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Garden Hose Wheelbarrow
Guaranteed 10 Years' 3-Cu.-Ft. Aluminum Tray
25-ft length.-379 Reg. $1495- 12*®®
50-ft leitsfft . 698 Tubular steel legs, from*, handle.
Craftsman. Rayon reinforcement. 10x2.75 semipneumatic tire.
Tough seamless rubber inner Sear,
tube. Start k Stores _ j. iniwf*— ~*• •>■».• *•' '■■'/■t&tug *• • *
Hedge Shears Sturdy Lawn Mower
„ . _ , . , . Craftsman_:An Cut
9-In. Carbon Steel B'aaes 00
_ , . . 0 45 Reg $M95
Compound Act.on plvt „««, blodes ond bed knife
Blades notched for heovy bronch with whispering action '
trimming. Wood handle. *'«r* * S(of“
Start 4 Stortt
m MR'**-f WK0-. *
.siw.'Jiefcwi^w .J^T .. *v*<^ »*•* ' . -. »' •■ "•
Grass Catcher DunlapGrassShears
Fits 16-18 in. Mowers Self-Cleaning, Non-Jurrpmg
Priced Only ..- 1*59 Reg 98c _ -88c
Aluminum bottom, won't rust. Dunlop quality. 5-in. tool steel
Side of heovy cotton cloth. blodes holds keen edge longer
Mean Wltconttrt. Bladentburg and start k Storet
Thumb Valve Type y ’
Reg 51 69_1-38 Ams' Hwd" 2
„ . , Ad|u$t nozzle to luit lowns.
Flick thumb, V4 turn for od- Stands 5inches high. Sturdy.
justing. Non-rust bross. srar> i Stcre.
Sf«r* i S tor it
r»>mn»« ; OBH KjT.,
* Mr frit" ■ ■ f- *' *"** *
Weed Cutter Garden Cultivator
Carefully Sharpened 4 Steel Prongs
Craftsman -1*®® 4’^.ft. Handle_1*^®
Serrated edges Hardwood han- 4 tempered steel prongs curved
die, 30-in. long. Strorgly mode. to enter soil easily. Long handle.
5«r, leer. , gtorU
Garden Bow Rake Posthole Digger
14 Steel Teeth Q- n. Steel Blaoes
Craftsman .I*79 Pr;ced 0nly- 2*95
Head and teeth forged from on# Alloy steel blades, 4-ft. varnish,
piece of steel. Hordwood handle. *d hondle, with round grips
t,»r, 4 Sto-et * ‘to’"
Oaklawn Single Picket,
-Steel Wire, Lawn Fencing
36-in High, 100-ft. roll
4Un. high 15.*5
100-ft. rell. 1 »
Gives you o protective os well os ornomentol fencing. 11 -gouge, fully
golvomied steel wire mode to give Costing service.
' rmim Dept . Sean !Ti»eeiut». Btidenibprp tnd Arlmpten
Famous David Bradley
Versatile Garden Tractor
end Tefcee
$17 $11
Regularly $187.50 Vtual C«rrr>«» Chtr/t
fire* end Takes, $30.70; CaltWeter, $1S 00; Healing Cart, lata hras,
$51.50; 24-In. Lewnmewer, $S0.00.
Powerful! Brigg, ond Sttatton engine, easily operoted by one man
eon*plew, cultivate, mew end roll lawn, with extra attachment, l.,ted
ttuipmtnt Dm*.. S-r* Wise***..
• 5 Bloded, Bait and Chain Driva
• Oil Tempered Staal Bad Knife
• Roller and Ball Bearings Throughout
Comes equipped with 1 hp gos engine, steel
reel ond hondv motorcycle-type controls ond
oversized semi-pneumotic tires Cut* town
foster ard better!
Hu’dutrt beef. $*»n * Horn
Power X (A Hand O KA
Mower 0,,,W Mower A'**
Bring your gsower to the shipping plot
form of ony Sears store or to the Central
Service Dept , ot 2301 Lawrence A*e
N E. All work done by experts on pre
cision grinding machines
im » ag» **'
• ■» fMU
Buy Now! New Low Prices on Stars Famous Paints!
No brushing!
f • S-otk. M M<kly; Mtfc M Um. f»M' I
X • A«rM« CM M Itf MethM, D*S MM cfcrWfM CM Wf 1
• G»m M* kM«rfr, •« cm«*Jm’ .... /
/ • TMfh, 4M«k!« SMtMtiM •*•»* mm m4 w*«r /‘
k Just wipe on a new
^ point job yourself
r wipe-on type
FtnMrfy $4 91
Ocice of
6 Colors'
Thouiondi of p#Opl# from coait »o cooif f»Ov# four^j tf>.*
eomplet* kit #^tir#fy to tt%«<r lot i ifoct tors* If I omoi -ogly
eoiv to opp*y #*tr#m#ly quick to drv <t k»k| tike
Or*d w#ori lik# . . o prof*tnor>cl ,ob o<-.d if io»#l VtXI
mony doliorf'
#»»i In'i a Iimk
» e m — • iiI,,up ■ , y ^ ^
L miijiuw
" «•»* *r <* ■ J
Pottery Bird Both
With 18-inch Bov.!
25-in High-2*®^
‘ Attractive odd it ion to lawn.
Hondsome tan tone pottery.
Soon Wtteonun. Bladonlbnrg
and Arlington
D.D.T. Insect Spray
Kills Harmful Insects
One Pound .89c
4-lh*....— 2.1*
Wettobl* powder, mix** with
wot*r. 50% 0. D. T.
8tur$ 4 Storti
I _^ —■ TWTnr mb ■ . _
Garden Well Trelli* Flower Border fo.nt Sprayer
s!«Ld Lumbf* W.H. WeW* Joms * *P
o* t. Lt'nK 1.45 16 >n. High ICO +t.— 7*4® N»* Type. 30 ”
0 ft. rlign. 1 . ♦ ^ rytm drephregm dtvtiopts
Points white. For climbing Extra strong, won t slip or brook. 30 tel. lytuurt 110-v A. C.
rests ond vmts. 18 *nch« wide. 11 -gouge, fully gotvorMii^wir*.
•tors *tter"
Houm Point
Setn Own *ed
WoS 55 15, go’ 4-35
Rich in tmm«d •»!, h«*>«g
• p*g*««nt*. G<**» tough
bmthm got*'*
IM'I i Itefti
felf-SMlif* ™**
Seou 0**' Moi*^
W« J3«* go' .... 3-1*
A mMP#** W*** l'1**1*
no pnmor UM »•>** **♦•«»
• hriitwo
ixt«f»s»en wfliir
lood*' $*ot«
20 *' * .*f — .. 16®^
Hm •***».
»w*«S» ••**% M» *«N» H**”**".
ill ii (It iff (ujn^i 8*M*''
t kir Ttnw •» P«r
• f atMMtaf $20 ar Mata!
AapU Praa Parkiaf!
gaZqfadfapm&Oeed SEARS

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