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India Turns Down Plan
Of U. N. to Arbitrate
Dispute Over Kashmir
By Km Associated Press
NEW DELHI. India. Sept. 17.—
Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru
announced today that India has
rejected arbitration proposals of
a United Nations commission on
Kashmir, but scoffed at any talk
of war with Pakistan.
Both India and Pakistan claim
control of the principality of
Kashmir. Secretary-General Tryg
ve Lie announced September 2
that the U. N. had submitted arbi
tration proposals but would not
divulge details.
War Rumors Held Childish.
Mr. Nehru told a public meet
ing at Ferozepore, on the India
Paklstan border, that rumors of
possible war were childish but
said the U. N. commission's pro
posals had sidetracked the main
Issue of the two-year-old dispute
which, he claimed, was Pakistan’s
aggression in Kashmir.
India wanted a "clearcut state-:
ment whether Pakistan was the
aggressor in Kashmir but the
arbitration proposal concealed the
crux of the problem,” Nehru
Pakistan announced its accept
ance September 6 of the U. N.
proposals, advanced by Admiral
Chester W. Nimitz. Three days
later it was disclosed here that
the commission had had to aban
don a truce meeting August 22
because Pakistan refused to dis
cuss two items which India pro
posed adding to the agenda.
Wants Fprces Disbanded.
Correspondence indicated India
told the commission she wanted
to discuss disbandment of the
Azad (free) Kashmir forces as
part of the condition for a truce,
and control of territories north
of the cease-fire line.
India also wanted to post Indian
troops in the territories which
she wanted to revert to the Kash
mir state administration.
Pakistan answered that India's
proposals for administration of
northern territories were ‘‘unjus
itified” and not open for discus
Ision in the truce meeting, and
the commission abandoned the
■ idea.
I One settlement proposal has
been for a plebiscite to determine
whether residents of Kashmir
wanted to join Moslem Pakistan
or Hindu India.
Nehru arrived at the border dis
pute area, 250 miles northwest of
Delhi this morning.
More than $557,000,000 has been
invested in new industries in Aus
tralia since World War II.
Jail Term Given in Sale
Of Fake Polio Medicine
ly tht Anociated Preit
SWAINSBORO. Oa., Sept. 17.—
A Baltimore youth was sent to
State prison for six months today
for selling a fake polio vaccine
He was one of a crew of maga
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ski, 19, to six months in prison on
a charge of cheating and swin
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