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On Sale Friday at the Washington
Store Only. No Mail, Phone or
C.O.D. Orders.
Men's Cool Irregular
Famous make rayons and cottons in
solid colors ond fancy patterns. Two
pockets, convertble collars. Sizes S.,
M., L., extro large
The Hecht Co, Dowtutain Store,
Meri t Fumitkingt
Irregulars of Cotton
3 for *1
Fast-color cotton shorts with snap fas
tener fronts, neat ond bold stripes, sues
28 to 42. Swiss or panel rib shirts,
sues 34 to 46.
The Hecht Co., Downstairs Store,
Men's Furnishings
Long-Wearing Sanforized*
Bor tacked 8-ounce cotton denim,
riveted and double-stitched, sizes 6
to 16. Zippered front boxer style,
sizes 34 to 46.
•Not more than 1 % residual shrinkage.
The Hecht Co, Downstairs Store.
Boys' Clothing
Perfects and Irregulars
2 for *1
Shprt-sleeve cotton shirts in colorful
storybook patterns, blazer stripes or
designs that glow in the dark. Sizes
for oges 4 to 16.
The Hecht Co., Downstairs Store,
Boys’ Clothing
Sanforized* Blue Denim
, 2 for *1
Blue cotton denim with white stitching
and fly front. Boys' and girls' sizes 3
to 6.
•Not more than 1% residual shrinkage.
The Hecht Co., Downstairs Store,
Infants and Children
Cool Summer Cottons
I \ ii' ’ V‘'

Marty new styles in cool cotton sheers
and cotton percales. Choice summer
colors, mony with pretty trim. Sties
1 to 6x. *
The Hecht Co., Doumstairs Store,
Infants and Children
Irregulars, Famous Make
Rayon step ins and scuffs, leather scuffs
and d'Orsoys. Colorful red, Qreen, blue,
black, and embroidered trims. Sizes
A to 9.
The Hecht Co., Doumstairs Store.
Women’s Shoes
Rayon Festoon Valances
Rose, blue, maize or green royon
marquisette, 81" across, 30" long. Q
Fiber Window Shades
Opoqui fiber, sturdy gW
rollers, 36" wide ond for R
5'10" long. ^R^ -R.
Maple Chair Slipcovers
Famous moke cotton knit; includes
1 cushion covers. B
Dining Chair Covers
Printed cotton cretonne gW Ml
seot covers for side ond for R
arm chairs. '
Bright Summer Pillows
Square style printed cotton ere- Bj
tonne or chintz; cotton filled. g
Nylon Marquisette Fabric
Seconds. Eggshell color, ®B , 35 fl
48" .1*. 1
Cotton Marquisette Fabric
Seconds. Plain ond jM ft ft
cushion dot, 4^" wide. £ftyd*- ■
Ivory. "P
White Organdie Fabric
S e c o n ds. Permanent . $ 1
finish cotton, 38" wide. bft .ft.
Monks Cloth Fabric
Novelty cotton monks jfft ft ft
cloth, oil white, 36" I
wide. t
* } * •
Printed Slipcover Fabric
Some seconds. Cottoij gft ft ft
pebble cloth or twill, ^yd*■
36" wide. -*■
Percale Pillow Cases
Thirds, type-180 per- gft ft ft
cole; also seconds, type for ^ I
128-muslin. d^P
Muslin Pillow Cases
Seconds ond thirds. /4 for®l
White in size 42"x36". ^jft Jft
Cotton Sheet Blankets
Seconds. Plaid designs,
size 66"x76". Only 2
per customer.
Cotton Sheet Blankets
Seconds. Fast color plaid designs,
size 66"x76".
Cotton Tea Toweling
White cotton crash yM ft *fc
with colored borders, ZK y* ■
17" wide. JF -R
Chenille Bath 91 at Sets
Cotton mot ond lid cover sets in
fast-color designs.
Rag Scatter Rugs
Hit - and • miss pattern g^ ft *R
with fringed ends, sue for *** I
I8"x30", cotton. M.
