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Major League Standings and Schedules
MONDAY, JULY 4, 1949.
Results Yesterday.
Wash., 2; N. Y., 1 (11).
Clev.. 4—4: Bt. L.. 3—3.
Chicago. 8; Detroit. 4.
Phlla., 8; Boston. 3.
Games Today.
Wash, at Phlla. (2). 1:30.
Boston at New York (2).
Chicago at Bt. Louis (2).
Cleveland at Detroit (2).
Games Tomorrow.
Chicago at St Louis (n).
Cleveland at Detroit (n).
Boston at New York (n).
Only games.
Basalts Yesterday.
New York. 10; B'klyn. 0.
St. Louis. 8: Clncl.. 1.
Pittsburgh, 7; Chicago, 3.
Phlla., 7i Boston. 0.
Gamas Today.
Phlla. at Brooklyn (2).
New York at Boston (2).
Pittsburgh at Clncl. (2).
St. Louis at Chicago (2).
Games Tomorrow.
*>hila. at Brooklyn («>.
3t. Louis at Chicago.
Only games.
Standing « f | f 0L | I
‘"‘iiimifl 111 Ja
New York |—| 4| 5| 6| 7| 7| 9| 8|—46| 25| .648j
Phill'phil | 4— 7| 5, 5 8| 9 4 42| 30; .583| 4H
Cleveland | 6| 4|—| 4! 7| 5 4; 8| 38| 31| .551| 7
Detroit | 6| 6| 5|—| 4| 7| 6| 5| 39| 33| .542| 7%
Boston I 2 51 2| 7|—| 3| 9 7| 35| 34| .507|10
Washington! 3| 3j 6! 3| 3|—| 4jlO| 32| 37| .484)13
Chicago | 2| 3| 4| 4 3, 6|—| 7) 29| 43 .403|17J/j
St. Louis | 2| 5| 2| 4| 5! 1| 2]—| 21| 49| .300|24H
Lost !25|30!31|33!34!37!43!49| | j |
yiBdlng IgJBi 'Sgff- f -1
•t (labs j-g J 5 S « -a | I • - | §2
I s £ I I g f is IS l J
Brooklyn [—j 5| 4 3 6 9 7] 8[ 42 28| .600]
St. Louis j ■61—1 6| 7] 7| 41 6| 6| 41[ 28j .586| 1
Philo. j 5[-7[—| 41 3| 5[ 8| 8| 40[ 331 ,548|
Boston | 5j 2| 8|—| 5| 6| 6| 7|' 39| 34| ,534| 4Vt
Now York j 5[ 4j 6] 5j—j 6\ 5| 6j 35 35[ .500 7
Cincinnati | 21 4| 6j 6| 3j—j 4| 5] 29| 39| .426|12 ~
Pittsburgh'| 3j 3[ 2| 5| 'gfsl—| fi| 2»| 40[ .420|12^4
Oicago | 2\ 4| 2| 5| 5| 5| 4|—| 27| 441 .380|15»4
lost 128|29|33[34|35|39|40i44| 1 ] I
Hale Set for Duel
With Scott, Star of
Outboard Meet
By Malcolm Lamborne, Jr.
Star ftaff Correspondent
RICHMOND. Va., July 4.—Ike
Tale, Washington's tough old man
of outboarding, takes his patched
ip outboard hydroplane Senator
o Hampton today for a fresh try
-t besting Vic Scott, Forest Hills,
mng Island, outboard ace, who
tarred at yesterday’s outboard re
atta on the James River near
Scott, winner of the recent Hud
on River marathon, scored 2,125
mints in the Virginia Power Boat
ssociation show yesterday, win
ing Classes B and C hydroplanes,
rnond in the unlimited hydro’s
nd the Carwich Trophy for com
lg closest to breaking a 5-mile
oeed mark. In the first heat for
Is, Scott was clocked at 51.34
miles per hour, just 2 miles under
re world record.
Hale started out beautifully in
is first race, Class C, which he
on. Scott was second. In the
ocond heat Scott got the jump
n Hale and led the Washington
river for four laps. Rounding the
pper mark. Hale was thrown
• '.ear of his Senator when his
eering cable broke.
