2-dr. _ 945
40 De Soto 4-dr. _ 945
’41 Chevrolet coupe _ 945
'40 Dodge 4-dr. _ 945
’40 Buick 4-dr. 995
’41 Buick Special 4-dr. _ 995
’41 Ford Tudor _ 995
'41 Studebaker coupe_ 995
’40 Buick Special 4-dr._ 995
’41 Chevrolet coupe_ 995
’41 Ford Tudor _ 995
’41 Mercury Fordor_1.(195
’40 Buick Super 4-dr. _ 1.145
’41 Packard “1J0’’ club coupe_ 1.195
’41 De Soto 2-dr. — 1.195
’42 Olds 4-dr. Hydra-Matlc 1,195
’40 Cadillac 4-dr. _1,195
*41 Buick Special 4-dr._1,195
’41 Buick Special 4-dr._1.245
’4 L Buick Special 4-dr._1,295
’41 Buick Super 4-dr. 1.345
’41 Chevrolet convertible_1.345
’42 Pontiac “6” sedanett*_1.395
'41 Olds conv. Hydra-Matie_1.395
’42 Buick roadmaster 4-dr._1.495
’42 Buick Super sedanette_1.495
’46 Ford convertible _1.995
’4 7 Ford Tudor _ _ 1.995
’47 Chevrolet Station Wagon . _ 2.095
About down payment, balance up to
24 months. Most have radio and heater.
1831-39 Wisconsin ave. OL. 1600. —28
1846 Chevrolet 2-dr.; r. and h. _ $1,585
1846 Chevrolet 4-dr.: r. and h. 1.685
1842 Plymouth club cpe : r. and h. 1,195 j
1941 De Soto club cpe- 1,1951
1941 Pontiac club cpe. _1,295
1841 Pontiac 4-dr.: r. and h. _ 1.295
1940 Dodge 2-dr. __ _ 1,0251
1999 Studebaker 4-dr. Comdr. 675!
These cars are sold with a 20-day war-|
rantv. Cash, trade or terms BETHESCA
MOTORS. INC.. De Soto »nd Plymouth!
Dealers, 4702 Miller at Wis., OL. 1000.
1942 Dodge 4-dr.; perfect cond-$995
1942 Chevrolet Fleetline 2-dr. 995
1941 Ford conv. cpe.; r. and h. 995
1941 De Soto club cpe.: r. and h. 995
'942 Ford: long w.b. stake body 895
1840 Chevrolet spec, de luxe 2-dr. 645
All cars carry 90-day guarantee. Terms.
HAWKINS Si SHIPLEY. Rockville 9916.
Columbia Motors at J4th and Fla. are.
1948 Hudson-Commodore "8" sed $2,795;
1947 Studebaker Champion sed. 2.095
194 7 Buick “71" conv. cpe . _ 9,085
1947 Dodge Custom de luxe sed. 2.295
1947 Hudson Super “6 ' sed 1.995
1946 Oldsmobile club coupe 3.895
1946 Dodge Custom ^e luxe sed _ 3.985
1946 Buick 'SI' sed 2.995
1946 Buick ‘ 51" sed 2.295
1946 Plymouth Spec, de luxe sed. 1,775
1942 Studebaker Land Cruiser sed. 1.275
1941 Plymouth de luxe 2-dr. sed 975
1940 Pord Tudor 785
Liberal terms at low cost. Written guaran
t«. COLUMBIA MOTORS. I4th and Fl».
ave. n.w., AD. 1572. —28 j
1 To transgress
4 To quaver
9 Bottle top
12 Girl’s name
13 Proportion
14 High Card
15 Pet Lamb
17 Ascends
19 To pose
20 Plant with
tonic proper
21 Bacteriolo
gists culture
23 Land measure
24 French river
27 Oxlike
28 Small insect
30 To cprrode
31 Negative
32 Home for the
destitute and
34 Pronoun
35 Ostrichlike
bird (var.)
