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Wrecking U. S. School System
Is Red Aim, New Report Says
(Continued From First Page.)
—-- — I
problems that are handed him and
to consider it a crime to think for
himself. He will be the child-man
of communism.
What is communism?
A conspiracy to conquer and rule
the world by any means, legal or
illegal, in peace or in war.
What do the Communists want?
To rule your mind and your body
from the cradle to the grave.
If communism should conquer
America, what would happen to
the schools?
Real education would stop. Only
training would be allowed.
What do Communists say?
Here's a quote from Lenin, foun
der of the Soviet state:
“Give us the child for 8 years and
It will be a Bolshevik forever.”
What did Lenin have in mind?
He meant that, given a child from
Its infancy, he would turn it into
a faceless, obedient, trained Com
munist slave for life.
Here’s a quote from an official
1946 guide to teachers of kinder
gartens in Soviet Russia, which
handle children from 3 to 6. years
of age:
“The basic habits of Socialist life
ane formed during this period—order
and discipline, friendship and com
radeship among children, love of
our great motherland, of the Com
munist Party, of the leaders of the
This kindergarten program is the
biggest, broadest and mast elaborate
branch of the whole Russian school
How does that differ from our school
We teach children- here how to
think. They teach children what to
Just what makes up the “school sys
tem” in America which the Com
munists want?
There are about 201,100 schools in
this country listed by the United
States Office of Education. They
teach some 31,880,000 students every
thing from cooking to atomic
Our schools range from puonc to
private, to church ownership, and
from kindergartens to colleges.
Add to these the thousands of
commercial, music, drama, art, busi
ness and trade schools not counted
In the list above.
Add the research centers, text
book houses, teachers’ unions,
school supply companies, the Na
tional Education Association, and
Its affiliates.
Each and every one would be
wrecked and the pieces taken over.
What do you mean by “wrecked”?
Just that. One of the first things
that Communists did in Russia
when they came to power was to
smash the existing school system.
After the break-down and explo
sion period, they rebuilt the school
system into a tremendous machine
for training rather than' education.
But what about academie freedom?
A teacher under communism
never has freedom, academic or
otherwise. He teaches cBfc' what the
government tells him to. And police
watch to see that he does so.
Would that be so here?
Freedom in‘ every respect would
be the first thing to go. Teachers
bucking the system would be fired, j
jailed or shot.
What would they train the pupils
here to do after getting the schools
under their thumb as they are
now in Russia?
To obey, to love, and to hate.
To obey whom?
The best answer is from the same
teachers’ guide "Pedagogy,” earlier
Unquestioned obedience and sub
mission to the leader, the teacher
er the organizer.”
To hate whom?
Says the Soviet teachers’ guide:
"The pupils of the Soviet school
must realize that the feeling of
Soviet patriotism is saturated with
irreconcilable hatred toward the
enemies of socialist society.”
Who are these “enemies” the Rus
sian Communists train children to
Anybody and everybody who ob
jects to being dominated all his life
long by the Communists. Any loyal
citizen of the united stales, ior
And this training in hate is made
twice as deadly by coupling it with
formal military training for all chil
dren from the fourth grade up.
How can we stop it?
Know communism for what it is.
Know Communists for what they
are. Find them out, drive them out,
and prosecute them by every means
possible under the law.
We need more law than is at pres
ent on the books in order to do this
effectively. See 100 Things You
Should Know About Communism in
the U. S. A. for more details.
How can I tell a Communist?
Compare his opinions of this or
any other country with his opinions
of Russia. A Communist will criti
cize the President of the United
States of America, but not Stalin.
Who hangs around with the Com
Mostly their fellow travelers and
front organization dupes, but Com
munists themselves will go any
where among any people on orders
of their party leaders.
Are there many Communist fronts
and fellow travelers in the United
States school system?
There are, and they are a deadly
How do they work?
Here is an example given by Dr.
Harry Gideonse, president of Brook
lyn College:
“A Communist group at an Ohio
I college recently tried very hard to
bring into its ranks a young liberal
who was a Phi Beta Kappa and an
officer of the Student Council.
