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Stewart Will Race
Wilbur Shaw in
Finals at Akron
Some flashy Soap Box Derby
racers are showing up for pre
race inspection at the National
Guard Armory this week, but few
compare with Jimmy Stewart’s
“Shooting Star.”
The Hollywood actor, a racing
enthusiast, has his gravity-pow
ered car ready for a special race
at Akron, Ohio, just before the
national finals of the Soap Box
Derby there August 13.
He will race Wilbur Shaw,
three-time victor in auto races at
Indianapolis. Mr. Shaw, too. has
constructed a special ear for the
The race between the two ce
Derby Guide
The Event—A coaster race
for boys 11 to 16. in which
contestants drive cars of
their own building.
Place—Pennsylvania avenue
8.E., between Branch and
Alabama avenues.
Time—9 am. Saturday, July
8. A parade of contestants
will precede the race, which
will continue throughout
the day. The final heat,
pitting the Class “A” cham
pion against the Class “B”
champion, will be about
5 pm.
Sponsors — The Star and
Chevrolet, in co-operation
with the District Depart
ment of the American
Bus Transportation — The
Hillcrest bus, Route C-6, of
the Capital Transit Co.,
leaving Seventeenth street
and Pennsylvania avenue
S.E., which can be reached
by streetcars on Routes 30
and 90 and B-2 buses.
Washington, Marlboro &
Annapolis buses, leaving
from 403 Eleventh street
N.W., also pass the course.
Broadcasts—On - the - spot
broadcasts from the finish
line can be heard on WMAL,
The Evening Star station,
at 9 a.m., 11:45 am., 2:15
p.m., and the champion
ship race at approximately
5 pm.
lebrities is an added incentive for
boys racing in the Washington
Derby Saturday. The Washington
champion will be able to see the
special race during his three-day
trip to Akron for the national
A battle of words now is raging

wiiDur snaw, in nis "secret weapon" Derby car, snakes,
hands with Clark Gable, who is wishing Shaw good luck in the
between the actor and the veteran
race driver. They are as earnest
about their race as are a host of
Washington boys 11 to 15 who
are making final plans for the
Derby here, to be held on Penn
sylvania avenue SB. between
Branch and Alabama avenues.
Both Mr. Stewart and Mr.
Shaw are Soap Box Derby en
Mr. Stewart’s car is described
as a “jet job.” The “jets” are
tubes running from front to back
of the car. He says they will let
air pass through the car instead
of holding it back.
Mr. Shaw’s car is less ornate,
but he says it is a “secret weapon”
in Derby racing. He issued a
challenge to all comers recently,
and Stewart is the first to accept.
“Shaw says the race will be
for the ‘oil can’ trophy,” Stewart
retorted, “so I might as well add
that to my collection of awards—
it will look pretty good next to
the Oscar.
“I’ve won and lost many races
in the films, but that was ac
cording to the script; and if Wil
bur Shaw of the speedway thinks
his ‘secret weapon’ car can breeze
by me, he’s got wind in his racing
helmet, for I plan to follow the
script to the letter of this match
Informed sources say Shaw’s
car has four stack-like objects pro
truding from the rear, but that's
all they know.
Shaw said he designed the car
after watching the Soap Box Der
by finals last year.
“I’m amazed at the speed kids
get out of their cars striotly from
the pull of gravity,” he said in his
challenge. “If I don’t prove any
thing else, I hope to demonstrate
an adult can do as well as a
youngster both in driving skill and
car development."
The two foes have asked to use
the famous cement speedway at
Derby Downs in Akron for the
race. Plans for the special runoff
are now under way.
Thieves Steal House Built
For Man's Retirement
ly th« Associated Press
FANTANA, Calif., July 5.—
Sheriff’s deputies are investigating
the theft of a house.
Twenty-one years ago Paul An
dreae, jr., now a farmer near El
linwood, Kans., built a sturdy two
room garage house here in his
spare time. He hoped some day
to retire and return to Southern
California to live in the house.