37 Summit
38 Through
39 Vends
41 Man's
42 Offers
43 To change
45 Atmosphere
46 Crucial time
48 Abbot's
51 Hastened
52 Lyric poem
54 Pedal digit
55 To be obliged
56 Ecclesiastical
57 Epoch
1 Pouch
2 Artificial
3 Capital of the
4 Allowance for
5 Rodent
6 Pronoun
Answer to Yesterday’s Pusxle.
7 Capital of
S Diving bird
9 Chasm
10 To behave
11 Footlike part
16 Title pf
r- i- ~"i.■—i a
18 Practice
20 One who cap
tures game
for furs
21 Girl’s name
22 Small subter
ranean being
23 Handle
25 Titled
■ ■■■■■■■■ , ,
26 Pitchers
28 To leave
29 Equaled
32 Pruit husks
33 110
36 “Lily maid oi
38 Buccaneer
40 Pens for
42 Child’s
44 To catch sight
45 Lying down
46 Ancient tax
for homicide
47 Uncooked
48 Bother
49 Brightest star
in some con
50 Affirmative
-53 Upon
"1 F——■ ■ I . - H
Point'S for Porents —Bv EDYTH TH<>MAS Wallace
It is but natural for our ears to shut out sounds that, are heard
too constantly.
_ - . — i . -.
Mother—Come here and listen
carefully, dear, because I am going
to tell you this only once.
Not This
Mother—I’ve told you this over
and over again, and you pay abso
lutely no attention to me.
—Cemoco cars have all plus courteous at
tention. See our aisplay today. Trades,
terms and dealers Invited
'47 Frazer Manhattan 4-dr. sedan-$2.,95
'47 Kaiser Custom 4-dr. sedan . - 2.31*5
'47 Kaiser 4-dr. sedan 2,295
'46 Plymouth Spec, d. 1. coupe _ 1,8.15
41 Cadillac "61" sedan -1.795
'42 Pontiac "6” conv. coupe - 1.645
'41 Oldsmobile "6" 4-dr. sedan _ 1,195
'41 Packard 4-dr. Clipper sedan _ 1.186
'41 Studebaker de luxe cl. coupe 1,095
'40 Packard "6" conv. coupe_1,035
'4 1 Chevrolet 2-dr. sedan - 995
'39 Buick 4-dr. sedan - 995
'39 Mercury 4-dr. sedan _ 965
'41 Ford Tudor de luxe sedan- 93o
'40 Chevrolet 4-dr. sedan _ 8«o
We have more cheaper cars to select from.
CENTRAL MOTOR CO . 3200 Lee hwy..
Arlington, Va.. CH. 7000. Home of Kaiser
Frazer fine cars. Eves, and Sundays. —30
OLDSMOBILE 1941 "0” 4-dr. sed. *1,195
Plymouth 1940 2-dr. sedan - 8,5
Chrysler 1941 N. Y. 4-dr. sedan-1.285
Plymouth 1947 station wagon - 2,100
WELLBORN MOTORS, 8000 Ga. ave,,
SH. 4600._ —28
1947 FBAZER-MANHATTAN demonstrator;
r. and h. - -- *2.895
1947 Frazer - Manhattan; fully
equip. -■-- 2,765
1947 Kaiser; heater ,- 3'55$
1942 Buick 4-dr. sedan; r. and h. 1.396
1939 Mercury 4-dr. - 795
194i Packard 4-dr. 110 895
1940 Plvmouth business coupe — 59o
Only Kaiser and Frazer have it. Come
in and drive one of these new-look cara;
true functional design. Kalser-Frazer
7528 to 7600 Oa. ave. n w , TA 2000.
19.77 PLYMOUTH sedan _*22$
1937 Pontiac sedan _J'-S
19.18 Ford coupe _350
1940 Chevrolet coupe -49o
1939 Chevrolet panel truck - 29o
1940 Dodge ton-half truck- 29.7
1930 Chevrolet sedan - 1, o
Others at bargain prices. JOHN S.
REECE. 1114 Half st. a.w. 26*
REUSES (rhymes with finest! Motor Co.—
Both locations open to 9 today.
