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Largest Title Regatta
Ever Staged in Bay
To Open Tomorrow
$p«cia! Dispatch to Tht Star
CAMBRIDGE, Md, Aug. 19.—
The largest national champion
ship ever held on the Chesapeake
opens here tomorrow with the
running of the first heat for Gold
Cup and 7-liter speedboats. *
Harry Lynn of Lake Hopatcong,
N. J., will defend the Cambridge
Gold Cup won here a year ago in
his Lahala. Several other Gold
Cuppers are listed as probable
starters, including George Sar
ant’s Etta of Freeport, L. I.
The 7-liter field promises to be
large, according to officials of the
sponsoring group. Cambridge
Yacht Club. Joe Van Blerck of
Freeport, one-mile record holder
for 7-liters, heads the list.
The championship part of the
show is slated for Sunday when
national title events are held for
A, B, C, D and E racing run
abouts and 48-cubic-inch run
abouts. World record holders in
all but one of these classes are
Pacific One-Design boats race
for their Eastern division cham
pionship. Entrants Include Dr.
Louis Novotny of "Los Angeles,
national' champ; Henry Tieman,
Wyoming, Del., national high
point winner, and Ed Nabb, Cam
bridge, former record holder who
will be driving his former Black
Magic, now owned by Bill Castell
and Frank Kocsis of Washington.
The following Washington area
drivers are listed to race Sunday;
Joe Palmer, 135-cubic-inch hy
droplanes; Earl Hildebrand and
Howard Scott, 49-cubic-inch hy
dros; Aubrey Thacker, D service
runabouts, and Roy Bagley, E
service runabouts.
Tomorrow's three heats for
Gold Cup and 7-liter craft are at
noon, 2 p.m. and 4 pm. Racing
begins the next day at 11:20 a.m.
Regatta referee will be A1 Bauer,
vice president of the American
Power Boat Association, which
has sanctioned the races.
Marines, VPI May
Set Crowd Mark
The largest crowd ever to see a
football game in Alexandria —
14,000—is expected for the first
college game ever played at
George Washington High School
when the Quantico Marines meet
V.P.I. September 17.
New permanent grandstands are
under construction and when
completed will raise the stadium's
capacity to 11,000. Temporary
stands in the end zones will ac
comodate an additional 3.000 for
Tickets for the game, sponsored
by the Alexandria Chamber of
Commerce, now are on sale
throughout Alexandria.
Arlington Title Game
The Ballston Indians and
American Legion Post 139 of Ar
lington will meet tonight at 8
o'clock at Washington-Lee High
School for the Arlington County
19-and-under baseball champion
ship. _
TO RACE IN CLASS NATIONALS—Joe Krafft, shown here in his
Penguin class boat Otulp, is high scorer among the three skip
pers from Washington who will be competing in the Penguin
title series at Annapolis next week. —Star Staff Photo.
D. C. Skippers to Send Penguins
After U. S. Crown at Annapolis
Penguin Class skippers from as
far distant as California and
Texas gather at Annapolis Yacht
Club next Thursday for a 5-race
series to pick the national class
The Washington area will be
represented by Joe Krafft, Old
Dominion Boat Club, who is high
scorer for the local fleet; Len
Penso, Columbia Yacht Club, run
nerup, and Wirt Gill, also of Co
Defending champion is Runyon
Colie of Mantoloking <N. J.) Yacht
Club, who will be up against at
least 25 local fleet leaders.
Penso, who is regatta co-ordi*
nator, reports three challengers
from Hampton, Va.; two each
from San Diego, Houston. Tex.;
Biloxi, Miss.; Baltimore, Gibson
Island and Portsmouth, Va.. and
one from. Sarasota, Fla. Other
fleets certain to send boats are
West River, Manhasset Bay, Man
—With Bill leetch
Aug SO Aug. 21 Aug. 22 An* 23 Aug,24 Aug. 25 Aug 2«
AM 4 IT 5 16 6:12 TO'i • T:53 6 46 9:2<
P M.' _vZ 4:45 5:46 6:42 1:33 S:23 8:11 10:00
far Key Bridge, edd 5 minutes; Chain Bridge, add 15 minutes. For points
lilted below deduct from above tables the pours eiven opposite each point.
Aqula Creek (eatranct)-3
«. V..-:::::::::- f4
Gunston Cove (*atr*nce)— 1
Piney Point. Md. -i-?
