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I JO Flying Hours From Now York I
I In NowooNTypo, longott-Rnngo I
For Abovo-Wootlior Flying I
'Whtnycv jo..»CO I
Foo Your Tray I Again or I
(3fY,627 N.W., Wosh-1
»9ion, D. c SToriing 67671
Ocean City Hearing Set
For Sheriff in Raid Case
By th§ Associated Press
! OCEAN CITY, Md., Aug. 4 —
Worcester County Sheriff Arthur
Duer will get a hearing here on
charges that he “corruptly and
knowingly” failed to perform his
The case was transferred here
Tuesday from Snow Hill on a
I change of venue asked by Sheriff
Duer’s attorney, William H. Price.
No date has been set for the
hearing, which will be in Magis
trate James B. Robbins’ court.
The charges against Sheriff
Duer were made by Vincent K.
| Brittingham, former deputy sheriff,
who was fired by Mr. Duer in
June. The dismissal came after
Mr. Brittingham raided Rick’s
Raft, an Ocean City night club.
Sheriff Duer said the raid was
staged without his knowledge and
while he was out of the county.
Mr. Brittingham said he hadn’t
even been summoned to Tuesday's
scheduled hearing.__
The cost of striping and re
striping 100,000 miles of highway
each year is estimated at $2,800,
l000 or $28 a mile.
Marriage License
Under D. C. law, couples must
apply for a marriage license on
one day, wait three full days and
receive the license on the fifth
day. Sundays and holidays are
counted the same as other days.
Carl A. Alaxander. 26. College Park, Md.,
and Mary L. Kemp, 22, 2518 Tu»
law rd. n.w.
George T. Irving. 33. 1708 Massachusetts
ave. n.w., and Gloria I. Colon, 30, 2131
O st. n.w.
Frederic J. Grover, 2P. 2630 Adams Mill
rd. n.w . and Gloria C. Waldron. 31,
1277 New Hampshire ave. n.w.
John V. Sullivan. 25. and Anna F. John
son. bofh of Hyattsville. Md.
Wilbert Dean. 23. Fort Belvoir. Va.. and
Namer L. Schott, 22, 1818 Vernon st.
Robe'rt L. Lowe. 27, Ashland. Ore., and
Mercedes Davis, 25, Chevy Chase. Md.
J. Truitt Moehrlng, 70, 1708 21st st.
n.w.', and Mary F. T. North, 28, 1(12
Connecticut ave. n.w.
Winner J Wilkie. 28, 824 Marietta pi.
n.w.. and Lillian C. Litz, 25, 401 Mis
souri ave. n.w.
Clarence A. Awkward, 25, 5.32 3rd st. me.,
and Nancy Derth, 25, 726 Kenyon it.
John*J. O’Keefe. 70, 1372 Randolph st.
ne. and Kathryn L. Hogan, 18, 3,12
48th st. n.w.
Clarke P. Allen. 27, 3105 Cathedral ave.
n w., and Dorothy E. Wandke, 24, 3440
Connecticut ave. n.w.
George Jackson. 43, 2408 ],th pi. s.e., and
Sadie Noral, 27, 418 Marion st. n.w.
Bernard Lev. 24. 4574 7th st. n.w . and
Gloria Levinson. 73, 3905 Ames st. n.e.
William R. Whitfield, 27, New York City,
and Nellie M. Pope. 21, 512 Kenyon st.
Burdin* W. Mayes, Jr 20. Lexington. Ky,.
and Lillian Lee, 23, 441 Kennedy st.
Paui*C. Mattos. 21. and Jean E. Workman,
18. both of 3362 Tennyson st .n.w.
William Counselman, 35 . 3641 Pulton st.
n.w., and Helen W. Smith, 30, Arllncton.
Stanley Peldman, 22, 6727 3rd pi. n.w#
and Prances L. Setnlck, 19, 1388 Rlt
lenhouse st. n.w,
Julius Schraeder. 42. and Mildred L.
Hurly, 40, both of 3037 K st. n.w.
Raymond M. Brown, 18, 1246 Delaware
ave.~ s.w., and Jeanne D. Maddox, 18,
1015 3rd-at. s.w.
George D. Rock, 49, 4602 South Dakota
ave. n.e., and Mary R. Craven, 44, 3729
Jeniter st. n.w.
John J. Coogan, 1R. Arlington, Va., and
Frances C. Boykin, 18, 1619 L st. n.w.
George Davis, 19, 223 F st. n.e.. and
Emma L. Bransome, 20, 1147 6th st.
Owen’ M. taster, 29, Philadelphia, and
Gloria X. Thompson. 19, 424 Luray
Norma”'*!,. Brown. 20, 4420 E st s.e.,
and Hazel J. Matthews, 18, 4103 Hayes
John O.'coleman, 30, 4460 E st. s.e., and
Gertie L. P. Gordon, 34, 4726 B st. s.e.
