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1 , M||i daily* bate* Raster,
irj,» *’*ia*’ °*r,*r
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ft*£r 74 * w. nox»», iWli
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yi' : ' than «b pMi to; —
Z> : ■: - ■*!•■« ttadr toon <” Tpnoattop
' y.n SKM KNTS.
r T„„ tL TIJLATEM. ‘ Bcrr.ommn. 1
film matinee,
n(«RM INN,
_ j.,1 |o Mils IIKRfcWAim.
<; *W; ^•"JTbSOTesi*.
^.’•^ofm* brother vo„E
11..- uit»l attrwttv. and larva.:
•• , s. in ,|.-wMT».nir.!tn insn.i.
, *•*» ' r i.rom-aiB'ii. To-nlrtt.
> >- • |....,. i. r tlio Oral" l_
J\\ii*ruun hatthday._
t , ‘i ■ xi*. on *bloh ooaaiou WT
. ;.;.,\\sinkMR BOPyOET
r ",..i uaiixL*. aid caDill.. for thr lit
jPjfnil'EnA OOIIS. ^
-,.,i M' iiiNT srooKRR OF
W "pai Hire vRAP's
1 *u« V, *}$®FASr$5S£Z8i.
■ i'niBrs •'! v^'5<i'|V*ry0BASO ON RTA01,
1 ,tvr' n.
1 **£''' m'u'EE SAlfaDAY Af -
|,.;; .*1:2
■ t,’■:> • .l'.’.ll
■ ^ '*» • '. Mlt-Mta. Bea.rred
■ i.i- J!,'..nv t,a .1 iTfnl Cotorl*.
■ , nn u or oik.se_L_^gL.
i. o t i"r"«. at < |> ni . at •li<’
* i t’ i.li. N •‘trial Mi--ea
,<• r- Pi.rfti, lo-ad. Kak"
I i—i-u. ' itlt r. ~.r-od Mt.
** .in.nit at tlxt A'l’X'l of
• -rtfuiin-a at Mat/I'rott'a and
* _aoi'.’sst
jjlTIOAA I • Alii
• J 3.00 0
rrrj cfen for bale or stags and
mil T SPACE. _»epl3-lw
irTTBi>«'T»»ai aiTHMASir*.
\> ( ' l: • ru ASP O 8TBA*,T. M.W.
w.(v (■ -xk n (ijmDAMicj and Calletbenld*,
t5-U.l4) a; -ruoTD. from 4 to 6. ted SAtunur
to 1*. under the leadership of
b j tri'K T ,rrni BO cent* per tu"Pth. eeld-lm*
^ OPEN F ROM 9 T. M. TO 10 F. B.
IKS as ti ilii E -t. s w. eepl«
BOOKS, &c. ■
rrnuc iyo private schools,
Ltv Eoousuns asp —ay—a
WtHe. 47T> Fa. »yp- suw
ocol sfppues tboLsaalb and brail
/She best keabon.
■ p, D.lacy'f C^rr»f rnndraoA, t safe..$4-W
■ &»rrn/* of Ruckle, 1 sol
■ fw^r's Frsrtire bbot*. 1 vole•#••• • •• • •••• •• • • •• f®
I jwut'iTm- BniDuidOwiBOf the Hind.. 3.M
■ ktau.ee C»'.:fi>rtii» Ufa teeM«*M*te*M« • e a ••••• 1*5
■ bier Aiiroa'\ by Twain.e-Jg
I k(w», N > >arre Strip... a.IP
I Rau.'iteie... 1-trJ
■ fntt ii f inal-', ar d Seaside Librarian. All the
■ Iwizm.. and New Rook* re oat red ao anocaa In
■ W4 audio)J it lowest rates. School Booke and
■ i,tjite« a 1..: supply Ob——I end new
■ Kwgfty in kreat variety _____
I yHA sc IS h. bows.
R bi i rtMoaTO Bonn BBOTSMk,
(r: r, GUM it
_ F\T1U01iDI»ABT B.VBGAI*! .
wmtt, i- :.rfct:i-'ii In bsrrele, locks, stock, ae
ft- ui sLe-.uu sailitlea. Double-barrel Breach
SHOT 00*. . _ _
Erstlrt Lauunated Steel Barra*
*Kkr»«pe Onn. i ns) strati and mooenr re
taif'.il put*iM.factory. TeettmonUle:—*;It is
»r>d ,-jn la every respect, and Cbe sportsman
tKi v-tt-i."—1>. Jooey, aeq., O. 8.Ra»:tfi
fcsL Intv-v*. T. r. Fiver, eta.. U. 1. Oorero
an: Hor|.U: Prd Beach. Jjeiandria, Vs.:
••prove, l «... Com. IntertillPerson^ AIsi
f ~t. Vs. ai.il bntntrf ils of others. O’MIABV'J
her*'ib.n.r», mr.latbnp.1 F.opp. O.B.Trees.,
•'.ill::!, r.H. po-tOrtics. -Immeoaecata
•ct • (t. er;. ,1 (laps, i ;«h:nv Tickle, (1 Razvre,
_ytry. 1 .m Tenr.tr. Ac., free to ill. auytl
Qi. urpi'hUT.
let. <03 and <00 7th at. a. «<
** At Pliers to Km tita Tina.
gn*f».v» “isso” rtuMcu
*rruii-.e fob ooal ob wood,
Ivateia; remirkibly durable; SCO
ip ft-i, (riveunlrsml satisfaction i
ls»i p'> butted Joints; are fraa
n.AT,,.i. etc Hire many ATTRACTIVE
gffiC.lCAL IMJ'BQVEMJUITBaersr btlon
*1117 <T »*.|»iw before narcheaint otheia. ,
•hHdHIno.W, »OTIVTO* * CO.,
*»•*«. IM7 BaleMeVudiu

•‘‘•‘rest ted Hew Iwhlmaa.
V»\56—N*. 8.576.
rw> If ADO KID —A Snr<-ta] Oom-anoloatlonof
Hr B B. PBBHOH LoDOJ.Ho - IS. r A.VH ,
«•»bob' a at tba Moaonle Tempts oa THCBa
DAT. September to, etT p a
By order ol tba w. M- _
it V. ■■ LBMOR, Iimbiy.
e». Palmar, M. a». StfrJO-M
r=r I»K. ft. M LATIDkl DBDniT.