"When ideological arguments
failed, he was invited to a house off
the campus where drinks were
I served lavishly. He was then told
he could bring a girl to the house
any time he wanted to, provided he
joined the group.
“If he didn’t know any girls with
out bourgeois ideas of morality, he
could be introduced to one.”
What are some of their “war” tactics
on the school campus?
There are many Communists and
Communist sympathizers among
actors, actresses, authors, musicians,
and other artists whose careers are
! interesting and attractive to young
_ . . l 11 • A .a_A_At_1A 1_fl
Do they meddle in student activities.
Says Dr. Gideonse:
I “Perhaps the most effective tactic
! they employ, however, is their prac
j tice of espousing popular causes and
protesting militantly against any
thing which they can make appear
as unfair practice, exploitation or
Do any teachers in our schools ac
tually submit to such Communist
Dr, Gideonse says:
“Communist professors and teach
ers play an important part, of
course, in the broad-scale campaign
to convert our youth to Stalinism.”
How do they work?
By slipping propaganda into class
room work and textbooks and by
leading gullible students into Red
| sponsored campus activities.
What's biting these people, anyhow?
Here is at least one part of the
answer given by John Hanna, a
professor of Columbia University,
who was formerly' with the Farm
Credit Administration and chief
analyst with the United States
Courts' Administration Office:
“The girls’ schools and women’s
colleges contain some of the most
loyal disciples of Russia.
“Teachers there are often frus
trated females. They have gone
through bitter struggles to attain
their positions.
“A political dogma based on
hatred expresses their personal at
Politics based on hatred and self
pity has the same appeal for men,
teo. who feel frustrated by life.
How about textbooks?
Dr. Ralph West Robey, Assistant
Professor of Banking at Columbia
(•University, made a survey of high
school texts a few years ago with
ix>ne out-and-out Marxist, one “lib
eral." and one "conservative” schol
! ar to help him.
What did the results show?
That the success of the United
States of America is played down
in too many of our school books
and its failures are played up. That
; the success of Soviet Russia is
If it'* tome*
thing exquisite
you’ve dreamed
about for
here It is —
a lovely
Buleva watchl
< W* |
played up and its failures are played
down. This is art important and
much-used Communist device.
W.hat sort of thing do they say about
the United States?
From the report:
“The whole emphasis is placed on
the one-third of the population who
are underfed, rather than on the
two-thirds who are well-fed.
“The textbooks emphasize the
small number of large corporations,
rather than the large number of
small ones. The authors point out
the few wealthy people of this coun
try rather than the fact that we
have the greatest distribution Pf
wealth in the world.”
And why shouldn’t they do this?
Because the picture of the United
States of America given in those
■texts is false on its face,
j Aren't our natural resources the true
source of our wealtn? j
Certainly not. The same resources
were, always here, the same soil,
timber, minerals and metals. They
never meant anything until some
body had the right ideas about how
to use them.
But don’t we have MORE of all the |
best natural resources than any
other people?
No. Russia, for instance, has al
ways had gigantic stores of timber.!
minerals, farmland, and water
The secret of it all is that, never
let, down to this day, has Russia
made those things work as we make
them work here.
Because the Communists, like the
Czars before them, have never really
given the people of the country
freedom and encouragement to see
what’ they could do with the things
lying around before their very eyes.
Haven't the Communists expanded i
industries and agriculture tre
They claim to have done so, but
their figures and statistics are so
unreliable that the real rate of de
velopment is unknown, even to
themselves. Only one fact is cer
They have never been able to do
enough original planning, develop
ment ,or expansion on their own, to
bring off a real industrial expansion
equal to their needs.
What's wrong with their own
The trouble starts with the basic
Communist theory that a man
should be a cog in a machine, not;
an Independent thinker on his own.
That theory, applied in schools
dominated by communism, turns
out people who are trained but not
Result: They can’t run their
country on their own, as we run
Doe* all that come out in Commu
nist-influenced textbooks?
It does not. Instead, the authors
deliberately falsify facts to support
the fiction that the ‘ Communist ex
periment" has f>een a "gran and
glorious successs' in the U. S. S. R.