The boat flipped in*the air and
ime down right side up. Ike on
is way out struck his head on
le forward deck, but because he
as wearing a helmet and had
'ame Fortune on his «ide, Hale
as not injured.
Jimmy Baden, driving Poison,
-as Washington’s standout, scor
ig 919 points, the third highest
f the day. He placed third in the
nlimited race and fourth in
he Cs.
Jack Marr of Falls Church, class
"'inner in the spring series in
/ashington, placed second in the
tock utility series, and a team
mate, Wes Lesby of Washington,
"/as third. The winner was Jimmy
Thompson of Yorktown, Va.
Despite a late start in the first
heat Washington’s Hudson Moses
managed a fourth • on points in
he fast unlimited hydro class.
The regatta marked the first post
war outboard racing on the James
River, once rated the outboard
capital of the East.
Parks Tennis Topped
By Moore-Estes Tilt
Sara Moore and Dorothy Estes
had a date today in the outstand
ing women’s singles match of the
National Capital Parks tennis
tournament. The match was
slated for 10 a.m. on the East
Potomac''Park courts.
Miss Estes advanced with an
upset, 6—4, 6—4, victory over
Pearl McCoy yesterday. Miss Moore
eliminated Ann Fennessey, 6—3,
3—6, 6—1. Sosie Girgosian also ad
vanced with a 6-3, 6-3, victory
over Clara Bias. Other results:
Women's doable*—Herbert and Glr
•oaten defeated C. Green and A. Green.
6—0. 6—1; McCoy and Hall defeated
Cromwell and Dawson. 0—0. 6—2: Duff
and Dettemler defeated Lower and
Smith (default); Moore and Fennessey
defeated Clark and Brown, 0—3, 0—2;
Ausness and Estes defeated Dull and
Dettemler, 0—2, 0—0.
Mixed doable*—Herbert and Herbert
defeated Charles Sowers and Alice Mc
Oahan, 6—1, 0—0; Roslyn Smith and
Paul Bussey defeated Betty Clark and
Joe Slesel. 0—1. 0—3; Glreoslan and
Kota defeated Fennessey and Klein, 0—2.
6—2; Estes and Purdy defeated Duff and
Prescott, e—0, 0—1.
James and Garibaldi
Pitted on Turner Mat
Jesse James, the local oad man,
and Chick Garibaldi have been
signed for a special match at
Joe Turner’s Arena Wednesday,
appearing on the card that fea
tures Gene Stanlee, the former
Mr. America, against George Ma
ericostas. •
Felix Miquette and Mctsieur
Paris, both of whom claim the
French championship, meet in
the first all-French bout staged
here. Miquette hails from Lyons,
while Paris is from Paris.
Juvenile Golf Tourney
Will Follow Clinics
A tournament involving boys
and girls from 10 through 17 who
are participating in clinics spon
sored by District public parks
golf courses will follow the clinics.
Supervisor Eddie Bean today
announced thatv youngsters at
tending all of the eight lea-one
comprising these clinics will be
eligible for the competition, and
that prizes will be awarded the
winners. ^ _
Neff, McNair Battling
In Tennis Feature
Of District Tourney
One of the top matches in to
day’s play in the District men’s
tennis tournament at Columbia
Country Club brings out Phil Neff
against Fred McNair’s hands in
the City of Washington tourney
earlier this season.
Neff had a hard match yester
day, finally winning over Orme
Wilson, 6—4, 8—4.
Another interesting match at
4 o’clock today brings out young
Gerry Thomas against Hugh
Lynch. Lynch passed Jack Mc
Carthy yesterday, 6—2, 6—2.
Jim Thackara reached the
quarter-finals yesterday by de
feating Bill Thaler, 6—3, 6—0.
Earlier* he h$d won on default
from Ted Burwell when Burwell
became ill after taking the first
set, 9—7.
Second round—Dreyer defeated Royal,
4—6, 6—3, 6—4; Thackara defeated Bur
well, 7—9, default; Thaler defeated Cov
j inf ton, 6—3. 6—4.