Mr i amoved bis o Ace from OMto StOletrest,
sootheart corner of Tibet ».w. aapM3*
Hr lar tfcbearaais for tbo saaoon will bo bald
awry MONDaT. Mmman*M Monday. Oovobae «,
at 8 p m . at the OunfTcnUoaaiChurch. Appb
oaote for membership wlu pfaam sand addrao to
mr»-3t M. dKIUHmMBAOB. Secretary
r-=»- 10 •- F -BABMOBT LODOK. Do 8.
kl-v Ban. be re era rmpeotfully reaotetM to s'
■tend the funeral of oor lata brother. I, DitueH
■ iriHi«u pan mod, from bia let* rraldaoon w<>.
■ 931 Mat ST. 00 pklDAf ArTBlN'ItBrOotJ.
■her 1. St 8 o'clook. Tba Lew* will form at thefr
■hall, 8 b at a.t., at * o'clock pm. Mam bare of
■tlier Lcdpea ai* luvlted tn attend
| iOHD Q ADAMS, HoWoQramb
1 WM. p. ALLAH, Bsc. Bsc. aapTt at
■Hr HUNT, >o 4 -Pstnarche am a>'«d to
laiteudtbofonoralofourlatebmtbarpotrtarob, L
■ William Ovixawp, from bia I Ate iwaldanpylfo.
Ivm Mat. B.A.. on raiDAY APTBHHOOH. Oeto
ll-r-r 1, at a o'clock- Tba BnMmpmant niU format
I their bell, 8tb at at, at 1 o'clock p.m^Msmbeea
I of binar y neampmaate ara Invited to amend .
I OEOMOB A OBKBM, Obiof Patriarch.
| WM- P. at.I.AW. Bertha. aep3i it
f vIreala and ratal1, at BOBEB1 # BOOKS TOME,
~ mm 7th at., above Now York eve.
IdV CI/OTHS8 to ■-'lac
•Oiilter»lcd with Marble Don
atour, lilueral Wbtie, Drrera,
dSap. Ej«t ‘
Tallow tetd-Vnmiabl.
Otis, and tobefreahorn all adniternttono. fylS-Sm
l it tba moat alterant stove pOi The iwcate
non of tba maanf Acdnrsta, the BarBow Stove Oom
emit_An. swmitrtat bw.
^ mciiCAB^airir vraoi^
IS luu wits A. T. iTivir? A Co., I. T-,
Brfen to bU work of tbeU. S. fib OAtmbrr,
fraaldawt'a and Vtoo Traaidaot’a MoaMjto tbe
boot* of kin. Oft- FUllmr. Jad#e MiOar. Gao.
Barlow, Senator* Jone# and Surif da. Oen. Wil
Uama and many othara. Will ba rtaoltd to mire
order* tortlaytne of Oarprti. Olio. lb*. Uuotoum.
Saltmy, ete. Aoycrdar by mail ae wed a§ ordere
by Carpet btoree. proio|41y #'tended to.
OEet, SIT loth street wortsweet,
eepM-lt* Welt to Waahtnrton Oa* OfBoa.
■OBI HBABT n THU m.wawww or
V>om man abb m Lownx m m
¥ am.

IrLooina (ooon.........ti«ao
|I0. 1 BOARDS, (ALL St nKT).~~..»LM
YORK rACTORY. corner Kb end 0 ett. aw.. will
be Hold Oct at Coen. • eepttliw*
toettM theeupeelorityof onrwortheppawafc
Wd Wa.ttlT htto etrweta. w.
I'rtpertd tofurntoh MU810 ou ell oe-teelpne.
heetaci or. 60S U et. 8 w. Old e/e receivedI et
Mu»lc btorce.**£**_
X be* Increeeert eo rnetir tbel now oer force of
Ana ben to tonrar tbeo to emptoyedbr ear bone*
tontb of Mew Ywl to evldjpc* of &e bvejrlotAmiit
bayvabb * mnrcmwBOH,
Wit ■*. BAT KbetrwwA a w.
THif SnffmagffksB T5
see. end tbe clooo etteettuu webeve petd to ell **K
nebto Impicvreaente la h**Uu* eppontue. werreat
ttnato coaepWnt lion then. _
Waldington Sm and flwrip. |
Otmmwt Racxm* To-day.-Internal rsr
m. I4N.MT.I4; customs. Mil.til 41.
Natural Ban Mom rode ward today,*
•Moos _
Cant*—Tbe tree sorer of the Unttrd Statu
■ailed to-day the oheofes due tor the quarterly
Interest oa the four pur cent. V. & bonds They
auciher about W.W
TWn Paniem wtu return to Washington
about tbe drat ot MoYouber. He will not re
Bain here long, bot will go to bis borne u> Ohio
to muin until after the election.
A Bran at Foacn of olerka baa been employed
bight and day tor a month past adjusting tne
account! of the thirty thousand oecaui enum
erator* with a view to afloat settlement of their
eooooots Superintendent Walker thinks that
that wort srtif on completed within a month.
Tub dootstic Moriy-Oddis transactions of
the Poet OOloe department for tbe flaoal year
ended June to, i*», wen u follows; t.sao.wt
orders for Siso.tM.gi8 ueued, against gM.s-V4.au
tor tbe previous Oecal year reee and premiums
received by poof masters during the year gou,
oti.M. orSUT.tr more than .for tho fiscal rear
ended June Mt18Tt: net revenue of the money
order bufneu ot tae department for the fUcal
year, sit,ns _____
A Lottsby ClRCCLir for yhb Postrastbr
Obkrrau—Acting Postmuter General liazeu
received a letter signed ••Morality ” from Louis
ville to-day enclosing a circular of a lottery
compeny. Tbe writer says; “Wby don't you
go for all the gambler* wuiio you ar* *t it." Tne
enclosure wu a circular of the Frankfort (Ky.)
Lottery Company.
Posnunm Genual Maynard will return
to Washington to-night.