Point lookout, Md. - --
Quantico Creeic (entrance)--— 2
Rock Point. Md. _,_8
Aug. 28 Aue 21 Aug 73 Aug 23 AUf.24 Aug. 75 Aug 2fl
AM _3:50 4:35 518 6:03 0 45 7:3. 5.08
p M,’ 8:17 4 17 5:13 6:05 6:56 7:48 8:41
, Per poiatl luted below, deduct lrom above tables the hours given opposite
eaeh point:
Annapolis. Md. (Bevern River) 2
Benedict. Md. (Patuxent River) — 4
Bloody Point Light -- 3
Broome Island (Patuxent River)-- 4'j
Chesapeake Reach, Md- »
ChoBiank River Right - 3’j
Perry Bay dastera Bay)
Galesville, Md. -
Plum Point Md. . .
Bhadysliie. Md. (Deale)
sharps isls.no Light-f
Romans island. Md-- °
\ Just what the pieture will be for
Chesapeake Bay fishing this week
end is hard to predict. The east
erly winds of the past four or five
days may drive
many of the
bait fish over to
the eastern
shore, where
they will find a
lee. If this has
happened, one
can fairly well
predict that the
blues trout and
rockflsh who
feed on them,
will in all prob
ability go along
with them in ,
large numbers. t****'1
Well all know better after the
stormy weather clears.
Many of us thought the line
storms of Friday afternoon and
evening would seriously affect the
fishing on this side of the bay
over the past w'eek end, but it did
not. In fact, on the day follow
ing was made at Solomon’s Island
what we believe an all-time record
catch of blueflsh for rod and reel
Charles Stofberg, Dr. Cloyd
Keck Marvin and Cloyd, jr„
Sidney Lust, Mr. and Mrs. Phil
Lpitine and their son Bertram,
beating with Capt. Rodie Langley,
hit into a school of blueflsh rang
ing up to i V2 pounds. Capt. Lang
ley described it as the largest
school of these fish he had seen in
all his years of fishing experience.
The fish were up ori top, feeding
on shiners pretty much all day,
and the anglers caught blues until
they were worn out. Stofberg,
putting a little lead on his line to
get down under the blues, landed
27 trout of good si»e and lost one
large fish which straightened out
the hook on his lure. When the
party finally came in to the dock
and counted the fish, they found
they had landed 973 blueflsh and
27 trout, making a grand total of
#99 fish.
During the day, eight lines were
lost to the party by the blueflsh
cutting them either at the swivel
Ahead of the lure or at a bight
forming a bubble. This is typical
of school blueflsh. when they are
present in numbers. They’ll strike
at anything. Stofberg, using a
black nylon line, was spared, from
which w-e deduct that a dark line,
either green or black, may save
you tackle when angling for these
I voracious fish. Incidentally, every
fish in this catch was utilised.
While it seem tremendous from a
hook-and-line standpoint, com
mercial fishermen getting into this
same school would have taken
them by the tons.
Blues and trout were schoolmg
| all over the bay on last Sunday
and the hardhead, which nbw are
schooling for their fall migration
to the sea, have been caught in
large numbers from the mouth of
the Severn River and Love Point
all down both sides of the bay.
There literally are millions of
small hardhead and spot present
everywhere. Spot and white perch
Ashing has been good in both the
South and Severn Rivers. Rock
Ash are still showing on top, but
are mostly all small Ash, the
larger ones being caught chum
ming in upper bay waters, particu
larly over in the mouth of the
Chester River. The school which
was present off Holland Point de
camped to points unknown last
week. Too many boats frightened
them away from this feeding
Black bass angling has been all
the way from fair to good, de
pending upon the condition of the
water where one has fished and
i the luck of the party. Catching
the upper Potomac in fair shape
last week end, trolling for amall
mouths produced one excellent
catch at least, several of the fish
: running well over three pounds,
with many two-pounders caught
and numerous smaller fish re
, turned to the water, Neither live
: bait fishing nor casting has pro
: duced nearly the results obtained
l by trolling. The churning of the
[ propellor seems to either make
: them mad or curious and they will
hit lures at which otherwise they
; will not even look,
i Best baits for trolling are the
l small weedless spoons with fly-rod
t size pork strip added. Troll three
I rods, one from either side of the
> boat 50 to 70 feet back and one
; back in the slipstream of the
toloking, Oxford. Md„ and Ur
banna, Va.
