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Bushels of firm, ripe tomatoes just beg to be "put up."
In 10-12 minutes, a whole bushel of steamed tomatoes
can be whisked through a food mill and a few minutes
more finds glistening jars processed and done.
Canning Made Easy
Was there ever anything we
used more than tomatoes? Tomato
juice, tomato sauce, tomato soups
tomato ketchup and tomato aspic
are just a few of the many uses
for this plump ripe vegetable
that’s in such good supply right
now. And in it’s bright redness
lies stores of Vitamin C as well as
excellent supplies of all the other
vitamins—for tomatoes are right
up there with the citrus fruits as
our most important vitamin sup
Commercially, we are told that
tomatoes are the top-ranking
canned vegetable. And that should
hold true of home canning as well.
Because when tomatoes are “in”
in quality and quantity, there’s no
easier vegetable to put up. To
matoes are the only common
vegetable that can be safely
processed without a pressure
cooker. Their acid helps kill bac
teria and so they’re perfectly safe
processed by the boiling-water
bath method.
Firm, ripe tomatoes, free from
decay, are the canning require
ments. And here's how to put up
bushels of tomatoes in no time—
all with the help of that indis
pensable canning aid. the food
mill. The household size will turn
a whole bushel of tomatoes into
juice in just 20 minutes, the extra
large canning size cuts this time
down to 10 to 12 minutes.
Wash ripe tomatoes, remove bad
spots and stem ends, and cut in
quarters. Cook, bringing just to
boiling point. Strain through food
mill. Add 1 teaspoon salt per
quart of juice, heat quickly to
simmering ppint. Pill hot jars or
bottles and seal. Place in hot
water bath (190 degrees P.) deep
enough to cover tops of jars.
Process 15 minutes. Remove jars
and cool quickly.
1 cup tomato puree.
V,t cup water.
Salt and pepper.
Vi teaspoon grated opion.
Mix thoroughly and serve iced.
Makes 1 Vi cups juice. The amount
of water to puree may be varied
according to taste. Other sea
sonings may be added, such as
lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce,
mace, curry powder or tabasco
\\ cup chopped onion.
1 clove garlic, sliced.
Vz cup chopped green pepper.
y4 cup. shortening.
2 cups tomato puree.
1 cup water.
Dash of cayenne.
1 tablespoon Worcestershire
\\ teaspoon celery salt.
Yz teapsoon salt.
2 teaspoons sugar.
Saute onion, garlic and green
pepper in shortening until lightly
browned. Add remaining ingredi
ents and cook 1 hour. Put through
food mill and reheat before serv
ing. Makes about 2 cups sauce.
(May be served on hamburgers,
meat loaf, cooked vegetables, rice,
macaroni, hash, poached eggs or
used as sauce for Italian spa
ghetti and meat balls. Or chill
and combine 1 part tomato sauce
with 1 part mayonnaise or salad
dressing for cocktail sauce, tartar
sauce or dressing for jellied
iya cups tomato puree.
Yz cup water.
1 tablespoon granulated sugar.
3/4 teaspoon salt.
2 tablespoons lemon juice.
1 teaspoon grated onion.
Dash of pepper.
Soften gelatin gi Y* cup water.
Heat remainder to boiling. Re
move from heat, add gelatin and
stir until dissolved. Add remaining
ingredients, mix thoroughly and
chill until thickened. (Vegetables,
such as chopped celery, chopped
green pepper, cooked peas, cooked
diced carrots, string beans, etc.,
may be added before the mixture
thickens.) ' V. F.
By the Chef
Want to try your band at mak
ing petits fours—those delectable
looking little cakes usually turned
out by a professional for swank
tea parties and receptions?
Cream half a cup of butter
until very smooth, and add to it,
gradually, one cup of powdered
sugar. Cream until fluffy, add
two teaspoons of vanilla. Mix a
quarter cup of almond paste with
two tablespoons of milk, beating,
with a fork until smooth. Beat
in 4 eggs and 2 egg yolks. Sift
one and three quarters cups of
flour several times, and add it
gradually, a little at a time. Turn
the batter into a greased e'/ixrox
1-inch pan lined with heavy!
greased paper, and push the
dough up along the sides to make i
a fiat top cake when baked.
Bake in a moderately slow oven
for forty minutes, then let stand
for five minutes before removing
from the pan; place a board or
pan on top, pressing down light
ly; remove the board when the
cake is cold. Cut the cold cake,
bottom side up, in one-inch strips
crosswise, then in one - inch
squares, circles, stars or any other
fancy shapes.
Make a coating of half a cup
of apricot jelly, half a cup of
simple syrup, and two teaspoons
of rum. Dip each piece of cake
carefully into the coating; this
keeps them moist and gives gloss
to the frosting. Set the cakes
on a slab or sheet of waxed paper,
and pour fondant frosting over
each one. It will take about one
cup of frosting for each four
cakes; you can make fresh
batches from time to time, tint
ing each a different color to lead
variety to the cakes.