Naval oidbrs—Sallmaker Robt. L. Tatein
has been ordered to tbe training ship 8t. Louis
at League inland. Pa; 1‘aa^ed Assistant Eogi
neerJobn P. Kelly bss reported bis retnm
1 borne, haring been detached from the Honor
ary, AstuUO station, and has been placed <m
wining orders; UaiUnaker John 8. Franklin has
been detached from the Sr. Louts and plaocdon
waiting orders _
Mariks coirsOaonaa —capt. Wm. R. Drown
end Fln-t Lieut. Wm. P. Bvwic has b.-en or
dered to report to Caps Jos. Forney, as mem
^^RDkTTti«ol»('*x.-TUe sportlng^m^^^
[ this city say that but few even bets can be hsi
l o« tne result ot tbe Presidential election, and
I that odds In favor of tbe democrats are asked
Ion IbJlans Among tbe betters Hancock has
I tbe call, and even bets on Giraeld are sought
^^ffiAYBTUi Cocntry.—Leaves o^twenCT
for sevrn days will be granted such clerks as
desire to go to Indiana and Ohio KMrote, on acd
alter tbe Kb proximo.
~ Gen. Grant hie evidently e gnat hold upon
■the people yet, u shown by the enthottaMn of
hH rrctpGon at tbe Warren, Ohio, iwpwhUona
mcntntr, av well aa at other polnta where be
letter declining to be a oaallklate for re-etoctioo.
Tbe democratic oegaiitaattofis la the souther*
stales are adopting rmotations aadmWng Gen.
Hancock* teuertZ regard to rebel claim*. Tbe
Alabama democratic state committee has o(U
clniiy approved the letter and Itaaea nenta
Tbe Iadtanapblls Newt, which is lad .endec t.
atke if an " Indiana election" doesn't iipoan an
clrctlon where only ett<iena of Indiana shall
vote. The Ntv-e advisee citizens to see that
auth is the case.
The following further congreattonal nomine
ttons have been mp-ke A. G. Curtin, dem.. auth
Pennsylvania: Alexander Gregory, greenbacker:
Albany (If. Y.) district; Thomas Boles, rep., ad
Forty-three delegates formed a New llamo*
shire state greenback convention at Manchester
3 f strrds r, norotnated W. 8. Brown for goverror
l»r. Layfayette Chesiey, J. P. Wood berry and
Dudley T. Chase for Congress, and swore fealty
to the greenback presidential ticket.
Tbe Savannah Neot nays that as not acre
than one person in ten of tbe present white
population of tbe south ever owned staves, u is
tbe bright of unreason to suppoee that the
rout born people would be willing that the na
tion should incur a great debt to pay for ue
groea (bat were once in bondage.
Ex-collector Worthington, of South Carolina,
is making Danoock speeches in Ohio.
Virginia Pwiuice.
BircsucAN irxrriNo » aixxxwbiia corirrr.
[Oimesjxmdenflsof Theater.}
AuaaNDBH Cocktt. Va, September to.
IA large meeting was held on Ball’s mil, Alex
andrtaca, va, on Wednesday evening, the
occasion being a nag.-raising-by the Garfield
and Aitbur club of Washington district. The
demonstration in its size and ebarater w»s a
surprise to ‘ Cooney." a noticeable feature was
tbe appearance of the Palls' Church club, com
manded by Major Kastman, with a lull drum
cot pa and each mao oarrylng a lighted torch.
Tbe mocilog was exiled to order by Mr. Norms v,
and the following elected as permanent oracers:
K. G. CuDbingbcD, president; Pranks. Schut*.
Vows Jackson, James G. FrankUc. Christopher
t isieilo and II. Dorwy. vtoe presidents; C. C.
Neii-on. ^billing St owdcn and Thornton Hyson,
srrrctaries. Addreates were made by Mr.
Tumble, spencer n Cox and Charles H. Bux
ton, of Falla' Church; Mr. Norman, of Ohio; W.
F. Hoc, cball man of county committee, and
John 8. l-armoo, of Langley, after which a rea>
luiioa was unanimously adopted, "that the re
publicans of Washington district oorduuy en
dorse the candidacy of Sampson P. Bayiy, an 1
regarding him as toe duly nominated standard
(barer or tbe republican party for Obngrcesln
this district, pledge him their earnest and un
Divided support." A vote of thanks to the
Breaker* and clubs contributing to tbe success
of tbe meeting was also passed Uno.
Tux Cikobr Pamilv Aihris —A special to
tbe Chicago Trttunw, from TopekA Kan., says:
‘ Governorst John today,on the request, of
the county attorney of Labette county. Issued a
requisition for tbe Bender family, it la not
known on what state the rrqouiuon Is made,
but tbe governor declare* bis belief that no
mistake baa been made thla ttmei V'f lh«
^Telegrams to The Star.
He la Still a Republican.
Fate of Franklin and Hit Men.
i Coitractor Charged With the Heaths.
He Use Not l.eft the RenklleM
tliw Yo««, aept. to — A special dispatch to
tbe HtraM, dated San Francisco, September *».
says: A Washington telegram to the worm was
published here this morning stating that Sena
tor Jones, of Nevada had become dJcguMnd
with tbe republican party and would not sup
p< n (larOikl; that he would stump Nevada In
ravor or Mr. Fair tor Senator, and mat he had
become democratic and might turn out to be a
gr< enbacker. Tire win* flashed the report la
t-vr 17 direction over tbe Pacific ooast, and tele
grams have poured In upon tbe senator and
upon lending republicans seeking oonnrmainn
cr rten I II. In an Interview with the Senator h •
banded me tbe following telegram he had )uw
preps,ed to forward to the chairman of them,
publiran central oommltteo of Nevada,who bad
a bo asked an explanation:
San Francisco, Sept. TO.—The report in the
trnrta is a atopld invention of the enemy, with
out shadow ot foundation or fact, l a my judg
ment tbe beat interesta of the whole country
will be promoted by the eontinuaooo of tbe re
publican party la power and Imperilled by the
sued as of the democracy. I never wav a more
ardent believer In republican principles and
supporter of republican cendldres than now.
Democratic promises ore no bet'er and demo
cratic history la do more savory than here
tofore: I see malnlfoid reasons why former
supporters of the democratic party ahou'd now'
become republicans, but absolutely bo reason
why former supporters of the republican party
ahould dow become democrats. I trust and
believe that the patriotic dozens of Nevada will
bear tbe republican etandard to victory in No
vi mber. John P. -Tonis.
Pi rtiU. A. Do'ilr, Chairman Kepublu-an Can.
tral CoinruHtte, VirylHla CUu.
The Contractor mho Faralshed the
nwpplica Charged with Cameiag tho
Death of the Rea.
