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Hunt Pressed for Body
Of Last Missing Victim
Of Air Crash at Sea
By the Associated Press
GALWAY, Ireland, Aug.* 16.—
Search was pressed today for the
body of the last missing victim of
a Transocean airliner which ran
out of gas yesterday and ditched
in the dark waters of the Atlantic
off Ireland with 58 persons aboard.
Forty-nine persons were saved
in a dramatic flare-lit air-sea
The nine others were killed or
lost trying to escape from the
four-engine Skymaster (C-54)
which settled into the water so
gently that survivors said they
were not shaken from their seats.
Meanwhile, a full investigation
of the crash went forward today
with American officials partici
pating. George Clark of New
York arrived at Shannon Airport
early today to investigate the
disaster for the Civil Aeronautics
Radioman Is Drowned.
Eight of the victims were among
47 Italian immigrants en route to
Venezuela from Rome. The ninth
casualty, Radioman Herbert Asbel
of Brooklyn was drowned when
the wreckage knocked him from
the fuselage into the sea.
Most of the Italian-speaking
passengers followed directions
ealmly after Capt. Edward Bussey
set the plane down into the
choppy seas.
“But some failed to carry out
instructions and jumped into the
water instead of boarding life
boats,” Capt. Bussey said. "These
were the people who were lost.” I
Capt. Bussey, veteran of 40
Atlantic and 60 Pacific crossings,
dropped the plane into the water
after its fuel was gone. Watching
fishermen said the craft “glided j
and settled into the sea like a
Most Return to Airport.
The 49 survivors were brought
here by the trawler Stalberg. Most;
of them were able to return today,
to Shannon Airport, where the j
Italians will be given the choice
of continuing to Venezuela by air
or ship.
Full identification of the dead
awaited arrival of the plane’s pas
senger list from Rome and of an
Italian-speaking British police- j
man to question the survivors.
Stewardess Luigina Cerabona, i
who received severe chest injuries
during the landing, was in satis
factory condition, hospital author
ities said.
Other survivors were treated for j
shock and minor injuries.
New RFC Loan to Lustron
Planned, Rep. Cole Says
By the Associated Press
The Reconstruction Finance
Corp. is prepared to lend another
$14,500,000 to the Lustron Corp.
of Columbus, Ohio, Representative
Cole, Republican, of Kansas said
He told a reporter he had ob
tained this information from top
RFC officials with whom he con
ferred in the course of a congres
sional investigation of RFC loans
to Lustron which already total
Carl G. Strandlund, Lustron
president, told an interviewer yes
terday he expects the additional
$14,500,000 will be needed to place
the company "on a money-making
basis.” Lustron makes prefabri
cated houses. There was no im
mediate comment by the RFC.
Cardinal Dougherty Is 84
PHILADELPHIA, Aug 16 (#).—
Dennis Cardinal Dougherty, head
of the Catholic archdiocese of
Philadelphia since 1918, is 84 to
day. _
Home Rule
(Continued From First Page.'*
tition must be signed by a ma
jority of a membership of the
House—by at least 218 members.
A similar view was expressed
by Senator Kefauver, Democrat,
of Tennessee, author of the bill
which was passed by the Senate on
May 31.
Representative Auchincloss, Re
publican, of New Jersey, author of
one of the bills before the House
commitee, was aroused by the ac
tion of the Harris subcommittee
of which he is a member.
He' issued a statement to re
porters saying:
“The action of the subcommit
te in tabling the Kefauver bill
bears out my prediction that home
rule for the District would not
stand much of a chance with the
subcommittee of judiciary.
"I feel that the action of the
subcommittee in tabling this legis
lation is a backward step and only
postpones the inevitable. '
Announcement Brief.
“I am still convinced that the
American principle of no taxa
tion without representation is still
one of the cornerstones of our
Mr. Harris made only a brief
announcement of the subcommit
tee’s session. It was that the sub
committee had voted to table the
Kefauver bill and its counterpart
in tV ' House,' the bill of Repre
sentative Klein, Democrat, of New
York. The action was by voice
vote, he said.
The action was a reversal of
last week’s decision, by a 5-to-2
vote, against tabling the home
rule bills.
The subcommittee took no ac
tion on the Auchincloss bill, or a
bill sponsored by Representative
Maroantonio, American-Laborite,
of New York, and several other
trimmed-down substitutes. As a
result, there appeared to some to
be a possibility the subcommittee
might later go back to the Auchin
closs bill or other proposals and
act on them, but this was re
garded as unlikely at this session.
