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Television of Three
Dimensions Coming,
Declares Executive
By th« Associated Press
NEW YORK, May 8.—Television
sets of the future will show pic
tures not only In color but also in
three dimensions. Manufacturer
Prank A. D. Andrea forecast yes
Mr. Andrea, president of Andrea
Radio Corp. of Long Island City,
N. Y., predicted at a news con
ference that television pictures
with depth would come within
five years after the arrival of color,
but unlike the old familiar stereo
scope, you wouldn’t have to view
the pictures through spelial
glasses or lenses to get the effect
of depth.
The time for the advent of
color has been cut in half by the
development of a single tri-color
picture tube by the Radio Corp
of America, said Mr. Andrea who
is in his 13th year as a radio
and video manufacturer.
He spoke at a showing introduc
ing the company’s new line of
television sets priced from $249.95
for a table model with a viewing
tube 12'/2 inches across to a 19
inch console de luxe combination
with radio and three-speed
phonograph for $795. Although
the company makes a higher
priced line, the prices represented
reductions of up to $100 from pre
vious models.
Reds Hold Elbe Barges
BERLIN, May 9 (JP).—Russian
eone border authorities at Witten
berge on the Elbe River are hold
ing about 20 barges carrying
cargo from Berlin to West Ger
many, British officials said today
Employe of Store
Hunted After Failing
To Deposit $4,C J
Police were searching today for
a clothing store employe who
failed to reach a bank with $4,000
cash, checks and money orders.
Mrs. Faye Siegel, an official of
Long’s clothing store, 731 Seventh
street N.W., told police that the
[employe, Joseph Girard, 50, of the
! 1300 block of Nineteenth street
N.W., left for the bank about 10:15
a.m. yesterday.
He had $2,630.29 in cash as well
l as checks and money orders to de
posit at the Second National Bank,
two blocks from the store, Mrs.
Siegel said.
When Mr. Girard failed to re
turn in an hour, Mrs. Siegel tele
phoned the bank and learned that
no deposit had been made for the
store. Then she sent another em
ploye there to determine whether
Mr. Girard had been delayed by a
line of customers.
Mrs. Siegel, in charge of the
store while her brother, Bernard
Goldberg, is in Florida, feared Mr.
Girard had been abducted for the
In the year he worked in the
credit department, Mr. Girard won
the confidence of the officials as
“one of the nicest people in the
store.” He was planning to be
married next month.
Police said they were unable to
find Mr. Girard at his home, and
sent a lookout for him on the inter
precinct teletype.
Auto Dump Started
CHICAGO (£»).—'This city now
has an "auto dump.” To it will
be towed all cars that have been
abandoned on the streets. The
automobiles will be sold unless
they are claimed by owners.
wmmmfmmm'''*'*''''''-w» .-.w **-*.-. ■ • **>*• •«. ■ < • •*«.
p / S § I /AW' ■ 8 Hf |V I I { ■ <;:
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|UM & m ■ I £ /1
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^|1I I l 1 I I ^B ■ •
.. THE I MWnHHH 1 ? i M ;:
I ;
■r 2 Big ■
i Drawings Daily
Entry Blank
Entry Blanks will be
available outside the
Armory during the Home
Show. Merely sign and
deposit in the miniature
home in front of the
Armory entrance. You
may win a 1950 Ford or
one of the other fabulous
Miss Swanson will draw the first
entry blank out of the barrel and
award the first of four
to the lucky person
Friday Evening
Judge Orders Revocation
Of Villa Bia Club Charter
The Government won another
round yesterday afternoon in its
fight to dissolve 12 after-hours
bottle clubs.
District Court Judge F. Dick
inson Letts ordered the charter
of the Villa Bia Social Club, Inc.,
2019 Nineteenth street N.W., re
voked. The ruling was made at
the end of a trial of a civil suit
brought against the club by the
United States Attorney's office.
Trial of the suit began early
last week, but after brief testimony
was recessed until yesterday.
Trial was before Judge Letts
without a jury.
A highlignt of yesterday's hear
ing came when Judge Letts fined
the president of the club, Freder
ick J. Turner, colored, $60 for con
tempt of court for failing to show
up as a Government witness in
answer to a subpoena. Turner
appeared in court after being
found following the issuance of a
bench warrant.
