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Schott’s Alley are a few brick buildings, shown in left center of this panoramic
▼iew of the site for the new Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill. The houses
still are occupied by colored families with many children and will be torn down
1 as soon as they Are vacated—probably late this month. Congress has blocked,
11—II IHI—Hill null—— lllll— III! ' MHIIIWI W BUI null II I" III ■■ ■
temporarily at least, funds for construction of the new Senate building, previously
authorized. The half block, seen here looking eastward from the present Senate
Office building, runs from First street, between B and C streets N.E., to the alley
line. Part of the area is being set aside for automobile parking by Senate aides.
Directly to the eastward, top center, can be seen some other old row houses of
Schott’s alley, purchase of which has not yet been authorized. —Star Staff Photo.
Wider Social Security Law Due
To Pass House by Adjournment
ty the Aueclatwi Pr»u
Democratic leaders predicted
today the House will pass over
whelmingly before adjournment a
bill vastly broadening the Govern
ment old age pension program.
The bill sped toward a House
showdown as some labor unions
threatened strikes if employers dot
not pay the whole cost of pension
plans operating outside the Gov
ernment’s social security. The
Ford Motor Co. agreed to such an
independent plan yesterday. Under
the Government system the em
ployes and employers equally share
the cost.
The House Ways and Means
Committee voiced fear that com
pany-financed programs, if not
discouraged by pasage of an im
proved Government social security,
may undermine the Federal pro
gram. It said:
“Without an adequate and uni
versally applicable basic social in
surance sytem, the demands for
security by segments, of the popu
lation threaten to result in 'un
balanced, overlapping and com
peting programs. The financing
of such plans may become chaotic,
their economic effects dangerous.”
Balks at Amendments.
The House Rules Committee
balked at the Ways and Means
Committee’s request for what
some called a gag rule for con
sideration of the social security
'expansion bill. The committee
asked that the bill be voted on a
“this or nothing” basis, with no
amendments permitted.
Some Republican Ways and
Means members asked the Rules
group to order procedure that
would permit votes on amend
ments. Representative Curtis, Re
publican, of Nebraska, said the
new disability insurance bill is a
forerunner of socialized medicine,
and the House should be able to
vote on this section of the measure
Some other sections of the legis
lation are "political insurance”!
instead of social insurance, Mr.
Curtis said.
However, Majority Leader Mc
Cormack said he is confident the
Rules group will approve a rule
barring amendments. „ One effect
of such a rule would be to ban
presentation of the Townsend old
age pension plan.
Ways and Means Chairman I
Doughton said chaos would de
velop if this 201-page technical
bill were opened up for amend
ments. "We might be here until
Christmas, if that happened,’’ he
Mr. Doughton pointed out that]
Republicans, in control of Con
gress last year, presented a social
secuirty measure under procedures
barring amendments.
Would Increase Coverage.
The pending legislation, ap
proved by the Ways and Means!
Committee, 22 to 3, in, August,
1. Increase by 11,000,000 the
35,000,000 workers now covered by,
Old Age and Survivors Insurance;!
2. Increase the benefits by 70 to
80 per cent on the average; 3.j
Inaugurate v insurance for totally
and permanently disabled per
sons; and 4. Boost the payroll
taxes against employers and em-|
ployees, to finance the expanded
Here is how the increase in
benefits would work for a man
over 65 (with wife also over 65)
who has been under the Socia
Security program for 10 years:
Average Present Benefits
Monthly Benefits In New
Wage (Monthly) Bill
100 41 79
150 50 87
200 58 94
250 66 102
The benefits are smaller fo
persons in covered employmen
less than 10 years, more for thosi
in more than 10 years.
Some members believe the nev
social security program will heai
off some of labor’s demands fo
independent old age program
financed entirely by employers.
Speaker Rayburn tentatively se
the social security debate to begir
next Tuesday, if the Rules Com
mittee approves. If the Rule
Committee refused to clear thi
measure, Mr. Rayburn said thi
rules group may be by-passed ant
the measure presented to thi
House for a vote a week fron
Mr. Doughton predicted thi
House will approve it overwhelm
Ingly. However, the Senate i:
not expected to act until nex
i Man Is Held for Assault
In Son-in-Law Shooting
Police today charged Thomas A.
Lewis, 49, colored, 5118 Lee street
N.E., with assault with a danger
ous weapon in the shooting early
today of his son-in-law, Eugene
Ellison, 24, of the same address.
The victim is reported in critical
’ condition at Gallinger Hospital
with gunshot wounds in the abdo
! men. Police said the shooting, in
which six shots were fired, started
' after the son-in-law shoved Lewis’
1 wife.
Ralph F. Gates Named
G. 0. P. General Counsel
By the Associated Press
Ralph F. Oates, former Gover
nor of Indiana, yesterday was
named general counsel of the Re
publican National Committee.
Chairman Guy George Gabriel
son announced the appointment
and said Mr. Gates will take up
his duties immediately. He suc
ceeds Barak T. Mattingly of Mis
souri, who resigned recently.
139,000 War Veterans
Now Living in District
The Veterans Administration
estimates there are 32,000 vet
1 erans of wars prior to World War
; II living in Washington. The to
| tal for the recent war is 107,000.
Nationally, living veterans of
World War II total 15,225,000. as
compared to 3,751,000 from pre
vious wars.
Rock, Slide or Slip?
FASTEETH, an Improved powder to
be sprinkled on upper or lower plates,
holes false teeth more firmly In place.
Do not slide, slip or rock. No gummy,
gooey, pasty taste or feeling. FA8TEETH
Is alkaline (non-acid). DOes not sour.
Checks "plate odor” (denture breath).
Get FASTEETH at any drug store.
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* #
r ^ .
This year we’re privileged to present a group of Taylor-mad*
* '
shoes from the finer leathers so essential to the man whose wardrobe
indicates a custom preference. Here you will find costly cordovan
with a gleaming rich-wine luster . . . sturdy Imported Scotch
grains as enduring as Scotland’s moors ... glowing calfskin, so hand*
tome and distinctive. See them tomorrow in any of the Hahn Shoe Stores—
where they’re exclusive in Washington.
. ’ S *

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