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Vote Probes Delayed,
G. 0. P. Drops Idea of
Senate Challenges
1/ Pi* Pisociated Pres*
■fvo Democratic Senators
Tpho«« primary victories have been
under Republican-ordered investi
gation were virtually assured today
of unchallenged seating with the
Eighty-first Congress, January 3.
However, Senator Myers, Demo
crat, of Pennsylvania, who is in
line for the chairmanship of the
Vote Contest Committee, said there
will be no "whitewash” if irregulari
ties of fraud are found in cam
paign activities in behalf of Robert
Kerr of Oklahoma and Lyndon
Johnson of Texas.
After a meeting yesterday of the
Senate Committee the present
chairman, Senator Jenner. Repub
lican, of Indiana said, "The ma
jority of the members • * * feel it
would be futile to conduct hearings
in the short space of time remain
ing before organization of the new
Senator Jenner added in a state
ment that he and Senator Bricker,
Republican of Ohio, the third mem
ber of the committee, "feel it would
be useless to expend public money
in preliminary work when there is
every possibility our activities would
be of no avail.”
AFL Seeks to Bar Three.
He said the group had informa
tion "in the form of affidavits which
two of the three members “believe
are of sufficient seriousness to war
rant a full and searching investiga
tion" by the new committee
Meanwhile, Labor’s League for
Political Education declared that
Senator Ferguson, Republican, of
Michigan and Representatives
Thomas, Republican, of New Jersey
and OKonski, Republican, of Wis
consin should not be seated in the
new Congress without first being in
The league, an AFL political or
ganization headed by AFL President
William Green, opposed all three
in the recent campaign. It said the
FBI should investigate charges
made against Representative Fergu
son by Columnist Drew Pearson, and
charges of payroll irregularities
made against Mr. O’Konski by the
Capital Times of Madison. Wis.
In the case of Mr. Thomas, chair
man of the House Committee on
Un-American Activities, the league
referred to his indictment yester
day by a Federal grand jury on
charges of conspiring to< pad the
payroll of his office.
Challenge Idea Dropped.
Before last Tuesday’s elections,
aome Republicans, in anticipation of
victory, had talked of challenging
the seating of Mr. Kerr, former
Governor of Oklahoma, and Mr.
Johnson pending the outcome of
the investigation.
Senttor Myers’ told a reporter he
does not expect any new Senator
to be challenged when the 81st Con
gress begins work.
The Texas contest involves the
Democratic primary dispute between
Mr. Johnson and Coke Stevenson,
former Governor, in their photo
finish battle for the seat vacated
by Senator O’Daniel. After losing a
court fight Mr. Stevenson asked the
Jenner committee to look into
alleged vote irregularities in fivei
counties. Mr. Johnson at the same
time asked that ballots in eight
other counties not be destroyed.
Custer's Brigade Survivor
Dies in Arkansas at 102
•y th« Atiociated Pr««
HOT SPRINGS, Ark.Nov. 9 —
Julian Ransier, 102, who said he
was the last surviving member of
Custer's Brigade, in the Civil War.
died yesterday.
In a newspaper Interview sev- j
eral months ago, Mr. Ransier identi- ;
fied himself with Custer's Brigade
of the Union Army, headed by Gen.
George Custer, who later was killed
in the famous “Custer’s Last Stand”
against Indians on the Little Big
Mr. Ransier was a native of
Manlius, N. Y„ and came to Hot
Springs approximately 20 years ago.
The body will be returned to Man
lius for burial.
The veteran’s widow, In her 90’s,
was critically ill at the time of his
death. Relatives said she was sink
ing rapidly and funeral arrange
ments for Mr. Ransier had not been
completed pending developments in
her condition.
Second Auto Crash Victim
Dies at Quantico Hospital
Special Dispatch to The Star
QUANTICO. Va., Nov. 9.—Bennett
McCampbell, 26. of Knoxville, Tenn.,
died at the Marine B^.se Hospital
Ijere yesterday of injuries suffered
Sunday night in a head-on collision
on Highway No. 1 near Triangle.