Naw rout. Sept. 3u.-a cable dispatch from
London saya The flchwatka diaooverlea, the
Jeannette expedition and polar mausrs gen
erally continue to be tbe leading topics of die
cuaaioo in tbe AngUsh Journajfc Among the
...." I
i- ^ « ' ‘ r::!
©n September 30th in 1880, our Company was
started. We thought you would like to see
what “The Evening Star” was saying in those
days, and we invite you to visit our stores
during October for our 69th Anniversary Sale.
y?^?, fylee
pprccoat some pou» in muiau* oeiore out re
turn. ________
Pimomu-Fecreury Evarts, Attorney Gen
eral Devena. M. Outrey, the French Minister,
Capt. Arthur of tho British Legation. Special
Agent Tingle ot the Treasury Department, and
Mr. William SUckuey ot Wasuington. wen
rrglatered tn New York last evening.—Walt
Whitman left Canada yesterday en r<»tie tor
bon.e at camden.—Mrs. and Mias 8ora t
(•‘Mi.-auruDd*”) have rc'.urued fr»in Saratogi
aid the north, atid are at tho Higgs.—Ex
Senator Frellnghuj sen was greatly Improved !u
tciiltb ytbUTday. Ills s inner, t was a seven*
stuck of bilious remittent fever, wltb oongv
lien oi tbe brain, and not paralysis, m was at
first reported.—Consul Moeby takes tin
trouble to write from Hoag Kong denying the
tint b of s story recently published to the effect
thst a child of Uls Is oe was la the care Of a
Mew York humane society. lie says his six
children are all at their home in Virginia, and
that he never was in Mississippi la ha Ufa—
Fx-Representative William Walter Phelps will,
by direction ot bis physicians, sail for Europe
this week and wlu spend the winter tn tbe
sooth ot France—-Scotland is a queer plaoe to
look lor newa of the movements of our govern
ment officials, but the Dundee Advert Uer says
that when President Oayea goes out or omoobo
will emit the continent sad the United King
dom. ______
Tn WniLT Sri a for this week la now ready.
It contains eight pages of reading matter, cov
ering every variety of subject, stories, sketches,
ooetry. news and gossip, etc. Bent for the
campaign for twenty-live cents, ooatpxid. or
tbreemcmtbs for fifty cents. SlngtscJplca lc
wrappers, five cents.
Racrsury Evaru' Iptsch,
Secretary Evaru made a speech at Coo pet
r -mute. New York, imt night. Bon. Hugh
McCulloch presided. Mr. Evsru discussed tho
question which of tbe two oartioi miy he'
treated with the governmental the country.
Be said twenty-four years ago the people
placid tbe country in the hands ot a PorosyU
vania democrat. Four yearn later they gave it
(to a pal rloitc republican of mmol*, now they
are 10 ray whether they repent taking the
rower from Buohaean and giving It to Lincoln.
If a Pennsylvania democrat la restored to power
It M a verdict, Mr. Evaru held, that the people
are tbrd of patitottom and weary oMiberty.
While oompumenuog Uanoock as a Midler he
slum not ngard him ae a statesman, sod be
evened that tinea tbe days of Beery Clay,
car field waa the denneaf end baetoandidau
tor ibe presidency. TheApenkar wants nr the
wrote field of national topton, making now and
then a numoroua point. In ooocluduf be re
ferred to tbe democracy os n “dsdooaud
party.” breauae It had all the juiee out of It,
but retd It waa claimed that It had been rejuve
nated by tbe iraastuMoa of blood—tbs blood ot
( banes Francis Adame, Lyman Trumbull,
Gene. Butler and Mctlsa and.Bop BbephaM
and was now going through the mottoes of
pautotum. ♦
The National council of tho Ordvof Amart
cen Meehan ton. In eesaton at Mow York, ban
Srotid WTR_ MlddtotCjM 'of MewJareoy.
national couaeflor, and Ham L. Ootoby, oi
Maryland, nauonal f .
Simmona. late judge of Botetourt county. In
dieted (or obvtrucung the d*tl and political
rights of citizens by not putting negroes on
juries. All the other case* against Judges in
dieted for similar offenses wen continued, and
will be dismissed next term.
Joerrn K. Ex hit waa again too much Ine
brlaltd to Mug or act at the Grand Optra boose
in 8t. Louis Tuesday nighL lie will be kept a
rrkoner in the theater until be gcu sober.
Biltixoxi Nona.—Tbe route for each day’s
parade during celcbratlcn week in October has
been decided upon.—The German Savings bank,
on Wr-t>t Baltimore street, opposite Pearl street,
wn robbed yesterday of »I,3ta.-Mr. Anocl C.
Terry, a well-known merchant of this city. Is
believed to have dtorned himself In Druid mil
three men tv no entered Dover's store at Mer
cers station, Ky.. “but wlU you ptcaae hand
me tbo (too out ol your sale?” and ho politely
leveled a revolver. "Sorry to disoblige.* Dovey
replied, “but, there ton’t * cent there;’' and ho
affably opened the safe for them to sea The
robbers made a thorough search and with
drew. _____________
Kucraic Lion ix Nsw You.—A wealthy
company has just been formed in New York for
extending tbe use of the electric light on Man
halt an Island. It la organized under the lawn
of tho auto of New York, with n preliminary
pald-ap capital of kioo.qoo, but back of this cap
ital, it la understood, ere many millions. The
company wiu at once take steps to construct a
plant near Madison square. lathe building
will be placed Comm steam engines, collar*
and live dynamo-electric machines, all of which
are- already In coarse of construction. Tbe
plant, it la expected, will be in full operation by
the let of November. The selected district em
braces thirteen hotels, nve olub houses, liny
. restaurants, and many large business atum*.
papers report that the epizootic intiueoz*.
which disabled so many horses in the winter of
1*4.3, baa undoubtedly returned to that city,
nod la prevailing generally among horses,
ttough in n mild form. The ivioune any* a
previ Lilve suggested by a horse owner waa to
teed well, give not oatmeal water or hay water
bight end morning, and a steam bub Of aoaU
tag hot water, and oatmeal, placed under the
head at night, to keep the heed dear, and to
blanket well. This proved the effective in lsit.