The first day is devoted to regis
tration and measuring of boats.
Three races are planned Friday
and two Saturday. Many of the
boats are expected to race that
Sunday in the Indian Landing
Boat Club regatta on the upper
Chairman of the race com
mittee is Paul Tomalin, former
eommodore of Potomac River Sail
ing Association. Sally Bleessing
of Potomac fleet is chairman of
registration, while Bob Browning,
another Potomac ^ilor, heads the
course committee.
Winner will receive the National
Championship Trophy, sponsored
by AYC. Numerous other prizes
will be awarded. On Friday night,
skippers elect rfiass officers. Robert
D. Israel of San Diego is slated to
be next prexy, sugceeding Ed Rowe
of Hampton.
The first class championships
were held at Annapolis in 1941.
propeller about 30 feet. This
method is extremely successful.
Gene Le Tourneau of Maine, who
developed it in streamer fishing
in the North, has written a book
on the subject.
Triadelphila Reservoir bass fish
ing continues to be a hit-or-miss
proposition, those with the know
Ihow' having some fair luck early
i in the morning and late in the
evening. Crappie, bluegills and
perch, however, are biting well.
With the advant of cooler nights
and lower water temperatures,
angling in this lovely body of
water should improve weekly.
-.-... U --
Capt. Moseley Leading
Inter-Service Golf
By the Associated Brest
19.—Capt. Fred Moseley of Ports
mouth, Va., who wag stationed
with the Air Force in Washington
until recently, took a three-stroke
lead into the third round of the
interservice golf tournament to
day. Capt. Moseley, now stationed
in Germany, added a 70 to a first
round 68.
Col. Jim Wilson of Washington
was tied for second with Sergt.
Jack Laxson of Rrownswood,
Tenn., with 36-hole totals of 141.
Frank Del Vtcchie A Sen
1212 11th St. S.l. U. 3-4493
Capt. Harry Woodburn
Cha.opoako Beach, Md.
S Modern Well-Equipped Sett.
Phene. North Beach 13 qnd 100
Breezy Point Beach
25 Motor Boat.—90 Rowboat, for Hire
Medtrn Fishing Oruisars
Turn in at tign at Pl.h, Pint road
south at M*|. Brown'. Polica Boy'.
Club Road. Saa Capt. Dunbar.
Salvage Job Started
On Skip-a-Long, Sunk
In 600-Foot Depth
■y *h» A«»ociot»d Prttt
TAHOE CITY, Calif. Aug. 19.—
One of the most complicated sal
vage operations in Lake Tahoe’s
history is expected to get under
way sometime today.
It will be attempted about 350
feet off shore in approximately
600 feet of water. (Tahoe’s great
est depth: More than 1,600 feet).
On the lake bottom at that
point is Stanley Dollar's 930,000
world champion speedboat, the
The Harmsworth Trophy craft
sprang a leak when its gear box
froze after a 112-mile per hour
exhibition run last Sunday. It
sank as it was being towed to
The exact location of the boat
was determined Wednesday morn
ing by exploding beneath the sur
face of the water three heavy
charges of dynamite.
The aluminum craft sank with
out leaving the customary oil or
gasoline slicks. Salvage crews
theorized that the dynamite ex
plosion might free the fuel from
its tanks.
After the underwater blast,
gasoline from the Skip-a-Long’s
tanks began bubbling to the sur
Marker buoys were placed and
the Skip-a-Long, salvage workers
are convinced, is at the bottom
within a 150-foot area.
In charge of the salvage opera
tion will be Oliver Meek, long an
associate of Dollar’s in boat rac
ing competition.
Maryland Strong Man
Alter Job With Colts
By the Associated Press
BALTIMORE, Aug. 19.—If sheer,
strength means anything. Jona
than Jenkins is going to give
Maryland its only native repre
sentative on the Baltimore Colts
professional football team.
When Jenkins took the fresh
man entrance tests at Dartmouth
five years ago they found out he
was the strongest man to show
up at the Ivy League college in
15 years.
The 23-year-old Jenkins is try
ing to earn a tackle berth with
the Colts, who play the New'York
Yankees an exhibition game in
Allentown, Pa., tonight. He is
6-feet-2 and weighs 220 pounds.
Jenkins comes from Frostburg.
Md., where his father is a coal
mine operator and bank president.
Father William E. Jenkins wak a
tackle himself for Gettysburg at
the turn of the century.