The accident also was fatal to
2-month-old Renee Jenkins, who
died at the hospital shortly after the
accident. The infant was the daugh-:
ter of Marine Lt. M. N. Jenkins.!
driver of one of the cars. Mr. Mc
Campbell was driver of the other1
Six other persons are in the hos
pital with serious injuries suffered
in the crash. Virginia State Police
are investigating.
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Man Injured Breaking Fall
Of Woman Fleeing Fire
j Charles Green, 47. colored, 740
New Jersey avenue N.W., is recover
ing today from back injuries re
ceived when he helped break the
fall of a 265-pound woman who
slipped on a ladder while escaping
from her burning home yesterday.
The neighbor. Mrs. Alice Harvey,
i 55, colored, was trapped when flames
swept through her second-floor
i apartment at 743 Fourth street N.W.
Oilis Mozon. 21, colored, who lives
| next door, brought a ladder in re
i sponse to her cries for help. Mrs
Harvey had started down the ladder
1 w hen she slipped.
Mr. Green and several neighbors
caught her as she fell. He later
complained of a backache and went
to the hospital.
The blaze, quickly brought under
! control by firemen, destroyed much
of the building's second floor, it
was said.
House Un-American
Activities Group Seen
Inactive Till January
The indictment of Chairman
Thomas of the House Committee on
Un-American Activities, combined
with the election defeat of two com
mittee members, is expected to put
the committee into eclipse until
: January.
Reached at his home in Allendale,
N. J., Mr. Thomas refused to com
ment on the fate of ,the committee
in the twilight days of Republican
leadership, but a committee official
said there was little chance of com
mittee activity before January.
On one thing. Mr. Thomas was
certain. He said there was “abso
lutely no truth" to reports heard in
New Jersey Republican circles that
he plans to resign.
Mr. Thomas, who had outlined
broad plans for w’hat the committee
would do immediately after the
election, was indicted yesterday by
a District grand jury on a charge
of conspiracy to defraud the Gov
ernment by padding his Congres
sional payroll. He also wTas charged
with three counts of filing false
claims in connection with the com
mittee's payroll.
The committee has a considerable
amount of unfinished business.
Apparently unaffected by the
switch from Republican to Demo
cratic control is the committee’s;
chief investigator, Robert E. Strip-1
ling. Mr. Stripling, who has be
come almost as well known as the
committee* chairman through his
questioning of witnesses, is a Dem
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Tobey Vows to Dam
Tax Loopholes Used
By Textron Fund
I By the Associated Press
BOSTON, Nov. 9.—Senator Tobey,
Republican, of New Hampshire to
day vowed to "dam the loopholes
through which corporations like
Textron are evading taxes and
| throwing the support of this Gov
ernment onto the little people "
Senator Tobey’s assertion came as
he presided at a Senate subcommit
tee's investigation into the finance;
of the big textile corporation.
Earlier, Andrew N. Winslow, sole
trustee of a Massachusetts Institute
of Technology trust fund set up by
; Textron, testified he used money
from the tax-exempt fund to buv
textile machinery that was leased
to Royal Little, head of Textron,
Tobey Is Angered.
Pointing at Mr. Winslow, Senator
Tobey shouted In an angry tone:
"If every concern in the country
operated in this manner the entire
burden of taxation would be thrown
on the little people.
“Why should men like you and
Royal Little be set up as a pre
ferred class and not bear an equal
and just share of the taxation bur
j den? You can be sure these loop
! holes will be dammed.’!
' Senator Tobey asked Mr. Winslow
whether "he as an American citi- -
zen believed that this situation1
could be carried on by all corpora -,
Mr. Winslow conceded the prae
tice could not be widespread with
, out undermining the Nation's tax
Deals Amounted to S600.000. j
Mr. Winslow testified the Federal
Government once inquired into the
tax-exempt status of their trust!
fund, but said nothing came of it.