! Third round—Welsh defeated L. Sherfy,
, 6—2, 6—4; Keiles defeated Curley, 0—2,
0—2; Neff defeated Wilson, 6—4, 8—0;
i McNair defeated R. Sherfy, 0—0, 6—1;
; Lynch defeated McCarthy, 0—2, 6—0;
(Thomas defeated Boykin, 7—6, 0—2;
I Pardew defeated Rogers, 6—3. 7—6;
1 Thackara defeated Thaler, 0—3, 6—0;
Dunham defeated Beck, 6—0, 0—O; Powel
i defeated Channing, 6—4, 10—8; Wesley
! defeated Prescott, 6—0, 6—0; Leavens
defeated Threadgill. 0—1, 7—5; Tates
defeated Belser. 4—6. 6—1, 0—0; Gifford
defeated Montcalm. 6—0, 6—2.
Schedule Today.
Men's singles—10 a.m., Bogley vs.
Bassett (winner to nlay Wadden); 10:30,
Dreyer vs. Johnsen; 2:30, Welsh vs.
Keiles: 4:00, Lynch vs. Thomas. Powel vs.
Wesley. Neff vs. McNair.
Men's doubles—10. Royal-Threadgill vs.
Chandler-Richter: 10:30, Carpousis-Mann
vs. Wadden-Young; 11, Pavltt-Wilkinson
vs. Gerguson and partner, Wilkes-Moore
head vs. Montcalm-Montcalm, Sprlggs
Hayes vs. Sloat-Cobb, Covington-Burwell
vs. Pry-Pitch; 2:30, Johnsen-Adair vs.
Powers-Bletler; 4, Neff-Brlce vs. Klentz
Fontanini. Kieles-Thaler vs. Moore-Mlller:
4:30, McNair-Gifford vs. Freseott-Reddlck;
(S. Welsh-Lynch vs. Lewis-Halier; 6:30,
Yates-Wesley vs. Bowers-Dietrich, Powel
Smlth vs. Filipek-Smith.
Brothers Net Victors
For Mexico in Pinch
*■- ' • ' r
By the Associated Press
HAVANA, July 4.—Mexico’s two
man Davis Cup team, a pair of
brothers shoved in to fill the
breach when the country’s three
top players walked out today, was
looking forward to the American
zone finals.
Rolando and Armando Vega, the
brother substitutes, won the first
three matches against Cuba to
clinch the semifinal series.
Now they go against the winner
of the match between Australia
and Canada for the zone title.
The Aussies and Canada clash at
Montreal July 22-24. The finals
are slated at Wilmington, Del.,
July 29-31.
The American and European
Zone champions must play off to
see which challenges the United
States for the trophy.
The Vega boys won their first
two singles matches and then
took the doubles yesterday to
eliminate Cuba. They play the
final two singles today, with noth
ing in the balance.
Ahearn Asked to Explain
'Title' Status of Scrap
Harvey L. Miller, chairman of
the District Boxing Commission,
today was preparing to call up
Goldie Ahearn, promoter of the
Liberty Athletic Club, for a hear
ing at the commission’s weekly
meeting at its offices at 2 p.m. to
The boxing solons maintain
that Ahearn exceeded his au
thority in having placards printed
advertising the 10-round boxing
feature between Beau Jack and
Eddie Giosa at Griffith Stadium a
week from tomorrow night as a
world junior welterweight con
test, and will ask an explanation.
The junior welterweight class
itself is nonexistent, Miller points
Ahearn said today:
“I thought I was introducing
something new and I meant no
harm. Ill ask the commission
to sanction this as a world jun
ior welterweight championship
Albrecht Cycle Winner
READING, Pa., July 4 (IP).—
Paul A^recht, Sacramento, Calif.,
finished four lengths ahead of Joe
Weatherly, Norfolk, Va., in 8:11.33
to win the 8-mile national motor
cycle championship yesterday at
the Reading Fair Grounds.
Toledo. 9—7; Indianapolis, 7—9.
Columbus, 2—5; Louisville, 1—8.
St. Paul, 9: Minneapolis, 7.
