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When a child goes into
a slump—check his food
intake carefully—ffcis wayl
Children, now then, as you know, go
into a slump. They become dull or apa
thetic, or sometimes they lose weight or
fail to gain.
At times like these, check the food in
take carefully. Always keep in mind that
a child needs, proportionately, 2 to 3 times
as much of certain foods as adults; these
food elements such as protein, calcium,
iron, vitamins B,, C, niacin and riboflavin
may be called the “spark plugs” of robust
health and vitality. A child needs lots of
them. A lack of one or more can cause a
slump. And—please note this—they are
the very elements most apt to be deficient
in average meals.
Of course, a fully adequate diet can be
selected from ordinary foods, but it's dif
ficult to be sure you’re right. And so, to
day, busy, intelligent mothers employ an
easier method that virtually assures an
adequate diet. They use a supplementary
food like Ovaltine. The purpose of a sup
plementary food is to fill in the chinks,
gaps, loopholes that may occur in ordi
nary meals; it supplies those rarer de
ments most easily lost in cooking, most
apt to be lacking—based upon the study
of thousands of meals served in average
Ovaltine, mixed with milk, contains
practically all the vitamins and minerals
necessary to bring the ordinary meal up
to the full requirements of a growing
child. It also provides an extra supple
ment of high quality proteins.
Ovaltine has the additional advantage
of being so processed that even a child
with a delicate stomach can digest and
absorb it readily.
So why don’t you join thousands of
other mothers in this health insurance
program. Give 2 to 3 glasses of Ovaltine
daily in addition to regular meals. Then
you can be sute you have done just about
everything you can do to insure proper
nutrition for your child.
*»■•»■»«-•mottal b,
building body and |>erve caffs.
HMM-—RRTPOOO fioodod for boon vitality.
IIOff-iwcMionf *° maintain good rod blood.
VITAMIN l(—required for good appetite, di
gastion ond hoaftfiy nirvti
C—necessary for healthy gums and off
tissue throughout the body.
off needed for straight, strong bone*, good teeth.
WVAAHH A—a deficiency prevents normal growth
—affects vision—may cause night blindness.
HU CM-for normal functioning of nervous sys
*•» ond digestive tract.
VITAMIN O (Riboflavin) — essential to normal
growth—and health of eyes and skin.
Janet Dayton, who works in the program department
at WOL, and her husband, Ted Dunlap, an announcer at
WMAL, are among members of the American Federation
of Radio Artists participating in the Radio Artists' Work
shop series. They are shown at their home, 921 Nine
teenth street N.W.
When not acting before a microphone, Mrs. Nan
Frutkin, 3925 Davis place N.W., is busy with household
chores and the care of her 3-year-old son Peter.
More Teeth Lost From
Neglected Gums Than Tooth Decay!
Nothing beats brushing your teeth both massaging gums to be firmer
with Forhan's after meals to help (more able to ward off infection),
prevent tooth decay. But too and keeping teeth sparkling clean,
many people are forgetting about Your Teeth Are Priceless Posses
their gums. Beautiful, healthy sions. Don't wait for tender, bleed
teeth must have firm gums. See ing gums to warn you of Gingivitis
your dentist regularly. Then at —a mild gum inflammation —
home use 'double-purpose' neglect of which often leads to
Forhan's — made especially for Pyorrhea which only your dentist
can help. See him. Then start to
/>»r Vpvi»/r 2V/PZVXT' day—help keep gums firm, teeth
V&C VOUBt^-rUKrU&C naturally bright—with Forhan’s.
g ||f | | | | AND GUM MASSAGE!

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