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2 Dining Boom 2
■ Finest cuisine in a lavish •
• setting inspired by that fl
® incomparable decorator
JP consultant, Dorothy f
_ Draper. _
_ Imported and American —
I Wines and Cocktails I
| Served. |
m For Reservations Call M
§ WO. 7700 *
9 Superb private occom- m
m modations for ten to fifty m
9 persons. Yours by •
Vacant Federal Lot
Sought for Parking
There’s a piece of public land
at Fort drive and Albemarle street
N.W. that hsus the North Cleve
land Park Citizens’ Association
It’s a small lot, a block long:
and two cars wide. Residents of;
the area have been using it to
park in while shopping.
Last Saturday, however, Paul
E. Waring told the association,
last night, he drove in and found
his way blocked by an assortment
of new and. used cars, none of
them with tags, and apparently
being stored there.
In an effort to discover whether
the unlicensed cars have any
right to be there, Mr. Waring
called the police of No. 8 precinct.
They checked and found the lot
is owned by the Federal Govern
Lt. Earl Noble explained to the
group that the land is open to
anyone who wants to use lt. if
one party were to be excluded
from the lot, all would have to be.
Mr. Waring then asked that a
committee be appointed to study
ways of getting the land properly
graded for the use of more
parkers. He said that the lot i
could accommodate 75 cars and
suggested that parking meters be
installed. He was appointed
chairman of the committee.
The meeting was held in the
Hearst School, Thirty-seventh
and Tilden streets N.W., and was
conducted by J. B. Dickman, Jr.,
Gingerbread Waffles or* a lovely surprise I Stir tl^em up
in a minute ... just by adding water to gingerbread readymix.
Then bake them and serve hot with ice cream or whipped cream
for dessert. They'll be a sensation at your holiday-parties. To make them even
more of a treat, gay-up the topping by
adding ground peppermint candy to
vanilla ice cream. Whether you buy it
or make it, stir in the candy and re
freeze in your refrigerator tray. Tlje
column has other ideas I
...by and for any family are the
famous, delicious Royal Puddings.
They give more Food-Energy than
sweet, fresh milk—yes, more
Food-Energy than the milk you
make them with. And there’s a
Royal Pudding to
fit every occasion
—a flavor to suit
every taete, so
smooth, so
creamy - textured I
The original, gen
uine, one-and-only Royal Tapioca
Pudding offers 3 flavors: Vanilla,
Chocolate and Orange-Coconut.
Good to have always on hand.
Make Royal Chocolate Tapioca
Padding aa directed on package;
partially cool; fold in *4 cap pitted
diced date*, % cap chopped nut
meats. Chill.
Here’s a mew heat msh —and
heavenly fare, I must say! It’s
the season’s treat with vitamin
rich, tangy red Eatmor Cranberries
—and I recommend this recipe:
3 cups Eatmor Cranberries
lVi cups brown sugar, firmly packed
Vt cup Water
2 slices ham (V« to 1" thick)
2 Tbsp. whole cloves
Mix cranberries, sugar,
water. Slash ham fat
edges. Place 1 slice in
baking dish; cover with
cranberry mixture. Top
with second slice and
remaining mixture.
Stick cloves around 1
edges of ham. Bake in
moderate oven (350*F.) - ,
till tender—about 1V4 hrs. Baste with liquid to
rprr Ta get Free Recipe Book "Cron*
tr\CC berries and How ta Cook Them"
—40 pages—full color—write me todays
•oraad Central P.O., Hew Yaek 17, N. Y.w
It’s A Fact that mushrooms im
prove a dish but it takes extra
delicious Bi»B Mushrooms—those
broiled - in-butter
beauties—to make
it a work of art!
Right now I’m
thinking of sweet
i breads combined
- with Bi»B Whole
Mushroom Crowns in a cream sauce
made with part chicken stock.
That’s good eating!
If you haven’t tried B>»B Mush
rooms. I envy you that elegant first
taste:! These choicest hothouse
mushrooms, picked at flavor-peak,
are broiled to a natural brown color
in pure creamery butter and packed
in their own fine broth. 3 styles:
Whole Mushroom Crowns, Sliced
Mushrooms and Chopped. They’re
extra-economical so don’t skimp
them and there’s no peeling, no
trimming, no waste.
1 Gerber1* Apricot-Apple Sauce
X egg 2 tablespoon* sugar
Chocolate, grated
Add the Apricot-Apple
Sauce to the egg which
has been beaten with
the sugar. Pour into
greased baking dish, or
two custard cups. Set
Into a pan of hot water
and bake for 45 to 50
minutes in a slow oven
<325°f.>. Before serv
ing, sprinkle ever so
lightly with grated
chocolate. Tasty treat
for toddlers and their
Gerber’s Cereals, Fruits, Vegeta
bles, Desserts and Meats taste so
good—right out of the container,
that babies likp them “straight”
from the start. But once in a while,
after Baby's a year old. It’s fun to
try a new, exciting way of serving
Gerber’s—like the one above.
_ far man Todcffor's Aocipos, wrifo to: m
■ Corbor's, Dap#. DB 12-f, Promo*#, Mich. ■
... on earth—* perfect cup every
time! At last, with new instant
G. Washington’s, every cup is as
full-flavored as coffee made the
slow, old-fashioned way—and per
fect every time.
New Instant G. Washington’s is
made from coffee that’s fresh
roasted, fresh-ground, fresh
brewed. Then, by G. Washington’s
exclusive process,
this flavor and
freshness is
sealed right In
the coffee . ..
i sealed in with
carbohydrates so
you can’t lose
flavor, can’t lose freshness, eve*
after you open the can. Bo here’s to
endless enjoyment—* perfect cup
ef coffee every time—with new In
stant O. Washington’s.