Trial of the civil suit against
the Villa Bia marked the first
Acrobat Hurled to Death
When Sway-Pole Snaps
fty the Associated Press
AMESBURY. Mass.. May 9.—A
London acrobat was hurled tc
death yesterday when a 125-foot
high sway-pole snapped in high
winds on a carnival lot here.
The man was identified as Jerry
Wierzbicki, billed as the "Great
Del Orti.” Friends said that al
though he came from England
he may have been a displaced
person in that country.
Mr. Wierzbicki was atop the
sway-pole as it was being tested
for an evening performance at a
Franco-American Veterans’ car
nival. It snapped suddenly. Med
ical Examiner James F. Whitten
said death was due to multiple
fractures and internal injuries.
Associates said Mr. Wierzbicki
nad a wife and 9-month-old son
m England.
time that any of the Govern
ment’s suits seeking to dissolve
the different clubs actually had
gone on trial. Four of the clubs,
however, were dissolved in pre
vious court action when they
failed to contest Government ac
Baby Upsets Neighborhood
David O'Brien, age six months,
of 4610 Tilden street N.W., caused:
quite a stir in his neighborhood
yesterday — but he slept rigid
through it
It seems David's nurse went,
out to look for his brother, Tom.,
jr„ 4, and pulled the door closed
behind her. After finding Tom,!
she discovered that she had locked
! herself out She summoned neigh
bors who called the police. A
But Sleeps Right Through II
scout car arrived, and a patrol
man opened the door with a skel
eton key.
The nurse dashed upstairs to
look in on David. He was fast
asleep. Mr. and Mrs. Tom O'Brien
parents of the children, were
shopping downtown at the time
West Bengal. India, has issued
licenses for 13 traveling film shows
around Calcutta.
Chip? Peel? flake Off?
New miracle-wear ingredient discovered! v
i housands of women who ve put up
with higb-pneed polish which chips
soon after manicuring are making a
thrilling discovery ...
It’s the new Cutex polish ... the
new mirocie-uw polish! Now, it con
tains Enamelon, a Cutex-exclusave
ingredient designed to give incredi
ble wearj
Cutex with Enamelon stays love
ly, day after day after day! Resists
chipping, flaking, peeling, as no pol
ish ever did before!
Today, try this new miracle-wear
Cutex!* So pure . . . even women
with skins so sensitive they cannot
use other polishes state t hat they ran
use new Cutex with perfect safety.
Thirteen luscious shades including
the new prise-winning lashion shade
— Prise Posy. Get new Cutex today
at your favorite cosmetic counter.
Costs only a fraction of high-priced
New, better lipstick, too
It s here—Cutex Colorgenie Lipstick
made by an exclusive electro me proc
ess. Unbelievable lustra and eater
fast ... won't bleed, cake or wear off
like many high-priced lipsticks. So
inexpensive. Try it.
•//net? Cuter doe* not wear longer than your high-priced nail polish, return the
bottle to us and your money util be refunded.
Mill/ -with 400 added
ItI I In units of vitamin D
Washington has long known Lucerne as the
— the milk that consistently gives you an
EXTRA CREAM CONTENT, a higher cream -
content than District law requires.
And because of this extra high cream
content, Lucerne Milk naturally provides
Now here’s still another advantage —
EXTRA VITAMIN D . . .Yes, now Lucerne,
brings you rich homogenized milk with 400
added U.S.P. units of vitamin D, the “sun
shine” vitamin, to enhance Lucerne Milk’s
nutritive value for babies and growing
children, and to aid in the development of
normal bones and teeth.
... v . . . '
So in addition to regular Lucerne Homo*
genized Milk, you can now get Lucerne
Vitamin D Homogenized Milk that is also
richer than District law requires. Lucerne
Vitamin D Homogenized Milk gives you
more health protection... More richness. •«
More downright goodness.
We’d like you to try Lucerne Vitamin D
Homogenized Milk, and discover lor your*
self how genuinely fine it is. We'd like you
to try it with this guarantee: Each quart of
Lucerne Vitamin D Homogenized Milk must
satisfy you completely-in every way—or Safe
way will refund the purchase price. Without
question. Without quibble.
n-'HIS SEAL of Acceptance of the
Council on Food* end Nutrition of
the American Medical Association ap
pear* on every container of this fine milk.
’ *•**!»*

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