A HD le awnrreudn on tbe Mt and the uao of lime
In the stables wsa also rtesmmended as n pro
venuve. ____________
Wnr two Dsavrs wot to Waamxorox'.—The
Merchants’ National Bank, of tbl* -city, malted
a letter on September *1 to the First Nanooat
Bank, of Oil city, containing two drafm for
ge,rz«.aa and »,#» respectively, a hank maa
aenger said that, ha bad depomtsd the letter in
the general receiving box tor Pennsylvania at •
am: Not bearing of the arrival efthe remit
fence the officers of the Meehan** Nauoual
Bank complained to tbs poet omoe autbonuei
yesterday of the delay. The envelope eras
traced to the dead letter office, with its «*oto
■ore intact It was nut fully nddreaael —AT. T.
Worm, aka.
The •Mvam luurr *»i4 far tUiMI
Nsw Yo>K, sept.so.—The sale of the Steven*
baitcry took place yesteiday aftemoouat Ho
boken, H. J.. ftj order of toe mister to the
court of chancery, N. i. The battery end at
purtenances were sold In right lota Among
the bidders were several gentlemen from W ash
ii.cton, Doston. Philadelphia and Albany. The
fctodlng opened wituStf.uoo, and the lot. after a
very splrfted competition. was knocMd; down
on the 4ist bid to wm. E. Ulmher.b builder of
Now York, for isc.iwo. About *l.oou.«oo bs1
been fpent on the battery, and It was »UU on
Oolrbtd. _
Quebec's shlpkalMIng laurwu.
Qrssic. Ik'pt. SO.—Mr. Feunwne Evcande. of
France, writes to the French preas of this etty.
exorcising his heltet that the French
duty on Canadian built ships will he re
duoed to to cents per too. and anttclpaUM the
. revival In ooencc of shipbuilding, especially of
vtastls tor the French nsberies. Ue also Motes
that It la hts Intention in connection with
Mean Dion Brothers, of Granville, Frsaae.
to be jin nest year runnlog a new Hoe of
steamers between that port and Quebec. Oe
tx-lkvtsltcan be supported by the substdlea of
iSi>ioo promised by the Canadian govern men k
iinfl of IIOO.OOQ promised by the Government of
France, and — "
live fete
markets dominated by sueenuuve ••'"uencea
the U>no Hi lx coming decidedly bullish. This is
due to the facts that, the short interest <con
traets to deliver stocks rot to be bouf on to
very large: that tbe prospects for easy money
•o goodby reason of eootlnued heavy gJjd
imports; tbst rsiircsd earning* continue largely
ptontabie. and to the growing feeling that the
runes tide of prosperity to tootjtrong “
receive more than a temporary set back, ev'-nlf
tbai, by any probable turn In political aff.Uifc
V. H. bonds are s»'t higher lor the looc jhius
ttsuHi and lower for too short date. Katiruad
botdv are strong at an advance of 'yak percent;
the largest rise being In those of the Hoiithwey.
ernrtmosd. The markets for stock*to V**M
per cant higher than yesterdayt elosing, al
though there have been reactions from tja* to
1—• —
I _
an, 'Jrrmj centra?. wiSuh. Iroa"Moun
tshL Bio. Lake Shore, Northwest, and
Keci iaffiid. Notwithfettndipg the appa.
rent unci rtalnty of the ooctwt tor the coo
ttol of the W estern Colon TjJjgMjPh* and
which to attended,so far at deaUngstt the
mast am concerned, with unusnai russt too
sunk. hasjbeeosouveto^yat^
' aa
Cwimilai ■MppralfMtou.
PiiLADBLrBu, Sept.Before the sOjourn
“fotc* the Pan-Presbyterian eoeoeu Uat algb t
Dr. Witherspoon read i "%per ooc recant au>
nppn*ewJo«utan<j rell< og Prof. Glldersfceve,
Hopkins Unlicreiiy, from rmponal
bflliy for crtticbma upon canon Farrar.
Ta4af’a liwiie.
PHtUbiLrau. Sept. »o—Her. prof. Welle, of
Belfast, presided at this mom log's amiloo of
the Pee Presbyterian council and conducted
the devotional exerclsv By recommradatioa
of tte bostatm oommlt'ce the oommlUee on
creeds aed conteimoot Jtu enlarged bar the
addiuon of two eidore, a i Mean L T. Nrvla
ot Xdinburg. end Henry ty, of New York,were
appointed auch member | the oommittee on
creeds end oontmaions id eootnmeatoeuoo
frrm the Heronned Pm xrj of Philadelphia,
making application for .eprmeotazioe in the
oonccfl, declaring Its creed*to be In conformity
with the concensus of the reformed confemtona,
end agreeing to eeeepc the oonetltouou of the
alliance. On motion of the <•*»*«"«« of tue
committee the repreeentattves of the Preebr
tery were admitted. Dr. tfrowawm subealued
a i(solution providing for the appointment
of a committee to prepare some expression that
would go forth to the world as the utterance of
tbe council on the subject ot Sabbath obeerr.
•nee; referred to the business oommiuaa. Rev.
Dr. J. Murray Mitchell. ot Edinburgh, read the
report of (he oommittee on foreign missionary
work. Tbe report dibcueved tbe subject to all
Its bearings, including the beat means of
raking funds, mode* nr conducting mlmtouary
enu rprtaes, the relations ot mlaslous to home
churchiw, sc. The report suggested the esiat)
Ihbrnentcf a great traindng college at Pcklo,
l bins, and urn id • more energetic prosecution
of Dilution work in beatben and pagan ooun
trits. one report sured mat two mlitieo px
guns bad been rescued from darkoewt during
tbe part focniy jiars by Protestant mission
arlir. »rd referred to the g.eater fin.lllih-saud
advantages that may be now enjoyed by mu
don worscia.
Htv. Dr. Paxton. D. D., or New Ycrk, submit
ted, Ire m tbe Auinicaa portion of the commiu
l< r, a written tilt.lory fig the mission enterprises
amecied wlh the follow lug churches: The
Presb) leriao church of tabadu, l ulled Presby
terian church In the Tutted State*. Kcfornvd
Dutch church, lieformcd Presoy tertan church,
(<•< ni-rfl Sy ncd.) Associate Kctormed church.
Pnsby tertan cbuich noitb and I’resbyiyrtau
church south. A summary ot the tuiutlou
submitted In the*epon may be thus stated:
MlKiooartes in the flnkl, m; native mission
arivs. is*; native licentatcs sod preacher, i>>;
medical mlmlonarlea anB teachers, ns; Ameri
can wpmer, connected with tae mlsions,
native teachers and blhie readers, euv. commu
nicants, I*,til; sebouirs la board lug schools,
I.C91; scholars in bay schools, li.iM.