Garfield Jones, jr„ 31. and Evelyn Hawk
ins, 28, both of 1237 2nd st. s.w.
Edward T. Fitzgerald. 24. 703 M st. n.w.,
and Ada M. Battagllni, 24, 5422 1st
st. n.e.
Edward Crawford. 32, 849 21st st. n.w.,
and Rose L. Payne, 36. 837 Q st. n.w.
Nelson V. Tubbs. 22. 139 Bates st. n.w.,
and Beverly J. Trite, 18, 137 Bates
Norman *C. Nourse, 27, 1217 Kenyon st.
n.w., and Bloomer R. Salleye, 23. 2636
Bowen rd. s.e.
Earl Hughes, 24, and Evelyn A. La Covey,
24, both of 1360 D st. n.e.
Rov E. Carlson. 24, 38 Longfellow st.
n.e., and Gladys L. Renneberger, 20,
806 Whittier pi. n.w.
Leonard J. Patterson, 22, 4400 Ord st.
n.e., and Frances B. Aldridge, 24, 2025
13th st. n.w.
Births Reported
(From the D. C. Bureau of Vital Statistics)
Charles and Mary Ball, boy.
William and Marjorie Brown, boy.
Francis and Evelyn Clements, bo.v.
Raymond and Maudie Cornwell, girl.
Earle and Helen Cook, boy.
Ovid and Violet Crider, girl.
Robert and Shirley Curtis, boy.
Harvey and Hester Dunnington, boy.
Marvin and Peggy Evans, boy.
Edward and Alba Gibbs, boy.
Edward and Lucille Gross, boy.
Lloyd and Coralle Harker, boy.
Billy and Ruby Hooper, boy.
Ross and Helen James, girl.
George and Ellen Johnson, boy.
Samuel and Virginia Justice, boy.
William and Vivian Newbill. boy.
Beniamin and Mary Padgett, boy.
Charles and Lily Prohaska, girl.
Charles and Leafle Paltz, girl.
Robert and Fern Putt, boy.
John and Gladys Reed, girl.
Proston and Ann Ruark, girl.
Edward and Caroline Scott, girl.
Clyde and Marv Stewart, boy.
Broadus and Shirley Varner, boy.
Harold and Myrtle Walker, boy.
Joseph and Catherine Adams, boy.
Herbert and Clothilde Alston, boy.
Charles and Juanita Banks, girl.
James and Lee Barton, girl.
Calvin and Alice Bauknight, girl.
George and Kathleen Boyd, boy.
Phillip and Alice Bradley, girl.
William and Irene Brown, boy.
Louis and. Thelma Bruce, boy and girl.
Peter and Mallshia Bryant, boy.
William and Ruth Bundy, boy.
Lsalah and Ella Burton, boy.
Harry and Anna Butler, girl.
Moses and Gloria Carter, girl.
Alvin and JUanlta Chase, girl and boy.
William and Mary Colbert, boy.
Lee and Catherine Crooker, girl.
James and Elizabeth Cunningham, boy.
Daniel ana Vedle Day, boy.
Willie and Minnie Edwards, boy.
William and Theresa Evans, boy.
David and Lena Everett, boy.
George and Isabella Farrell, girl.
Sherman and Ruth Franklin, girl.
Beauford and Cornelia Garrett, boy.
Louis and Eileen Gilliam, girl.
Dickie and Faye Goosby, girl.
Herman and Ellen Green, girl.
James and Juanita Green, girl.
Norris and Esther Harvey, girl.
Walter and Harriet Haynes, girl.
Lenwood and Bertha Hearne, boy.
Beniamin and Dorothy Irving, boy.
Andrew and Myrine Jackson, boy.
David and Mary Johnson, boy.
Lewis and Sallle Johnson, girl.
Lenza and Virginia Johnson, girl,
George and Christine Johnson, girl,
Charles and Mary Johnson, boy.
McKinley and Edith Joyner, boy.
Jarfield and Cora Keaton, girl.
James and Lillian King, girl.
Avery and Lucy Lakey, girl.
Gordon add Bettina Latimore, girl. ,
Bryan and Lillian Lawrence, girl.
Jerry and Gloria Little, girl.
Alexander and Christine Manning, girl.
Morris and Virginia Martin, girl.
Thomas and Elaine Martin, boy.
Roger and Grace Matthews, boy.
Leroy and Clyde McLaurln, girl.
Alfred and Selena Morrow, girl.
Bruce and Gertrude Newton, girl.
Stanley and Bruce Paige, boy.
Wiills and Estelle Paige, girl.
William and Mabel Parson, girl.
Ralph and Annie Patterson, boy.
William and Ethel Perryman, boy.
Ralph and Ada Peters, girl.
Frederick and Estella Peters, boy.
James and Corine Plckeral. girl.
Walter and Bessie Poole, girl.
Walter and Genevieve Proctor, girl.
Earlie and Josephine Robinson, boy.
