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V>» 1015 N. Mmh St.j
l __-- - -
Why Mountain Valley Water
it Recommended for
Arthritis-Kidney and
Bladder eondition
this natural mineral water from
Hot Springs, Arkansas, helps to—
1. Stimulate kidney functions.
2. Soothe bladder irritation.
3. Neutralize uric acidity.
4. Discharge wastes.
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Use of Knife-Bearing Finger
In Heart Surgery Described
By the Associated Press
i CHICAGO, Oct. 18.—Single
■ fingered surgery within the hu
! man heart—with the surgeon
using a knife secured to his in
dex finger and working by touch
alone—was described today.
The American College of Sur
geons was told the new tech
nique still is on trial, but so far
is encouraging in the fight on a
frequent disorder of the heart.
It is designed to combat a kind
of log-jamming process'involving
the'heart valve most vulnerable
to the after-effects of rheumatic
In the operation, the surgeon’s
finger explores and guides the
knife through a single quadrant
of the heart—an organ whose to
tal size is about that of your
doubled-up fist.
And the surgery itself is limited
to the close quarters of the valv
ular gateway—the funnel-shaped
“mitral valve”—linking the two
chambers of the heart on the left
The operator inserts his knife
bearing finger through an in
cision in the wall of the heart—an
opening only large enough to ad
mit the finger. The opening is'
pre-equipped with a "purse string”!
stitch—ready for quick closure!
when the surgeon withdraws his
finger from the heart.
The surgeon wears two rubber,
gloves on his operating hand. An
opening is made in the outer
glove at the base of the index,
finger on the palm* side of the
hand; another opening is made'
I Color Television, Inc.,
Says It Is Preparing
'Foolproof' System
By the Associated Press
Color Television, Inc., reported
to the Federal Communications
Commission yesterday • that its
color system is “as foolproof as
you can make it’’ but that the
public should not expect any shift
to rainbow video “tomorrow.”
The corporation, headquartered
at San Francisco, will officially
demonstrate its color plan to the
FCC on the West Coast next
In preparation for this, com
pany witnesses began a detailed
explanation of the operation yes
terday before the commission’s
current hearings on whether color
television should be authorized
Commissioner Frieda B. Hen
nock wanted to know, in the event
an authority were issued to (jTI,
“how soon would your system be
ready, that is, ready for the aver
age housewife?”
Soon but Not Tomorrow.
Samuel B. Smith, patent attor
ney and consultant to the com
pany, replied that “we would like
to have it tomorrow, but we can’t
have it tomorrow.”
Pressed for a more specific an
swer, Mr. Smith testified:
' “It should be ready for the
manufacturers in six or eight
He explained that a projected
direct viewing tube for the system
has not yet been completed, and
that next month’s demonstrations
in the West will be on 15-by-20
incn projection screens.
In previous official tests here the
Columbia Broadcasting System
showed its color plan on direct
; view screens only, and Radio Corp.
of America demonstrated both di
rect view and projection devices.
Mr. Smith described the RCA
direct-viewer tube as “embryonic”
and said the Columbia system
should be ruled out because it
involves a motor-driven color disc.
He expressed the view that such a
disc would limit future improve
Won't Make Sets Obsolete.
“Our system,” said Mr. Smith,
“is fully compatible with present
black and white operations and
will not obsolete existing sets be
cause these sets can, without any
change, pick up CTI color broad
casts in black and white.”
To receive in color, such sets
would require a converting device,
scheduled for detailed description
The witness added:
“We consider we have a good
workable system because we be
lieve our apparatus is as fool
proof as you can make it.”
Mr. Smith advanced the opin
ion that black and white broad
casting will continue side by side
with color, and that sets should
be capable of tuning in either.
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or your Travel Agent
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. Golden-brown.. oval-shaped .. just right for 2 crumb less bites I
___ _ •
at the tip. Then the knife blade
is inserted between the gloves so
that in effect, it is lashed to the
m^°x fin"''*1*.
