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Wetmore Re-Elected
President of 6. W. U.
Alumni Association
Dr. Alexander Wetmore. secre
tary of the 8mithsonian Institu
tion. has been re-elected president
of the George Washington Uni
versity General Alumni Associa
tion, the university announced
Dr. Wetmore is a member of
the university’s board of trustees
and holds a master of science de
gree, doctor of philosophy degree
and an honorary doctor of science
degree from the university. In
1#4# the university conferred on
him the alumni award for
“achievement in science.”
Joseph H. Roe, professor of bio
chemistry at the medical school,
and Or. C. Willard Camalier, for
mer president of the American
Dental Association, were elected
vice presidents of the alumni as
Re-elected as vice presidents
were Dr. Elmer Louis Kayser,
dean of the university's division
of university students: Dr. William
E. Clark, former president of the
District Medical Society; Paul E.
Shorb, attorney: William J. Ellen
berger, plant superintendent at
the National Bureau of Standards;
W. Paul Briggs, Navy Bureau of
Medicine and Surgery: Miss May
P. Bradshaw, principal of Roose
velt High School, and John T. C.
Daugherty, attorney.
Lester A. Smith was re-elected
executive secretary of the alumni
association and Anna M. Biscboff
was re-elected treasurer.
Science Calendar
Technical Society
Meetings Listed
Scientific and technical society
meetings have been announced for
this week by the Joint Committee
on Press Relations of the District
Council of Enginering and Archi
tectural Societies and the Wash
ington Academy of Sciences. All
meetings listed are open to the
Socity of American Military En
gineers, 12:30 p.m., Burlington
Hotel. Brig. Gen. H. B. Loper,
Intelligence Division, General
Staff, “Mapping in the National
Military Establishment.” For
luncheon reservations telephone
secretary, Ordway 4040, Exten
sion 685.
National Academy of Sciences, an
nual meeting. National Acad
emy Building. Morning session:
10 a.m., Robert 8. Mulliken, Uni-:
versity of Chicago, “The Future
of the Quantum Theory of Me
chanical Binding”; Victor K. La
Mer, Irwin B. Wilson and Ed
ward C. Y. Inn, Columbia Uni- J
versity, "Detection an'd Meas
urement of the Size of Aerosol
Particles in the Range Below
Tyndall Beam Detection”; Wil
liam D. Harkins. University of
Chicago, “Composition of Me
teoritic Matter, Nuclear Shell
Structure, and the Principle of
» Regularity and Continuity of
Series”; Otto Struve, Yerkes
Observatory, “Some Problems
of the Evolution of Stars”; A. L.
Kroeber, Columbia University,
“Values as a Subject of Natural
Science Inquiry.”
Afternoon session. S pan., Na
tional Academy Building. C. G.
Abbot. Smithsonian Institution,
“Forecasting Features of Wash
ington Weather”; Horace R.
Byers, Umversity of Chicago,
“Structure and Dynamics of the
Thunderstorm”: W. P. Wood
ring, United States Geological
Survey. “The Panama Land
Bridge”; Hugo Benioff, Califor
nia Institute of Technology,
“Earthquakes and Rock Creep”;
H. R. Seiwell, Woods Hole
Oceanograph Institution, “The
Principles of Generalized Har
monic Analysis Applied to Ocean
Wave Data”; Ralph W. Chaney,
University of California, “Early
Tertiary Ecotones in Western
North America”; Edward Kas
ner, Columbia University, "The
8pherical Sections of a General
Surface”; Paul A. Smith, Co
lumbia University,* “Homotopy
Groups of Certain Algebraic
''Evening lecture. 8 p.m., Na
tional Academy Building. Sir
Harold Spencer Jones, Astron
omer Royal, England. "Meas
urement of the Sun’s Distance.”
Washington Audio Society, 8 p.m.,
1121 Vermont avenue, n.w. Dr.
Karl T. Kryter, Human Resour
ces Research Laboratories.
USAF, “The Effects of Noise on
Speech Communication.”
National Academy of Sciences.
Business meeting for members.
Society of American Bacteriolog
1st*, 8 pm, Army Medical
School. Army Medical Center.'
Margaret Goldsmith. Depart
ment of Agriculturem “Proteo
lytic Activity of an Actinomy
cete on Protein FibersRoder
ick Murray. National Institute
of Health, "Testing of Cholera
Vaccine;" H. Welch. W. A. Ran
dall. C. Vf. Price, Food and Drug
Administration. “The Action of
Bacitracin - Streptomycin - Pol
ymyxin Combination on the In-:
testinal Flora of Men.” Dinner
at Officers Club, 8:30 p.m.
American Institute of Electrical
Engineers, 8 pm. PEPCO Audi
» torium. Dr. R. F. Glasgow,
Washington University, "Diver
sity Radio Reception.”
Botanical Society of Washington.
Annual Dinner, 7 pm.. Petworth
Methodist Church. Fifth and
Webster streets n.w., Dr. Ed
mund W. Sinnott, director of
Sheffield Scientific School, Yale
University, "The Problem of Or
ganic Form.”
Geological Society of Washington.
8 p.m., Cosmos Club Auditorium.
O. F. Kotick, Deputy Director, j
Office of Naval Petroleum and
Oil Shale Reserves, "Explora
tion for Oil in Naval Petroleum
No. 4, Northern Alaska:” R. E.
Fellows, United States Geologi-'
cal Survey. “Ndtes on the Geol
ogy of Rock Creek Park;" J. P.
Marble, United States National
Museum, "Recent Studies on
Absolute Geological Time.”