Bright Scatter Rugs
Mode from wool pile carpeting, size
I8"x27", decorative colors.
Fringed Rag Rugs
Cotton hit-ond-miss pattern
wonted colors, size 24''x48".
Cotton Tailored Curtains
Pebble dot marquisette tailored
style, 60" wide to the pair, 75"
Voile Sash Curtains
Whit* checked cotton
voile, 1 yard long.
Colorful Knitted Curtains
Woshoble royon-ond-cotton, 54"
wide per peir, 2*4 yards long,
wonted colors.
Ruffled Cottage Sets
Fast-color cotton scrim with flock
design; full size.
Cqtton l4iee Curtains
Irregulors. Adjustable slotted top,
border design; 60" wide per potr,
78" long.
Plastle Utility Curtains
Seconds. Ruffled style In assorted
prints, 54" wide.
Floral Paper Drapes
Natural, blue, green or
rose colors, 2’i yards
Cannon Bath Towels
Seconds. Cotton terry
cloth, size 18"x36";
pastels, checks.
Cannon Bath Towels
Seconds. Cotton terry fR SI
cloth, sizes 20"x40" for I
end 22"«44".
Cannon WashCIoths
Some seconds. Pastel MB ~U
and plaid terry cloth. RR ^°r Jg
Cotton Tea Toweling
F loro I pattern cotton
trotfi, wonted colors
Table Cloth Proteetor*
Cleor plastic, sze 54 *
72", easy to cieon
5-Pieee Searf Set*
Cotton dotted Swiss with contesting
edging; 2 scorfs ond 3-piece von
rty set.
3-Pleee Vanity Set*
Postel eyon. Also motching 33"
ond 42" scorfs
Flnffy Bed Pillow*
Chicken feather filled; covered with
stn.sed cotton ticking, size 17"*
Cotton Pillow Tieks
Blue ond white striped
cotton, size 2!"*27".
Plastic Pillow Covers
Clear plastic with<zip- gB ft B
per closure; size 2l"x for ***
Pflastie Blanket Bags
Cloth-bound storage bags with
zipper fastener; holds 2 blonkets. Jp
Plastic Garment Bags
Cleor plastic, 54" long; holds 8
garments, ziptper closing. _B.
Cotton Mesh Dish Cloths
Lorge Size with col- B gB ^B
ortd borders. J imd jj[
Cotton Ten Tnwels
Whit# cotton crash with gP * ft B
colored edges; quick jTB let B
drying. BP
Men’s Smart Ties
Irregular ties in rayon W0 ft B
or silk, patterns ond ITB for B
stripes. BP -P
Men’s Good Dress Shirts
Only 900 Perfect ond irregulor B
whites ond stripes, sizes 14 to 17. H
Men’s Sport Shirts
Only 400. Irregular gB
long ond short sleeve fo* B
cottons, sizes S., M., L. ^^P
Men’s Cotton T-Shirts
Irregulars. Navy - type gB ft B
white shirts; sizes S.,
Mea's kalt Shirt*
Irregulars Short sleeve fk ft "B
solid and ♦oncy cottons #•» B
sres S, M L 9^0 B.
Mea's kail Shirt*
I "egutory. Cotton lacque'ds end
knits, sues S, M,, L.
Mea t Bark Skirts
Irregulars. Blue cotton (tsombrev
« sues M te 17.
Nn'i kalt Briefs
Irregulars. Elastic wotsf fk ft *1
cettons; sues $, M, L , ” B
e«tro lorg*
Mea's Cotlea Pajaaias
Irregulars Coot and slipover styles
Sixes A, B, C, D Only 2 p*> Cus
Men's Leather Belts
Regulor ond none* ^ H
widths, sues 26 to 42 9^0 B
Men’s Straw Hats
Cocoonuts ond body strews, sues
6*» to 1*1. Also ro*n hots Ond
poll cops.
Men's Handsome Ties
Rayons ond silks, noet dM ft M
and bold pottorns ond I
stnpos. P^KP Jn.