Dr. ration supplemented the written repor
wttn an address, in which he remarked tbat tbe
tocteen of the Dilation work ahoicd overwhelm
note who bed cried failure, and should encour
age those who bad kepi heart sad hands in the
Kev. Dr. J. Leighton Wilson, of IHltlmore. ad
dressed the council in favor of the formation of
an ecclesiastical unlou, by which ro secure co
operation in the mission Held, and Itev. Dr. Joho
C. • iwils, of New York diy. followed on the
tine subject, and a communication was read
from tbe C.P. church of ricotland. Dr. Wilson
proposed tbat mbwionariea should go forward
aa tvajgellata eatabilshlug churches, ordaining
mlrletrrs and organizing ITesbyterlea. Dr.
Lowrte, while admitting tw utility ot tue pro
position remarked, that It be entertained a
belief to auch powers as that ot an indi vidual
P.esbyter or darning min latere, he would go
into the Episcopal church where auch ordina
com are governed by carefully drawn rules
and canons instead of betng left to
tbe discretion of tbe Individual Presby
ter. B*v. Dr. Hutton, of Paisley, pre
sented a resolution setting forth that tbe
council would consider It timely and proper for
the various churches repreeamed in the alli
ance to uka aeon anion as may seem beat to
varieue ebarohaa mum so a moocc union ot
their rtapeeUve missionary ocgantxatioo for
greater oo-operation in the practical work of
the mlmloa mrtd. The reeoluUnc wav referred
to u«to*M^og^gg|^djouidia until
^^•BEICM AmiBh ]
Ai^Mnw th* Mmim^uo
London, Pep^s?—Advic^rrctn K«U B«y
•tu* that two onraocemful attempts wen
made on Monday to neat the steamer eanopu*.
Pontons of her cargo, comprWsg the most val
uable goods, have been put aboard lighters.
The eattn paaatDgera and many of the awemg*
pa? srngers have been landed. The steamer bus
as yet sustained no damage. Thus far son tons
of the cargo have been discharged, hut t be vw
tel la not jet on an even keeL Btcu hour l «•>
eca the chance of floating her, for in the eve i> 4
of a heavy sea from the southward and lath*'
preeent direction of the wind she will oe vert
likely to break up. Another attempt will he
made to float her to-day.
Garikalil Beam AlMhlcL
London, sept. so.—The correspondent of tte
Daily Kne» at Home, telegraphs as follows:
Gen. Garibaldi will leave Caprera for Genoa
nest Saturday. Humors are rife in regard to
bis Intcnttcna and also ot revolutionary move
ments. Whether the rumor* are true or false I
have reason to believe that the govern meat has
adopted vigorous precautions with reference to
The Bloat Powerful Ironclad Afloat.
*1 be monster Ironclad Hall*. 01 it o « too*,
covered throughout with armor three f«t 1
thick, has been aucceeafuUy launched at CastW-J
k mare in the presence ot King Humbert *o<m
an Immense crowd of people. The lulu la tu f
me at powerful Ironclad ever constructed. 1
Tko Floats Not go CIO to Du feigno.]
London. Sept. SO.—A dispatch from Graven^
to the TmV" aajK-lt la now generally bcll*vciW
that the fleets of the powers will not go to Dtii-1
The knit Alt's Obstinacy
A Constantinople uispatch to the f <>» * savs:
The OeieimiDtU obstinacy ot the Bultan twite.
general surprise, as Hr Isa nervous, ilmil niso.
who docs not venture beyond in* llmluot nt.
well-guarded private pleasure ground*
The luleninllonul il. iatta.
The Stioiimii ml hi* nk-rolu.
r.tbson, lnttncy. Messenger Teta.iu»o:i «mi
Wallace Kota will eater for tur pn/.-soiT- roJ Oj
the American Arm In the laomsciomii '••gatti
Trtckeu and iAycock did wine hard wo .. j
let day. Hanlon wod Trlckfi will bo outlie
river at half-prat i« o'clock tin* morning.
War Maturin'.
A dispatch rtorn (irsioea to theP'
OTfiiih soys:—Tho tbnv Turkish cm' - r# u ho or
rived at Haguta on Tuesday are o:t their «vuy 11
1 reUnje to take over war muerhU lu llitego
visa from ike Austrians.
A Ctaial’a Wife Auaalnatad By
losnoM. Sept ao.-A dispatch from viemnto
be D«Vv THigrai'h asyt: A teJeurain has boon
received from Constantinople staling that rob
bweaso^aled thewlfeo* t£a Huastw.
consul at van, and that several of tho Urty's
travelling ootnpeniona were seriously abounded.
A rsnindlttka.
ixmnoN, flept. *t-A .dispatch from Rome to
the r.mi* says:—The statement that modifica
tions have been Introduced.la. the instruction*
to Rear Admiral imeau, of the Italian Ovet, lu
Tuiklrh waters, la abholutclr false.
Cabal 4* ChawWrt’vBIrtbday.
A Parts dispatch dated yesterday to tho lW'
ss\ s- Tbe Count de ciiajnbord completes to-day
i.is anb year. The oocaatou waa celebrated bv
a boot a dosen binriueU In variousP*rw of
l'ai Is. and S comtneraorative mats at the church
of w. iter main dee Pres Rat atu?nded i.jjj
tlouaandpersona. Masse*wtsrealeoc.-cbratM
at Maistiue a, Bordeaux and other towus.
A Rswaa’t Suicide.
New Yoax. wept, so.—Mary Timms, 34 year#
old oommlited eulrtdc thismornlug hv hank
Inc’hetself in her room. She was found Dy ie i
husband suspended from the window post she
bod cut both wrtsta with a raror in a vain «i •
tempt toarver the arteries. Tho cause of tin
suicide waa a fear that her husband s hudue-a
as aaiooii keeper would not support the umu>
CeiTVafle Haaiyiaw CaHa m timm.
M«w Yoax. Sett. The llerau this morn.