Chairman McMillan of the full
District Committee said he would
set a date for the committee to
meet in order that the subcom
mittee may report its action.
of Naples, one of the survivors of the Transocean airliner ditched off the Irish coast, is assisted
from the trawler Stalberg at Galway, Ireland, after her rescue. Forty-nine persons were saved
from the four-engined Skymaster which made a forced landing in the Atlantic in darkness yes
terday. Nine others were killed or lost. —AP Wirephoto via radio from London.
(Continued From First PaRel_
none of the opponents had ap
pealed ,to him, but that he felt
“it was a mistake” not to hear
both sides on the bill.
Chairman ponnally said Sena
tor George was not present at the
last meeting, when the hearings
were closed. At that meeting, the
Texas Senator said, there was no
demand from the members pres
i ent that further fitnesses be
He said today's decision would
not delay passage of the bill, be
cause the Senate itself will be
working on other legislation for
some time.
In declining the Senator's in
vitation Gen. MacArthur informed
Secretary Johnson that he thought
he “can best serve the national
interest by remaining at my post
Bid Extended by Committees.
The invitation to Gen. Mac
Arthur and Vice Admiral Oscar
C. Badger, naval commander in
the Far East, was forwarded yes
terday by the Defease Establish
Mr. Johnson did not order
either of them to return and left
the decision to the two command
ers. In declining, Gen. MacAr
thur cabled his August 11 state
ment which set forth his reasons
for not returning:
“I could not help but be deeply
appreciative of the honor reflected
in the desire expressed by certain
distinguished members of the
United States Senate that I pro
ceed to Washington to give my
views for consideration by the
Congress on the issue of United
States arms aid to the government
of China.
Views on File.
“I believe, however, that during
this moment critical events in the
Far East the interests of the Amer
ican people are better served by
my reimining at my post here,
especially in view of the fact that
the focal point of inquiry (China)
is under the direct jurisdiction of
the Joint Chiefs of Staff acting
through a naval commander and
has never been within the area of
my command responsibility or au
thority. • * *
“My specific views with respect
to the strategic potentialities of
the area embracing my Far East
Command are fully on file with
the Department of the Army.
There is little that I could add to
either. '
“While it is, of course, unneces
sary for me to confirm my com
plete loyalty and devotion in the
implementation of directives or
views of the Government with
reference to my movements and
duties, it is my understanding
that both the President and Sec
retary of Defense have made clear
that my return in such circum
stances is a matter for the exercise
of my judgment in the light of
considerations bearing upon the
national interest as I evaluate
Badger Returning Soon.
No reply has been received from
Admiral Badger, who is scheduled
to return to the United States
j shortly.
The testimony of the two com
manders was sought by Senator
jKnowland, Republican, of Cali
fornia and other Senators in
terested in providing some aid for
the Nationalist forces in China.
Meanwhile, there were some
signs the Senate Democratic
leadership would take some of the
amendments to the arms aid bill
drafted yesterday by Senators
Vandenberg of Michigan and Dul
jles of New York, strong Republi
can supporters of bipartisan for
eign policy.
Like the House committee bill,
the Vandenbcrg-Dulles amend
ments seek merely to split the
arms money for Western Europe
between cash and contract au
thority, and to tie this bill more
closely to the mutual defense
plans to be worked out within a
few months by the 12 North At
lantic treaty nations.
Debate May Start Tomorrow.
The House is expected to start
floor debate tomorrow or Thurs
day, and pass the bill early next
week before its members begin a
series of short recesses until after
Labor Day. The Senate may not
jtake up the bill until sometime in
September, depending on whether
that branch decides to go on a
10-day vacation for Labor Day.
Before voting to report the bill
i last night, the House committee
took these steps:
1. Adopted the amendment of
Representative Lodge, Republican,
of Connecticut, dividing the $1,
160.990.000 for Western Europe
into $655,840 of cash, and $505,
150.000 of contract authority. The
House bill also fixes March 31,
1950, as a cut-off date for both
cash and contract authority un
less the President certifies by that
time that the North Atlantic pact
countries have worked out com
mon defense plans. With such
certification, the funds would con
tinue available until June 30. The
hearings have indicated Govern
ment officials expect no delay in
formal agreement on the mutual
defense plans.
China Proposal Rejected.
2. The House group turned
down a Lodge proposal to add
$200,000,000 for non-Communist
parts of China. It adopted, how
ever, a declaration of policy, put
ting Congress on record in favor
of a mutual assistance agreement
in the Far East, similar to the co
ordinated plans this country has
worked out with Western Europe.