National Academy of Sciences,
National Academy Building, au
ditorium—Morning session, 9
am.: Edwin M. McMillan and
Jack M. Peterson, University of
California, “Production of
Mesons by X-rays”; A. A.
Broyles andn M. H. Hull, Yale
University. “Neutron-Protron
Interaction”; W. V. Houston
and C. F. Squire, Rice Institute,
"Electromagnetic Induction in
a Superconductor”; Herbert E.
Ives, Bell Telephone Labora
tories, "Lorenz-Type Transfor
mations as Derived From Per
formable Rod and Clock Opera
tions”; 8. I. Weissman and
Philip H. Yuster, Washington
University, "Duration of Phos
phorescence of Metal Organic
Complexes”; Lyman J. Briggs,
National Bureau of Standards.
"A New Method for Measuring
the Limiting Negative Pressure
in Liquids”; Farington Daniels,
Charles A. Boyd* and Donald F/
Saunders. University of Wiscon
sin, "Thermolumlnecence as a.
Research Tool”; Carl D. Ander
son, California Institute of
Technology, “The New Particles
of Matter”; Duncan A. Mac
hines, Rockefeller Institute for
Medical Research, and B. Roger
Ray, University of Illinois, “The
Study of an Iodide-Iodine Com
plex by Means of the Electro
motive Force Centrifuge”.
National Academy Building, lee
ture room—Morning awaion. •
in: Roger J. Williams. L. Joe
Berry and Ernest Beerstecher.
University of Texas. “Individual
Metabolic Patterns. Alcoholism
Genetotrophic Diseases". Wolf
gang Kohler and Richard Held.
Swarthmore Coyege. "The Cor
tical Correlate of Pattern Vi
sion”; Arnold Gesell, Yale Uni
versity, "The Developmental
Aspect of Child Vision"; Wal
ter R. Miles. Yale University.
"On the Central Zone of the
Human Fovea"; Hallowell
Davis, Central Institute for the
Deaf. St. Louis, "Audition—A
Physiological 8urvey'; William
H. Talliaferro, Robert L. Wood
ridge and Earl P. Benditt. Uni
versity of Chicago, “The Effect
of Protein Depletion on Acquired
Immunity in Trichinosis": Linus
Pauling, Harvey A. Itano 8. J.
Singer and Ibert C. Wells.
California Institute of Tech-^
nology, "Sickle Cell Anemia, a
Molecular Disease"; Edwin J.
Cohn, Douglas M. Surgenor,
Richard W. Greene, Margaret'
Hunter and others. Harvard
Medical School. "The State in
Nature of the Active Principle
in Pernicious Anemia, of
Catalase, and of Other Com
ponents of the Liver"; Borwind
P. Kaufmann. Carnegie Insti
tution of Washington, “Enzy
matic Studies of Cellular Or-1
ganization”; Frank A. Beach.
Yale University, "Sexual Be
havior as a Function of Andro
gen Concentration"; Kenneth
V. Thimann and Walter D.
Bonner, Jr., Harvard University.
“Inhibition of Plant Growth by
Protoanemonin and Coumarin
and* Its Prevention by Bal”;
Paul C. Mangelsdorf, Harvard
University, “New Evidence of
the Origin and Evolution of
American Society of Mechanical
Engineers, Washington Section,
Applied Mechanics-Machine De
sign Division: 8 p.m., PEPCO
Auditorium. Dr. Robert O.
Sauer, “The Chemistry of Com
mercial Silicone Products," and
W. T. Eveleth, “New Engineer
ing Application of Silicone.”
Society of American Foresters, 6:30
p.m., YWCA. Seventeenth and
K streets N.W. Charles Gillette,
Director, American Forest Pro
ducts Industries, Inc., “Indus
tries’ Approach to Better Man
agement of Small TJmberlands.”
For reservations, telephone NA.
Federation of American Scientists
and Washington Association of
Scientists, Joint Meeting, 8:15
p.m.. Cosmos Club Auditorium.
- Dr. Richard H. Shryock, Univer
sity of Pennsylvania, and Dr.
Samuel A. Goudsmit, Brook
haven National Laboratory,
‘‘Science and the Climate of
A Washington Landmark
You want to cher
ish and keep as a
retreat the grave of
your loved ones.
Rock Creek t Cem
etery appreciates
this desire for pri
vacy, and has scrup
ulously adhered to
a policf protecting
it. Kindly sugges
tions ate offered as to type of monument you
might care to erect—and care of your lot is guar
anteed. In this same spirit of kindliness Rock
Creek Cemetery suggests that if you have not al
ready acquired a cemetery lot consider the pur
chase of one now. Drive through and see the loyeiy
landscaped grounds this week end.
VISITING HOURS: 9 a.m. to Sundown, daily and
OFFICE HOURS: Sunday and Holidays, 9 t* 12
Sea D. ROY MATHEWS, Supt., or Phona TA. 0585
for transportation from and to your homa gratis.
Rock Creek Church Road and Webstar'Street N.W.
Opposite Soldiers' Home.
Street transportation.* Seventh Street Core marked Sol
diers' Home or Buses H-i, marked Hock Creek Cemetert.
Thia Maialeit Ckaaabera Funeral, SSM latlUn a 4lcaMM 1
, aaakrt aararwi with elath. The intarlar la beaaUfatt? Hart, 1
T. eatkat la af wee* anatraelian. Hearer, twa Uaaaaelaer, |
aae af anr af the taw Cktalen Faaaral Baaaaa aaf all af tin I
Ma atrfy faaaaaa aerataaa. '
Dmy «r Night
._ ....
Pm Pmmrmia
1400 CHAPIN IT. N.W. ifY) 517 ,,A 511117

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