Milwaukee, 9: Kansas City, 3.
♦ t
Joost, Kellner Shine
As A's Finish Sweep
Of Red Sox Series
By Joe Reichler
Ai>oc(ot«d Pr#»» Sports Writor
Philadelphia Athletic fans today
were boosting Eddie Joost for the
most valuable player award and
Alex Kellner for rookie of the
year honors.
Joost, the 33-year-old short
stop, and Kellner, the 24-year-old
hurler, have done more than any
other Philadelphia players to keep
the Athletics within striking dis
tance of the American League
leading New York Yankees.
Joost and Kellner combined
yesterday to lead the A’s to an
8-3 victory over Boston and a
sweep of the three-game series.
The victory, coupled with Wash
ington’s 2-1 triumph qver New
York, cut the Yankees’s margin
over the A’s to 4% games.
The bespectacled inflelder, en
joying his greatest of 11 seasons
in the majors, slammed his 18th
home run of the year off loser
Joe Dobson. The blow came with
two on In the sixth Inning and
broke a 2-2 tie.
It also tied his total 1948 out
put at 55, despite his leadoff posi
tion. He is batting at .307, the
highest figure he has attained In
16 years in organized baseball.
Kellner Hurls Six-Hitter.
Kellner, who only last year
pitched for Savannah of the Class
A Sally League, twirled a six
hitter for his 12th victory. The
Tucson Ariz., southpaw now has
won six in a row.
Given little consideration at the
start of the season, Kellner did
not pitch his first complete game
until May 22. His dozen triumphs
give him a tie with New York’s
Vic Raschi as winner of the most
games in the big leagues.
The defeat was Boston’s sixth
in a row and Dobson’s eighth
setback against five victories.
Kellner has lost only three. The
fifth-place Red Sox trail the
fourth-place Detroit Tigers by
2 Vi games and are 10 games off
the pace.
The Indians soared past Detroit
into third place by sweeping a
double-header from the St. Louis
Browns by 4-3 scores, while the
Chicago White Sox downed the
Tigers, 8-4.
A bases-loaded single by Catcher
Jim Hegan in the 10th inning
won the second game for the In
dians, after they had scored two
in the bottom of the ninth to
force it into extra innings. Les
Moss’ three-run homer accounted
for all the Browns’ runs.
Paige Has Big Day.
Satchell Paige saved the first
game, halting a ninth-inning
rally and received credit for the
second, pitching one hitless inning
of relief. Manager Lou Boudreau’s
two-run double high lighted a
three-run fifth to win the opener
for Early Wynn.
Veteran shortstop Luke Appling
got four hits in four times at
bat an drove in three runs to
lead the White Sox to an 8-4
victory in the rubber contest of
a three-game set with the Tigers.
Only 14,830 fans—the smallest
Sunday crowd in the history of
Briggs Stadium—saw the game.
The St. Louis Cardinals once
again climbed to within one game
of first place in the National
League, knocking off the Cincin
nati Reds, 8-1, while the front
running Brooklyn Dodgers were
absorbing a merciless 16-0 drub
bing from the New York Giants.
Philadelphia’s Phillies took un
disputed possession of third place,
3 Vi games off the pace, shutting
out the Boston Braves, 7-0. Ralph
Kiner’s 21st home run sparked
the Pittsburgh Pirates to a 7-3
triumph over the last-place Chi
cago Cubs.
Cards’ Battery Stars.
Batterymates Gerry Staley and
Joe Garaglola teamed to give the
Cards their victory over the Reds.
Staley spaced eight hits for his
sixth win and Catcher Garagiola
cracked a home run and scored
three runs.
A crowd of 36,014 saw the
Giants belabor four Brooklyn
pitchers for 20 hits, including a
grand-slam homer by Pitcher
Monte Kennedy. Every man in the
Giants’ lineup hit safely and
scored at least one run.
Young Robin Roberts spun the
Phily shutout over Boston, giving
up five hits with none of the
Braves going beyond second base.
Kiner’s homer touched off a four
run Pittsburgh uprising against
the Cubs’ Warren Hacker in the
fourth and snapped a 1-1 tie.
