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Fashion Notes
At luncheon the other day with |
Beulah Pope, divisional merchan
dise manager for a leading D. C.
department store, the conversa
tion turned to her recent buying
trip to the Continent.
She told us that today in Paris
It is not the Rue de la Paix or the
Place Vendome that is the street
most thought of when discussing
fashions. It is the Rue du Fau
bourg St. Honore.
The leather goods In Germany
are catching the eye of many an
American buyer in Europe. Mrs.
Pope found most of the articles
there to be of excellent quality,
handmade, of course, but sadly
lacking in fashion. Most things
are made under the most make
shift conditions.
While in the war-torn city of
Oflenbach-on-the-Main, across
the river from Frankfurt, she had
occasion to speak with several of
the fashion people there. She
told them the best way to cater to
the fashion needs of American
women was to find out exactly
what they wanted. Subscribing
the leading fashion magazines in
America, she told them, was the
best way of finding out precisely
what was needed and could be
sold to an American market.
Britain apparently is gaining
quite a hold in the fashion world.
Her hard-to-beat tailoring, and
exquisite woolens combined with
a growing awareness of what
American women want is part of
the picture. . . .
What next? Well, a hand-cut
signature for one thing. One that
may be applied to bill folds, hand
bags, and any other small leather
item you wish to individualize
that way. A wonderful idea if
you’ve been searching around try
ing to find something to give in
the way of a gift to your best man,
bridesmaids, etc. These hand-cut
signatures may be applied to the
little “shopper” pads, leather
notebooks, French purses, or even
a belt. . . .
There’s something about a Ceil
Chapman design that gives one
the impression that it is “on
stage.” For a long time we were
puzzled about this. Here was this
dramatic hinting of the theatrical
look about her clothes which have
intrigued us for a number of sea
sons. We couldn’t quite pin down
our feelings about these clothes
'til one day in a chat we men
tioned it to someone connected
with the theater. He told us that
Ceil Chapman had done a bit of
theatrical designing in the past.
And, speaking of the theater,
Mary Martin wears one of Ceil
Chapman’s gowns in her big love
scene with Ezio Pinza. When we
saw it in New York we thought it
strange that she was wearing a
dress that had been featured last
summer. The evening dress
of white voile with red em
broidered polka dots was a dress
that Mary MaPtin had worn with
much happiness and wanted dup
licated for SOUTH PACIFIC. Ac
cording to Ceil Chapman they just
put the dress back into the col
lection this season and they’re
selling more than they did last
year. . . _—E. 8.
For a quick 4 o’clock pickup on
a warm day mix equal amounts of
chilled prune juice and milk; add
a scoop of vanilla ice cream to
each glass, if desired, and serve
with long spoons and straws.
With Needle and Thread
By Peggy Roberts
This Infant of Prague panel is
embroidered in cross stitch using
Jewel colors to give a princely ef
fect. It measures 13 Vi by 10
Inches and will be greatly ad
mired in your heme, or much ap
preciated as a gift.
Pattern Envelope No. R2815
contains hot-iron transfer for
panel, color chart, embroidery il
lustrations and finishing direc
To obtain this pattern, send 20c
In coins, giving pattern number,
your name, address and zone
number to Peggy Roberts (The
Washington Star), P. O. Box 100,
Station O, New York 19, N. Y,
By Barbara Bell
Barbara Bell sew-rite perfor
ated Pattern No. 1909 comes in
sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, IS and 20.
Size 12, dress, 3% yards of 39
inch: cape, IV2 yards.
For this pattern, send 25 cents,
in coins, your name, address, pat
tern number and size wanted to
Barbara Bell (The Washington
Star), P. O. Box 99, Station G,
New York 19, N.Y.
Send 25 cents today for the
newest Stylist—the spring air?
summer issue has special features,
smart new frocks, original designs
—free pattern printed inside the
book. _
By Eleni
Beauty Editor
First-aid kits for beauty!
One for you to use when
sunning and one to use when
you are being exposed to the
glances of your fellow-vaca
Women who have traveled
extensively know the value
of having all their cosmetics
together. It makes for
easier availability. Where
packing is concerned, the
problem is greatly mini
mized when they are in con
venient, smaller sizes.