Ing at atm:—Gen. Wade Hampton, of Bout it Car
oilna, accompanied hr Qee. Olbeon. the newly
elected aenator irom Louisiana, called on Gem
Hancock yeoterday afternoon and remained
about as 'bow. * General. Hampton left M)
borne to tbe evening train. A moat frrananf
■cordial fretting waa given tham by Goo. Ua#
cock. _______ V
nr* Us Bebwylervllle, N# V# 1
«?** *■-■ Ajs-snJSJBU
- Telegraph omoRJoe
—i Moon furniture;
, aad.tbe BobuyW
Ths tout Mala
._Am btnAlMA ftwilw.
raiiiBfiiiJSept M.—Tbe exrruiiuot pa.
pwnforJOMhTapeon,charged with mtw
ilf t of fundi from tbe Metropolitan Rail
way Compaen Provident Sanaa* Buk at
London, who waa arrested la this city two
weeks ago were received br tbe United flares
■•rebar today. Tbe prisoner will Man fog
nropo to-morrow in charge of English offloer*
CtlBAfff If Hit I fT_
The, coinage executed *t the United state*
■tat ■ use Hiy during tbe month ending to
ptsoes. rallied at
M,iot,<M. of (Me amondt there were if donWs
“I^W^ftaglee. M 6>( bait eagles. It thrvo*
fl?- .CSi£S“l'« Quarter eagles, is gold dot
tarn, inw Mirer dollars, sod i.seo.nou oemm
*• Haral Bemanirailoa In the
Lonow, Sept. •o^I^Sm’disoareh to Ben
tern Telegram company aayi: Tbe rumors rela
tive to n prupneal for a navel demons' ration la
tbe Bosphorus are regarded In wi ll-informed
Quarters here is. at present, unfounded
rieat la Wast Virginia.
Oxaxoa. Va., Hepi 3u.-Fro»i fell la Pied
mont, W. Va, last nignt. nearly a month earlier
than nauai. Ilaaevrrlty I* no' bet'eved to bd
anmctent to Injure materially the t Jbeoeo and
other crop*._
Botfo*, Pept m.-At Lynn early tht* morn,
tag. Mrs. James Foley discovered in the entry
of ber Loam the deed body of Wm. Foley, her
Hatband's brother. There were marks of no
letce on the body of the deceased. He bad
teeo drinking last bight, and It is stated tbac
be nsy esgayed la a fight with several persons,
who afterwards placed him In the entry. The
police are seareblag for tbe guilty parties. Fc»
ley belonged In Peabody, last., waa w yenn
old and nn married.
Iba Marbaia.
•„ BAUTIMOU, Sept. 30.-vuMaJeMMEdafeared.
L ■VbifsaJr?i»ii"“»S'ssf
5o.T wevtern winter rod. IW l.OTjaat
October, 1.0#, November. l.o»Hal.«S<fi
December, 1
a tit£ MaSDH '"Bye quiatf Jeal. 0>. Hay' m»r
ebaogad. Frodafcma Arm and nnebaved, axoapi
mesa pork, which baa advanced to 18 M Butter
quiet- rrlme to choice weeturn packrd, iSaaS.
Egva quiet. JO Petroleum unchecvd. Coffee
dufl—Klo ears' «a, ordinary to fair, HtfslS- Hujrwe
etaady-A sift, 1UX Wnisky quiet. l.'Daal.U.
Freight* to I.ncrj-v.l par ateamer uuananged.
Here lit*—floor, l.ti-fl barrel* wheat 94.7 TO
butuwa cum. 8.290 bu*bel*;'oet>, ’i. iM hwsMe:
rye, 3,110 buahel*. Hhti uivute-wlKut. 148.ISO
bmhil* c..tu, MS bnab' l*. Sides-wheat. Hi.STB
br.’tl* cm, 107,440 hu.bcls
FEW YoBt Bei t. 30 -Stocks strong. Money,
3a3 Kn henge—toes, 480)4' abort, 483 Go tarn
mpcU Mtr«rr
NEW YOKE, flspt. 10 —Flour quiet. Wheai
4 ahada l etttr. Com a elude atromr-r.
LONDON. Sept. 30, ill JO u iu.-r 8. boo da. 4
Rr cents, 1UV 4H l«r ceid*. 11- oe* flcea,
6V' Atlantic and Great Wealem me' uorWage
trustees* wrtdcuta*. fit. Er-. tug. HiuolsOeu
tial. 116. lie-ullm.', MX- New York Central. 134.
LONDON, Heyt 30,. 4 p. io.-U. H. bonds. 4
per ecu ta.Ji l>, 4X per cuts, 112)4. Atlantic aod
Great Weaten: drat tnoilmv*- Ini-taut, cmflaataj,
r*k. AtULtJt and U nt Western. at undE 38.
FeaE»yitaa‘afii.trat. 6u’,.
rsw toil* 8*eKAT» TK14 imumw.
The follow.Iiir <|iiouti"ii» were cu-rent in New
York tr-<le> nt 2 p. lu , a* reported b> J-ewia John
anu fc Co U. tv 4 | i-r nr.‘», 108!»al0'5<; U. 8.
4k per ceuta, liUal'91.. D of C- S.SS'a,-1
New Jcreej ‘ 'eutrxl. 72’.; Ohio and Mlc* last Dpi.
34M: Erie. 89',: ''IcbWin Central, 95*4. Hannibal
and Ft. Joseph, joy. Lair ebore, l(*t. Northwaa*.
insy ; do. pref.rrt j. U S: Ino Mountain. 60;.;
Bock I.laud. Hr*. S'. Paid, 94?4: do. preferred.
— ; Wabato, 8t Font and lad be J7g; do- pre
ferred. 074 Kaneaa tDd Telia, 3*. W. V.
Telegraph. 0t\-. 0. C. and I. 0.. lfltg: PacLfia
Mail. *o.
^aporilag doles. J
The sec9RBmlfiyuMiuuiU£g#>wmArkct
(England) first KMIFiff teem red yesur
day. The rice fora sweep*'al e or two-year-old
con a end fille- was won by Hackntna, Motha
child a Tunis second. The Great Eastern rail
way handicap rorvhie®->far-oids and upwards,
was aon by Lord Hastings' Flirting: Lera
Bradfords hwoid Dance second. Tbe race for
the Granby stakes (or i wo-> ear old cotta and fll®
Ilea a as won by J. R Keene a bay oolt Book
maker ny half a length; C. Bucks Mack filly
second- Tbe follow trap also ran. and floMbed In
the cider named: KoiEsobiumch.e. Brag; Conns
F. De La Granges b. c. Mesketyne; P. LorU®
lard’s b. f. Seneca; Mr. Lefevre* ch. L Regina.’
and tbe Duke of Westminster’s ch. c. Donhead.
