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Barkley Off to Speak
At Inharmonious
'Harmony Dinner’
By th* Associated Press
COLUMBIA, S. C„ July I.—
Vice President Barkley headed
for South Carolina today in an
open attempt to leunite the State s
divided Democratic Party.
The Vice President, billed as
a peacemaker, will speak at a
“Harmony Dinner” tonight. Spon
sors of the $15-a-plate affair say
it is intended to help close the
gap between President Truman
and States’ Rights’ pemocrats. •
But for more than a month, the
event has been charged with po
litical discord in a State that
until last year was traditionally
solid for the National Democratic
Splitting over the thorny issue of
civil rights and other Truman pro
posals, the State gave its eight
electoral votes to Gov. J. Strom
Thurmond, the States’ Rights
presidential standard bearer.
A host of States’ Rights Demo
crats, headed by Gov. Thurmond,
have refused to give the dinner
their blessing. Gov. Thurmond,
announcing flatly that he would
stay away, said Vice President
-c Barkley is coming as a politician
and not as Vice President.
Dissention Emphasized.
None of the State's six Con
gressmen has said that ne would
The dissention among the po
litical forces was reflected last
night by State Senator W. P. Bas
kin, chairman of the State’s “reg
ular” Democratic Party's Executive
Committee which suppdVted Gov.
Thurmond in his presidential bid.
“It is most unfortunate that
Vice President Barkley comes to
South Carolina on a purely po
litical mission,” Mr. Baskin de
“The will of the Democratic
State Convention held in May,
1948, directs that we accept no
compromise in our fight for States'
An opposite view was taken by
former Gov. Ransome J. Williams,
a leader of the Truman Democrats
W'ho arranged the dinner.
“Already,” Mr. Williams said
last night, “I can see heartening,
progress toward our goal * * * the j
restoration of 'harmony among
the Democrats of South Carolina.”
Says Senators Will Attend.
Mr. Williams said a group
of “South Carolina Democrats,”
headed by “our two United States
Senators, Burnet R. Maybank and
Olin D. Johnston,” and including
State legislators, mayors and other
political leaders would be present.
Mr. Williams said he would in
troduce the Vice President to his
South Carolina audience. Dr. W. L.
Pressly of Due West. America's
“family doctor of 1948,” Wednes
day refused an invitation to in
troduce the Vice President.
The physician said he refused
the invitation because of “political,
agitation” surrounding the event J
In Charleston. Federal Judge J.
Waties Waring said he would not
attend the dinner.
The jurist, whose decision last
year opened the party ranks to
South Carolina Negroes, tele
graphed his stand to the Associ- j
ated Press in answer to the query: I
“Do you plan to attend the
Barkley dinner Friday? If not,
please state reasons.”
Judge Waring wired this reply:
"I shall not attend the dinner
for the following reasons:
“The Barkley dinner appears to
be solely a political gathering of
such a controversial nature that
I do not believe it would be suit
able for a Federal judge to attend.
“But, furthermore, I had sup
posed when this meeting was first
announced that it w'ould be an
indorsement of the National Dem
ocratic Party and the platform on
which it based its national cam
paign which resulted in the vic
torious election of President Tru
man and Vice President Barkley.
But now I see no mention of this
but only an effort of appeasement
and an attempt to invite back
into the party those who bolted
and fought it and continue to
fight the National party.
“This political gathering ap
pears to be an attempt to create a
hodge-podge of Dixiecrats and
Trumanite% Its purpose seems
to be appeasement only. I have
S|0 sympathy with, nor do I wish
o be a party to, the sacrifice of
principles for expediency.”
The judge's ruling opening the
party to Negroes had another echo
in arrangements for the dinner.
!John H. McCray, chairman of the
Progressive Democrats, Negro
wing of the party in the State,
said Judge Waring's ruling made
Negroes an integral part of the
Democratic Party, and members of
his race would stand on their
rights to attend the dinner.
Mr. Williams said earlier in the
week, however, that none of t£e
Progressives had sought tickets.
