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For Once, Heroine
Eats Her Cake,
Has It, Too
lease, produced by J. Arthur Rank and
Ronald Neame. directed by David Lean,
screenplay by Eric Ambler, Stanley Haynes,
and Lean from a novel by H. O. Wells.
At the Playhouse.
Mary_Ann Todd
Howard Justin_ Claude Rains
Steven Stratton_Treror Howard
Pat __Isabel Dean
Miss Lapton_Betty Ann Davies
Servant _Arthur Howard
Hotel Manager_Guido Lorraine
Hall Porter_Marcel Poncln
Chambermaid_Natash Sokolova
Plowerwoman _ Helen Burls
Emigration Official_ Jean Serrett
Charwoman_Prances Waring
Bridge Guest_Wanda Rogerson
Solicitor__Wilfred Hyde-White
The English picture “Brief En
counter” was enormously popu
lar here as well as there. Love is
rarely treated so idyllically as in
that screenplay, and humans who
had found the emotion harsher
and less innocent in their own
lives reveled in the affair between
Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson.
Nevertheless, among the sigh
ing multiude there were those who
had vague feelings of dissatis
faction. Nothing really came of
the romance, these felt, and it
left them somehow sad. It was
as if the principals in Noel Cow
ard’s story had been, after all.
too noble and had carried honor
too far.
“One Woman’s Story,” another
British picture which opened yes
terday at the Playhouse takes
care of all this loose-endedness.
It also is about a surpassing and
tender love, involves a much long
er encounter, and Ann Todd as
Its heroine performs that delight
ful miracle of eating her cake
and having It, too.
"One Woman’s Story” is by no
means in the same class with the
earlier picture. It is as artificial
as a soap-opera in many respects,
but it is redeemed from its defects
to some extent by immaculate
acting; far better acting than it
deserves. This it gets from a cast
dominated by Ann Todd, Trevor
Howard and Claude Rains.
Miss Todd, as the heroine of an
H. G. Wells novel adapted here
by a trio of screen writers, is the
dream girl of synthetic romantic
fiction. Prom Rains, as her hus
band, she gets luxury, security, so
cial position and the like necessi
ties of her nature. Prom Howard,
her lpver, she derives the excite
ment of love as a passionate emo
It is in the nature of such in
volvements that a woman must
eventually make her choice be
tween them. Miss Todd does not
escape this duty, but it is so long
deferred that she is allowed years
of ecstactic play on the variations
represented by the two men.
The three principal performers
are sufficient masters of their
roles to make them seem plausi
ble when the faintest of second
thoughts must indicate they are
nothing of the kind. The single
failure to be chalked up against
them is that which comes at the
picture’s climax. It could not
have happened that way but it has
been so sweetly sophorific up to
then that it does not much matter.
J. C.
Married Carolina Professor
Held in Beating of Nurse
■y th« Associated Press
COLUMBIA, S. C., Aug. 4.—A
married university professor was
in jail today after a pretty nurse
had been beaten with a pistol.
Blood transfusions were re
quired for 32-year-old Ann Pierce,
who was in critical condition at
a Columbia hospital with more
than 100 cuts on the face and
Sheriff T. Alex Heise said he
a'flilff TH* AMBWC*W *T*m*AI<-iY' I
was holding Russell B. Maxey, 45,
an associate professor of civil en
gineering at the University of
South Carolina. He will be
charged with assault and battery
with intent to kill if the nurse
lives, but if she dies the charge
will be murder, Mr. Heise said.
Deputy Sheriff J. D. Dunnaway
said Miss Pierce told him Maxey
hid under her bed and attacked
her as she prepared to retire.
“Maxey was so exhausted he
couldn’t move or speak at first,"
Dunnaway said. He quoted Maxey
as saying he loved Miss Pierce and
"couldn’t stand” her going with
other men.
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D. C. Man Gets 5 Months
For False Jobless Claims
A confectionary store employe
today was in District jail, begin
ning a five-month sentence for
collecting $138 in false claims on
the District Unemployment Com
pensation Board.
The sentence was imposed on
George Redic Thompson, 33,
colored, of the 600 block of Fair
mont street N.W., by Judge Aubrey
B. Fennell in Municipal Court.
Assistant United States Attor
ney Martin McNamara told the
court that the man had filed
unemployment claims over a
seven-week period in August and
September, 1946. At the time he
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Judge Fennell sent him to jail,
despite the fact that nearly half
the money has been returned to
the District in restitution.
British Guiana was first settled
by the Dutch.
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