At 7601 Wisconsin tve., OL. 1600
'32 Chevrolet 4-dr.. —* 195
215 Plymouth 2-dr., new motor- 295
218 Nash coupe, new motor- 445
'40 Willys 4-dr. 595
'.'l8 Oldsmobile 4-dr- 695
.19 Chrysler 2-dr. 84o
'40 Chevrolet 2-dr., new paint- 89o
'40 Dodge 4-dr. ___ - 9 o
'40 Packard conv. cpe.-_ 995
41 Pontiac 4-dr-1.095
'41 Plymouth 4-dr-1.995
'41 Chevrolet 2-dr-3',1!;!?
'41 Plymouth 4-dr,-1.095
'41 Buick Super 4-dr- 1.195
'41 Pontiac 4-dr. (8)- 3 352
'41 Buick Spec. 4-dr-3'395
'42 Studebaker 2-dr-1>195
'42 Ford Fordor - -l’1,9?
■41 Buick Spec. 4-dr- 1,295
'41 Chrysler 2-dr-}.39o
'41 Ford conv. cpe- 1.295
'41 Pontiac sedanette-1.29o
'42 Chrysler 4-dr. -1 .*95
'41 Cadillac sedanette- } «»R
'46 Ford conv. cpe -3,995
'47 Pontiac "8" sedanette - 2,395
At 1831-39 Wisconsin ave., OL. 1600.
'.'16 Chevrolet 2-dr-$ 250
’.'16 Ford Tudor - 29o
217 Ford Fordor 4o0
'42 Hudson 4-dr. ,9o
'39 Packard convertible- 84.7
•'40 Chevrolet 2-dr- 8»5
'40 De Soto 2-dr- 945
'40 De Soto 4-dr. - 945
'40 Dodge 4-dr. 94o
'40 Buick 4-dr 905
'41 Buick Special 4-dr- 995
'41 Studebaker coupe - »9n
'40 Buick Special 4-dr. .2- 995
'41 Chevrolet club coupe- 99.i
'41 Mercury Fordor -1 095
'40 Buick Super 4-dr _ -1.69.1
41 Packard "110’’ club coupe-1,195
'41 De Soto 2-dr. - --- 3',.,i3$
42 Olds 4-dr. Hydra-Matlc "76 1.195
'40 Cadillac 4-dr. 1.195
'41 Buick Special 4-dr- 1.19.7
•41 Buick Special 4-dr.-1,245
'41 Buick Special 4-dr. - l.'!9*>
41 Chevrolet convertible- 1.345
'42 Pontiac "6" sedanette -1.395
'41 Olds conv . Hydra-Matlc-1.395
'42 Buick Roadmaater 4-dr.-1,495
'42 Buick Super sedanette _ 1.495
'47 Ford Tudor. - - 1.995
Small down payment, balance up to
24 months. Most have radio and heater.
71101 Wisconsin ave.. OL 1600
1831-39 Wisconsin ave.. OL. 1600.
ler good used car; need one immediately.
Call EX. 3870. _ _ . —28
of cars are assured at McKEE-PONTIAC.
1828 L st n w ME 0400
CASH FOR TOUR CAR—Fords. Chevrolet*
and Ptvmouths. Phone Atlantic 6800
STEltART MOTORS. 3rd and H st* n.e
HIGHEST PRICES oaio By Washington s
oldest Nash Dealer. See WILLIAMS &
BAKER. INC., for an appraisal. 2819 M *t.
will buy your car Immediately for top
cash price; or you itn name the price you
want for your car oh our sell-your-car
plan. Just bring your car and title, name
your price, we'll try to get it for you. If
we sell your car at your price, you pay us
10%. If we do not sell your car. there Is
no charge. CHERNER MOTOR CO.. Ford
dealer, 1781 Florida ave. n.wu HO. 6000.
TRY TRIANGLE—We want the extra
clean cars and will pay premium prices
to get them. Phone DE. f3*;!*”1
er to call, or drive to EITHER TRI
ave. n.e. or 1333 R. I- ave. n.e.
CASH FOR YOUR CAR—We buy, we »el .
we trade used cara; drive In or call
NORTHEAST MRTOR CO. (Ford dealer).