Toy and Lillian Robinson, boy.
Harry and Margaret Schaefer, girl.
Ernest and Florence Smith, boy.
Arthur and Annie Stewart, boy.
William and Rose Taylor, boy.
Thomas and Carria Teague, girl.
Lacher and Christie Telefalre, boy.
William and Fannie Tolbert, boy.
Harry and Agnes Tolson. girl.
James and Dorothy Waddy, boy.
John and Constance Wages, boy.
Willie and Virginia Walker, boy.
Frazer and Mamie Walton, boy.
Roy and Mabel West, boy.
Thomas and Regina Wilkins, boy.
Willis and Alice Williams, girl.
Casey and Cairle Williams, boy.
Deaths Reported
(Prom the D. C. Bureau of Vital Statistica.)
Alice Potts, 84, 647 11th st. n.e.
Ira Hayes. 84. 2611 Otis st. n.e,
Eva Herkenroder, 8.1. unknown.
Mary Powers, 80, DIO Jackson it. n.e.
William Schlnnerer. 74, 3637 Warren it.
Hattie Brett, 74. 40B Aspen st. n.w.
Joseph Rauh. 72. 116 P st. n.e.
Mary Gibson. 72. 615 8th st n.w.
Harry Bartlett, 70. 317 H st. n.e.
George Dennis. 68. Corozal Canal Zone.
Bessie Power. 68, 2407 15tht st. n.w.
Genevieve McLaughlin, 66, 1610 16th it.
Willard*Adams, 66, 1354 North Carolina
ave. n.e.
Edith Main. 65. 3852 Calvert aL n.v.
Jesse Bassett. 61, Soldiers’ Home
Joseph Visentin, 61, 302 H at. n.w.
Ann Rapuzzl, 61. Silver Sprlna, Md.
John Murphy. 56. Arlington, Va.
Edward Colbert. 56. 1435 N st. n.v.
Morris Stamen, 49, 4417 Alabama avis
Wilifam Constable ,42, 720 Virginia ava.
Robert Brown, 33. Alameda, Calif.
James Jordan. 87, 402 4th st. s.e.
Prank Tyler, 78, 1015 22d st. n.w.
Prank Wells, 77, 1700 13th st. n.w.
Mamie Harris, 60, 1942 I st. n.e.
Eliza Briscoe. 58. 2488 Phillips et. n.v.
Prances Prayor, 51, Pactolus. N. C.
Annie Brown. 44, 320 5th st. s.e.
Burk Akins, 41. 4113 Oault pi. n.e.
Nellie Moss, 41. 1411 11th st. n.w.
"I'm a Grateful
Gear .......
Thankful that I'm in a Studebaker
and get all my eervice from Butler
Bonded expert mechanic*." Precision
factory methods are the only kind Butler
mechanics use on your Studebaker.
To keep it in perfect condition bring
it to Bytler-Bonded Quality Service.
Lee D. Butler, Xnc.
1121 21st St. N.W. 1534 Pa. Aye. S.I.
“Butler-Bonded Quality”
Furt Greatly
2 Brown Mouton-dyed Lamb
Coats, sizes 12 and 14. Were
$162. Now. _$120
1 Brown Mouton-dyed Lamb
Coat, size 11. Was $162. Now $90
1 Kaffa-dyed Pony Coat, size
14. Was $330. .Now-$240
1 Kaffa-dyed Caracul Lamb
Coats, size 12. Was $354. Now’
1 Mink-dyed Fitch Jacket, size
18. Was $1,194. Now’_$540
2 Mink-dyed Squirrel Capes.
Were $300. Now _$180
1 Barunduki Cape. Was $180.
Now _ $60
1 2-Skin Mink-dyed Squirrel
Scarf. Was $36. Now -$12
3 4-Skin Mink-dyed Kohinor
Mink Scarfs. Were $96. Now $72
Prices include 20% tax.
W&L—Fur Salon, Third Floor
Scarfs and Ties
175 Rayon or Silk Scarfs and
Tie*. In plain colors or bright
prints. Were 60c to $14.95. Now
30c to $11.20
30 Rayon Print Halters, Were
$1.95. Now _$1
6 Cotton Print Halters, Were $1
Now -:- 50c
300 Square Cotton Scarfs. Were
50c to $3.95. Now --25c to $1.95
35 Terry Cloth Ensembles. Were
$1.95 to $2.95. Now_75c & $1
6 Cotton Denim Beach Bags.
Were $1.95. Now, including tax
35 Cotton Halters and Bolero
Seta, in plain colors or bright
prints. Were $2.95 and $3.95.
Now ..$1.50 and $2
W&L—Neckwear, Aisle 17,
First Floor
Two-way Stretch
Girdles, $2.50
Wtrt S3 JO
65 Kleinert's girdles woven of
rayon. Tearose in small, me
dium, large.