Major Leaders
By the Associated Press
American League.
Batting—Kell, Detroit, .851; D1
Magglo. Boston, .328.
Runs—Joost. Philadelphia, 78; Wil
liams. Boston, 69.
Runs batted In—Williams, Boston,
80; Stephens. Boston, 78.
Hits—Werts, Detroit, 91; D1 Mag
glo, Boston, 88.
Doubles—Maleskl. Philadelphia, *2;
Williams, Boston, 18.
Triples—Mitchell, Cleveland, 9;
Valo, Phlladephla, 7.
Home runs—Williams, Boston, 19;
Stephens, Boston, and Joost, Phil
adelphia, 18.
Stolen bases—Dilllnger, St. Louis, 9;
4 players tied with 6.
Pitching—Raschl, New York. 12-2,
.857: Kellner, Phlladephla, 12-3. .800.
Strikeouts—Trucks, Detroit, 91;
Brlssle, Philadelphia, 74.
National League.
Batting—Robinson, Brooklyn, .360;
Kiner, Pittsburgh. .347.
Runs—Reese, Brooklyn, 62; Robin
son. Brooklyn. 57.
Runs batted in—Robinson, Brook
lyn, 60; Ennis. Phlladelphpla, 55.
Hite—Robinson, Brooklyn. 102:
Thomson, New York, and Sehoendienst,
St. Louis. 64.
Doubles—Jones. Philadelphia, 22;
Ennis. Philadelphia, 20.
Triples—Ennis. Philadelphia, and
Purlllo. Brooklyn. 7.
Home runs—Kiner, Pittsburgh, 21;
Gordon, New York, and Muslal, St.
Louis. 14.
Stolen Bases—Robinson, Brooklyn.
17: Reese, Brooklyn, 11.
Pitching—Branca. Brooklyn, 10-2,
.833; Helntxelman, Philadelphia, 9-3,
Strlkouts — Spahn, Boston, 68;
Branca, Brooklyn, 63._ r
Portland, 1—0; Sacramento. 0—1.
Seattle. 7—2; Son Diego, 3—3.
Los Angeles, 3—4; San Francisco,
0 3.
Oakland, 12—0; Hollywood, 4—3.
NATS’ MARGIN OF VICTORY—Here’s Ed Stewart crossing the
plate in the fifth inning after walloping a ball over the right
field fence to provide the tally that meant an ultimate 2-1 con
quest of the Yankees here yesterday. That’s Plate Umpire
Charley Berry at right, about to supply a ball to take the place
of the one Stewart lost. —AP Photo.
Cardinals' Lanier
Out to Show He's
Still Big Leaguer
By th« Associated Press
ST. LOUIS, July 4.—Max
Lanier will get his first chance
today, to prove he still is major
league material. The left
hander is slated to pitch for
the St. Louis Cardinals against
the Chicago Cubs in one of the
two scheduled holiday games.
Lanier signed his contract
with the Redbirds Saturday.
He was the last member of the
trio which jumped to the
Mexican League in 1946 to re
turn. Lou Klein and Fred
Martin came back earlier and
Klein already has earned a pay
Lanier held a record of six
victories against no defeats be
fore he jumped from the Car
dinals three years ago. This
year he had eight triumphs and
one defeat with the Quebec
Provincial League where he was
playing when Baseball Com
missioner A. B. Chandler put
out the welcome mat for the
Three Fast Ones Scored
By Takoma Decorators
Special Dispatch to The Star
NORFOLK, Va., July 4.—The
Takoma Decorators of Washing
ton, D. C., won three games over
the week end. The girls’ softballers
took two here yesterday, beating
the Ben Morrells men’s team, 6-3,
and trouncing the Ben-Hers, 13-1.
Gladys Pietgen pitched a no-hit
ter against the Ben-Hers.
The Decorators beat the Larch
mont Boys’ Club Saturday night,
(Continued from Page A-15.)
the half-million mark by the
crowd of 16,769 ... 25 of the
Nats’ 60 games have been decided
by one run, with the Nats win
ning 11 of them. . . . When the
Yankees scored in the ninth, they
preserved a record of having been
shut out only once in their last
134 games.
