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Baby Recovers From Typhoid
In 3 Days Thanks to New Drug
Chloromycetin Used
In Treating Cases at
Children's Hospital
Thanks to the new wonder drug,
Chloromycetin, Constance Stokes,
21 months, won a recent bout
with typhoid fever in three days
at Children's Hospital.
Before Chloromycetin was de
veloped, there* was no effective
weapon against typhoid, which
usually kept its victims critically
ill for about three weeks.
Constance, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. James Stokes, of St. Marys
City, Md., is the third youngster
to be treated at Children's Hos
pital for typhoid fever with the
new drug within the last four
In two of the cases, officials said,
results were “eminently good,”
with temperature drops to normal
recorded in two to three days after
the drug was started. In the third
case, the patient had a relapse
after two weeks. A second course
with the drug resulted in a fast
The hospital is investigating the
value of Chloromycetin in various
infections through a grant from
the National Institutes of Health.!
Scott's Defense Plans
Fight Against 99-Year
Sentence in Murder
(y tht A»ocrat*d Pr»i»
ROANOKE, Va., July 4.—Lee
(Buddy) Scott, 16, sentenced to
99 years in prison for the strangu
lation slaying of pretty Dana
Marie Weaver, a high school
classmate, remained calm today
as his attorneys prepared for
further legal battles in his behalf.
T. Warren Messick chief defense
council, has until Wednesday to
make known the grounds on which
he has asked that the verdict
against the young high school
athlete be set aside.
Mr. Messick made the motion
immediately after a Hustings
court jury found Scott guilty of
slaying Dana Marie, also 16, in
the parish house kitchen of Christ
Episcopal Church on May 8.
It took the jurors two hours and
13 minutes to find the Jefferson
High School junior guilty of first
degree murder.
If Judge Dirk A. Kuyk fails to
set aside the verdict, Scott, whom
the defense pictured as a “fine
young man,’’ probably will be
sentenced Wednesday. If he is,
his counsel has indicated the case
will be taken to Virginia's Su
preme Court of Appeals.
The youth, whom ■ the State
dubbed “an unusual, cruel killer”
as it asked the death penalty,
presented an unruffled front at
the Roanoke City Jail.
“Well, what do you think of
that? he asked a guard shortly
after he was led from the court
room Saturday.
“How many books do you think
I can read in that time?” .
Scott was visited by his parents
yesterday. Whether or not he
has eaten all of his meals since
the trial ended or attended jail'
church services could not be
In the week-long trial, the State
charged Scott killed Dana Marie
to silence her after he had made!
immoral advances.
The defense said Scott, Eagle
Scout and choir singer, had led
a “spotless” life marred only by
the church tragedy.
Never contesting the charge that
Scott killed the girl, the defense
said he did so in a “mental black
out” after Dana Marie had made
disparaging remarks about Jimmy
Webb, high school athlete and
“hero” of Scott’s.
The defense maintained
throughout the State failed to
show a "sex” motive for the crime.
Massanutten Caverns
To Be Auctioned Friday ,
By Jfi* Associated Press
—Massanutten Caverns, one of
the Shenandoah Valley's under
ground attractions 5 miles east
of Harrisonburg, will be sold at
auction Friday.
The property’s owner, Mrs.
Ethel Irwin Lineweaver, said she
is disposing of the resort because
her health does not permit her to
continue its management.
There are 194 acres in the prop
erty; a lodge, a swimming pool
and a nine-hole golf course.
The caverns were discovered in
1892 by Augustine Armentrout,
who was blasting for stone for
agricultural lime.
or What?
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Wp ftJcniits Mnf j
Maryland Bar Group
Ends Its Convention
At Atlantic City
ly th# Associated Press
—The Maryland State Bar Asso
ciation concluded its 54th annual
convention here yesterday.
Frank B. Ober, Baltimore at
torney and the author of Mary
land's new antisubversive law, is
the bar's new president.
In his acceptance speech, Mr.
Ober urged bar members to in
terest themselves in the covenant
of human rights through which
the recently-drafted declaration
of human rights of the United Na
tions would be put into binding
Gov. Lane called on the Fed
eral Government to do away with
taxes on amusements, luxuries
and utilities. He said these fields
of taxation should be available to
the States to finance State high
way, school and health programs.
Representative Short, Republi
can, of Missouri, who also spoke,
urged economy in Government to
“retain our freedom.”
After citing the tremendous
cost of the last two wars, he
"After all these vast expendi
tures of men and money, fight
ing two wars, and now being
called on to take care not only
of our former allies but our
enemies as well during these years
of peace, voting more this year
than we did last for European
recovery, try men’s souls.
“While I like to think I have
the milk of human kindness in
my veins, perhaps I am cold
I 4%
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Brightwoed Branch H Street Branch *
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Barking Facilities at All Three Officei
L... 1 " 11
For the first time in 9 years
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* X
blooded enough to realize that we
must keep ourselves strong be
cause a bankrupt America will
never be able to help anybody if
we go under. God knows, that’s
the last straw for the world.”
African Economy Shifts
Until 50 years ago, the econo
my of the Union of South Africa
was based ‘ almost entirely on
agriculture, but since then has
become largely industrial.
The cutback in heavy crude oil
output causpd Venezuela to cur
tail hiring of men.
Expedition Will Study
Glaciers in Antarctic
Evidence on whether the world
is getting warmer and slowly
melting the ice and snow of the
polar regions will be sought by
the joint Norwegian, Swedish and
British expedition preparing to
leave for the Antarctic late this
year, Oslo reports.
Holes will be bored in the gla
ciers to measure their depth and
study their history. Observations
will be made of any glacial shrink
Mystery Surrounds Burning
Of Cross in Virginia Town
By the Associated Press
COVINGTON, Va., July 4.—J.
G. Bayly, editor of the Covington,
Virginian, said yesterday he re
covered a small piece of cloth
from a cross that was set afire at
the end of a runway at the
Covington airfield.
Mr. Bayly described the cross
as made of two small, thin poles,
braced with wire, and supported i
at the base by rocics. <~uotn
wrapped around the cross appar
ently had been dipped in some in
flammable liquid.
He said the cross was set afire
Saturday night. From the airstrip,
constructed atop one of the hills
in the Covington region, the cross
could be seen by the whole town.
Egg Laid on Potato Chips
W. Woodward of Bath, Eng
land, put a plate of potato chips
outside the door for his cat and
a starling laid an egg on It.
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