43 Kleinert’s Rubber Sturdillex
Girdles. Nude. Sizes 29, 30,
31. 32. Were $2.95. Now—-$2
52 Pairs Selecte Shoulder Straps
in black rayon, washable, ad
justable. Were 15c. Now-5c
62 Boxes Tintex in gray or
blue box. Several colors. Were
15c. Now_5c
6 Film Plastic Garment Bags,
57 inches long. Wine or maize.
Were $5.95. Now-.$4.50
52 Pairs Shoulder Pads in white
rayon. Were 25c. Now-15o
18 Tearose Garter Belts in
nylon mesh. Sizes 26, 28. Were
$1.25. Now__ 80c
39 Puritan Sanitary Belts in
flesh color. Sizes 26, 28. Were
58c. Now_40c
12 Kleinert’s Braforms in nude
cotton net. Sizes 32. Were $2.
Now _ - - -$1.50
24 Gay Plaid Rayon Taffeta
Sewing Boxes . . . attractive,
useful. Were $2.25. Now—$1.50
W&L—Notions, Aisle 21,
First Floor
Checked Rayon
Surah Suits, $16.50
Were 122.9S
48 suits In one-button style,
three-button notch collar style,
four-button club collar style
with long sleeves. Green, blue,
gold, black, red. Sizes 10 to 20.
8 Rough Weave Rayon Suits,
classic, long-sleeved style. Sizes
10, 12, 16. Were $17.95. Now
10 Flock-dot Co-Ed Tropic
Cool Suits, crisp rayon. Pink
with white—sizes 14 to 20; green
—sizes 16 and 20; blue—size 20;
and brown—size 12. Were
$22.95. Now-.$16.50
W&L—Women's and Misses’
Suits and Coats, Third Floor
Granite Nylon
Hose $1
If perfect would sell for
$1.40 and $U$
360 pairs Slightly Irregu
lar Nylons, 15, 20 and 30
denier, 51 gauge In group.
Assortment of shades.
Broken sizes.
W&L—Hosiery, Aisle 19,
First Floor
Misses' Dresses Reduced
A largo group of cottons, one and two-piece styles, solid colors
and prints; rayon prints; a few linen and silk prints. Assorted
colors. Sixes 10 to 16.
50 were $11.95 to $25. Now-$7.75
20 were $22.95 to $39.95. Now.. .._$14.50
30 were $22.95 to $49.95. Now-T-$16.50
» 5 were $25. Now -$18.75
6 were $29.95. Now_$22.25
10 were $69.95 and $79.95. Now-$26.25
8 were $89.95 to $110. Now -S44.50
10 were $89.95 to $315. Now..$52.25
4 were $125. Now - $71.25
W&L—Misses' Dresses, Third Floor
Misses' Formats Reduced
A group of rayon fabrics including nets, taffetas, marquisettes,
crepes, cotton organdies, piques and crepes, and a few pure silk
chiffons. Assorted colors. Sizes 10 to 16.
6 were $17.95 to $19.95. Now- $9.75
4 w'ere $29.95. Now.. -$14.50
8 were $29.95 to $35. Now-$16.50
8 were $45 to $49.95. Now_$26.25
5 were $69.95. Now . ...$33.75
4 were $69.95. Now_$47.50
2 were $135. Now. $67.50
1 was $250. Now.$112.50
W&L—Misses’ Formal Wear, Third Floor
Misses' and Women's
Summer Dresses
$7-75 to $10-75 Were $10.95 to $11.95
400 Dresses in cotton, rayon Bemberg sheer, rayon crepe. One and
two-piece styles in group. Plain and prints In pastel and dark colors.
Wide assortment of styles for your choosing. Misses’ Sites JO to 20.
Women’s sites 38 to 44. Women’s half-sites 14 54 to 2414.
W&L—Inexpensive Dresses, Third Floor
Little Folks'
Seersucker Boxer Shorts, 95c
Were $1.65
200 Pairs Cotton Seersucker Boxer Shorts, in blue, green or red and
white stripe. Sites 1, 2 and 3.
20 Krinkle Krepe Bunting* in
blue and white rayon. Zipper
fastened, detachable bonnet
hood. Were $12.95. Now...$5.95
12 Matching Afghans. Were
*7.95. Now - -.$2.95
22 White Off-shoulder Blouses
in cotton broadcloth, trimmed
with red or blue. Sizes 1 to 3.
Were $1.95. Now--$1.45
25 Cotton skirts in sizes 1 to 3.
Plaid cotton or white bird’s-eye
^cotton pique with plaid ruffle
trim. Were $1.95. Now-$1.45
2 Folding Tubs of water-proof
fabric on wood frame. Were
$14.95. Now .$7.95
W&L—Nursery, Corner, Fourth Floor
Sportswear Reduced
28 Cotton Dresses, two-piece
barn dance style, assorted
pi nts. Sizes 10 to 16. Were
$10.95. Now $4.50
12 Wool Suits, plain or checked,
assorted styles, broken sizes.