Some give students the idea that
our country is hopelessly ridden
with economic evils.
Isn’t there something to it?
There are many ways to answer
that, but one ought to be enough.
Which nation, in World War II,
sent arms and food all over the
world to failing Allies and then fol
lowed up with armies, navies and
air forces to Europe. Asia, Africa,
to outposts in North and South
America, and on islands across the
seven seas—yet, at home, kept up
the highest living standard the
world has ever known?
How else have American Commu
nists dug into the United States
school system?
Besides active teaching in public
schools, private schools, and church
schools, from kindergartens to col
leges, they run some schools out
You mean there are actually Com
munist schools in this country?
)Vill you list some?
(Several are listed.)
At the present time, only the
Jefferson School of Social Science,
California Labor School, Seattle Pa
cific Northwest Labor School, and
School of Jewish Studies are open.
Repeated exposure of their Com
munist nature has undoubtedly
forced the others to suspend opera
tions, but there is little doubt that
all will reopen again? at the first
sign of favorable opportunity,
whether under the same name or
another. Right now, the work of
the People’s Educational Center in
Los Angeles is being carried on by
a branch of the California Labor
School of San Francisco.
who attends these schools?
Chiefly grown people. Most class
es are held at night to attract older
people. But-there are also chil
dren's classes and summer-camp
projects for young and old alike.
What do they teach?
Such courses as history, eco
nomics, public speaking, art, drama,
and music—all Communist cor
Is any of it on the level at all?
No. Every course is just so much
window dressing for Soviet theory
and propaganda.
The whole thing is aimed at lur
ing loyal Americans into becoming
Are these the only Communist
No. The Communist Party, U. S.
A., also has a network of secret
schools, called section, district, and
national training scMools, in which
promising Communists are trained
to be leaders in the conspiracy to
betray and capture America.
What is the Lenin School?
The highest college of Communism
training at Moscow. Vou might say
its graduates are all Ph. D.’s of
What goes on there?
Carefully selected Communists
from the United States and other
countries get a free course in factory
sabotage, bomb-making, kidnaping,
tram-wrecking, mutiny, civil war
fare, espionage, infiltration, and
other methods of wrecking a country.
What do you mean “wreck” a coun
The Communists plan for world
domination starts with the basic
thought that no people will ever
submit to Communism without a
So the top members of the Party
in Russia train agents in ways to
paralyze a nation from within and
capture it, how to destroy its come
back chance, and then how to drive
it in Communist harness.
How many Americans are Lenin
School “graduates”?
An estimated 800 American Com
munists have been trained there
and returned to the United States.
They serve as the high officers of
a secret army, now being drilled
to overthrow our Government.
What about Communist Youth
A vitally important instrument of
the Communist Party in its plot
to get control of America.
What is their purpose?
To recruit and train young people
for the Communist Party.
How else do they serve the Com
munist Party?
Through strikes — marches — lob
bies—rallies—petitions—for the ben
fit of things .the Communists want.
Do they admit Communist eontrol?
Practically never.
For example, the Young Com
munist League today goes by the
name of American Youth for
Democracy, in order to trap loyal
young Americans into its ranks.
How important is the AYD?
Just consider this! It is the
American branch of the World Fed
eration for Democratic Youth which
is an international Russian-con
trolled movement to turn the youth
of the world to communism.
What about the Wallace youth
More tools of the Communist
But the Wallace movement has
flopped, hasn’t it?
Figure it out for yourself. Henry
Wallace was Vice President of the
United States from 1941 through
1944, and, therefore, within one
heartbeat of the highest office in
the land. In 1948 he was candidate
for President and polled more than
1,000,000 votes, with the Communist
organization using, him as its
Communism gained new recruits
through the Wallace campaign,
made new contacts, and tapped
fresh money. The largest vote ever
cast for dommunism in this country
was registered in 1948 behind Wal
lace's name.
Are Communists very active in
teachers' unions?
Yes. For instance, the American
Federation of Teachers (AFL) in
1941 expelled three of its New York
City teachers’ unions, with 8,000
members, because the locals were
Communist controlled.
