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Air Pollution Control
Calls for Local Laws,
President Declares
President Truman today de
clared the question of the proper;
control of air pollution is a local
problem, but the Federal Govern
ment should lead in establishing
A message from the Chief Ex
ecutive was read by Interior Secre
tary Chapman at the opening of
a three-day conference devoted
to air pollution. Being held at
the Wardman Park Hotel, this is
the first of its kind uftder auspices
of the Federal Government.
“There is an urgent need to
bring to bear on the problem of
air pollution all the scientific
knowledge at the command of in
dustry, Government and scientific
institutions,” Mr. Truman de
Called Serious Problem.
"With the increasing indus
trialization of the United States,
contamination of the air around
us has become a serious problem,
affecting all segments of our pop
ulation. Air contaminants exact
a heavy toll. They destroy grow
ing crops, damage valuable prop
erty and blight our cities and the
countryside. In exceptional cir
cumstances, such as those at Don
ora, Pa„ in 1948, they even shorten
human life.
“The health hazards arising
from air* pollution, as shown by
the Donora disaster, are especially
important. We need to find out
all we can about the relationship
between air contaminants and ill
“It is my hope that the exchange
of specialized information which
takes place at the United States
Technical Conference on Air Pol
lution will contribute toward
prompt initiation of corrective
Loral Laws Urged.
The President said each locality
should study its own situation and
draft laws adapted to local condi
tions. But before this can be
done, “standards for evaluation
and control of air pollutants need
to be established.
“The Federal Government should
take the leadership in doing this
part of the research job,” he de
“I trust that the recommenda
tions made by this conference will
aid in the shaping of a compre
hensive plan for the study and
control of atmospheric pollution.”
Police Cars Get Radios
Takoma Park Police headquar
ters now can call its own squad
cars directly by radio without
using the Silver Spring Fire
Board's dispatching system. A Ta
koma radio unit went into opera
tion this week to give the city’s
three squad cars immediate con
tact with their station.
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and Vt to V4 tip. almond flavoring.
Fold in 2 cup» drained chopped cling
peachet, Vt cup thredded coconut, a lit
tle cugar. Serve cold in ecooped-out
•ponge cup cakes.
I find these are
wonderful little
desserts w'hen I
make them with
canned Cling
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These peaches
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cause this year they’re plentiful—
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Brighter, plumper, juicier peaches
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peach halves or slices straight from
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your favorite brand.
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LaChoy Chow Mein Noodles. Fol
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the- ordinary
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Wipo insides of refrigerator with toda on a damp cloth. Wash
ice troyc in eada solution — 3 tablespoons to quart of water.
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dressing, and stand by for second helpings. Yes, men do
love a zesty dressing, and 1 can tell you an easy, quick
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New Yorkers Seek Rainmaker's
Mercy After 6-Week Soaking
ly th« Associated Press
NEW YORK, May 3.—Personal
to Dr. Wallace E. Howell, chief
rainmaker, New York City:
Take it easy, will you, doc?
In one form or another, this
plea went up today from baseball
fans, golfers, rheumatism-sufferers
and a number of other citizens
who would like to see the sun
It may be just coincidence, but:
Last March 14, when the city
hired Harvard's Dr. Howell to try
his hand at artificial rain-making,
everybody was moaning about the
water shortage. New York was
, being called "Sahara on the
Six weeks later the shortage
isn't over, but hardly a day has
gone by that New York hasn't had
rain, snow, sleet, fog or all of
them in combination.
Last week end the Giants and
Dodgers were rained out—not for
the first time.
Yesterday, the publicity-minded
management of Palisades Amuse
ment Park, across the Hudson
River in New Jersey, offered to
double Dr. Howell’s $100-a-day
salary—if he’d call the rain-mak
ing off.
“Perhaps science can develop
something that would eliminate
clouds,” wired the owners, whose
usual crowds have been staying
home out of the rain.
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The New York Post interviewed;
j citizens at random, found the ver
dict four to one against rain
j “If this stinking weather we’ve'
been having is due to artificial
means, may those responsible suf- ■
Ter pains and aches as bad as
imine!” said a writer to the Daily
Dr. Howell has tried eight times,
to make rain, usually by “seed-!
,ing” the clouds with sodium
| iodide. Rain has fallen each time,
but Mr. Howell won’t take credit'
—or blame.
Farley a Grandfather
NEW YORK, May 3 OP).—James
A. Farley, former postmaster gen-,
leral. became a grandfather yes
terday. A daughter was bom in
Doctors Hospital to Mr. and Mrs.
Glenn Duncan Montgomery. Mrs.
Montgomery is the former Eliza-1
beth Mary Farley.
North Cleveland Heights
Opposes Home Rule Bill
The North Cleveland Heights
I Citizens’ Association last night op
posed passage of the Kefauverj
home rule bill.
A summary of the bill's provi
! sions was presented by W. A. Gal
I lahan, vice president. Following
this, James S. Beattie of the
Washington Board of Trade, spoke
against the bill.
“No so-called home rule is really
ithat unless it includes the right
i to vote for President and Vice
President, and includes represen
tation in Congress,” Mr. Beattie
| concluded.
The meeting, conducted by J
B. Dickman, was held in the
; Hearst school. Thirty-seventh and
Tilden streets N.W.
| —
PTA to Hold Bazaar
The Oyster Elementary School
PTA will hold its annual bazaar
from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. tomorrow m
the school. Proceeds will be used
by the PTA for school needs.
Washington Store Only
Mother will love a
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Dr. Potter to Give Talk
On 'India' at Library
Dr. Pitman B. Potter, pro
fessor of international law at
| American University, will speak
Ion “India, the United States and
World Peace” at S:30 o’clock to
night in the Whittall Pavilion
of the Library of Congress.
Dr. Potter, whose talk will be
presented under a grant from the
Taraknath Das Foundation, re
turned recently from six months
in India, where he served as visit
ing lecturer at the University of
New Delhi.
Park View Businessmen
Choose Carl K. Lane
The Park View Business Asso
ciation last night elected Carl K
Lane president to succeed Max C
Other officers elected by the
meeting in the City Bank. 3608
Georgia avenue N.W., were Harry
Bord, first vice president; Joseph
Salins. second vice president; Irv
ing Titlebaum. recording secre
tary. and Adam Offenbacher
One-fourth of Iowa's counties
bear names of Indian origin.
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