Were $69.95 to $8955. Now
25 Cotton Blouses, blue, green
or brown. Sizes 10 t ol6. Were
$5. Now _$3
15 Rayon Sport Jackets, navy,
sand or strawberry. Assorted
sizes. Were $1655. Now. .$12.50
50 Denim Weskits and Blouses,
gray, green, blue or brown. As
sorted sizes. Were $355. Now
W&L—Sportswear, Third Floor
Hair Brushes 95c
Wtrt tllS
96 Hair Brushes, nylon bristles,
assorted styles.
36 Scalp Massage Hair Brushes.
Were $1. Now_68c
10 Sachet Pillows, assorted fra
grances. Were $2.70. Now $1.50
Frtcee include tn% tax where
W&L—Toiletries, Aisles 14, 16,
First Floor
25 Silk Shantung Skirts and
Jackets, gray, green, purple.
Sizes 10 to 16. Were $14.95. Now
each $7.95
80 Cotton Boucle Sweaters, slip
on style in assorted colors.
Broken sizes. Were $295. Now,
100 Rubber Bathing Caps,
white. Small, medium and large
sizes. Were $1. Now.—25s
30 Cotton Dresses, lilac, wine or
brown two-tone. Sizes 10 to 16.
Were $8.95. Now.$6.50
400 Children's
Anklets, 20c
Were, pair, 39c aai more
Plain colors, fancy tops
on plain colors ... all cot
ton, assorted sizes and
styles, 5 to 814.
W&L—Children’s Hose,
Fourth Floor
Remnont Day Merchandise on Sale Friday morning at 9:30, is not returnable or exchangeable, nor sent C. 0. D.
or on approval; mail or phone orders not accepted. Some items are soiled marred, damaged or otherwise imperfect
Nylon Jersey
Slips, $5.95
If perfect would be SI.9S
50 Large size, irregular nylon
slips. Pink or white. Sixes 44
and 46.
25 Nylon Jersey Pantaloons,
lace trimmed, blue or white.
Sizes 5 to 7. If perfect would be
*755. Now..$350
25 Rayon Jersey Gowns, short
sleeve style, white, pink or
yellow. Broken sizes. Were
$755. Now----$3.75
25 Heavy Cotton Briefs, tea
rose. Small size. Were 78c.
Now - 35c
10 Nylon Jersey Slips, hand
made, black or white. Broken
sizes. Were $10.95 and $12.95.
Now _$7.75
10 Rayon Jersey Gowns, lace
trimmed, blue or pink. Broken
sizes. Were $4.75. Now...$2.75
W&L—Knit Underwear,
Third Floor
Misses' Travel
Robes, $9.50 .
Were S14.9S
15 Rayon Travel Robes in tur
quoise, royal blue or shrimp
offset with white piping. Sizes
12 to 20.
10 Housecoats of cool cotton
seersucker, gay floral prints.
Sizes 12 and 14. Were $8.95.
Now _$3.75
10 Bed Jackets, rayon crepe or
rayon satin in white or peach.
Were $1055. Now.__$5.75
15 Hostess Gowns in rayon taf
feta, rayon crepe or pure silk.
Navy, mustard, champagne,
dark green, turquoise, lime or
wine in group. Sizes 10 to 18.
Were $45 to $69.95. Now,
$22.50 to $33.75
W&L—Negligees, Third Floor
Wool Gabardine
Box Coats, $44.50
Were SS9.96
17 Misses’ coats, full-box style,
to be worn with or without
belt. Kelly green, gray, royal
blue. Sizes 16 to 16.
3 Menswear Sharkskin Box
Coats, gray, brown. Sizes 16,
18. Were $59.95. Now.?.$34.75
8 Botany Super Chan Wool
Gabardine Coats, fitted dress
maker styles. Beige, gray, nile
green, navy. Sizes 10 to 16.
Were $89.95. Now..$4156
6 Fine Suede-cloth Box Coats.
Red, navy, kelly green. Sizes
8 to 16. Were $69.95. Now..$52.
2 Wool Gabardine Box Coats.
Kelly green. Sizes 12, 16. Were
" $89.95. Now. $67
16 Women’s Novelty All-wool
Crepe Coats. Navy, gray. Sizes
36 to 40. Were $69.95. Now $52
All coate properly labeled lor fabric
W&L—Women’s and Misses’
Coats and Suits, Third Floor
Blouses $2.45
Were 1435 *ni S53S
96 Blouses in rayon or
cotton. Overbid use and
tuck-in styles with jewel,
mandarin or tailored
neckline. White, pink,
gray or beige in group.
Sizes 32 to 31
W&L—Blouses, Aisle 15,
First Floor
120 Junior
$5.95 to $10.95
Were S10.95 to $29.95
Washable cottons in pas
tels and prints, rayons in
crepes, failles, taffetas in
attractive styles, assorted
colors. Sizes 9 to 15.