3901 Minn. ave. n.e. (at Benning rd.),
clean uied ears^ Call us today or drlv* tg
cars regardless of price; don t trade on a
new car or sell to any one until you give
ua the opportunity to buy at your price
We need 100 cars, 1938 to 1948. If your
car Is paid for. will give you cash; if car
is not paid for, will pay off balance and
nay cash difference. Washington’s o!de*t ex
clusive used-car dealers. AU cash or certi
fied checks. See Mr. Barms or Mr. Banders.
Only one location. Drive In big open lot,
1300 14th st. n.w. corner of N n.w.)
On«n S 30 to ft'30 D.m. NO 1111. MI.
BCICK 1948-47 or '48 model, 4-dr Mdan.
must have very Tow mileage, clean condi
tion For own pereonal use. from pvt.
owner only; have cash. OB. 4138. —28
Word Game
Find 30 or more common English
words in
meaning, "a gambling game.” Aver
age mark is 28 words. Time limit,
25 minutes.
Rules of the game—1. Words must be of
four or more letters. 2. Words which acquire
four letters by the addition of “s,” such as
• bats.” “cats. ' are not ased. 3. Only one
form of a word is used. 4. Proper names
are not used. A list will be published
Answer to VINEGAR.
vain earn grin raving
vane gain ager range
vein gave anger regain
vine gear aver reign
naive grain rage rein
nave graven rain ring
near grave raven rive
' 11 ■ ■ ■■■■ ■■■ ■ I..
—Yes, it's quick cash: we need 500 cars
Colesvllle rd.. SH. 4400. Our slogan:
"We Pay the Most and Sell for the Least."
Volume is.our business. Auction Frl. —30
BUICKS AND FONT1AC8—Yes. It's quick
cash. We need 600 cars at WASHING
TON AUTO AUCTION. 8611 Colesville rd.,
SH. 4400. Our slogan. “We pay the most
and sell for the least.” Volume is our
business. Auction Friday 8 o.m. —30
SELL YOUR CAR to “Roper” and get the
highest cash price. “Roper” always pays
more. “ROPER.” 1730 R. I. ave. n.e . DU.
9706 29*
WANTED TO BUY. 1946-47-48 Willy!
jeep station wagon, low mileage; pay top
dollar. Call MR. THERRELL, ME. 5919.
BUSINESSMAN desperately needs a clean
1946. 1947 Chevrolet. Dodge or Plymouth;
will pay all cash. Phone WO. 8901. —31
BUICKS. Chevrolet!, roras. Poutiacs or
any make of car that has had good care
We nopd them and will pay the highest
market price. SI HAWKINS. 1333 14th
st.. n w.. DU. 4455.
cars weekly for our New York market
: Bring in your car and go out with your
! money. See Henrv Prentiss. No quotation*
! 1731 Bladensburg rd. n.e.
SERVICE, l 126 20th st n w.. DI. 9141
i 1948 models. Drive In or phone EX 5662.
WOLFE MOTORS. 12th end K »ts. n.w.
< HOLD IT JUST A MINUTE to get nigh
j cash price for your 1948 or 1947 car and
older If clean. Drive In or call DU. 2877
Island ave. n.e Open 9 a m. to 9 P.m.
CLICK OWNERS—Will nav UP to SI.000
lor 1040 Buicks; 75 units wanted at once;
will ring the bell on other models also.
ave.. WO. 9236 or EM 9754. —31
PONTIAC OWNERS—Will pay up to SI.000
for ’940 Pcntiacs: 75 units wanted at
once: will ring the bell on other models
! Conn, ave., WO. 9238 or EM. 9754. —31
I FORD owners—Will pay up to *1,000 for
1940 Fords; 75 units wanted at once; will
ring .he bell on other models also. CEN
TRAL MOTOR SALES. 4326 Conn, ave..
WO 9236 or EM. 9754. —31
ALTOS—1948-49. need 4; will pay top
price "Cash.” will advance cash for new
car delivery. SH. 1195. —30
PLYMOLTH OWNERS—Will pay up to Sl.