This amendment was offered by
Representatives Javits, Repub
lican, of New York; Fulton, Re
publican, of Pennsylvania: Smath
ers. Democrat, of Florida, and
Ribicoff, Democrat, of Connecti
Chairman Kee of the House
Foreign Affairs Committee will
ask the Rules Committee today
or tomorrow for a special rule
fixing the length of floor debate.
The Vandenberg-Dulles amend
ments would reduce the Western
European fund from $1,160,990,000
! to an even $1,000,000,000, chiefly
; by knocking out $155,000,000 for
reopening arms factories in Eu
rope. This move Is said to have
been prompted by fear that start
ing up arms factories in France
would have repercussions in West
ern Germany.
The two Republicans want to
divide the Western European arms
i fund equally between cash and
contract authority on the ground
that it is in reality a two-year
program, and that only half of
the cash will be needed this year.
They also propose to give Con
gress, acting separately, the same
right the President has to halt
the shipment of arms to any coun
try if later developments made it
Reds Misunderstood,
Defense Witness Says
|y th« Associated Press
NEW YORK, Aug. 16.—A de
fense witness at the Red con
spiracy trial said yesterday that
American Communists are a
; greatly misunderstood group, and
that an American revolution
wduld not.be “something bloody.”
The witness; Howard Johnson,
i the party’s educational director
' in New York State, said a United
I States revolution would mean:
“The majority of the working
people no longer want to tolerate
| things as they are, and would
i take steps to change the rule from
| one class to another class.”
i A revolution, he declared, would
; not mean "a small group of con
! spirators marching on Washington
' with bombs and clubs to tear down
* the pillars of the White House
1 and Capitol.”
I Describing his instructions to a
; group of Communist teachers in
! the spring of 1948, the witness
“I told them there was a con
centrated campaign in press and
radio telling people that the Com
munists are the opposite to what
they really are.
“I told them the majority of
the American people did not come
in contact with Communists and
did not see them as persons with
families and children, because
there were nOt enough to go
around. But I said I would like
to see it some day.”
Federal Judge Harold R. Med
ina commented that “they’re get
ting around a good deal.”
Argentine Books Displayed
ROME UP).—A 10,000-volume
exhibition of Argentine books (has
drawn large crowds in Rome.
Neatly arranged in the 14th cen
tury palace of Pope Paul II—the
Palazzo Venezia—the books were
viewed by thousands of Romans
of all social classes. Some 60 Ar
gentine publishing houses sent
over the volumes for the exhibi
tion sponsored by President Juan
Peron. ,
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Police in Reich Press
Hunt for 2 Americans
By Hi* Associated Press
FRANKFURT, Germany, Aug.
16.—With few clues, police pressed
a search today for two young
Americans who disappeared six
days ago while
cycling near
the Soviet zone
border of Ger
Brig. Gen.
Norman H. ’
Schw arzkopf,
United States
Army deputy
provost mar
shal in Ger
many, said all
police in West
e r n Germany
had been
alerted. Pete*. Seller*.
He said that, as far as he knew.
Russian authorities had not been
notified because there was no defi
nite evidence the young tourists
had gone into the Soviet zone.
The cyclists, Warren Oelsner.
20, of Oyster Bay, N. Y., and Peter
H. Sellers, 18. of Philadelphia, last
were definitely seen in the British
zone near the Soviet zone frontier.
They were reported to have in
quired of British officials at Goet
tingen about the possibility of ob
taining passes to travel through
the Russian zone of Berlin.
They were referred to American
authorities in Frankfurt, but were
not known to have arrived here.
Waltham Stockholders
Back Reorganization
By the Associated Press
BOSTON, Aug. 16.—Financial
reorganization of the Waltham
Watch Co., involving a loan of i
$6,000,000 by the Reconstruction!
Finance Corp., has been approved
by stockholders.
Final details of the reorganiza
tion will be completed within a
month or two, the stockholders!
were told yesterday.
The firm, one of the largest
jeweled watch manufacturing
companies, was closed from De
cember 31, 1948, to early April.
Barkley to Speak at Fair,
But Isn't Taking Date
By th« Associated Press
Vice President Barkley isn't tak
ing any date to the Illinois State
Fair at Springfield, where he’s
scheduled to speak Thursday
Mr. Barkley, who has squired
Mrs. Charleton S. Hadley, St.
Louis widow, on several occasions
recently, told reporters he doesn’t
plan to stop in St. Louis on the
forthcoming trip. .
The Vice President said that If
Senator Lucas, Democrat, of Illi
nois can get away, he and the Sen
ator will make the trip together.
Next January 28 the
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How much
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3. 2* on-alkaline and safe for young
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5. Leaves no soap scum, therefore needs
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Remember, when you buy Artra, youTre
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