100 Junior Blouses in
washable cottons and
rayons. Dressy and clas
sic styles. All white. Sizes
9 to 15. Were $3.95 to
$7.95. Now-.,-$1.95
25 Junior Cotton 2-piece
Bathing Suits, printed in
gold, green, red. Wired
strapless bra, shirred
pants. Sizes small, me
dium, large. Were $12.95.
Now _$7.95
65 Junior Coats and Suits
i n lightweight wools,
suedes, gabardines, checks
... boxy and fitted coats
. . . tailored and bolero
suits. Sizes 9 to 15. Were
$39.95 to $69.95. Now,
$29 and $25
W&L—Junior Misses’
Apparel, Fourth Floor
Worsted, 95c
Was S1.30
209 four-ounce skeins of home
spun, chiffon-weight, all-wool
worsted. In a good range of
24 Plastic Knitting Bags, shoul
der-strap style. Attractive sim
ulated alligator finish. Red,
black or brown. Were $1.98.
Now, Including Tax.$1.28
36 Rayon Taffeta Lingerie
Cases, beautifully appliqued. In
light or dark tones. Were $1.75.
Now - $1.15
509 Skeins Hiawatha Needle
point Yarn, of fine pure wool.
Gold-color, antique rose or
taupe. Were 29c. Now.15c
100 Cotton Jersey Rug Loopers,
in rust, brown or beige. 2-ounce
packages. Were 25c. Now.-15c
72 Skeins Bucllla “Wonderknit”
Cotton, in a rainbow of colors.
100-yard skeins. Were 30c.
Now .-. 19c
72 Balls Bernet “Dreamspun”
Yam, 70% wool, 30% Angora.
Cloud-soft and in lovely colors.
M -ounce balls. Were 70c. Now,
109 Skeins “Fleurette and Cata
lina” Yarn, all-wool. In good
color range. Were 50c. Now,
48 Stamped Linen Luncheon
Cloths, attractively bordered in
colors and cross stitch designs.
6 50x59 Cloths. Were $3.50.
Now . $2.50
24 59x98 Cloths. Were $5.00.
Now .---$3.59
18 57x77 Clotha Were $7.50.
Now ...-.$5.58
72 12x12 Napkins. Were 40c.
Now _ 25c
W&L—Art Needlework,
Eighth Floor
Print Handker
chiefs 18c
Were 2Sc
599 Women’s Cotton
Handkerchiefs in gay as
sortment of prints.
Aisle 16, First Floor
I <
200 Pieces Juvenile Apparel, 95c
Were $1.95 to $3.50
Blue denim jackets, blouses, plaid slacks, boxer shorts, berets. Cottons
to wear well, take little care. Sizes 3 to 6.
90 Little Girls’ Wool Slip-over Sweaters, sizes 3 to 6. Pink, blue, white.
Were $3.95. Now -.-.-..32-95
36 Cotton Knit Polo Shirts in assorted stripes. Long sleeve, sizes 3 to
6. Were $1.65. Now.-.-.-.-$U5
44 Little ’Girls’ Cotton Dresses in prints and solid colors. Were $355
and $4.95. Now -$2.95
30 Little Girls’ White Cotton Blouses trimmed with embroidery in as
sorted styles. Sizes 3 to 6. Were $255 and $3.50. Now..$1.95
30 Little Boys’ Striped Cotton Cord Sports Shirts in tan and white,
brown and white, gray and white. Sizes 3 to 6x. Were $255. Now,
* $1.95
W&L—Juveniles’Apparel,Fourth Floor
50 Teen-age Wool Toppers
*14 .95 Were $29.95.
Into-fall toppers and suits in good assortment and color range. Sixes
10 to 16. Toppers in red, gray, green covert in belted and unbelted
70 Teen-age Dresses in white and pastel cottons, eyelets, chambrays,
spun rayons. 2-piece styles. Sizes 10 to 16. Were $755 to $8.95. Now,
. $4.50
75 Teen-age Wool Sltots and Cardigan Sweaters. Skirts in flannels,
checks and plaid antr-cotton corduroy in solids. Cardigans in pink,
blue, gray, yellow wool, fitted and boxy styles. Sizes 10 to 16. Were
$5.95 to $6.95. Now..-*3-95
W&L—Teen-age Apparel, Fourth Floor
Boys' Store Reductions
137 Youth Dress Shirts in cot
ton. Tan, rose, gray, blue. Sizes
13 through 15. Were $3.25 and
$3.50. Now —. $1.85
445 Sports Shirts in solid and
fancy cottons. Long and short
sleeves. Blues, tans, whites.
Sizes 6, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22.
Were $2.95. Now-$2.15
57 Sports Shirts in white and
fancy color cotton. Long and
short sleeves. Sizes 6, 10, 12,
14, 18, 20, 22. Were $3.50 and
$3.95. Now _ $2.85
20 Sports Shirts in blues, tans,
greens in cotton. Short sleeves.