Wins CYO Twin Bill
. Blessed Sacrament took on two
opponents in CYO Junior League
action yesterday and won over
both, beating St. Jerome's, 6-5,
and St. Teresa's, 10-8. Both
games were played at Anacostia.
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Thistle Class Sailors to Seek
National Title at Baltimore
More than 50 Thistle Class
skippers from many parts of the
United States race next Thursday
through Saturday near the Balti
more Yacht Club for the national
title of this popular one-design
' Boats are entered from Detroit,!
Chicago, Cleveland, New Orleans,
New York, Washington and other
popular sailing centers.
The Potomac River fleet is send
ing a 7-boat team composed of‘
Dr. Walter Lawson, local fleet:
leader; Frank Oreenman, runner
Fore and Aft
By Malcolm Lamborne, Jr.
The Naval Academy has become
the fashionable place to stage re
gattas, particularly where juniors
are concerned, as witness the fact
the national duster class cham
pionships are slated there tomor
row and Sunday.
Navy played host to the prep
school intercollegiate title series
early this season. Then, last
month it was the scene of the
junior sailing championship for
Chesapeake Bay.
Sometimes known' as the soap
box derby of yachting, the title
series for dusters is expected to
draw about 50 starters. The
duster is a 14-foot cat-rigged
craft, most of which are home
built. The first such boat was
launched 15 years ago at the
Riverton (N. J.) Yacht Club, and
the first championship event
staged there in 1946.
The Admiral William F. Halsey
Trophy will go to the skipper
having the highest number of
points. The Butts Cup is awarded
to the high-scoring junior under
19 years. A single race is planned
for tomorrow at 2 p.m. and others
Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.
up; Frank Marquardt, Prentice1
Edrington, George Farrell, Bob:
Wilson and Carlton Skinner.
West River fleet is banking on
Bill Heintz, Walter Windsor and
Fred Taylor.
On hand will be the defending
champion, Gordon ‘•Sandy’’ Doug- ;
la,s of Painesville, Ohio. His ap
pearance on the Chesapeake last
summer with a Thistle started a
number of bay skippers into this
While the bay sailors don’t wantj
to be unhospitable they’re aiming
at taking the title away from
The first race is Thursday at
2 p.m. Election of officers will
be held that night. Retiring presi
dent is Frank Le Boutillier of
Canandaigua, N. Y.
Second and third races are
planned at 10 am. and 2 p.m.
Friday, and the windup Saturday
at 10 a m.
The national race committee is
composed of Le Boutillier, George
Geil, Don Beverage, Greenman
and Heints. Dan Hubers of BYC
is doing most of the spadework at
the club.
The tug fleet will race off the
mouth of Middle River.
Ortiz Reported Ready
For Jimmy Cooper Bout
Manuel Ojjtiz, the world ban
tamweight champion, is ready and
so is Jimmy Cooper, Washington’s
featherweight king, so if nothing
else happens the two will mix
punches gt Griffith Stadium
August 29.
The bout was set originally for
Monday night, but had to be called
off whert Ortiz suffered a knee in
jury in training. His doctor,
however, wired the District Boxing1
Commission yesterday saying he is
back in shape.
Miss Canada After
Speedboat Record
By tha Associated Brass
INQERSOLL, Ontario, Aug.
19.—Harold Wilson announced
today he will attempt to crack
the world’s speedboat record
of 141.74 miles per hour at
j Picton. Ontario, August 26 with
Miss Canada IV. Picton is on
Lake Ontario 110 miles east of
Wilson piloted the boat in
: the Harmsworth races at De
! troit last month, but dropped
out when engine trouble de
veloped. The boat now has
! been repaired with parts flown
from the United Kingdom.
7948 Champion
Says He'll Defend
President's Cup
Jack Schaefer of Detroit,
whose boat Such Crust won the
| President's Cup here last year,
will be back to defend the 23
year-old prize next month.
General Chairman Eric
Greenleaf heard from Schaefer
this week. He reported he
would check in here September
IS. two days before the regatta.
Dan Arena, one of America’s
top drivers and Such Crust’s
pilot last year, is expected to be
at the wheel again.
Other news on possible Gold
Cup boat entries will be re
ported at a luncheon meeting
of the regatta association Tues
day in the Willard Hotel.
The regatta opens September
4 with canoe races, followed by
rowing races the next day.
Swimming events will be held
1 September 10-11. power races,
September 17-18, and sail
events, September 24-26.
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