Page, who was charged with the
defeat, has relieved Reynolds in 10
of the latter’s 13 starts. . . . Left
fielder Gil Coan saved the Nats
two runs in the third when he
streaked across an acre or so to
snare Joe Di Maggio’s liner. . . .
Di Maggio went hitless for the
first time since returning to active
duty, but it required another fine
catch by Mele in the eighth.
The Nats left 17 on base. . . .
Six in the first two innings. . . .
Secretary E. B. Eynon says that
the Nats’ stock owned by William
E. Richardson of Philadelphia—
about 40 per cent—isn’t on the
market, contrary to reports. . . .
Eynon reports that Richardson
has no intention of selling.
Nats, 2; Yankees, 1
Ne* York. AB. H. O. A. Weshing’n. AB.H. O. A
Coleman.ss 3 114 Coan.lf- 3 0 10
Stlmwelss.Sb 4 113 Mele.rf 3 3 3 b
Wood link. If. 3 0 10 Robertson.3b 8 10 4
Llndell.lt 3 0 0 0 Christman,3b 3 111
IN Maggio.ef 4 0 10 Stewart,If,rf 4 3 10
Berra,e_ 4 3 8 0 Vollmer.cf j 1 4 0
» Rlzzuto_ 0 0 0 0 Robinson,lb. 4 0 13 3
Sllvera.e .. 1 0 4 0 Kozar,3b 8 0 7 8
Kryhoskl.lb. 3 17 0 Dente.ss- 4 3 3 3
Pbtlllps.lb _ 3 1 * 0 Evans.e — 4 3 10
Johnson,3b _ 3 113 Calvert.p- 3 0 0 0
Mapes,rl_ 3 0 3 0 Hlttle.p 3 10 0
Bauer,rf_ 3 0 3 0 Haynes,p — 10 13
Reynolds,p — 0 0 0 4
* Keller_10 0 0
Page.p- 10 0 1
Totals. 357*30 14 Totals-40 13 33 10
* Ran for Berra In Bth.
+ Grounded out for Reynolds in 7th.
1 None out when winning run scored.
New York_ 000 000 001 00—1
Washington _ 000 010 000 01—2
Runs—Rlzzuto. Mele, Stewart. Errors—
Robinson, Johnson. Phillips. Runs hatted
In—Stewart. Johnson, Vollmer. Two-base
hits—Stewart. Berra. Home run—Stewart.
Sacrifices—Coleman. Bauer. Stewart (2).
Stlrnweiss. Christman. Double plays—
Robertson to Kozar to Robinson. Kozar to
Dente to Robinson (2). Reynolds to Cole
man to Kryhoski, Robinson (unassisted i.
Left on bases—New York. 10: Washing
ton. 17. Bases on balls—Off Calvert. 4;
off Reynolds, 4; off Hlttle, 1; off Page, 2:
off Haynes. 1. 8truck out—By Reynolds,
3; by Calvert. 1; oy Page, 4. Hits—Off
Reynolds. 6 in 6 innings: off Page. 6 In
4 innings; off Calvert, 3 in 4 innings;
off Hlttle. 4 in 4 Innings (none out in
Bth); off Haynes, 1 In 3 innings. Winning
pitcher—Haynes (2-3); losing pitcher—
Page (6-4) Umpires — Messrs. Berry,
Paparella and Hubbard. Time of game—
3:13. Attendance—16.768. ,
Jersey City. 7—1; Newark, 6—3.
Baltimore. 8; Syracuse. 5.
Toronto. 6—0: Rochester, E—3.
Montreal. 10—2; Buffalo. 7—3.
Northeast Nine Wins
First Half, Hot Race
Seen in Second
The neck-and-neck race be
tween Northeast Body Works and
Bamby Bread for the first-half
championship finally is over, and
observers today were wondering if
the second half was going to fol
low its pattern.
Since the outset of the season
either Northeast or Bamby had
control. They ended in a tie, and
finally settled things in a playoff
yesterday, with the Works win
ning, 2-1.