Mr. Winslow told pf textile ma
chinery deals amounting to $600.000.1
He said the M. I. T. trust fund1
established by Mr. Little, had grown
from $500,000 to $1,000,000 since 1937.
Under questioning, the trustee said
he had substantial business trans
actions with Mr. Little. Three deals',
ne said, amounted to $200,000 each.
Another trustee of one of the
six charitable trusts connected with
Textron told the committee yester
day he was as “free as the wind"
in handling the trust fund. 1
Wartime Appointees
Ruled Ineligible for
Veterans' Privileges
District Court Judge David A.
Pine ruled today that war service
appointees held only temporary po
sitions with the Government and
are not entitled to veterans’ rein
statement privileges.
Judge Pine granted summary
judgments to Secretary of the Army
Royall and members of the Civil
Service Commission in a case
brought against them by Fay E.
Powell of Denver, seeking restora
tion of his position with the Army
The plaintiff was appointed a
senior engineer in 1942. He served
as an officer in the Naval Reserve
from May, 1943, until January, 1946.
The Government refused to rein
state him in his job.
Opinion Quoted.
Judge Pine cited an opinion of
the Attorney General in 1943 on
w hich the Civil Service Commission
based a memorandum which read as
"A war service appointment is
temporary’ within the meaning of
the statutes providing restoration
rights and benefits, and an em
ploye w'hose original appointment
was under the war service regula
tions does not have a statutory
right of restoration.”
This was in the Federal Per
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sonnel Manual in the chapter deal
ing with “restoration or re-employ
ment alter military service.”
In his opinion, judge Pine wrote:
“I am of the opinion that the
construction cf the term ‘tempo
rary’ to include ‘war service em
ployes’ is a proper one; but :n any
i event, it is a reasonable i ne and
! should not be set aside by the
i courts.”
Have No Permanent Status.
Judge Pine pointed out that the
law provides for judicial relief in
[the case of non-compliance by pri
[ vate employers, but does not provide
for such relief in the case of an em
ploye of the United States. The
jurist said that aside from the juris
dictional question, the plaintiff did
not appear to be entitled to relief
on the merits of his case.
He noted that in making “war
service appointments” Civil Service
requirements were suspended, and
appointees of this character did not
acquire permanent status in the
classified service.
Judge Pine added in his opinion
the observation that “it may be
doubted whether the Federal courts
have jurisdiction to enforce the re
employment rights of a returning
veteran against the United States.”
Jap War Court Quotes
Hull on Anti-Red Pact
By the Associated Press
TOKYO, Nov. 9—The Interna
tional Military Tribunal today gave
its support to former Secretary of
State Cordell Hull’s condemnation
of the 1936 Anti-Comintern Pact.
Japan, Germany and Italy signed
the pact, purportedly to combat the
spread of communism. But Mr.
Hull charged, “actually, it was a
preparatory move for subsequent
measurfes of forceful expansion by
the bandit nations.”
“Our opinion,” said the tribunal
after quoting Mr. Hull’s words,!
“formed independently, is the same,”;
The international court is more!
than half way through the reading!
of its findings and verdict in the
war crimes trial against Japanese
wartime Premier Hideki Tojo and 24
other defendants. Informed sources
said the tribunal hoped to finish the ;
task by Friday.
The tribunal reported there was j
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to attack Russia, at any favorable
time during the period covered by
the war crimes indictment—from
J1928 to the end of the war.
j Such a plan, the findings said,
“was one of the pricipal elements
| of Japan’s national policy, and its
| object was the seizure of territories
of the U. S. S. R. in the Far East,”
Health Group Picks Rome
GENEVA, Switzerland, Nov. 9 (4*1.
—The Executive Board of the World
Health Organization decided today
by 10 votes to 6 to convene the
organization’s next annual assembly
in Rome June 20. 1949.
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moth in America.
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