Aid With Careless Child
By Angelo Potn
Of course *11 children are irre
sponsible sometime or other but
when one seems to be that way
most of the time we have to con
sider what to do about it. Take
the child who steps out of his
clothes and leaves them on the
floor where they stay until some
body picks them up. He leaves the
water running in the bathroom I
basin, the washrag and towel on
the floor, the soap in the basin and
goes his way. He is just as likely
to climb a tree and forget to go to
school as he is to go there directly.
His lessons are hit or miss. He
never does anything he should do
until somebody gets behind him
and shoves him into action, stands
by until the job is done. This
adult is worn out but the young
ster is his usual calm and dreamy
Beating him is not the cure al
though human patience is tried to
the point where anything short of
murder seems in order. Force and
scolding is just a waste of energy.
This youngster must be trained
and treated from the start to the
finish of his way.
First, and don’t think this can
Emergency Dessert
All of us at one time or another
get caught by the unexpected
guest. For that contingency the
wise ones among us make sure
that the emergency shelf is well
stocked with such items as may
be whipped into something de
licious—and yet not look like
emergency stuff. Here, for in
stance, is a hurry-up dessert that
utterly belies its spur-of-the
minute origin.
Keep on the shelf a tin of maca
roons, a bottle of brown sherry,
some marshmallows. (And with
this new “long keeping” whipped
cream you can have some of that
on hand in the icebox, too.)
Break up a dozen or so of the
macaroons, and let them soak in
one cup of the sherry while you
are going through the preliminaries
for the rest of the meal. The
longer they can soak, the better.
Cut the marshmallows in two, and
have them soaking for the same
length of time in a cup of cream.
Mix together, put in tall sherbert
glasses, top with whipped cream
and a cherry, and set to get as
cold as the time allows. i
£(/ie smantest waif
to a
Th* most important Ring she will ever
receive is a Flawless Diamond from
Schwartz. Choose from a host of lovely
designs in 14K and 18K Yellow or White
Gold, or Platinum. ?
Plain 14K White Gold Ensemble with
Flawless Diamond-the set, $110
Engagement Ring with Flawless Dia
mond and two side Diamonds. Wedding
Ring with three Diamonds. Both are
14K Yellow Gold_the set, $189.50
Pficts imcluit t*x.
Divided Payments
Exclusive Agents
for Schofield Sterling
Lovely Selection jj
of I
Suitable Gifts VT
for your 708 7th STREET, N. W#
Bridal Party 1305 F STREET, N. W.
■ .■■■■■■■■Jl STtrlinl 1S2I
V J* *
be neglected, nave inis cnuo ex
amined, studied and treated by an
expert pediatrician, the trained,
experienced physician who devotes
his life to the care of children.
And if that wise physician says it
is the parent that needs treat
ment, take it.
Begin training him to see and
feel and share what goes on in the
house about him. Pick out one
chore, just one, like putting his
clothes where they belong, his toys
and such in their places, and keep
at that until he seems to have
caught the idea. Don’t bother
about his leaving the doors open
or forgetting what he is to do.
just stick to that one point, “things
in their places,” before he leaves
the spot.
During this period, say nothing
about his other failures but de
pend upon the strength his train
ing in this one item of his daily
round will afford him. You will
And that once his mind takes hold
on one action, it will move faster
toward some other long neglected
action. Each difficulty overcome
adds compound power, not to the
intelligence, perhaps, but surely to
the character and the general tone
of the intelligence certainly will be
healthier. The disinterested, irre
sponsible child is not using his in
telligence and disuse of any func
tion weakens it. Push him along
step by step and he is bound to
improve intellectually, mentally
and physically.
This is one of the most difficult
tasks any parents or teacher un
dertakes but success in it is most
The two pictured kits were
originally designed for an
overseas airways corpora
tion which presented them to
lady passengers on their
overseas flight. So popular
was the idea that not too
long ago plans were made
’ to include them along with
the other items that com
pose one of the leading
beauty lines of the world.
The Sun Kit contains a
fluffy cleansing cream, sun
tan oil, sun-pruf cream, o
healing cream for sensitive
skins over-exposed to the
sun, wind or water, a bottle
of a blue grass flower mist,
skin lotion, powder, a cream
makeup foundation and the
tissues and cotton pods with
which to properly opply your
creoms and lotions.