Billy Hite doubled to score Paul
(Dutch) Schaefer with the.win
ning run in the eighth. Schaefer
and Lefty Frisen of Bamby op
posed on the mound, each yield
ing six hits.
Damascus nosed out Sandy
Spring, 5-4, in the Montgomery
County League. Norman Murray
singled with the bases loaded in
the 11th to break up the game.
In other league games Colesville
beat Rockville, 10-8, and Silver
Spring trounced Bethesda, 14-7.
Falls Church Garage defeated
Fairfax Legion, 8-5, in a 12-inning
Fairfax County League game. Bob
Ambrogio smashed a triple with
two men on board to high light
a Falls Church four-run uprising
in the 12th.
In other sandlot games yester
day Marx Jewelers edged the
Washington Caps, 9-8, on the El
lipse, and the Shamrock Truck
ing Co. won its sixth straight,
12-5, over Dun Loring (Va.) at
Dunn Loring.
Strong Is Top Skipper
In Rock Hall Regatta
By the Associated Press
ROCK HALL, Md., July 4 —
Top honors in the Rock Hall
Yacht Club’s annual regatta were
earned yesterday by Albert N.
Strong of the host club.
Strong, in his Carlsark, cap
tured the Rock Hall Handicap
and also placed first in the race
for sailboats 20 feet and over.
P. Scott Beck’s Chief, sailed by
Jane Kibler, took second place
laurels in both events for the
Chester River Yacht and Country
Another Chester River entrant,
Tilghman Hubbard’s Poor Bud,
finished third in both races.
An added attraction in this
year’s regatta will be a race today
for motor workboats, the final
event scheduled.
Oakland Buys Fields
From Homestead Grays
Wilmer Fields, 25-year-old Negro
third baseman of the Washington
Homestead Grays, has been pur-i
chased by Oakland of the Pacific
Coast League. He is reporting
there today.
Fields, who stands 6 feet 1 inch
and weighs 195, was batting .3691
with the Grays, first-place club,
in the Negro American Association.'
McMahon Cbivrolit, Inc.
1218-46 Upshur St. N.W. GE. 0100
B*tw—a Gfiwyii Are, a 13th It.
We\y ti&e
•*4 l»h< Pofotooot
U-.i.lw STEAK house
nenarix a^ conditioned
1252 Fourth St. N.E. AT. 9708
VkUui 0:00 A M. to 11:80 P.M.
Son. A Hoi. 18:30 P.M. to 10:80 PJA.
Crack Calumet Trio
Heads Field Today
In Stars and Stripes
•y th» Atiociatad Pr*u
CHICAGO, July 4.—Calumet
Farm’s triple threat—Coaltown,
Armed and Free America—topped
a field of eight classy thorough
breds today for the 21st running
of the $50,000-added Stars and
Stripes Handicap at Arlington
Opposing the Warren Wright
entry are Dixlana’s speedy pair,
Shy Guy and Star Reward; King
Ranch’s Better Self; Oscar J.
Breault’s Brolite, and Woolford
Farm’s Delegate.
Ben and Jimmy Jones of the
Calumet board of strategy were
were expected to wait until a late
hour before deciding whether all
three of their entries will run in
the rich 1%-mile fixture.
Free America has been con
sidered a doubtful starter, but he
showed about as well as the
esteemed Coaltown when Star Re
ward beat them both in the recent
Equipoise Mile at Arlington. It
was Coal town's first setback in
nine races this season. He
finished second in the Equipoise
while Free America was fifth, but
only a neck out of third.
Free America is assigned 113
pounds for today feature while
Coaltown totes 130, two less than
he did in the Equipoise. Star
Reward takes up 5 more than
the 116 he packed in his three -
length win over Coaltown.
The status of Armed, Calumet’s
former champion and winner of
the 1947 Stars and Stripes, is in
teresting. The 8-year-old gelding
is reaching the retirement age
but he recently sped to an easy
win over a field of sprinters to
display his old form. He will
carry only 110 pounds today, 20
under his load in 1947.