But last week his sister, Mrs.
Doris Taylor of Beverly Hills,
Calif., came out to take a look at
the property. She didn’t see much.
“There were just two little cor
ners left,” she commented.
Mrs. Taylor said neighbors told
her the house disappeared, piece
by piece, over the years. One
neighbor said that a truck came
along in the daytime once and left
with the roof. Other pieces ol
the house were taken during the
f 8 t/mes*^
f more effective '
( in killing
\ odor-forming ,
i bacteria y
deodorant pads
Tael hr I Each pad contains right
• amonnt. No gnesaingt Evan
smooth penetration instantly.
C o o t a r I Goes into action inatattdy.
raster. Dries In seconds.
Ing. Cooling, refreshing sensation.
' Laboratory Proof
This microscopic photo showing
hundreds of thousands of odor
forming bacteria is undeniable
proof that when you use a 5-Day
Pad you throw away with it
hundreds of thousands of bac
teria that are the main cause of
perspiration odor. Does not
leave them under your arms.
This laboratory photo was taken
hours after application of a 11
Day Pad. Note the amazing
difference. This is because 5
Day’s exclusive formula prevents
the growth of odor-forming skin
bacteria. No other deodorant or
deodorant soap tested can so
effectively keep you so safe from
underarm odor so long.
No other deodorant tested is as effective
in checking perspiration and stopping odor!
The miracle is in the pad! 5-Day Pads are circlets of fabric
saturated with refreshing, mild yet very effective deodorant. 5
Day’s exclusive formula checks perspiration—stops odor longer.
The miracle is in the pad! Far cleaner. Far more convenient. No
fuss. No muss. No mess. The perfect way to apply a deodorant.
Safely checks perspiration more effectively, too! Contains
twice* as much active anti-perspirant than an average of leading
brands tested. Yet, laboratory pH tests prove 5-Day milder—harm
less to skin and clothes.
Greater reserve protection! Laboratory tests show that hours
after application 5-Day’s exclusive formula is 8 times* more effec
tive in keeping you safe from underarm odor than an average of
leading brands tested. No other deodorant or deodorant soap
tested can keep you so safe from underarm odor—so long.
25c 55c plus tax
■AN comparative figures mentioned in this ad are Sued an Mm avarape at labo
ratory tmta at leading deodorants. Noma at Independent laboratory are Saber an
Lon sale at all
Jimmy Stewart and the “Shooting Star,” his Soap Box
Derby type racer.
New School Design Cuts
Absences Due to Colds
>y th» Aitociatod Prau
BELLFLOWER, Calif. — School
absences die to colds can be re
duced by modern design and heat
ing of school buildings, says Dr.
Norman Wampler, superintendent
of schools here. He credits them
with effecting a 14 per cent cut
in such absences among children
in a new kindergarten.
The floors are heated by radiant
panels, eliminating updrafts. The
heating is controlled by outside
and indoor thermostats, the out
door thermostat is a weather an
ticipator, sensing changes in out
door temperatures and signalling
the heating plant to get into ac
tion before indoor changes occur.
24 States Have Taxes
On General Admissions
CHICAGO. — About half the
States tax general admissions, but
at rates which are only a small
fraction of the federal tax of 20
per cent.
Four States have a 10 per cent
tax—Kentucky, Mississippi, South
Carolina, and Texas. Twenty
have rates of 3 per cent or less.
Czechs Get More Books;
Now 7 Per Reader
PRAGUE.—Fifty-seven million
copies of books, or about seven
books per reader, were issued In
1949 in Czechoslovakia.
In 1937 the average edition ran
to about 2,971 copies. In 1949
editions averaged 13,079 copies.
Huk Chief Still Alive,
Philippine Paper Says
•y th* Auociotcd Prau
MANILA, July 5.—A Filipino
publisher wrote today that he had
talked with Luis Taruc, head of
the Communist-led Hukbalahaps,
and published pictures to prove it.