The Beauty Kit contains
a bottle of milky liquid
cleanser, velva cream, cream
foundation, skin lotion, pow
der, superfine tooth paste,
the blue grass flower mist
fragrance, tissues and cot
ton pads.
Whether planning a trip
to the country, beach or
whether traveling by rail,
sea or oir—take along one
of these 4-inch-by-7-inch
miniature travel kits con
taining all the beauty prep
arations you'll need. When
you discover how beautifully
priced they are you'11 want
to let all your friends who
are planning trips know
**hout them.
It's easy when you use this
flower cutter-holder by Wiss.
You can reach out-of-the-way blooms
or the back of a bush without fear of
scratches from thorns. The garden enthusiast
will love it! 3.50
V _ *«.
• Also at Spring Valley.
A cool and lightweight
cotton seersucker robe that
needs no ironing in three styles to
fit any occasion. Bright fruit shades
of strawberry, blueberry, or lemon
piped with plaid.* 12-20 with
some larger sizes, S.9S.
Negligees, Fifth Floor.
Julius Garfinckel & Co.
F Street at Fourteenth
Why Grow Old?
Swimming Makes for Slimness
ly Josephine Lowman
Swimming is a nice, cool way
to slim down this summer. Every
hot season women write to ask
about the effect this sport has
on the feminine silhouette. It is
rather difficult to tell you truly
because the information is apt
to sound contradictory.
Let me say that swimming is
a normalizer of the figure unless
you take it very seriously and
go in for constant practice for
competitive races, concentrating
on the crawl. Sometimes cham
pion swimmers have overdevel
oped muscles at the shoulders
and the diaphragm. This is not
something the average woman
has to worry about.
Some overweight women won
der if they should swim, since
they have heard that swimming
builds up and is recommended
for underweight women. The
reason for prescribing this exer
cise for underweight or nervous
women is because it is milder
than other exercises since the
body weight is supported by
water. However, this does not
mean that it will make you fat.
Actually, swimming is a won
derful way to work off those
fatty deposits and at the same
time firm up and build smooth
lovely contour. The breast stroke
is a great abdominal reducer, la
corrective to round shoulders and
firms chest and arm muscles. This
flutter kick is fine for slimming
abdomen and hips.
I should mention that thfr
breast stroke also offers one df
the best exercises for the inner
leg and thighs. So—take swim
ming to your heart and figure!
If you are really serious about
ridding yourself of the fat pad on
the abdomen and discarding a
protruding tummy you can do the
following exercise, too.
Lie on the floor on your back.
Place a book or two on your
tummy. Keeping the back on the
floor, raise and lower the booKp
with the muscles of your abdo
If you would like to have my
tested exercises which will take
inches from your abdomen in a
few weeks’ time, send a stamped,
self-addressed envelope with your
request for leaflet No. 2 to Jo
sephine Lowman in care of Tha
Evening Star._
To Crumb Table
If the dining table needs to ba
crumbed, after the dishes havd
been removed and the guests still
are seated, use a small plate and
a small napkin.
.. . *
Now $10 Now $14 Now $18
Plain and Printed Pima Cottons, Plain and Printed Shantungs,
Linens, Chambrays, Oxford Crepes, Others.
Now $15 Now $20 Now $25
Fine Rayon Crepes and Pure Silk Prints. Superb fabrics and
unusual high fashion styles. Black, Navy and bright colors.
Now $25 Now $30 Now $35
Chiffons, nets, marquisettes, organdies. For Dinner and Evening.
Light and dark colors.
Now $35 Now $42.50 Now $55
Pur worsteds, flannels, sharkskins, gabardines, tweeds. For vaca
tion, travel and fall wear.
||j|||Dflipa» ■wM'tito* J/i
Now $3 Now $5 Now $7
Long and short sleeves. Pastels, white and dark shades.
Now $8 Now $15
Also play suits and sun dresses. One pnd two piece styles.
Now $5 Now $7.50 Now $10
Pure silks, rayon crepes, nylons. Sizes 32 to 40.
Now $5 Now $10
^ *
Straws. Large and Small Brims. Original models.
All Sales Final
n i i
t% \

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