Sizes 18, 20, 22. Were $3.50. Now,
35 Junior Sports Shirts. Blue,
tan, maize and fancy cotton.
Size 4. Were $2. Now.-$1.15
27 Junior Dress Shirts in tan
and rose cotton. Sizes 6 through
14. Were $2. Now.$1.15
32 Junior Overalls In blue fancy
cotton. Sizes 4, 5, 9, 10. Were
$2.25. Now ..$1-65
W&L—Boys’ Store, Fourth Floor
Furniture Reduced
1 Maple Coffe Table. Was $14.
Now . $9.95
1 Blonde Mahogany Cocktail
Table. Was $43. Now .—$24.50
1 Maple Side Chair, Was $11.
Now.-.- $™5
1 Pine Side Chair. Pennsylvania
Dutch. Was $30. Now.-$12^0
1 Cigarette Table. Mahogany
and Brass. Was $29.50. Now
1 Walnut Sewing Cabinet. Was
$24. Now--—$15.50
1 Golden Pine Lasy Susan. Was
$21. No#---$14.95
1 Mahogany Sofa Table. Was
$90. Now .-.$50
1 Lamp and 8hade, colonial
design. Was $47. Now—$19.50
1 Lamp and Shade. Was $23.50.
Now..-. 615
3 Lamp Bases, colonial design.
Were $12.50. Now —.-$6.50
1 Mahogany Arm Chair, Chip
pendale. Wine Matelasse up
holstery. Was $68.50. Now $44.58
'l Mahogany Coach Table. Was
51. Now-$69
12 Cotton Gabardine Overalls
in blue, green, gray, brown.
Sizes 6 and 12. Were $3.95. Now,
38 Junior Overalls in blue cot
ton. Sizes 4, 5, 9, 10. Were $2.75
and $2.95. Now -$1.85
70 Cotton Seersucker Sun Suits
in red and blue. Sizes 4 and 5.
Were $1.65. Now-$1.15
54 Cotton Gabardine Wash
Shorts, khaki color. Sanforized
(residual shrinkage less than
1%). Sizes 6, 7, 8, 9. Were $1.95.
Now_ $1-25
10 Pairs Cotton Corduroy Wash
Slacks in blue. Sizes 4, 9, 10.
Were $5. Now-$3.65
25 Cotton Wash Suits in blue,
tan and brown. Sizes 4, 5, 6, 7.
Were $3.50. Now-$1.85
42 Cotton Flannel Pajamas in
fancy patterns. Size 4. Were
$2.50. Now -. $1.25
200 Pairs Cotton Socks in fancy
stripes. Broken sizes 6 through
13.^ Were 49c. Now.25c
2 Blonde Mahogany Bookcases.
Comer section. Were $49.50.
1 Lamp Base, cream pottery
glazed. Was $47.50. Now $29AO
1 Lamp Base. Gray glazed pot
tery. Was $50. Now-$20
1 Three-piece Lawson Section
Sofa. Mahogany with rose mat
elasse covering. Was $356. Now
1 Mahogany Lounge Chair.
Rose striped cotton upholstery.
Was $169.50. Now $89.50
1 Mahogany Chest with three
drawers. Was $83.50. Now $59AO
1 Mahogany Utility Top. Was
$35. Now ..-.$26
2 Mahogany Pedestals; one
right and one left. Were $48.50.
Now..- $35.50
1 Coffee Table, driftwood and
brass. Was $45. Now -$32
1 Corner Section with home
spun upholstery.' Was $49A0.
Now.-.$34 A0
1 Arm Chair. Chintz cover. Was
$146.50. Now .-—$69A0
W&L—Furniture, Sixth Floor
Bedroom Furniture
1 Oak Mirror. Was $15. Now
3 Maple Mirrors. Were $9. Now
2 Mahogany Dresser Mirrors.
Were $19. Now-.— -$11.59
2 Large Mahogany Hanging
Mirrors. Were $29. Now, $1459
1 Maple Deck Mirror. Was
$22.75. Now—.$1159
3 Double-Size Mahogany Beds.
Were $55.75. Now-$27.59
1 Maple Vanity Base. Was $41.
XT OW 522.50
1 Mahogany Chest. Was $55.
Now -- $2759
1 Maple Dresser Base. Was $70.
Now - $4959
1 Maple Vanity Bench. Was
$17.50. Now..$$.75
1 Mahogany Chest-on-Cheot.
Was $79. Now.$3959
2 Mahogany Vanity Benches.
Were $17.75. Now.$S95
1 Mahogany Dresser Base. Was
$101. Now.-$$959
1 Solid Oak Vanity with Mirror.
Was $179.50. Now..-$$959
1 Large Modern Blonde Ma
hogany Vanity* with large
mirror. Was $fl59. Now-$59
1 Modern Walnut Vanity, with
large circular mirror. Was
$67.75. Now—.$3959
1 Boudoir Chair. Was $50.
Now . $25
W&L—Bedroom Furniture,
Filth Floor
144 Dish Drainers, nickel plated,
fold lor easy storage. 16"xl2".
