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Streamlined Racing Program
Promised for Soap Box Derby
A streamlined racing program
was promised today by officials
planning the 1949 Washington
Soap Box Derby July 9
Committee members said heats
of three cars each would start
down the track every two minutes
during the elimination rounds.
A spokesman predicted the en
tire race would take less time this
year, despite the fact that a record
number of entries will be "ready
to roll" when the starter's gun
gets the eighth Washington Derby
underway about 10 a m.
Present plans call for the feature
race for the city championship to
start about 4 p.m.
The spokesman pointed out that
at Akron, Ohio, scene of the
annual All-American Soap Box
Derby, heats are run every 90
seconds. Derbies with as many as
150 contestants are staged in less
than five hours.
“Although we haven't all the
facilities available at Akron, we
plan to get each race under way
almost as fast as they do at the
national derby," the spokesman
said. “Plans have been made on
a split-second schedule. There will
be no delays.
“We are confident this year’s
race will be the most enjoyable
ever both for the contestants and
the spectators.”
Meanwhile, letters are being
sent to the more than 200 race
drivers telling they must have
their coaster ears finished by
The cars must be in the hands
of the Chevrolet dealers with
whom the contestants registered
by that day.
After the drivers have taken
their cars to the dealers, the Derby
Committee will have the gravity
powered vehicles delivered to the
National Guard Armory, where the
ears will be Inspected.
Inspection sessions will be held
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
The same letters notify each
driver when to appear to be
weighed-in and to receive his
racing helmet and Soap Box Derby
Cars will be taken to “Derby
Downs" — Pennsylvania avenue
S.E. between Branch and Alabama
avenues—early Saturday.
The committee said the follow
ing additional entries have been
received at Derby headquarters:
Alfred Lane, 14. of 1708 V street
N.W.; Victor Rosenberg. 11. of
1474 Columbia road N.W, and
Harry Hart. 15. of 5207 Sheridan
street N.W.
tSee the greatest amateur rac
ing event in the world—attend the
Soap Box Derby.'
Albania, less than 11.000 square
miles in size, has a population
whose racial stock 'Albanian' is
99.8 per cent pure.
Afghanistan became a political
'entity in 1747, previously having
been a cluster of small states un
der various rules.
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Nestle Company, Inc, Dept W-12155 E. 44th St. New York 17. N. X
Sawyer Congratulates
11 Retiring Employes
Eleven employes of the Com
merce Department who are re
tiring this week were congratu
lated by Commerce Secretary
Sawyer vesterdav for their serv
fte to the Government.
The retiring employes are:
Harry N. Simpson. 5020 Illi
nois avenue N W . clerk in Patent
Office, after 41 years of service:
Chauneey G Peters, 524? Forty,
second street N W physicist at
the Nationa. Bureau of Standards
36 years, Michael J Racseppi
3816 Tenth street N W, econo
mist, Census Bureau 35 years;
Mrs Grace B Games 1657
Thirty-first street N W . librarian.
Patent Office 32 years
Also Miss Sadie B Blair. 5510
Columbia pike Arlington admin
istrative assistant Bureau of
Standards 31 years; Miss Beulah
Frost. 3552 W place N W com
modity economist. Office of Do
mestic Commerce 31 years Miss
Ruth Bowman 1833 New Hamp
shire avenue N W . correspond
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rr.ee clerk Offi-e of Ir.'ema’..'■r.*!
Trade 30 yea re
Aiao William V McO.r.r.;* AC l
Sago avenue. &.»« Spring .r
itrument make- Bureau of Stand
ards 30 years William A Sr.are
ly 530 Ingraham at reel N W
examiner Patent Office 38 yea *
Miss Elizabeth Carmack 418
South Clifton terrace N W
brar.ar. Office of the Commerce
Secretary, 3® year* and Ty ndali
W Wikem»r *f.' Tr: *.» - v ;
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Blood for bkimo Boy
Swamps Nome Hospital
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if-t ..1 Fjjuico t» > »»» :*
s>, 'C • r- • t .* » *' ** '
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t .oevi •* / > ?■*' f • ■ * _■ * •»
v*> t- m r • ~ ■ -.
* *. U '«■ *~1 a* * *', i ' * '' f
• O
VI ip O.f • MX' 't~ *. r »•
» the >e« •>.»’ r»
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