Manuel P. Manahan, publisher
of the Tagalog-language news
paper Bagong Buhay, said in a
story written for his own paper
and the Manila Times that Taruc,
often reported dead, is "very much
alive and just as active as ever.”
Pictures on the front pages of
the Times and Bagong Buhay
showed Taruc reading a recent
edition of the Times bearing a
banner headline "Truman Okays
Use of Troops.” Filipinos who
know Taruc agreed the photo
graphs were genuine.
Mr. Manahan wrote that he was
approached by an old man silently
and without explanation led him
to a rendezvous in the Sierra
Madre Mountains.
There, he said, Taruc reiterated
his oft-announced declaration of
espousal of Communism. He told
Mr. Manahan that rumors that he
had broken with Mariano Balgos,
Philippine Communist Party leader,
were “pure fabrication.”
3 Peruvians Arrested
In Plot to Kill President
•y the Associated Press
LIMA, Peru, July 5.—Police said
yesterday that three persons they
identified as members of the out
lawed Aprista Party had confessed
plotting to kill President-Elect
Manuel Odria.
Police identified the three as
Helmo Gonzales, Tomas Gomez
and Alejandro Vera and said they
had been arrested.
They said the three admitted
the plot, which also included
firing the National Election Board
building and the Colombian Em
bassy. It was timed for July 27—
eve of Gen. Odria’s inauguration.
Madagascar finds demand so
strong for its mica that stocks
are nonexistent.
What it a Latin American coffat plantation 7
hacienda edancia
tinea fazenda
Finca in Spanish; fazenda in Portu
guese. In Latin America, the coffee
industry is the chief source of liveli
hood of millions of people.
' *•
What It tha coffee tree's fruit called?
nut plum
boon cherry
It’* a cherry, small and red. The eof
fee “bean” is its seed. On* hundred
pounds of cherries make only twenty
pounds of green coffee.
What did William Pann pay for coffaaT
40* o lb. $2.40
$3.40 $4.68
He paid the equivalent of $4.68 a
pound. For many yeara after coffee
wag introduced to America (about
1664) it waa a luxury.
Wh*t do you pay for eoffoo par cup?
lid l’/i h> 2t
Your cup of rich, fragrant, home- ,
made coffee costs only 1H to 2 pennies.
So don’t spoil your coffee by stretch
ing it... that’s useless economy.
Ton« in Edwin C. Hill, Mon., Wed. A Fri., 9:2S F.M., WMAL
Experienced Advertisers Prefer The Star
' c
' »T
. ii
1 a
- •
- u
* , i
• ?
State and local taxes, if any, extra
jg Prices moy vary (tightly in nearby communities
due to differences in transportation charges
^ Comparably low prices on other
Studebaker Champion Custom models:
4-door sedan, S-pass. Starlight coupe,
business coupe
Prices subject lo change without notice
fo-tfa G/tampo*
You get brakes that automatically adjust themselves • Glare-proof "black light"
instrument panel dials • 6-cylinder "gas mileage champion" engine of higher
compression • Automatic choke • Variable-ratio "extra leverage" steering o A
brand new kind of coil-spring front end suspension • Luxurious upholstery •
Lounge-width seats with real hip room, leg room, head room • Tight-gripping
rotary door latches • Capacious trunk • A fine choice of attractive body colon*
1418 P St. N.W.
Washington, D. C.
Leo Boalerard * Leesbur* Pike
FaHs Chnreh, Va. License No. 878
” ' " .. A
1121 21st St. N.W.
Wsshlnston, D. C.
4904 Hampden Lana
Bethesda, Md.
1000 Bennlnr Road N.E.
Washington. D. C.
•11 Wilkes St.. Alex., Va., License 675
7530 Georgia At*. N.W.
WuHaitn, D. C.
7315 Baltimore At*.
C*llet* Park, Md.
6*5 N. Gleb* R4., Arlington, Va.
Ti. License No, 27
1534 *eana. Are. 8.E., WasUnctoa, B. 9.

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