Were $2. .Now ..$159
26 Wall Protectors, white enam
eled metal, 36"xll\ Were $295.
29 Stove Mats, metal and as
bestos. Were $1.25 and $150.
Now ^..S5e and $1
490 Packages Paper Napkins,
dinner size, 30 to package. Were
Now 12c
144 Balls Twine, light weight,
120-foot balls. Were 10c. Now 5c
Down Stairs Store
Bedding Reduced
1 Twin-dze Red Headboard.
Was $17.75. Now.$8.95
1 Maple Cedar Chest. Was
*69.50. Now..$494#
1 Three-quarter Innerspring
Mattress. Was $49.50. Now $37
3 Twin-size Box Springs. Were
$49.50. Now_ $37
4 Twin-size Box Springs. Were
$44.50. Now.$35
2 Twin-dze Box Springs. Were
$3940. Now....$294#
1 Double-size Box Spring. Was
$39.50. Now.. $29
1 Twin-dze Innerspring Mat
trees. Was $49.50. Now—.$37
1 Twin-size Innerspring Mat
tress. Was $29.75. Now. .$214$
1 Double-size Ceil Spring. Was
$17.75. Now—.-.$945
W&L—Bidding, Fifth Floor
Corsets ond
Brossieres Reduced
19 Cotton Batiste Girdles, all
boned and closed with a con
venient dp fastener. Sizes 26,
27 and 28. Were $840. Now
49 Cotton Brasderes with ad
justable shoulder straps, back
fastening. White, in sizes 32
to 38, B and C cups. Were $2.
Now .... $148
15 White Cotton Brasderes with
built-up shoulders for extra
firm support. Sizes 34 to 38, C
cup. Were $3.00. Now $14$
W&L—Corsets and Brassieres,
Third Floor
730 Children's
Vests ond
Fonts, 28c
W'ft ’iSe
Cotton mesh vests 'and
pants In boys’ and girls’
Styles. Broken sizes, 2
to 8.
W&L—Girls’ Furnishings
Fourth Floor
Women's Dresses
$9.75 and *12*o Were S17.9S to $49.95 |
1M Presses—one and two-piece styles in rayon crepe prints and
rayon jersey prints and solids. One-piece dresses in solid black
and nary. A few cotton prints and solid colon. Sizes 16 to 44,
1414 to 24J4. Regular and Half Sizes.
A group of rayon ercpe'prints In one and two-piece styles. Sizes
14 J4 to 24!4, and 16 to 44.
M were $3995 to $4995. Now...-$22.25
36 were $46 to $5995. Now--$239#
15 were $4996 to $6995. Now.—....$37.25
1# Large-size rayon crepe prints, navy and black backgrounds.
Sizes 46 to 53. Were $1795 and $2295. Now.$7.75
WAL—Women's Dresses, TTiird Floor
Women's Shoes,
Greatly Reduced
M Pain Pumps and Sandals, high heel In gray, blue Balenciago
suede and black patent leather. Wen $1095. Now..93
144 Pain Sommer Sandals and Pomps in white suede, black or
navy and white linen, pastel kidskin. Were $1095 and $1395.
Now _9495
45 Pain Spectaten with high and medium heel. Brown and
white. Were $1495. Now- 9495
75 Pain Matrix Pomps, Sandals and Ties in white, brown and
white, blue and white. Were $17.95. Now_$995
WAL—1Women’s Shoes, Second Floor
140 Pieces Girls' Clothing, 95*
Were $135 to $235
Cotton print shirts, white cotton Jumper blouses, ton cotton knit
sweaters, blue denim Jackets, rate and Iridescent denim hal
ters. Rises 7 to 14.
*2$ Girls' Cotton Dresses In assorted styles and colors. Sizes 7 to
12. Were $M9. Now..
M Rnbteen Dresses in cottons and rayons. Variety of colors and
styles. Slses 10,13,14. Were $7*5 to $12.05. Now.$3.95
WAL—Girls’ Apparel, Fourth Floor
Men's Imported Fine Wool
Sleeveless Sweaters, $4W
Wtre $10
7# Sweaters in vertical stripe patterns and checks in preen, bine,
maroon or tan. Sixes 36 to 44.
166 Men's White Shirts of line cotton broadcloth and pima cot
ton. Sizes 14,15,16% and 17. Were $495 and $595. Now—$345
66 Men’s Tee Shirts with stripes and some solid yellow with
contrasting neck, sleeve and pocket piping. Sizes small, medium
and large. Were $290. Now--,-$195
125 Men’s Ties in bold patterned rayon; neat figured silk. Were
$190 and $290. Now-Me
W&L—The Men’s Store, Second Floor

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