Men's Handkerchiefs
White cottons with H Bk ^ *1
i hemstitched edges B * J|
Men’s Snauner Hose *
» Irregular*. Rayon or ^B
cotton anklets and full Hm F**
lengths, sizes 10 to 12.
Men’s M ash Slacks
f* k
Cotton slocks in solids ond pot.
torn*, zipper flys; sizes 29 to S4.
Men's Leather Oxfards
Only I 50. Perfects ond irregulors tt M
leother uppers, rubber soles, broken ^ H
Men's Tennis Shoes
Only 200. High-top eonvot Uppers,
rubber sole*, boys' end men's size*
Men’s Cnni|i Moccasins
Irregulors. Brown leather Uppers, ^ ■
rubber soles, boys ond men s site*.
tlea'i Baser Sbarf*
lev' < rwtnnv nest BB at ~K
end heid tie* far**’ fl
21 H> 42 JL
B*>n’ Shan Ponte
I'egu^'l f >ne ts^Wm t*i« .1
wanted teitn, i in 2 te 12
Bay o' Salat Salto
Henei&me cartee twill in *c t»
and *•'■>< *% l it) 4 n» *♦
Bay*' Caltaa I aderaear
White hri#t» T-»*vrt* 4TB SI
and undenn.'tt met far ST ■
hr* oflet 6 ta ! 6 m
Ba>«* C'atlan Overall*
Cotton fault aif+i b«b»
toe to. *J#t I
to S*
Bay*' Saatairr Ba*e
Irregular* Aimind SB
«*np*<i n>Son» with flat- IS B
tic cgM. ».»»» 6 to 12 ^B ^O.
Baya* Kail Karaim
Cotton Kmt lone *1o*vod or tloovo
>•*» »<to* 4 to 10, 10 to If
Bay a* Baarball Kalla

Sw*pt<K0 tu<tt in wothobio cotton
vtot hy «gti 6 fa 10
layi' Apart Abirta
* octt ond I'fOQijtor* Short tloovf ^ B
ootton bmodcloth, him 4 to It. S
Bays' Abart Paata
Bailor tty l# cotton* In PB m1j|
brown or MuO, (<!•* 4 f*» B
to 10. RP JB
Bays* Apart Ablrta
Short Mttvr cotton* to PB f(jt R
•notch oho»* 1 b o t t », ^ far ^ I
»<»»* 4 to io. *^a
C'bllPrra'a Aaa Prrwars
Some inogufar* Cotton Ottwi Sjt B
ond ihoor cotton p.netcxo* him I ” B
to 6«. -B.
Tata* Cattaa Praan
Shoot fabric* with ftnt PB bl
dotoit. •mocking, oto* far ^ J|
-—-----—----J- ~~ ---- -—.-'- .. • • • .-.—.....„,... II-. — ------ ...... ■ "■ ■ 11 . . . .. .. I II — I .. . . — > W I — - — - "- '»
suits and
I topcoats
• All-Wool Suits!
• Cool Seersucker Suits!
. • All Wool Topcoats!
Perfect and irregular cotton
seersucker or all wool mix
ture suits, sizes 35 to 46
(regular, long, short, stout
in the group but not all sizes
in all styles.) All wool top
coats, sizes 36 to 44.
The Mecht Vo., DoamtUurt Mtore,
Men’t Clothing
* t
cool cotton
^knit shirts
• Roche! Coble Stitch Keits!
• Interlocks ond Terry Cloths!
• Comfortable knit shirts with
cool necks ond short sleeves.
Solid colors, stripes ond fancy
patterns. Sixes small, medium
* and large.
k • Ttu’Hoeki Co . DotcntUtn gun,
• Cool lijfM Fikkt!
* Mixts', Women's Sizes!
Rayon French crepes in
lovely summer prints.
. Light or dork bock*
grounds New style dt*
k toiling. Sues 12 to 20 ond
P 16Vi to 24’i.
«*» j

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