Do many of our teachers play the
Communist game?
The files of our *0011111111166, run
ning back over a 10-year period,
show that the Communists have al
ways found the teaching group the
easiest touch of all the professional
classes for actual party zealots and
fellow travelers. *
What attracts so many learned men
and women to such a murderous
and destructive cause?
Some times it is frustration. Some
times it is greed or love of power.
Some times it is misplaced Idealism.
Are people doing anything about
all this?
In some places.
For Instance, Ohio State Univer
sity faculty members are now re
quired to sign the equivalent of non
Communist affidavits. Then, too, in.
New Jersey, California, Michigan;
and Washington State, among
others, local authorities have be
gun investigations of Communist in
filtration of schools. .
What can I do?
First, know the facts.
Second, work in your own com
munity to get rid of Communists
and Communist Influences, whether
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in the school system or anywhere
Third, be prepared to face accu
sations of "witch-hunting,” "Red
baiting,” “textbook burning,” and
“strangling academic freedom.”
These are all standard smears in
the Communist propaganda routine.
Above all, remember that what
ever you do you must always keep
the Constitution of the United
States in one hand and common
sense in the other. The object here
is not to -destroy academic freedom.
It is to stop communism before it
destroys us. The Communist can
be stopped under our system of laws
and must be. *
In New York, officials of the
Jefferson School of'Social Science
and of the Progressive Party
could not be reached for immedi
ate comment last night, the
Associated Press reported. At
the Jewish School of Social
Studies, a spokesman said a
statement might' be released
In San Francisco, David Jen
kins, director of the California
Labor School, said its listing by
the committee as a “typical ex
ample" of Communist schools in
America “is part of an attempt
<b discredit progressive educa
tion.” He commented:
“The statement is unequivocal
ly made up of whole cloth as far
as the California Labor School is
concerned. Not only is this true,
but only two of the schools men
tioned on this list are actually in
existence, that is the Jefferson
School and the California Labor
School. We have no connection
with any other school in Amer
In Seattle, officials of the
Seattle Pacific northwest labor
school could not be reached for
immediate comment.
Ousted Venezuelan Chief
Offered Refuge in Chile
ly the Associated Press
SANTIAGO. Chile, Dec. 4-Chile’
today offered asylum to Romulo!
Gallegos, ousted president of Vene- i
The Foreign Affairs Ministry- said
it had acted on instructions from
President Gabriel Gonzalez Videla.
The offer of political asylum in
cludes Romulo Betancourt, president
of the government junta which pre
ceded Mr. Gallegos.
Mr. Gallegos is being held pris
oner by the new government junta
which upset him. He is in a mili
tary school on the outskirts of Cara
cas. Mr. Betancourt took refuge in
the Colombian embassy in Caracas
when the army-led coup toppled the
Gallegos regime. . i .
No reply to d;he offer has been
received yet. In Colombia yester
day the foreign ministry said it was
glad to extend asylum to Mr. Betan
court in its Caracas embassy. 'j
Four Die in C-47 Crash
In California Desert
By th* Associated Press
MUROC AIR BASE, Calif., Dec.
4.—Four Air Force flyers were killed
when their C-47 transport plane
crashed in the desert west of Bar
stow, Calif., in a hard rainstorm last
night. 9
The plane, based here, had flown
to Albuquerque, N. Mex„ and. was
returning on a routine mission. It
radioed the base here at 7:05 o’clock
last night it was approaching for'
a landing. Nothing more was heard
from the ship.
Air and ground search parties
found the plane wreckage southeast
of Kramer’s Junction in the rolling
desert country west of Barstow. It
apparently had struck a low hill
while flying through the murky
weather. Investigators said there
was no indication of engine or me
chanical failure. The plane did not
Today the air base identified the
dead as: 1st Lt. Robert J. Coyle,
Palmdale. Calif.: Capt. Magnus W.
Francis. Muroc, Calif.; Lt. Col. Wil
liam Calaway, Bowie. Tex., and
S Sergt. Alexander J. Lawski.
/M 1342 G ST. N.W.
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