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tvfcter koto concroto or wood Boor point. Mvl,
ton9 biting, won't crock, chip or fodo.
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Killing of Two Siamese
Draws Father's Protest
■y tii* Associated Press
BANGKOK, Siam —The bamtxx
drum in the village of Tango*
sounded the chief’s alarm: Bewart
of bandits in the district. Na
Roon and Nai Rau, two residents
hastened to report to the village
chief as called for by regulations.
Police arrived and arrested the
two young men. Then they took
them out and shot them to death
without trial. Nai Phan Naniow,
the two youths’ father, is com
plaining to his representative in
Philadelphia’s downtown streets
are all one-way except three.
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• '
Jewish DP Problem
Eases in West, but
Is Serious in Israel
MUNICH, Germany, July 5
(CDN)—Western Europe’s Jewish
refugee problem is nearly ended.
Austrian displaced persons camps
will be cleaned out within 60 days
and officials of Jewish agencies
in Germany have their sights set
on December.
But the world Jewish displaced
persons problem seems more con
fused than ever. Sixty thdusand
Jews today live in displaced per
sons camps in Israel, because of
i the acute housing shortage. A
quarter million remain restless
and in fear in Romania. Another
300,000 in Tunisia, Algeria and
Morocco are in grave danger as
the Arabs carry on ruthless at
tacks. In Hungary another 100,000
fear they must move, and 12,000
more in Vienna aren’t sure what
will happen next.
So well have the Zionists
preached the gospel of ‘‘Israel,
the new homeland.” that today,
with the original problem—
Europe—fairly well solved, the
Jewish problem as a whole re
tains really serious proportions.
Israel Population Swells.
The Jewish population of Pal
estine was 650,000 in 1940. Today
it is 925,000 and it will be 1,000,
000 by January 1. In the past 12
months 175,000 Jews have been
moved to Israel, and the agencies
now are moving 25,000 a month.
Down in Israel, where building
materials must be imported almost
exclusively, those forced into old
British army barracks have only
: one advantage over their displaced
persons status here; they are
working, building their own
‘‘But, oh, what a rat race,'
sighed a high official of the Jew
ish Agency for Palestine." A few
weeks ago in Marseille I tele
graphed the camps here in Ger
many that I had ships ready for
; 1,200. I got 6,000. It wasn’t fair
ito the French, to me. to any
body—but there they were.
New Problems Daily.
"We refuse to send ships to
North Africa because we’ve not
ieven bar-racks in Israel for those
Jews. But when they charter a
boat, sail to Haifa and say ‘Here
we are.’ what can we do? Re
cently a Turkish pirate skipper
took fat sums from 29 Jews, sailed
them within a mile of the shores
of Israel and actually threw them
overboard, with a boat that held
but half of them and was so old
it soon capsized. Four of them
drowned. Jews come from every
where. unannounced and often in
the flight. We never know what
new problems await us at day
For years the campaign was
one for arousing world sympathy
for the homeless Jew in DP camps,
and others subjected to persecu
That campaign was tremen
dously successful. The surge of
humanity is on. and it’s engulfing
the little nation of 750,000 (whfen
Israel became official in 1948)
clinging to the fringe of green land
along the Mediterranean shore,
with the desert behind.
' North Africa Next.
After Europe? “We’ll start on
North Africa,” say the officials.
! "Jews in Poland, 70,000, seem con-!
tented now. French Jews want tc
migrate but we’re not interested
They’re 'all right. We will get
some from the Arab countries
pOR over halt a century
the house ot Brewood
has brilliontlv interpreted
the ideals ot engraving
craftsmanship that are
honored today.
Engravers Fine Printer*
1 2 1 7 G S T R E E T, N.W
i V
Fmtneut Southern
dPjaqtucfet anc
1138 Conn. Avo. N.W.
4860 Mom. Avo. N.W.
1357 Wise. Avo. N.W.
»-*»•«*■ Aw- * Uxw law - MTHtSPA
especially Egypt where many are
in concentration camps, but we’ve
got to be careful. The aged and
infirm must wait until we can
build houses for them. Those per
secuted most must come first.”
“Want anything from the
United States?” they were asked.
He grinned. "Give us a few
capitalists, willing to invest in in
dustry,” he said.
“Give us the money to set up
our Negeb irrigation scheme.
"Give us dollars to buy lumber.
“Israel has no problems money
won’t cure, which makes us a
normal nation in these times."
First Pakistan Jews
Migrating to Israel
By the Associated Press
KARACHI—A Jewish party ot
about 12 men. women and chil
dren is migrating from Pakistan
to Israel. There are about 400
Jews in Karachi and this is the
first contingent to migrate.
The migrating party includes
business people who have been in
this part of the world for years.
They say they hope for "better
prospects” in ^srael.
i !
Australia Has 25,000
More Men Than Women
By the Associated Press
CANBERRA, Australia.—Girls,
there are more men in Australia
than women. The difference is
about 25,000.
Last December 31 there were
7,794.880 people in Australia. They |
comprised 3,910.051 males, 3,884,-;
829 females.
This was an increase of 156,252
in a year. The natural increase,
excess of births over deaths, was i
101,137. Net migration—arrivals !
over departures—added 55,115. I
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