New Diomedes Cabinet
To Meet Today in Greece
By th» Associated Press
ATHENS, July 1.—A new coali
tion Greek cabinet, sworn in after
a week of political bickering, will
hold its first meeting today.
The new government — 17th
since Greece's liberation from the
Nazi—is headed by Alexander
Diomedes, 74* former finance
minister and governor of the Na
tional Bank.
Actually the new' regime is
little different from the govern
ment which served under the late
Themistokles Sophoulis, who died
last week.
Sophocles Venizelos, former
Labor minister, was named second
deputy premier next to Populist
(royalist) party leader Constantin
Tsaldaris. The labor post wras
filled by Emmanuel Loulakakis, a
former cabinet member.
Parliament will be reconvened
Monday to poll a confidence vote
on the new regime.
150 British Miners Saved
From Flooded Pits
By the Associated Pres*
COLEFORD. England, July l.~
Nearly 150 men were trapped for
hours in water up to their necks
when a deep coal mine was flooded
near here yesterday.
Only two casualties were re
ported. One miner was in a seri
ous condition after being l'elled
by “black damp” gases Another
was severely scratched by a Cat
he had rescued from the pit.
The miners struck into an old
and forgotten corridor and a tor
rent swept through the pit bot
tom. They struggled for seven
hours, stumbling and scrambling
blindly through old diggings and
were rescued through a ventilating
shaft two miles from where they
had started.
Girl Learns Sign Language
To Teach Deaf at Church
An 18-year-old minister’s daugh
ter, who learned sign language in
two months and carries on church
and Sunday school classes for the
deaf, yesterday
received an
award for an
essay on “Why
Not Hire the
She is Miss
Genevra Shoc
key, daughter
of the Rev. and
Mrs. Mark H.
Shockey, 6307
Third street
N.W. Her father
is pastor of
Roberts Memo
Mi» Shockey. riai Free Meth
odist Church.
David Amato, chairman of the
award subcommittee of the Dis
trict Citizens’ Committee on Na
tional Employ the Physically Han
dicapped Week, presented the
blond Coolidge High School grad
uate with a certificate at a lunch
eon of the Junior Chamber of
Commerce yesterday in the Bur
lington Hotel.
Miss Shockey was the winner in
an essay contest on the subject of
hiring handicapped workers. She
now will compete in a national
contest, sponsored by the Presi
dent's Committee on employing
the handicapped.
"My interest in the handicapped,
especially the deaf, began about a
year and a half ago,” explained
Miss Shockey, "when a young man
who is deaf started coming to our
church. I wrote out my father’s
sermons so he could read them. In
turn, he taught me sign language
in two months. It usually takes
about two years.”
The young man is Robert John
son, 22, a senior at Gallaudet Col
lege. He came here two years ago
from Snohonish,-Wash.
“In December, 1948, I started a
Sunday school class of about 15
deaf children. Then last month,
Bob • and I started conducting
church services for the deaf after
the Sunday school class. We al
ternate—he conducts one Sunday
and I do the next. He plans to
enter the ministry.”
Miss Shockey said she will enter
college this fall and take up either
nursing or social studies.
Mr. Amato, chief of the District
Rehabilitation Service of the Fed
eral Security Agency»office of Re
habilitation, said projects likes
those of Miss Shockey and Mr.
Johnson are an important step
in the rehabilitation of the han
“I would like to see projects like
this throughout the city,” he
He and Miss Shockey were in
troduced at the luncheon by Paul
Matthews, newly eleciod president
of the organization,- which today
changes its name from the “Junior
Board” to the “Junior Chamber”
of Commerce.
Kennedy Named Head
Of TWA Offices Here
Manning Kennedy, 4704 Twenti
eth road north, Arlington, has
been appointed manager of Trans
World Airline’s Washington office,
John P. Brook, TWA's district
manager, announced today.
Mr. Kennedy replaces Bernard
Burns, also of Arlington, who has
been promoted senior traffic rep
-- —-—- f 1
Hampshire, England, is losing,
2,000 acres of agricultural land
annually to the sea.
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