Here’* Special Advice on us
ing Vicks VapoRub this special way
—in steam—to get almost instant
relief from coughs
or stuffiness of
colds. I put a big
spoonful of this
fine home remedy
in a vaporizer or
bowl of boiling
water as shown in
package. Then breathe in VapoRub’*
soothing vapors to ease coughing
and upper bronchial congestion.
VapoRub in steam is the special
way to make Dad and the children
comfortable in a hurry when they
have stuffy colds. To keep up the
relief, even in sleep, rub it on
throat, chest and back too. Keep
VapoRub on your list of home sup
That’s what you’ll say the first
time you combine them with
LaChoy Bean Sprouts. And here’s
Drain and chap enough of the Sprout! la
malm Vi cap. Combine with I teaspoons
mi need chives or parsloy. Scramble soft
and creamy with 4 eggs.
The delicate
texture and un
usual flavor of
j these tender lit
tie Chinese
sprouts make
them one of my
pantry staples.
In fact, I look to all the LaChoy
Chinese products — Mixed Vegeta
bles, Noodles, Soy Sauce—for
dishes that are appetizing and
“different”. An easy clever way to
put ho-hum dishes on Tasty Street.
Even The Younger
Girls can do up the bath
room as one of their chores
—If you’ll show them how
to use Clorox.
r* Shinftt: Wadi thuruufhly.
Knr fcrtlwoa wrfuca w(t Iw
9 minotM, wins solution of 1
taUwuMM Clorox to ooch quart
af warm wator. Him. Dry.
Let the children learn
early how a Clorox solution
can make the home sani
tary. By killing millions of
harmful germs in basin, tub
and bowl — Clorox safe
guards family health. And,
with Clorox, it’s an easy job
to make porcelain, tile, ena
mel and linoleum sparkle.
Clorox is a wonderful
stand-by in laundering, too.
Because it’s free from caus
tic, this dependable bleach
works extra-gently, makes
white and color-fast cottons
and linens snowy-white and
color-bright—without hard
rubbing! That’s why Clorox
is so grand for nice linens
—it conserves them. With
Clorox you always have a
beautiful, sanitary wash to
be proud of—and you save
money, too!
at the nasi skutle many a wife
A and mother promptly brings
out her box of Arm It Hammer or
Cow Brand Baking Soda. That’s
part of her time-tested recipe to
help fight colds, and it*s as simple
as this: Take y, teaspoon Arm h
Hammer or Cow Brand Baking
Soda with the
juice of a lemon
in a glass of
water several
times a day.
And a teaspoon
of soda in a
glass of water
makes a sooth
ing spray and gargle. Baking Soda
has long been known as a good
alkalizer. Let it help you this win
ter. Keep a box of Arm 4i Hammer
or Cow Brand Baking Soda on hand.
Any Side Of The Bed to my
mind, is the right side to get up on
when “Cream of Wheat” is waiting
on the breakfast
tablet Greet
your family of
ten with “Cream
of Wheat’s"
smo - o - o - th
goodness and
delicious flavor that never loses Its
special appeal. And for “surprises”—
Tea each (taeniae bead ef "Cream ef
Wheat" with weiamee, beney er brew*
It’s the famous flavor that wins
folks, but It’s the food-energy that
sustains them. Enriched 6 Minute
“Cream of Wheat” also gives you
Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus and Vi
tamin B,, And is fully digestible
after only I minutes of boiling.
)t £f)tli)ren’s Cfjristmas jfetore
Boys' Pajamas
"Weldon" First Slighter. . . pullover
top and flannel trousers. Gift boxed.
Sizes 4 to 12-3.65
Western Shirts
Variety of styles and colors. Sizes
4 to 12-—2.95
Bunny Fur Set
Beret, 2.98 Muff/ 1.98 Ascot/ 1 98
Scarf Set
All wool scarf and mittens. Green,
white, maize, red. Sizes 2, 3—1.98
Boys' Beacon Robes
Completely washable. Blue or ma
roon. Sizes 3 to 6x- -3.98
"McGregor" Drizzler
Water repellent, all wool lined. Sizes
6 to 12, 14 to I6-.9.95 & 12.95
Boys' Flannel Pajamas
Coat or middy style in a variety of
stripes. Sizes 6 to 12-2.95
Pajamas and Gowns
Two-tone rayon crepe. Blue, pink
maize. Sizes 3 to 6,7 to 14 3.98
Sweaters and Gloves
Angora and wool pullovers. White,
pink, blue or maize. Sizes 8, 10, 12,
White angora gloves, Sizes 4, 5, 6,
Girls' Robes
Quilted rayon satin robes, crepe lined.
Pink, blue or maize. Sizes 3 to 6x,
Sizes 8, 10, 12
White Blouses
Rayon crepe with lace trim and push
up sleeves. Sizes 3 to 6x__-] t98
Branch/ Store: (In Ann Lends Shop),
$819 Ml. Vernon Ave* Alexandria, Va.
(Arlandria Shopping Center)
Open Friday and Satnrday Boos.
Phone Dl. SSU
Wrap-Around Coat
"Chips" two-tone corduroy.' Brown
with tan or maroon with grey. Sizes
4 to f 2--—- —-12.95

Velveteen Jumpers
Full skirted and gold belted. Wine,
brown, green, red. Sizes 3 to 6x, 5 95
Sizes 7 to 10-—7.95
Branch Store*: (in Ann Lewis Shop),
tSSl Georgia Aoe., SHoor Spring, Mi.
Open Monday aid Friday Boos.
Phono DI. ISM

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