(000 for 1940 Plymouth!; 76 units wanted
at once: will ring the bell on other models
Conn ave., WO 9236 or EM 9754. —31
| $1 WO .'or 1940 Chevrolet*; 75 units
wanted at once; will ring the bell on other
14326 Conn. ave . WO. 9236 or EM. 9754.
too LATE MODEL and new cars wanted,
will pay the highest cash dollar. COLIE
MOTOR CO.. 8232 Ga ave . SL. 82o0.
, CASH FOR YOLK CAR—We buy, we sell.
we trade used cars; drive in or call
920 Bladensburg rd. n.e. (opposite Sears)
AT. 6200.
Ford, Chevy or Plymouth; late model
only. Call LU. 6314, 5:30 P m. to 9:30
D.m. only. —31
DON T SELL IUUS LAK ana last a luss.
We are one of the largest, licensed used
car dealers In Washington and we ll sell it
for you at a retail price. Our fee is $2o
and only when your car is sold. DONALD
MOTORS. .120 Florida ave. ne.. 137 O
st. n e.. AT 95jD8. ME. 3033
to '48: will psy your price for clean cars
123 O st n e EX 8809
STL'DEBAKF.R 1947. 1948: will pay several
honored over list for any model. Call
NAME YOUR OWN PRICE for your car
We will sell it for you and charge you
only 5", if car is sold. Don't give your
car away: see us for the top price that
your car will bring. Any model accepted
from 1938 to 1948. LEEDS MOTOR CO.
5120 Wis. ave. n.w.. OR. 4407. Open
Suns till 6j wk. days till 10
"WIN WITH WINN"—More S*S for your
car. No delay. Open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
WINNS MOTORS. 159 Florida ave. n.e„
pv ‘*698
WOULD LIKE TO BUT a ear from "pri
vate party." that's very very clean, low
mileage, orig. naint and with good body
and fenders; have cash. Cali any time. TR.
WANTED TO HUT. clean automobiles. ’38
through '48 Cali MR. CROCKER. CO.
ONLY * CARS LEFT—Either tell us your
’46- 48 car* or let ua aell it for you- in
vestigate our plan. ’
44.32 Conn. ave. n.w., WO. 3249 9.
TEXAS GENTLEMAN driving West would
like to purchase from private party, clean
■48. '47 or '40 car: pay high, all cash.
MR. CALLAN, at OW. 4010. —30
car Let Bell Motors sell your 1946 to
1948 car at your price. Our commission,
$25 keep your title till ear i. told No
charge if car la not sold. Juat call or
bring your car to BELL MOTORS. 6010
Wis ave. n.w., WO. 8900. —31
BLICKS WANTED—1930 £193S^-Need
5 at once; spot cash; »*e ROPER, 1730
R. I. ave . DO. 9705.. , 30*
CASH—1948 or 1947 Chevrolet*. Fords
and Plymouth,, or older cars If in good
condition; top cash price "7 «*11
your car at your price. COLUMBIA MO
TORS. 3414 COl. Pike. eor. 8o. Gleb* rd..
Arlington. Vg.. OW. 250*.
Goren on Bridge
Neither side vulnerable. SoutJl
* J643
<r Q J
O 85
*KQ5 *87
<7 10 97 „ <786541
0 A K 10 6 4 2 0 73
*6 * K 4 3 3
* A 1092
<7 AK3
0 Q J9
* Q 10 5
The bidding:
South West North East
1 NT 2 diamonds 2 NT Pass
3 NT Pass Pass Pass
Recent accounts of military op
erations have made most readers
aware of the significance of the ex
pression, "keeping open lines of
communication." No bridge player
can perform with any degree of
efficiency unless he bears constantly
in mind this elementary bit of card
Today’s hand Is perhaps a com
monplace illustration. South, hold
ing 16 points, opened with the vior
mal bid of one no-trump and West
decided to overcall with two dia
monds, not so much with the idea
of trying to buy the hand, but be
cause he contemplated the prob
ability that North would take out
into a major suit and that his part
ner might be at a loss for a good
opening lead. North's raise to two
no-trump, without a diamond stop
per, on the surface seems to be a
very drastic measure, but upon
analysis It will appear not to be so.