Wins Big Bike Race
VINCENNES, France, July 4
OP).—Arie Van Vliet of Holland
won the Grand Prix de Paris bi
cycle race yesterday. Reginald
Harris of England '— second.
Golden Chance Makes Keen Bid
For Culpeper Jumper Tricolor
By Angelina J. Larabelh
Spatial Star Correspondent
CULPEPER, Va.. July 4.—Paul
Fout’s Golden Chance, 4-year-old
buckskin mare, carried a com
manding 20-point lead for jumper
honors into the final program of
the Culpeper horse show today.
Golden Chance yesterday won
the second round of the three
day modified Olympia and the
$300 jumper stake. Her closest
competitors, with 7 points each,
are Hi-Rock Farms’ Up-and-Go
ing and A. W. L., and John C.
Hopewell’s Circus Rose. Robert
C. Lee’s Bonne Fille has 6V2
points. Only two classes re
mained for the leapers.
Stewart Felvey’s Dominica, a
12-year-old chestnut gelding by
Sun Edwin-Husky Girl, rallied
yesterday to increase to 13 points
its bid for the working hunter
championship. Myma Felvey pi
loted Dominica to wins in the
ladies’ working hunters, and the
second lap of the working hunter
three-day high - score award.
Nancy Lee Huffman's Waverly
Molly, with 6*/a points, is runner
up, while Maxine IX’s Ally Broom
has 6 points.
Mrs. Amory Lawrence’s High
lander yesterday increased ms
lead to 8 points in the conforma
tion hunter division by taking a
second in the thoroughbred
hunters. Green Hill Farm’s Reno
Rose, winner of the event; Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Carigie’s Swift
Stream and Mile-Away Farm’s
Octebony follow with 8 points
Mr. and Mrs. W. Haggin Perry’s
pony entry Watch Me and Fox
Hollow Stables’ David scored two
wins each in the pony events.
Watch Me took the pony hunter
hacks and the pony hacks and
David was victorious in the small
pony hunters and the pony work
ing hunters.
The Virginia Horse Show Asso
ciation horsemanship class was
won by Jimmy Hacher, with
Nancy Lee Huffman, Betty Beryl
Schenck and Sue Ann Freeman
finishing in that order. Nancy
Lee returned to win the American
Horse Shows Association medal
class with Kathleen Rice, Maxine
IX, Sue Ann Freeman, Laura Lee
and Terry Drury finishing as
named. ^
Today’s final competition in*
eluded the $300 conformation
hunter stake and the $200 green
hunter stake.
Spencer, Hamilton Meet
In Virginia Golf Final
By tht Associated Press
HOT SPRINGS, Va., July 4.—
Defending Champion Wynsol
Spencer took on Jack Hamilton,
champ the year before, in today's
36-hole final of the Virginia Ama
teur golf title tournament. Both1
are from Newport News.
Spencer disposed of Medalist
Benno Janssen of Charlottesville,
2 up, and George Gosey of Lynch
burg, 3 and 1, yesterday, while1
Hamilton beat Pan Janssen of
Charlottesville, 1 up, and Irvin
Blanchard of Portsmouth, 4 and 2.1
- • i
New Orleans, 7—5; Little Rock, 5—0.
Birmingham. 7—8; Chattanooga. 3—2.
Mobile. 6—1: Memphis, 3—5.
Nashville, 10—8; Atlanta. 2—8.
Dayton. 7—3; Charleston, 2—4. I
Flint. 16; Saginaw, 5.
Grand Rapids. 8; Muskegon, 4.
World Record Is Set
By Speedboat Pilot
ly the Associated Press
4.—Dr. Walter G. Robinson piloted
his 225-cubic high inboard motor
boat to a world record of 81.8
miles an hour yesterday. k
Robinson was clocked over t*
5-mile course in the annual Thou-*,
sand Islands international i*-'j
board regatta. He swept both
heats to capture the Division 1
11 — . .*,v*
Redskins Sign Ehrhardt
The Washington Redskins re
ceived the signed contract of ~
Clyde Ehrhardt, a 230-pound cen- j
ter who will be playing his third ~
pro season. He’s 28 years old to- p
day. '*
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