The bet nag before the race w as »to 3 agalnac
Tin bicycle v*. horao race at the Pottadaa
(N. Y.) fair. Beptsmber S3, was a novel and moot
• netting event. After keeping together nearly
the whole distance, three miles, RolUneoo worn
on the bicycle by.only three feet Time,3:0*.
making the last eat record in America on the
Mode. Rtllinaon is slaying In Malone to taka
parr- is, aomher race on .out Instant, tor*
poise of |i#w
Ross, riateiod. Lf® *nd Davis woo the fewr
oaied boat rac- •: uke Marancook. Me., yarn
terday. Jojii BtitkK v. of Portland, won Usn
amateur and J. Gamlaur. of Toronto, tbe pro
frsmnal scull races; Ten Eyck and Kennedy
aon tbe double scull In so minutes, tho'Dost on
reev rd.
Tbe raring stock of John H. Schotts wu sold
at New York jest.may. Lady Pritchard, 11
vears old. with a *ii rrcord. brought ts.too, and
^T?erai-uig at the Alexandria <vaj falrywterTN
Vue. In the steeplechase Pomeroy and Ohio
boy made a dead beat, and divided tbe stakem
Bare tall > esterday: At Cincinnati—Cleveland!
8. cinclm ails 1 At Chicago—Buffalos if, Chi
csgroju; oolv seven Innings were played. At
Worrestrr—Woreeatersd, Providence 4. At Boa
ten- Boston 0 Troy a 5.
Tbe riil/rns’ regatta In this Dlstnrv has been
fixrdtor Ocictnr 1*. The dt-Ur.oc will boon!
mile and reiutn. starting i roin the ■It of Jeffar
ac-n atrH^^^*Tj^^|^^^j^rom^^roFoMa
rTni tdtcuvn PeuiLB of l.lttle Kook. Art.,\
»redt'idfd.istotlic iif«M>of tuesolL unecon- 1
girgatloii ii.i-tv-ui pray :ug (or rain, wane the I
ofl.t-r a-K--, fur ••wti’tiiurd sunshine. The min- I
l>t. r ol i|.c wet tiisirn-t rent me following note I
to the pe'pie of the dry: ‘You folks ojjtv.erbs K
arbame-a of yourselves. This cro.-s cut prayin’ m
It, enough tog. Mhe l ord so bothered that ho Jr
dOL’l kLOW \\ Lut tc u-\"
-Tiie archl
tectsamt > i.gloem fainlli ir with the corroding
t Ifecis ut the wf-aibcr in New York u.uh stone,
apprehend tk.Tt throbcb«k win rot m the ne#
location fleeted mr ••. Th® stouc l« so sorb
that It. si; he broken bv a fing.-r u ill. .tad It In
ihoiight tuil h.«'c t-' he cover-d w.tu soma
watb'to protect it. Th® c'aemie il effect of tun
salty rtliur-aphctcli-noi an lun-’ii to b* dreaded
ns the niol't'.re nbaurbid br th-' pyre* and
no/eL hy tli> -.,U ».*u -ier. Th.-’ inn them faro
t-I the tuoromh would probably Hike »if. and
the chemical action or the aim >spu'r® would
perhaps injure t bo-outVern fire, judgtn? iroa»
the effect upon w hat was deetbed uu excellent
quality oi n. •th'-c._
srieini or * man am» woman. — i-ae muy
of a lnrty neartm; a black ntlk dr.-ss, Mrs love*
and two caul Hugs W .s found Hotting la tbe
Delawaiffl'T it l’ldud'lphla, Mosiit, and
yesterday nesr the a..-ne spot the body of a
aiau waafouud. The laiti-r vraa td«> tliied as
tbe body vt Horace »*. All bur. a pr.-mment
lawyer of I'hlt vlciphit The wo tn-i is 'o>
htud tobr Mta. Tyhduh*. or b'lr'.ingt wt. n. j..
tor w bom Mr. w tlti r bad beeu try lug to Main
a divorce. It It supposed to bo a cave ot dual
suicide. ___________
Illicit l ova. Mtaosa *nd St .cio«.-T1im
weeks ago. Anna t'hapiin. a dmigii'i r of a at
lector or tlie Kust Niuoual bask Warsaw, In
diana, t-rCktio isl a i-tuvk for |.i.riw. signed by
her lather. wi.icli wasp.ilJ. lie discovered that
It *ii* n fpruery nird t>ui IPS' daughter lu jail,
reluMnc to I ill mi out. Alter tbr.M itaysshn
ocnlctHtl tbai tlicrcai forger was u. I. Smith,
aacwlng maeiiii.e agent, emit'.: was also ar
retted. but wns adL’iiii.dto baiL imidiy af
ternoon lie sau til-* chaplln go I a to an out
bouse in tin- jail yard, and leaping me fence
lay Ib wuh uniil she returued. when tu* shot tier
twice, tbe tlrst ball i ul-rtug ber heart And the
second her be it. He then sh.>: bimsctf. dying
Instatin'. .*>niltb was a married mao. and ttm
a mys'ery w tun row. r be gained over tbe gift
to muse lur to rresont tbe check, snot he'- • *
count states that the agent Niaitb U.io w
Kri* heart, urni • tu.it foretd a cheek
tber in her favur for She dk . -a*
money before the fraud wna discovered. jfflftB
was Milhd out. but tbe father rerusid to give
ball for lilt, daughter, fearing abe would etopa
wttb Mnltb. Tuesday afternoon Hralth called
at tbe jail, and was allowed to w dk wttb MM
Chaplin In Uib back yard. They bait not been
there long whi n four pistol shots were beard,
and when tbe jailer* family reached tbe yarn
tbe dead bodice of Mia Chaplin and dmlth were
dtaoovered lying side by aide, tbe revotver,
smoking still, tn smiths hand. Smith bad B
wife and two children, and bad DagitrjlBg to
mts- “H la said tbat every man on Deal* u> 1
Kdbad Sen converted vrttbUfi exception ot-1
onttand a motion in now ooMk.bg a mlnliact|
on Prinoena Anno circuit to wtamlnate thin I
hut inner by throwingh^ATangMr ■ostBd.vJ
adventsed that be wm not bo jmSoShS
and brutal treatment, and eel
tarao aa “be kaowt tbat the
ftvuhancK-.inrvtbfiv&.uaof ton
mimmnw **'**’'

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