A no-trump opening more often
than not possesses a stopper in
every suit, and where the responder
possesses the values for a raise there
is usually nothing to be gained by
showing a suit, particularly If it
happens to be a minor.
West, feeling confident that his
spade holding provided a sure entry,
decided to establish the diamonds
in a hurry. He therefore led the
king and ace of the suit and cleared
it on the third round.
South won and took the club
finesse. This lost to East, who re
turned a spade. With nine tricks
in sight, South was in no mood for
finesses and West's spade entry
turned out too late to be effective.
West had lost his lines of com
munication with partner. He chose
to give up a diamond trick to the
enemy at the wrong time. West
should wish for his partner to hold
originally two diamonds and conse
quently should let the opposition
have their trick while East still re
tains a diamond to return should
he get in. A low diamond opening
was therefore the proper procedure.
South would win and would have to
place all his reliance on the club
finesse. When this lost, a diamond
would come back and the defense
would gather in six tricks in all.
Keep in touch with your partner.
(Copyrijht, 104R, by Ch»rlr» H. Gor»n.>
Take My Word for It
By Frank Colby
Pet Speech Peeve.
Miss Helen A. Miles, of Sierra
Madre, Calif., writes: "My pet
speech^ peeve is hearing married
women addressed as ‘Mrs. Dr. Jones,
Mrs. Attorney Smith, Mrs. Rev.
Brown, Mrs. Supt. Green, Mrs.
Prof. White.’ A friend insists that
such forms are correct since the
women are wives of professional
Mrs. Miles has a quite Justified
peeve, for a wife never shares her
husband's title.
During the years of the late Mr.
Roosevelt's tenure of office many
readers asked me whether his wife
should properly be addressed as
"Mrs. President Roosevelt.” Indeed,
a few readers had the idea that her
correct title was "Madam President
In American usage a Mrs. remains
plain Mrs. regardless of her hus
band’s rank, title or eminence. She
may bear a title only when it is her
own title, in which case she must
drop the Mrs. calling herself Dr.
Martha Brown, Secretary Mary
Smith, President Jane Doe, etc.
Many persons are confused about
how to address a couple when the
man has a title. These forms are
Dr. and Mrs. John Smith.
Prof, and Mrs. W. H. Brown.
President and'Mrs. Harry Truman.
The Rev. and Mrs. Edward Black.
(Never "Mr. and Mrs. Rev. . .
It was once considered Improper
for a married woman, a widow or
a divorcee to use the form "Mrs.
Mary Smith.” Mrs. Mary? Oh.no!”
shuddered the arbiters of social
But "Mrs. Mary Smith” is now
accepted as correct and a woman
shouldn’t hesitate to use the form
if it pleases her. She may, of course,
also use the form “Mrs. John F.
Brown,” even though she be a
; widow or a divorcee.
Acceptance of “Mrs. Mary Smith”
' is due largely to the usage by Mrs.
F. D. Roosevelt who, before her
husband's death, often used the form
j "Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt,” as she
still does.
Here's another useful hint: In
informal usage, when the titles Mr.
and Mrs. are not used, the woman's
given name comes first, as: Grace
and John Smith: Mary and Jack.
This form is correct in signing in
formal letters. Christmas cards, birth
announcements informal invitations,
Do vou have trouble using shail-wlll
and should-would in their proper place*'
If so, the leaflet. C-4. by Mr. Colby will
be of service to you
To obtain a copy, send ft cents in coin
and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to
him. In care of The Evening Star, P. O.
Box 99. Station G. New York 19. N Y
(Copyright, the Bell Syndicate. Ir*;., 1948.)
Planes Save Shepherds
MOSCOW </P).—A group of shop
herds and several flock of sheep
were saved from starvation near
Mount Elbrus by planes. It was a
pleasant warm day when the shep
herds went out with their sheep,
but the weather changed unexpect
edly. The way back to the village
was cut off by the deep snows. The
fliers dropped enough food to save
"Of course, Im throwing tnem
out, dear. . . . They’re last year's
trophies, aren’t they?"

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