Fondant frosting is made this
way: In a saucepan put two cups
of sugar, a cup of water and two
tablespoons of light corn syrup.
Stir over low heat until sugar
is dissolved, then boil, covered,
for three minutes, then boil un
covered until the soft ball stage.
Pour out into shallow pan, and
when lukewarm work with a
spatula until creamy, then knead
until smooth. Store in a tightly
covered jar for a couple of days
before using. Then melt a cup
of the ripened fondant in the
top of a double boiler; add just
enough simple sugar syrup to
make a right consistency to
spread. Keep hot in the double
boiler. Tint any desired color.
When the frosting is dry, deco
rate the cakes as you wish, with
colored boiled frosting forced
through a tube, plus silver “shot”
and candied violet and rose
Those Desiring the Best in Gracious Living
Will Be Interested in the New ...
3719 Chevy Chase Lake Drive, Chevy Chase, Md.
Located one Mock beyond Columbia Country Club, turh right. Unusual,
spacious apartments of superior construction and design, with 3 bedrooms,
living room, dining room, 2 baths, and 7 large closets. The kitchens are
equipped with unusual cabinet #ace. Stainless steel sink, electric garbage
disposal, excellent refrigeration and range. Space is provided for electric
dishwasher. Spacious grounds will be attractively landscaped.
RENTING FOR $165 TO $175
Nearing completion. Available soon.
Phono Managor—OLivor 4100
B he Costumer—a diminutive white wood clothes rack
with colored pegs to attract a child’s attention.
Teaches neatness by encouraging her to
hang up her clothes. 4.95.
• Infant’s Furniture
Sixth Floor
• Also at Spring Valley
Julius Garfinckel & Co.
F Street at Fourteenth
e • FINAL SUMMER clearance • FINAL
» r
• clearance • final summer clear
e • final summer clearance • final
Your opportunity to select our merchandise, reliable for fine quality, at tremendous
savings. These sale groups have been taken from stock and greatly reduced for
immediate clearance. Many sizes and colors to choose from, but not all sizes or colors
in any one group. Original price means the first price at which this merchandise
was marked in our store. On some groups listed intermediate markdowns have been
- •*
Greenbrier Sports Shop
Were Now
Cotton Jackets . . . 5.25 to 9.95 -3.00 to 6.50
Wool, Cotton and Rayon Blouses . . . 4.00 to 5.95------3.00
6.00 to 8.00__—.---4.50
. 9.95 and 10.95_--.—...6.00
11.00 to 17.95..-.—8.00
Pedal Pushers . . . 5.25 and 5.95......3.00
6.95 and 7.95-------4.50
9.95 __---6.00
“ 14.95...10.00
Cotton Skirts . . . 4.50 to 5.95.—___3.00
6.95 and 7.95.—.---4.50
9.95 to 12.95_1-----.6.00
14.95 to 25.00 _-.-..10.00
Beach Bags . . . 6.25 to 7.95 .—-.—-—.-4.00
Were Now
M i s s cs its. •$ • 22.95 -r.'- iLi-—-.---12.00
:.•£ 29.95 -ISt-4-«*m**~1(£00
* * ■' -■ ^ W, — •« *1 % ‘ ■■•v - -., “•
. • • H
Debutante Shop
Were Now
Dresses . • . 8.95 and 10.95- 6.00
25.00 to 39.95 .10.00
Evening Dresses . .. 35.00 to 49.95 ------10.00
/ ■
Bathing Suits . . .*7.95 —...—.5.00
14.95 .—-8.00
Blouses . . . 5.95_IT—....3.00
t 6.95 and 7.95 -.—.4.00 ’
9.95 and 10.95.—--6.00
A group of denim pedal pushers, jackets,
m ' skirts and sundresses greatly reduced . . .
• * Also a group of playclothes at substantial
* savings.
v Were . Now
Debutante Toppers . , . 17.95 ......10.00
Girls’ and Teens’ Shop ■
Teen-Age Sizes 10 to 16 Were Now
, Shorts . . . 2.95..-.1-50
4.95_ 2.95
Bathing Suits ... 10.95 .+.—*.*..5.00
Peasant Blouses . . . 5.95.-.3.95
Skirts . . . 8.95.-.—.-5.00
Beach Jackets . . . 7.95 and
Play Suits . . . 7.95.....-.4.00
Girls’ Sizes 7 to 14
Shorts . . . 2.95 .—-—-.---—-.1.50
4.95 __-......2.95
Skirts . . . 5.95 —..—-----—3.00
, 7.95.--------5.00
Peasant Blouses . . . 4.95--— ---2;95
Also a group of teens’ and girls’ chubby dresses and teens’ and
girls’ sportswear greatly reduced.
Julius Garfinckel & Co.
F Street at Fourteenth

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