When tfie surgeon gets his
fin,,., nibxuc i.ie ueart, he ex
plores to determine diseased struc- j
tures of the involved valve that1
need cutting. Then, by a turn
of his hand, he makes the neces-i
sary cuts.
The mitral valve is located be
tween the two chambers of the
heart that receive the blood after,
it has been sent to the lungs to
pick up oxygen. The valve con-1
trols transfer of the blood from
the upper chamber to the lower,!
whence it is pumped through the
body. When the valve is con
stricted by disease, so' that it can’t
open and close properly—like a
well-regulated locks system—trou
ble develops.
The report on the new tech
nique was made to the Clinical
Congress of the surgeons by Drs.
Robert P. Glover, Thomas J. E.
O'Neill and Charles Bailey of the
Episcopal Hospital and the Hahn
emann Medical College and •Hos
pital, Philadelphia.
They said they had used the
technique in eight cases—four of;
them resulting in "very satisfac
tory results” In re-establishing im
proved valve function. There was
one “fair” resulted three deaths.
Miss Lockwood Honored
By Stoddert School PTA
Miss Margaret Lockwood, who
retired as principal of the Stod
dert School, Thirty-ninth and Cal
vert streets N.W., last July, was
honored by the parent-teacher
association of the school at a
meeting last night in the school.'
She was presented with a gold
watch by Mrs. R. Donaldson Kin
. -—
Rupture* are dangerou*—see your doctor tf?-.yfjZj
nglh immediately. If *he advises vou to wear a
Sn$|f Kloman’s who are truss specialists, em- Jr
BIS® ploy.ng only expert fitters. We will fit von ,/ A“» *A>>„ i
jfg!m properly with a lightweight truss which has ./ n4f)a *4> A
■WEm: or elastic and will positively not slip. / , ^Ofr-jl-X
■h It is invisible and anatomically correct. / /-/«, 1 4
H| Be sure to have the proper truss fitted / '/'»,4,/c
■I correctly, as an improperly fitted truss / „*0,' v,
f«a% does more harm than good. W'e fit the / Sntti C’a dija/'ci
Sra||§ affords. Proper retention guaranteed, if / / /'ey Z* db '
BB||| worn as fitted and instructions followed. i *»/.,.* iJBHBBli
ney, president of the school PTA. !
Miss Lockwood retired after a
44-year career in District public,
schools. Before going to the Stod
dert and Horace Mann Schools j
she was a teacher in Southeast
schools. She has resided for many
years in Arlington.
I Insulation
| Klmsul, Rockwool' (Open Sat*, to 1)
I 1320 Wilson Blvd., Arl. CH. 0660
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Modernized Rug Cleaning
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down in halls and landings and for extra largo
or heavy rugs.
We are authorized users of the Karpet-Kare prodeel mi
method, developed t>> the famous Bigelow-Sanford CerpH
Co Complete informa
lion and estimates avail- ^^^3
able without obligation
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' *
We celebrate "oil progress week"-by introducing the
World's ehamj/'eat-cracker'l
The world’s biggest cat-cracker is now in opera
tion af the Esso refinery at Linden, New Jersey.
In steel and stone it is the latest dramatic
example of progress in making oil more and more
useful to more and more people. “Cat-cracker”
is a nickname. Its real name is “fluid catalytic
cracking plant.” Its job is to convert crude oil
into high-quality gasoline and house-heating fuels.
To design this refinery giant called for thou-'
sands of hoqrs of laboratory and pilot-plant studies
... and the seven years of actual working experi
ence since we put the first cat-cracker into opera
tion. To complete it has taken lots of money...
lots of work. It is an example of the kind of jobs
this company and its affiliates do—and do well.
Doing these jobs is part of our useful place in
the big petroleum industry...an'industry made
up of thousands of companies, big and little.
It’s another example of progressive American
enterprise at work.
The better you live, the more oil you use...
- ’ * -t
i *
\ '
Esso produets aro sold In
18 Eastern states by our affiliate,
Esso Standard Oil Company

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